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g0thParkerR: I read that you need hdmi 1.4 for 3d?00:04
ParkerRBut the cable doesnt have a version number associated with it iirc00:05
kaiyinhi, how do you make a persistent liveusb?00:05
ParkerRg0th, its more of a if your TV and video card supports it00:05
mbrigdanUbuntu suddenly seems to be ignoring module blacklists. update-initramfs is adding blacklisted modules, and other modules (like pcspkr) are being loading even though they are blacklisted. Can anyone help?00:05
ParkerRkaiyin, Lili live USB00:06
ParkerR!repeat | mbrigdan00:06
ubottumbrigdan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:06
w30kaiyin, use usb-creator; it lets you dedicate 4gig for config if you have room on your flash drive00:07
mbrigdanParkerR, I think I last asked my question about an hour ago, without any responses. New people are probably online by this point.00:07
ParkerRmbrigdan, oh sorry00:08
ParkerRI had just remembered you asking00:08
ParkerRMy bad00:08
mbrigdanParkerR, ah well, don't worry about it.00:08
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kaiyinParkerR: it's windows only?00:13
ParkerRkaiyin, use what w30 suggested00:14
kaiyinw30: will i be able to install or remove softwares on the flash drive?00:15
w30kaiyin, yes;understand you have a 4gig limit though.00:16
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent kaiyin00:16
chaospsychexis there a program in the repos to access data on a cell phone? i wanna pull some pictures off my phone00:16
alkafoochaospsychex: yes, depends on the phone, however00:16
chaospsychexit's a lg flipphone whaT can i use to pull pictures off it?00:17
w30kaiyin, I set up a printer with it for boot retention00:17
chaospsychexit's not a 'smartphone'00:17
rigolettoits very complet ubuntu00:17
rigolettoi supose i can run a script to install plugins and actualice00:18
alkafoochaospsychex: which one?00:20
alkafoochaospsychex: what model phone00:23
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breathHEllllllllllllo Guys !! I'm writing Out a Script And i'm Asking of How To Grep the line of a specified paramter like (( grep ubuntu )) i want the GREP to grep each line where ubunu Is mentionned HELP HELPPPP00:24
urlin2uneko_, don't wake us up were napping. ;-)00:24
kaiyinw30: is it possible to make a liveusb on a mobile hard drive?00:24
kaiyinusb-disk-creator seems not able to detect my drive.00:25
urlin2ukaiyin, not a stable way to do it.00:26
alkafoobreath: say again?00:26
kaiyinurlin2u: what is the better way?00:26
Germanaz0hello, is there a way to run macOs apps on linux ?00:26
urlin2ukaiyin, a thumb/pendrive,  you could do a full install on the external though00:27
kaiyinokay. thanks.00:27
w30kaiyin, I don't know if usb-creator will allow more than 4 gig for writing by adding partitions on the usb hard drive or not. I would just try it and see.00:27
urlin2uGermanaz0, not natively, but there may be some out there the web is your answer00:27
breathIt's that i want to grep each line containing the word 'ubuntu  #for example'00:27
chaospsychexis anyone familiar with 'alien' ? where does it put converted packages ? i figured it would put them in the same folder i was working in. isn't the case though unless there is a parameter to pass to it00:28
rigolettowazzup you should be idiot00:28
coz_chaospsychex,  did you look in the home directory00:28
Germanaz0urlin2u: well not natively is great00:28
Germanaz0but I don't want either a virtual machine00:28
Germanaz0just, something likes wine, for MAC00:29
chaospsychexyes it's not in the home directory00:29
somsipbreath: cat {filename} | grep ubuntu or probably MYVAR=`cat $filename | grep ubuntu` in a script00:29
breath It Will grep the whole line ????00:29
urlin2uGermanaz0, I would think that there is not n=much apple offers that isn't available in a linux format00:29
somsipbreath: that's what grep does00:29
breathOkis thanks ;)00:30
breathI Love You :) xD00:30
chaospsychexhow can i do a search for the file across the entire partition ?00:30
jribchaospsychex: search by what, name?00:31
urlin2uchaospsychex, home has a serach00:31
rigolettofind should work chaospsychex00:31
chaospsychexbut does searching in home only search home? i need to search the entire partition by name00:32
chaospsychexor file extension00:32
urlin2uchaospsychex, you can choose file...etc00:32
chaospsychexwhere is the search at00:32
alkafoobreath: or grep -i ubuntu filename00:33
kbrown90anyone here know anything about transmission?00:33
chaospsychexi found it,searching....00:33
chaospsychexwhat about transmission?00:33
urlin2uchaospsychex, far right top panel00:34
bazhangkbrown90, its a torrent client00:34
rigolettokbrown90 mybe the problem is tht nobody knos that00:34
chaospsychexi prefer to work from the command line though00:34
kbrown90I have a home server that i'm wanting to download to, and upload from, but transmission isn't showing my server in the file list.00:34
urlin2ukbrown90, what's up?00:34
bindikbrown90: #transmission00:34
rxt0hi there, i'm trying to run cpufreq-aperf but it keeps quiting with this error: "Could not read MSRs, is the msr driver loaded or compiled into the kernel?"00:36
rypervenchechaospsychex: use the "find" command.00:36
rxt0and the msr driver is loaded on the kernel00:36
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rypervenchechaospsychex: Or check your terminal's history to figure out what command you ran.00:36
chaospsychexok wtf, the file isn't even on the hdd00:36
g0thParkeR: yes, the cable has a version number attached to it00:36
rypervenchechaospsychex: Then perhaps you did not use alien correctly. Check the man page for the correct format.00:37
chaospsychexit outputted file converted etc00:37
chaospsychexill try again00:37
jribchaospsychex: what is it that you are converting with alien?00:38
zykotick9chaospsychex, fyi alien is "generally" not such a great idea00:39
dangbarryhey, presently i'm trying to set up ubuntu server on a old computer. Its asking me for http proxy information, it says i can leave it blank, though, i have a feeling that apache2 will need it later! any ideas appreciated!00:39
jribdangbarry: do you use a proxy?00:40
blast_hardcheeseWhat's up with ubuntuforums.com requiring registration?00:40
rypervenchechaospsychex: I've only used it when converting from slackware to deb, which worked fine. deb to rpm is a bit trickier.00:40
chaospsychexzykotick9: why is that?00:40
jribblast_hardcheese: #ubuntuforums00:40
chaospsychexok then i will download the source and go from there00:40
dangbarryjrib, i what to try out shellinabox! so i have to!00:40
chaospsychexinstall from source00:40
zykotick9chaospsychex, source is a better idea00:40
blast_hardcheesejrib: thanks00:40
zykotick9chaospsychex, as to why, #debian's bobbitt factoid include "..or the fire that is <rpm>, <alien>, etc."00:43
urlin2udangbarry, bumping is more likely to get you less help.00:44
rxt0how can i check if AMD's turbo core works?00:45
rigolettoworks on amd and intel00:45
dangbarryurlin2u, sorry bout that, just wondering if anyone had any ideaS! if not, i'll leave it blank and come back to it later!00:46
rxt0i suppose there is no way to check if core boost is enabled00:46
urlin2udangbarry, generally if enough info is there if people know they will respond, can get frustrating I realize. ;-)00:47
IdleOnedangbarry: probably safe to leave it blank00:47
rigolettoi dont know, but i think you can do it rxto00:47
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dangbarryThanks, i will, i can config it later! thank for everything!!00:48
rigolettoto not fall in errors windows uses the protected mode00:51
kbrown90ok, no one is answering in #transmission, so can anyone one help me here?  I have a home server that i'm wanting to download to, and upload from, but transmission isn't showing my server in the file list.00:52
moesIs there an application in Lucid that can configure window behavior00:52
chaospsychexyou can't install 32-bit progs on 64-bit ubuntu ?00:52
rigolettowhen i was younger i play whith overclocking hahahaha00:53
urlin2umoes, what tyoe of behavior00:53
moesurlin2u, to set window panels to center of desktop00:53
urlin2umoes, compiz probably00:54
alkafoochaospsychex: sure you can00:54
zykotick9chaospsychex, you can install many 32bit programs on 64bit ubuntu00:55
urlin2umoes, might help,  http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/ubuntu-tips-and-tricks.htm00:55
chaospsychexwell for some reason i got an error why trying to install bitrim00:55
chaospsychexforget it, not in the mood for this00:55
moesurlin2u, Okay thanks will try that url00:55
urlin2umoes, goo luck.00:56
winutgoo sounds better!  lol00:56
urlin2ustickier, winut00:56
bambanxguys what email client for ubuntu is good?00:57
bambanxthunderbird i dont like very muc00:57
bambanxin evolution you can do rules?00:58
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IdleOnebambanx: yes00:58
bambanxi mean if i want to receive mails of specific account on specific folde rcan i do this?00:58
sethyHelp! I upgraded to Natty Narwhal on my Samsung N150+ and now my compose key won't work. Any tips?00:58
Jef91Anyone know of a decent USB to video out device that works with Linux?00:59
Hemangpateli need help in LAMP installation00:59
bambanxsup hemangpatel00:59
alkafooJef91: what?00:59
HemangpatelI have fedora 15 installed00:59
sethyHow ever will I write emdashes now?00:59
Hemangpatel& i have to install LAMP for php01:00
Hemangpatelwhat i have to do ?01:00
Jef91alkafoo Exactly what I said01:00
IdleOneHemangpatel: ask in #fedora01:00
zykotick9Hemangpatel, you're in the wrong channel, this is ubuntu support01:00
Jef91a USB to video out device01:00
Hemangpatelno problem01:00
Hemangpatelbye to all01:00
Jef91The hardware exists - I just don't want to buy something and get burned with it not working with Linux01:00
alkafooJef91: for doing what?01:01
Jef91alkafoo Producing video out?...01:01
Jef91Want to hook a netbook into a projector01:01
sethyAnyone else having trouble with compose key?01:01
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sethyWhere else can I go for help? Been trying here a few days and haven't received any help at all01:03
rslackesethy: have you tried google?01:03
kingofswordsin clonezilla do i just click makeboot.bat then reboot into usb(which i want to make copy of ubuntu to) and then follow instructions? it wont affect my OS at all will it?01:03
rslackeI have no idea what a compose key is01:03
sethyrslacke: I have01:03
sethyrslacke: can't seem to find others with my problem01:03
rslackesethy: I have no ideas either01:04
sethyCompose key lets you create things like e with an accent over it, or an elongated dash, or a plus/minus sign, etc.01:04
rslackeoh I see..01:05
sethyPretty necessary within the sciences01:05
rigolettothere are an extended ASCII table i think01:05
rslackenow I understand, but I've never worked with it, sorry01:05
helix_9Hello! I had to restart gdm but i had open a terminal with running testdisc. how can i get testdisk in a terminal again? ich habe musste gdm neustarten und habe mein terminal mit testdisc verloren. wie kann ich den prozess wieder in ein terminal holen01:07
helix_9Hello! I had to restart gdm but i had open a terminal with running testdisc. how can i get testdisk in a terminal again?01:07
rslackesethy: does it help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GtkComposeTable01:07
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sethysort of. I've already been there01:08
szalhelix_9: unless you ran it in screen or the other similar program the name of which evades me, it got killed when the terminal it ran in went down01:08
rslackeoh ok01:08
helix_9szal: the programm works - what i see in "top" - how can i get access to it ?01:09
sethyI had to undo some bad advice I tried earlier from here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/4679/how-to-remove-keyboard-icon-from-keyboard-layout-indicator-to-leave-just-the-lan01:10
mars__has anyone ever set up the traktor x1 midi controller and audio 2 dj  to work with mixx01:10
rslackenice you get it to work01:10
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mars__i was gifted a midi controller but i cant seem to find out how to map it to mixx would this be the right place to look for advice?01:12
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kingofswordscan some one tell me if clonezilla is just for copying ubuntu installation before i totally mess up my ubntu?01:13
urlin2ukingofswords, copies anything01:14
milamberkingofswords: yes(ish) - it works for more than just ubuntu01:14
milambermars__: probably not, this is mainly for ubuntu support, that sounds like a software specific thing01:15
kingofswordsif i boot into usb clonezilla and follow prompts i will just be copying and not altering my ubuntu OS?01:15
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milamberkingofswords: are you following a specific tutorial we can see? it probably will just copy it though01:16
GibbyJust setup a 802.3ad bond.... it is only coming up at 10M/Half... any ideas why? The switch is a powerconnect 2724 and I enabled LAG for the 2 ports01:16
kingofswordsyes this one http://www.howtoforge.com/back-up-restore-hard-drives-and-partitions-with-clonezilla-live01:17
kingofswordsi dont see how it can make an write an image to my usb when the usb has the files on it?01:17
alkafooif you just use dd instead of clonezilla, you won't have to figure out how to understand what some UI is doing01:18
kingofswordsalso i only want my ubuntu backed up and not my hdd01:18
kingofswordsalkafoo, what is dd?01:18
alkafooa command, for imaging01:19
bsmith093how do i load a different desktop user interface, like xfce vs gnome, if i install both01:19
kingofswordsalkafoo,  is the dd cmd already in ubuntu?01:20
alkafoobsmith093: gdm (the login screen) should become aware of both01:20
milamberbsmith093: if you install more than one you can choose at login01:20
alkafookingofswords: one would hope01:20
milamberkingofswords: what do you mean by your ubuntu? are you dual booting? and are  you trying to replicate packages on another machine?01:21
kingofswordsmilamber, im using updatemanager to go from 10.04lts to 10.10 and usrlin told me i should backup mu ubuntu incase something goes wrong01:22
milamberkingofswords: back up ubuntu means different things to different people. for me that only means backing up my home directory. do you have lots of custom software installed/configured or are you running stock?01:23
kiichiroHow do I view a list of drivers and the device they go with, like I'm trying to find the driver my nic is currently using01:23
kingofswordsmilamber, some custom software i think01:24
urlin2ukingofswords, full image in your case i would think01:24
kingofswordsurlin2u, full image of hdd?01:24
zykotick9kiichiro, "lspci -vnvn" find the Ethernet controller section and the "kernel driver in use"01:24
urlin2ukingofswords, the ubuntu, but if you have other OS's it doesn't hurt clonezilla can do the whole or partitions01:25
kingofswordsif something went wrong with my update and i did a fresh install of 10.04..could i keep my files on hdd01:25
hermelindear folks, could anyone kick/move/invite/recommend me to a channel/prvmsg/url to help me get going with my problems concerning PRO/Wireless 2200BG on a Dell notebook running lucid?!?01:26
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kiichirois there a way I can copy a driver and will a driver in xubuntu work in xp?01:26
zykotick9kiichiro, lol - are you being serious?01:27
chaospsychexkiichiro? LOLOLOL01:27
milamberkingofswords: having a good backup strategy in general is a good idea. you will have to create a live cd/usb for any full hdd backup because it can't operate on a drive in use. you will not be able to store the image on the live cd/usb you have to ssh or have a large capacity external to store the image01:27
chaospsychexno way man, ubuntu drivers will not work in windows01:27
kiichiroI know of a few cross platform drivers and I need to switch over to do online classes01:27
cutiyari cant play. DAt files ,why?01:27
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alkafookiichiro: http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/ or use a VM01:28
chaospsychexyeah 'sudo apt-get install virtual-box'01:28
alkafooor sue the organization for making crap websites01:28
chaospsychexthe box rox!01:28
kiichiroyeah VM on this, that'll work nicely yeah sure. No my computer will suck to much01:28
alkafookiichiro: what is it?01:28
CoJaBo..dat files?01:29
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kiichirowhat is what? are you referring the online class01:29
kingofswordsmilamber,  ok i only have a8gb usb which i was using as clonezilla live....so this means i cant back up my ubuntu?01:29
kiichiroit's a program that there is no way on earth it'll run via wine, it barely will run on my regular xp without anything added to it01:29
szalchaospsychex: you might wanna get pkg names right before posting them for all to see ;)01:30
alkafookiichiro: what?01:30
kingofswordsmilamber, if i do the updatemanager upgrade and it messes up can i do a cd frsh install and keep my hdd files?(vids and games etc)01:30
boot-troublesJordan_U: You still here?01:30
milamberkingofswords: not unless you have a nas/storageserver/other large capacity storage device01:30
chaospsychexszal: ?01:30
kingofswordsis update manage really dodgy way of upgrading?01:31
szalchaospsychex: it's either "virtualbox" or "VirtualBox", but definitely not "virtual-box"01:31
milamberkingofswords: there are utilities to try and recover the data, but recommended practice is to have backups. and if you don't have backups, get backups. then backup the backups. then make changes to the machine. industry standard is that if you don't have 3 copies of any given file, you don't care about the file.01:31
hermelindear folks, could anyone help me with my intel wireless 2200BG on a Dell notebook running lucid01:32
kingofswordsmilamber,  i dont really care that much....just saves messing around reinstally01:32
milamberkingofswords: and i am not sure at this point why you would go to 10.10 ~ many people here prefer the lts, particularly if you need stability.01:32
kingofswordsmilamber, i want xorg 1.801:33
kingofswords10.04 has xorg 1.7.601:33
chaospsychexszal: LOL are you serious01:33
chaospsychexmy bad for getting the package name wrong,lol01:33
chaospsychexsudo apt-get install virtualbox01:34
somsipchaospsychex: you know there is a PPA for the latest version 4.1.2?01:34
milamber!info xorg maverick | kingofswords01:34
ubottukingofswords: xorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.5+6ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB01:34
szal!info xorg-server lucid01:35
kingofswordsmilamber, i have game installed under wine whichis really laggy apparently xorg 1.8 fixes this01:35
ubottuPackage xorg-server does not exist in lucid01:35
boot-troublesI have just installed Natty 1.04, and can't get a decent boot from my HD; is there an earlier, more reliable ubuntu that I can try?01:35
somsipchaospsychex: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/virtualbox-4-1-2-released-and-ubuntu-11-0410-10-installation-instructions-included.html01:35
kingofswordsi read maverick has 1.801:36
zykotick9kingofswords, i sure hope this game ends up being worth all the effort01:36
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szalkingofswords: Maverick has 1.9.001:37
kingofswordsszal ok so which has 1.8?01:37
szalkingofswords: and Natty has 1.10.101:37
milamber!info xserver-xorg lucid01:38
ubottuxserver-xorg (source: xorg): the X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.5+5ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 19 kB, installed size 180 kB01:38
szalkingofswords: none, obviously, since there's nothing between Lucid and Maverick01:38
kingofswordsso none has 1.8?01:38
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kingofswordsah ok so was it in a beta ver of maverick?01:38
kingofswordsis it possible to upgrade to 1.9 in lucid?01:39
milamberkingofswords: you would have to look for a ppa, and ppas are not officially supported here01:39
kingofswordsalso can anyone recommend a linux program like xpadder for original xbox controllers?01:39
pooltablehow to installed handbrake?01:39
RussWI'm running Natty on 2 different machines and Google's voice chat appears to be installed correctly, but it is not picking up Mic input...any thoughts?01:40
zykotick9pooltable, there is a PPA that is probably the easiest method01:40
kingofswordsmilamber, if i find and add the ppa could i upgrade to 1.9 via synaptic?01:40
pooltablezykotick9 how do i do that??01:40
zykotick9!ppa | pooltable01:40
ubottupooltable: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa01:40
milamberkingofswords: that is the goal of the ppas, but as i said, if you break your computing machine no one here would feel particularly obliged to help. ppas are only recommended for those that can fix their own oopsies.01:41
kingofswordsok thx01:41
zykotick9kingofswords, i doubt upgrading xorg in lucid will be trivial01:41
kingofswordsso would it just be easier to upgrade?01:42
milamberpooltable: you should also look at k9copy, it is in the repos and may do what you are looking for01:42
zykotick9pooltable, handbrake is amazing for mp4/mkv - anything in the Ubuntu repo won't be able to do mp4 (due to AAC problem)01:42
milamberkingofswords: check the version numbers at packages.ubuntu.com before asking here. natty doesn't have it. i don't know who told you that upgrading to 1.8 would help (or what distro they were running), but it doesn't look like you are officially getting 1.8 for a while.01:44
ubuntu_sparse time and job time01:44
zykotick9kingofswords, i wouldn't "personally" recommend that anyone upgrade ubuntu - be SURE to have backups of any important files!01:44
* milamber agrees with zykotick901:44
zykotick9ubuntu_, too many "issues"01:45
pcdoc911can someone tell me where to find the best guide / howto to install xen on ubuntu01:45
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen01:45
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boot-troublesI have a brand new HD, and a fresh Natty installation, and cannot boot except with the LiveCD -- can anyone help me, please?01:46
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szalboot-troubles: define 'cannot boot'01:46
kingofswordszykotick9, why is there the option in update manager if its so dodgy to upgrade(ive read this lots of other places too)?01:46
zykotick9kingofswords, oh lots of people do it (even without issues), but many run into problems01:46
boot-troublesszal: 'Primary hard Disk Error' or 'Read Error'01:47
kingofswordsmaybe ill just install game to xp partition instead01:47
boot-troublesszal: But ubuntu installs just fine...01:47
zykotick9boot-troubles, just a quick question, is this new HD 2TB or larger?01:47
kingofswordszykotick9,  milamber  thx for all help01:48
boot-troubleszykotick9: Yes, the new one is 2TB exactly.01:48
zykotick9boot-troubles, the standard BIOS/MBR cannot boot it then.01:48
kingofswordsbtw which is best ver of ubuntu to use?01:48
boot-troubleszykotick9: But the old drive was only ~650 GB.01:48
milamberkingofswords: np01:48
speaker123when i open a terminal, PAGER=less    where is this being set?01:48
_Neytiri_i was wondering if any one here knew how to install oracle 9g on ubuntu01:49
V13Axelkingofswords: Depends on the user, although the latest is the recommended.01:49
boot-troubleszykotick9: I had it set up with a GUID -- would that help?01:49
zykotick9boot-troubles, not sure how GUID fits into the picture.  Sorry, I don't have a 2TB drive yet, but I know you need to use a different partitioning system then normal.01:50
ubuntu_the partitioning is transparent to user01:51
zykotick9ubuntu_, what?01:51
ubuntu_you partition the disk like any other01:52
boot-troubleszykotick9: I had it set up to use a 10GB /root partition for the system files, a 10 GB swap, a 1.5 TB /home, and the rest in a /temp partition.  What should I have done?01:52
zykotick9ubuntu_, i don't think that is correct!01:52
nrdbI have a remote server I am looking after... its load figures have just jump to 30+ ... top reports a 95%wa figure .... how can I find out what is wrong?01:52
zykotick9boot-troubles, ?  sorry i don't know.  I just know that 2TB drives MUST be handled/setup in a different manner then normal <2TB drives01:53
boot-troubleszykotick9: Okay, thanks! Google, here I come!01:53
somsipboot-troubles: "ubunu 2tb" is giving lots of info01:54
zykotick9boot-troubles, GPT might be a good keyword01:54
somsipboot-troubles: though 'ubuntu 2tb' would give more...doh01:54
* boot-troubles grins.01:55
berto-when my computer shuts down due to a power outage it gets stuck at grub.  how can i get it to always boot?01:59
cutiyarhow to fix this / http://pastebin.com/eEjxbCbC01:59
ubuntu_sometimes you have surprised of what is in your hard drive ))01:59
vincenzoCiao a tutti02:00
nrdbI have a remote server I am looking after... its load figures have just jump to 30+ ... top reports a 95%wa figure .... how can I find out what is wrong?02:01
