hermelindear folks, could anyone help with my intel 2200BG on a dell notebook running lucid01:41
holsteinhermelin: whats the issue?01:43
holsteindoesnt look good for that card01:45
hermeliniwlist lists the networks, i want to connect to a wpa(1|2) ap configured in /etc/network/interfaces01:45
holsteinhermelin: you could try the windows driver with ndiswrapper01:46
hermelinyep, got a good url=01:46
holsteinthe windows driver?01:46
holsteinhermelin: what unit is it?01:46
holsteinhermelin: sudo apt-get install ndisgtk01:47
holsteinassuming you can wire up for a moment01:47
hermelinlspci says: 03:03.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)01:47
hermelinbut... i want it user independent... had bad experience witch network-manager et al01:49
holsteinnot sure what you are talking about there01:49
holsteinndisgtk is the GUI front end to ndiswrapper01:49
holsteinyou can use it to point to, and hopefully use the windows driver for your card01:49
holsteinthen, whatever user setup you have in place stands01:50
hermelini'll try01:50
holsteinno reason to *not* use network manager01:50
holsteinyou can try wicd if you dont like it01:50
holsteinnot sure anyone will be much help adding a wireless connection to /etc/network/interfaces01:51
hermelinit always worked with:01:52
hermeliniface eth1 inet dhcp01:53
hermelinwireless-mode auto01:53
hermelinwireless-essid whatever01:53
holsteinthe device?01:53
holsteinso, whats the issue?01:53
holsteinit stopped working after an upgrade?01:53
holsteinor did you change your security type on the router?01:54
hermelinnew lucid install, wpa(1|2) network, just checking out ndisgtk01:56
holsteinhermelin: so what do you mean by 'it always worked with' ??02:00
holsteinyou mean in past versions of ubuntu?02:00
hermelinaaaahm.... ... not sure, i think i was karmic02:01
holsteinhermelin: you might still have the live install media somewhere02:02
holsteinyou could run that, and look and see what kernel is running02:02
hermelinyeah, netboot!02:02
holsteintry and see what driver is being used02:02
hermelingive me a minute02:03
hermelinwaaaah, tried to download the windows driver, unfortunatly only got a DellDriverDownloadManager.application xml file02:11
holsteinhermelin: i would go to the unit manufacturer site02:12
holsteinlike dell inspiron 3250 whatever....02:12
hermelinyep... dell02:12
holsteinhermelin: right... im implying you should try and download the driver from the dell site, not the intel one02:13
hermelin:( thats what i meant02:13
holsteinhermelin: if you'd like to share with me the model #, and can try my luck02:13
hermelinon the back it says model#: pp15l02:14
holsteinhermelin: this is what im looking for02:15
holsteinfor example, im using an asus eeepc 1001p02:15
holsteinso, you have a latitude?02:15
hermelinbut i only got DellDriverDownloadManager.application xml files that i shall download/install within the .NET %&%"02:15
holsteinhermelin: is it a latittude?02:16
hermelinthink so... part of the frontplane is missing, thats where the common (model) name usally is written on ( i think)... lol... sorry guy, dont want to bother you02:18
holsteinhermelin: its no bother... im just not able to help you find the driver without knowing what it is02:19
hermelinas far as i see the picture according to http://www.google.ch/search?q=dell+pp15l its a latiude02:20
holsteinyeah, thats where i made it02:21
hermelini only have to get the *.inf file of the wireless driver, right?02:21
holsteinbut that doesnt get us a driver02:22
holsteinhermelin: right (in theory)02:22
hermelindoes xp|7 matter?02:22
holsteinthats that?02:22
hermelinthats what?02:23
holsteinhermelin: maybe try intel then02:24
hermelinwell, on the dell homepage i only get xml files i cant do anything with... on the linux desktop im writing from02:26
holsteinhermelin: right... im not finding that model in the downloads area at dell02:27
holsteinhermelin: i suggest try searching at intel02:27
* hermelin ist groaning02:29
hermelinusally i dont have to care about notebooks, the dell site only gets me files like http://www.pastedump.com/paste/1726 , trying intel after getting a beer02:30
hermelinthx anyway for the attention guys :)02:31
holsteinhermelin: i feel pretty confident if we knew what to search for we could get an .exe file, or .zip02:33
hermelinby the way, there arent lot of people concerd about .exe and .zip files in #ubunutu-beginners?!02:35
* hermelin excuses02:35
holsteinapparently they arent concerned about them at dell02:36
hermelinmmmh, landed on http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/ (but) it says: Note: The iwlwifi driver has been merged into mainline kernel since 2.6.24. If you are using kernels after this release, please use the intree (drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi) driver directly.02:39
hermelinand: ~# uname -a02:40
