nigelbjono: hi, still around?04:47
jononigelb, hey04:48
jonoyup, but about to grab dinner04:48
jonowhats up?04:48
nigelbjono: I was looking to find who all were the track leads at last UDS04:49
nigelbI only remember you and pete :)04:49
jononigelb, why do you need to know?04:50
jonoI can't quite remember myself04:50
nigelboh, lol.04:50
nigelbI wanted to get in touch with track leads to hear out their frustrations about summit04:51
jonooh gotcha04:51
jononigelb, http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/04:52
jonothey are still there04:52
nigelbjono: \o/ thanks!04:52
nigelb(sorry, I shoulda looked)04:52
jonograbbing dinner, back soon :-)04:53
jonothanks for all your hard work nigelb :-)04:53
nigelbhead_victim: Congrats! \o/06:38
* nigelb took some time to process who Jared Norris wwas06:38
pleia2admittedly... me too :)06:39
pleia2but yay head_victim!06:39
pleia2but I had to look at everyone's wikis and launchpad pages anyway06:40
ejathead_victim : Congrats !06:46
nigelbhead_victim: also, are you in .za?06:53
dholbachgood morning07:20
dholbachhum, could it be that enigmail does not work in oneiric? at least I can't find any configuration options08:05
head_victimThank you all. Again more reason to change this 15 year old nick name :)08:07
head_victimnigelb: in AU08:26
nigelbhead_victim: ah!08:56
head_victimnigelb: same general area, just a bit further around08:56
nigelbhead_victim: lol08:56
akgranerGood Morning!   - Yay, School starts back today...:-)09:22
nigelbakgraner: Good...morning?09:26
nigelbIsn't like really early morning?09:26
akgraneryep - I have to leave the house at 7am - ever tired to get a teenage daughter out the door in under 2 hours - Impossible...09:29
nigelbakgraner: heh :)09:41
nigelbakgraner: but I thought waking them up would also be impossible ;)09:41
akgranernigelb, nah they like breakfast too much not to get up...09:42
akgranerand the kitchen here only stays open for requests when I am in it.09:42
popeyblimey, school starts early for you lot!09:44
popeyours dont go back until mid september09:44
akgranerpopey, wow...but when does school end there?  We start early to account for inclement weather days - that they will be out of school. :-/10:22
popeyakgraner: my kids broke up on 14th July10:27
popeyso they get about 8 weeks off10:27
nigelberr, that's late.10:27
popeyits early in the UK10:28
popeymost schools break up later than that10:28
nigelbso, when I was in school10:28
nigelbOur term started in July10:28
nigelbBut senior students had school start in May.10:28
nigelbwe got like 4 weeks of vacation.10:28
popeyours go September -> December, Jan -> July10:28
nigelbHow long is christmas holidays?10:29
akgranerCatch you all in a few hours - in case you missed it - Ubuntu Friendly will need some feedback and SCALE10 Call for Papers is now open...check out the planet for more info..:-)10:30
popey2 weeks nigelb10:31
popeyactually, 3 for kids10:31
popeyi think ☺10:32
nigelbI had like 1 week10:32
nigelband exams all around10:32
* nigelb now dislikes his school10:32
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dpm_hi AlanBell, would you be up for another "hello world in python" session or the like for UADW? - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable12:18
* AlanBell checks diary12:19
AlanBellcan't do wednesday or thursday12:21
AlanBellif you can schedule it monday/tuesday then yes12:21
dpm_AlanBell, cool. We've got several slots on Tuesday. Does any of them work for you? - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable12:22
AlanBell19:00 or 20:0012:23
dpm_AlanBell, does that look good to you then? -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable12:26
dpm_thanks AlanBell!12:33
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dpm_doctormo, are you around? Would you fancy running a session on ground control for this cycle's Ubuntu App Developer Week?13:43
scott-workdoctormo: ping14:33
nigelbheh, everyone wants doctormo :P14:35
scott-worki have been trying to catch him for a few days to ask if he has any experience with a newish (for me) wacom driver14:36
jonokim0, all set?15:05
kim0jono: um .. please give me a min15:06
jonokim0, were you not expecting this call?15:06
kim0as in not expecting15:07
jonoI thought we rearranged15:07
jonono worries15:07
jonokim0, lets talk tomorrow15:07
kim0ok that works too15:07
jonoI want to process the mail you sent me overnight anyway15:07