vincenzoHello! Can you help me?02:01
somsipnrdb: what process is causing the spike?02:01
vincenzoThe ext monitor is black02:02
nrdbI have no idea... top doesn't tell me02:02
somsipnrdb: is it constantly at 95% or just occasioanlly?02:02
zykotick9somsip, with a load of 30+ it should be steady 100%02:03
somsipzykotick9: sounds like you know what you're doing wih this, whereas I was tenatively asking. I'll leave it with you02:04
nrdbsomsip, it yesterday it did the same thing and a reset fixed it... it seems to run fine for a long time and then just bog down.. once it does it just stays bogged down.02:04
zykotick9somsip, oh i don't have any suggestions for nrdb... so you go ahead ;)  but load 30 means the CPU is 30x over it's max (basically)02:05
nrdbzykes-, somsip, last uptime = "load average: 7.10, 50.57, 51.09"02:07
somsipnrdb: anyexcessive processes in ps -aux?02:07
zykotick9somsip, "ps -aux" is actually incorrect, you'll get an error at the top, it's "ps aux"02:07
somsipzykotick9: oops02:08
RussWI have been experimenting with WUBI.exe for a couble of weeks and have stable instalations of NATTY on 2 machines...02:08
zykotick9somsip, sorry i'm not trying to "pick on you"02:08
somsipzykotick9: np :)02:08
zykotick9somsip, just trying to help :)02:08
RussWI have (apparently) installed the Google Voice chat tool successfully, but the Mic input seems not to be processed02:09
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, I let you know as soon as it lets me run anything.02:09
centHOGGgoogle talk02:09
RussWDoes anyone have any suggestions for me?02:10
cutiyarhow to fix this / http://pastebin.com/eEjxbCbC  ??02:10
zykotick9nrdb, with load 50 that might not be easy.... best of luck man!  You should probably contact the owner of the server...02:10
campeewhen i run the "time" command against a command, i get output to the screen. i want to capture this output but i can't seem to do it using redirection ( time ls > output ). how can i capture it?02:11
zykotick9campee, i see you problem ;)02:12
IdleOnecampee: it appears to output to screen but also creates the file02:13
IdleOneleast for me it does02:13
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, there where no processes with a %cpu above 5.0 and all below %mem of 1.002:13
=== MuNk is now known as MuNk`
ubuntu_i think its "time  > ouput"02:15
zykotick9ubuntu_, doesn't work02:15
campeethat doesn't work for me02:15
campeesomeone sent me this article, it has an answer: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/03202:15
somsipnrdb: and is load still high or has it setled down?02:16
zykotick9IdleOne, i think the "time" campee is using is some sort of built-in, vs /usr/bin/time which gives different style output?  Do that give you any ideas?02:16
IdleOnezykotick9: none :/02:16
campeethis worked for me: bash -c "time ls" 2>time.output02:17
zykotick9campee, nice!02:17
itaylor57camilo, also time -o file ls02:18
itaylor57campee, also time -o file ls should work02:18
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, still very high (don't know what), my load graph show that its peaked at about 80... before that less than 102:18
zykotick9itaylor57, tab fail & that doesn't exactly work unless you use "/usr/bin/time -o ..." which is different from time02:18
itaylor57zykotick9, sorry leftover from other unix/linux distro02:19
RussWDoes anyone have a suggestion for my Google talk mic issue?02:19
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, this all started about 45 min. ago02:20
zykotick9itaylor57, compare "time ls" vs "/usr/bin/time ls" - very different02:20
rodrigoawkdoes anyone know how to send a result from a command as a parm for another one using pipe? ex: find -name test which should result something similar to "./Downloads/test" and then do RM -RF ./Downloads/test directly?02:20
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, load average: 20.43, 20.38, 29.4502:20
zykotick9nrdb, i'm sorry - "I" don't have any suggestions for you, you don't need to keep highlighting me - sorry.02:20
nrdbzykotick9, ok... I will study the logs maybe there is something there.02:22
itaylor57zykotick9, ahh its a bash thing, I use ksh myself02:22
zykotick9nrdb, best of luck!02:22
nrdbzykotick9, somsip, its even taking a minutes to reboot.02:23
somsipnrdb: well, it's getting a bit OT as an ubuntu issue and more into the realms of server admin. I'm not sure how much help I'll be02:23
mrguserHii all02:24
nrdbsomsip, I know.  do you think it would be better to ask in the #debian channel?02:24
mrguserHack ubuntu server thrg nokia E6302:25
somsipnrdb: I've never beenthere so I wouldn't know. I do tend to fall back on Goolge and frustrationwhen I'm stuck on things like this myself.02:25
PhaseI notice that after entering the sudo password on the first sudo command, subsequent sudo commands don't ask for the password. How do I clear that stored permission so I can test a script I'm writing?02:25
kingofswordshow can i disble multisampling in wine?02:26
zykotick9nrdb, if you're using ubuntu DO NOT ask in #debian - they won't like it (i don't)02:26
nrdbzykotick9, hmmm ok.02:27
mrguserSrch video on youtube as"netwrkspider"02:27
mrguserThx for watching irc hack02:29
YadaWhat's the best backup app for ubuntu 10.04?02:29
bullgard4_Yada: rsnapsho02:30
bullgard4_Yada: rsnapshot02:30
Yadabullgard4_: sweet02:33
=== nekkid is now known as Guest14124
Guest14124anyone know of a cool cisco for linux site?02:33
mbrigdanUbuntu suddenly seems to be ignoring module blacklists. update-initramfs is adding blacklisted modules, and other modules (like pcspkr) are being loading even though they are blacklisted. Can anyone help?02:34
meditation_manthat dont impress me much02:34
olabazhey I only know how to install programs using apt-get install but when they're not on there I don't know how to do it02:34
olabazI read the readme and follow what it says to do but it doesn't quite work02:35
Yadabullgard4_: you know I just want to restore the partition where the ubuntu is to a specifice dat.02:35
urlin2uolabaz, look in syaptic02:35
=== hamnegga is now known as nac4l
Tenkawaso.. anyone running ubuntu on a hp touchpad yet?? hehehe02:36
olabazurlin2u it's not on there02:37
Tenkawaso.. anyone running ubuntu on a hp touchpad yet?? hehehe02:37
Tenkawasorry bout that02:37
Tenkawabad up arrow hit02:37
=== meditation_man is now known as tation_man
urlin2uolabaz, what the package or synaptic?02:37
=== Cact is now known as RackOfLambOfGod
olabazI downloaded the .tar.bz2 and extracted and opened the readme. It gives me a list of commands for building02:38
gugugagawhy using shutdown command in this way - sudo shutdown 1:20 will cause the machine hang when the time reached ?02:38
kingofswordsanother wasted night trying to sort my pc out getting nowhere02:39
olabazbut they stop working02:39
urlin2uolabaz, it is in mine you need to open the repositories02:39
Tenkawakingofswords: what kind of problems?02:39
kingofswordsubuntu just seems impossible to use02:40
Tenkawahmm... in what way? hardware support or using the os?02:40
rslackekingofswords: try slackware then02:40
Yadause kshudown?02:40
olabazurlin2u, well I thought i did open them but anyways I want to be able to use those commands02:40
kingofswordswhats slackware02:40
somsipkingofswords: LFS is worth looking at02:41
Yadait has a timer02:41
urlin2ukingofswords, a OS02:41
tation_manubuntu is more easy than other kingofswords02:41
kingofswordsim not a pc programmer i just wanna use my pc to surf and play a couple of games02:41
Tenkawawell slackware and lfs do not sound like what he wants to me02:41
Tenkawaquite the opposite02:41
gugugagai use ubuntu only for one thing ............surf internet02:41
kingofswordswhenever i get a problem i seem to spend days going round in circles and everyone in here speaks double dutch02:42
Tenkawakingofswords: odd...02:42
gugugagaand update my website and using xchat and gimp that's all02:42
kingofswordsubuntu messed my windows partition up so i installed game in wine which now lags and is out of sync...but when ever i find solution i get even more probles02:43
gugugagai can never get my tv tuner card work on ubuntu02:43
urlin2ukingofswords, how did ubuntu mess up a windows partition?02:43
kingofswordsi can upgrade ubuntu i cant install xorg 1.8 i can disable ultisampling in regedit...02:43
tation_manwine problems ?02:43
kingofswordsurlin2u, the mbr02:44
Tenkawambr can be easily fixed02:44
urlin2ukingofswords, thas child play.02:44
kingofswordsactaully no it cant02:44
Tenkawathen its not the mbr...02:44
kingofswordsi have ssd hdd and cant get into recovery console02:44
kingofswordsi cant reinstall xp02:44
Tenkawayou dont have to...02:45
kingofswordsTenkawa, what is it then cos i still have all my windows files02:45
urlin2ukingofswords, you have a XP disc?02:45
Tenkawaand why does having a ssd matter? I'm running an ssd02:45
urlin2ukingofswords, you want XP to boot?02:45
kingofswordsxp doesnt install on ssd02:45
olabazurlin2u, what repository do I need for usbmuxd02:45
urlin2uolabaz, not sure02:45
kingofswordsso i had to slipstream xp on a usb02:45
Tenkawait may not install on ahci but that is not ssd specifc02:46
Tenkawaor am I completely missing something .... mind you I'm almost asleep..02:46
urlin2uolabaz, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list     find the ones off.02:46
Tenkawayou can also readd xp to grub's boot02:46
pashaI'm about to up the paper based off last night's talk xD02:47
kingofswordsTenkawa, i dont know but it doesnt install02:47
Tenkawawhats the error?02:47
TenkawaI'd say fix the grub.cfg02:47
Tenkawaand then you should be fine02:48
=== nac-godfather is now known as mcurran
kingofswordsi dont know its weeks since i tried02:48
olabazurlin2u, I don't really know what that means lol. I have the file open what am I looking for?02:48
urlin2ukingofswords, if you want XP to boot you can run the bootscript and it will show why.02:48
kingofswordswhats bootscript?02:48
urlin2uolabaz, anything with a # in front is not open02:49
olabazand how do i open it?02:49
olabazremove the #?02:49
urlin2uolabaz, remove the #02:49
urlin2ukingofswords, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/  post it so we can knock off the complaining02:50
olabazhmm i don't have the cdrom one, you think it might be that?02:50
htmlhow to you  play dvd?02:50
rhin0html : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs   RestrictedFormatsPlayingDVDs02:51
urlin2uhtml, you can install vlc, or the restricted-extras, and get the medinunti if needed02:51
IdleOnehtml: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:51
IdleOnehtml: you should be good after that02:51
rhin0does that install libdvdcss idleone - in that case yes02:52
urlin2uolabaz, not following you be more specific02:52
IdleOnerhin0: not 100% sure but I think it might02:52
rhin0html: also sudo apt-get install libdvdread402:52
rhin0"sudo apt-get install libdvdread4"02:52
rhin0in the bash shell02:53
olabazurlin2u, For software sources one of them says cdrom:[Ubuntu 8.04.....]02:53
urlin2uolabaz, that is the cd not used leave the # you have to run a update after enabling any repo02:54
olabazsudo apt-get update?02:54
gugugagaomg steve job resign so now it's time for linux to take over the world ?02:54
itaylor57olabaz, what version are you running?02:55
urlin2uolabaz, yeah, has this computer been upgraded from 8.0402:55
centHOGGlinux desktop compared to osx = sad joke02:55
olabazno, i just installed it today from a cd I had02:55
olabazi tried updating it but it froze in the middle and then linux crashed02:55
urlin2uolabaz, that is a end of life release02:55
kingofswordsurlin2u, http://pastebin.com/bcDjHdNe02:55
olabazso i'm just gonna stay with 8.0402:56
urlin2ukingofswords, you have XP in a extended, wont work02:57
htmlrhin0, urlin2u,  IdleOne,  thanks02:57
IdleOnehtml: welcome02:57
kingofswordsurlin2u, double dutch to me mate02:57
gugugagaolabaz just download the latest ubuntu using firefox02:57
kingofswordsalthought i have figureed it out that it doesnt work02:57
gugugagaand install it02:57
nac-godfatherAnyone here got gnome amd64 and tried getting the 64 bit flash working in firefox 5?02:58
wildbatkingofswords: unless you use grub to chainload the XP or else window bootloader can't boot it02:58
kingofswordswildbat, i dont know what chaiload means?02:58
urlin2ukingofswords, the extended partition, is a container for logical partitions=no promary partition, windows needs a primary, this is user error not ubuntu's fault02:58
zykotick9centHOGG, an article you should consider reading http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/483462-is-the-linux-desktop-qon-parq-with-mac-and-windows-no-way02:58
=== knoppix is now known as white_magic
nac-godfathermost bootloaders have a chainloader method, like map and other boot line parameters that allow chainloading another bootloader on another partition02:59
olabazgugugaga maybe i'll do that another day. don't want anything to crash again02:59
white_magicanyone here familiar with knoppix? I accidentally pressed some key combination which basically switched the GUI theme to 'night mode' or something and it's annoying..02:59
kingofswordsurlin2u, windows is primary...how was it working before02:59
nac-godfatherit's actually the best method, rather than wiping out native bootloaders for each os02:59
olabazurlin2u, wouldn't it be easier to just install it using the commands?02:59
gugugaganothing will crash cos you just download the file and you need to burn it into a disk in order to use it03:00
urlin2uolabaz, if the repo is open and it shows03:00
gugugagaeven if the connection drop you can continue the next day the download will resume03:00
nac-godfatheryeah, figure that part out and learn how to burn an iso, then come back and ask questions before installing.03:00
urlin2ukingofswords, you also have a grub legacy file in your grub2 set up.  /boot/grub/menu.lst03:00
wildbatkingofswords: chainload main use a bootloader to boot and other .03:00
wildbatkingofswords: means.03:01
padlihi all03:01
urlin2ukingofswords, grub2 in the mbr, and dual grubs otherwise03:01
nac-godfatherI don't know why syslinux doesn't likes to complain so much about modified isolinux.cfg files from iso files.  Just work 'em baby.  Never had a problem before until recently.03:02
kingofswordsright i havent got a clue what ur both saying so thanks anyway.....im of to bed03:02
kingofswordsi thinks it best i just go back to windows03:02
olabazhmm i've enabled all of them and it's not showing03:02
nac-godfatherwell ur better off then.03:02
urlin2ukingofswords, the point is don't complain about Ubuntu this is all user error03:02
amh345how do you find out what user runs a cron job?03:02
amh345oh better yet, what user executes the cron03:02
usr13amh345: Ask your system administrator, he should know.03:03
kingofswordsurlin2u,  my point was ubuntu isnt easy for not pc programmer type ppl to use03:03
nac-godfatherunless your willing to just install to a separate hd, or separate computer, don't come here bitchin' cause you don't understand the process, especially when people are willing to go out of their way to walk you through it and not explain every detail.03:03
olabazgugugaga but doesn't ubuntu download the files before installing them? It was during the upgrade of one of the packages that it crashed03:03
amh345i am the friggin system admin. im testing something03:03
usr13amh345: How many users are on the system?03:03
gugugagaolabaz dont use the update manager to upgrade your ubuntu , download the iso file03:04
nac-godfathernot unless you use apt-get cache or whatever it is.  You could check your dpkg cache directory to see if it's there, but probably not.03:04
usr13amh345: What the cron job does should be a clue.  Right?03:04
olabazgugugaga is there a difference?03:04
olabazurlin2u, hmm i've enabled all of them and it's not showing03:05
usr13amh345: What does the job do?03:05
amh345usr13: i think we might be on different pages. i know what the cron does. i want to know if my user executes it or if sometihng like root does.03:05
IdleOneamh345: ps aux | grep cron03:05
IdleOnethat might give you some info03:05
amh345thank you IdleOne03:07
usr13amh345: It would be pretty hard for someone else to determine, (other than you).  I just dont think there is a silver bullet that will trace down the owner of a cron job.03:07
gugugagaolabaz taht's a fresh ubuntu installation :) required you to reinstall all app and copy back all your files03:07
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.03:07
IdleOneor give false advice03:08
gugugagaupgrade is easy but error prone03:08
olabazlol that doesn't sound too good to me03:08
olabazcan someone teach me how to follow readme directions, apparently i do it wrong03:08
blsh0pwho are u guts?03:08
amh345IdleOne: that showed me.  it says cron is root and grep cron is myself (my user).  and im using that one of these values beside it is the PID.   this definitely helps.03:08
amh345thanks again03:08
mordonezHi guys , yesterday I upgrade some packages and now the boot stops on line starting apparmor...03:09
usr13IdleOne: ps aux |grep cron   Will only show root.03:09
amh345useing = assuming03:09
mordonezany ideas what can be happening?03:09
blsh0pwtf why did it send me here?03:09
IdleOneusr13: I said it will give some info not all03:09
blsh0pwhat do i type to learn the commands?03:09
usr13blsh0p: man <command-here>03:10
IdleOneblsh0p: this is #ubuntu the Ubuntu support channel.03:10
blsh0pthis irc sucks, it doesnt even show me whos in the chatroom03:10
blsh0ptheres no iddlers or chatting list03:10
rypervencheblsh0p: irssi?03:10
blsh0phow do i see whos in the chatroom?03:10
usr13blsh0p: try  /who03:10
IdleOneblsh0p: what client are you using?03:10
symaxianIs there any method for geany to remember folded code?03:10
usr13xchat should have a sidebar03:10
blsh0panyone know any better irc clients for casual chatters?03:10
rypervencheblsh0p: xchat is it03:11
blsh0pit doesnt it sucks03:11
zykotick9blsh0p, gnome-xchat by chance?03:11
IdleOneblsh0p: the user list in xchat is hidden you need to expand it. it's on the right03:11
usr13blsh0p: irssi03:11
blsh0pyes, that one03:11
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
blsh0pnope, expanded and still hidden03:11
amh345is it wise to set the sudo p/w in a cron?  seems like no it wouldnt be.  if not, how can i assign a user to execute that cron?03:11
usr13bindi: /who03:11
blsh0pwhat is irssi?03:11
=== mike is now known as Guest44362
zykotick9blsh0p, cli irc client03:11
usr13blsh0p: Either one03:11
blsh0pi dont want to type who every five seconds to see whose online03:11
IdleOneblsh0p: then you didn't expand the user list.03:11
olabazCan someone guide me through building an install? It doesn't work when I do it03:11
blsh0pis it for linx?03:12
CarlFKamh345: root can have its own cron jobs, guessing that's what you want?03:12
zykotick9blsh0p, use regular xchat03:12
usr13blsh0p: Why is it so important to see who is online?03:12
amh345CarlFK: i dont think i want root to have a job.03:12
blsh0pso i can click to pm them03:12
IdleOnerecommending irssi when they can't find the user list in xchat is not going to help03:12
usr13blsh0p: Do you realize how many there are on this channel?03:12
amh345i'd like my user to. because i seem to be generating some permission errors.03:12
blsh0pok never mind i found it, good call03:12
blsh0ptheres like a million03:13
blsh0plike i said, a million03:13
olabazIdleOne, can you help me build a file?03:13
bambanxguys i am trying to download photoshop from adobe web, for run on wine in ubuntu, but i cannot download the web detect i am on ubuntu any light for me?03:13
IdleOneblsh0p: I'm going to have our channel bot send you some links so that you know the channel rules03:13
IdleOne!guidelines > blsh0p03:13
ubottublsh0p, please see my private message03:13
usr13bambanx: Try gimp03:14
bambanxi dont like gimp bro03:14
IdleOne!codeofconduct > blsh0p03:14
usr13bambanx: Why not?03:14
IdleOneolabaz: probably not03:14
bambanxi tryed to use but i have years on photoshop :/03:14
blsh0pwhat did  ido wrong?03:14
ParkerRbambanx, naybe download it on a windows machine or vm first?03:14
CarlFKamh345:  there isn't much differnce between using sudo in a cron job vs having root run the job03:14
usr13bambanx: Best to just do a virtual box install of MS Windows03:15
crabsGimp has only recently gained a working single window mode... maybe you should re-assess03:15
bambanxi dont have a copy of windows now :/03:15
blsh0pi didnt realize i did anything wrong, im sorry idle03:15
ParkerRusr13, well Photoshop runs perfectly in wine03:15
bambanxany way to fake my browser or some03:15
amh345CarlFK: i'd like my user (ubuntu) to run the cron. not root.  but it looks like root owns cron right now03:15
IdleOneblsh0p: nothing I just wanted to make sure you didn't in the future :)03:15
CarlFKamh345: if you want to lock things down, look int selinux - it adds a layer of security that seems pretty cool03:15
urlin2uolabaz, so I don.t know the repo that package is in, I have about 10 extras, so could be any03:15
usr13ParkerR: Thanks for the info.  I did not know that.  Very good.  (But I still prefer gimp).03:15
olabazurlin2u, can you guide me through building the file with the source?03:16
IdleOne!compile > olabaz03:16
urlin2uolabaz, is it a tar03:16
ubottuolabaz, please see my private message03:16
ParkerRbambanx, PM03:16
blsh0pok sorry03:16
zykotick9!checkinstall > olabaz03:16
olabazit was but i decompressed it03:16
usr13bambanx: I stand corrected.  As ParkerR points out, running photoshop under wine works fine. So  there you go.03:17
usr13olabaz: What package are you trying to install?03:19
mordonezfor some reason03:19
mordonezubuntu do not finish the boot process03:19
mordonezit stops on a black screen03:19
ajacobsamh345:  'man 5 crontab' says that each user can have a crontab and the user owns the scheduled processes03:19
mordonezhow can I see what happened?03:19
usr13olabaz: It's in the repo Right?03:20
mordonezboot log?03:20
usr13olabaz: Why not just use the package manager?03:20
olabazusr13, no i downloaded a folder from a website03:20
usr13olabaz: A folder?03:20
olabazusr13, tar.bz2 with stuff inside03:20
bazhang!info usbmuxd | olabaz03:20
ubottuolabaz: usbmuxd (source: usbmuxd): USB multiplexor daemon for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.7-1 (natty), package size 34 kB, installed size 152 kB03:20
bazhangolabaz, install from repos instead03:21
=== vincent is now known as Guest32234
olabazbazhang, i couldn't find it in repo and i also want to learn how to do it this way03:21
usr13olabaz: tar jxvf tar.bz2   #Will untar and decompress it.03:21
bazhangolabaz, I just showed you the package03:21
blsh0phow do i change servers?03:21
blsh0pi want to go on the server irc.typemetrics.net03:21
olabazusr13, yeah i decompressed it and i opened the readme and it tells me to run 5 commands03:21
blsh0pport 666703:22
olabazusr13, i ran the first 3 but when I get to make it doesn't work03:22
TheEvilPhoenixblsh0p:  perhaps /server irc.typemetrics.net 666703:22
usr13olabaz: But if you just want to install usbmuxd  just use the package manager, you'll be glad you did.   sudo apt-get install usbmuxd03:22
olabazE: Couldn't find package usbmuxd03:22
bazhangolabaz, you using slackware?03:23
usr13olabaz: Are you using slackware?03:23
olabazno idk what that is03:23
olabazi was trying to find a repo that had that file in it03:23
usr13olabaz: /join ##slackware03:23
dwp__Does anybody have a suggestion on some good Ubuntu linux backup software03:23
zykotick9olabaz, "lsb_release -s -c"03:23
IdleOneolabaz: what version of ubuntu are you running and what error do you get when you try to run make?03:23
bazhangolabaz, we just gave you the ubuntu command to install it, this is not slackware support so join their channel for support if you are using it03:23
IdleOne!backup | dwp__03:23
ubottudwp__: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:23
usr13olabaz: If you are using ubuntu, just do  apt-get install usbmuxd03:24
olabazbazhang i am not i pasted wrong thing03:24
olabazusr13, that gives me: E: Couldn't find package usbmuxd03:24
zykotick9olabaz, "lsb_release -s -c" in a terminal, what does it return?03:24
usr13olabaz: apt-cache search usbmuxd03:24
olabazidleone, i'm using 8.04 and i get: make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.03:24
usr13olabaz: Yes, as zykotick9 says, show us the version number.03:24
TheEvilPhoenixewww 8.0403:25
blsh0pu guys, what command is private message?03:25
TheEvilPhoenixdoes that thing even exist in 8.0.4?03:25
usr13olabaz: 8.04 is passed EOL03:25
IdleOneblsh0p: /msg nickname03:25
TheEvilPhoenixblsh0p:  /msg person msg03:25
blsh0pok thanks03:25
TheEvilPhoenix!8.04 | olabaz03:25
ubottuolabaz: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.03:25
bazhangblsh0p, /msg nick message03:25
zykotick9TheBigRedButton, 8.04 isn't supported, so doesn't matter03:25
IdleOne!eol | olabaz03:25
ubottuolabaz: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:25
TheEvilPhoenixbazhang:  ninja'd :P03:25
olabazlol dammit wth03:25
