InHisNameMorning rmg5109:44
JonathanDwhats up?10:10
rmg51just reading the morning paper10:15
rmg51getting ready for breakfast and work10:15
JonathanDgetting ready to walk10:30
InHisNamejust walking today, JonathanD, no running ?10:30
JonathanDmaybe running when I get there.10:31
JonathanDfigure I'll walk to the track, thouh.10:31
JonathanDmy good running shoes are brokened.10:31
JonathanDThe ones I have, soles are too thin to run for long in.10:31
InHisNamebare footin' ?10:31
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!11:36
knightzeroGood rainy morning, all!14:37
TheEvilPhoenixso its rainy everywhere?14:42
ssweenywe had a nice thunderstorm early this morning14:47
rmg51still raining here :P15:03
waltmanSeems to have mostly stopped at Drexel.15:08
rmg51stopped for now15:22
SamuraiAlbaI HAS BACONS!17:38
=== calvin is now known as MutantTurkey
jedijfubuntu hour sunday cape may on the beach22:23
jedijfthat is a joke, please no one go there.....22:26
jedijfya never know22:26
rmg51bring an umbrella22:26
rmg51I don't believe anything jedijf says unless I get at least six emails about it ;-)22:28
n2diyanybody ever play with gnome-voice, the speech recognition program?22:59
n2diyanybody ever play with gnome-voice, the speech recognition program, I installed it with synaptic, but its not in the menus, and I can't find any files using find or locate?23:12

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