ali1234find the datasheet for the chip00:21
ali1234that will reveal all00:21
* daubers puts the kettle on branches some code and makes some cocoa pops07:10
diplomakes cocoa pops? You have zeee recipe?!?!07:22
daubersdiplo: Easiest recipe of all. 1. Open box, 2. Pour in bowl, 3. add milk, 4. Nom nom nom nom nom nom07:28
diploReally don't know how people have chocolate cereals, especially early morning07:29
diploMy kids love them07:29
popeymine too07:31
popeythey prefer chocolate croissants07:32
diployeah really anything with a hint of chocolate goes down well07:35
diploBad dad!07:35
daubers\o/ Cocoa pops are a treat for me these days07:37
daubersNormally eat either toast or weetabix type stuffs07:37
* daubers ponders where that pesky struct definition is hiding07:39
midmandlelo all07:39
diplomorning midmandle07:40
MooDoohello all07:50
popeyhahah http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/25/alleged-hp-touchpad-running-android-appears-can-be-yours-on-eba/07:52
diploheh just saw that myself popey08:09
diploBe good if it is legit, save a lot of dev time08:09
popeyi like the claims that its fake08:09
diployeah.. quite understandable if qualcomm were testing it under android, especially if they heard from HP that it may be dropped08:10
JamesTaitGood morning, everyone!08:10
popeypondering taking my usb dongle and wifi access point on holiday :D08:10
oimoni'd do it08:19
dwatkinsI'd just take the dongle and a netbook, start a network from there.08:19
oimontethering is allowed on my t-mob contract so i do that instead08:20
popeydwatkins: i have already put openwrt on a router, so its all ready to go :D08:21
popeyjust plug it in08:21
dwatkinspopey: nice :) I'm considering getting a Linksys for Tomato fun08:22
dwatkinsHow does it connect to the dongle, popey?08:22
popeyusb port08:23
dwatkinsoh nice, which model of router?08:23
popeynetgear wndr370008:23
dwatkinscheers, will have a look into that08:24
popeyyay Laney08:39
bigcalmHello peeps08:40
popeyDMB mail08:47
Laneyoh yar darling08:48
=== denny- is now known as denny
bigcalmIt's weird that it feels like Monday because I had yesterday off sick. 2 Mondays in one week, woe is me08:57
kirrusCould be worse.. you could have had tuesday and thursday off, and so had a week of mondays..08:58
diploAnyone use dvgrab in here ?08:59
diploVery new to video08:59
AlanBelldiplo: yes09:00
diploAny tips, I have got an old Sharp Tape camcorder from my dad, he has never copied captures from tapes09:01
diploWant to create him a dvd09:01
diploSo using dvgrab to take footage off09:01
diploSeems to split into 1GB files when I save in dv09:01
diploJust googling for some examples atm, but thought I'd ask to see what people in here use09:02
AlanBellyes, it does that09:02
AlanBellyou can load them into openshot or another editor and then export the whole thing as something else09:03
diploCool, just installed openshot, will give it another try now09:03
oimonone of the kde apps is good for dv capture.09:04
oimonkino or kdenlive , can't remember which09:04
diployeah kino i keep seeing09:05
oimonbut i didn't use it for editing. openshot or pitivi ..kino kept crashing09:05
diplodvgrab seems to be working fairly well, going to experiment09:07
diploTrying autosplit now so it's ready to be used directly in openshot without me cutting it09:07
diploAll new to me09:07
diploAlanBell, --size 0 stops the default 1gb limit fyi09:08
diploSeems my fathers camera skills aren't that great :D09:11
daubersCommenting a structure with just it's own name IS NOT HELPFUL09:13
oimonalthough ginormous files loaded into the app might increase tendency to crash :P09:13
diploSeems most files are 200mb each with autosplit set09:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Oh, my sister tried to use her MP3 player again today... after I'd created that file yesterday... and still no joy...09:29
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you might need to run something on those files to generate the udev rules09:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ah09:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: *shrug*09:29
MartijnVdSHazRPG: check out the source of the music-player-info package (media-player-info?) and see what it does on build09:29
MartijnVdSHazRPG: also, file that bug :)09:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I shall :)09:32
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:42
popeyYes, it is!09:43
oimonrather wet here09:43
brobostigondry here.09:43
popeyIndoors here.09:44
TheOpenSourcererJust ordered a little RGB LED kit so I can do this: http://blog.thiseldo.co.uk/?p=57409:44
oimonthe view from my window is so grey today it reminds me of when i visited communist russia09:45
gordsunnyhere! :P09:48
* Hippychick steals gord's sun09:48
MartijnVdSWe only get rain here :(09:48
MooDooblimey i've just noticed, it's quite sunny here too :S09:49
TheOpenSourcererdrizzle here - but clearing by the looks of it.09:49
* bigcalm enjoys the sun while he can09:49
* Hippychick steals MooDoo's sun too09:49
bigcalmIt's taking the edge off the oggflu09:50
Hippychicki want sun!! its tipping it down here :(09:50
oimonoggcamp..where the only viruses you get are human ones...09:50
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: "oggflu"?09:50
oimoni wonder how many touchpads we would have seen if oggcamp was next weekend :D09:51
* MartijnVdS steals gord's thunder instead09:52
* brobostigon steals someones mental stability.09:52
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: What would you want with THAT?! )09:52
brobostigonMartijnVdS: enhancing my own. :)09:53
daubersI _hate_ samba09:54
BigRedSdaubers: I maintain that it's mostly there to piss people off09:54
popeyA parcel has arrived at work for me09:57
popeyi am not there09:57
popeyI said co-workers could open it. this may not have been wise09:58
rowinggolferpopey, is it an invite for you to take over from Steve jobs.09:58
brobostigona new toy?09:58
popeyIt must be09:58
oimonis it a graze box?09:58
daubersBigRedS: I'm trying to understand how to build a VFS module, can't get the blasted things to poxy build :(09:58
davmor2morning all09:58
davmor2popey: more of a demand I think :)09:58
diplogord, I failed last night on my plugin :(09:58
daubersEven their "example" doesn't build09:58
diploBut found some good documentation for debugging today09:59
davmor2oimon: how's your tablet now?09:59
diploSo v2 tonight09:59
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: oggflu is the bug that a few people picked up from oggcamp09:59
oimondavmor2: getting on OK.. played with it last night as i watched the footy09:59
diploGot to say xbmc wiki is very good, lots of good info09:59
oimonvery nice for reading books, pdf, and web browsing09:59
diplobigcalm, I used to go to Multiplay I Series events, we all used to get I Flu or some other variant whilst we were there10:00
oimoni'm missing certain android apps, especially dedicated email10:00
davmor2oimon: are you liking it a bit more now more to the point :)10:00
diploI found a fix10:00
diploEat healthy whilst away and you don't suffer10:00
oimondavmor2: yes :)10:00
oimonthe facebook app is amazing, have you seen the newspaper layout mode?10:00
popeyits a book10:01
popeyco-worker took a picture of it, I suspect he used word lens10:02
bigcalmSpanish? :D10:02
popeythe title is "ODIDRA SCITOBOR"10:02
popeyno the free version10:02
bigcalmDidn't know there was a free version10:02
popeyi didnt order that10:04
popeydunno why I have a copy on my des10:04
oimoncheck out the optional newspaper view of facebook http://ubuntuone.com/p/1Ck1/10:04
popeythats quite cute10:05
* popey notes there is no facebook app for ipad10:05
popeyYA RLY10:05
oimonthere's no g+ app or other google apps for TP /webos10:06
oimonbut the web browser works and the OS multitasks well so it's ok10:06
oimonflash support is great10:07
* oimon thinks popey has a secret admirer10:10
dogmatic69going through the TV setup menu the other day and noticed it was running linux :D10:12
dogmatic69-> http://www.am-linux.jp/10:13
AlanBellsky boxes run Linux too10:15
AlanBellthey did an over the air upgrade from BSD to Linux10:15
diploBusybox isn't it ?10:15
* daubers breaks down10:15
AlanBellI would *not* like to be the person pressing the release button on that one10:16
daubersSo, I think no-one in the entire world knows how to make samba VFS modules anymore10:16
AlanBelldaubers: #samba-technical10:17
popeyoimon: thing is that it came to my work address10:18
oimonthey didn't want your wife to know :)10:18
oimonrobot love10:18
popeywell, more, how did they know my work address10:18
daubersAlanBell: The place questions go unanswered even if you ask 2 or three times a week10:19
AlanBelloh :(10:19
daubersAlanBell: #samba just point me there too10:19
daubersI also have a feeling that debian/ubuntu are packaging up the wrong examples for the current samba release10:20
diplobigcalm, you are the one with the superhub aren't you ?10:28
popeyo/ and me10:29
bigcalmdiplo: I am one of the unfortunate, yes10:29
