* karora looks at this channel for the first time in months.07:32
karoraI'd say 'morrning', except the sun's gone down where I am at present.07:32
ajmitchhi karora :)08:16
ajmitchgood to see you're still around08:16
karoraIndeed I am :-)08:17
ajmitchstill in wellington, or travelling the world?08:17
karoraI'm at home at present - a couple of months off the gallivanting.08:18
karoraWhere are you keeping yourself these days?08:18
ajmitchstill in dunedin08:18
ajmitchthough I'll be in wellington for the weekend for kiwipycon08:18
karoraWhen's kiwipycon?08:19
ajmitchthis weekend :)08:19
karoraMaybe I should try and attend...08:19
karoraIs it all sold out?08:19
ajmitchyou may be able to sneak in a registration08:19
ajmitchlast I saw they were close08:19
ojwbthey kept them open longer - I think they now close today08:20
ajmitchlast email I saw said registrations until thursday night08:21
* karora registered OK now.08:27
karoraI just have to pay it, I guess...08:27
karoraAnyone wanting a G+ invite:  https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/ngemlink?path=%2F%3Fgpinv%3DsiDnl6r_VQ0%3AFIyXaOX8bsQ08:45
karoraAnd for me, I'm at: http://gplus.to/karora08:48
ibeardsleelooks like we may be able to have a wee #ubuntu-nz meatspace meeting the kiwi PyCon19:42
ajmitchcould do19:42
ajmitchyou going to kiwi pycon?19:42
* ajmitch is heading up to wellington this morning19:43
* ibeardslee is already here ;)19:44
ajmitchI wonder why...19:44
ibeardsleejust made sense to get here early19:45
chiltssweet, got my tests and integrated tests working for SimpleDB (written in Go) :)21:55
chiltsintegration I should say21:55

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