RAOFbjsnider: You were asking about how state trackers and drivers interact?  The recent patches to hook r600g up to the xorg state tracker would be a good example ;)00:27
bjsnidersounds like a page turner00:34
brycehahahaha, figured out that xvfb bug01:00
RAOFbryceh: Oooh, what's that?01:37
brycehRAOF, after a lot of digging through xvfb code, it ended up being a bug in fakeroot instead01:38
ubot4Debian bug 630591 in apt "apt: apt-cache fails with current fakeroot" [Minor,Fixed]01:38
RAOFAwesome :)01:38
bryceh829470 has the analysis01:38
RAOFWould you believe that (a) compiz is super slow running under valgrind and (b) leaks like a sieve?01:38
RAOFWhich is a bit annoying, 'cause I was hoping that it'd be more obvious where (probably mesa is) leaking gem_objects01:41
brycehugh, firefox is substituting some sort of graphic for "ff"01:41
brycehRAOF, I would indeed believe that01:41
RAOF==27498== ERROR SUMMARY: 4941712 errors from 2347 contexts (suppressed: 867727 from 65)01:42
RAOFAlmost as many errors as I have bytes in gem_objects!01:42
brycehRAOF still around?02:56
brycehI think we could maybe test Xvfb in xserver's debian/rules, but xvfb-run depends on xauth being available so I'm not sure if we can invoke that.03:08
RAOFbryceh: Now post-lunch, yeah.03:42
RAOFWe could, I guess, build-depend on xauth?03:42
brycehRAOF, yeah that's what I'm wondering06:02
brycehI've been experimenting with just calling Xvfb directly, but utilizing xvfb-run would give a better test06:03
RAOFThere doesn't seem to be any circular dependency issue there; it just depends on libx11 and friends.06:03
brycehok lemme give it a go06:03
tjaaltoni merged 1.10.4 yesterday, might want to pull that too06:12
tjaaltonat least before you try to push ;)06:12
brycehtjaalton, yeah saw that in git06:12
tjaaltonah, cool06:12
tjaaltoni've done a procmail rule to put the git commits in a separate folder. easier to follow when no debian-x bugmail is there to distract you :)06:15
brycehaha got it06:32
RAOFOh, man.  apitrace is pretty awesome.06:33
brycehRAOF, ok you can cross xvfb off your todo list :-)06:34
RAOFWhat intel hardware do you have trivially available?06:35
brycehI've pushed it to the git tree, you can roll it out when you do the 1.10.4 deploy.  Hopefully it shouldn't require any tweaking; if it does let me know.06:35
brycehRAOF, an i945 running natty and an arrandale running oneiric but failing to run X for some reason06:36
RAOFI guess I'm particularly interested in arrandale, actually; it doesn't seem like this leak appears on GM45, so I presume gen 4 and earlier are ok, and it appears on this SandyBridge, so it looks like gen 6 is affected, leaving only gen 5 :)06:36
RAOFI'll just test that hypothesis again, though.06:37
tjaaltonI have oneiric on sandybridge06:37
tjaaltonso compiz leaking memory?06:37
RAOFtjaalton: Yeah; on alt-tab.06:38
tjaaltonah that, well it ceases to work after some time06:38
RAOFCeases to work?06:38
tjaaltondon't have the popup anymore, though I use the more sane traditional one :)06:38
RAOFYeah, it's the unity alt-tab that's got problems for me.06:39
tjaaltonwindows do change though06:39
tjaaltonhere compiz is taking 860MB atm06:39
tjaaltonwhich is kinda lot06:39
RAOFAnd by "problems" I mean "leaks ~25MB per alt-tab, leading to fairly rapid OOM"06:39
tjaaltonheh, ok06:39
tjaaltoncompiz is also constantly taking at least 30% cpu06:41
RAOFOooh, interesting.06:41
RAOFThe trace of alt-tab madness has the same behaviour on my GM45, but I don't see that just running compiz.06:42
tjaaltonapitrace would probably need to be packaged, no?06:43
RAOFI've got a Debian ITP up.  It does really want to be packaged, yes.06:45
tjaaltonah, good06:45
RAOFIt doesn't quite work properly on compiz, but it works enough.06:45
RAOFtjaalton: Could you switch to Unity's alt-tab and check that it doesn't leak gem_objects for you?06:51
tjaaltonRAOF: yeah06:56
tjaaltoni mean, yeah I can do that :)06:56
RAOFwhile true; do echo "********************************"; sudo egrep "[[:digit:]]+ objects" /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_gem_objects ; sleep 5 ; done06:59
RAOFQuite useful.06:59
tjaaltonhum, the default alt-tab does the same07:01
tjaaltoni mean stock compiz version07:01
tjaaltonhad 3720 objects, now after a few it's up to 377307:01
tjaaltonand the popup does appear, after holding alt down for a few secs07:02
RAOFThe stock compiz version has a known leak, but it's much smaller.07:02
tjaaltonah ok07:02
tjaaltonRAOF: I can't seem to reproduce the leak on a sandybridge laptop07:50
RAOFtjaalton: Strange.  DBO's just fixed it in trunk, though.07:51
RAOFAt least, for me.07:51
tjaaltonthe first alt-tab increases the number of gem_objects, but another one doesn't07:51
RAOFI generally did about 40 alt-tabs; that raised the bytes used by a lot.07:52
RAOF(About 1GB or so)07:52
tseliotis this still the case?07:52
RAOFWith the unity in Oneiric, yes.  With the unity in trunk, no.07:53
tseliotand they're going to upload the fix, aren't they?07:53
tjaaltonsigh, yet another thunderbird beta and all plugins incompatible08:08
* RAOF is still soldiering on with Evolution08:08
tjaaltonand addresbook just as broken as with version 608:08