diploVM Preps firmware update for Glitchy superhub post on the register10:29
diploSorry didn't link, looking on my other machine10:29
diploThere is a beta community.. maybe worth joining :)10:30
popeyI'd rather not :D10:31
bigcalmThings improved when the hub was replaced10:34
oimoninteresting post on gnome planet about echo cancellation in pulse audio http://arunraghavan.net/2011/08/hello-hello-hello/10:35
daubersFinally found some useful docs, but the examples don't match up to what the docs are saying and bits of the docs talk about things that no longer exist10:41
directhexAlanBell, i thought sky boxes ran vxworks10:51
AlanBellsome might, my sky+HD box is running Linux10:55
oimondo they distribute source?10:56
lubotu3Freedesktop bug 40369 in New device "New devices - HP Pre 3, HP Touchpad" [Normal,New]10:56
directhexoimon,  http://www1.sky.com/opensourcesoftware/SkyHD/opensourcesoftwaredownloads.html10:56
daubersDoes anyone know anyone on the samba project who actually gives a damn?11:02
AlanBellthey did a release 2 days ago so it is an active project11:09
dwatkinsSetting up samba was always a bit of a nightmare for me as there are so many possibilities.11:12
dwatkinsAll I wanted was LDAP integration, but it wasn't easy.11:13
dwatkinsWhen I finally got it to work, NMB would end up randomly using 100% of cpu after a few days.11:13
directhexwell, emulating windows software is a recipe for fail11:14
directhex(NOTE: THIS IS A JOKE)11:15
dwatkinsdirecthex: I appreciate your comment, yes11:15
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...11:18
bigcalmI </3 VM11:18
MartijnVdS!ping boo11:18
oimonldap integration and samba works fine for me, we have it on multiple servers11:19
Chrisuhi... Can anybody help me on 11.04 with the 5.1 surround? I can't make it work..:(11:32
MartijnVdSChrisu: how is your 5.1 system connected?11:33
MartijnVdSChrisu: HDMI, S/PDIF (digital), or several analog cables?11:34
MyrttiChrisu: crossposting on several channels is a bit boring11:34
MartijnVdSMyrtti: Not everyone is on multiple channels though11:34
Chrisuits a cable with 2 jacks black and yellow at one end (goes in the system) and at the other end is Jack like a headphone (goes in the PC)11:34
MyrttiMartijnVdS: no, but if you're given an advice X on channel Y and advice N on channel M, it gets difficult to follow and you might get contradicting advice11:35
MartijnVdSMyrtti: true11:35
MyrttiMartijnVdS: also, many people ARE on multiple channels11:35
MartijnVdSChrisu: sounds like you only have a single (stereo) analog cable then11:36
MartijnVdSChrisu: you won't get 5.1 out of that.11:36
ChrisuIt's ok guys... I just posted on multiple channels hoping that sombody wich is not on all channels that knows will help me.11:36
ChrisuMartijnVdS: Oh... then what cable do I need? :-s11:36
MartijnVdSChrisu: several of those cables (one per 2 channels), or if your machine supports it: an optical cable or a coaxial ("s/pdif") cable11:38
Chrisuwell.. i only got slots for microphone jack, out and in.11:38
Chrisuin my PC11:38
MartijnVdSChrisu: sometimes those switch to extra output ports if you select "analog surround" in the sound preferences screen11:39
MartijnVdSChrisu: but you'd have to read your PC (mainboard) manual to be sure11:39
Chrisuumm.. ok well thanks alot...11:40
AlanBellChrisu: what makes you think your computer can output 5.1?11:40
ChrisuNothing. lol11:41
AlanBellis there a sticker on it or something?11:41
MartijnVdSChrisu: if it has HDMI out, you could probably use that, if your system supports it11:41
ChrisuI don't know if it can.11:41
AlanBellah :)11:41
ChrisuI don't have a HDMI cable lol11:41
Chrisuok then.. no 5.1 for me xD11:41
AlanBellprobably not :(11:42
Chrisu:(.. thanks guys11:42
Myrttioh shotwell, how I hate thee11:45
Myrttithe damned thing reimported all 200 photos from OggCamp that I had removed from the library view because they were blurry and not up the scratch11:46
oimoni struggle to find anything as good as picasa11:49
MartijnVdSpicasa is horrible with raw shots11:51
penguin42but it's pretty damn good with everything else11:51
MartijnVdSexcept I shoot in raw 99% of the time11:51
shaunoI really like adobe lightroom.  please don't hurt me.11:52
MyrttiI don't like Picasa myself because I think that the online storage of Picasa is vastly inferior to Flickr.11:53
penguin42latest version of digikam seems very difficult to use IMHO11:54
oimonnot sure why picasa was never open sourced11:54
daubersoimon: Probably a library thing. Or a patent thing11:56
MartijnVdSor a patent library thing12:01
MooDooi quite like picassa for backing up my raw images, but not for much else12:06
oimonpicasa has enough editing capability to tweak photos without requiring gimp etc. shotwell is lacking in this area12:12
MartijnVdSI only tweak in ufraw anyway12:14
oimonwow, kindle books are more ££ than you would pay 2nd hand12:14
MartijnVdSoimon: some kindle books are more expensive than the paper versions12:15
oimonand dumb12:15
MartijnVdSoimon: same problem as mp3s/music rights12:15
diploPiracy is rampant in ebooks alreadt12:15
oimonhowever, it's easy to rip a cd, the only book ripping that i can do is to hand it to my 1 yr old child12:15
diploThey have screwed themselve when they had the best idea of how to start12:16
diplooimon, loads of dedicated piracy sites for ebooks already12:16
diploI know someone who has 1000+ already12:17
oimoni don't believe in pirating, i just want it to be fair12:17
diploHe also owns a lot of the books he has12:17
diploHe has replaced a lot of them for his ereader12:17
diploBut won't buy ebooks because of the cost of them, still buys paper backs as well12:17
daubersNeed some eyeballs… mine are obviously too stressed to see something obvious12:17
dauberscan anyone see anything immediately wrong with this? http://pastebin.com/P9z48Zig getting the error "modules/matt_test.c:89:21: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘mt_op_tuple’"12:18
oimonhe's still breaking the law, however he justifies it though12:18
diploHe knows that12:18
oimonif piracy is already rife, paperback books should come with a one time link to download a personal copy12:18
diploTotally agree oimon, like movie people are putting a copy of a digital movie on dvd's / blurays now12:19
oimoni bought a dvd and apparently it also has a 2nd disk for "digital copy", which is some drm nonsense that does't work on any device i own12:19
diploIf people are going to pirate they will, but if they can get copies of stuff in digital as well why not12:19
diplolol, I've never tried any of mine12:20
oimonso the dvd was a nice iea, but a complete fail12:20
diploI rip the dvd and re-encode myself12:20
oimonthe "digital copy" won't work on my android, touchpad or ubuntu12:20
diploThey just dont get it do they.. or the games companies12:21
diploDRM etc doesn't stop anyone12:21
diploJust annoys the people who want to buy stuff12:21
diploI also never buy movies brand new, always wait a few months and get it a lot cheaper12:22
diploOr with music, I buy pre release to get cheap offers12:22
oimonon another subject, box.net gave me 50GB free space with the TP :D12:22
diploAnother thing that annoys me, bought Lissie album after seeing her at Hard Rock Calling, downloaded off amazon and noticed it was only 128k :/12:23
diploBlimey, nice12:23
diploA year subscription ?12:23
Myrttioimon: shotwell is still better than some photobrowsing apps tho12:23
oimonMyrtti: agree, hope it continues to improve12:24
oimondiplo: seems that it's permanent12:24
oimonneed confirmation of that thoug12:24
MyrttiI'm on the verge of venting my soul to Flickr developers12:24
oimondiplo: 50gb for life :D12:26
oimonworth about $200 per year12:26
diplobloody hell, that's good!12:26
MartijnVdSmind, 50GB won't be much in ~5 years12:27
gordwoot, got UI freeze out of the way :) just focusing on unity bugs and performance the rest of the cycle12:28
oimonMartijnVdS: nor will the touchpad, but it's a great way of extending the storage and transferring files to the device12:29
shaunohm, they finally came up with a patch for my dvdr bug; but I no longer have a drive installed.  wondering if I can be bothered get the screwdrivers out this weekend 'n see what it does :/12:36
oimondaubers: saw your blog post. could be useful! e.g. for sending footie/cricket score updates12:38
oimonor sending adapted "fortune" messages12:39
daubersoimon: Oh, yeah :) There's some python api stuff for lib notify that would be a good place to start12:58
daubersoimon: Was going to use it with matt for some stuffs12:58
oimondo kindles read epub format?13:01
MartijnVdSoimon: only after conversion13:01
DJonesoimon: I don't think so, I've looked into that because most of my books are in epub format, but I'm fairly sure it doesn'r read them13:01
oimonwow, sucks13:01
DJonesoimon: You can convert them using calibre though13:02
oimonis epub generally the best format to go for, for future proofing?13:02
oimonreading pdf on a tablet is nice but they don't reflow when you zoom13:03
