Unit193Sorry it's me again. ubot2 seems to not answer to info with !info PACKAGE, only with ubot2: info PCGK and seems to be stuck on Maverick :P03:20
Unit193ubot2: config supybot.plugins.PackageInfo.defaultRelease03:21
ubot2Unit193: Global: maverick; #ubuntu-irc: maverick03:21
ubot2Unit193: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:21
IdleOnejpds: ^^03:22
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dscasselHi folks...17:06
dscasselMy membership went through last week. Can I get a cloak?17:06
Picidscassel: you should identify first.17:11
Picitopyli, tsimpson, elky: https://launchpad.net/~dscassel17:11
tsimpsondscassel: we need to to identify or register with NickServ before we can apply a cloak17:14
dscasseltsimpson, Pici, okay, identified.17:23
tsimpsondscassel: ok, I just need to find a staff member to activate the cloak17:25
tsimpsondscassel: you're all set now17:30
Picidscassel: congrats on your membership :)17:35
dscasseltsimpson, Pici: Thanks. :)17:37
TanvirHi, can anybody please remove the l flag from #ubuntu-bd ? That channel has a limit or 17 user, very unusual for a public channel, also, we many people are trying to join for a online event, while the cannot.17:40
TanvirLocal op is not available now. I have been asked in #freenode to ask here.17:41
TanvirProblem has been taken care of. Thank you guys.17:42
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popeymy spidey sense is tingling19:41
Unit193Who'd you ban now? ;)19:41
popeyhaha, like your irc name Unit19319:42
Unit193Haha! Thanks! :P19:42

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