hermelinLinux obsidian-laptop 2.6.32-33-generic #72-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 29 21:08:37 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux02:40
holsteinyou should have support for intel hardware when support is possible02:40
holsteinat least thats been my findings02:40
holsteinit literally wont hurt anything to try a windows driver02:40
hermelinuuuhh, finally got a .zip file install 2 .inf file via ndisgtk and on of it says "hardware available", made a reboot02:47
holsteinsounds about right02:49
holsteindo you have a network manager?02:49
hermelinworse luck!02:50
holsteinworse than?02:50
holsteinlike, it wasnt working? and now its less that not working?02:50
hermelini try to avoding network manager02:50
GTRsdkwhich package provides mono csc or al?02:51
holsteinhermelin: right, the application 'network manger'02:51
holsteinbut, do you have any network manager?02:51
holsteinsuch as wicd ?02:51
hermelinuuuh, its called just network manager in ubuntu lucid and i hate it cause it seems to be very userlevel specific02:52
holsteinhermelin: right, thats the application that manages the network connections by default02:53
holsteinthere are others02:53
holsteinif you have one you should be able to tell if you are able to utilize that windows driver02:53
holsteinif you dont like 'network manager' you might like wicd02:53
ubot2Factoid 'wicd' not found02:53
GTRsdkwhat isn't working?02:53
GTRsdka wi-fi card?02:54
holsteinGTRsdk: all i could do is apt-cache search mono :/02:54
holsteinGTRsdk: its complex... i'll let hermelin share it with you :)02:54
holsteinim out...02:54
holsteinGN all :)02:54
GTRsdkholstein, for the mono csc or al question, I am looking for the package in Oneiric.02:55
GTRsdkhermelin, what isn't working?02:55
hermelinstandby... killed eth0 (=cable) and change the room to the notebook, but the gdm/X11/Alt-F1 didnt came up02:55
GTRsdkhermelin, I have had that problem too.02:59
GTRsdkMy solution was a reboot02:59
javatexanhey all, my IT staff at work took away my Ubuntu03:03
javatexanthey have made a policy that all machines must run PGP whole disk encryption which only works in like ubuntu 8.....  LOL!  They said it was because there was no way to see if all the ubuntu machines had whole disk encryption installed, configured, and running.  I assume if I could show them such a centralized tool for ubuntu, they would give it back to me....  Any ideas?03:07
GTRsdkjavatexan, just use encryptfs?03:12
GTRsdk!info encryptfs03:12
javatexanI wish it was that easy, the part I think that is the kicker is the centralized server that spits out the report saying that all ubuntu machines are encrypted.03:13
Unit193ubot2: info encryptfs03:14
ubot2Unit193: Package encryptfs does not exist in maverick03:14
javatexanI was last on ubuntu 11.0403:14
Unit193Yeah, bot is bugged03:15
hermelinjavatexan, how does the centralized server know he's talking to a legit machine?03:15
javatexanexactly my point to them, but on windows you use the AD and in Mac you use OpenD, i think to check that.03:17
javatexanisn't is landscape or something that helps admin Ubuntu machines03:18
hermelinholstein, it looks kind a' great, the wlan interface is now called wlan0 (not eth1 anymore) and it accepted the wpa2 key, but the machine got stuck after a few minutes, so i had to hard reboot it 4 times so far03:23
hermelinholstein, i m no sure wheter its the machine or myself ( localtime 5:45 am CEST )    ;03:24
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ermineholstein, the machine doesnt come up again... might roar back again, have a nice day and good bye03:46
r4yHello, I compiled torrentzip and for some reason I have to use sudo for it to run properly04:50
r4yI was told that I shouldn't have to run sudo for torrentzip to work.04:52
urlin2uby who04:52
r4yI can't remember04:52
urlin2ucould you be mistaken seems like it would need it, not familiar with it though04:53
r4yI wouldn't know.04:53
r4yWell, I guess I should know exactly, because I have had it running without sudo before.04:54
urlin2uThe goal of the program is to use standard values when creating zips to create identical files over multiple systems.04:54
urlin2unot sure really mysek=lf04:55
r4yThe Debian version has to have sudo to run on Ubuntu, but the source version I had working without sudo before, so I don't know why I am having this problem04:55
f15hyHi, I hope this is the right room to help. Im a complete and total novice installing Ubuntu for the first time on an older PC. After installing and first boot, my screen goes to the Ubuntu loading screen (logo is in the middle and dots are under it) and nothing happins. I've installed via ISO DVD dozens of times trying to fix this, and have been lurking on forums all day. the only thing close to the problem im having that i can find is 04:59
f15hyPlease a little help... the frozen load screen mocks me...05:05