oimonare you guys in the pub?13:04
popeyi wish13:04
Myrtti"when helping, be helpful"13:04
popeyi would buy directhex a beer if I was.13:04
ubuntuuk-planet[Paul Mellors] Flattr - http://paulmellors.blogspot.com/2011/08/flattr.html13:04
directhexthe ePub!13:04
oimonare there other authors like cory doctorow who release their books free and are worth reading?13:05
popeyyes, there's this dude who has made quite a few popular books13:05
popeysomething like that13:05
popeyWilliam Shakespear!13:05
popeythats it13:06
oimonhe's lame13:06
Laneyshakin stevens13:06
oimoncan't even write english properly13:06
oimonmy question refers to contemporary fiction13:06
davmor2popey: Shakey  he sang behind the green door right?13:08
popeyYou'd know mister 80's13:08
daubersrandom C question of the day! If I have a pointer to a pointer to a struct, how can I access the members of the struct? so some_struct **x and I want to do x->y13:08
MartijnVdSdaubers: (*bar)->foo13:08
oimongreen door was a cover though13:08
daubersMartijnVdS: ta13:08
davmor2popey: I'm very proud of the fact that I enjoy music you can hear the lyrics of thank you very much :P13:09
* popey hands davmor2 an ear trumpet13:09
popeyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkXMEoGDLm4 made me smile13:10
davmor2get off the grass, these young whipper snappers13:10
popeybut then I am nasty like that13:10
davmor2popey: that's hilarious13:10
bigcalmpopey: that vid requires flash13:12
bigcalmI thought you'd given up flash13:13
popeyon my own machines, yeah :D13:13
oimoncmrtaco has resigned from slashdot13:13
oimonsame day as jobs resigned from the legal company13:13
popeyi never read /. these days13:14
popeyhaven't for years13:14
oimonwhen i scan my twitter feed, i discover that the only links i've clicked are /. stories13:15
oimonsome guys on #touchpad have been to best buy (in the US) today and got touchpads. maybe more for the UK?13:16
BigRedSyeah, I hardly ever actually visit the /. frontpage itself, but hit most of the links on their twitter feed13:19
Hippychickurgh! looking in my bag and i cant find any usb sticks... all k can find are 3g dongles!13:23
* daubers makes moar coffee13:25
* oimon has 4 usb sticks in his pocket13:27
dwatkinsthanks for reminding me, oimon - I need to check out what's on my 8 GB stick.13:37
dauberswoot, someones found the patch set that changed vast amounts of the samba vfs stuff and, importantly, the patches didn't changes the docs :(13:37
oimonbtw how do i relabel a disk that gets mounted as /media/12394090i3902=1-30=1-23013:38
MartijnVdSoimon: using the disk utility (palimpsest) is easiest13:39
oimonthanks MartijnVdS13:40
oimonthat was easy13:41
AlanBellpalimpsest has the silliest name of any application13:56
AlanBellconsiderably sillier than the gimp13:56
MartijnVdS"A palimpsest is a manuscript page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again"13:56
MartijnVdSyou could argue hard disks work like that ;)13:56
oimoni call it pal-tab13:57
oimonbaobab is another bad name,13:57
MartijnVdSvinagre, vino13:57
AlanBellbaobab reminds me of the little prince13:58
davmor2Mez: I don't think I'm going to be able to make it tonight at least not before everything is over :(  A bunch are looking to come from the northampton group though I brought it up there for you too :)  I hope it all goes well for you :)14:00
kirrusSpecial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiySKuVs2fI14:17
* AlanBell stares in astonishment at bug 76490514:30
lubotu3Launchpad bug 764905 in unity "Drag and drop a USB key into the trash should eject the USB key" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76490514:30
Hippychickoh dear AlanBell14:30
gordAlanBell, user testing is always enlightening :)14:31
AlanBellI think that user failed the test14:35
gordwell thats kinda the fun thing, we ain't testing the users, they are testing the design14:36
AlanBellyeah, I get that. Just wish they had time to sober up first.14:36
gordwell you say that now, but when your drunk and using your computer in the future, you'll be a genius14:38
AlanBellI am pretty astonished that the applications lens got through user testing14:38
gordpeople do pretty well with it, everyone knows google so they put what they were after into the search box and there it is14:40
BigRedSWell, and there it might be14:40
AlanBellif you type it then yes14:40
BigRedSPointedly, google never silently fails...14:40
diplopopey, is this the Microserver you have ?14:41
popeyAlanBell: bug 765905 is quite fun isnt it.14:41
lubotu3Launchpad bug 765905 in writerperfect (Ubuntu Oneiric) "writerperfect version 0.8.0-1 failed to build on i386" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76590514:41
popeyyes diplo14:41
AlanBellif I want to see what applications I have got for working with graphics then no14:41
popeynot that bug14:41
diploCool, new Credit card turned up so ordering now14:41
AlanBellgord: so what I want is a lens that shows me *all* the applications I have, grouped by category14:42
BigRedSAlanBell: like a menu? :)14:42
AlanBelllike the gnome menu does14:42
popeybeat me to it14:42
diplohttp://www.ebuyer.com/search?page=1&store=33&cat=392&filterca76=2000  <-- Any recommendations people ? Going to be a NAS predominantly, quiet would be good14:42
BigRedSMenus are soooo last century14:42
AlanBellthat is all I want14:42
BigRedSnobody's doing that any more14:42
AlanBellgord: would I be best off waiting for that to happen or writing a new lens to do it?14:43
davmor2AlanBell: Click on application lens and select the group from the drop down?14:43
popeydiplo: how many you buying?14:43
popeybuy two different ones :D14:44
AlanBelldavmor2: that kind of works (but not in unity 2d right now) however it shows me for example 4 of the 10 accessories I have installed, plus 4 random apps from the app store that I don't have14:44
gordAlanBell, in O you'll be able to open the applications lens and then filter by category, thats as close as you're going to get in stock unity14:44
diploAt the mo anyhoo, don't want to outspend myself14:44
diploComes with a 250gb i think14:44
gordAlanBell, but writing a lens to do precisely what you want is fine too, writing lenses is easy and open source :)14:44
davmor2AlanBell: hmm true14:44
diploDid you see the need to upgrade the ram popey ? Or was it sufficient as a nas with 1gb ?14:44
AlanBellgord: ok, I will go down that route, all the code is there in the applications lens but in the wrong order14:45
AlanBelland it is in something called vala14:45
Myrttipopey: are you running Windows or Ubuntu on that little proliant?14:46
popeyyes, doubled the RAM14:46
popeyUbuntu server on it14:46
diploSorry matey :)14:46
popeythe hp comes with a 160GB disk14:46
popeywell, mine did14:46
seekerpopey: Where do babies come from?14:46
popeyseeker: storks14:46
davmor2gord: you're using oneiric right what happens if you select games from the applications refined search I get nothing show up at all14:47
popeydiplo: i moved the drive that came with it to the optical bay in the top, so I have 4 bays for big disks14:47
Myrttipopey: I suppose the raid is "not to be used" if you've got Ubuntu on it14:47
popeyMyrtti: i use md radi14:47
diploGood thinking14:47
gorddavmor2, no idea, i broke my setup earlier :)14:47
AlanBelldavmor2: type something, then delete what you typed14:47
gorddavmor2, so i get no results from anything14:47
davmor2AlanBell: No all the other groups show something only games that don't14:47
AlanBelldavmor2: oh, me too14:48
davmor2gord: type m in the main application menu and then delete it when everything shows up14:48
gorddavmor2, no no, i broke everything14:48
gordnothing will work14:48
davmor2gord: vandal was you out with them rioters?14:49
gorddavmor2, i riot quietly in my pc14:49
gordon another topic, why does samba hate me?14:49
davmor2gord: for the same reason it hates everyone else?14:50
gordwon't let me modify anything :(14:50
BigRedSrioting quietly?14:50
ikonia-remotewould someone be a gent and see if http://www.disc-tools.com/download/daemon downloads correclt (10mb) I seem to get about 600kb and then the download drops14:50
BigRedSthat's almost as quaint as getting up the morning after a riot for a tidy up14:50
ikonia-remotenot sure if it's the connection/isp I'm using while away or the hosted site14:50
popeyfine here ikonia-remote14:50
gordfine also here14:51
ikonia-remotepopey: rats, it pulled down the whole 10mb14:51
ikonia-remoteit must  be my isp causing a problem14:51
ikonia-remotestupid 3rd world internet14:51
ikonia-remoteit just let me pll down a 700mb file from a different site, but won't let me pull down this 10mb file14:51
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/DTLite4413-0173.exe  try that14:51
ikonia-remotethat's going better.....14:52
ikonia-remotenope, crapped out at 3.89 meg14:52
jpdsExploit detected.14:52
ikonia-remoteahhh yes, it's listing it as an exploit file14:53
ikonia-remotepopey: could you change it to something not.exe ?14:53
ikonia-remote(if your willing to test)14:53
popey.txt now14:53
