snap-lJoDee's not home yet, so it's pretty doubtful I'll be able to make it to CHC tonight00:32
rick_h_snap-l: booo00:33
rick_h_ok, thanks for the heads up00:33
snap-lCan't be helped.00:33
rick_h_we've got a good 7 here00:33
snap-lAnyone new?00:33
rick_h_oops, make that 800:33
rick_h_my boss is here, duane00:33
rick_h_thul is here as well00:33
snap-lDamn, I missed a rare Thul sighting00:34
rick_h_devin says he'll pick you up next week00:34
rick_h_get with him on that00:34
snap-lOK. :)00:35
snap-lWas going to ask you otherwise. ;)00:35
rick_h_he says he goes right by your place, but yea I'd do it as well00:36
snap-lThanks. :)00:36
* slashies violently headbutts nullspace, "HA! First guess. Knew it had to be you"00:38
slashiesnow, of course there will be an intervenening 3 hours before he reads that and but then I'll be AFK00:38
snap-lrick_h_: It appears that the OLF folks want the Ubuntu MI group to share a table with Lococast.02:39
snap-lwhich I agreed to, since it'll be easier to manage.02:39
rick_h_snap-l: yea, said the same thing when I got the email03:36
rick_h_ugh, morning12:03
snap-lGood morning12:05
Wolfgerle sigh12:06
WolfgerI remember when I could watch youtube vids at work...12:06
brouschsnap-l: i woke up this morning with Rush "Tom Sawyer" playing in my head. wtf, i don't even listen to Rush12:08
brouschi know you're behind this somehow12:08
snap-lbrousch: you're welcome12:08
snap-lYay, I'm installing Windows XP updates12:51
snap-ltoday should be fun.12:51
rick_h_good luck12:54
brouschcmdr taco resigned13:16
brouschi might cry13:16
jjesseyeah i saw that13:19
jjessehaven't read the article13:19
Wolfgerthat's worse than Jobs stepping down13:21
jjesseway worse13:22
snap-lIt was a long time coming.13:27
nullspacesnap-l: oh yeah, it's patch thursday!!!13:30
snap-lMan, 2000+ is really ripping up the industry as we once knew it13:34
jrwren9 days until Ubuntu global bug jam!!!14:02
jrwrenquestion: does anyone who will be attended the bug jam have a working TV Tuner so that we could watch the football game?14:03
_stink_jrwren: looks like the game is being carried by ESPN, so it *might* be shown on espn3.com14:10
_stink_but they don't give listings that far in advance14:10
rick_h_I've got a usb one I could loan out at the next CHC to snap-l to bring14:12
rick_h_I got one to test the HD antenna that's usb14:12
snap-lrick_h_: You aren't coming to the global jam?14:13
rick_h_snap-l: can't wife is working14:13
rick_h_I'm on dad duty, said that the day we planned it :P14:13
rick_h_it's ok, I don't know much about ubuntu bugs :P14:15
snap-lBring Michael to the jam14:15
snap-lwe can have the youngest triager. :)14:15
rick_h_heh, he does love to "type"14:15
snap-lCouldn't do much worse than some of the triagers. ;)14:15
rick_h_his new thing is to ask to go downstair to "type" and beat on my keyboard14:15
brouschdoes he have his own?14:16
rick_h_http://twitter.com/#!/mitechie/status/106728842315575296 please if anyone has any idea, I really don't want to write this14:16
snap-lI'll load up the Eee for him14:16
brouschgeorge uses my old eeepc 90114:16
rick_h_brousch: he has one, but it's not a full clicky keyboard, I gave him my old server usb mini keyboard14:16
brouschit is his14:16
rick_h_no, I don't have anything to give him that's working14:17
rick_h_he's only 19mo as well14:17
rick_h_and doesn't get tv/etc14:17
brouschinline images?14:17
brouschso the image is embedded right in the html?14:18
brouschwhoa, cool14:18
rick_h_yea, I've got a tool that can generate a pdf using webkit offline14:18
rick_h_but I need to embed all the external links, css, js, images, etc14:19
rick_h_and not finding anything to do that for me :(14:19
brouschbut why?14:19
rick_h_I really don't want to write some html parsing thing to go through it all14:19
rick_h_then given any html page (say a page my application is serving) I can do ?topdf=true and it will generate a full pdf of the html for me14:19
rick_h_basically automatic html report->pdf with JS/css/images included14:20
brouschhm, small starting point http://www.dopiaza.org/tools/datauri/14:20
brouschah, i see14:20
snap-lrick_h_: God, it's 1995 all over again. ;)14:22
rick_h_it's staples14:23
rick_h_oh crap, did I just break my social medial policy?14:23
snap-lIt's like someone saw a C header file with XPM embedded and figured "why not?"14:23
rick_h_basically every web page must be printable as it appears on the page without any checkboxes/controls in the browser print ui14:23
brouschprint to pdf isn't good enough?14:24
brouschsend to silenium and scrape a png?14:25
snap-lDear God, this is insane14:26
rick_h_brousch: yea, I can send it a full url now14:27
rick_h_but the url has to be available by this server14:27
rick_h_which means the page can't require login/cookies/etc14:27
rick_h_what I want to do is send it from the web server itself, so that I've got a single blob of html that has all that built in, and then have this tool render the whole page with css/js14:28
