nlsthznStation :D17:41
akgranerpleia2, I look over the  issue 230 googledoc - there's a lot of links so I'm going to start plugging in some summaries tonight so hopefully we aren't scrambling on Monday...ahh organization :-)17:42
pleia2akgraner: ok :) feel free to pull ones that don't fit, throughout the week I tend to just add everything I find and par them down on friday17:43
pleia2or move things if they're in the wrong places17:43
akgranergotcha I added a couple of things yesterday as well17:43
pleia2fridge has been down for over 2 hours19:45
pleia2(I keep hoping it'll just come back...)19:45
pleia2time to submit a ticket?19:45
* pleia2 does19:47

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