ikonia-remoteok, let me try that14:53
diploAnyone got any idea to work out what revo model this is ?14:54
ikonia-remotefor the love of god windows....14:54
ikonia-remotepopey: that looks like it will work, but can you chang it to .popey or something as .txt my browser trys to open it as text14:55
ikonia-remotechange it to something the browser won't try to associate with an application14:55
ikonia-remotepopey: plus, super keep putting the ubuntu favicon on your site14:55
* BigRedS just had an I-told-you-so moment about our non-snmp coffee machine14:55
kirrusDoes anyone know of an SNMP enabled coffee filter machine?14:55
ikonia-remotepopey: bravo14:56
ikonia-remotepopey: it would appear the multiple extensions has fooled whatever tool was.....14:57
ikonia-remotenope, it filed at 4 meg14:57
popeyyou suck14:57
ikonia-remotethis is mental14:57
ikonia-remotepopey: this 3rd world insulting random internet sucks14:57
ikonia-remoteit likes a 700 mb file - no problem, it doens't like a 10mb file14:57
ikonia-remotepopey: appreciate the effort14:58
popeytry that?14:58
Azelphurbest filename ever14:58
ikonia-remotepopey: it's scanning the content15:00
popey"it" being?15:00
ikonia-remoteit takes 3.5 - 4mb to work it out then thinks it's an exploit15:00
ikonia-remotepopey: I don't know15:00
ikonia-remotewhatever is cutting me off15:00
ikonia-remoteI'm assuming some sort of proxy thing15:00
popeywant me to put it in a passworded zip so it can't?15:00
BigRedSbase64 it and save it as a txt file15:00
AlanBellikonia-remote: could it be right?15:00
ikonia-remotepopey: please, that's worth a try15:00
ikonia-remoteAlanBell: possible, but doubtful15:00
gorddaemon tools trips up anti-virus stuff all the time15:01
popeyikonia-remote: http://popey.com/~public_html/ikonia.zip15:01
popeypassword is your nickname15:01
popey(no, not stupid_head, ikonia)15:01
jpdsNeeds more HTTPS.15:01
ikonia-remote404 on url15:01
BigRedSi think there's supposed to be a popey instead of public_html15:02
kirrusjpds, what is it with you and HTTPS? :P15:02
ikonia-remoteha ha, good eyes15:02
popeyikonia-remote: http://popey.com/~alan/ikonia.zip15:02
popeyjpds: can't do https, using 443 for ssh :D15:03
jpdspopey: So use 22 for HTTPS.15:03
ikonia-remotepopey: worked like a charm, thank you15:04
* popey deletes all the malware15:04
ikonia-remotetough working over here when you need a something and the random internet fails you15:05
ikonia-remoteI am so immature it's untrue, I'm working with a French chap and an Israeli chap, they are discussing an excel spread sheet and each time either of them say sheet.....it comes out rather ammusing15:07
ikonia-remoteI keep sniggering under my breath,, don't want to offend them but it is ammusing me15:07
ikonia-remote"can you give me the sheet" and comments like that are making me laugh15:07
jpdsikonia-remote: Just don't say the Polish for thank you to the French guy.15:08
ikonia-remotejpds: I do not know polish15:08
ikonia-remotehe is safe15:08
=== seeker_ is now known as seeker
AlanBellso how do I build a lens then? the HACKING file in unity-lens-applications is empty and ./autogen.sh tells me I need gnome-common from gnome SVN. Do I really need that?15:12
davmor2AlanBell: goto unity.ubuntu.com I'm pretty sure there are some well written docs linked from there but I could be wrong15:13
AlanBellI read a lot of that, it assumes a certain amount of prior knowledge15:14
AlanBellthere does not seem to be anything telling you how to build a lens or insert your new lens into a running unity15:16
AlanBellooh, canonical just sent me an ebook15:17
AzelphurIf I'm trying to run 8 CPU Hungry single threaded applications, do I want an i7 with hyperthreading or 2 Q9xxx's?15:17
popeythey didnt send me one15:17
popeythey sent me a link where I can find out how to download it15:17
AlanBelloh, it is a PDF15:18
* popey gets the pdf url from the source rather than submit stuff15:19
davmor2AlanBell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses I don't know if this helps I got it from askubuntu15:20
popeyAntiVirus is apparenly included with Ubuntu15:20
popeyand backup software15:20
popeyis that "tar" ?15:20
ikonia-remotepopey: that line really annoys me in the marketing15:20
davmor2popey: there is already a bug about that15:21
AlanBellisn't windows multi browser choice these days?15:21
popeydavmor2: no, there isnt15:21
popeydavmor2: this is a marketing PDF15:21
Myrttipopey: curse you and your licorice15:21
AlanBellthere is a bug about it claiming to be fully compatible with microsoft office15:21
davmor2popey: ah sorry not the bug is against the web page that is taken from the pdf I think you're right15:22
popeyMyrtti: me and my kids licorice :D15:22
* oimon wants liquorice15:24
Myrttipopey: dsample is a bit annoyed now, he wants candy but all I have to offer is Turkish Peber15:25
oimonsince removing fabian the german from my feed, google+ is looking bare again!15:26
* popey googles15:26
popeyheh, i removed him long ago oimon :D15:26
oimoni added him for oggcamp. too much opinion and swearing15:26
oimonis that what his podcast is like?15:26
bigcalmWhich is why I never got into LO15:26
popeypretty much15:26
* oimon munches on a stem ginger cookie ponderously15:27
AlanBellI listened to an episode, it was very strange15:27
popeyi sometimes listen live15:27
oimonif i remove popey from g+ then it will be VERY empty15:27
popeyand heckle in irc15:27
bigcalmG+ has become quiet recently15:27
bigcalmI think more people are making use of circles15:28
popeyi am not using circles at all15:28
oimonor maybe everyones playing with their touchpad15:28
bigcalmAnd I'm not in those circles that are getting the content15:28
diploWell thats the server ordered.., most i have spent on myself in 2-3 years!15:28
bigcalmpopey: I've put people into circles just to organise things, but then I post everything as public15:28
oimoni wanted to add linus torvalds but he mixes linux stuff with pcitures of his scuba diving gear15:28
popeyme too15:29
AlanBellI thought circles were a great idea, but I post almost everything public15:29
MyrttiI love Google+15:30
Myrttiit's brilliant with the circles15:30
oimoni had AlanBell but removed him too lol15:30
bigcalmG+ is great for poking fun at friends ;)15:31
Myrttimy paranoia about stalkers is a bit lessened when I use Google+ in comparison to Twitter and the ilk15:31
oimonit needs refining15:31
oimonMyrtti: u have stalkers, or just worried about them?15:31
bigcalmoimon: if you're publicly a lady on IRC, I think it's compulsory15:32
oly_I like google plus but it needs some kind of events planner built in15:32
Myrttioimon: I have had a person who told me he was coming to meet me, and after that I was afraid of people of certain group in the local bus for about a month15:32
jpdsoly_: Google Calendar?15:32
MyrttiI've also had death threats from others15:33
oimonthere is a certain class of person who feels too attached to people that share information on broadcast networks15:33
oly_jpds, perhaps but integrated like in facebook you just go create event and add friends15:33
oimona close friend had a lot of unwatned attention from creepy guys because she was quite open15:33
oimonirl , not online15:34
oly_very handy feature and about the only thing i use facebook for :)15:34
AlanBellG+ is potentially a bit stalker friendly with the circles15:35
Myrttioimon: well I am fairly known in Finland in a multiple ways, so I'm an easy target, sadly15:35
BigRedSWhoo! Aqua again!15:35
Myrttimeh, now I've had too much salmiakki15:36
kirrusBigRedS, your liking of this is quite... interesting...15:38
bigcalmMyrtti: give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee15:39
BigRedSkirrus: it's worth noting that this is B*witched that I'm liking, not Aqua15:40
oimonwhat's worse? b*w i think15:40
kirrusBigRedS, and that makes it better how, exactly? ;) :P15:40
bigcalmI think I'm going to pass out from blowing my nose15:41
Myrttilearn something new every day: "last"15:41
seekerbigcalm: Got a cold too?15:42
bigcalmseeker: it's the oggflu15:42
munkyjunkyHeyhey! I'm trying to get Ubuntu 11.04 onto an Acer Aspire One netbook, via USB, and it keeps giving a blank screen after the 'loading linux' screen. Tried the USB on a laptop and it works fine. Anyone got ay guesses as to what may be the issue?15:42
bigcalmMyrtti: what a have you learnt about last?15:42
seekerAh, I have a cold, but not oggflu15:43
oimonlastlog is also useful15:43
oimonon a machine with many potential users logging in15:43
Myrttibigcalm: it's a funky command!15:44
bigcalmMyrtti: indeed it is. I tend to do last -20 every time I log onto a remote system15:44
MyrttiI can tell you that doing "last" on my shell account wasn't a good idea, tho :-D15:45
MartijnVdS\o livingdaylight16:06
livingdaylighto/ MartijnVdS !16:07
bigcalmGrrr, the 'net is terribly slow to make connections today16:08
* bigcalm shakes fist at VM16:08
MartijnVdSwhat? no updates in oneiric today?16:12
MartijnVdSWhat happen?16:12
davmor2Freeze for beat 1 next week16:12
davmor2beta even16:12
