grantbow_welcome george_03:54
george_your there!03:55
grantbow_yes indeed03:55
DarkwingDuckFor some strange reason Grant has been around here more often.03:56
philipballewDarkwingDuck, find a location yet? or are we a no-go?06:41
DarkwingDuckWe will be a go. I'll know more tomorrow.06:42
pleia2in DarkwingDuck's dining room \o/06:44
DarkwingDuckIf needed... Something like that.06:44
DarkwingDuckI have a really really small apt though.06:44
pleia2I had an ubuntu lan party at my house once06:45
pleia2we drank a lot, there's a video06:45
DarkwingDuckI don't have that big of a place but, I'll have something tomorrow06:45
DarkwingDuckI hope. LOL06:46
philipballewno worries DarkwingDuck, just figured id plan my schedule. im gonna have to drive 10 hours tomorrow so will be in the area again. just find a unprotected wifi house and set up tables outside. lol06:47
philipballewshould be good!!06:49
* philipballew would offer his room. but 10x10 and a dorm environment with showers might be a bad idea 06:51
DarkwingDuckphilipballew, you guys have a meeting room there that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?06:52
philipballewDarkwingDuck, I called and looked into it. but nothing at all. they like to keep things locked down there. its odd if you ask me06:55
philipballewi wonder if a tech buissness in the area would let us use a room for free06:57
pleia2a lot of universities only allow things that are students only06:59
DarkwingDuckpleia2, we are considered non-profit right?07:04
pleia2DarkwingDuck: depends, some places require you to be a registered non-profit and ask for your EIN#, some accept us as a "club" that isn't selling anything07:05
DarkwingDuckI'll call and ask.07:05
pleia2for Solano Stroll we actually needed a non-profit number, so we team up with partimus for that07:05
pleia2might also do a call to the mailing list to see if any SD folks know/have a space07:07
DarkwingDuckDid that... Got a lot of "Ubuntu? Ewwwww" replies.07:08
philipballewDarkwingDuck, can we use the sd lug space?07:08
pleia2DarkwingDuck: the ubuntu-us-ca list :)07:08
DarkwingDuckOh that one LOL07:08
pleia2no jam discussions there at all!07:09
philipballewlibraries often have rental rooms07:09
DarkwingDuckYeah, chaching.07:09
DarkwingDuck*Cha ching.07:09
philipballewthe lug near me meets in a library07:09
DarkwingDuck50 bucks an hour with library.07:09
philipballewbut we pay taxes!07:10
DarkwingDuckI'm going to call the SF Foundation tomorrow.07:12
DarkwingDuck*SD Foundation07:12
philipballewwe are non profit though in some ways though07:13
pleia2well, in the sense that we have no profit :)07:13
pleia2but not in legal terms, and a lot of places require you to be legally registered07:13
pleia2particularly venues which have liability concerns07:14
philipballewwhat would it take to register as one?07:14
pleia2a few thousand dollars and an accountant to handle our taxes07:14
pleia2it's very expensive to get started, and you get in serious trouble if you don't keep your books and taxes in order07:15
DarkwingDuckand as a club... It's kinda one of those strange things that muddles the lines.07:15
philipballewtheres probably an accountant on the loco who can do some "under the table" work and get it for free :)07:16
pleia2philipballew: we don't want to go down that road, it's seriously awful07:16
pleia2even if we had the few thousand dollars to get things rolling, it's not worth it07:16
DarkwingDuckesp if the IRS decides to check up on us and the "under the table" accountant doesn't want to stick his neck out.07:17
pleia2I've been the point man on all partimus accounting stuff these past few months, it's unfun07:17
DarkwingDuckI'll call SD Foundation tomorrow and see what we can do. Because that sounds like a good deal if they will work with us.07:17
pleia2good luck :)07:17
philipballewsounds good107:18
DarkwingDuckBut for now, I sleep.07:18
pleia2good night!07:18
DarkwingDuckNight guys07:18
philipballewpleia2, sounds like a pain to be an accountant for them07:19
pleia2philipballew: mostly it's getting everyone going in the right direction - you need to review the bylaws of the non-profit to make sure you're fulfilling all obligations and going through proper proccedures when you set up bank accounts, signers and things07:20
pleia2making sure all donations are properly funneled, keeping track of them all, sending donors receipts for their tax exemptions07:21
pleia2and then jumping through the IRS hoops because they change the tax forms every year07:21
philipballewour tax system is way to compacted07:23
pleia2ok, time for me to head toward bed too07:24
pleia2night all07:24
philipballewthis channel is dead after midnight07:44
* kdub_ ponders san diego ubuntu hour soon...16:41
kdub_where is philballew when you need 'im :P16:41
pleia2last night he said he's driving down late next week16:45
kdub_yeah, school is starting back up soon16:46
* pleia2 nods16:46
jdeslip_So, how are people getting to the Picnic on Saturday.  Can I get a ride with anyone? Or meet up at BART with anyone?16:49
pleia2jdeslip_: if you want to get to montgomery street bart around 9:30 we have a free space in our car16:51
jdeslip_pleia2: That would probably work16:57
bkerensaMontgomery Street Bart? Thats downtown SF :P how does one do a pickup there17:06
pleia2I live 2 blocks from there17:06
bkerensaoh that makes sense17:06
bkerensaI just dont see it being easy to park on Market or Montgomery to pick someone up :D17:06
bkerensapleia2: Do you think beer at a Global Jam is a good idea? PuppetLabs offered a keg in addition to their soda fountain and endless water bottle supply17:08
nhainesIn that case, I'll be there early!17:08
