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* Rhonda sighs at bug #83322805:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 833228 in wesnoth-1.8 (Ubuntu) "Server and campaigns aren't presented as optional installs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83322805:12
RhondaActually, I don't understand the bugreport.  Does ubuntu change the meaning of recommends/suggests, I can't find anything "add-ons" in the software center application (on my Debian system, though)?05:21
ajmitchI think the software centre may have changed its UI a bit in oneiric, but I haven't used it to try05:23
RhondaAh, and not uploaded to Debian since … 2.0.7  *yuck*05:28
RhondaShould have checked first that I'm outdated. :)05:30
RhondaHmm, so where to head for a geocache today.05:30
jbichaRhonda: it looks to me like Ubuntu Software Center uses wesnoth-1.8-core as the primary app since it has a .desktop05:54
jbichaand because it doesn't recommend the campaigns, they don't show up as "addons"05:55
Rhondajbicha: Erm, I think that was ruled out before already, that is an issue I remember from about 2 years ago05:55
jbichasuggests works also05:55
jbichaif you look at thunderbird, you can see the addons presented05:56
RhondaBut the whole point of the wesnoth-1.8 and wesnoth-1.8-core separation is to have one that gets you all the campaigns, and one that doesn't05:56
jbichabut suggests might be ok05:56
RhondaIf you go to the wesnoth-1.8 package in software center, do you see the music as add-on?05:57
jbichaRhonda: no, but that isn't a suggests of wesnoth-1.8 either05:58
RhondaIt is?05:58
Rhonda$ apt-cache show wesnoth-1.8 | grep music05:58
RhondaRecommends: wesnoth-1.8-music (= 1:1.8.5-1)05:58
jbichait is an addon for wesnoth-1.8-data though05:59
jbichasorry I meant it wasn't a suggests of wesnoth-1.8-core since that has the .desktop05:59
RhondaI think it might be time that I at least install me ubuntu in some virtual environment and run it within a window.  %-)05:59
Rhondajbicha: But the bug reporter didn't speak about the -core package, explicitly hinted that he wanted to unselect some campaigns.06:00
jbichathis is a guess, but app-install-data-ubuntu might need to be regenerated for your changes to take effect anyway06:00
RhondaAny suggestions on what to use to run another environment with X inside a window?06:00
Rhonda… besides qemu? :)06:00
jbichaI believe USC magically uses the .desktop to represent the package without showing that it's actually the -core package06:01
jbichabut I might be rather confused too06:02
jbichaversion says "wesnoth-1.8 1:1.8.6-1" so I guess I was wrong about the -core part06:04
* Rhonda sticks her tongue at jbicha ;)06:04
jbichawhat? you don't like me making it up as I go?06:05
RhondaSure, go ahead, just teasing. :)06:05
jbichaRhonda: I use VirtualBox which is a bit more heavyweight than qemu or xen but it's easier to use06:06
jbichamaybe Enhances: would work06:08
jbichaI see that Thunderbird suggests latex-xft-fonts and libthai and those aren't shown as addons06:08
RhondaSoftware Center would be the first application to support enhances then. :D06:09
RhondaAlways liked that relationship field actually.  I guess I have to rethink the dependencies once again, but it's already so heavy and complicated it makes my head ache …06:10
Rhonda27 binaries from that source  %-)06:10
jbichaactually, installing Wesnoth from Software Center installs everything except for the server, music, and tools06:12
jbichaso we don't need to worry about the campaigns since the user will already have those06:12
ajmitchRhonda: use virtualbox06:13
ajmitch& I see that jbicha already suggested that, I'm too slow :)06:14
Rhondajbicha: I wonder about music because music is in recommends.06:14
jbichamusic is hidden as a "technical item", that might be why it doesn't show as an addon06:17
jbichanope, muttprint is hidden too but it still shows up for thunderbird06:18
jbichaenhances is still my best guess06:18
micahgenhances is probably it :)06:18
* Rhonda goes and throws in Enhances just for the sake of it.06:21
dholbachgood morning07:20
mase_workmorn dholbach07:36
dholbachhi mase_work07:36
Rhondajbicha, ajmitch: Looking into Xephyr together with lxc now. :)07:37