MartijnVdSI'd expect more bugfix uploads then ;)16:12
MartijnVdSLots of apps still complain about GConf dbus messages not existing16:13
MartijnVdSD-BUS error: Method "Set" with signature "s(ib)" on interface "org.gnome.GConf.Database" doesn't exist16:13
MartijnVdSstuff like that16:13
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: tht stuff should still exist16:15
MartijnVdSapparently, it doesn't, sometimes16:16
ikonia-remotewell it either exists or it doesn't, the connection or how it connects maybe the problem16:18
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: I'm starting programs from the command line, so I can see what errors they throw16:19
MartijnVdSstarting "picard" crashes unity-window-decorator \o/16:19
MartijnVdSvlc as well, sometimes16:19
MartijnVdSI'm going to reboot, just in case (this feels dirty)16:20
MartijnVdSArgh! Where did "Reboot" go in my menu?>16:20
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: that's not always going to be a valid test16:20
ikonia-remotenot all programs will output to the command line, it depends16:21
ikonia-remotedon't take that as gospal16:21
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: I know16:22
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: but if it outputs an error, it should either catch that or fix it ;)16:23
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: it happens just before banshee crashes, too16:23
MartijnVdSalso sound-juicer16:23
MartijnVdSWARN  2011-08-25 18:25:54 glib <unknown>:0 Unable to fetch children: Method "Children" with signature "" on interface "org.ayatana.bamf.view" doesn't exist16:26
* bigcalm continues to shake his fist at VM16:27
HazRPGanyone heard about the new IBM "brain" chip? The one that's meant to replicate the human brain...16:47
MartijnVdSHazRPG: itym http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(Terminator)16:49
HazRPGMartijnVdS: heh, I knew someone would like to that :P16:50
HazRPGjust realised I typed that wrong, was too busy watching the videos at the bottom of the link I sent17:10
ikonia-remoteshould the nvidia package create a base xorg.conf with base nvidia settings in it ?17:22
MartijnVdSNo idea17:23
ikonia-remoteI don't have a machine to test it on,17:23
popeynvidia-xconfig does that17:25
ikonia-remoteok, I think I'm going to put that into the package then and put it in as an update17:25
popeyor jockey17:25
ikonia-remotejockey won't do it will it ?17:25
ikonia-remoteI thought only nvidia-xconfig did it17:25
popeyi have a feeling it does17:25
popeybut maybe not :D17:25
ikonia-remoteI'll check that out before rushing in then as I had no idea it could do that17:25
Psychobudgieanyone got any idea why thunderbird won't show an icon on the unity launcher when launched17:26
ikonia-remotethere seems to be quite a few bugs with applications that are not the system default17:27
Psychobudgieother than unity being a bug ridden mess17:27
ikonia-remotein terms of displaying on the icon17:27
Psychobudgiewhich it is17:27
Psychobudgiethat'll teach me to be proactive thought I would migrate to thunderbird from evolution in lieu of Ocelot and that happens17:28
popeyyou can keep evolution in ocelot of course17:28
popeyits only the default17:28
ikonia-remotehas evolution been dropped as default in 11.10 ?17:28
popeyapparently so17:28
Psychobudgieyou can, but thunderbird is the new default in ocelot17:28
Psychobudgiethe way unity currently handles non-default apps doesn't exactly fill me full of hope for ocelot17:29
ikonia-remoteI'm glad Thunderbird has been adopted17:29
PsychobudgieI'm not17:29
ikonia-remoteI just wish someone could get Thunderbird and Sunbird to make an Outlook style client, that could deal with meeting requests and calander sync/planning17:30
Psychobudgieit has issues with large quantities of mail17:30
ikonia-remoteI know there is the sunbird plugin, but it sucks17:30
ikonia-remotePsychobudgie: define large17:30
Psychobudgieand it has a distinct lack of a calendar17:30
Psychobudgielarge as in corporate large17:30
ikonia-remotedefine large17:31
ikonia-remoteI use thunderbird in a corperate enviornment17:31
Psychobudgieas in the application tends to go into meltdown when it gets over 10000 or so messages to archive17:31
Psychobudgieso did I17:31
ikonia-remotethe lack of calander is really annoying, and sunbird is really good, so it would be amazing to merge them, or have some sort of interface between them17:31
ikonia-remote10,000 active messages is quite a lot, archived not massive17:31
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: like lightning?17:31
ikonia-remotethe two standalone applications are great, but they are totally not aware of each other17:32
PsychobudgieI think moving to thunderbird is a mistake personally17:32
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/lightning/17:32
ikonia-remoteI started a small project based on a brainstorm post I made on this idea, but it never got traction17:32
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: it's sunbird as a tb plugin17:32
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: I know what it is17:32
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: it's not great17:32
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: it works..ish17:32
PsychobudgieI trust there will be a migration tool for people to easily move from evolution to thunderbird </irony>17:36
Psychobudgiedarn it, I meant to use the sarcasm module17:37
HazRPGalso, wow Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO17:40
popeywelcome to 18 hours ago ☺17:40
ikonia-remotedarn connection17:41
TheOpenSourcererlol - look at the inc VAT vs ex. VAT price ;-) http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/products/tablets/product-detail.html?oid=510712318:17
AzelphurTheOpenSourcerer: if only we really did have -400% VAT :D18:22
Azelphuror whatever that VAT calculation is :P18:22
TheOpenSourcererThat is +470% VAT :-(18:23
munkyjunkyHaving issues installing 11.04 - install says its first 'Loading Linux' line, then stops, leaving blank screen with a cursor flashing. Help, anyone?18:23
TheOpenSourcererhttp://www.jb.man.ac.uk/news/2011/DiamondPlanet/ - Cool. A planet with slightly more mass than jupiter made of diamond.18:28
Azelphursuddenly the private space race gets more interesting18:29
TheOpenSourcererTrouble is it is orbitting a pulsar at stupidly fast speeds... Hard to catch it.18:30
penguin42that's going to need one hell of a ring to mount it on18:36
popey:D wondered who would crack19:05
MartijnVdSpopey: It messes with my CDO :)19:06
ikonia-remotedirecthex: I've just been told that Pepsi Raw (called Pepsi Natural) was dropped from Brazil shortly before my arival. Redbull Cola never made it to Brazil19:18
directhexikonia-remote: it's personal.19:18
popeyikonia-remote: you're in brazil?19:19
directhexmy local tesco is clearing its stock of red bull cola19:19
ikonia-remotealthough I did find a nice Pepsi Twist (Pepsi + lime) but it's standard pepsi19:19
ikonia-remotepopey: yes,19:19
popeynice, how come? work?19:19
ikonia-remotehence "ikonia-remote" and unidenfitied19:19
ikonia-remotepopey: yes, a bit of client smoozing, hence the drama with the file earlier19:19
popeyhaving a good time?19:19
ikonia-remoteit's ok19:19
ikonia-remote%50/%50 to be honest, I'll get into it more tomorrow and do stuff at the weekend19:19
ikonia-remoteI'm sure it will go more to %20/%80 in Rio's favour19:20
ikonia-remotedirecthex: please pickup as much redbull cola and I'll split %50 with you19:22
ikonia-remotemy Tesco cleared it off about 2 days after your announcment19:22
ikonia-remoteI had high hopes of bringing Pepsi Raw home with me and sending you random pictures19:22
directhexi've got 4 cans left19:24
directhexit's good with a decent rum19:25
ikonia-remoteI've got 2 bottles that I found19:26
ikonia-remoteI've just read that Feb 2011 Oz got Pepsi Raw, imported from the UK19:26
ikonia-remotethey have my COLA !!!!19:26
ikonia-remotegood job I'll be going to Oz for work in October19:26
ikonia-remoteI'm bored,19:27
directhexclearly you need more games19:28
ikonia-remotea friend in the UK up;loaded Armada II for me last night,19:28
ikonia-remoteso I pulled that down this morning, that will keep me sane tonight, then I'm going to sample Rio properly tomorrow19:28
ikonia-remoteI'm limited as to what I can play with this laptop19:29
ikonia-remoteit's a good laptop, but still......it's a laptop19:29
directhexsteam is great if you're stuck in a hotel with internet access19:30
directhexi find the civilization series is laptop-friendly19:30
ikonia-remoteyeah, I should look at putting steam on this, and I do enjoy civilization too19:30
ikonia-remoteI've grabbed Age of Empires II from my machine at home as that was still in my home dir,19:32
ikonia-remote_damn 3rd world internet connetion19:34
popeyikonia-remote: google+ games :D19:34
MartijnVdSI have Civ:Call to Power for LInux19:36
MartijnVdSWorking on oneiric with minimal hackage19:36
ikonia-remote_gaming on Linux is poor.....19:36