blsh0phow do i do it where it opens up a private message channel?03:25
usr13olabaz: If you have your update manager set to LTS, you should be able to upgrade to 10.0403:25
TheEvilPhoenixblsh0p:  /query person03:25
bazhangblsh0p, you may wish to ask in #freenode for such general info, what irc client are you using03:25
usr13olabaz: After that, you whould have a better go of it.03:26
TheEvilPhoenixbazhang:  he's in xchat03:26
IdleOneolabaz: the problem is you are running an unsupported version. please upgrade to a stable and supported release03:26
olabazusr13, i tried  upgrading and it crashed03:26
blsh0pwhere can i learn all the commands and their meanings?03:26
usr13olabaz: Try again.03:26
TheEvilPhoenixblsh0p:  i'd ask in #freenode or #xchat, this channel isnt really IRC/xchat support.03:26
bazhangblsh0p, what commands, for example03:26
TheEvilPhoenixbazhang:  i think he wants an overview of IRC commands :/03:26
blsh0pyes, thats it03:27
bazhangblsh0p, lets go to #xchat , I'll help you there03:27
usr13olabaz: You can just do a fresh install.  Back up /home and pop in 10.04 or 11.04 and do a fresh install.03:27
Falaughfulmy update manager isn't working, it tells me there's an unresolvable problem and to report it. any one encounter this and fix it?03:28
urlin2uFalamica, pastebin the errors03:28
zykotick9Falaughful, from command line try "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade" pastebin any errors03:28
urlin2uFalaughful, pastebin the errors03:28
Falaughfulthank you, now its going03:30
bambanxhow can extract rar files03:31
somsipbambanx: unrar03:31
karmstwell I tried to install Ubuntu but it doesn't have support for the onboard intel raid card03:32
bambanxand when i have a file in parts ?03:32
karmstkeeps trying to install grub on /dev/sda03:32
bambanxunrar the first file?03:32
somsipbambanx: dunno offhand. What does the help say?03:32
karmstwhen it's supposed to be on /dev/raidXXX03:32
karmstand i know how to build grub manually03:33
karmstbut the install just stops and doesn't allow you to make any selections in the menu's03:33
urlin2ukarmst, grub is pointed in the something else part of where you want the install03:34
karmstand I do that03:34
karmstbut when you hit enter or try and make the selection03:35
karmstyou can't select anything in the menu03:35
karmsteven cancel doesn't work03:35
karmstyou have to hard re-ipl the system03:35
urlin2ukarmst, you have a raid so it may be just putting grub in a  Ubuntu partition then loading grub to the bootpartition from a live cd not sure really.03:36
karmstwell the cd would be /dev/cdb or somethhing03:37
karmstnot /dev/sda03:37
karmstwhich would be a scsi device03:37
karmstI think there's a bug in the install03:37
urlin2ukarmst, you can.t put grub on the cd03:37
karmstI know03:37
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
urlin2ukarmst, the something else custom install also expects a target partition, and amount set as well03:39
urlin2ua mount03:39
karmstok but do you understand what I am saying03:40
karmstit shows the menu... Says can't install Grub on /dev/sda03:40
karmstso it says change the path for grub03:40
urlin2ukarmst, somewhat, I suspect a raid in Ubuntu is done with a alternative.03:40
karmstyou do that and click enter and it does nothing03:40
karmstyou click cancel install and click enter03:41
karmstit's like the menu doesn't control the commands03:41
urlin2ukarmst, you have any partitions mounted?03:41
karmstthe raid partition is mounted03:42
urlin2ukarmst, thats the problem  would bet03:42
nac-godfatherIs there really any need to have the gnome-keyring startup services running at all?  Like ssh, secret storage service, and certificate and key storage, I just find gnome-keyring useless and annoying, and if these won't prevent me from using ssh to open a vnc tunnel or something like that, then let me know, cause I'd prefer just turn them off.03:42
karmstif you use SSL on anything and turn the keyring off you will have to manually accept every certificate request03:43
nac-godfatherlike an apache server?03:44
karmstlike anything requiring certificate authentication03:45
karmstip sec03:45
nac-godfatherwhat do you mean by "anything"  what types of apps/or services03:45
nac-godfatherah okay.03:45
nac-godfatherI'll keep that one on then03:45
nac-godfatherthanks you.03:45
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iedhsorry i am noob, where is the ubuntu channel in spanish?03:46
karmstok in a VM with a 2 disk array raid mirror it installs just fine03:46
karmstit's got to a bug in the intel raid drivers03:46
somsip!es | iedh03:46
ubottuiedh: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:46
nac-godfatheranyone here using flash 64 bit in firefox?03:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
iedhthx, i tried ubuntu.es lol03:47
urlin2ukarmst, the raid partition is where your putting Ubuntu?03:47
oooaaaooohey guys just a question, i added a ppa and was wondering if there was anyway to a. list all the ppa's i have and b. browse through a ppa, via cli?03:47
=== sparky is now known as eskim0
urlin2uoooaaaooo, in etc/apt/sources.d03:48
nac-godfatheryeah, do "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep ppa"03:48
urlin2uor etc/aptsources.list oooaaaooo03:49
nac-godfatherthen maybe look at those sources listed in a web browser03:49
jgornickHey guys, is there a service or application available that allows me to make sure that I have n number of active instances of an application running at once and if one exits, then another will start?03:49
nac-godfatherno, it's what I wrote "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep ppa" and you'll only get the ppa's03:50
antimousehello people, how can I set gnome classic desktop as default from the command line on Ubuntu 11.04?03:50
nac-godfatherlog in as another user03:50
urlin2unac-godfather, there is a sources.d as wel03:50
zykotick9antimouse, are you using startx to start Xorg?03:50
oooaaaooonac-godfather: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep ppa yields nothing03:51
nac-godfatherwell did you add ppa's03:52
antimousezykotick9 no, actually everything starts till the login screen, but the resolution is messed up, so I can't see anything. and I know unity is not supported by my video card03:52
Flanneloooaaaooo: Try cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | grep -i ppa03:52
nac-godfatherI have ppa's in mine, and that exact command listed all mine I added.03:52
fhtagnit should default to gnome 2 =/03:52
nac-godfatherdeb http://all.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing03:53
nac-godfatherdeb http://64.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing03:53
nac-godfatherdeb http://source.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing03:53
nac-godfather#Adobe FlashPlayer03:53
FloodBot1nac-godfather: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:53
nac-godfatherdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sevenmachines/flash/ubuntu lucid main03:53
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oooaaaoooFlannel: is sources.list.d a directory>03:53
nac-godfatherdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/sevenmachines/flash/ubuntu lucid main03:53
urlin2uoooaaaooo, go to file in home to  /etc/apt/sources.list.d03:53
urlin2uand open the directory03:54
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peydudeany network gurus in the house ?03:54
zykotick9!anyone > peydude03:55
ubottupeydude, please see my private message03:55
peydudeI think there is something wrong with my routing table. specifically the loopback interface:03:56
peydudeloopback        localhost       UG    0      0        0 lo03:56
peydudeshould it have the UG flag ?03:56
oooaaaooourlin2u: whats the diff between sources.list and sources.list.d03:57
urlin2uoooaaaooo, I think the list.d is those added with apt-add-repoitory.03:58
fowlwhenever i download say a .zip in chrome and click to open it I get an error with nautilus not knowing how to open it because it's not a folder, how can  fix this so it opens with the preferred program?03:59
Flanneloooaaaooo: it is.03:59
urlin2ufowl, right click03:59
Flanneloooaaaooo: You can treat all the contents of all the files in /etc/sources.list.d/ as being a part of /etc/sources.list03:59
fowlnautilus opens it fine when i open from a directory04:00
PhaseI'm trying to edit /etc/suoders so swapon/swapoff don't require a password ( my sudoers file: http://sprunge.us/CTYZ ), but it still requires a password. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?04:00
djjonexi have a monitor splitter cable and i see the same in both monitor...how i can change that04:00
urlin2ufowl, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1028704:01
oooaaaooourlin2u: i see , think the .d is for ppa's and the other one's all the psuedo/official ones04:02
fowlthat doesn't help04:02
FlannelPhase: try Phase ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/swapon, /sbin/swapoff04:02
Flanneloh, bother.04:02
urlin2uoooaaaooo, any will go in the sources.list though04:02
FlannelPhase: not that.04:02
PhaseFlannel: :P04:03
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase_282
oooaaaooourlin2u: how do i browse the packages in any given repository?04:03
FlannelPhase: Phase ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/swapon, /sbin/swapoff04:03
theadminoooaaaooo: Not really. The sources list of APT is composed of all the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, and /etc/apt/sources.list, neither of them are dedicated to any kind of repositories04:03
PhaseFlannel: Alright, let me try that04:03
theadminFlannel: You could just very well add the swap partition to fstab with the "user" option, don't you think?04:03
oooaaaoootheadmin: then why have 2 of them?04:04
theadminoooaaaooo: Just for comfort04:04
=== Rafase_282 is now known as Rafase282
Flanneltheadmin: well, from his sudoers, it looks like he only wants himself to be able to do it, not just anyone.04:04
urlin2uoooaaaooo, thats backwards it is choose a package then find the repository.04:04
theadminFlannel: Oh04:04
PhaseFlannel: hm, still asking for password, and yes theadmin.. only me04:04
Phasephase@myth:~$ sudo test04:04
Phase[sudo] password for phase:04:04
Phasephase@myth:~$ sudo swapoff /dev/sda504:04
Phase[sudo] password for phase:04:04
FloodBot1Phase: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:05
Phase4 lines.. whats the max, 3?04:05
FlannelPhase: Change the /usr/sbin/yaddayadda to some other arbitrary command, see if it asks for a password.04:05
urlin2uoooaaaooo, there might be a way, but I have never done that.04:05
theadminPhase: You sure? It's like "username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /whatever", also it's case-sensetive, just saying04:05
zykotick9Flannel, would Phase need to log out/back in for those changes to take effect?04:05
Flannelzykotick9: No, sudo reads sudoers whenever it's run.04:06
oooaaaooourlin2u: ok i so when i run apt-add-repository i am adding a repo right?04:06
zykotick9Flannel, thanks - good to know04:06
Phasetheadmin: That's what I have, zykotick9 I close that terminal and open a new tab just to be safe anyway04:06
Flannelzykotick9: (which is why you use visudo to edit it, so a syntax mistake doesn't make you unable to fix it)04:06
urlin2uoooaaaooo, if the repository loads that way I have only used that command with pps'a not real sure of the full use.04:06
fowlwhenever i download say a .zip in chrome and click to open it I get an error with nautilus not knowing how to open it because it's not a folder, how can  fix this so it opens with the preferred program? here's the error I get http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/r9nv64d7/Selection_007.png04:07
PhaseFlannel: That didn't work, I changed it to 'phase   ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/echo' and it still asked for a password. I'm using Lubuntu/LXTerminal encase theres a subtle difference04:08
theadminfowl: You have to open it with file-roller04:08
FlannelPhase: shouldn't be, no.04:09
FlannelPhase: Are you the only one on this machine?04:09
PhaseFlannel: yeah04:09
urlin2uoooaaaooo, this might help, you  this was on the web took me 2 seconds two find. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine have to a bit of the work here, if you can.04:09
urlin2uyou have to04:09
cjaeHi how do I get pcsx 11.0404:10
PhaseFlannel: I even tried opening a new LXTerminal window entirely with no luck04:10
FlannelPhase: Alright, just for kicks, lets try ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/echo04:10
theadminPhase: Make sure that line is the *last line* in the file, i.e. it is *below* the default definitions04:11
urlin2ucjae https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/pcsx04:11
fowlare you saying nautilus isn't smart enough to delegate opening a .tar.bz2 to the default program04:11
FlannelOh, duh.04:11
fowlis gnome broken?04:11
FlannelPhase: yeah, that's your problem, what theadmin said.04:11
PhaseThe groups %admin and %sudo are messing it up though?04:11
Phase(I'm in those groups)04:11
FlannelPhase: You basically remove your special status by overwriting it later, yes.04:12
FlannelPhase: Just move that line to the end (above the includes, or after the includes if you desire)04:12
Flannelgood catch theadmin04:12
theadminFlannel: Thanks04:12
urlin2uwho was that theadmin04:13
cjaeurlin2u: nothing there04:13
theadminurlin2u: Sorry?04:13
urlin2ucjae, not available in Natty in big letters though04:13
oooaaaooourlin2u: thanks does a good job explaining the format of the sources.list files but still no info on browsing through any of the added repo04:13
urlin2utheadmin, just a play on words who was that masked person04:14
oooaaaooourlin2u: i mean when you launch synaptic it basically does that doesnt it?04:14
theadminurlin2u: ...?04:14
PhaseFlannel, theadmin: Bingo. Thanks guys.04:14
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
theadminPhase: No problem04:14
oooaaaooourlin2u: it loads all the packages in all the repos?04:14
ParkerRusr13, I got bambanx all set up and working :D04:14
urlin2uoooaaaooo, I think that is not a standard way but a noobs dream, not you per say.04:14
oooaaaooourlin2u: huh?>04:15
urlin2uoooaaaooo, you fine what you want then find where it's at04:15
Flanneloooaaaooo: Are you just looking to see the packages in that repo? or do you want to actually browse their descriptions/etc?04:15
theadminfowl: That's none of nautilus' buisness. To open a file in the default program, use "xdg-open FILENAME"04:15
oooaaaoooFlannel: the former04:15
urlin2uoooaaaooo, it's not a supermarket for shopping, there are 1000's of apps, does not make sense to list apps changing daily in tons of repos.04:16
fowltheadmin: thank you04:17
oooaaaooourlin2u: surely they have an index file... i mean isnt this already being executed in synaptic anyways>04:17
Flanneloooaaaooo: Just browse to the appropriate repo, and look at either the Packages.gz or Packages.bz2 file (same info, different compression).  For instance: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/04:17
urlin2uoooaaaooo, as I have tried to say I don'y know in the end, just seems backwards04:17
Flanneloooaaaooo: I'm not sure if PPAs are structured identically (dists/[version]/[component]/[binary-arch]/) or not04:18
cjaehow do I use this site04:23
gueriLLaPunKanyone here installed ubuntu 11.04 on their hp touchpad?04:24
urlin2ugueriLLaPunK, you having a problem , or just want to bond?04:30
gueriLLaPunKlol i dont know how to use meta doctor04:30
gueriLLaPunKim trying to install it04:30
gueriLLaPunKbut im lost04:30
FloodBot1gueriLLaPunK: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
usr13ParkerR: Very good.04:32
gueriLLaPunKurlin2u, did u do it already?04:33
gueriLLaPunKhow do i create the 2GB partition in the touch pad with meta doctor?04:34
gueriLLaPunKim suppose to install ubuntu inside windows and do stuff?04:34
urlin2ugueriLLaPunK, no i don't have one and can't really find a manual on the meta doctor.04:34
gueriLLaPunKtrying to follow that gudei. stuck at step 204:35
white_magicdoes the default ubuntu install have ssh server installed by default?04:37
urlin2ugueriLLaPunK, see if the correlates.  http://sharerally.com/?p=5240104:37
dexter_emine does04:37
gueriLLaPunKty will look, urlin2u04:37
urlin2ugueriLLaPunK, sort of out of my pay rate for sure. ;)04:38
dexter_eI think any remote image will have ssh sever installed by default so that you can administer your machine for the first time04:38
gueriLLaPunKlol thx though, urlin2u :)04:38
groktaranyone have time to look at a pastebin for a dhcpd.conf file? i've got it giving out dynamic ips, but it's not handing out the static ones correctly.04:39
theadmingroktar: You don't really need dhcpcd for static IPs04:40
usr13groktar: pastebinit /etc/dhcpd.conf  #Let's have a look.04:40
groktardhpcd.conf: http://paste.linuxassist.net/215741 /var/log/syslog: http://paste.linuxassist.net/21574304:41
usr13groktar: Wrong subnet.04:43
usr13groktar: You have a fixed IP of  but your subnet is
usr13should be
usr13See it?04:44
TheEvilPhoenixusr13:  the subnet shouldn't be 192.* at all.  the subnet should be for residential networks04:45
bundaihow go into raid channel ?04:46
TheEvilPhoenixthe default gateway should be
TheEvilPhoenixbundai:  /join ##raid04:46
bundaitheevilphoenix thank you04:46
usr13TheEvilPhoenix: You are mixed up.  is the netmask04:46
groktarthere's already a on the network this one is connected to04:46
TheEvilPhoenixah, see at 00:48, i mix stuff up.  usr13 you're right, i misread04:47
TheEvilPhoenix*slaps self*04:47
usr13groktar: If you are going to use you would need to change the netmask04:47
groktari'm really stupid04:47
groktarterrible terrible copy and paste04:47
groktarthanks guys04:47
usr13groktar: So just change  to
groktaryup yup04:48
groktarty ty04:48
groktari actually wanted 192.168.2.x addresses, just typed them wrong and didn't see it04:50
bundaiis there anyone who know about h/w raid04:50
usr13groktar: Not sure about line 804:51
groktarhardware raid: plug like-sized drives into raid card, boot computer, look for a prompt to configure raid settings04:52
groktarhmm maybe i read the guide wrong04:53
usr13groktar: Never mind.  Thta's ok.04:53
usr13I've just not done it that way.04:53
usr13YOur good.04:53
usr13Ok, gotta run.  ttyl all04:54
groktarnow i need to get the local dns working04:54
bundaigroktar I want to replace fail hdd how do that ?04:54
groktarwhat kind of setup did you have?04:55
bundaigroktar its raid104:56
bundaigroktar i want to repalce faild on04:56
bundaigroktar do you want me to remove array and again add ?04:56
bambanxi have my gpu in 96 celcius04:56
bambanxhow can i know what is doing this?04:56
groktarno, i don't nuke the array04:56
groktaryou probably just need to figure out which hdd is bad and replace it04:57
bundaigroktar ok how to chage it is on h/w raid104:57
groktarand in the raid menu there should be something about repairing it04:57
groktari would assume04:57
groktardo you know which controller?04:57
DogearsHi! Do I get a chance to partition the hard drive on a duel boot install after I press ¨install now¨04:59
i_is_brokeDogears, yes04:59
urlin2uDogears, you don't04:59
urlin2uDogears, actuall in something else05:00
urlin2udo it before hand with gparted then use the something else option Dogears05:00
bundaigroktar ach hba05:00
bundaigroktar achi hba mmio05:01
urlin2ubundai, english channel05:01
i_is_brokeurlin2u, if hes using a live disk then yes he can part the hard drive that way.05:01
urlin2ui_is_broke, yes I corrected that thanks05:01
bundaiurlin2u I am define raid controllder05:02
theadminurlin2u: Those are abbreviations05:02
theadminurlin2u: They're English05:02
urlin2uahh, but chatter at the least.05:03
bundaiis there anyone who can assist on HW RAID105:03
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest43271
Dogearsurlin2u: thought I had a chance during the install. Will go to Gparted. Thanks05:06
bundaiHI  is there anyone who can assist on HW RAID1, I have config RAID1 Now i want to test it how to do that  ?05:06
urlin2uDogears, you can in the something else choice of where you want the OS05:07
=== Astrology is now known as Evanescence
gaurav_Ubutnumy brightness is not getting changed with fn key in ubuntu 11.0405:08
=== Evanescence is now known as stardiviner
bundaigry any help reg raid 1 ?05:08
f15hyUbuntu noob needs help.. sry in advance05:09
f15hyI hope this is the right room to help. Im a complete and total novice installing Ubuntu for the first time on an older PC. After installing and first boot, my screen goes to the Ubuntu loading screen (logo is in the middle and dots are under it) and nothing happins. I've installed via ISO DVD dozens of times trying to fix this, and have been lurking on forums all day. the only thing close to the problem im having that i can find is the "black scr05:09
theadminf15hy: You shouldn't burn the Ubuntu ISO to a DVD, you should use a CD instead, also burn at a very low speed05:10
theadminf15hy: That's all I can get at so far05:10
urlin2uf15hy, choose the recovery and failsafe at the next gui, get in update/upgrade, and look in additional drivers for any offered05:11
urlin2uf15hy, your installed just can't get booted right?05:12
urlin2uf15hy, try what I posted, it is a lowgraphics boot05:12
f15hyOkay thanks05:13
ElTimoIs there any way to block modules from loading via grub?05:13
bundai HI  is there anyone who can assist on HW RAID1, I have config RAID1 Now i want to test it how to do that  ?05:13
rumpe1ElTimo, yes  (blacklist, update-initramfs)05:14
olabazhey I did what I thought was a fresh install over an old copy of linux and i have the same files without having backed them up05:14
ElTimorumpe1: You can do that via the grub command line?05:14
olabazdid i do a fresh install or an upgrade?05:14
theadminElTimo: modulename.disable=105:14
theadminElTimo: Append that to the kernel line, should work05:15
ElTimotheadmin: Thanks. Nouveau is being bratty and won't let me even boot far enough to blacklist it.05:16
urlin2uolabaz, when you installed was it from a booted cd, or pendrive?05:16
olabazbooted cd05:17
urlin2uolabaz, what was the new distro?05:17
olabaz10.04.3 LTS05:17
urlin2uolabaz, did you choose the whole disc for install?05:17
olabazurlin2u, no, only the partition with the old linux and i put reformat and everything05:18
bundaihi is there anyone who can help to install ubuntu 11.04 on hardware RAID105:18
sangrealman irssi05:18
olabazurlin2u, i don't have any of the programs i installed but i do have the same files on the desktop05:20
urlin2uolabaz, in the terminal cat /etc/issue05:21
olabazurlin2u, Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS \n \l05:21
urlin2uolabaz, your set.;-)05:21
olabazurlin2u, sweet :P thanks05:21
ElTimotheadmin: It didn't work :/05:22
urlin2uolabaz, took a couple of minutes to find that command, no problem05:22
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
olabazwhat do the \n and \l mean05:22
urlin2uolabaz, not sure really.05:24
somsipolabaz: formatting for whenit's shown in MOTD?05:24
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
anujwaliaBubbling Maths hit d Appstore. A fun way of Learning Maths http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubbling-maths/id458035063?mt=805:28
anujwaliaDownload and Play #Game #Apple #Ipod..05:28
anujwalia********** Already more than 20k downloads ********05:28
anujwaliaGrab your game and make your kid a MATHS BOND05:28
FloodBot1anujwalia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
urlin2ulol spam05:28
=== reed is now known as r33d
olabazoh man all the stuff i was trying to install already comes with 10.04.305:28
gmachine_24using 11.04 and Win7 dual boot, after install of 11.04 win7 does not show up in the boot menu. I need the command please to rewrite or restore ?? grub.05:33
urlin2ugmachine_24, have you tried sudo update-grub05:33
gmachine_24urlin2u, no. but I will.05:34
juleshello, i need help. can anybody tell me the "yahoo plugin" for video/voice chat with empathy? what should i install?05:34
gmachine_24urlin2u, that seemed to do it. cheers.05:35
urlin2ugmachine_24, cool, no problem05:35
go_U_Linuxhay guys05:35
ElTimojules: Empathy doesn't support video for yahoo.05:36
go_U_Linuxjust want to ask what audio usb card is support on ubuntu maveric05:36
theadminElTimo: Didn't work, huh?05:36
theadminElTimo: There is an alternative way05:36
ElTimotheadmin: Lay it on me.05:36
jules...no support? i have read...05:36
go_U_Linuxuse pidgin05:37
go_U_Linuxmuch better05:37
juleswhat should i install for yahoo video chat in pidgin, can you tell me?05:37
ElTimojules: according to this it's not supported, though that could very well be out of date: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#For_which_protocols_does_Empathy_support_audio_and_video_chat.3F05:37
theadminElTimo: Boot with "init=/bin/bash" appended to your kernel line. Then: mount -o remount,rw / ; echo "blacklist your_module" >> /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf ; sync ; mount -o remount,ro / ; reboot -f05:37