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hakermaniatumbleweed, thanks for the advocation. I'd left the .qm files accidentaly to data/to_usr_share/wallch/translations, but it isn't a problem as the clean rule wipes them and rebuilds from  the .ts file placed at data/translations, right?07:47
hakermaniamicahg, are you interested in advocating wallch :) ? If you have time and apetite of course :)08:11
micahghakermania: sorry, in the middle of something ATM08:12
hakermaniamicahg, ok, no problem, I'll try to find somebody else :)08:20
pmjdebruijnhi folsk08:49
pmjdebruijnI'm trying to backport libvirt (_with_ macvtap)08:49
pmjdebruijnlibvirt's configure checks the installed headers for macvtap support08:49
pmjdebruijnwhich fails on 2.6.32 (lucid)08:49
pmjdebruijninstall the 2.6.35 headers packages on lucid doesn't help as it seems the configure scripts seems to check the matching headers of the running kernel08:50
pmjdebruijnthough I can't influence the running kernel on the ppa buildfarm08:50
pmjdebruijnany advice on dealing with this?08:50
pmjdebruijnmaybe just patch the configure to a static kernel and install the 2.6.35 kernel headers as a build dependancy08:50
cjwatsonI would be inclined to patch configure.ac to allow overriding that check using a --enable-* option, if it doesn't have such an option already08:52
cjwatsonor if you aren't familiar with autoconf you could just hack the test out and force it to true08:52
hakermaniacjwatson, are a reviewer? (you know what I want xD)08:58
cjwatsonsorry, no time09:00
pmjdebruijncjwatson: thanks09:00
hakermaniacjwatson, ok, np09:01
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al-maisanhello there, how do I find a specific orig tar ball in the primary archive?09:36
al-maisanalso, is there a way to copy an entire package from the primary archive to a ppa?09:37
hakermaniaWhat is the 'Archive+' button on the right? http://i.imgur.com/lz0yx.png09:47
Rhondaal-maisan: you go to the pool directory of the package, or go to http://packages.ubuntu.com/packagename and follow the links from there09:49
al-maisanRhonda: thanks, will try that.09:49
jbichaRhonda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter#Add-on_packages09:54
Rhondajbicha: Then I wonder why the music package doesn't show up in the add-ons10:23
jbichaRhonda: I'm guessing a simple suggests isn't enough; that specification isn't 100% reality10:25
RhondaIt's a Recommends, not a Suggests10:27
jbichaRhonda: bug 833650 filed :-)10:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 833650 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Recommended packages don't show up as addons in USC" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83365010:31
geseral-maisan: LP has the links to the .orig.tar.gz (and the other files too) in the web UI too11:04
geseral-maisan: what's your use-case for copy main-archive -> PPA?11:04
al-maisanit's the python-ampqlib rev. 1.0.0 that was uploaded to oneiric recently .. I need to make use of it in natty11:05
al-maisangeser: I did find the LP links on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/python-amqplib11:06
al-maisanthanks :)11:06
geseral-maisan: it's better to do a "backport" into your PPA instead of just copying it (think of upgrades from natty + your PPA to oneiric when both have the same version but are different)11:07
al-maisanI re-uploaded the package in question to the PPA: is that the backport approach you had in mind?11:07
geserunless you copy source+binaries (if the depends can be satisfied on natty)11:08
al-maisangeser: I realised that copying that package was not ideal .. hence re-uploaded it to the PPA11:08
geseral-maisan: yes, did you "downgrade" the version to be less than oneiric so dist-upgrade will update it to the oneiric one in future?11:09
al-maisangeser: yup .. I used "natty"11:09
al-maisanthanks for your advice geser !!11:23
dholbachtumbleweed, bdrung: did you have a think about a check-before-submit tool? (basically sponsor-patch, but just something that new contributors could use)? I was just having a look at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-developer-initiatives again11:49
* tumbleweed had forgotten about that11:51
nigelbtumbleweed: we setup a totall of 1 challenge this cycle.11:55
nigelbmaybe we should first sit down and plot what challenges are possible in a cycle and work from there11:56