=== ikonia-remote_ is now known as ikonia-remote
ikonia-remoteI should have packed an emmulator and re-lived some C64 or Amiga fun, that would pass a few hours19:38
MartijnVdSdosbox + abandonware :)19:38
DeadEndBBC are demanding I pay for TV licence for my mobile phone :19:38
ikonia-remoteDeadEnd: really ?19:38
ikonia-remoteI turn my back for a few days and the BBC goes mental ?19:38
popeyif you watch near-live TV then yeah, you should pay for a license19:39
DeadEndYup they putting me under investigation19:39
popeyalso, its not the BBC that are demanding it19:39
popeyits the TV Licensing authority19:39
* MartijnVdS turns on his sat receiver and whistles innocently19:39
ikonia-remotepopey: that's not unreasonable, if you use the BBC services, radio/tv/internet, you pay19:40
MartijnVdSI'd pay, but I can't supply an address outside the UK :)19:40
DeadEndBuut I dont !!!19:40
MartijnVdSso.. thanks everyone for paying ;)19:40
ikonia-remoteDeadEnd: you don't use any BBC services at all19:40
DeadEndThat why I am under investigation19:40
DeadEndnope dont watch the bbc19:41
ikonia-remotedo you use the website/radio ?19:41
popeyit doesnt apply to just bbc19:41
DeadEndNope boring as hell me19:41
popeyeven if you only watched Channel 419:41
ikonia-remotepopey: ahh, that's the catch isn't it, there is wording to prevent that sort of agrument19:42
ikonia-remoteit's a "multimedia tax" in reality, that gets given to the BBC19:42
popeyother broadcasters get some19:42
popeynot just bbc19:42
MartijnVdS\o/ ##politics-uk?19:42
ikonia-remotepopey: it's cut up quite poor though19:43
ikonia-remotethere was a documentary on this last year19:43
ikonia-remoteChannel 4 was used as one of the hard hit cases as I recal19:43
ikonia-remoteI don't mind paying it, I think the free to air services in the UK are pretty good and the BBC as an overall service mega19:44
ikonia-remoteputs other countries to shame19:44
MartijnVdSBBC is amazing, I'm glad I can receive the free-to-air satellite broadcasts here in the Netherlands :)19:44
ikonia-remotewatching TV in Brazil hilights how far ahead we are19:45
MartijnVdSstill need to figure out some "PC-as-video_recorder" software, so I can record programs19:45
MartijnVdS(but that doesn't take over all of the system, like myth or vdr)19:45
popeyikonia-remote: why dont you ssh to a remote host and run irssi?19:46
ikonia-remote-watching TV in Brazil makes me realise how ahead we are. It's like watching a slightly out of tune TV, with the contrast up full, and the bass control on the TV broke19:48
MartijnVdSikonia-remote-: ah, like Italy19:49
ikonia-remote-without pornography though19:49
ikonia-remote-so similar19:49
MartijnVdSikonia-remote-: ask daubers about BBC engineers some time :)19:49
ikonia-remote-I shall19:49
ikonia-remote-one of my clients is the BBC so I may ask some direct19:49
ikonia-remote-DeadEnd: what media services do you actually use/watch if you don't mind me asking19:51
DeadEndlisten to  Podcasts mainly and mostly music19:53
ikonia-remote-do you watch no TV services, even on the computer ?19:53
DeadEndIf I do watch any visual stuff it is on youtube19:54
ikonia-remote-DeadEnd: if that's %100 accurate, you are a rare breed in my eyes, but maybe times are changing19:54
LcawteWho did the talk on community week or whatever it was called on starting a podcast?19:55
DeadEndAre the TV people going to come round and look through my phone records19:57
DeadEndforce me to give them my password to my laptop19:57
DeadEndThen imprison me19:57
ali1234they will send a guy around19:57
ali1234and basically if you don't have a TV switched on and watching TV they won't do anything more19:58
DeadEndI have had them round before, I have a large flat screen TV but I only use it as a monitor, they accepted my argument19:58
ali1234yes, they do19:58
ali1234if you are nice to the guy then they pretty much won't do anything19:59
ikonia-remote-they wil start to push more though19:59
ali1234they are not supposed to send them more than every 5 years or something19:59
ikonia-remote-they can request things like ISP logs19:59
ikonia-remote-DeadEnd: do you live alone ?19:59
DeadEndLast visit was 3 years ago19:59
DeadEndI live alone19:59
ali1234btw the license fee only applies to live streaming, not iplayer or the rest of the website19:59
ikonia-remote-the license does apply to the iplayer20:00
DeadEndWell there is no way I can get digital TV on mobile phone20:00
ali1234no, it doesn't20:00
ali1234it only applies to the "watch live" section, which has a big disclaimer20:00
ikonia-remote-ali1234: where is the info, the last time I checked this the iplayer was incluced, or so I believed20:01
popeyikonia-remote-: nope20:01
ikonia-remote-(I'm having a search now too)20:01
ali1234"You need to be covered by a licence if you watch TV online at the same  time as it's being broadcast on conventional TV in the UK or the Channel  Islands. " - from tvlicensing.co.uk20:01
popeyikonia-remote-: only live or near-live requires a license20:01
ikonia-remote-popey: that's super value then20:01
ikonia-remote-popey: I thought it included radio use too20:01
popeyyou dont need a license for radio20:01
DeadEndI am looking at my letter from the BBC and it clearly states mobile phone,,,,so how many mobile phone have a digital tuner?20:01
popeyDeadEnd: doesnt need one20:01
popeyDeadEnd: if you watch live telly on it you need a license20:02
popeywhich you could watch over the internet20:02
ikonia-remote-popey: that's even more impressive value then20:02
ali1234yep, same for mobile20:02
DeadEndSo I can record live TV and watch it later without a licence?20:02
DeadEndI am not watching it live20:02
ali1234watching or recording live tv is covered20:02
ikonia-remote-ali1234: excellent, thank you for that link20:03
ali1234ikonia-remote-: this topic comes up fairly regularly :)20:03
ali1234along with the "ripping cd to mp3 is illegal" topic20:03
ali1234btw, what's the deal with that?20:03
ikonia-remote-ali1234: you are well prepared then20:04
ali1234has the law actually changed, or was it just a promise to change it at some unspecified later date?20:04
popeynot yet20:05
popeystill illegal to rip your own cd/dvd20:05
popeyunder review20:05
ikonia-remote-wasn't it on the house of lords agenda before the summer break20:06
jpdsikonia-remote-: summer break... http://tinyurl.com/3bnshc520:08
ikonia-remote-.............waiting for it to load in 3rd world hamster driven internet20:09
popeyi wouldn't bother20:09
brobostigonquestion, pisg isnt updating channel activity at all, when run. i have checked the paths, and it is all correct. any other factors that could affect it not picking up on activity properly?20:10
ali1234what's a pisg?20:10
bigcalmlubotu3 doesn't know20:11
popeya script to generate irc stats20:11
popeyhttp://ubuntu-uk.org/ircstats/ like that20:11
ali1234ok. wrong log format?20:11
brobostigoni have it set to irssi, as i am using irssi, and pointed at irssi's log file.20:12
popeyhehe, busy channel!20:12
popeyi dont use irssi logs for pisg, i use muh20:12
brobostigonpopey: it clearly isnt picking up on things, i said something in there just now, and it isnt showing it.20:12
popeywhy would it show it right away?20:13
popeysurely you have to re-run the bot20:13
brobostigonpopey: i have the update, set to run in crontab, and i just updated it manually.20:13
brobostigon0 */3 * * * root /usr/bin/pisg -co /etc/pisg.cfg20:14
ali1234i would suggest you look in the source code but if it is written perl that would probably be counter-productive20:14
popeyI'd run it manually20:14
popeysee what output you get20:15
brobostigonpopey: i just did, made no difference.20:15
brobostigonone moment.20:15
ali1234check permissions on /var/www/ircstats.html20:15
ali1234maybe you can create but not update due to some strange umask thing20:15
brobostigonit isnt showing any issues.20:16
ali1234so did "68 days, 628 lines total" change?20:16
j0nrhi folks... wondering if someone can help.... I have an issue with the clock on my vps20:18
j0nrits running madly fast, like gaining hours every second20:18
brobostigonali1234: no, i manually updated it again.20:18
popeyj0nr: what changed?20:19
popeybrobostigon: wc -l  /home/ptaylor/irclogs/Freenode/##politics-uk.log20:19
popeyj0nr: who hosts the vps?20:19
ikonia-remote-j0nr: what version20:19
ikonia-remote-j0nr: 2.6.18 kernels anre earlier have a big glitch with virtual clocks20:20
brobostigonpopey: 1266 /home/ptaylor/irclogs/Freenode/##politics-uk.log20:20
j0nrpopey: I had to reboot my vps since then it is not running right (no idea why)20:20
ikonia-remote-j0nr: manually set the date with ntpdate - then setup ntpd to keep it in sync, it may need to run quite frequent depending on your kernel version20:21
ikonia-remote-j0nr: you can't just use ntp if your clock is more than 5 minutes drift, it will need to be manualy syncd20:21
j0nrikonia-remote-: I have tried installing apt-get -y install linux-image-2.6.24-29-xen linux-headers-2.6.24-29-xen20:21
ikonia-remote-j0nr: you shouldn't need to do that20:21