brouschi see a few people that do a little bit and then mention that it would be interesting to do do whole pages, but no one seems to have done it14:30
jrwrenrick_h_: you aren't coming to the global bug jam?14:30
jrwrenrick_h_: damn, i was hoping to give you a think pad power adapter from greg-g14:31
snap-ljrwren: I'll grab it14:31
* snap-l is the mule14:31
jrwrenrick_h_: how old is the boy? totally bring him to the bug jam!14:31
jrwrenrick_h_: if you have any inclination to bring the boy to the jam, I'll bring my girl and she can keep him entertained.14:33
brouschrick_h_: it looks like ie6 doesn't do data uri14:33
brouschisn't staples the one still running ie6?14:33
rick_h_brousch: I could care less :P14:33
rick_h_nothing but the pdf generation tool has to understand data-uri14:33
rick_h_brousch: they've all finally migrated to ie814:33
rick_h_still 800x600, but on ie8 now14:33
snap-l800x600. At least it'll look good on the iPhone. ;)14:34
jrwren800x600?  wtf?14:38
jrwrenis this POS machines?14:38
jrwrenpoint of sale. the piece of shit is given.14:39
rick_h_no, this is back in the office area of the stores14:41
rick_h_on locked to the 9's windows machines now finally (in 2011) on ie814:41
rick_h_just completed the rollout back in june14:41
snap-ljrwren: I've seen this first-hand at Chrysler14:41
snap-lsome folks can't see very well, so they use 800x600 to get big fonts14:41
snap-lRather than settingtheir machine to a reasonable resolution and jacking up the fonts, they associate 800x600 as some kind of accessibility compromise.14:42
snap-lIt's goofy, but it makes sense on some levels.14:43
snap-lAlso, JoDee's mouse that she broke? I'm using it right now14:45
snap-lbasically, she lost the back cover on the mouse14:45
snap-lstill works. Thinking about what to do with it when she fully surrenders it. ;)14:45
Wolfgersnap-l: worse is when an in-house app requires some high resolution because it works on the dev's monitor, then you go to the plant floor on 800x600 and it's unuasable14:46
Wolfgeror nearly so14:46
snap-lWolfger: You forget I worked on FieldConnect. :)14:46
snap-l1024x768, bay-bee.14:47
snap-lexcept for the nearsighted customers.14:47
snap-lwhich comprised of one of the customers who still was talking to us. ;)14:47
rick_h_https://github.com/mitechie/python-webpage-inliner brousch14:56
brouschit works already?14:58
rick_h_well, it needs some work14:59
rick_h_it's not a valid package, args is all sys.argv[1], and the path building isn't very forgiving14:59
rick_h_leave off the / of the url and it fails/etc14:59
rick_h_but sure seems close enough for me to start here vs my own14:59
brouschthis could be really useful for offline viewing of stuff15:00
brouschah, you didn't just write this, you forked it15:00
rick_h_sorry, meant to link his repo not mine15:00
brouschi see it now15:00
brouschi'm going to follow your repo. if nothing else it will be an interesting project to discuss at grpug/grwebdev15:02
snap-l_stink_: https://github.com/craigmaloney/Projectile-Motion-Demo---Game15:08
snap-lThat's the projectile motion game I made for JoDee a while back15:08
brouschwhat's the brown line? a wall?15:17
brouschi blew myself up15:20
snap-lThat's impossible.15:20
snap-lYou won't die. ;)15:20
brouschi don't see any enemies15:28
snap-lbrousch: It's supposed to be like battleship15:29
snap-lit's a projectile motion demo15:29
snap-lthe students were supposed to compute the projectile motion and then JoDee would put their numbers into the game to see if they hit15:30
snap-lthey needed to get it over the "Wall"15:30
brouschi landed on the wall15:34
snap-lthen you likely need more velocity or a different angle15:35
snap-lalso a secret of the game: you can have more than one projectile at a time.15:35
brouschyeah, i just made a swath of red death on the wall15:37
snap-lhehehehehe. :)16:02
snap-lI'm glad you're entertained. :)16:03
krondorman Steve Jobs and CmdrTaco in 24 hour period16:04
snap-lYeah, the tech world is definitely in turmoil16:10
jrwrenmalda left geek.net?16:11
snap-lHe left Slashdot, so I'm thinking that means geek.net as well16:12
krondoryeah it read that way to me16:12
jrwrenabout damn time.16:12
snap-lYeah, this has been a while in coming16:12
snap-lI think when they had the big layoff (of which I was a part) that's really when the fun got sucked out16:16
snap-llots of good people were either fired or left.16:16
snap-lOnce hemos left, I figured it was only a matter of time.16:17
jrwrenthat was a few years ago right?16:17
jrwrenthen about a year ago they started hiring again like crazy.16:18
snap-lWell, yeah, because they cut way too far, imho16:46
snap-lI should totally take my machine in for a checkup16:47
snap-l"Yeah, can you speed up my start and shutdown time?"16:47
snap-lbrousch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W35wtfcByIY16:58
snap-lAlso, this is fucking awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMwn_hnoS5Y17:06
brouschdamn hippie music17:08
snap-lDude, we shall get you into early Genesis. :)17:08
