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Book_em_DanoMy pc is displaying a "soft-lockup detected on CPU#1..." error message which halts the bootup process, how can I resolve this?06:07
BenCBook_em_Dano: file a bug report with the full message of the lockup…take a pic if needed06:38
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* ogasawara back in 2013:54
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ogasawaraapw: I thought we were going to disable compcache?15:13
apwogasawara, and in better news I have also gotten it working again i think15:13
apwogasawara, we were talking about removing the ramzswap ubuntu/compcache) yes15:13
apwthough it was still being used by casper.  welll actually as i discovered its not working at15:14
apwall in natty cause the casper bits just don't work at all15:14
apwand that explains why our minimum memory supported had to be bumped in natty15:14
apw(i bet)15:14
apwanyhow ... i am about to push you some patches with ramzswap reverted as its broken beyond belief15:14
ogasawaraapw: ack15:15
apwand as i've had to fix casper i've fixed it to support zram instead which is a staging driver in the main kernel15:15
apw</end nig15:15
apw</end nightmare>15:15
ogasawaraapw: do we want to get a beta freeze exception for this and upload?15:16
apwogasawara, oh no i see no need to doing anything before b1 as the casper userspace is so broken than it simply cannnot corectly load the driver anyhow15:17
apwwhich is good else smoke pours out :)15:17
apwand we released with this broke without noticing for natty :/15:17
apwcking, assured15:45
apwogasawara, if ramzswap made it into P please zap it there16:07
ogasawaraapw: ack16:07
apwogasawara, i've just pushed the drop of ramzswap given its completely fooked anyhow16:08
apwmakes no difference if its in16:08
ogasawaraapw: cool, thanks16:08
apwogasawara, now we wait on foundations to review their side so we can get the functionality back16:08
tgardnerapw, do you need to diddle the modules bits in debian.master/abi after reverting compcache  ?16:23
apwtgardner, ahh yeah must have to... let me unf*ck that16:24
tgardnerapw, I haven't built it yet, just was wondering16:24
apwtgardner, thats what happens when you remove it and test and fix and build, and then decide to revert instead16:25
tgardnerapw, should likely do the same for ubuntu-p16:26
apwtgardner, ogasawara is on the case for p16:26
ogasawaraapw: yep, I'll fix up p16:26
tgardnersame with all the config settings ?16:27
apwthey go naturally but i am commiting anyhow16:27
ogasawarayep, am working on syncing all my config changes right now16:27
tgardnercool. I'll just crawl back into my hole now.16:27
apwtgardner, ok that should be better now16:29
tgardnerapw, wfm16:30
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* tgardner --> lunch17:50
jdstrandkees: hey. I'm looking at this: http://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2011/08/15/3. can you verify if oneiric is affected? based on dates alone, I am thinking not, but want to be sure18:38
keesjdstrand: oh, ew. I will check18:39
jdstrandkees: fyi, I've also got some new kernel CVEs coming in, but it'll be a few minutes before I check them in18:39
keesokay, cool18:40
keesjdstrand: yeah, oneiric is fine. we're already carrying the fixes18:41
kees1ae2a2c0515870d784f1ea101b079bd0962b6cd5 and 8b180803c66ccc825d2969c1ea9929fcb7fba98e in our tree18:41
jdstrandcool :)18:41
shbkhello,does anybody have experience with compiling of modules for kernel?   I've described problem detailed here : http://gekannt.narod2.ru/       .thanks in advance18:50
shbkI have headers : sh@sh-laptop:~$ uname -r18:50
shbkI can't find  linux/module.h, but linux/kernel.h is18:51
shbkI read that I should compile kernel  yourself18:56
shbkbut there are opinions that I shouldn't and that it's enough only headers18:57
shbkbut there is something wrong, I don't know,  should I at first compile kernel?18:59
shbkI can  explain this as my precompiled ubuntu 10.04 hasn't source code , so I should  compile it or 19:00
shbkcan I just put source in /usr/src folder?19:00
shbkif I do  find /  -name *module.h   I receive:19:01
shbkooops, sorry 19:03
shbkso I'm confused what to do19:03
shbkI asked on #ubuntu , #ubuntu-devel, but they sent me to here19:04
jdstrandkees: ok, finished checking in the new CVEs, there are several new kernel ones, including Kaminsky's tcp seq one19:43
keesjdstrand: ok, thanks19:51

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