go_U_Linuxi think there should be a plugin05:37
go_U_Linuxpidgin is much better05:38
julesEltimo, i will read that, thank you05:38
theadminElTimo: Err, "blacklist.conf" rather than "modprobe.conf", sorry05:38
ElTimojules: No problem.05:38
theadminElTimo: Actually it can be named anything, but must end in .conf and not be "modprobe.conf"05:39
gaurav_Ubutnuwhat is nautilus actions configuration05:39
Book_em_DanoMy pc is displaying a soft-lockup detected on CPU#1 error message during bootup, is this an indictator of data corruption or hardware failure?05:39
ElTimotheadmin: I'll give that a shot.05:40
theadminElTimo: Is a bit complicated, but basically first you mount your root filesystem read-write, next you add the blacklist option to your config file, next you "sync" to verify the data has finished writing to disk, next you remount the root filesystem read-only again, and, finally, reboot05:41
julesokie no support for yahoo, :(05:41
abqqhi using dell inspiron 1300 wifi firmware missing help?05:43
go_U_Linuxyou need to find the wifi drivers yourself05:44
go_U_Linuxcan you find the maker of the wifi card05:45
go_U_Linuxlike run command : lshwd05:45
=== brian is now known as Guest12789
go_U_Linuxlike run command : lspci05:46
go_U_Linuxthis should bring up the hardware infos05:46
remingtonsg NickServ identify juuhachigou05:46
generalsnusHi! Can anyone suggeste a good free program for "Tasks/to-do manager"  .. this tool would be used at a helpdesk for IT, and for personal use aswell05:48
IdleOneremington: please change your nickserv password05:48
remingtonHello. Ubuntu wont allow me to set my onboard sound to anything above stereo duplex. I want to set it to 5.1 surround as I have it in windows. (I'm on 11.04 x64)05:48
go_U_LinuxAudio usb support please05:48
remingtonYes, I see my mistake Idle0ne, lol05:49
go_U_LinuxAudio usb support please05:49
IdleOneremington: it happens.05:49
IdleOnego_U_Linux: Please just ask your question05:49
go_U_Linuxcan i have the list Audio usb card support please05:50
CertHello all; I have an issue installing 11.04 x64- I have to install with nomodset, which installs fine.05:50
CertAfter restarting, I get an error involving gconf sanity check05:50
IdleOne!hql | go_U_Linux there may be info here05:50
IdleOneguess not05:51
Cert"there was an error with the config server ... Exited with code 256"05:51
CertI tried sudo chmod 1777 /tmp with no change05:51
NonConformistok uummm so i'm installing ubuntu using the frugal install and maybe 5 seconds after i press it RIGHT when it starts copying files the installer crashes.....05:52
NonConformistany ideas?05:52
IdleOne!hcl | go_U_Linux there may be info here05:53
ubottugo_U_Linux there may be info here: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:53
Book_em_DanoMy pc is displaying a "soft-lockup detected on CPU#1..." error message which halts bootup, how can I resolve this?05:54
urlin2uCert, 2008 post 5 use at your own risk http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91730605:54
AlpineAmazing how many people can not get past the first page here wow.05:57
IdleOneBook_em_Dano: from what I have found it seems that error has something to do with the kernel. maybe try asking in #ubuntu-kernel .  good idea to let them know which kernel version you are using.06:03
NonConformistnobody is able to help me?06:03
IdleOnelaunchpad has a few similar bugs logged but they are all very old06:03
remingtonMight need to try back another time NonConformist, when more or different people are available who might know how to help you06:04
NonConformistk =/06:05
srikanthHai every one.........;)06:11
srikanthis ubuntu is safer then Any other OS06:13
Josh_Sound is not working in my ubuntu06:13
Josh_what can I do?06:13
SwedeMikesrikanth: that is a matter of discussion, one that is not suited to be had here.06:14
srikanth@josh Its better to reinstall the os again06:14
remingtonHello. Ubuntu wont allow me to set my onboard sound to anything above stereo duplex. I want to set it to 5.1 surround as I have it in windows. (I'm on 11.04 x64)06:14
NonConformistsrikanth that's not true.....06:14
asher^will sending a signal to a master process propogate that signal to the child processes too?06:15
Loshki!sound | Josh_06:15
ubottuJosh_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:15
srikanthCan i have the breif explanation abt his06:15
FarisWhy do I have to install KDE when removing gnome ? :(06:16
IdleOneyou don't06:16
remingtonKDE is bossy? lol06:16
Josh_Thank you very much Loshki :D06:16
=== vivek is now known as Guest21250
FarisWell when I run apt-get purge liborbit2 I get kde in extra packages to be installed06:16
Guest21250how to fix proxy setting for ubuntu s/w centre06:17
srikanthloshki is ubuntu safer then windows06:17
NonConformistsrikanth I believe you were just told that isn't supposed to be discused here06:18
IdleOnesrikanth: this is not a discussion channel it is a Ubuntu support channel. Please take those sorts of meta questions to #ubuntu-offtopic06:18
FarisWhat's a good command to remove xorg and every gnome/gtk package ?06:19
SwedeMike!best | srikanth06:20
ubottusrikanth: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:20
IdleOneFaris: did you want to replace gnome?06:20
FarisJust want to remove it06:20
FarisAnd it forces me to install kde when trying to do so :'(06:20
srikanthhow to download youtube videos06:21
IdleOneFaris: there is probably a way to do it but I would suggest doing a server install06:21
FarisIt didn't use to in previous versions06:21
Farisoh what a payne :]06:21
FarisThanks anyway06:21
FarisBut that's kinda stupid that it forces u to get kde06:22
LoshkiFaris: I agree, far easier to do a server install than try and strip down a desktop version...06:22
IdleOnesrikanth: install youtube-dl06:22
glebihanFaris, I guess you have a package that depends on (gnome|kde)06:22
Farisno no06:22
IdleOneFaris: not sure why it would force, unless like glebihan said06:22
Farisit forces me to Download KDE06:22
Farishere's the thing06:23
FarisI type in for example06:23
Farissudo apt-get remove libgtk2.0-006:23
IdleOneplease less ENTER and more content :)06:23
Farisand it tells me :06:23
mr-russ1Can I upgrade using the GUI to 11.04 from my local mirror, it just rejects it as an invalid mirror.  Is there an option to workaround this/06:23
Faristhe following packages will be installed06:23
SwedeMike!enter | Faris06:23
ubottuFaris: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:23
FarisSorry ^^06:23
FarisTHe following extra packagtes will be installed: < a pretty long list among which I can read kde stuff>06:24
FarisAnd all I do is removing smth. isn't that odd ?06:25
srikanthi have downloaded the "youtube dl" what's  next step i should do06:25
IdleOneFaris: must be some dependency thing.06:26
IdleOnesrikanth: now type man youtube-dl06:26
rumpe1Faris, well... if you remove some gtk-stuff, which is also included in some metapackages, that offers gtk-support, then they also will be deleted.. which not necessarily means, that applications are getting removed. Just as an example.06:26
=== MDesigner is now known as Guest32027
giantpunedoes anybody know of a program for linux or ubuntu that will display the CID for an SD card?06:28
asher^should sending 'SIGUSR2' to a process kill it?06:28
eng-1____i have this new lenovo G475 laptop but having problem with my graphics, the resolution and desktop effects are seemed to not working properly06:31
glebihanFaris, you might want to try "aptitude --show-why remove liborbit2"06:32
IdleOneasher^: from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIGUSR1_and_SIGUSR2  "sending the Apache HTTP Server a USR1, will ask the server to stop allowing new connections, wait for the current ones to die, reread the config files, re-open its log files, and restart the server, allowing for relatively smooth in-production changes." I imagine SIGUSR2 would act the same.06:32
FarisOk  I'll try it06:33
rumpe1asher^, depends on the process, which has to implement it's handling in some way. There's no default behaviour.06:33
NonConformistI know you said i should probably wait until more people are on but would it help to force the error again and show the log?06:34
asher^rumpe1 thanks, php-fpm seems to exit on sigusr if unhandled in the script. are there any signals i can use or create that wont have a behaviour associated with them?06:35
urlin2ueng-1____, are you fully updated?06:35
rumpe1asher^, i guess there are usually some of them "free" .. .especially on 64bit platforms.06:36
PDunnyAnyone here familiar with debootstrapping?06:37
glebihanasher^, what are you trying to achieve ?06:37
Josh_In linux ips and ports work the same way they work in windows right?06:37
Josh_if yes , where can I find my local lan ip?06:38
asher^glebihan i have a php script that accepts signals, since there will be many of these running i figured the easiest way to signal them all would be with killall. the problem is, the rest of the processes that arent running this script exit when i do that06:38
zerocool1234is there any way to configure diplay settings from server automatically?06:38
srikanthany download accelator is present in ubuntu06:38
rumpe1asher^, signal-list: "kill -l"06:38
zerocool1234is there any way to configure diplay settings from server automatically?06:39
asher^rumpe1 thanks. is there any way to know up front which are handled, or do i need to trial and error?06:40
IdleOneJosh_: ifconfig06:40
glebihanasher^, you might want to have a look at "man 7 signal", it describes and the different signals, what they are used for and what there default action is (both SIGUSR1  and SIGUSR2 and a default action set to TERM)06:40
Josh_IdleOne, thanks alot06:41
glebihanasher^, there are some signals which default action is IGN (ignore)06:41
Josh_IdleOne, also , how can I configure it?06:41
asher^glebihan sweet i see those in man kill06:41
IdleOnehmm, you want to do that in your router I believe06:41
IdleOneJosh_: #networking might be a place to ask06:41
Josh_No , In net configuration06:41
Josh_ohh ok06:41
rumpe1asher^, i guess you have to check the manual of the application06:41
Josh_IdleOne, but if you have idea how to change local lan ip?06:42
IdleOneJosh_: I don't sorry06:42
srikanthany download accelator is present in ubuntu06:42
Josh_No problem.06:42
Josh_thanks though.06:42
zerocool1234is there any way to configure diplay settings from server automatically?06:42
zerocool1234please help me if any one know how to do it06:43
aibrahimi have that message : Disk failure is imminent, ,how can i define that problem , can i fix that ?06:45
aibrahimand how can i get more info about this problem06:45
srikanthjosh any download accelator is present in ubuntu06:47
Hyperbyteaibrahim, backup your data, get a new harddisk.06:48
Hyperbyteaibrahim, lots of info:  http://www.google.com/#q=Ubuntu+%22disk+failure+is+imminent%2206:48
aibrahimHyperbyte, so what is the problem?06:48
Hyperbyteaibrahim, it's a S.M.A.R.T. error, which is given by the harddisk itself, not by Ubuntu.  S.M.A.R.T. is harddisk self-diagnostics.06:49
IdleOnesrikanth: axel - light download accelerator - console version06:51
Hyperbyteaibrahim, you can get more info from S.M.A.R.T. with the smartctl command.  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/smartctl06:51
asher^thanks for your help with the signals guys, WINCH seems to work perfectly :)06:52
pippeliPENIS DICK pippeli  ejv  InvalidHandle  naked89  [THC]AcidRain  dfgas  [THC]AcidRain  JoeR1  tntc  yoshx06:52
geirhaaibrahim: I'd boot up into a live session with the Ubuntu CD, connect an external drive that is large enough to hold an image of your failing harddrive, then use ddrescue to store an image of the failing disk on the external drive.06:52
geirhaaibrahim: Later on you can safely mount and copy out important stuff from that image.06:53
aibrahimgeirha, but that hard will dies ?06:53
JoeR1Excuse me?06:53
IdleOneJoeR1: was spam, ignore it.06:54
JoeR1IdleOne, Very well06:54
ElTimoI just installed gnome 3, and I was wondering how to get it to use the default gnome 3 theme. I know it's possible, but I'm just not sure how.06:54
geirhaaibrahim: It says so itself, and it's probably right. Harddrives don't last forever, and ones it's dead, getting data from it will be hard and expensive.06:54
naked89I use ubuntu10.04 and I add ppa for transmission,but why can't upgrade trasnmission??06:55
IdleOnenaked89: did you sudo apt-get update after adding the ppa?06:56
naked89IdleOne, Yes06:56
IdleOnenaked89: now sudo apt-get upgrade06:56
naked89IdleOne, still can't06:57
rumpe1naked89, perhaps upgraded transmission need also several other packages upgraded (libraries)06:57
IdleOnenaked89: any errors?06:57
naked89IdleOne, no06:57
IdleOneapt-get install transmission06:57
IdleOnewhat happens?06:57
Hyperbytegeirha, heh... another satisfied customer.  I think he was more looking for the answer "ah, ignore that error, your harddisk is fine" :-)06:58
naked89IdleOne, google said it would upgrade to transmission2.33,but still transmission1.9306:58
IdleOnenaked89: what happens when you sudo apt-get install transmission06:59
naked89IdleOne, It installed transmission1.9306:59
IdleOnenaked89: can you paste your sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com please07:00
geirhaHyperbyte: Don't we all? :)07:01
rumpe1naked89, if you added the ppa and undated your sources-list, you can pin the version in the package-management to the ppa version. Maybe package-management is conservative and takes per default the one, which already is in the default repository.07:01
Hyperbytenaked89, you did run all three of the commands there?  The apt-get add-apt-repository one and apt-get update one?  And they didn't give errors?07:02
groktarthis is fun -- i have 3 computers.  Computer A is running as NAT, and Computer B is on its lan.  Computer C, which is outside the lan, can ping Computer B, and vice versa.  However, Computer A can't ping Computer B.  any ideas?  if that was a horribly confusing description i can (badly) draw a picture07:03
naked89http://code.bulix.org/tyoy8o-80465    sources.list07:03
naked89sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa07:04
naked89sudo apt-get update07:04
naked89sudo apt-get install transmission07:04
Hyperbytegroktar, I think making a diagram of the computers and connections, including ip addresses, subnet masks and default gateway will be a good idea.07:04
naked89I have followed these three steps07:05
IdleOnehmm is the lenny repo the one for transmission?07:05
groktarkk, give me a few minutes07:05
IdleOneHyperbyte: PPA gets added to sources.list.d right?07:05
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
rumpe1IdleOne, usually07:06
IdleOnerumpe1: but he is on 10.04 so it would go to sources.list?07:07
rumpe1IdleOne, hm... good question.07:07
naked89IdleOne, it do go to sources.list.d07:07
HyperbyteIdleOne, no idea about 10.04.  11.04 is my first Ubuntu. :)07:08
toocoolnaked89, stick with what you  have or run oneric07:08
IdleOneHyperbyte: no problem :)07:08
IdleOnesuggesting oneiric while still alpha is bad advice07:08
toocoolthe advice is stick with the version you have07:09
IdleOnenaked89: I am not sure why it is not installing the new version, perhaps remove transmission and then try to install it.07:09
toocoolnatty (net): lightweight BitTorrent client [universe]07:09
toocool2.13-0ubuntu8: all07:09
toocooloneiric (net): lightweight BitTorrent client [universe]07:09
toocool2.33-0ubuntu2: all07:09
toocoolwhat is all the need for 2.33 version?07:10
IdleOnedon't know because nothing has changed in it07:10
IdleOnethat I know of07:10
Hyperbytenaked89, you can always fetch the appropriate .deb file here and install manually I think?  https://launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive/ppa07:11
HyperbyteOr can you not download those files manually somehow, IdleOne?07:12
naked89Hyperbyte, ok I'll try it07:12
IdleOneHyperbyte: he could but there will probably be dependency issues07:12
naked89dependency issues are the biggest problems07:13
HyperbyteIdleOne, should be able to be resolved by apt using the main 10.04 repository, shouldn't it?  I mean, it's built against 10.04.07:13
wh1zz0Hi guys.07:13
IdleOneHyperbyte: it's worth a shot07:13
IdleOnehello wh1zz007:13
naked89sorry,i have to go.thank you07:14
HyperbyteGood..... luck, too late. :)07:14
wh1zz0I recently re-installed natty after my previous oneneric install didn't work out well.. Upon my natty installation my hibernate started working perfectly BUT just yesterday the same error I had when I first installed natty started again..I use Dell Vostro 1310, Ubuntu Natty..Please has anyone found a workaround for this because google has proved not to be my friend for now.. :(07:15
geirhaIdleOne: I was a bit too slow, but the problem was probably that the package is called transmission-gtk, not transmission.07:15
groktarHyperbyte: http://i.imgur.com/U1lbV.png07:15
wh1zz0Anytime my computer's battery is low, it goes into suspension mode with two lights flashing on my board07:15
IdleOnegeirha: that makes sense07:16
wh1zz0I have my computer set to hibernate when battery is low.. It worked flawlessly before until yesterday.. Please any help will be appreciated.07:17
Hyperbytegroktar, okay, now what can ping what? :)07:17
HyperbyteYou called them A/B/C before, they're called differently here.07:17
groktareverything can ping everything else except router 2 to computer 207:18
HyperbyteRun 'ip route show' on router 2 and pastebin.07:18
groktari should also mention that router2 is also listening on and has this iptable: /sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -i eth0 -j DNAT --to-destination #as107:19
HyperbyteThat means any packets with destination get intercepted by iptables.  As long as you're not pinging it won't affect.07:19
Hyperbytegroktar, use pastebin.  This one requires username/password.07:20
Hyperbytegroktar, why does it say 'src' in there?  And 'src' ?07:21
HyperbyteThose aren't the IP addresses of router 2 are they?07:21
HyperbyteAccording to your diagram, those should be and respectively.07:22
groktar192.168.1.237 was a typo, the is correct07:23
HyperbyteElse the ping from router 2 to computer 2 gets sent with IP address  Even if router 2's kernel configuration allows that, and the packet goes out, it won't come back to router 2.07:23
groktarit's listening on both and
groktari was going to try to setup a second router with keepalived07:24
groktarso would be a virtual ip, and a third router would take over if the first died07:24
HyperbyteAre and seperate network cards?07:24
groktarsame one07:24
groktarand computer 2 can ping both and
DroidAgentIs there an Ubuntu server image that can fetch packages from the net instead of needing a CD?07:25
HyperbyteCan router 2 ping all of it's own addresses?07:25
=== mang0|zzz is now known as mang0
Hyperbytegroktar, no idea then.  Theorethically this should work I think.  Try disabling the alias, and restore your IP route to say, see if that changes things.  If it doesn't, kill your iptables firewall, see if that changes things.07:27
groktarkk, will do07:27
FlannelDroidAgent: During install? or what?07:27
HyperbyteEither way, I'd look for the problems in the routing area of router 2.  Perhaps there's some ip rule that's making it difficult?  You can check this with 'ip rule show'07:28
DroidAgentFlannel: yes... problem is, I have a bootable USB stick but it insists on wanting a CDROM.07:28
Hyperbytegroktar, either way, I'm off to work now. :-)07:28
FlannelDroidAgent: Get the mini iso, it downloads packages from the net07:28
Flannel!mini | DroidAgent07:28
ubottuDroidAgent: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:28
DroidAgentFlannel: ahh that sounds great... is there one for Server though?07:29
hoobydoobyhello ubuntu!07:30
FlannelDroidAgent: The mini iso, having no packages on it, can install a GUI-less system as well as a regular desktop.  One of the F keys on the boot menu (they change it, I don't remember what it is now) will allow you to install a text-only system07:30
DroidAgentFlannel: ahh ok, I'll go with that then, thanks a lot!07:31
hoobydoobywhy is my font grey and your black07:31
=== remington is now known as Guest32655
makaraif I install Ocelot Alpha, will the automatic updates bring it up to the full release in October, or will I have to download that CD again?07:33
hoobydoobycan anyone read me07:33
hoobydoobymakara: i think you will get the full update07:33
makarahoobydooby, i'd like to be sure07:34
makarawho would know?07:34
hoobydoobyperhaps one of the developers of it07:35
hoobydoobythanks makara, have a good night or morning!07:36
IdleOnemakara: yes. keeping up to date will get you the final release but 11.10 discussion in #ubuntu+107:37
makaraIdleOne, would automatic update convert 10.04 to 11.10 ?07:38
IdleOneyou can go from LTS to LTS 11.10 will not be a LTS07:39
makaraIdleOne, help me understand the limitations. What exactly is so fundamental about a release? The kernel keeps changing, so why not anything and everything else?07:40
=== asdasd is now known as asdasdfg
=== asdasdfg is now known as e80202
IdleOnemakara: packages get security updates and bug fixes but if you want newer version of applications you need to either upgrade your OS version or enable !Backports or use !PPA07:41
=== MuNk is now known as MuNk`
makaraIdleOne: Ok. So if I've understood correctly, its the selection of what to stick together that makes an Ubuntu release what it is.07:44
IdleOnemakara: yes07:45
ubottuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information07:47
naked89i am back07:51
=== Elephant__ is now known as Elephanter
MK``What's a nice quick way to create a CD image from a disk?07:56
=== kyle__ is now known as kv102t
kv102tI have ubuntu 10.4 LTS, i would like to update the kernal to 3.XXX  is this possible?07:57
VxQfMK``, dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/path/cd.iso07:57
VxQfkv102t, yes but just wait.07:57
VxQfUnless you absolutely need a new kernel for some reason. :/07:58
kv102tVxQf: in a testlab for something else i am working with might require the new kernal.  I would like to try..07:58
VxQfWell you can compile from source but... I wouldn't recommend it.07:58
MK``VxQf: will that copy the entire disk regardless of format?07:59
VxQfVxQf, yes.07:59
VxQfIt will do a direct dump of whatever is in /dev/cdrom into a file07:59
VxQfbyte by byte07:59
VxQfJust be careful where you output it to.07:59
VxQfBecause dd doesn't do any checks.07:59
kv102tVxQf: It's a testlab so no issue there.  I think i hvae found the a sorce.  how do i compile and install?08:00
VxQfkv102t, if you need to ask that you shouldn't be doing it, tbh.08:00
VxQfIt is not a straight forward thing.08:00
VxQfThis is a tutorial08:01
VxQfBe careful. :/08:01
FloodBot1VxQf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
kv102tVxQf: we all started somewhere.....08:01
VxQfObviously as soon as you use a custom kernel with ubuntu there is no support for anything. :)08:01
kv102tVxQf: OK, well it's just testing... Thanks for the link and warning..08:02
kv102tVxQf: OK, well it's just testing... Thanks for the link and warning.08:02
kv102tVxQf: Your better than the guy yesturday who told me it was inpossable. I knew he was wrong.08:03
RubenHaani just ran into a problem with dual-boot windows/ubuntu. windows dont show up as option on dualboot start. this happened this morning after the lats update of ubuntu. annyone know what the problem can be, and what i can do about it?08:03
VxQfNothing is impossible with linux. ~_~08:03
VxQfRubenHaan, you can update your grub config....08:04
RubenHaannever done that08:04
MK``Heh. If I right click on a disk and select "Copy disc...", then cancel out, and then click Copy Disc again, Nautilus crashes.08:04
MK``every time08:04
VxQfRubenHaan, sudo update-grub08:05
VxQfWill auto-generate a grub conf file.08:05
JoeR1I realize this in off topic, but is there anyone who would be willing to give me a hand with conky scripts perhaps in a dialogue window?08:05
saeidhi to all friends08:05
VxQf:/ Don't know anything about conky, sorry JoeR1~08:06
RubenHaansudo update-grub is all i have to do and then its okay again? (i have to instruct the windows user to do it)08:06
groktarso i just spent two hours freaking out about how to computers on my network couldn't ping each other08:06
JoeR1VxQf, Thanks anyway08:06
VxQfRubenHaan, that should do it, yes.08:06
RubenHaanokay thanx08:06
groktarand it turns out that the windows box just felt like dropping the pings because it's dumb08:06
urlin2uJoeR1, I can try08:06
toocoolMK``, try gnomebaker or brasero08:06
MK``Nautilus's thing works so long as I don't cancel it out08:07
JoeR1urlin2u, are you in offtopic, that may be a more desirable place to do this08:08
urlin2uJoeR1, yeah08:08
JoeR1see you there urlin2u08:08
Josh_Can I have Gnome in Ubuntu 11.04 instead of Unity?08:12
rumpe1Josh_, yes. logout-choose "ubuntu classic", login08:13
Josh_Thanks alot rumpe108:14
Josh_Thanks alot rumpe108:14
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RubenHaani just heard that sudo update-grub didnt solve the problem. windows still dont apear on the boot menu. only the ubuntu versions08:20
