dholbachgood morning07:20
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turkmenDear all, Could you please help me with some proxy issue09:28
turkmendear Locobot09:35
keffie_jayxgee thanks... :S09:50
turkmenI have some couple of questions09:51
keffie_jayxgo ahead09:52
turkmenwelcome back10:02
turkmentwo hour ago I install NOD32 to my ubuntu, and try to update virus base, write in setting proxy IT and authorization10:03
turkmenbut not update10:03
turkmenkeffie_jayx, help10:09
keffie_jayxturkmen: sorry, but support channel is #ubuntu10:09
keffie_jayxturkmen: I also no nothing of nod32, 10:10
keffie_jayxmake sure you join #ubuntu for support10:10
turkmenkefie: thanks10:13
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