IdleOneop spam!12:05
* h00k forwards LjL2 to ##fix-your-connection13:12
bazhang<fppp> I wish linux hadn't turned into windows 9513:12
Picih00k: do it13:12
h00kPici: if I could13:15
h00kI need to alias that, the banforward to ##fix-your-connection13:16
h00kI've never actually forwarded someone there ;)13:16
bazhangaugh LINT14:13
ikonia-remotecast an eye over arjunshayk when you get chance, he's just randomly pm'd me asking me to teach him hacking as he's from Nigeria, if he's pm'ing me with that sort of request I suspect he's also doing others14:22
Myrttioh good grief14:23
ikonia-remote%100 worth keeping an eye on, maybe having a word with arjunshayk - just informed me he's a "spammer" and wants to spam people with emails14:25
ikonia-remoteasking me to help him find and setup the tools for him to spam people14:26
bazhangno response via my PM to him14:26
ikonia-remotedoesn't seem to take "no" for an answer14:26
ikonia-remoteI'll leave you to it as I can't really deal with it on here,14:26
bazhang<Lint> LXDE has windows 3.1 fuctionality, so I don't want to use it yet15:14
bazhangmore nonsense from him15:15
bazhang* [lolcat] (~xae8koo@unaffiliated/energy-/x-7653247): xae8koo15:23
Picilolcat is a troll.15:23
bazhanghe cursed out the floodbots in -unregged a while back15:24
PiciHes in #freenode all the time being annoying.15:24
bazhangand #defocus15:24
CoreyAnd many others.17:43
PiciI wasted my time the other day trying to help another user in #freenode, and on a whim I whoised and it turned out to be him :(17:43
mneptokPici: get an IRC client with something better than Windows 3.1 functionality17:44
CoreyMyrtti: Yeah, I'll second that hm.17:52
h00kgot it.17:55
mneptokscrool wasn't so long the joke got lost.18:03
mneptokwas it?18:03
Myrtti!floodbots > Karesz18:53
guntbertcan someone have an eye on philipp__ in #u please?20:16
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:36
bazhangPerfieM, hi23:50
bazhangPerfieM, was there something you needed help with?23:54

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