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ejatcongrats head_victim !06:47
gorillawhat has head_victim done now?07:52
head_victimThanks ejat08:06
ejatwelcome .. 08:06
head_victimgorilla: joined the Asia & Oceania Membership Board.08:07
ejatgorilla : head_victim now one of asia oceania membership board08:07
head_victimHah beat you by a second :)08:09
benonsoftwareWell done08:11
gorillanicely done head_victim 09:04
head_victimI warned them about my shiftwork meaning I can't make 100% of the meetings but that didn't seem to be a problem09:04
gorillaIt's a trap with shift work these days anyway.09:15
head_victimOne of these days I'll find a 9-509:18
gorillaor get yourself a 7-3 which could work out better :-)09:24
head_victimYeah, I'm more a 12 - 8 kinda person ;)09:30
gorillahead_victim: I'm working at a company that provides stockbroking services. So my hours are 7-4PM which is kind of ironic. The ASX stock market close at the same time. 09:48
head_victimgorilla: makes sense though really09:49
gorillahead_victim: yeah. Yesterday was a shocker when IRESS was offline on and off for parts of the day.09:50
gorillalink to outage: http://www.smh.com.au/business/technical-glitches-leave-dealers-flying-blind-20110824-1ja8b.html09:57
head_victimBBL, going to pick up my wife.10:02
benonsoftwareThat is a bummer10:05
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valorinAnyone round running Oneiric?23:49
valorinAre you having any issues with Unity? Since a recent upgrade it's stopped working. Each time I login it goes to the dodgy screen with wallpaper and the menubar, but nothing else. (if that makes sense?)23:51
valorinSee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/83346323:51
lubotu2Launchpad bug 833463 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity crashes on login, and fails when running 'unity --reset'" [Undecided,New]23:51
sagaciyeah not happening this end23:52
valorinmmm... :(23:53
valorinI've tried reinstalling, but the installer has a bug preventing the 'Continue' button from being clicked.. so I'm stuck with Gnome-Shell..23:53
valorinmmm...curious, I think I fixed it23:58

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