ikonia-remote-j0nr: set the date from a remote time source with ntpdate, then use that same remote time source to keep it in sync with ntp20:22
j0nrikonia-remote-: ntpdate will not work for some reason. I guess it is because the clock it adrift. if I set the date/time first with 'date <string>' it changes within seconds to another day...so I dont get a chance to run ntpdate20:22
ikonia-remote-j0nr: what command are you doing and what error are you getting back20:22
j0nrikonia-remote-: ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com20:23
popeyj0nr: who hosts your vps?20:23
ikonia-remote-j0nr: see to popey then give me the error message20:23
j0nr25 Aug 21:21:16 ntpdate[2178]: no server suitable for synchronization found20:23
j0nrpopey: xenvz.co.uk20:24
ikonia-remote-j0nr: that's the issue then20:24
brobostigonany ideas? everything looks right, other than it not seeing all the lines in the log.20:24
ikonia-remote-j0nr: it can't reach ntp.ubuntu.com on the correct port20:24
j0nrikonia-remote-: what does that mean? I did also install ntpd but I stopped it20:24
ikonia-remote-j0nr: ntp.ubuntu.com doesn't appear to be a valid host20:25
j0nralso I had to echo 1 into /proc/sys/xen/independant_clock to allow me to override the parent machine (I think)20:25
j0nrikonia-remote-: I also tried pool.ntp.org20:26
ikonia-remote-Joeb454: my remote dns isn't spot on at ht emoment,20:26
ikonia-remote-j0nr: your uk based yes ?20:26
j0nrikonia-remote-: yes20:26
j0nrI can understand getting the time synced, but why is it racing away at a rate of hours per second?20:27
ikonia-remotej0nr: is your server uk based ?20:27
popeyI'd contact the vendor20:27
j0nrpopey: their suggeston is to install 'official ubuntu kernel'20:28
popeywhat kernel are you currently using?20:28
j0nrwhich I find strange I should have to do20:28
j0nrespecially afterI have been using this setup for years20:28
popeythats what I'm running on my Xen VPS20:28
ikonia-remotej0nr: is the server uk based ?20:28
j0nrpopey: 2.6.18-238.19.1.el5xen20:28
popeyj0nr: yes20:28
popeythats old old old20:29
popeywhy are you using that?20:29
j0nri dont know.. I have done apt-get install later one20:29
popeyis it running ubuntu 10.04?20:29
j0nroh...no 8.0420:29
ikonia-remotej0nr: is the server uk based ?20:29
j0nrikonia-remote: ummm.... not sure if the machine is in the UK.... anyway to find out?20:29
ikonia-remotej0nr: don't worry, just run this test "sudo ntpdate 0.uk.poo.ntp.org"20:30
ikonia-remotej0nr: don't worry, just run this test "sudo ntpdate 0.uk.pool.ntp.org"20:30
ikonia-remote(note the missing l)20:30
popeyhmm, -ec2 kernel isn't in 8.0420:30
j0nrroot@jcrdevelopments:/home/jonr# ntpdate 0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:31
j0nr25 Aug 21:28:53 ntpdate[2237]: no server suitable for synchronization found20:31
ikonia-remotej0nr: ok - nslookup 0.uk.poo.ntp.org20:31
ikonia-remotemy "l" key is sticking20:31
j0nrheh heh ok20:32
popeyj0nr: ps aux | grep ntp20:32
popeyare there any ntp related things running?20:33
ikonia-remotenah, you'd get a different error if there was20:33
ikonia-remotecan't bind to socket20:33
ikonia-remoteI bet it can't resolve it20:33
popeybut why would it race20:33
popeyi can understand the clock being wrong, but not why it races20:33
ikonia-remotepre .18 kernel20:33
ikonia-remoteit's a bug20:33
popeywell yes20:33
ikonia-remoteI was involved in the resolution with Redhat for 5.420:34
ikonia-remotedoesn't help that his host is probably out of sync too20:34
j0nrbut why has it only just made itself a problem? Ive been running 8.04 as long as I've had the VPS no problems20:34
popeyI'd certainly look at a newer kernel20:34
ikonia-remotej0nr: lets sort out ntp first - then lets see what happens20:34
ikonia-remoteI suspect ntp has been keeping it alive ok, and now ntp isn't working20:34
ikonia-remoteor something like that20:34
j0nrNon-authoritative answer:20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrroot@jcrdevelopments:/home/jonr# nslookup 0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrNon-authoritative answer:20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
j0nrName:   0.uk.pool.ntp.org20:35
ikonia-remoteok - great, you can resolve it20:35
lubotu3Pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)20:35
ikonia-remotecan you connect to any of those hosts on port 12320:35
j0nrdidnt mean that /o\20:35
ikonia-remoteconnect to 0.uk.pool.org on port 123 as a test20:36
j0nrikonia-remote: how? :/20:36
ikonia-remotethat wasn't a sticking key, that was my being stupid20:36
ikonia-remotej0nr: telnet 0.uk.pool.ntp.org 12320:36
j0nrikonia-remote: unable to connect timeout20:38
ikonia-remotej0nr: ok - so there is the problem20:38
popeyfirewall problem?20:38
ikonia-remotej0nr: something is blocking you20:38
ikonia-remotehost or guest firewall, or a network firewall20:38
ikonia-remoteat least it wasn't connection refused, which means they have blacklisted you and is a real headache20:38
popeywhen pool.ntp started I used to run an ntp server on my vps20:39
popeygot silly because most other customers had one too20:39
popeyquite pointless running lots of ntp servers on one set of physical boxen20:39
j0nrso is this a question for my provider?20:39
popeyj0nr: depends, if you have a firewall configured yourself20:39
j0nrI haven't ever configured one20:40
ikonia-remotej0nr: if you want to test, sudo iptables -F20:40
ikonia-remotej0nr: that will flush all your rules20:40
j0nrI seem to have network issues...related or not I am not sure.... e.g. lag 999 in irssi20:40
j0nrikonia-remote: iptables not installed20:41
ikonia-remotej0nr: ok, time to contact the provider20:41
ikonia-remotesomething is blocking port 123 to the public internet20:41
ikonia-remoteask them to fix that20:41
popeyj0nr: does ifconfig show dropped or errored packets?20:41
j0nrpopey: no20:42
ikonia-remote_sorry, my connection dumped again20:43
ikonia-remote_the hamster had to stop for a drink20:43
popeyikonia-remote_: why not use irssi on a server?20:43
ikonia-remote_popey: because I can't get out on port 22 from this customers site20:44
j0nrOK, I shall ask my provider if there is something blocking traffic on port 123 as I cannot connect to NTP servers....20:44
ikonia-remote_or I'd be on my normal box20:44
popeyikonia-remote_: this is why I have ssh on port 443 :D20:44
j0nrpopey: snap20:44
ikonia-remote_popey: I don't think even that would work as I'm hitting a proxy at the moment thats only active for the web browser20:44
popeyyeah, i go via a proxy :D20:45
popeyputty -> proxy -> sshd on 44320:45
bigcalm_lappy486I'm going to murderise VM in a bit20:45
ikonia-remote_I don't know if putty will work with this web proxy20:45
ikonia-remote_I may try it when I get home20:45
j0nrthanks popey ikonia-remote for your help :)20:45
j0nrits a pain as I cannot use any commands that send stuff to AWS S320:46
j0nras the incorrect time seems to upset it20:46
ikonia-remote_j0nr: sort this and we can help you keep your machine in time sync20:46
j0nrseeing as it is a bug in 8.04, do you think upgrading will help?20:46
popeyits not a bug in 8.0420:47
popeyyou're running 2.6.18 which didn't ship with 8.0420:47
ikonia-remote_and 2.6.18 was the killer kernel20:47
ikonia-remote_post 2.6.18 should be fine20:48
popeyhardy (8.04) ships with 2.6.24 or thereabouts20:48
ikonia-remote_I suspect the xen host is 2.6.18 Redhat pre 5.420:48
ikonia-remote_j0nr: pastebin the output of uname -a for interest20:48
popeyjust sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic20:48
ikonia-remote_(if you don't mind)20:48
ikonia-remote_popey: maynot be able to if the xen host is locked in20:48
popeyhe can try :D20:48
ikonia-remote_lets look at the kernel first20:49
ikonia-remote_if it's a redhat one, the xen host will be running in a mode which is like an earlier version of containers, in which case....game over20:49
popeythats his kernel20:49
ikonia-remote_there we go20:49
ikonia-remote_Redhat EL pre 5.420:49
j0nrpopey earlier i did apt-get install linux-image-xen20:49
ikonia-remote_he won't be able to install anything20:50
ikonia-remote_that kernel will be locked in20:50
popeyikonia-remote_: but his provider specifically told him to20:50
ikonia-remote_popey: then his provider don't know how to manage their kit20:50
ikonia-remote_j0nr: reboot, I bet it doesn't change the kernel20:50
popeyeither way its their issue20:50
j0nrmy provider has been suggesting I install 'official ubuntu kernels'20:50
ikonia-remote_j0nr: who runs this VPS ?20:50
ikonia-remote_j0nr: as in the host not the guest20:50
j0nrrebooted several times, and yes, uname -a:20:50
ikonia-remote_yup, it's running as a container, you aren't changing that kerenl20:50
j0nrLinux jcrdevelopments.com 2.6.18-238.19.1.el5xen #1 SMP Fri Jul 15 08:16:59 EDT 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:51
ikonia-remote_j0nr: who runs the host ?20:51
popeyikonia-remote_: http://xenvz.co.uk/20:52
ikonia-remote_thank you, I must have missed part of this in my drops, you seemed clued in20:52
popeywow, cpanel 15 quid a month!20:52