RAOFtseliot: I'm not sure if they're going to upload the fix before beta freeze; DBO's gone to bed because it's insane-o-clock where he is.08:09
tjaalton"welcome to shredder", you don't say!08:12
tjaalton(the codename of tb 7beta)08:12
tseliotRAOF: it's ok, as long as they'll upload before the release ;)08:12
tseliotupload it08:13
RAOFtseliot: I think it's a fair bet there'll be at least one unity upload between here and release :)08:13
tseliotwhat's wrong with me today?08:13
tseliotRAOF: and not leaking memory doesn't sound like a feature to me :)08:13
RAOFtseliot: Thanks for following up on that nvidia corruption-after-suspend bug.08:14
tseliotRAOF: np. Now that they've confirmed that disabling grub's fb doesn't help, I can bug Nvidia to death ;)08:15
alkisgHi, 1 out of 10 times, after suspend/resume, I'm getting the following errors, and I have to restart X:09:46
alkisgdmesg: [ 9626.944239] [drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung09:46
alkisgXorg.0.log: (EE) intel(0): Failed to set tiling on front buffer: Input/output error09:46
alkisgComplete dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674409/  Complete Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674410/09:46
alkisgUnder which package should I report this? xserver-xorg-video-intel? Against the kernel?09:47
tjaaltonalkisg: .38 is fail, intel-wise. try a newer kernel09:47
jcristauand if your gpu hangs, you want to capture the error state09:48
alkisgAh, thank you tjaalton - that also happens with .32 and .35, but I'll try the kernel ppa09:48
bryceh /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state09:48
jcristauyeah, that.09:48
alkisgGot it, thanks a lot guys09:48
brycehif you can reproduce against the current 3.0 kernel, upstream will be interested09:49
alkisgSure, as long as I can get that to my lucid box... /me searches the kernel ppa...09:50
alkisghttps://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa ==>                 linux-lts-backport-oneiric               , as easy as it gets :)09:51
alkisgYeah sorry... I'm an LTS guy09:51
tjaaltona ton of backports then09:52
brycehtjaalton, might be better off backporting the entire kernel rather than bits and bobs09:52
alkisgOuch, hmm... I might just stop using suspend then, and install oneiric to another partition just for the bug report09:53
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah it was running .38 already, not just drm backported09:53
tjaaltonalkisg: you probably have libdrm, -intel and mesa already backported?09:53
brycehalkisg, that probably would be a bit easier09:53
tjaaltonthe livecd should work as well09:54
alkisgtjaalton: I think no, I think I'm using the version from lucid-updates09:54
alkisgThanks, livecd is probably what best suits me09:54
tjaaltonsomehow I thought you had sandybridge, so no heavy backporting necessary09:55
* alkisg is all ears...09:55
alkisgJust libdrm, intel and mesa?09:56
tjaaltonbut if you can reproduce it with oneiric, all the better09:56
alkisgSure I don't think it'll take me more than half  an hour09:56
alkisgdmesg, xorg.log, and error state - anything else?09:56
tjaaltoni guess that'll do09:57
* alkisg will also read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Reporting 09:57
tjaaltonwell, you can use apport-cli -p xorg09:58
brycehalkisg, if you've booting oneiric, there is a apport-gpu-error-intel.py udev hook which *should* automatically capture gpu hangs and collect all the required data automatically09:59
alkisgPerfect, thanks again guys10:02
brycehheh, Michael Larabel found my wayland-demos package10:14
tjaaltonso it seems10:30
ricotzmight be a dump question, but why isnt libegl1-mesa-dev depending on mesa-common-dev?11:23
ricotzRAOF, hi ^11:25
tjaaltonshould it?11:25
ricotzlibgl1-mesa-dev depends on it11:26
ricotzso it would guess so11:26
ricotzbut i might not too little about it11:26
tjaaltonwell, if there are no headers importing the ones in mesa-common-dev then I don't see why it should depend on it11:28
ricotzok, so if an application depends on libegl...-dev it should pull in mesa-common-dev by itself to use them11:31
tjaaltonif it uses the headers provided by mesa-common-dev, yes11:32
ricotzi was just thinking that it is more convinient if mesa does this 11:32
ricotzthat is reasonable, of course11:32
tjaaltoncompiz fails to run with swrastg complaining that tfp is missing, though at least glxinfo says it's there11:41
tseliottjaalton: is compiz supposed to work with swrastg?12:47
tjaaltontseliot: so I'm told, that at least gnome-shell worked with it on fedora 1512:54
tjaaltoncould be that it's llvm failing somehow, since it feels as if it's timing out12:56
tseliotah, with llvm12:56
tjaaltonswrastG :)12:56
tseliotright, I didn't notice the g12:56
Prf_JakobHmm I need to install two udev rules if I want the PRIMARY_DISPLAY_THINGY to work correctly.13:37
brycehalright, new xdiagnose 1.1 uploaded; keep an eye out for any issues in apport bug reports...  I've been testing it and seems to be working solid, but I did a good bit of refactoring so bugs are certainly possible20:36
RAOFPrf_Jakob: The PRIMARY_DISPLAY thing is a boot-time optimisation; you can safely ignore it if you don't mind until udev has finished probing everything before starting X.22:10

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