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Laneywe should get a good programme of challenges going12:11
Laneymaybe make each one last 2-3 weeks12:11
nigelbI'm happy to help do the coordination bits12:16
* ajmitch wonders what these challenges are12:16
tumbleweeda range of related, easy bugs, I guess12:16
geserdo we get achievement points for finishing challenges? :)12:17
* ajmitch needs to do something easy12:17
ajmitchgeser: you get hugs from dholbach :)12:17
tumbleweedfirst rule of ubuntu development: you're never finished :)12:17
* hakermania pokes sladen12:18
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Laneyexamples might be some subset of ftbfs, simple porting (nbs) or fixing problems flagged up by piuparts or whatever12:22
RhondaIs it possible to see the ratings of packages that software center displays somewhere on the web?13:06
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hakermaniaOk, i have a question, if a file has CC0 license is it enough to provide the online link? If not, what name should have the file provided inside the source?14:20
hakermaniaBecause the cc0 doesn't seem to be at /usr/share/common-licenses14:22
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sladenhyperair: sorry you didn't get an answer yet :(14:50
hyperairwhat answer?14:51
* hyperair gives sladen a confused stare.14:51
sladenhyperair: I was helping hakermania but need to do UI-Freeze things, so bounced hakermania to #ubuntu-motu14:52
sladenin the hope that somebody else could take over with the question above14:52
sladenand then pressed   h<tab>14:52
cjwatsonhakermania: you should copy the text of the licence into debian/copyright15:02
cjwatsonit is not enough to link to it15:02
paultaghey cjwatson, congrats dude15:04
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cjwatsonthanks :)15:09
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andy753421Could I trouble someone in ubuntu-sponsors to finish a sync request for me for launchpad bugs 832611, 832613, and 832614?15:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 832613 in Ubuntu "Sync libgrits 0.5.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83261315:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 832611 in Ubuntu "Sync aweather 0.5.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83261115:50
andy753421The feature freeze was approved, so i think it just need to be synced? (sorry for the last minute rush, and for cross-posting in #ubuntu-devel as well)15:51
tumbleweedandy753421: happy to sponsor that15:54
hakermaniacjwatson, what if the files are 2? 2 with the same license but bot with different copyright holder16:08
hakermaniaand different info (different online link)16:08
cjwatsondebian/copyright is allowed to have multiple licences in it!16:10
hakermaniacjwatson, yes, i mean should I dublicate entry of the same license because of different copyright16:14
cjwatsonthat's not normally necessary, no16:14
cjwatsondifferent online link is irrelevant if the actual licence is the same16:15
hakermaniacjwatson, so say both names in the copyright, same license and below the license to place the info about the links.16:16
cjwatsonsounds plausible enough, as long as it has all the information in it16:17
cjwatson(there is a machine-readable format with stricter rules which we'll probably move everything to eventually, but you're still allowed to write just free text)16:17
hakermaniacjwatson, the whole CC0 is 121 lines o.O16:23
tumbleweedcjwatson: may I syncpackage some NEW uploads, or would you prefer to process those manually? (the ones andy753421 mentioned above)16:26
hakermaniacjwatson, is this a problem? It doesn't seem to have a brief description of the cc0, like gpl3 has16:26
tumbleweedhakermania: yes, you include tho whole thing. It's a pain, yes16:28
tumbleweedthe only reason we don't do that for gpl is because it's in /usr/share/common-licences16:28
cjwatsonhakermania: including the whole thing is just fine16:28
cjwatsontumbleweed: syncpackaging them is fine provided you/he don't mind them being credited to you16:28
hakermaniaIs it correct to say: For the specific files, the copyrights holders are displayed respectively to each image16:34
* tumbleweed doesn't understand that16:38