popeythey must be raking it in20:52
j0nrI don't use cpanel20:53
ikonia-remote_j0nr: contact your hosting provider and tell them a.) update their host to a Redhat or Centos 5.4 or later version, this will help b.) unblock port 123 on their host network to allow you to sync with ntp servers20:53
ikonia-remote_I wonder if zenvz.co.uk is eagles UK company, as it looks as sloppy administrated as he'd do20:54
popey"XenVZ is a subsidiary of OpenITC, founded by David Man and Sean McRobbie in 2007"20:54
j0nrI have to say, before this hiccup, I have had great service from them.20:54
ikonia-remote_j0nr: that's the way you'll get this fixed20:54
ikonia-remote_popey: I must remember to look out for their names......and not work with them20:54
popeygrumpy grue :D20:54
ikonia-remote_well, if they are running containers and their support is telling the paying customer to update kernel......they need shooting20:55
bigcalm_lappyWow, my upload bandwidth is greater than my download20:55
bigcalm_lappyGood on you VM20:55
ikonia-remote_if they are running pre 5.4 kernels on a virtual host......they want shooting20:55
ikonia-remote_either way, shooting needs to happen20:55
popeyMeasurement Period:  1days 6h:15m:22s20:55
popeyData Downloaded:  9GB 416MB20:55
popeyData Uploaded:  1GB 379MB20:55
ikonia-remote_popey: I think I'm on 11kb up and 14kb down at the moment here20:56
j0nrikonia-remote_: I feel not in a clever enough position to tell them how to run their server :/20:56
ikonia-remote_j0nr: those two things need to happen,20:56
ikonia-remote_j0nr: the opening of port 123 MUST happen, the kernel update should happen20:56
popeysuperhub has a "block sites" option21:03
popeymight block facebook for a laugh :D21:03
popeywife would go potty21:03
ikonia-remote_what is superhub21:03
popeyvirgin cable modem21:03
bigcalm_lappyI've offered to block Facebook and Twitter for Hayley21:03
bigcalm_lappyShe said no21:03
ikonia-remote_superhub sounds cool21:03
ikonia-remote_what a great name21:03
bigcalm_lappyThe SuberHub is anything but21:03
ikonia-remote_I'm on the superhub21:03
popeyits a rebranded netgear with a cable modem stuck on21:04
ikonia-remote_but it sounds great21:04
ikonia-remote_I'll interface with the superhub right now.....21:04
ikonia-remote_the superhub is negotiating protocols for me21:04
popeyi dont have too many issues with it21:04
popeyneeds a reboot now and then21:04
ikonia-remote_what doesn't21:05
bigcalm_lappyI on the other hand21:05
bigcalm_lappyLots of problems and on my 2nd superhub21:05
j0nrpopey: ikonia-remote_ thanks again. Have emailled them the info21:06
bigcalm_lappyCould partly be due to the state of the old cable network in my area21:06
popeyj0nr: good luck21:06
j0nrpopey cheers21:06
ikonia-remote_popey: beat me to it "ditto"21:06
ikonia-remote_in a Patrick Swayze style21:06
* bigcalm_lappy shudders21:07
bigcalm_lappyI saw Donny Darko before I saw PS in any other film21:07
bigcalm_lappySo I will always see him as a pedofile :(21:07
ikonia-remote_he wasn't exactly on clean ground in Dirty Dancing with "baby"21:08
bigcalm_lappyWhich is a shame21:08
ikonia-remote_40 year old man with a 16 year old girl21:08
ikonia-remote_safe ground in ghost and point break21:08
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...21:12
ikonia-remote_I wonder what terrible quality film with subtitles awaits me tonight21:12
ikonia-remote_so far I've had "the terminal" "white chicks" "some cop thing I missed the start of"21:12
* popey is rewatching doctor who ready for the weekend21:12
ikonia-remote_with about 1000 adverts in each21:13
bigcalm_lappyThis weekend eh?21:13
popeyikonia-remote_: how long you away for?21:13
bigcalm_lappyAnd when is Sherlock?21:13
ikonia-remote_back on the 5th21:13
bigcalm_lappyHow about Dirk Gently?21:13
ikonia-remote_maybe the 2nd if I get bored too quickly21:13
ikonia-remote_popey: can you resend that please, I closed the window by accident21:14
zleapwhen i right click on a iso file to write to cd is there a way to set the burn speed to a default, i keep having to changer it from max speed to 16x  it would be useful if it could remember or be set21:21
zleapwould this make a useful feature though21:21
ikonia-remote_pretty obsolete these days21:23
ikonia-remote_rare you can't burn something at full speed21:23
zleapwhat is21:23
bigcalm_lappyThe media inserted may have different write speeds from other media. So defaulting to the max speed makes sense21:23
zleapi have had issues burning at max speed21:24
zleapok a way for the user to overwrite the max speed default then21:24
zleapfor their specific computer or set up21:24
bigcalm_lappyNot sure that there is one21:25
bigcalm_lappyI don't even know which package holds the burning code. Might be naulitus for all I know21:25
ikonia-remote_you can certainly do it from the actual tools, eg: cdrecord21:25
ikonia-remote_however from the right click menu, no chance, and is it really a good thing to add, not really in my view, I think it's obsolete21:26
zleapit my end up being on of those rarely used featured21:26
zleapok thanks21:26
zleapmy = may21:26
zleapmaybe my dvd burner is just older,21:27
ikonia-remote_maybe on the way out21:27
zleapi am looking at a new system from ebuyer anyway which doesn't even have a cd or dvd drive21:28
ikonia-remote_I'm surprised how many I go through21:28
zleapone of those e-machine things,  thin with usb ports etc21:28
zleapso i can add a new external one if need be21:28
=== bigcalm_lappy is now known as bigcalm
* zleap is downloading sme server21:29
ikonia-remote_those external ones don't always work well for installs, be warned21:29
ikonia-remote_linux installs I should say21:29
zleapi can use a usb stick for the install21:30
zleapas i need both  currnet pc with data on it, then use that to create install media,  then from that install on new pc21:30
ikonia-remote_just realised it's 10:30 in the UK, no wonder it's quiet21:36
zleapwell i am uk based21:36
bigcalmpopey: can you give me a snap shot of mtr mail.google.com ?22:15
bigcalmI'm getting major packet loss all along the route22:15
ikonia-remote_popey: please tell me wopr is yours22:16
popeythe desktop22:16
popeymy computers are all named after computers from science fiction22:16
ikonia-remote_you have wopr obviously, what else22:17
popeywopr, bishop (alien), hactar (hhgttg), ash (alien)22:17
popeyi have been slack actually, recently naming things "ubuntuserver" ☹22:17
ikonia-remote_poor show22:18
ikonia-remote_I have hal and lcars22:18
ikonia-remote_no gibson ?22:18
ikonia-remote_a man like you must have a gibson22:19
stgraberI usually go with StarGate planets, they have a pretty huge list of them and even planned for DHCP allocation P3X-<last-byte-of-ip> P4X-<last-byte-of-ip> :)22:19
mgdmpopey: I don't remember Hactar. I clearly need to re-read22:20
ikonia-remote_I need to check out hactar too22:20
bigcalmI have boring names22:21
mgdmMine are mostly Firefly-related22:21
mgdmthough I've taken to Jovian moons for some reason22:21
stgraberhactar is in the third book of the hhgttg, re-read it last week :)22:21
ikonia-remote_I want to meet the person using Harry Potter names22:23
ikonia-remote_I need to know who I should put on /ignore22:23
diplo-evening all22:26
popeyhehe stgraber :D22:26
Kirrusikonia-remote_, some of our internal servers are HP quiditch themed. We have a snitch and a bludger. Our next backup server will be called Quafflebak..22:26
Kirrus(snitch, monitoring)22:27
ikonia-remote_Kirrus: as long as you are publicly shamed, that's fine22:27
ikonia-remote_call one "ron" and make it a background server that offers no real use22:27
=== ikonia-remote_ is now known as ikonia-remote
KirrusNone of them were my choice.. well, except quafflebak, but that's fun anyway cos of the beer-usage22:27
ikonia-remotealmost time for the taxi ride of doom22:28
diplo-How can i find out what speed a usb device connected is from CLI ?22:37
penguin42lsusb -v22:38
diplo-aha, had tried lsusb22:38
diplo-bcdUSB ?22:39
diplo-Seems so22:40
* penguin42 hits dist-upgrade on his mail server vm and hopes for the best22:41
penguin42hmm hth am I supposed to know which CA certs to trust....22:44
freakyclowngah nanode question - how do i send a single packet with specific data to a specific port/ip22:56
popeyfreakyclown: try #nanode?22:56
popeyken is in there22:56
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/674892/ i just found this in the symbian source code. lol22:57
ali1234they test their email database with emails released during enron litigation22:58
ikonia-remoteI like that22:59
ikonia-remoteI did research on Enron's failure as it interested me, so this ammuses me22:59
ali1234presumably the whole archive is publicly available. nothing beats testing with real data.23:00
ikonia-remotenothing beats enron.......23:00
ikonia-remotenight guys23:02
penguin42hmm promising - it can deliver mail to me23:10
penguin42youch, I really should clear that out: drwxr-sr-x 2 dg staff 11608064 Aug 25 23:39 texts23:13

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