RubenHaanis there annything more i could try?08:20
zykes-should i use nscd on servers that have nscd ?08:21
VxQfHmm probably.08:21
zykes-ehm, nslcd08:21
urlin2uRubenHaan, not a wubi correct?08:22
RubenHaana normal dualboot08:22
RubenHaanit worked for half a year correct08:22
urlin2uRubenHaan, more than 1 HD?08:22
RubenHaani think its just 1 hd08:23
urlin2uRubenHaan, have them run this script and pastebin the results.text.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/08:23
MerlinuxI can't for the life of me figure out how to remove all the flashy stuff in Ubuntu like transparency, window animations and such.. How do I do this? :s08:23
RubenHaanurlin2u i think ill go there and run the script myself08:24
urlin2uRubenHaan, the results text should give us a better idea, it shows what is where.08:24
urlin2uMerlinux, you could use metacity08:25
RubenHaanso itll take more then an hour before i am there and log into this irc again (damn my free day is gone :(  )08:25
MerlinuxI can achieve this easily by download Compiz Fusion Icon? :P08:26
=== Bran is now known as Guest99058
urlin2uRubenHaan, I will probably be gone you want a good one with w7 and natty dual booted08:26
urlin2ufor comparison08:26
RubenHaanyeah its win708:26
urlin2uMerlinux, the icon doesn't work fully in Natty08:27
urlin2uMerlinux, I can turn you on to another that does though08:27
=== Guest99058 is now known as Orange_zr
MerlinuxUbuntu's changed a lot since I used it back in 06. :P Either I got stupid or it doesn't feel as intuitive anymore..08:28
RubenHaanwell then urlin2u thanx for the help so far. i hope there will be someone later on who know how to help me with this08:28
MerlinuxI'm guessing the first08:28
PingvillerMerlinux: you're probably just not used to the new interface08:28
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
urlin2uRubenHaan, here is mine look for the boot files in both http://paste.ubuntu.com/674371/08:29
MerlinuxLike the launcher thingy to the left.. I want it at the bottom, all slim. And I don't want it to hide.. :s I also want the workspace switcher to be a one-click deal, not having to click on "Workspace Switcher" and THEN click on which workspace I wanna bring up08:30
MerlinuxAnd in the old Ubuntu, this was easy enough to do08:30
PingvillerOk, so I've finally got this installation of request ticket 4 up and running. Everything's great! Now the next problem is to backup everything (mysql and configurations), in case I screw the database migration up. Any pro tips on how to make it 100% re-rollable?08:30
RubenHaanurlin2u this is like a file that says how grub should start?08:30
Josh_in Ubuntu 11.04 , How can I activate the high graphic thing.08:31
urlin2uRubenHaan, it shows where everything is at it is for diagnosing, if you know what to look for08:31
urlin2uRubenHaan, mine is working so it is a comparison08:32
RubenHaanyeah meaby i can compair and then whats different could be where i copy from you08:32
prathamhow to update ubuntu ??08:33
RubenHaanill be hearing the whole day how bad linux is :(08:33
prathamhwo can i update to new version of ubuntu??08:35
urlin2uRubenHaan, hold on the one I showed is missing a part which is helpful let me get you one with the latest script08:35
IdleOne!upgrade | pratham08:36
ubottupratham: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:36
prathamk got it thx08:37
urlin2uRubenHaan, this one has where grub is looking and what version of grub top lines.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/674374/08:37
RubenHaanand whats the name of this file?08:38
devurandomI just installed Win7 x64 and then Ubuntu 11.10 alpha3 (oneric), but there is no boot selection being displayed. The system boots straight into Win7. I also tried to use EasyBCD as described in the official wiki, but that starts a "grub4dos" with / being the Windows partition.08:40
iceroot_devurandom: #ubuntu+108:40
MerlinuxAnd now I have magically made my menus disappear. :D08:42
Merlinuxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Metacity?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=metacity.1.none.png <-- Whatever happened to this nifty place? :s08:43
urlin2uRubenHaan, they were both bootscripts run different versions, one a bit older, strange thing though is both show grub legacy in the extended partition, I had openSUSE, sda2 should not be showing any grub.08:44
bullgard4_When will be deleted the contents of /tmp/?08:44
RubenHaani have no experience wit openSUSE08:44
iceroot_bullgard4_: reboot08:45
urlin2uRubenHaan, some of the regulars who can read this script will be on around 3;00 am pacific NW they are in england I think.08:46
urlin2u1;46 am now08:46
RubenHaanokay thats nice08:46
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MerleyAnd now I broke it..08:48
MerleyWindow manager error: Unable to open X display08:50
MK``VxQf: "dd: reading `/dev/cdrom': Input/output error" the disc reads fine...08:50
bullgard4_iceroot_: Where is this laid down?08:50
MerleyMaybe, just maybe I shouldn't be using Linux after all..08:50
iceroot_bullgard4_: its a tmpfs08:51
iceroot_bullgard4_: if i am correct08:51
bullgard4_iceroot_: Thank you.08:52
PingvillerOk, so I've finally got this installation of request ticket 4 up and running. Everything's great! Now the next problem is to backup everything (mysql and configurations), in case I screw the database migration up. Any pro tips on how to make it 100% re-rollable?08:53
rumpe1iceroot_, so if /tmp is a tmpfs, will it be listed by "mount" ?08:53
RudyValenciaHow do I find out how much memory actually is free from the output of the "free" command?08:53
VxQfMK``, your drive might be under something different...08:53
VxQfRudyValencia, it's the one on the second line08:54
VxQfbasically whatever is free + the cache08:54
rumpe1RudyValencia, free +- buffers/cache08:54
RudyValenciaThe "+/- buffers/cache" line?08:54
RudyValenciaMy Ubuntu server is only using 139M RAM :D08:54
MK``Where can I look for the location?08:55
RudyValenciathough my Ubuntu VPS uses more RAM than my local server...08:55
VxQfGood question, give me a minute.08:55
pipeline_could someone help me with router issues?08:55
VxQfMK``, type "mount" and look for something that says "type udf"08:56
VxQfor similar.08:56
=== denny- is now known as denny
VxQfOr pastebin if you're not sure.08:57
MK``this is all I see (aside from 2 other lines with my ecrypt stuff) http://pastebin.com/9sZtgDTf08:58
VxQfThe cd is mounted right?08:59
MK``I was just listening to it X)08:59
iceroot_rumpe1: ots not so i am not sure if it is tmpfs09:00
VxQfthat is wierd.09:00
iceroot_RudyValencia: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/09:00
MK``Unless Audio CDs are mounted differently somehow?09:00
VxQfShouldn't do.09:00
VxQfThat is pretty odd.09:01
MK``The location of the disk is given as "cdda://sr0/"09:01
eQuiNoX__hey guys, im wanna manually compile and install execstack - where can i find its source?09:01
VxQfOk, that is helpful09:01
VxQfdd if=/dev/sr0 of=cd.iso09:01
qweqqHello, is there any way to make resolv.conf check other nameservers as well when the first nameserver can't find the requested domain name ?09:02
MK``Nope... same error. Maybe it is not mounted?... but being sort of streamed from the disk?09:03
VxQfShouldn't need to be mounted09:03
VxQftry unmounting it?09:03
Shambler[Bishopnautilus should make the "error copying 'x' file" prompt more prominent, e.g. in its own window, as it often happens that I completely miss it it when I have a lot of windows open09:03
MK``There's an option to eject it, but not to unmount it with it still in the drive.09:04
VxQfjust type umount /dev/sr009:04
VxQfor uhm09:04
VxQfsudo umount /dev/sr009:04
Shambler[Bishopalso, the "error copying 'x' prompt" seemed to freeze >ALL< of nautilus, including windows totally unrelated to it, until I found the prompt and closed it09:04
MK``"umount: /dev/sr0 is not mounted (according to mtab)"  @_@09:04
VxQfSo maybe try mounting it?09:05
VxQfThis is odd.09:05
MerleyIf I managed to make all the menus and everything disappear so I'm left with only the cursor and the external HDD I had mounted, that exist as an icon on the desktop.. How do I fix this? :s09:05
MK``"mount: can't find /dev/sr0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab" very odd09:05
=== ehw_ is now known as ehw
Shambler[Bishopalso, when connecting using smb in nautilus, it doesn't show a prompt that it's trying to connect...it takes up to 30 seconds for a prompt to appear when it tells you times out09:07
Shambler[Bishopit times out *09:07
abhishekpathak_must be a ssh issue not nautilus09:07
Shambler[BishopI'm not greatly experienced with ubuntu, is it generally this unpolished?09:07
rockthegodi installed ubuntu 11.04 in my win7 laptop on a seperate partition from an installation cd , now not able to view ubuntu while booting and booting straight to windows. could anyone help me?09:08
VxQfMK``, you need to specify a destination09:08
szalMK``: audio CDs aren't mounted; what's the problem?09:08
VxQfsooo sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt09:08
VxQfszal: they aren't?09:08
MK``I wanted to dd it09:08
VxQfWe're trying to make an image via DD although as far as I know that shouldn't require it to be mounted.09:08
rockthegod i installed ubuntu 11.04 in my win7 laptop on a seperate partition from an installation cd , now not able to view ubuntu while booting and booting straight to windows. could anyone help me?09:09
Shambler[Bishopalso...samba seems to work >really< poorly/slowly with detecting and transferring to windows shares09:09
dc5alarockthegod, try to hold shift key on bootup to get to the menu09:10
rockthegodthanks dc5ala09:10
rockthegodwill try it09:10
max9aiHello all. I trying to associate .vym files with VYM, but 'file' command tells that its a zip-archive (these files are really just zipped xml and pictures). I tried to add 'application/x-vym    vym' line in /etc/mime.types but it's doesn't work. Does anyone know how to add new mime-type properly?09:10
rockthegodany permanent solutions ?09:11
Pingvillerif I for some reason cannot access my web server next to me, just after installing pptpd, where do I need to reconfig? I just get an infinite waiting timer. Yes the web server works to connect to localhost and surf09:11
MK``I figured audio discs might not be mounted since they do not contain a data file system, I just don't know where the system 'sees' it.09:11
=== sena is now known as senayar
dc5alarockthegod, don't know where grub the bootmanager is installed, you may look for a bios bootmenu, e.g. some are on F809:12
theadminMK``: The cdrom device is normally /dev/sr009:12
qweqqHello, is there any way to make resolv.conf check other nameservers as well when the first nameserver can't find the requested domain name ?09:12
Shambler[Bishopis ubuntu in general, an extremely unpolished OS?09:13
MK``theadmin: the location is given as "cdda://sr0/", but I can't dd from /dev/sr0 it seems09:13
theadminMK``: That's awkward09:13
theadminShambler[Bishop: Linux in general is more or less unstable and unpolished, you can't do anything with that.09:14
Shambler[Bishophmm ok, that's a pity; why is it like that? I would have assumed, since Ubuntu tries to be a desktop OS replacement, that there would be quite a lot more QA and polish09:15
szaltheadmin: no, it's not, you cannot dd audio CDs, I've noticed that years ago already09:15
theadminShambler[Bishop: Why? Well, because it's not dead.09:15
Shambler[Bishophow do you mean?09:15
Merley If I managed to make all the menus and everything disappear so I'm left with only the cursor and the external HDD I had mounted, that exist as an icon on the desktop.. How do I fix this? :s09:16
theadminShambler[Bishop: Constantly, programs get developed, new features get added, and so on. New features introduce new bugs.09:16
szalMK``: if you want to copy an audio CD, you rip the tracks to WAV09:16
MK``I want a bit-for-bit image of this disc :(09:16
MerleyThen you should be using EAC or XLD. :)09:17
Shambler[Bishopthat's fair enough, it just seems something as simple as the file manager (nautilus has been around a long time has it?), would be relatively well polished by now. do many people work dedicatedly with ubuntu development?09:17
theadminShambler[Bishop: Well quite a lot do. What's wrong with nautilus, anyway?09:17
linuxuz3rnautilus rocks09:17
Shambler[Bishopmostly it's fine09:17
Shambler[Bishopbut it has a lot of bugs, and is needing polish09:17
MK``Merley: what names shall I look for in the software center?09:17
MK``Yeah I like Nautilus, but it still crashes on me more than it should09:18
MerleyMK``: Win32 and OSX. ;)09:18
Shambler[Bishopdon't get me wrong, the foundation's of Ubuntu seem great, but well...it can't compete as a desktop OS unless a ton of stuff gets polished09:18
linuxuz3rwhat polishing should it need?09:18
Shambler[Bishopthere's lots of little niggling problems which have taken hours away from me trying to fix09:19
theadminShambler[Bishop: It used to be the most popular desktop Linux distro for ages, so you're wrong there09:19
UbuntuVxwhat's the best system backup app for ubuntu 10.04?09:19
MerleyIt's not really looking to compete though, is it? :S09:19
MerleyBeing free and all09:19
PingvillerI did something to bork apache2, error.log here http://pastebin.com/WRyBetu5... what to do? Thanks!09:19
Shambler[Bishopwell, polish as in fix all of the small niggling problems with the UI, and which require a large amount of googling/time to fix09:19
Shambler[Bishopyes but linux desktop OS don't compete well against mac and win32; I don't want to turn this into a win vs linux thing, I just >objectively< see a lot of things needing polish in ubuntu, that would throw off the non-computer-savvy user09:20
th0rShambler[Bishop: we did that on purpose to keep them away09:20
Shambler[BishopMerley: maybe it isn't; I appreciate that it's free, I thought it was trying to compete as a desktop OS though09:20
MerleyUbuntu isn't for non-computer savvy people09:21
MerleyLike me09:21
MerleyDefinitely not for me. :(09:21
Shambler[Bishopth0r: heh, yea that's painful even for experienced users too ;)09:21
MK``It's on its way. Linux successfully cornered the server market, it just needs more time in the desktop09:21
MerleyI only keep breaking Ubuntu09:21
th0rShambler[Bishop: not really. linux is a geek thing, and most script kiddies will never understand it09:21
szalMK``: you can make an audio CD image with cdrdao -> cdrdao read-cd --device ATAPI:/dev/sr0 --datafile CD.bin CD.cue09:21
=== UbuntuVx is now known as uBuntuOxz
MK``thanks szal I'll try that09:22
Shambler[Bishopwell servers are one thing. server admins need a lot of computer-experience anyway, so they are in their element. in its current state, to compete as a desktop OS it needs to be more polished09:22
linuxuz3rszal, what does sr in sr0 stands for?09:22
theadminShambler[Bishop: Please stop that, as it's not a support question of any sort.09:22
szalMK``: that'll give you a .bin file containing the audio data, and a .cue file containing the track metrics09:22
baishi there is a good irc client for ubuntu?09:22
linuxuz3rszal, what about my question09:22
MK``bais: xchat, irssi, several of them :D09:23
linuxuz3rbais, xchat09:23
MerleyI, on the other hand, actually need support before I end up having to re-install Ubuntu all together..09:23
MerleyAnd I repeat: "If I managed to make all the menus and everything disappear so I'm left with only the cursor and the external HDD I had mounted, that exist as an icon on the desktop.. How do I fix this? :s"09:23
theadminMerley: Which Ubuntu version is that?09:23
MK``Merley: do Alt-f2 and alt-f3 work?09:23
theadminMerley: Meh, either way, a reboot should help09:23
MerleyI've tried rebooting but they won't come back. :'(09:24
baisI'm using x-chat but I feel it too much raw, there is some script for enhanced it ?09:24
MK``bais: I'd ask in #xchat , xchat has lots of scripts09:24
baisoh there is a channel for it too :)09:25
MK``freenode has a channel for most major software projects09:25
theadminbais: You can search for channels like this: /msg alis list #*searchterm*09:26
ArthurCould somebody help me please? I'm using Microsoft Corp. LifeCam VX-1000, Cheese makes it work, but I can't still manage to make it records voice, I really need to make it work with the sound too, the sound used to be recorded well with my old microphone while using Audacity09:27
MerleyMK``: They do not work.09:28
MK``Hm, so gnome is likely dead.09:28
MerleyAs gnomes should be09:28
MerleyBut yeah.. I'm guessing I can't fix it09:29
=== ekurioX is now known as Ekuriox
MerleyOh well09:31
MerleyGuessing people have no idea wtf I managed to do so I'll just reinstall Ubuntu from scratch09:32
rhin0no idea how you made the menus disappear Merley -- try another window manager?09:33
rhin0try right clicking and creating a task bar?09:33
rhin0try right clicking on the desktop09:34
rhin0are you running unity or what09:34
caseyis there any reason why the shortcut "Super+A" would not be working for me on a fresh install of Natty?09:37
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=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
Merleyrhin0: I can't create a taskbar.09:38
doritoDanHey guys.09:38
doritoDanI'm trying to type "$" into the Ubuntu terminal, but it does something weird09:38
doritoDanwhere it just transforms the input marker into "(arg: 3)"09:38
theadmindoritoDan: That'd happen if you hit Alt+3...09:39
rhin0on clicking on user yu select the desktop you want from the bottom of the screen menu09:39
caseydoritoDan: there is no need. It starts all entries in terminal automatically :).09:39
abhishekbcan anybody tell me how to download youtube videos on ubuntu 11.04 minitube is not working09:39
caseyis there any reason why the shortcut "Super+A" would not be working for me on a fresh install of Natty?09:39
rhin0abshisekb -- plugin called 'videodownloadhelper' on firefox09:39
rhin0works well09:39
doritoDancasey: What does that mean? Sorry, I'm somewhat new to mid-level Linux.09:39
abhishekbthanks rhin009:40
theadminabhishekb: There're plenty of online Youtube converters and/or downloaders. If you use Opera, the "ExtendTube" extension may be helpful.09:40
caseydoritoDan: please try and tell me again. Are you trying to follow a command in terminal from reading online or something else?09:40
Caciquequal o canal em portugues do ubuntu hein??09:41
caseyis there any reason why the shortcut "Super+A" would not be working for me on a fresh install of Natty?09:41
MerleyThink I'mma install an older version of Ubuntu instead.09:41
theadmin!br | Cacique09:41
ubottuCacique: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.09:41
gourmorning...i'm not using ubuntu (atm i run freebsd), but in a few days i'd like to install ubuntu on my friend's netbook - lenovo with ati hd6310 graphic. here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver) i see the following: "These cards should work with Ubuntu Natty/11.04, however you will need a more recent version of Mesa (7.11.x) than Natty's default (7.10.x) to get 3D acceleration. " what does it09:42
gourmean in practice?09:42
abhishekbwhenever i switch to unity2d half of my taskbar remains white and close min. max. buttons disapperar from it wat to do ?09:42
rhin0means you have to get a proprietary driver gour --- you will find it on the ati website mayb e09:43
theadminMerley: Consider Xubuntu. It's great, and Xfce feels a lot like Gnome209:43
max9aiPlease, I need this answer, google doesn't help.09:43
urlin2uabhishekb, have you tweaked compiz?09:43
caseyis there any reason why the shortcut "Super+A" would not be working for me on a fresh install of Natty?09:43
rhin0or through system > preferences > additional driuvers  gour after updating the system09:44
gourrhin0: so, no luck with open-source driver?09:44
urlin2ushould be applications gour09:44
rhin0gour quite often the proprietary driver is up to date it says from what you said there is a drive r-- jsut get it09:44
urlin2uabhishekb, whats you goal with compiz09:44
rhin0is more up to date09:44
theadmincasey: Compiz not running?09:44
Merleytheadmin: All I wanted was to remove the flashy stuff.. and I ended up breaking stuff. ;)09:44
rhin0depends on the manufacturer09:44
caseytheadmin: Compiz is up and running.09:44
doritoDancasey: Yeah, I'm trying to SU09:45
rhin0so yuo've been deleting thints merley09:45
theadminMerley: Well, xfce isn't flashy :D09:45
gourrhin0: well, i'd prefer open-source driver...i also avoid propr. ones09:45
Ollehcasey, i have no idea what "Super+A" is supposed to do. Maybe it was a custom keyboard mapping that you had setup somehow. Use System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts to remap it.09:45
doritoDaner, sudo09:45
theadmincasey: Install and open ccsm, and see the shortcuts there09:45
doritoDanAre you saying the $ is unecessary?09:45
theadmindoritoDan: Normally isn't09:45
rhin0gour - the manufacturer may on occasion be able to supply a more advanced driver (particularly for desktop effects / 3d effects)09:45
theadmindoritoDan: $ is for variables, like $HOME or $USER09:46
gourrhin0: yeah. i'ma aware of it. my friend (she) wants to enjoy wathing movies as well09:46
caseytheadmin: I already have ccsm. Where are the shortcuts listed? BTW, this shortcut should come default on unity. It's to open the Applications lens of the dash.09:46
Merleyrhin0: Apparently I have. :s Was trying to activate metacity and something went wrong. :)09:47
rhin0just google for the driver / source09:47
theadmincasey: Oh... I don't know anything about Unity09:47
caseyOlleh: I can't follow your path. I'm on natty. Where should i go if i'm on unity?09:47
caseytheadmin: darn. Any ideas where shortcuts are normally stored on any ubuntu models?09:47
Ollehive got no idea about unity either. when gnome went that direction, i installed Debian.09:48
doritoDantheadmin: Well, why is this guide asking me to put  $ before my sudo then?09:48
doritoDanI don't understand what it's for. :-/09:48
theadmindoritoDan: $ normally indicates the $PS109:48
caseydorritoDan: In other words. The "$" is done for you :).09:48
Caciquehmm '-'09:48
gouranother question: what do you think about unity vs. gnome-3 for (ex.) window user? what's easier?09:48
theadmindoritoDan: Like the prompt, you have something like "username@ubuntu:~$ " in front of the place where your commands are typed09:48
OllehdoritoDan: if you look at your command prompt (as a normal user) it will end in a $ to indicate thats where you start typing.09:48
theadmingour: KDE.09:48
doritoDanYeah, I understand that the prefix is automated.09:49
doritoDanI'm just wondering what it's for. :)09:49
caseydorritoDan: So no need to retype it again :).09:49
gourtheadmin: for me kde is too bloated...never tried gnome-3 and i use xfce09:49
RudyValenciaIt's to let you know what user, server, and user type you are.09:49
caseydorritoDan: Oh ok. Out of my realm of knowledge.09:49
Olleh$ = normal user, # = root. its just a visual indicator09:49
doritoDanAh, ok.09:49
RudyValenciaer, user, system, and user type.09:49
doritoDanWhat I'm trying to do is install Unity 2D onto an Ubuntu virtualization.09:49
theadmingour: Well, I use Xfce as well, but for Windows users KDE is the simpliest option09:49
doritoDanCouldn't get it to work though - it couldn't find certain files.09:50
caseyis there any reason why the shortcut "Super+A" or "Super+F"  would not be working for me on a fresh install of Natty? Any answers on this? Even guesses will help.09:50
theadmingour: XFCE is good too if configured properly09:50
doritoDanIs there a Unity channel?09:50
bittin_doritoDan: #ayatana09:50
theadminOlleh: Heh, with my modifications it's "+" for normal user and "!!!" for root :D09:50
theadminOlleh: But yeah, normally that's so09:50
Ollehhaha cool. i like the exclamation marks warning you not to be stupid with commands :D09:50
gourtheadmin: if i'd like to put xfce on the machine, is it available in ubuntu repos, or one has to install xubuntu? (i run freebsd and will return soon back to arch)09:51
Shambler[Bishophow do I restart samba? service smbd/nmbd restart doesn't work09:51
Shambler[Bishopsame with sudo /etc/etc.../ restart09:51
Shambler[Bishopcan't find the service in both cases09:51
theadmingour: apt-get install xubuntu-desktop09:51
szalShambler[Bishop: sudo stop smbd && sudo stop nmbd && sudo start nmbd && sudo start smbd <- mind the order here09:52
Shambler[Bishopya but those services don't exist apparently09:52
gourtheadmin: thanks09:52
testerHI everybody09:52
szalShambler[Bishop: if they don't exist, you don't have samba installed09:52
diimdeepHello, it's possible to redirect some port through apache(80 port), for example localhost:79 -> localhost:80/something/ ??09:52
Shambler[Bishopis samba only the server component of file sharing then, or is it required to connect to a share on windows as well?09:53
Ollehdiimdeep: look up mod_proxy09:53
szalShambler[Bishop: if you connect to a share on another machine, you obviously need a client09:53
=== leeloo_ is now known as Sgt_Cheese_Doodl
