cyberangerseems the irc channels I'm in either have gotten quiet or a little too big & fast01:56
cyberangeridk how that happened, just kinda funny I guess01:58
wrstwell cyberanger #ubuntu-us-tn is just right.. :)02:27
cyberangerwrst: indeed02:34
wrstcyberanger: i'm getting my desktop set up at the new place I'm trimming it a little :)02:35
* cyberanger wonders how much is getting trimmed02:36
cyberanger"sudo apt-get purge xorg" ?02:36
Unit193A corner or two of the monitor02:36
wrstcyberanger: actually this distro doesn't come with xorg by default ;)02:38
cyberangerarch or debian?02:38
wrstarch cyberanger i prefer using a web browser from the last 5 years :P02:39
cyberangerin that case, your debian installs are a version old at least02:39
wrstwhat is it about debian comes in old, stale, and.. something else? :)02:40
cyberangerstable, testing and unstable (aka sid)02:40
* wrst tried to make a joke...02:41
cyberangerand old I guess is the previous stable (don't think that's really a class, more a way to insure one can upgrade)02:41
wrstcyberanger: sid still doesn't have gnome 3 or when i tried it a few weeks ago02:41
cyberangersid might be unstable, but it's no dummy02:42
cyberangeroh, wait, I was thinking unity, hrm02:42
* Unit193 knows someone using Sid02:42
* cyberanger knows Unit193 knows another person using sid too02:42
wrstcyberanger: unity in 11.10 may make me eat some words02:43
cyberangerthat's ok, unity is still making me dish out some words02:44
wrstit is improving by leaps and bounds02:45
* cyberanger raises his deer fence02:46
cyberangerand I see gnome3 in debian, just not the default02:48
wrstyeah you have to jump through hoops to get it02:48
cyberangerthey don't trust it or the developers are slow idk02:48
wrstand I really don't want gnome 2 then upgrade to gnome 302:48
* wrst has drunk the gnome-shell kool-aid02:49
cyberangerI don't think you need to grab both, and idk how many hoops there are (I bet less than it takes to get rid of unity on ubuntu, or get it working nicely)02:49
wrstyeah just wasn't worth the effort since its easy to get going on arch i really don't care about the distro anymore to be honest02:51
wrstas long as I can do what i need as easily as possible02:52
wrstgood night all, time for bed02:56
Unit193wrst: Night!02:57
cyberangerwrst: night04:05
cyberangerin some ways I agree with that, focus on the task, not the distro04:05
cyberangersome distro's make the tasks easier though (for me debian is just that, ubuntu was, but not lately)04:06
wrstcyberanger: I think it just makes sense that way and not every distro for every person/task10:44
cyberangertrue, true13:20
cyberangerI do think it's worth going outside that sole focus too13:39
cyberangerfor example, you found arch as a desktop user (I'm guessing ubuntu as a server user) why?13:40
cyberangerwhy not debian, centos, scientific linux, freebsd, so on?13:40
cyberanger(I named more servers there, cause I think most arch users already answer that, most ubuntu users seem to just follow a link from lifehacker or maximumpc, or another source (hey it got me started on knoppix & led me to ubuntu, nothing wrong with it either))13:42
wrstcyberanger: yes I think for me ubuntu is killer on the server13:43
cyberangerwrst: idk, I could see debian fit just as easily16:16
cyberangerwhat's on your server, ssh & quassel-core, more?16:16
wrstprint/file server cyberanger16:17
cyberangeras in samba?16:17
wrsti use it for bzr16:17
wrstcyberanger: ipp on the printers and i have samba on the file sharing for my wife's macbook which really makes no sense but she was on winders when i sat it up16:17
wrstcyberanger: the documetnation I help with we write then use bzr for it and also use the server to build it and host it so I can look and get others to look at it as built16:18
cyberangerok, and bzr, so debian could also fit (probally easier to upgrade with that, or just set it for testing)16:18
cyberangeroh, you use your server for hosting bzr & a build box?16:19
wrstyeah just for documentation making html, not a big deal16:21
wrstand have used it to mass convert a few things using ffmpeg16:22
cyberangerah, to me then it sounds like debian testing would be for you there16:23
cyberangernot too cutting edge, a step short of rolling release, doesn't get much closer16:24
cyberangerthat's where the two are closest since day one, serverss16:25
wrsti'm pretty happy with ubuntu as the setup is just a breeze16:26
cyberangeryeah, but a thought when you want to upgrade from breezy ;-)16:26
cyberangerwell, now comes the hard choice of the day, travel to my own place or take a 2hr wardrive16:36
* cyberanger wonders why he has to choose16:37
cyberangerboth !16:37
cyberangersee you all in a little while16:37
wrstsee you and cyberanger16:55
wrsthey chris4585 how you doing?19:16
chris4585hey wrst, I'm alright, you?19:16
wrstdonig well chris4585, I installed arch last night using the latest install media, they are making it too easy :)19:17
chris4585yeah, well I had an issue with my install, something is screwing my graphics up19:17
chris4585so I'm trying to wait it out until an update fixes something... so I'm on my laptop atm19:18
wrstthe new install media is similar to the debian installer somewhat19:18
wrstwhat happened chris4585?19:18
chris4585I updated :P19:18
chris4585everything is so glitchy19:18
chris4585I really wish I had intel graphics...19:19
wrsthmm nvidia?19:19
wrstmy nvidia hooked up sli was no issue at all last night chris4585 :\19:21
chris4585well I have no idea what caused it, it was fine and I don't think I had a nvidia update19:22
wrstthat's odd chris4585, i just reinstalled because my partitioning was sorta messed up19:27
wrstwish i had a solution for you :\19:27
chris4585its alright19:28
Unit193Still on Oneiric?19:28
wrstwho Unit193? :)19:32
Unit193I thought chris was, but I could be thinking of someone else...19:34
chris4585I was, but ditch it for arch19:37
Xpistoshey all19:49
Xpistosbeen sick a bit19:49
chris4585strange, wrst, looks like the fallback grub option is working?19:57
wrstXpistos: feeling better?19:58
wrstchris4585: hmm19:58
wrst3.0 kernel mess you up?19:58
Xpistossume what19:58
chris4585maybe... looks like I'm on 3.019:59
chris4585well I updated again, lets see what normal boot up will do..19:59
chris4585woot, seems like updating fixed whatever happened20:02
chris4585I knew waiting it out would work...20:02
wrstcool chris4585!20:02
=== chris_ is now known as Guest13902
wrstwhy hello Guest1390220:04
wrstwb chris458520:15
chris4585thanks wrst20:16
chris4585I wonder what caused my issue..20:16
chris4585I had to resort to my laptop (annoying) for my main computer :/20:16
wrsti generally use my laptop as my main one, but my desktop for heavier duty stuff20:46
wrstwb twayneprice :)21:08

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