BugeyeDcoxn: hmmm ... i saw her and dave in concert years ago and remember thinking she looked like a racoon. so now i think of her when i see one. i remember it differently, but this is all i could find: http://www.picturesdepot.com/wallpapers/209055/annie+lennox.html00:34
akgranerholstein, can you reserve Firestorm for the second?  Wait that's LUG day right?02:25
holsteinakgraner: yup02:25
akgranerCan we do something in conjunction with that02:25
holsteinakgraner: i was planning on doing that02:25
akgranerI'd love to explain the new Ubuntu Friendly Program02:25
holsteinakgraner: it would be *perfect*02:25
holsteinakgraner: you want to take it?02:26
akgranerjust blogged about it - http://akgraner.com/?p=99502:26
holsteinno one is doing anything yet02:26
holsteinyou could talk as much as you like :)02:26
akgranerand I am working on a slide deck for the program so our lug would be a perfect test for a run through02:26
akgranerI can see where people's questions are and pain points ewtc02:26
holsteinakgraner: its yours02:26
akgranerand give the hardware testing folks the feedback02:27
holsteini'll email something out about you and the ubuntu global jam02:27
akgranerYou wanna write the email etc...02:27
akgranertake a look at the blog post and see what you think02:27
holsteinakgraner: you should email these guys02:28
holsteinill email the wnclug folk02:28
akgranerokie dokie :-)02:32
akgranerI can't wait to see everyone again!02:32
akgranerI kinda left some folks hangin' when the house burned down...but I'm back now :-)  hopefully with no more incidents...02:33
holsteinakgraner: w00t!02:33
akgranerholstein, did you ever find out who you needed to talk to about studio stuff on the Canonical side?02:33
holsteinakgraner: not yet02:34
akgranerI meant to follow up sooner with you, but you know life and all that...02:34
holsteinakgraner: nah, its cool02:34
holsteini have a general idea of what you are dealing with02:34
akgranerok let me see what I can find out for you...02:34
holsteinand im cool waiting02:34
akgranerat least get you a point of contact etc02:35
holsteinakgraner: im just glad things might potentially be getting back to normal-ish for you02:35
akgranerme too :-)02:35
akgranernow we need to see how we can get people involved and to seek membership  - if they want too02:35
akgranerwe need some more members - internalkernel I'm looking at you man!02:35
internalkernelbring it! Im game... just don't know exactly what to do or how to petition the gods that be...02:56

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