szalShambler[Bishop: with the server you can offer shares on the network from your machine09:54
Shambler[Bishopso is the samba service also part of the client?09:54
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=== maku is now known as maku`
bambanxguys how i can make a log of my outputs on my shell on ubuntu?10:02
Shambler[Bishopok, samba (client) seems to have broken entirely in ubuntu even after a restart *sigh*10:04
Shambler[Bishoplike pulling teeth10:04
Shambler[Bishopwhat's a good way to troubleshoot this? I'm lost10:05
dc5alabambanx, explain what you are trying to achieve10:05
phripdoes anyone know a way of putting everything on my screen through a visual effect (eg blue tinting) without affecting my ability to interact with the OS? Is there a way i could use an API in a language like Java to do it? Is there somewhere else i should be asking this question?10:06
wildbat!compiz | phrip10:07
ubottuphrip: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz10:07
jribphrip: define "everything"10:07
phripevery visible pixel on my screen10:07
wildbat!ccsm | phrip10:08
ubottuphrip: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz10:08
jribphrip: ah I see what you mean now10:08
phripoh cool10:08
phripthankyou very much10:08
Wapihi, is there a way for launching a command every time you conect to a network ?10:08
dc5alabambanx, what list?10:08
fmauroWapi: yes, look for network-manager dispatcher.d script folder.10:09
jribWapi: yes, see iptables example10:09
Wapithanks fmauro and jrib10:09
jrib!iptables | Wapi10:09
ubottuWapi: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.10:09
jribWapi: dispatcher.d is also documented in networkmanager's man page10:10
turkmendear all, could you please help me with Proxy problem10:10
jribturkmen: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)10:10
Wapiyep jrib reading it right now !10:11
Wapiseems like that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot10:11
TomasHanzelHi all...i have zorin os, based on Ubuntu 10.04. can you tell me please, how can i change bootscreen? any link or sth?10:11
turkmenI install NOD32 to my Ubuntu 11.04, try to update over Enterpice Proxy server, change Nod settings to proxy with autorization (account and password), but can not to update10:13
wildbat!plymouth | TomasHanzel10:13
ubottuTomasHanzel: Plymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »10:13
TomasHanzelwildbat: thanks10:13
turkmenwho can help with NOD32 proxy settings??????10:14
muneebis it ok to delete /boot/burg? i want my old grub210:14
theadminturkmen: NOD32? That's more of a Windows question.10:16
turkmenI know, but Windows must to die, so why I come to ubuntu support!!!!!!10:16
wildbatthem have linux port now :p , never used it thou10:16
tomekhI'm looking for simple musicbrains tagging shell script. Don't want to use Picard or Kid3. Any suggestions, please? Do I need python-musicbrainz2?10:17
rhin0python is part of linux -- simpler than shell scripts10:18
turkmentheadmin: could you please recomend me IRC chat, where I can find an answer for my questions?10:18
rhin0you will find more up to date -- python scripts just run the same as shell scripts tomekh10:18
muneebis it ok to delete /boot/burg to get back grub2?10:19
turkmenNOD32 for Linux installend on my Ubuntu!10:19
theadminmuneeb: Won't work10:19
=== jonathan_ is now known as Guest38894
theadminmuneeb: You need to sudo apt-get install grub-pc10:19
muneebtheadmin, okay thanks10:20
wildbatturkmen:  double check the proxy server you've entered if it is correct (ask the IT department if you need) and ask NOD32 for its tech support10:21
turkmenwildbat: Proxy server ip-, domain- burren-nd, user-visitor, password-*******10:22
wildbatturkmen: there is no way we can tell if it is correct .10:23
turkmenwildbat: with this proxy setting Firefox work properly, and Skype too10:24
wildbatthen ask nod32's tech support :)10:24
threexkDoes anyone know a tool to diagram digital logic from a set of equations?10:26
threexkwrong channel10:26
Arthurhello, could u guys please tell me a program for make a video? I just need to put a .wav in a photo which would last like 30 seconds10:30
Arthuri want to upload it in youtube xD10:30
=== Mud is now known as Guest73177
* starlon checks it twice.10:34
acehey... how  do I fix my transmission torrent client. It fails to download anything whenever I try10:41
DrGrovCan I somehow activate my iPhone 4 in Ubuntu without needing to use iTunes?10:42
cmrI have added a .conf file for a service in /etc/init/ on a lucid box, and have tried a few different ways of making it start upon boot: runlevel, start after another service. also, my new service is listed in initctl list but not by service --status-all. any idea what I might be doing wrong=10:45
zthi've recently tried kernel 3.0 via oneiric-repos, and accidently upgraded some other packages aswell from my natty. is there a way to reverse this and make sure all packages i have are for natty and not oneiric?10:46
th0rcmr: I don't think you don't put a conf file there, you need an executable script that runs the service.10:47
cmrth0r, for upstart?10:48
jribzth: you probably have a partial upgrade to oneiric at this point...10:48
zthjrib, yes, i remember seeing that!10:49
zthand clicking yes, stupid me..10:49
jribzth: I assume it was a lot of packages?10:49
cmrth0r, /etc/init.d/ has executable scripts, yes, but that's for old sysv-init scripts10:49
zthjrib, not that much, but a couple10:49
th0rcmr: ok10:49
jribzth: weird, but you can try downgrading them if you want10:49
jribcmr: you should pastebin the .conf  you created10:49
zthjrib, how do i do that?10:49
jribzth: apt-get install package=version10:50
jribzth: and you should disable the oneiric repository10:50
zthjrgifford, would that mean apt-get install package=natty ?10:50
theadminzth: No, something like apt-get install firefox=3.510:50
jribzth: no, apt-cache policy will show you versions.  If you want to specify release I think the syntax is "package/natty"10:51
zthok, thanks. but i dont know what packages was upgraded in the partial upgrade, is there a way to find that out?10:51
theadminzth: You can't normally downgrade10:53
orchataIs there an alternative to nokia pc suit for linux?10:56
swe3tdavehow come i boot up, i start firefox, thunderbird, xchat, and more than 1GB of memory is beeing used up already..10:56
DroidAgentSlightly offtopic, but does anyone know if new EC2 accounts take a while for instances to become available after initial signup?10:56
orchataOr is there a way to get access to messages that are stored in cell phone? Because my screen is not working.10:56
theadminswe3tdave: Firefox.10:56
zththeadmin, i can't downgrade?10:57
PolitikerNEUÄh - ist es "schlimm", wenn man auf einem 8 GB-System unabsichtlich ein 32bit-Linux installiert hat?10:57
PolitikerNEUsorry, fc10:57
swe3tdavetheadmin, why firefox take so much memory?10:57
PolitikerNEUWell - is it problematic to have a 32-bit-Linux installed on a 64bit-System?10:57
theadminPolitikerNEU: Ich glaub so, ja, aber die Deutsche Support ist in #ubuntu-de10:57
PolitikerNEUYeah, touchpad has made me switch the chnnel10:58
PolitikerNEUWell - I should add that I got 8 GB RAM10:58
theadminPolitikerNEU: If you want to use more than 3GB RAM on a 32-bit system, consider using PAE10:58
theadmin!pae | PolitikerNEU10:58
ubottuPolitikerNEU: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info10:58
PolitikerNEUI think ubuntu has installed it automatically: uname -a results in Linux robert-notebook 2.6.38-11-generic-pae #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 29 20:51:21 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux10:59
theadminPolitikerNEU: Sounds good then10:59
cmrjrib, do you have a preferred pastebin in this channel?10:59
jribcmr: paste.ubuntu.com exists, but we don't really care which you use11:00
theadmincmr: None really, any will do as long as it's family-safe (i.e. no porn ads or something)11:00
cmrjrib, ok. this is /etc/init/sshtunnel.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674446/11:01
kevorhullow, I can't seem to set my wireless card to master mode, error:11:02
zthso there is no way to easily reverse a partial upgrade?!11:03
bamcrishow do i remove kde from ubuntu?11:05
natrixnatrix89hi guys.. Is it possible to select layers in gimp simply by clicking them?11:07
CajunTechieBamcris: I think you can sudo apt-get remove kde-full IIRC11:09
LantiziaHey can you just stick "-minimal" on the end of any package name to get less dependancies?11:14
LantiziaI'm looking for a package that www.spectrum.im swears blind exists called libpurple0-minimal... but only libpurple0 exists11:14
glebihan!puregnome | bambee11:14
ubottubambee: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome11:14
glebihan!puregnome | bamcris11:14
ubottubamcris: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome11:14
glebihanbambee, sorry wrong nick11:14
busigastHello ! :) i have a dell vostro 3350 but i cant get the wireless to work, everything else works )= can anyone help me ?11:15
phinoyhi! is there a way to list all the installed packages in my machine using apt-get? thanks.11:15
glebihanphinoy, not with apt-get but "dpkg-query -l" does that11:16
=== anthony is now known as Tonton
MyrttiLantizia: no, you can't stick -minimal to the end and expect the package exists11:16
phinoythanks, I'll try that11:17
Tontonjust installed ubuntu on a fairly newer computer, ethernet isn't working properly need to find drivers for network card i assume, can anybody point me in the right direction?11:17
LantiziaMyrtti, but according to http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/libpurple0-minimal it doesn't11:17
Tontonalso running in failsafe graphic mode just to see the display11:17
LantiziaMyrtti, yet you do an apt-get install on that package name and it works11:17
cmrjrib, I checked the syslog, and apparently the script was started before networking went up. I used the solution on http://serverfault.com/questions/117584/upstart-scripts-run-a-task-after-networking-goes-up to fix it.11:18
p1l0tWhen I try to open this pdf file (from a government source) I get: To view the full contents of this document, you need a later version of the PDF viewer. You can upgrade11:18
p1l0tto the latest version of Adobe Reader11:18
p1l0tThey must have created it with the new propietary adobe version11:18
p1l0tAny work arounds for this? my google searches haven't been helping11:19
MyrttiLantizia: well it might work on your computer if you've got some extra software sources (repositories) that come with that package, but it is not in the official repositories, and it doesn't work for me11:19
glebihanLantizia, it only works because there is a package named libpurple0-minimal, but there's no general rule (and most packages don't come with a -minimal version)11:20
p1l0tThere appears to be a bug filed for evince but not fixed yet11:21
=== sins-- is now known as sins-
p1l0tI remember you used to be able to do something on command line, convert it to something and back and it would work but I forgot what it was and don't know if it still works..11:22
glebihanp1l0t, I think this may be because the document contains some fields that can be filled up11:23
glebihanp1l0t, I've never been able to open those files with anything else than acroread11:24
p1l0tglebihan: Thanks, and yes it does have fields to be filled in.11:25
glebihanp1l0t, you're welcome11:26
Chrisuhi... Can anybody help me on 11.04 with the 5.1 surround? I can't make it work..11:28
smok_why i can register? al time nickserv tell me my e-mail is not a valid address :S11:30
smok_i cant*11:30
glebihansmok_, please join #freenode for registration questions11:31
Chrisuhi... Can anybody help me on 11.04 with the 5.1 surround? I can't make it work..:(11:31
smok_join #freenode11:32
p1l0tsmok_ /join11:33
Chrisuis it for help? or what11:33
smok_lo, thanks11:33
glebihan!patience | Chrisu11:33
ubottuChrisu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:33
monty156i have a non ubuntu question but i have no idea where to ask. are you guys gonna go mental if i ask here?11:37
Aquixbut try11:37
monty156lol thanks11:37
Aquixgo for it11:37
zthis there an easy way to find out if i have any packages installed that are in higher version then the ones i have in my repos?11:38
ox3aCan i use Ubuntu on Macbook without any problem(Primary OS)?11:38
monty156i just found a great game online playable in terminal by typing telnet telehack.com. dont know if you guys have heard of it. just wondering if anyone knows of any forums or an irc channel where i can get help? or how to find such a channel?11:38
Aquixox3a - macs can be tricky. But there is a mac section on ubuntuforums11:39
monty156also if you havent heard of it, try it its great lol11:39
ox3aAquix, i see... Tricky is not good if Ubuntu is primary os11:39
Aquixox3a - I only know there can be issues. If they are hard to fix or not I have no clue11:40
glebihanAquix, you should not have told to try11:41
glebihanmonty156, as you said this is offtopic here...11:41
AquixI told you monty156    someone would go mental   ;P11:42
monty156glebihan: sorry i thought it was a longshot. sorry all11:42
viroмне сказали что тут можно получать квалифицированную помощь пользлвателям gnu/linux? это так?11:45
gneralviro, turkish please11:46
bazhang!ru | viro11:46
ubottuviro: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:46
navarroanyone with BT5?11:47
gneral!tr | gneral11:47
ubottugneral, please see my private message11:47
bazhangnavarro, in the #backtrack-linux support channel11:47
navarroneed some proxy.. any advice?11:48
bazhangnavarro, ask in their channel, it's not supported here11:48
navarrois there a channel for ymlf?11:49
bazhang!alis | navarro have a look11:49
ubottunavarro have a look: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*11:49
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navarroany advice for hardening ubuntu firewall?11:50
=== Guest54256 is now known as shymega
IdleOnenavarro: #ubuntu-hardened11:50
navarrois there any conf file to edit?11:50
navarrofile loc?11:51
m|kael_is there any easy way to integrate google's mail and calendar into ubuntu for use instead of evolution?11:51
glebihannavarro, what firewall are you using ?11:52
navarrocan i run x.org file to Access GUI on ubuntu server?11:52
navarroi guess i have no firewall? just install ymlf any there it is11:53
bazhangnavarro, bt5 and ylmfos are not supported here, please dont ask for help with them11:54
REK_007how to know which services are enabled on start up ? and how to disable them11:54
navarrois there a default firewall in ubuntu? i mean when u install ubuntu..there  is a hidden process for the firewall software11:54
pacsHi, I just installed Ubuntu 10.4. I have noticed it's using "IcedTea Java 6 Web Start" to run an application through the browser, but it's not working in this computer. In the other one it works just fine and I'm using Openjdk 6 Web Start. I wonder how can I make this Ubuntu 10.4 use Openjdk 6 Web Start???11:55
bazhang!iptables > navarro11:55
ubottunavarro, please see my private message11:55
pznI have a new notebook, it came with win7 and I used it for one week. yesterday I installed ubuntu 11.04 desktop 64. with ubuntu it works for a few minutes and everything locks. ctrl+alt+f1 login "ps aux" many processes are "D" waiting for disk. what should I do now? model is HP G42-321BR11:56
navarrois there any binary module for PXPerl in ubuntu?11:57
pacsHow can I make my Ubuntu 10.4 use Openjdk 6 Web Start instead of IcedTea Java 6 Web Start?11:57
bazhangnavarro, apt-cache search *term* and find out11:57
pacs(I haven't found it on Ubuntu Software Center)11:58
m|kael_why cant i change prefered e-mail application from evolution to gnome gmail?12:00
IdleOnepacs: there is a openjdk-6-jdk but I don't know about the Web Start you are mentioning12:00
Picipacs: If you have the suitable packages already installed, then you can use sudo update-java-alternatives12:01
pacsIdleOne: I installed this one, but when I try to run the app Firefox only showes me "IcedTea JAva 6 Web Start"12:01
IdleOnepacs: follow Pici's advice12:02
pacsin my other version of Ubuntu, it has two packages, OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime and OpenJDK Java 6 Web Start12:02
pacsDoes anyone know where I can get the .deb file one would get through apt-get?12:09
bazhangpacs, packages.ubuntu.com12:10
xanderHi everyone, I can't update my system because download of one update archive gets stalled midway.12:11
xanderThe offending file is http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu/pool/main/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers/nvidia-current_280.13-0ubuntu1~maverick~xup1_amd64.deb12:12
abhishekpathakxander: what is the error msg you are getting12:12
jjpHi !12:12
xanderI've tried manually with wget and axel but no luck with either12:12
xanderThe error I get is "Connection failed"12:12
abhishekpathakxander: what is the error msg you are getting12:12
xander"Please check your internet connection"12:13
abhishekpathakxander: are you able to download the other packages?12:13
jjpDoes anyone know which script or binary actually decide to force a fsck after a certain period or a certain number of mount operations without being checked ?12:13
xanderEven axel gives up on this archive.12:13
abhishekpathakyou can choose to install selected packages only12:14
makarahi. i want to install LibreOffice on 10.04 so that it gets the updates. What to do?12:14
abhishekpathakdo you use the update manager or apt-get?12:14
xanderabhishekpathak: Already doing that.12:14
xanderabhishekpathak: Update manager, apt-get, all of 'em12:14
Picinoid: stop that12:14
FloodBot1noid: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
abhishekpathakxander: so just update all the other packages and leave this offending package alone12:14
xanderabhishekpathak: Even a wget on that file in a terminal atalls midway through the download.12:15
abhishekpathakit is most probably experiencing some problems with the ppa maintainers part12:15
xanderI can update my system but unfortunately that package is the latest nVIDIA driver, which is a crucial part of the update...12:15
pacsDo you guys know where I can get support about Java? (Java Web Start, most specifically)12:15
abhishekpathakeven update manager will use wget internally if its not in the debian repos as in a ppa12:15
Picipacs: did you read what I said for you to do earlier?12:16
abhishekpathakxander: register a bug report complaining about this to the ppa maintainer12:16
bazhangabhishekpathak, ubuntu repos you mean, I suppose12:16
xanderThat's what troubles me. Why should wget or even axel stall midway on a package?12:16
abhishekpathakxander: you can always get other versions of nvidia and noveau drivers for the time being12:17
abhishekpathakxander: maybe the server handling the ppa is refusing persistent connections12:17
xanderAnyone here can test download this package to see if it is not a connection problem at my ISP or somehing?12:17
Picixander: I'm not having any issues downloading that here.12:17
abhishekpathakxander: or maybe the problem is from your network12:17
xanderPici: You've got the *whole* ~55 MB thing?12:17
abhishekpathakPici: it seems xander's network is causing the problem then12:17
Picixander: yes.12:18
pacssorry, I hadn't read Pici. Messagens go away too fast in this room.12:18
xanderOK. It's my network then.12:18
xanderLousy BSNL.12:18
Picipacs: If you have the suitable packages already installed, then you can use sudo update-java-alternatives12:18
abhishekpathakbazhang: ubuntu repos, debian repos - potato patato12:18
xanderPici: Can you upload that archive to mediafire or someplace please?12:18
pacsPici: aw, ok.12:18
Picixander: I'll pm you a link.12:18
elfranneis there a way to specify a listenning port on a vnc viewer ?12:19
Iamalinuxn00bWhat is a swap partition used for and how big should it be_12:19
abhishekpathakIamalinuxn00b: swap functions as a RAM backup on the hard disk12:20
bazhang!swap | Iamalinuxn00b12:20
ubottuIamalinuxn00b: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info12:20
abhishekpathakIamalinuxn00b:  recommended swap : twice of ram12:20
abhishekpathakIamalinuxn00b: however if you have 4 gigs of RAM and do not use heavy softwares,there really is no need to swap12:21
elfranneIamalinuxn00b, swap partition = pagefile.sys file on windows , also called virtual memory12:22
Iamalinuxn00babhishekpathak: I actually have 3GB of RAM. How big should it in that case?12:22
Iamalinuxn00bBecause 6GB of a swap partition seems huge.12:22
abhishekpathakIamalinuxn00b:  do you use any heavy software which eats a lot of RAM?12:22
abhishekpathakIamalinuxn00b: allot 1-2 GB to swap at max12:23
xanderPici: I didn't receive any link yet...12:23
Picixander: I pmed it to you. Check your other windows.12:23
elfranneIamalinuxn00b, unless you plan to use very big file, like Video Editing and Iamge editing you don t need a lot12:23
abhishekpathakxander:  lol.wierd situation you are in.12:23
xanderabhishekpathak: Thank BSNL for that. :-D12:24
xanderPici: Just post the thing here please...12:24
abhishekpathakxander:  hmm...you in India?12:24
Picixander: I'd perfer not to, it is on my personal web server.12:24
xanderabhishekpathak: You betcha!12:24
Iamalinuxn00belfranne: I think I'll keep use the same size as my physical RAM = 3GB12:24
onilhow to delete a Oracle 11g database(ukgmdev) service from linux sever12:24
onilI want to remove the existing oracle database- orcl1 and want new service instead - newOrcl12:24
abhishekpathakxander:  Pici  http://dpaste.com12:24
Picixander: send me a private message then and I'll respond.12:24
xanderPici: OK. Wait sometime. Thanks12:24
elfranneelfranne, should be more than enough :)12:25
abhishekpathakxander:  Where in India? :)12:25
elfranneabout Swap : I got a server with 36GB ram so it asked for 72GB swap ... a bit overkill :p12:26
Picielfranne: swap should only be more than ram if you plan to hibernate or if you have a low amount of ram.12:26
abhishekpathakelfranne:  lol.The icing on the cake would be to run nested joins on mysql on that involving tables of 10^6 or more12:26
Ollehi use 100meg swap on my 4gig machine. Swap should be used as an emergency buffer so linux dont go crazy OOM killing stuff if you max out your memory. It shouldn't be used as an extension of RAM.12:27
abhishekpathakOlleh:  yeah,the swap=2XRAM rule used to be applicable in 1 GB Ram days....12:28
elfrannePici, on server it can saves from crashing when you got bad coders12:28
Ollehyeah, that rule is now obsolete.12:28
abhishekpathakelfranne:  still man, 72 Gigs ! :D :D12:28
elfranneabhishekpathak, it asked for it, i did not put 72G :p12:29
elfranneis there a way to specify a listenning port on a vnc viewer ?12:29
abhishekpathakabhishekpathak: just curious,how many people here prefer to use ubuntu LTS/xubuntu/lubuntu etc ...not unity12:29
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:29
abhishekpathakgot it12:30
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:30
abhishekpathakoh.cool. (I'm new to IRC)12:30
elfranneah :p12:30
DerekOakleyHi, is it possible to access a share using samba with a system user12:36
DerekOakleyI've tried given it a password with passwd and smbpasswd12:36
gugugagahave any of you having this problem ? when log in , suddenly the ui change to custom and all these appear "classic" window look12:38
gugugagaanyone here ?12:41
auberjIRC confuses me so much! just got xchat on joliOS12:42
abhishekpathakauberj:  Hello.12:43
compdocDerekOakley, what do you mean a system user?12:45
gugugagawhy ubuntu gui auto change to custom when ubuntu classic is selectted ?12:49
GibbyI am on 10.04, virt-manager is at 8.2.... is there a repo for newer versions of virt-manager?12:51
cmris it possible to disable reboot, so that even the administrator of the system cannot reboot the system?12:51
iceroot_cmr: no12:51
iceroot_cmr: there are so many ways to trigger a reboot, you cant disable that. also there is nothing higher then root, how should enable the reboot-feature again?12:52
cmriceroot_, ah. point :)12:52
compdocvirt-manager 0.8.6 on Natty12:52
cmriceroot_, well, but is there a way to disable the "reboot" command, short of removing the binary?12:52
iceroot_cmr: what about "init 6", "shutdown -r now" and so on?12:53
iceroot_cmr: also there are some files in /proc where you can pipe a "1" inside to reboot12:53
iceroot_cmr: ctrl + alt + del12:53
iceroot_cmr: magic syskey and so on12:54
ubuntu_Does anybody know that if I install Ubuntu I will have to create disk partitions myself?12:54
aniHi,I am using Ubuntu 10.04,and trying to run iReport sh file from terminal.and getting "java.awt.HeadlessException".12:56
cmriceroot_, those are less of a problem. soon, I won't have physical access to the system. shutting down the system would thus be idiotic. I _might_ get caught in a moment and try to reboot the machine from remote though, and this box has the peculiarity that it will lock up soon after rebooting.12:56
aniHow could I solve this?12:56
rumpe1ubuntu_, you can also use existing (free) partitions for ubuntu12:57
