h00khi, crog01:39
croghi h00k - sorry delayed reaction....01:59
crog(or 20 min lag...)01:59
h00kcrog: it happens, no prob02:04
crogh00k: helping the old man fix his xp machine02:05
h00kcrog: Cool, I'm just doing some webde02:07
h00kaaaaaaand done.03:08
h00know to a personal project03:08
crogI'm finally done too - so if I may monopolize the channel for a sec03:14
h00kIt hhappens03:14
crogHi all.  I'm Craig... crog03:14
crogjust joined the loco like 2-3 days ago03:14
h00kcrog: Cool, how'd you hear about us?03:14
h00kAlso, are you on the mailing list?03:14
crogsince this isn't a meeting, I assume folks are working on stuff03:15
crogcause you're not all bots.03:15
crogHeard about via the ubuntu community pages03:15
crogYes, on the mailing list03:15
h00kwe have lubotu1, ubuntulo12, and ubuntulo12 as bots, the rest are real-live-people03:15
lubotu1Hi! I'm #ubuntu-us-wi's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:15
crogBeen a linux user about 12 yrs... debian, redhat, and then ubuntu since 4.1003:16
h00ksweet action.03:16
crogusually just lurk - but sortof board with that03:17
croglooking to help fix bugs, and eventually find a prj to hack away on03:18
h00kcrog: Cool.  For the Global Jam, we're actually doing a bug fix session03:19
crogh00k: is that 9/3 or 9/4?03:19
h00kThe 4th03:19
crogwill join if I can03:20
h00kNot sure what you use for an IRC client, but we usually hang out here all the time, I'm usually here on evenings03:22
h00kand then during the day, depending on how work is ;)03:22
crogusing irssi right now03:22
crogI'm working about 55hrs/week, and then kids until bedtime...03:23
crogre: client - any suggestions?  generally don't use irc enough to bother with scripting, etc.03:25
crogbut once i settle in will start looking for keyboard shortcuts, etc.03:25
h00kI use irssi, anyway03:31
h00kI like it03:31
h00kcrog: so, where about in the state are you from?03:34
croggrew up in green bay, college in waukesha03:34
crogh00k: you?03:36
h00kcrog: Rhinelander03:36
h00kUp north.03:36
h00kcrog: they do Ubuntu Hours down there, too03:39
crogThat Rhinelander?03:40
h00kThat one03:40
crogBeen there for a wedding, and mosquitos03:40
h00k:D Mosquitos, that's for sure.03:41
crogwell, evening all04:17
h00kbossman said I look srs today.13:19
h00k"What's going on, you actually look serious today?"13:19
h00ksaid the general manager13:19
* mikeputnam stops messing aroung13:20
mikeputnamh00k don't play13:20
h00kI said "Yeah, It doesn't happen often."13:20
h00kActually, it's probably because I was up until 3 last night ;)13:20
mikeputnamsrs = hungover!13:20
h00kHAH! Nah, I was out of beer :(13:21
h00kdrank water13:21
mikeputnamh00k: your (important) apache's hotfixed?13:45
h00kmikeputnam: is this the incomplete-packet-website-freezer thing?14:01
h00kwhere it opens a bunch of half-requests, hangs apache?14:01
h00kand no...on the servers I control, I should do this14:01
h00khere I am!14:07
h00kBooted Windows today, had a terrible experience.16:52
h00kRight after login, "You need to restart for the changes to take effect/"16:53
h00kWhat did I change?! No new hardware.16:53
h00kTHEN! Windows Live Essentials needed an update (Windows Live Messenger) and required an update.16:53
h00k2 penalties. Horrible.16:57
h00kIt didn't even upgrade the kernel :(16:57
h00kI keep trying to ctrl+alt+arrow to an alternative desktop. Not working in Windows. Ends up adjusting the rotation of my monitor, and it throws me off every time.18:04

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