crtlinxHi, I am trying to set the external DVI-0 laptop screen to 1280x1024 and now the maximum value I can select is 1024x768, I am new and I don't know where to get started08:07
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ForSparePartsHey, guys. Can anybody help with a black screen problem on Natty?18:55
ForSparePartsHappened after I yanked the DVI cable while the system was running -- stupid, I guess, but I assumed it would handle it as well as windows does18:56
ForSparePartsNow I get the splash on boot, but after that, nothing.18:56
ForSparePartsblack screen help, anybody?19:04
philipballewwhen grub boots you could try recovery mode and fail safe graphics maybe19:04
ForSparePartsDid that.19:04
philipballewwhat exactly did you do19:05
ForSparePartsI got to the recover/reset dialog, and told it to reset my graphics settings back to the defaults19:05
ForSparePartsIt may also help you to know (and please don't kill me) that I'm using the proprietary drivers. The open source drivers don't work with my card...19:05
philipballewno worries.19:07
philipballewi have those on my desktop19:07
ForSparePartsI'm glad to hear that. You should've seen the shitstorm it touched off when I tried to ask about those drivers on a Fedora channel...19:09
ForSpareParts(I've been bouncing between distros a bit)19:09
ForSparePartsDo you have any other ideas, though? I'm sort of freaked out, and I'm obviously a bit of a linux noob19:10
pleia2ForSpareParts: well, it does sound like the driver went a bit crazy (I've never seen anything like this happen before, I unplug my monitors while my systems are running all the time...)19:11
pleia2(and please watch your language here :))19:11
ForSparePartspleia2 Sorry, my bad.19:11
ForSparePartsI was thinking maybe I should reinstall the driver, but I'm not even 100% sure how to DO that19:12
ForSparePartsI got it from the AMD website and executed the .run file, instead of grabbing it from Ubuntu's built-in package management19:12
ForSparePartsBecause I wanted the most up-to-date stuff...19:12
philipballewmore up to date means more bugs19:13
ForSparePartsI guess so, yeah.19:13
ForSparePartsThere is another issue, though19:13
pleia2ForSpareParts: when you boot up can you hit: ctrl alt f319:13
pleia2if it's a problem with x it should bring you to a terminal login19:14
pleia2from there you could run the .run file again19:14
ForSparePartsI'm hoping to use the card for distributed computing and I think I need the newer drivers to use the Stream SDK or whatever AMD is calling it these days...19:14
ForSparePartspleia2: ok.19:14
ForSparePartsif I just run the file again, it'll reinstall everything </complete noob>19:15
pleia2I'm not familiar with how that file works, sorry (I use the packaged drivers)19:15
ForSparePartswell, I'll give it a shot. I actually don't have access to the machine right now, I'm sitting in my CS lab, but I'll try that when I get home. Thank you guys for your help!19:16
philipballewif he had ssh and wol enabled he could work on it from anywhere in the world19:18
pleia2ssh server isn't installed by default19:19
philipballewit would be nice if during a default install they had a package selection option19:23
WillowMousehey, can any of you guys help me out? I'm having some trouble updating my video card20:05
philipballewupdating in what way?20:11
WillowMousewellI tried to install Regnum, right20:13
WillowMouseand It said my video card was too old, so I set off to find the proper drivers for it.20:13
WillowMouseI tried following this guide20:13
WillowMousebut I can't find software sources where they're saying it is.20:14
philipballeware you running ubuntu edggy?20:16
WillowMouseI'm running maverick20:17
WillowMouseI think that's what's confusing me20:17
WillowMouseis the difference in versions20:17
WillowMouseI'm gonna try and find another guid20:18
philipballewwell heres my advice20:18
philipballewlook at the aditional drivers section and also see if you might jusr need a better card20:18
WillowMouseI summoned a wizard to fix it20:25
cauteshi all20:56
bognogwhat is best ftp server to use21:21
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acesofskyhow to install a rpm package in ubuntu?22:00
philipballewalian can sometimes22:01
pleia2it converts rpms into debs, but it's not very reliable22:04
philipballewyeah, its software. whats the software you need to install22:04
philipballewyou can probably compile it22:05
acesofskyyeah that will be better option.. will try to get source thanks philip22:07
philipballewokay. if you need help compiling someone here can probably do that22:08
acesofskyone quick question, where can i ask questions related to system porgramming22:17
acesofskyis there any forum or developers mailing list22:17
philipballewthere's the list22:29

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