kevin___i try to connect wirelessly to my router, i get the list of connections available and when i click mine and put the password in it connects but i cant get internet, any ideas why? its BT homehub212:57
aniI have paste the exception in dpaste.please follow the url "http://dpaste.com/602495/"12:58
wolfricIs it possible to record when you lock your screen?12:58
iceroot_cmr: only root can do a reboot and every user which have sudo rights to that command12:59
iceroot_cmr: so think about a good roles in your scenario instead of removing binarys12:59
davroUbuntu does not support chmod +a : invalid mode: `+a' guess I will have to install and setup acl12:59
iceroot_davro: what should chmod +a do?13:00
=== gugurang is now known as pinoyoragon
davroiceroot_ all three user, group, others, is the same as ugo13:01
rumpe1 davro you mean a+13:01
cmriceroot_, I'm the sole administrator of this box. disabling the reboot command would be a way of preventing temporary confusion to cause problems :)13:01
iceroot_cmr: and remove the init command and remove the shutdown command13:02
iceroot_cmr: maybe also the restart command13:02
iceroot_cmr: you see, your idea is useless13:02
iceroot_cmr: just dont give other users root access13:02
iceroot_cmr: also when others have root access there can be bigger problems then rebooting a machine13:03
rix1234How to enable a smart card on linux. i am using Aladdin etoken 72K, can anyone plz help me...13:03
pinoyoragonMy 11.04 is behaving erratically. When it boots, the screen ots normal againblanks, when i restart the pc for several times (more than 3) then it bo13:03
iceroot_cmr: what about "halt, shutdown -h, init 0 and so on? what about dding sda with zero?13:03
pinoyoragonRETYPE(previous post with TYPO): My 11.04 is behaving erratically. When it boots, the screen blanks, when i restart the pc for several times (more than 3) then it boots normally.13:04
rix1234 How to enable a smart card on linux. i am using Aladdin etoken 72K, can anyone plz help me...13:04
cmriceroot_, of course, I can't cover every case, just enough to make me realize the mistake of rebooting the machine. I think I know what I'll do instead. binaries in /usr/local/bin will override those in /usr/bin, right? so I'll make shell scripts in there for reboot and restart, that tell me to don't reboot the machine.13:04
iceroot_cmr: ....13:05
iceroot_cmr: no13:05
pinoyoragonThis happened after i removed the Bumblebee program (for optimus support on nvidia)13:05
iceroot_cmr: as i said, its useless there is always one more method to reboot then you block13:05
iceroot_cmr: just think about a good role-concept13:05
iceroot_cmr: if someone has root-access then he can do everything13:05
iceroot_cmr: think about if he really needs root-access13:06
cmriceroot_, I'm the sole user with root access. this is for stupid mistakes committed by _me_ :)13:06
iceroot_cmr: there are so many mistaked you can do as root13:07
iceroot_cmr: why do you need a root-shell?13:07
Picicmr: Just avoid using sudo when you don't need to.13:07
iceroot_cmr: again! (and the last time) think about the role-concept instead of patching some scripts13:07
cmriceroot_, I will think about the role concept. but I also see no harm in patching a few scripts, just in case.13:08
davrorumpe1 no +a so I can do something like this sudo chmod +a "www-data allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,directory_inherit" app/cache app/logs13:08
davrosudo chmod +a "yourname allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,directory_inherit" app/cache app/logs13:08
rix1234On which irc can i get help for working of smart cards on linux13:08
iceroot_!sudo | cmr13:09
ubottucmr: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo13:09
pinoyoragonWhere should i start looking into if my box(11.04) does not display anything after the grub splash during boot. But after i restarted the machine for 3-5 times, then it goes back to normal.13:09
rumpe1davro, ok... so you need acl, not chmod13:09
uosiuHi all. I have ubuntu 10.04 LTS with upstart. I've added configfile generator for MPD into it's initscript. How to force to start mpd *AFTER* start of networking?13:09
cmriceroot_, perhaps I could disallow my regular user from running reboot via sudo? is that what you're implying?13:09
iceroot_cmr: no13:10
iceroot_cmr: just dont type sudo reboot13:10
davrorumpe1 yup seems that way :|13:10
cmriceroot_, I know that I can be terribly confused at times, and do terribly stupid things. this is to potentially prevent this particular mistake in the future :)13:11
aniHi,I am using Ubuntu 10.04,and trying to run iReport sh file from terminal.and getting "java.awt.HeadlessException".13:11
aniI have paste the exception in dpaste.please follow the url "http://dpaste.com/602495/"13:11
fpppI wish linux hadn't turned into windows 9513:12
jribfppp: do you have an ubuntu support question?13:12
ActionParsnipfppp: it hasnt13:12
ActionParsnipani: what java are you using?13:12
aniActionParsnip: sun java 1.613:13
kingofswordswindows isnt in my boot menu how do i fix this?13:13
fpppubuntu crashes all the time, a lot of software incompatibilities and general grief... I used debian unstable from 97-2005, at that time everything worked much better than either debian stable or ubuntu does know, for the past few years it has been progressively degrading13:14
aniActionParsnip: I am using java version "1.6.0_20"13:14
jribfppp: please ask a support question13:14
ActionParsnipkingofswords: try:  sudo apt-get install os-prober; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub13:15
ActionParsnipfppp: if you don't like it, don't use it. The only person making you use it, is YOU13:15
davrocmr just put this in the users .bashrc   alias shutdown='exit'13:15
ActionParsnipfppp: this is a support channel only, not a bad mouthing channel. None-support topics are humoured in #ubuntu-offtopic as you have been informed13:16
ActionParsnipdavro: nice :)13:16
=== sysop_ is now known as Guest68881
kingofswordsActionParsnip, nah still noit showing13:16
kingofswordsActionParsnip, james@ubuntu:~$ sudo os-prober13:17
kingofswords/dev/sda1:Microsoft Windows XP Professional:Windows:chain13:17
mintieI can't boot from a disc at all; my laptop skips whatever disc I insert and goes straight to Ubuntu, regardless of whether I select the disc or not. What do I do?13:17
fpppI guess part of the reason why stuff keeps getting worse is because a lot of people in the open source community never want to hear anything about anything wrong and instead always replies with something like "don't use it then" or "submit a patch"...  but yeah sorry.. I'll stop now...13:17
ActionParsnipfppp: thanks13:17
kingofswordsbrb reboot13:17
jribfppp: file a bug, but complaining in a support channel instead of asking for support with a specific issue is just a waste of your time and ours13:18
kingofswordsActionParsnip, no still not in boot menu13:19
kingofswordsanyone else got ideas why windows isnt in my boot menu13:21
fmaurokingofswords: if windows is on a bootable partition and grub is working, update-grub should recognise it. But as that is not working I suspect there might be something up with your windows partition13:24
kingofswordsfmauro, just reinstalled windows and got into it...but when i livecd grub install it i update-grub and now not there13:25
ActionParsnipkingofswords: you may be able to boot to the Windows CD, reinstate the windows bootloader, then boot to Ubuntu liveCD and install grub, should pick up the dual boot13:25
kingofswordsActionParsnip, thats what i did but with fresh install of windows13:25
fmaurokingofswords: how did you partition the drive13:26
kingofswordspreviously to that i fixmbr in the recovery panel13:26
kingofswordsfmauro, i didnt partition...i just overwrote my previous windows install13:26
kingofswordsi edited menu.1st a while ago..maybe i messed something up in that?13:27
dub54hey, what command will list all open files?13:27
goldsniper_anybody here?13:27
Picidub54: lsof13:27
dub54Pici: thanks13:27
fmaurokingofswords: yes k, post your menu.lst pls13:27
kingofswordsok 2 secs13:28
goldsniper_hi all ubuntu master13:28
bazhangkingofswords, menu.lst is not in grub213:28
goldsniper_i 'm trying to figure out why my lap port no working13:28
kingofswordsbazhang, maybe thats the problem13:28
kingofswordsi may have create one13:29
goldsniper_LED is not on on my lan port13:29
ActionParsnipgoldsniper_: does the lan connection work though?13:29
ben42hello, sommebody knows how to disable all the notification popup (finished download etc ...)13:29
ActionParsnipben42: in which app?13:29
aniActionParsnip:what shall I do?13:30
ben42is it apps related or is it globaly disablable13:30
ActionParsnipani: not sure, just wanted to get the java version into the details.Not something I use13:30
kingofswordsfmauro, http://pastebin.com/mrQwqQGu i think i pasted the 1st 3 lines from a tutorial maybe thats problem13:30
ben42ActionParsnip, oh apparently app-related well filezilla and firefox so far13:30
ben42most anoying13:30
ben42well i think i know how to disable it in firefox about:config13:31
ActionParsnipben42: you should be able to disable it per app, you may be able to remove the notify-osd thing but I'm not sure how ingrained it is in the OS13:31
fmaurokingofswords: if you are in fact using grub, then you should remove these lines and repeat the automated steps from before13:31
ben42ok, i'll start  with the apps then, thx13:31
kingofswordsfmauro, ok ill try that...i also have a menu_back up file with just these 3 lines..can i delete this file?13:32
fmaurokingofswords: no need13:32
kingofswordsfmauro, wont let me edit menu.lst13:33
hiwkhow do I change start of week day in gnome calendar? (or whatever that dropdown menu is called)13:33
ActionParsnipkingofswords: there is no menu.lst now13:33
ActionParsniphiwk: http://soniahamilton.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/change-first-day-of-week-in-ubuntus-gnome-calendar/ may help13:34
kingofswordsi dont have write permission with menu.lst so cant delete it either13:34
contrastGreets, everyone... I've got some broken packages after trying to upgrade: http://pastebin.com/gtfHCFuY (methinks the most relevant error is on line 11). Any ideas?13:34
dashavooWhat is the easiest way to setup whole-disk encryption post-install? (assuming that there is a way)13:34
ActionParsnipkingofswords: if you prefix with sudo, you can do as you please13:34
knapper_techcan i modify etc hosts to point multiple domains to the same IP?13:34
ActionParsnipknapper_tech: yes13:34
gldsnprcontrast : are you at the terminal13:35
contrastgldsnpr: yep13:35
fmaurokingofswords: you will have to be root13:35
knapper_techActionParsnip:   will multiple entries bound to the same IP "just work" ?13:35
zykes-anyone here know what files are used for what in ubuntu 8.04 regarding nscd and ldap ?13:35
MrNibbleshey everyone13:36
MrNibblesis there a good alternative to Charles for re-directing external web resources to local?13:36
ActionParsnipknapper_tech: sure, the system will simply resolve the name using the hosts file as it takes precedence over the other name resolve methods and find the name, then resolve it to othe IP13:37
ActionParsnipknapper_tech: the fact it is the same as something else is not an issue, it will simply be resolved13:37
gldsnpranybody can help me with my laptop disabled lan port, please query me13:37
ActionParsnipgldsnpr: what is the output of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; sudo rfkill list13:38
kingofswordsok edited file and repeated steps ActionParsnip told me but still not showing13:38
fmaurokingofswords: have you by chance installed grub beside grub2?13:39
kingofswordsfmauro,  erm i dont know how would i tell?13:39
fmaurokingofswords: you didn't if you didn't explicitly download it13:40
contrastfmauro: you probably already answered this, but i just came in - which release of ubuntu are you using?13:40
kingofswordsfmauro, ah i do have 2 grub folders.../boot/grub/menu.lst and then /boot/boot/....13:40
BluesKajHey all13:40
contrasthey BluesKaj13:40
ActionParsnipgldsnpr: use a pastebini to host13:40
BluesKajhi contrast13:41
contrastBluesKaj: think you could help me out with some broken packages? http://pastebin.com/gtfHCFuY13:41
gldsnpr_i got dc again13:41
kingofswordsis grub.cfg replacemnt for menu.lst in grub 2?13:41
contrastkingofswords: yep13:41
MacIsInterestingDoes anyone know of an exact replica of the Mac OSX dock theme for Docky?13:42
arvuthi, what can I do if I get this error when I try to launch neverwinter nights; http://pastebin.com/tg7S8D0k (I installed just fine under ubuntu 11.04 and I did fixinstall and everything passed)13:42
contrastkingofswords: actually, no, sorry. /etc/default/grub is the replacement for menu.lst13:42
kingofswordsso can i just delete menu/lst?13:42
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BluesKajok contrast , do you have synaptic installed?13:43
=== kaptanov is now known as kaptan
=== kaptan is now known as kaptanov
* arvut gonna ask the same thing in #linux13:43
kingofswordsright so any ideas now as to get windows back?13:43
contrastkingofswords: well, if menu.lst and /etc/default/grub is on your system, it's likely you have grub and grub2 installed, so grub needs to be uninstalled13:44
hiwkActionParsnip: thanks!13:44
kingofswordscontrast, how do i do this?13:44
contrastBluesKaj: yep, already poked around in there without any success though... i'm open to suggestions though.13:44
gldsnpr_sorry, I got disconnected, i need help to find out if my lan port is broken13:44
kingofswordssudo uninstall-grub?13:44
contrastkingofswords: pastebin the output from "dpkg --get-selections | grep grub"13:45
gldsnpr_i tried most of the forum suggestion, but still13:45
fmaurocontrast: couldn't it be possible he updated from a older release, so menu.lst is still there?13:45
contrastfmauro: that's what i was thinking, hence me asking what release he's using ;)13:45
BluesKajcontrast, did you check synaptic, edit, fix broken packages ?13:46
JoniiDoes anyone know if Ubuntu has a media player that plays mkv files properly?13:46
bazhangmplayer Jonii13:46
JoniiI'm thinking I should try running Media Player Classic using WinE, but I'd like a native program if possible13:46
kingofswordscontrast, http://pastebin.com/bAv2FFhZ13:46
Joniimplayer doesn't work13:46
heloi'm trying to cross-compile a package for arm, and pdebuild-cross is erroring out with "pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0~ubuntu4) but is installed."13:46
hiwkJonii: why doesn't mplayer work?13:46
contrastBluesKaj: just tried it, it applied no changes... it's not showing anything under the Broken filter anyway though.13:46
bazhangJonii, then install the codecs, it works great13:46
kingofswordsfmauro, contrast it was fresh install of 10.04 lts13:47
JoniiI really don't know. All I know is that it doesn't play most mkv files I have properly13:47
Joniibazhang, I have codecs installed13:47
kingofswordscontrast, http://pastebin.com/bAv2FFhZ13:47
ActionParsnipJonii: do you have w32codecs installed (I assume 32bit OS)13:47
Jonii64bit os13:47
jribJonii: mkv is just a container13:47
bazhangJonii, which ones13:47
ActionParsnipJonii: then w64codecs13:47
OneSquaredJ'ai un message dans la console d'eclipse qui me dit : Error type 3.13:47
OneSquaredQuelqu'un l'a deja eu ?13:47
jrib!fr | OneSquared13:48
ubottuOneSquared: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:48
makarai just installed Oneric Alpha 3 and its unusable. The graphics for Unity 3D and 2D doesn't refresh properly13:48
JoniiActionParsnip: I have those installed, yes13:48
OneSquaredError : Acitivity class [...] does not exist13:48
Picimakara : Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.13:48
bazhangmakara, #ubuntu+1 for that13:48
OneSquaredSorry bad channel13:48
contrastkingofswords: and pastebin from this: apt-cache policy grub-pc13:48
ActionParsnipmakara: it's alpha software, what did you expect!13:49
BluesKajcontrast, ok, in the terminal , sudo dpkg --configure -a, then, sudo dpkg --clear-avail , then try updating again13:49
makaraa release, of some sort13:49
Joniijrib, well, yes, that makes it a bit more weird13:49
jribJonii: how so?13:49
ActionParsnipmakara: yes, pre-release, not ready, half made13:49
makaraActionParsnip: for what purpose?13:50
FeldegastOneiric release date 2011 october13:50
contrastJonii: you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?13:50
Picimakara, ActionParsnip: #ubuntu+1 please.13:50
ActionParsnipmakara: to get bugs reported to get the bugs out so it IS ready for release13:50
Joniicontrast, yes13:50
ActionParsnipPici: gotcha13:51
JoniiI'm thinking I should install Media Player Classic, but I'm wondering how to deal with codecs there13:51
kingofswordscontrast, http://pastebin.com/8YhxYx7t13:51
killownAfter reboot, my unity doesn't work, it's starting the old gnome, how to fix that?13:51
JoniiLike, running MPC on WinE, and installing windows codecs using wine?13:51
gnomeubuntuhello there13:51
JoniiDoes that work, and if it doesn't, how to fix it so it does work?13:51
jribJonii: mplayer works fine.  Can you give an example of a file you cannot view?  What codec does it use?13:52
ActionParsnipkillown: if you press ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace    does it work?13:52
killownCompiz (opengl) - Fatal: No valid GL extensions string found.13:52
killownCompiz (bailer) - Info: Ensuring a shell for your session13:52
gnomeubuntui need help regarding to gnome3, here is my problem, am using ubuntu 11.04 upgraded from 10.10 so i was using unity then i install gnome3 but after i do that it wont login .It keep saying --- failed to load session "gnome"---- so i can only login through  recovery console and i type gnome-session replace after that everything is loaded but when i close the console window it terminate everything13:52
ActionParsnipkillown: then you don't have 3D support enabled13:53
contrastJonii: that should be completely unnecessary... pretty sure we can get a native player working... what video card?13:53
ActionParsnipgnomeubuntu: gnome3 isn't supported here13:53
bazhanggnomeubuntu, gnome3 is not supported13:53
killownOk, let me check13:53
killownThank you13:53
ActionParsnipgnomeubuntu: nor do we advise you use it, nor is it stable13:53
killownI will fix it13:53
ActionParsnipgnomeubuntu: in Natty by any stretch13:53
Joniijrib, the problem is more like, files usually open somewhat well, but have weird playback problems that make watching them a total pain. This includes looping, crashing the whatever viewing program I'm using halfway through, randomly missing audio or video for few seconds every now and then etc13:54
gnomeubuntuok thanks , but where is the right irc room for that13:54
ActionParsnipgnomeubuntu: #gnome possibly13:54
jribJonii: Can you give an example of a file you cannot view?  What codec does it use?13:54
contrastkingofswords: ok, and hopefully lastly: apt-cache policy grub-common13:54
kingofswordsheh ok13:55
JoniiJust a sec13:55
BluesKajcontrast, any results?13:55
kingofswordscontrast, http://pastebin.com/T7n1Zkxu13:55
contrastBluesKaj: no joy, but thanks anyway. :)13:56
JoniiVLC coded information says "codec: avc1" for this one file that doesn't work13:57
contrastkingofswords: ok, let's try this: sudo apt-get remove --purge grub grub-pc+13:57
JoniiI have no idea what avc1 is though, so I'm not sure if that makes any sense13:57
kingofswordscontrast, ok just waiting for it to dl13:58
BluesKajok , contrast, if you already tried audo apt-get -f install with no results , then try this , sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends nameofpackage(s)13:58
BluesKajerr sudo13:58
kingofswordscontrast, omg it lists windows....brb rebbot13:59
contrastkingofswords: it may take you through some prompts. confirm that you want to remove grub, then point the installer for grub2 to /dev/sda (or whatever drive your installation is on)13:59
contrastkingofswords: good luck :)13:59
kingofswordscontrast, Found memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin13:59
kingofswordsFound Microsoft Windows XP Professional on /dev/sda113:59
usr13Jonii: avc1 is a codec used by mpeg413:59
oliviermohy  or bonjour14:00
contrastBluesKaj: sorry for questioning you when you're trying to help, but "force" makes me nervous-- that definitely won't break anything worse than things are already broken, right? :D14:00
usr13Jonii: What version of ubuntu do you have?14:01
CyLHi, I'm running ubuntu as a vbox guest on a windows 7 host, and ubuntu doesn't seem to be going well after I installed the guest additions (it can't run unity and it can't get the full resolution of my video card, just 1024x768). Any advice on this please?14:02
JoniiI think it was 10.4 LTS14:02
JoniiIt was x.4 LTS, that much I know. Lucid Lynx or something14:02
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:02
BluesKajcontrast, not that i know of , that last command saved my system from messy dependencies to flash a while back ..was able to reinstall it properly afterwards , but there are no gurantess14:02
usr13Jonii: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/45471414:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 454714 in vlc (Ubuntu) "vlc doesn't play avc1 video files" [Undecided,Invalid]14:03
kingofswordscontrast, you're a god thank you so much it works now=/)14:03
usr13Jonii: Well there you go...14:03
contrastJonii: you might have a look at umplayer - http://sourceforge.net/projects/umplayer/files/UMPlayer-0.95/xUbuntu_10.04/ . it's what i'm using and it plays pretty much everything... or vlc, which is in the repositories.14:04
Joniiusr13, so the next question is, does Ubuntu have a program that supports this?14:04
contrastkingofswords: glad to help. :-)14:04
usr13Jonii: Yea, just try another player.   xine or totem or mplayer or ...14:04
kingofswordscontrast, so would that of worked without me reinstalling windows?14:05
contrastkingofswords: yeah... oh man, you reinstalled windows trying to resolve this? :-\14:05
kingofswordslol yeh cant load gta4 now as result14:06
usr13Jonii: This is pretty old, but: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/230999-Where-to-get-the-AVC1-codec-to-play-mp4-videos14:06
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contrastkingofswords: geez... well i guess now you know to ask around in here before doing something that drastic in the future.14:07
kingofswordscontrast,  i have been for past 2 months and just going round in circles...14:07
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usr13Jonii: as contrast points out, mplayer may do it, I don't know, but mplayer is the swiss-army-knife for video14:07
contrastkingofswords: sorry i wasn't in here then. :-P14:08
kingofswordscontrast, was it just the last line that fixed it....im gonna save that to a gedit file for future14:08
burghello. i`ve installed nautilus-open-terminal, yet i can`t see any menu for opening folder in terminal. do i need to enable anything else? i use ubuntu 11.04 with gnome214:08
contrastmplayer should definitely do it, but the frontends for it are hit-or-miss... umplayer has been really solid in my experience though.14:08
JoniiOk, I've been using VLC as a testbed, but if avc1 doesn't work properly on VLC, that's obviously stupid14:08
contrastkingofswords: well that line got rid of grub and installed grub214:09
JoniiMplayer had one specific annoying bug that relates to not understanding videos composed of multiple files, but now that I think about it, I don't remember having seen lag-issue on mplayer14:09
BluesKajumplayer , contrast , another gui version of mplayer ?14:09
kingofswordscontrast, so i dont need to delete anything now...such as menu.lst/14:09
usr13burg: I don't think you open a directory.  YOu may view it's contents but  to "open it"..?14:10
burgusr13, i want to open it in terminal (instead of opening terminal and writing cd /path/to/that/folder)14:10
contrastBluesKaj: yep, it's an smplayer clone with added youtube and shoutcast support... plus i haven't had *any* of the codec/mplayer-version-compatibility issues with it that i constantly ran into with smplayer.14:10
contrastBluesKaj: have you ran into any new pulseaudio issues since upgrading to kde sc 4.7?14:11
usr13burg: ls /path/to/that/folder14:11
burgusr13, you don`t understand. i don`t want to view contents. i want a terminal opened with location set to that folder14:12
contrast!hi | lvchenyu14:12
contrast!hello | lvchenyu14:12
* Lint thinks that Chuck Norris can read from and unlink directories14:12
BluesKajcontrast,right, the mplayer gui versions never appealed to me much , been staying with VLC ..fits my needs well. PA is no longer in my system , causes me nothing but restricted options..alsa does the job14:13
usr13burg: Maybe I don't understand.  I've not use nautilus-open-terminal  But sounds like you need to create a luancher that opens nautilus-open-terminal cd'ed to /that/folder14:13
burgyes, that`s what i want. and 'ls /path/to/folder' has nothing to do with that14:14
contrastBluesKaj: the only thing tying me to pulse is the projectm gui (projectm-pulseaudio)14:14
PiciLint: I think that offtopic comments belong in #ubuntu-offtopic14:14