snap-lSeriously, though, the second link is awesome17:08
snap-lIf for no other reason than the stage play.17:08
brouschcould you instead ship me a pair of icepicks so i can pop my eardrums?17:10
rick_h_bwuhahaha, I love getting paid to push to github17:12
snap-lbrousch: in lieu of icepicks, may I offer the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jhbQX_HSLs17:14
snap-lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xxgRUyzgs0 <- Will Calhoun is one of my inspirations.17:21
snap-lOK, enough dicking around on youtube. :)17:26
brouschut oh, another python podcast http://www.radiofreepython.com/17:31
rick_h_listened to that yesterday17:31
rick_h_got some heavy hitters on there17:31
brouschrick_h_: Just saw this blog post on intents and intent filters in appcelerator titanium. http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2011/08/android-intent-filters.html17:39
brouschi think titanium can do what you want for the bookie app17:40
rick_h_ty, bookmarked. Will check that out17:41
rick_h_I keep going back/forth on what I want to do for mobile bookie.17:41
rick_h_for now, first priority is bookmarklet17:41
jrwrenbookmarklet is all i want for my FF browser :)18:18
rick_h_yea, started on it last night jrwren18:28
rick_h_hopefully in the next week/two I'll have one put together18:28
snap-lSteve Jobs Announces Retirement, All My Friends Pre-Order Retirement19:02
snap-lMan, this Kobo is a crashy POS now19:04
snap-lanyone want a free copy of Delerium - Karma?20:31
snap-lApparently the copy I have is copy protected, so I'm getting rid of it20:32
snap-lthat's bullshit, IMHO20:32
jrwreni'll take it.20:51
jrwrenalways nice to have a spare.20:51
brouschfear me. i created a webapp using Python3, CherryPy, Mako, and SQLAlchemy20:52
brouschtook about an hour20:54
brousch45 minutes of looking up cherrypy and sqlalchemy crap20:54
gamerchick02nice, brousch.20:56
snap-lhttp://cdn.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Selection_008.jpeg <- WHAT THE FUCK?21:15
gamerchick02i really didn't look closely at that but it kind of looks... uhm... i dunno.21:17
gamerchick02not sure if i like it or not21:19
jrwrencanonical marketing FTW21:46
brouschwow, kids designing ubuntu now?23:00
brouschrick_h_: using sqlalchemy in my little python3 webapp. should each request get its own session?23:26
rick_h_brousch: yes, there are threadlocal stragies all web frameworks use to implement that23:28
rick_h_man I wish I could move to seattle23:28
rick_h_brousch: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/docs/orm/session.html#creating-a-thread-local-context23:28
rick_h_though I did finally have some real fun at work today23:28
brouschi have nfc if my stuff is threadsafe23:29
rick_h_got that inliner code working and packaged, got a wrapper that would do html -> pdf generation. Now to get it all wrapped up as an easy to use service to render any html page as a pdf document with a couple of lines of python23:29
rick_h_brousch: if you're not doing it, it's not23:29
rick_h_I think you're ok since you redo the session for each request23:32
rick_h_but make sure you try/catch around the add/commit23:32
rick_h_if something were to go wrong it'd blow up badly23:32
rick_h_you want to make sure to try:catch:finally23:32
rick_h_and session.remove23:32
brouschwhat's session.remove?23:36
brouschdestroys the session or anything lingering in it?23:36
rick_h_helps clean up a session and return the pool'd connection and such23:36
rick_h_it's in that link I sent23:37
brouschok, just started it23:37
brouschlooks easy enough to do23:37
brouschjust wrap the session in the threadsafe session thing23:37
rick_h_just a slight alteration to the normal flow to make sure each request is isolated from each other23:38
rick_h_since you get connection pooling ootb, it's not a perf hit23:38
rick_h_and keeps people from trouncing on each other a bit23:38
rick_h_but just remember, you can still have two users to go add something and one wins and the other conflicts a unique key or something23:39
rick_h_so you always need to try/except and make sure you watch for that23:39
brousch ah23:39
rick_h_if we're both behind the same NAT firewall for instance and add the same IP split seconds apart, boom!23:39
rick_h_(at least from a general idea of the code here)23:40
brouscheach row has a unique id23:40
brouschip was just something convenient to throw in there23:40
rick_h_ok, but the ip address column doesn't have a unique constraint?23:40
rick_h_ah, ok23:40
rick_h_well, you get the idea23:40
brouschi think so23:40
brouschhow would you test that? hammer a server with instances likely to clobber each other?23:41
rick_h_one way, other is to intensionally setup back to back calls that should conflict23:42
rick_h_create the same User withthe same username back to back and make sure hte second gets a failed commit and you catch it/error properly23:42
rick_h_that kind of idea23:42

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