Unit193Cheri703: Did you actually have anyone? (Couldn't really make it myself)00:34
* Cheri703 had a sandwich00:36
Cheri703that was about it00:36
Unit193Dang... Sorry00:37
Cheri703nah, it's ok, had a nice peaceful meal :) and got a free croissant! that will be very tasty tomorrow :D00:38
paultagGoddamnit, I want to become borg00:39
paultagat the *VERY* least get a tricorder00:39
paultagI want to make one >:(00:39
paultagI wonder how hard it would be to make an EM scanner like that00:40
canthus13paultag: make one? or be one?01:36
paultagcanthus13: make an EM scanner :)01:36

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