jdeslip_I think Beer at a global jam is a great idea ;)17:18
bkerensapleia2: Our Official Ubuntu and Server Book just arrived today17:28
pleia2bkerensa: nice! I had to follow up with heather who said she'd look into ours..17:30
pleia2I helped with fact checking on the ubuntu book, but it was uncredited (second time this has happened to me, boo)17:31
pleia2I am far too passive :)17:31
nhainespleia2: boo!17:31
nhainesJust ask for it.   I'm sure you can at least get in the appendix.  :)17:32
pleia2nhaines: the first time was a major oversight, this time it was "I'll check with the publisher to get you added" and it never came to anything17:32
bkerensathats horriblw17:32
* pleia2 stops helping people with their books17:33
bkerensaI got a ThermaPak thingy for my laptop and its supposed to keep it cooler then a fan based cooler idk? Anyone have experience with these crystal pads17:34
nhainesbkerensa: do you notice any difference?17:34
bkerensanhaines: I just put it under but I'm gonna monitor temps17:34
nhainesWell, that's a start.  :)17:35
bkerensasupposedly it has crystals that melt into gel and then the design of the ridges suck heat out and then when its off it turns back into crystals17:36
nhainesSounds sciency.  :D17:37
bkerensaYeah I guess... they need to make a giant one for my bed when the summer occurs it melts and keeps me cool :D17:41
bkerensaIn fact is there a patent for that!17:41
nhainesAnyway, I think as long as someone's willing to check ID, a keg at a Global Jam isn't a bad idea.18:27
philipballewnhaines, if your under 21 are you still allowed to attend?18:28
pleia2and take keys away if needed :) (you can get in trouble if someone gets into an accident after leaving your place/event)18:28
nhainespleia2: that too!  :)18:28
nhainesphilipballew: it's not my event, but I would run one that way.18:28
pleia2the only time we've had beer at events is actually at breweries and the like (we still watch out for each other, but strictly speaking the venue bears the legal burden)18:29
pleia2but that's partially because beer isn't allowed at other venues ;)18:29
philipballewwhen I was at scale they had that night party and the staff on 3 different occasions offered me a cup from their keg. I laughed18:30
pleia2the legal stuff may sound paranoid, but I come from pennsylvania, which had cops show up to our Intrepid release party18:31
nhainesAt SCaLE last year, I think it was, I watched Jono drink 3 Jaegerbombs.  Man.  :)18:31
kdub_the /cops/ showed up?18:31
nhainespleia2: oh, really?  Did you offer them a can too?18:31
pleia2nhaines: we offered them a CD :)18:31
pleia2the story: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=134518:31
nhaineshaha  :)18:31
philipballewthose geeks know how to party pleia218:31
kdub_hey philipballew, was thinking about an ubuntu hour down here sometime soon18:32
pleia2philipballew: it was all a strange misunderstanding18:32
philipballewkdub_, im down, when and where did you have in mind?18:32
philipballewpleia2, but i assume you offered the cops free ubuntu cd's :)18:32
pleia2philipballew: yep!18:32
nhainespleia2: I typed the URL on my laptop in as princessleia.om, which would be a great TLD for a party recipe site (hint, hint)18:33
nhainessn9: yup.18:33
pleia2nhaines: alas, looks like they don't offer second level registration18:34
sn9party recipe mantra?18:34
pleia2we had someone get into a car accident *before* a party once, totaled his car, he was ok, still came to the party as his car got towed :)18:34
DarkwingDuckThat's dedication.18:37
nhainespleia2: aww.18:38
nhainesUbuntu font on these auditing slips I use to annotate calls is so much more readable than Times New Roman.  :)18:56
MArkDudepaulproteus: know of anyone that might be interested in seeing storyline to a dark comic that is being crowdsourced?20:09
paulproteusI don't quite understand the question.20:09
paulproteusWhat makes the comic "dark" -- having to do with death?20:09
paulproteusIf it's being crowdsourced, anyone can see the story line so far, right?20:10
paulproteusI do have some friends who like fanfic.20:10
paulproteusConoisseurs of it, even.20:10
paulproteusSo MArkDude, probably -- can you say more?20:13
MArkDudeSure paulproteus are you on +?20:26
MArkDudeI have list on FB and +20:26
paulproteusI'm not currently.20:26
MArkDudeNExt week we will have a public document with it20:26
paulproteusI'm Asheesh Laroia there.20:27
paulproteusFacebook profile name 0x70096AD120:27
pleia2put on the shirt I wore at scale, it's too big \o/20:42
pleia2(I've lost about 15lbs since then)20:42
pleia2sadly I did it with diet and exercise, boring boring :)20:43
MArkDudeadded you paulproteus20:44
MArkDudeonce you accept I can tag you in note20:44
MArkDudeit will be more accesible for others to read20:44
nhainespleia2: congrats!  :)20:47
nhainesOoh, I just learned about the Alt-Tab, Alt-Down feature of Unity task switcher in Oneiric.  :D20:47
pleia211.10 unity is looking really nice (this means a lot coming from me)20:50
nhainesI have not been impressed, but since Enter will now launch an application after a search, and it'll default to the Home view every time, all will be well.20:50
* nhaines impatiently waits for the new default wallpaper.20:51
nhainesAlso I am upset that Ubuntu Mono hasn't been hinted and we don't have it as the Live CD menu/GRUB/virtual console/GNOME monospace font by default.20:51
nhainesIn fact, I'm about to reboot for the update that enables all that (minus Ubuntu Mono stuffs).20:52
nhainesWow, that new Ubuntu Software Center icon is something else.  :)20:54
MArkDudepaulproteus:  >> https://www.facebook.com/note.php?&note_id=1015028746539413021:27

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