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khooverguys, it's crazy out here00:56
khooverdscassel, guess who just got natty?01:10
khooveranyone here right now?12:16
IdleOnekhoover: sorta12:46
IdleOnewhat's up?12:46
bregmagood day12:55
BluesKajHey all13:40
cyphermoxhey BluesKaj13:52
BluesKajhi cyphermox13:53
khooverright, anyone still here?14:14
khooverseem to be having a hardware problem, not sure where to ask anymore. my computer has been killing all processes and proceeding to the shutdown screen without any prompting from me. in windows, it just skipped the usual shutdown screen, in ubuntu, it shows the console bit for a second or two, then goes to the bar graphic.14:16
khooverseems like CPU overheating, but I haven't been doing much of anything that's CPU intense lately.14:16
genii-aroundCould be the fan is clogged up14:19
khoovermy thing is, from everything i hear about CPU overheats, it simply blacks everything. Why would ubuntu still do the graphical shutdown then?14:27
genii-aroundThere is usually some pre-emptive signal sent by the motherboard bios when the cpu temp is climbing, sometimes a safe shutdown is still possible before the hardware gives the long loud screeches and forcibly powers off14:31
khooverright. well, what sorta app would i be using on ubuntu to throttle by temperature?14:32
genii-aroundI believe the underlying part is lmsensors14:33
khooverjust trying to find it, aptitude ran into a depackaging error. >_<14:35
genii-aroundkhoover: Hm, you may have some larger underlying error then14:36
khooveroh, no, just needed to run the dpkg command. fine now.14:36
khoovereh, exactly where would i be finding lmsensor, or an interface. i saw wmsensors, not sure if that applies14:37
genii-aroundkhoover: You might want to run sudo sensors-detect and see if it is locating all your stuff properly14:37
khoovergenii-around, there is no sensors-detect command14:40
khooveralso, aaaargh, the msfonts for wine are being buggers to install14:41
genii-aroundkhoover: Maybe it needs full path of /usr/sbin/sensors-detect14:42
khoovermaybe. also, for the ttf-mscorefonts, how exactly to i get past the EULA?14:43
khoovercan't seem to confirm it in any way i know14:43
genii-aroundkhoover: Usually tab to switch fields, enter to activate what's highlighted14:44
khoover....yeah, feeling stupid. and there's no sensors detect there either14:44
genii-aroundkhoover: Does result of: apt-cache policy lm-sensors     show that it is installed?14:45
khooverno, seeing that it isn't in aptitude right now14:46
khooverinstalling it right now14:47
genii-aroundMight need to enable universe repository14:47
genii-aroundAh, OK14:47
khooverand now i'm sensor probing14:50
khooveronce i do have the temp sensor, how can i get ubuntu to throttle using it?14:51
genii-aroundkhoover: I think in regular Ubuntu it is sensors-applet .. ( In my Kubuntu it is ksensors)14:54
khooveralrigh, let's see what we can do14:56
khooverthis is a really new-guy question, but how would i open /etc/modules in RW mode?15:01
genii-aroundI usually do like sudo nano /etc/modules15:08
genii-aroundLooks like there is some issue adding the sensors applet in Unity, might want to check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1747277 for workaround15:09
khooveri'm using classic, unity's a bitch.15:10
genii-aroundYeah people either love it or hate it15:11
staticsafegood morning15:11
khoovershould remove it soon. and morning15:11
khoovergah, why must the desktop package depend on it, don't want it bugging out all the time.15:14
khooverwow....i think my CPUs are running at 70*C15:35
khoovercould stop using a toaster.15:41
khoovercorrection, 90*C15:51
genii-aroundYes, much too high15:52
khooveras long as she doesn't crash, i'm fine leaving it between 80 and 90.15:52
genii-aroundkhoover: Looks like some physical issue, like cpu fan clogged/not spinning fast enough, or exhaust of case is blocked, or so on15:52
khooveryeah, leaving the fan port right on top of the glass table isn't terribly smart, now.15:53
khooveranyways, i'll be leaving now, hopefully she doesn't crash while i'm out. she shouldn't, at least.15:54
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genii-arounddscassel: Belated congratulations by the way17:12
dscasselThanks, genii-around :)17:23
dscasselcyphermox: Cloaked. :D17:38
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