hakermaniatumbleweed, I mean that the First person mentioned at the Copyright field is the one who owns the copyrights of the first pic, the 2nd is the one of the 2nd pic, how would I say that in english? Also should I add a .(dot) in every empty newline of CC0, as in GPL3?16:40
tumbleweedhakermania: separate Files+Licence+Copyright blocks. You don't need the full licence body every time, you only need it once. See the examples in DEP516:41
hakermaniatumbleweed, in this example (from DEP5), there are 2 entries of the PSF-2 license, in both it seems to use full body16:49
hakermania(it doesn't say that PSF-2 license text have been mentioned above etc)16:50
tumbleweedhakermania: yeah, that's a bad example. Look at the bits about standalone licence paragraphs16:51
hakermaniaaha,now its clear16:53
hakermaniajbicha, I can confirm your bug in 11.10 alpha 3... The add-on being in 'recommends' field doesn't show up either in my DEB if opened with USC17:30
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andy7534212tumbleweed: thanks for syncing librsl and libgrits, are you planning on syncing aweather as well?18:57
Quintasantumbleweed: You're on for DMB? :D19:00
ahasenackhmm, is this a recent change perhaps? I noticed "bzr commit" is working like "debcommit" now20:07
ahasenackfor example, I did a quick debian/changelog change, ran "bzr commit" fully expecting an editor to open, but it used the changelog change as the commit message20:08
ahasenackI'm on lucid, but using bzr from the ppa20:08
andy7534212tumbleweed: (or someone else) any chance of getting bug 832611 synched in the next hour or so before the beta freeze?20:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 832611 in Ubuntu "Sync aweather 0.5.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83261120:15
jtaylorandy753421: it will be synced, beta freeze does not invalidate ffe's for new packages20:20
jtaylorandy7534212: ^20:24
andy7534212jtaylor: ah, the comment on the bug log said (if done before beta freeze) so I thought it had to be done right away20:25
micahgjtaylor: well, the approval is contingent on being completed before beta release, I think that's the concern20:26
jtayloras its two deps where already synced for it already I'm sure it will get reapproved20:29
tumbleweedandy7534212: sorry, I missed that one20:31
tumbleweedlooking at that now20:31
micahgtumbleweed: actually I'm about to ACK it20:31
tumbleweedmicahg: go ahead then (I was going to syncpackage)20:32
micahgtumbleweed: go for it then :)20:32
tumbleweedhave you test built it? :)20:32
micahgtumbleweed: yes, test built on amd6420:32
tumbleweedcool :)20:33
micahgtumbleweed: my only concern is the other libs haven't built on powerpc/armel yet20:33
micahgbut there's not really time to wait I guess20:33
tumbleweedthey built everywhere in Debian20:33
tumbleweedwhoops https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue20:37
micahgtumbleweed: no worries, one will get rejected20:37
micahgtumbleweed: oh, hmm, was that syncpackage?20:38
tumbleweedfirst time I ran it, I hadn't bzr pulled-ed so it didn't close the bug20:39
tumbleweedI assumed it would auto-reject the second one, but in hindsight, obviously not20:39
jtaylorwhat is with the enthough 4 syncs? should they also be done before beta freeze?20:39
jtaylorpyface, envisage, traitsui20:40
micahgtumbleweed: well, the bug is closed now, so either should be fine :)20:40
andy7534212tumbleweed/micahg/jtaylor: great, thank you20:46
* micahg wishes the lack of +uploaded-packages recognition will get fixed soon20:47
tumbleweedmicahg: bigjools seems to be working through them all quite fast20:48
tumbleweedQuintasan: heh, I'm running, I have low hopes. But it is something Im' interested in and pay attention to...20:48
micahgtumbleweed: yep, waiting anxiously20:49
Quintasantumbleweed: +1 :P20:49
hakermaniaOuao, it's exciting watching Ubuntu guys working on it :D21:01
jtaylorwhy are packages which have not been multiarched install into mutliarch paths?21:17
jtaylorI have seen this in a few ftbs already21:17
micahgjtaylor: maybe they're not overriding sane defaults?21:21
jtaylorI don't get where the paths are coming from21:23
jtaylorok it appears to be QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS21:33
jtaylorwhich is set to multiarch by default21:33
jtaylorcan I leave that or will it fail at runtime?21:34
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