jonodpm_, hey15:07
kim0Yeah .. was about to ping you for it15:07
jonothanks kim015:08
kim0so today or tomorrow are fine for me .. whatever suits you15:08
dpm_hi jono15:08
jonodpm_, mind if we have a quick catch up call in a few mins?15:08
dpm_jono, sure, I was going to ping you about it, can you give me 5?15:08
jonodpm_, no worries, doing an upgrade now anyway and then will be ready15:09
dpm_cool, thanks15:09
dpm_hey jono, all set for a catch up now15:16
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
jonodpm_, will just be one min, filing a bug15:16
dpmok, no rush15:17
jonodpm, ok, having some audio issues here15:19
jonothis damn headset15:19
jonodpm, lets try skype15:20
dpmok, firing it up15:20
jonodpm, all set?15:23
dpmjono, all set15:23
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doctormoscott-work: pong16:01
koolhead17hi all16:42
scott-workdoctormo:  do you have any experience with the xserver-xorg-input-wacom package for wacom drivers?16:44
jonodpm, still here?17:00
dholbachalright, got the dev update post out there, that's me done for today!17:21
dholbachsee you all tomorrow! :)17:21
akgranerhey jono did you see all the developer tracks SCALE has added... and it's their 10th Anniversary.. thought you might want to spread the word to your peers :-)  Call for papers opened today...17:34
jonoakgraner, yup :-)17:39
jonosounds good :-)17:39
dpmjono, I'm around now18:11
jonodpm, invite sent19:05
doctormoscott-work: Enough experence, what's your question?19:58
scott-workdoctormo: oh good :)   someone recommended replacing wacom-tools with it and i just wanted to make sure it worked20:05
scott-workdoctormo: i don't have a tablet but hoped you did20:05
czajkowskijono wasnt around for call yesterday mentioned it last week i am in ireland . paultag even offered to go on the call for me21:08
* AlanBell has a unity lens working \o/21:24
jononp :-)21:46
jononice work AlanBell :-)21:46
jonowhat does the lens do?21:46
AlanBelljono: I am making a fork of the applications lens that isn't completely irritating!21:58
AlanBellit will show all the applications I have, grouped by category21:59
jonoAlanBell, the new lens already does that21:59
AlanBellstripping out the zeitgeist frequently used stuff and the suggested applications that I don't want21:59
jonoAlanBell, are you running oneiric?22:00
jonoit has categories in there as buttons22:00
AlanBellthe categories are in the filters which is daft22:00
AlanBelland I click accessories and it shows me 4 of the 10 things I have, plus 4 totally random other things22:01
jonoahhh gotcha22:02
jonocool, look forward to seeing your lens :-)22:02
AlanBellI filed a bug about the randomness of the stuff it offers for download22:02
AlanBellbut still I want a lens that shows all 77 or so applications I actually have, grouped by category with no hidden stuff (the click to see the rest of what you asked to see thing is most irritating)22:04
AlanBellwhen unity passes the test of being able to launch an arbitary application of my choosing I will totally start using it!22:06
jonoI find I rarely use the lens22:06
jonoI have my apps on the launcher and I just type in the app I want22:06
jonoin the search bit of the lens22:07
AlanBellyeah that works, but I ended up having a terminal running and starting stuff with "/usr/bin/gedit &" because it was just as quick22:08
AlanBella gui that you have to type in kind of misses the point for me22:08
AlanBellI started pinning some stuff to the launcher, but I don't really like the concept of stuff there that isn't running22:09
AlanBelltbh I am not really liking vala much22:21
AlanBelland I will do something about the getting started documentation at some point22:23
popeywhats vala like, comparing languages?22:35
AlanBellwell it isn't the language as such that I don't like, that is fine, looks like any other language that wants semicolons at the end of the line22:37
AlanBellyou have a bunch of .vala files and run make, then you have a bunch of .c files mixed with the .vala files which then get compiled22:38
AlanBellvala compiles down to c which compiles to executables22:38
AlanBellsame for the .in files and .in.in files22:39
AlanBellyou end up editing stuff that gets regenerated from other files22:39
AlanBellit is highly confusing, but a lot of that could be that I don't know what I am doing22:43

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