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anatiliadiאפשר להתייעץ בקשר למשהו?09:54
anatiliadiאין אף אחד?09:55
avihayWell, I don't really see some central figures so I'll just spam this a few times:19:26
avihayHi, I'm just back from an Anime and Manga convention, and I was thinking it would have been nice to have a reading corner for the Ubunchuu manga. It's an opportunity to infect some young by using and emotional attack like that. I know that that's stooping to Microsoft's level, but I see no harm in it. now that I'm thinking about it, did the Loco receive anything other then chapter three?19:41
serfusavihay, לא קיבלנו עוד אובונצ'ו20:23
serfusזה היה חד פעמי20:23
serfusעד כמה שאני יודע נמכר רק אחד20:24
serfusאנשים רק ריפרפו מעט והמשיכו הלאה20:24
serfusובאותו הנושא, פעלנו כבר בשני כנסים בנושא קומיקס ופנטזיה20:25
serfusוהתוצאה היתה די טובה עד כמה שהבנתי20:25
serfusattack? why is that an attack?20:26
avihayreally? what cons? Icon?20:29
avihayI see advertisement as a form of attack, I also see people walking around in beta awareness state most of the time, that means they are more susceptible accepting the messages from the add without questioning it, that means you need to constantly be in alpha state to prevent negative effects by advertisements, or in other words in an ad full environment, you shouldn't mentally relax. sometimes I do want to relax, but I cant because I'm constantly20:34
avihaybombarded by ads.20:35
serfusאכן, אייקון20:36
serfusלא עולה לי כרגע השם של השני20:36
serfusפרסום זה מעולה וזה הדבר שכלוקו אנחנו הכי יכולים לעזור בו20:37
serfusזאת למעשה המטרה העיקרית שלנו20:37
serfusלפתח מודעות לאובונטו20:37
serfusולתכנה חופשית בכלל20:37
avihayI tried my hand at making an ubunchu anime... I wish I was motivated enough to carry it on, at-least to finish the first scene :-<20:39
serfusdrawing it yourself or translating?20:45

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