bazhang!cn | lvchenyu14:14
ubottulvchenyu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:14
shbkhello, I'm trying to compile simple module, but I can't because I need <linux/module.h>,  I've found this file in usr/src/   , it is. but I still receive error.   I've found two opinions in web: 1) says, I should only have linux-headers  2) I should compile my kernel.   as I understood first idea is wrong, because  I need full source code, to compile my module.  so I need compile kernel.  I didn't compile kernel yet, but I see that it's hard task.  have I right und14:15
contrastBluesKaj: tried "sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1-mesa libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev" - http://pastebin.com/baPrhDxw14:16
amin`gentlemen I need a ranking between dwm wmii awesome?14:16
oliviermoi have a question for ubuntu developer . there is someone ???14:16
bazhangamin`, dont poll here please14:17
bazhangshbk, this is in vbox, correct? ubuntu or debain?14:17
amin`irt is not pool14:17
bazhangshbk, why do you need to compile the kernel for a vbox guest14:17
amin`want to install tilling windows manager and I want to know what is the best?14:17
shbkI 've  ubuntu on main machine, and under vbox both14:17
Myrtti!best | amin`14:18
ubottuamin`: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:18
bazhangamin`, try them, no best. dont poll here please14:18
ikonia-remoteamin`: that's your decision to make,14:18
shbkbecause I want to compile such program : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5611254/linux-kernel-h-no-such-file-or-directory/5611293#561129314:18
shbkand I think for vbox it 'll be more safe14:19
bazhangshbk, safe how14:19
shbkI don't want to lose my os14:19
BluesKajcontrast, projectm-pulseaudio , looks interesting ..btw I just thought of this ... sudo apt-get install --reinstall mesa-utils14:19
shbkunimportant,  should  I compile kernel to compile this module?14:19
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contrastBluesKaj: same errors :\14:20
BluesKajcontrast, bummer :(14:20
usr13burg: Looks like you just right-click on a directory and choose Make Link (is what you are looking for).14:21
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BluesKajcontrast, what about purging mesa utils ..it uses that libgl1 dependency ..maybe a dist-upgrade will repackage your repos with an updated version if you get rid of everything including the conf files14:23
engammalsko1Hi, I have a LAMP server but I also wanna connect to the files through a ftp. Can anyone help me? Is proftp good?14:23
contrastBluesKaj: actually, i think i got it, one sec...14:24
usr13engammalsko1: Sure. proftpd is good.14:24
JagajugueDoes the command /server work  your in pidgin?14:24
engammalsko1usr13: Ok, if I install it do I need to change some settings so the folder the ftp connects to is my www folder?14:24
usr13engammalsko1: I think vsftpd and proftpd are the most popular.14:25
engammalsko1Jagajugue: I'm using Pidgin atm... Do you mean commands like "/join" ?14:25
usr13engammalsko1: Yes, but do you have multiple sites?  And multiple ftp users?14:25
engammalsko1usr13: Which one is easiest to install?14:25
JoniiHow do I update my mplayer?14:26
engammalsko1usr13: I have one site and I only want to have one ftp user : )14:26
JoniiI installed umplayer, and it said mplayer was obsolete :/14:26
Jagajugueengammalsko1: no, I'm trying to change to another server, so in google they say use the command "/server servername"14:26
contrastBluesKaj: ok, it was my fault... i'm using the latest nvidia driver (280) from http://ppa.launchpad.net/philip5/extra/ubuntu/ . purged nvidia-current, everything configured, then reinstalled nvidia-current and everything appears to be kosher now.14:27
contrastBluesKaj: sorry for dragging you through that; i appreciate your efforts though. :-D14:27
Jagajugueengammalsko1: i'm newby in IRC14:27
engammalsko1Jagajugue: Aha, I think you need to create a new account for every server.14:27
engammalsko1Jagajugue: Or do you mean change room? Like "/join #pidgin" ?14:27
contrastJonii: one sec...14:27
usr13engammalsko1: Here is what I do.  Just create a user for each site.  Have a www folder for each user's /home  Use symlinks so apache serves from each user's www folder.14:27
engammalsko1Jagajugue: I'm new to irc too.14:28
Jagajugueengammalsko1: no no, i afraid i'll have to create another account14:28
JoniiI think I figured this out. I used launchpad and package manager14:28
usr13engammalsko1: Even if you only have one now, this is the easiest way, because ftp user is automatically directed to  /home/user/14:29
Jagajugueengammalsko1: i'll send you the link14:29
engammalsko1usr13: Hmm. I go back to you later when I'm installing proftp.14:29
BluesKajcontrast, np, these dependency problems are always a challenge ..seems I had one with the 280 as well , but I did the sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends after reading the logs and I managed to wiggle my way out tof that dep hell.14:29
engammalsko1Jagajugue: Yes, one account for each server in pidgin.14:29
jpmhOn  a brand new install of 10,4 I have two accounts - both administrator the network attachment ap shows in the panel of only one - why - and how do I get it into the other14:29
usr13engammalsko1: By default, httpd follows symlinks.14:30
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Jagajugueengammalsko1: ok then14:30
Jagajugueengammalsko1: thanks! o/14:30
engammalsko1Jagajugue: I hope I don't give you misleading information... but that's the way I'm doing it : )14:30
engammalsko1Jagajugue: instructions*14:31
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contrastJonii: run this in the terminal: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:motumedia/mplayer-daily; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"14:31
engammalsko1usr13: Should I install gproftp too?14:31
Jagajugueengammalsko1: haha, no prob, if i discover something about this i pass to you14:31
engammalsko1Jagajugue: :)14:32
contrastBluesKaj: i'm sure it's due to the ~20 extra repositories i'm using (i'm usually good about keeping them disabled except when i actually need something from them)14:33
gugugagawhy ubuntu gui auto change to custom when ubuntu classic is selectted ?14:33
contrastBluesKaj: i mean the fact that the --force-depends switch didn't work for me14:33
contrastJonii: any progress?14:35
usr13 Sorry, I don't know anything about gpproftp14:35
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Guest65951Привет всем. Мне надо установить пароль на папку, Как это сделать ?14:35
Reaperlmfao yeah right14:35
BluesKajcontrast, ahh , seems you like a bit of bleeding edge in the multimedia area ...makes for interesting situations :)14:36
contrastBluesKaj: indeed... where's the fun in everything working properly if you can't have the latest features and bugs, right? >=)14:37
BluesKajcontrast, :)14:37
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contrastBluesKaj: btw, if you liked the looks of projectm-pulseaudio but don't find it worth installing pulse, you might have a look at qmmp and its projectm plugin. it's not as extensive as the actual projectm gui, but it still beats the hell out of any other visualizer around.14:39
engammalsko1usr13: I followed this and instead of creating the FTP-SHARED folder i used my www folder. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7958814:40
domi007hey everyone, I have a expresscard to PCMCIA adapter, but it doesn't seem to work even when I load the pciehp driver14:40
engammalsko1usr13: Will that work? Do I need to forward port 20 and 21 too?14:41
domi007I guess it should create a PCMCIA 'slot' which ubuntu can see and all PCMCIA drivers can use, but it doesn't seem to do that14:41
BluesKajI'm still trying configure simultaneous analog and digital outputs on my coax and audio line out . My Realtek ALC1200 soundcard is supposedly capable but so far no luck14:41
usr13engammalsko1: Did you look at the date?  (2005)?  That is pretty old...14:41
engammalsko1usr13: oops no...14:42
engammalsko1usr13: Can you give me a better one?14:42
usr13engammalsko1: I've given my recommendation(s). If you don't understand, I'll go into more detail.14:43
contrastBluesKaj: i'm pretty sure i had that working with pulse at one point... i didn't think alsa w/o pulse was capable of outputting to >1 devices at a time like that?14:43
engammalsko1usr13: Ok. Can I we chat in a private chat?14:43
usr13engammalsko1: If you look at /etc/apache2/sites-available/default  you'll see: "Options FollowSymLinks"14:44
BluesKajcontrast, yeah, I was afraid of that :(14:44
contrastBluesKaj: you have any experience with audio over HDMI?14:47
h00kcontrast: go to Sound Settings -> Hardware tab -> Profile and change the audio to be over HDMI14:48
contrasth00k: thanks14:48
contrastkingofswords: welcome back14:48
kingofswordshi thx14:48
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contrastkingofswords: want some help configuring your boot menu (e.g., changing the default os, removing entries for memtest/recovery, changing the delay)?14:50
BluesKajcontrast, my nvidia card insists it has audio capability over hdmi , but i can't use because my 8400gs only has dvi outs , so i use an adapter cable with dvi to hdmi , so if it did have an hdmi out I'm sure it would work, phonon devices shows them and the tests all work14:50
route_3I have my Django dev server running on an Amazon AMI (CentOs)...can I use SSH tunneling to hit the running development server on port 8000?14:50
kingofswordscontrast, yeh sure that would be great thx14:50
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contrastkingofswords: which one(s)? ;)14:51
bazhangroute_3, how would ubuntu fit in with that?14:51
route_3I'm running Ubuntu, locally14:51
BluesKajcontrast, I assume you still run kde , or have that option14:51
kingofswordscontrast, id like to delete the memtest  and other useless options14:51
kingofswordsi mean useless to me...i only use windows and ubuntu options none of other stuff14:52
nstridesoutanyone used ettercap before?14:52
jasonmsphey all.  I have the launcher set to autohide in compiz config manager but it seems to want to stay visible.  Is there a way to determine who the culprit is that is making it fail?14:52
contrastBluesKaj: weird... i'm 99% sure dvi is strictly video-only, so if that's the only connection it has, i don't get why it's claiming audio capabilities... yup, still a kde man. i just wandered in here because of the non-kde-related dep-hell i got myself into.14:52
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contrastkingofswords: ok, in a terminal: grep Windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:54
nstridesoutmy software center is not working. any help?14:54
BluesKajyes contrast dvi is video only but the other end of the cable is hdmi , so the soundcard sees it as hdmi14:54
kingofswordscontrast, do i just put # in front of ones i dont want listed?14:54
contrastkingofswords: nope, you should never edit grub.cfg directly; it gets generated by the options you set in /etc/default/grub14:55
kingofswordscontrast, ok..so did that last entry put windows as default os?14:55
contrastkingofswords: did you want to keep ubuntu as the default os?14:55
kingofswordsi dont mind either way14:56
azousbom dia14:56
azousGood morning. Is there a way i can get Outlook Messenger Linux version to chat with Windows version?14:57
alecatI have installed ubuntu 10.10 on a macbook. It's a standalone install, no more mac osx ! It works quite well except a veeeeeery long boot time. What can i do ?14:57
contrastkingofswords: ahh, ok... you can disregard that last bit then... so to get rid of the recovery option: sudo sed -i -e s/'#GRUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY'/'GRUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY'/ /etc/default/grub14:58
BluesKajcontrast , this my audio devices list in phonon http://imagebin.org/16960614:59
contrastkingofswords: then to get rid of memtest: sudo apt-get remove --purge memtest86+14:59
kingofswordscontrast, is it bad idea to get rid of mem test?15:00
contrastBluesKaj: ^_^ that's a lot of devices15:00
contrastkingofswords: getting rid of it won't break anything... and on the occasion you would actually need to test your memory, you can just reinstall it or run it from the live cd15:01
kingofswordsah ok cool....thx15:02
BluesKajkingofswords, memtest is rather necessary and it doesn't use resources until called by you15:02
nonentI'm having a weird network problem since I upgraded from hardy LTS to lucid LTS.   i've got a network card with two ports, one local ip, one external ip, and for some reason, network replies switch ports after x seconds, and then switch back later. (ie, internal port starts getting stuff from external ip and vice versa)15:03
contrastBluesKaj: necessary how? (he's trying to clean up his boot menu) ... uninstalling it has been once of the first things i do on a clean install for years and i've seen no ill effects from it.15:03
kingofswordsBluesKaj, isnt memtest on livcd?15:03
BluesKajcontrast, yeah, there's alot of duplication there but I haven't bothered changing the list15:03
nonentany ideas where to look?  if i run a continuous arping on the external dev advertising the external ip, everything works, but as soon as it stops, the port starts cycling back and forth again15:04
BluesKajcontrast, well, to each his own15:05
contrastBluesKaj: i meant to ask after you pasted that pic: any particular reason you're not using the pastebin widget? it's one of the best plasmoids imo.15:05
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kingofswordsis it possible to get device manager from windows partition to run in wine in ubuntu?15:06
kingofswordsi dont wanna reboot15:06
contrastkingofswords: i very highly doubt it... whatever you're wanting to do with device manager can most likely be done natively though...?15:06
mbeierlI'm not a linux newbie, but something has been confusing me for the past couple of months running on Natty: top, /proc/meminfo, gnome system monitor, etc, everything I can find to report memory usage are all saying that the footprint of the programs on system should total ~2g.  Yet the same programs are all saying that my total memory usage /without caches/ is 3.9g.  Cached comes to 100m.  What tool can tell me what is using the rema15:07
kingofswordswanted to see if i had graphics driver isntaled in windows15:07
kruxyou must buy lots of stuff at kingofswords LOL..15:07
BluesKajI have imagebin as a bookmark , never heard the widget befoe , contrast15:07
contrastkingofswords: fyi: this is the place to look for program compatibility in wine: http://appdb.winehq.org/15:07
kingofswordsahh yeh thx15:07
sanesto123Hello, is there a way to create an image of my ubuntu to be able to install it on another machine without reinstalling the softwares and redoing the configurations, thank you15:08
contrastBluesKaj: pretty sure it's in the default install of kde. might be in one of the extra packages though.15:08
sysopworkhow can I change what virtual terminal ubuntu uses at boot?15:08
BluesKajcontrast, for text based I use pastebinit , for images , imagebin15:08
bazhang!clone | sanesto12315:08
ubottusanesto123: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate15:08
eugoHi I am trying to make a vncserver init.d script15:08
eugowhy is it when i run> update-rc.d vncserver defaults 99 < that it actually makes the symlink as priority 01 instead of 99 ?15:08
kingofswordsis it actually possible to open a program located on a different partition (asuming extensions work)?15:09
contrastBluesKaj: with the widget, you just copy whatever you're pastebinning as normal (text or image), click the widget, and it pastebins it and copies the url to your clipboard15:09
sanesto123ubottu: perfect, do you think ill have the config files or only the packages15:09
ubottusanesto123: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:09
contrastBluesKaj: it *really* speeds up the workflow. i recommend checking it out. ;)15:09
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sanesto123bazhang: thx15:10
contrastkingofswords: via wine, you mean?15:10
contrastkingofswords: and what extensions are you talking about?15:10
kingofswordsor if you had a different ver of linux too15:10
Lintis there any way to reduce Ubuntu's ram consumption?15:11
rumpe1sanesto123, if the hardwares are similar ... sure.15:11
WoodyOSUHi I am running Ubuntu 11.04 on Thinkpad X61 and the computer won't resume when it's suspended or put to hibernate mode.  I have tried everything I could find on google nothing works.  Can someone please help me?15:11
Lintit's about 400 MB ram + 70 MB swap15:11
BluesKajcontrast, thanks for the tip15:11
peekaieIs it possible to set a Wifi Router to assign IPs via DHCP, and a gateway different than the router itself?15:11
usr13peekaie: Sure15:11
contrastkingofswords: WoodyOSU: are you using the latest VirtualBox?15:11
contrastBluesKaj: np :)15:12
kingofswordscontrast, im just talking in theory..like if i had a game installed on windows partition and it was compatiable with wine..would it be possible to play it through wine/ubuntu15:12
WoodyOSUkingofswords: yes I am15:12
rumpe1sanesto123, won't work, if you switch from 32bit to 64bit or vice versa e.g. and maybe you need to reconfigure graphic card drivers15:12
aeon-ltdLint: yes, don't use compiz, don't use unity, don't use gnome, do those you lose about 200mb on any other DE than KDE15:12
ikonia-remotepeekaie: totally15:12
usr13peekaie: As long as the gateway is there and in the subnet15:12
aeon-ltdLint: use just a WM you can easily get <60mb ram usage at boot15:12
rumpe1sanesto123, oh... no. switching from 32bit to 64bit would actually work i guess15:12
azousGood morning. Is there a way i can get Outlook Messenger Linux version to chat with Windows version?15:12
usr13Lint: YOu reduce ubuntu's RAM consumption by reducing what runs.15:13
peekaieHere's the thing. The gateway is, located on the roof, and I have a cable coming from it. I'm trying to assign till as DHCP. The IP of the router is . But nowhere under LAN settings is somewhere to set the gateway and DNS server15:13
Lintbut I don't need 'just' a wm, I need a usable desktop; and ^ is with bare xfce;15:13
WoodyOSUcontrast: yes I am using virtualbox 4.1.0 on it15:14
peekaieAll computers get IPs from DHCP, but the gateway is set to (router)15:14
LintLXDE has windows 3.1 fuctionality, so I don't want to use it yet15:14
user_564Can someone help me please...I'm having trouble with Google Chrome & Chromium. Even if I reinstall it stalls, but computer is fine. My problem is I did an update then removed something I shouldn't have. Google Chrome or Chromium starts fine....it's just when I get a search result from Google or Bing and the results include multiple sites under one site then it crashes..(Please Help)15:14
ikonia-remoteLint: you have to work within the limitations of your machine, if the desktop you want takes up 2GB or ram, and you have 512, you have to accept that's not going to work15:14
ikonia-remotepeekaie: change the dhcp config on your router15:14
contrastWoodyOSU: there's the culprit, fix coming up...15:14
aeon-ltdLint: heh no it doesn't, your application set defines the usability15:14
peekaieThere's nowhere to set the gateway, except under WAN, which doesn't seem the right place to be15:15
WoodyOSUcontrast: ahhh i see, awesome thanks15:15
aeon-ltdLint: if you have everything you need all you need is a menu to access them and customization options then that is effectively a usable desktop15:15
contrastkingofswords: sure... if i was to try it, i'd probably just make a link to the game's install directory in my wine folder, so something like: ln -s "/media/WINDOWS/Program Files/Portal" "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Portal"15:15
usr13peekaie: Do you have the cable going to the gateway on the roof plugged into a WAN or LAN port?15:15
peekaieusr13 LAN Port15:15
usr13peekaie: Ok good.  That should work for you.15:16
WoodyOSUcontrast: should I look for the fix in ubuntu or in virtualbox?15:16
user_564How can I reload the last Ubuntu update? I deleted something from the update which is needed.15:17
contrastWoodyOSU: got a terminal open?15:17
WoodyOSUcontrast: yes15:17
contrastWoodyOSU: "sudo su", enter your password, then run this: echo 'SUSPEND_MODULES="$SUSPEND_MODULES vboxdrv vboxnetflt vboxnetadp vboxpci"' >> /etc/pm/config.d/unload_modules15:18
mbeierlok, I've closed nearly every program.  System monitor and top all report 2.3gb free, yet if I look at the memory usage per program and tally it up, it only comes to 850m.  Why can't I find the missing 1.3gb of memory?  What program can possibly be taking it up?15:18
mbeierlor, perhaps the question should be: what program/file can show me what is really using the memory on this system?15:18
user_564How can I reload the last Ubuntu update? I deleted something from the update which is needed.15:18
azousHi. Im trying to usa Outlook Messenger on Windows 7 / xp and Ubuntu, but I cant make Ubuntu and Windows see each other. Lan is working, sharing files with samba. I can ping everyone and chat with it from windows to windows and ubuntu to ubuntu. I just cant chat from ubuntu to windows. Please Help me. Thanks15:18
contrastmbeierl: it's most likely cached15:19
mbeierlcontrast: no, i've already taken that into account.  this is definitely not cache15:19
CitizenwarriorOk I have used all my GoogleFu, the best link I can provide to show a simple example is this h**p://tinyurl.com/3qgyurs from a backtrack-linux.org post.  What I want to know is this, If I create an encrypted install of Ubuntu on a laptop with /boot on a USB drive so that is acts as a "ignition key" for my computer can I then store other items on that same USB drive?15:20
user_564Can anyone help me...How can I reinstall last updates?15:20
WoodyOSUcontrast: ok ran it15:20
venik212anyone using MINT?  I have questions15:20
contrastWoodyOSU: go ahead and try suspending/resuming15:20
contrastuser_564: what did you delete?15:20
WoodyOSUcontrast: ok15:20
bazhang!mintsupport | venik21215:20
ubottuvenik212: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:20
kernelpanickerNo one's very active in ubuntu server... so, before I blindly follow the ubuntu.com instructions for setting up postfix/dovecot/mailman on a VPS is RimuHosting... does anyone have any advice before I start?15:21
mbeierlfor those interested: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674570/  <== report of memory usage on the system15:21
contrastmbeierl: http://chrisjohnston.org/2009/why-on-linux-am-i-seeing-so-much-ram-usage15:21
lolcatkernelpanicker: Get a dedicated server instead15:22
user_564I'm not sure...but it;s something that is needed for Google Chrome Or Chromium to work properly15:22
=== maku` is now known as maku
mbeierlcontrast: as stated, i've already gone down that route.  this is not a "i don't understand how to read the stats", unfortunately.  This is real physical memory being reported as used, and not available to either cache nor other programs15:23
contrastuser_564: which are you using, chrome or chromium? and can you pastebin the error you're getting from it?15:23
kernelpanickerlolcat: do VPS create problems?  I'm kinda locked into a situation here...15:23
=== Spitfire19_ is now known as Spitfire19
lolcatkernelpanicker: no, but they are often over-sold. What do you pay for it?15:23
contrastmbeierl: sorry i missed that; trying to help ~3 people at once on here. :)15:24
kernelpanicker$50 or something... this is someone else's nickel, so I'm covered on costs...but I am worried about the technical stuff15:24
bytesaber_workso what's this new gnome replacement in 11.04 called?   HideAll?15:25
WoodyOSUcontrast: that did it awesome thanks so much15:25
user_564It's very funny...for example: When I do a search in Google for Webup8d. The results are multiple under one site...then Google Chrome and Chromium crash...15:26
kernelpanickerwow... can't even raise the rimuhosting.com landing page... maybe they're the victim of their own technology... can anyone else get to rimuhosting.com from their browser... I'm getting pings but no landing page.15:26
bazhangkernelpanicker, how does this relate to ubuntu support15:26
WoodyOSUcontrast: one last ? when the fix comes out will I have to undo this command?15:26
contrastWoodyOSU: it took me forever to find that solution when i was having that problem; glad i could pass it along. :)15:26
kernelpanickerbazhang: read back to my initial post, then read lolcat's response.15:27
WoodyOSUcontrast: trust me I have spend the last 2 days on this so you are a life saver.  I would have never imagined it would be related to virtualbox15:27
contrastWoodyOSU: i would try commenting out that line (putting a "#" a the beginning of it) in /etc/pm/config.d/unload_modules after the next virtualbox update and seeing what happens... yeah, i was w/o suspend for ~a week before it finally occured to me.15:28
lolcatkernelpanicker: Didn't work, that is clearly a crappy host.15:28
user_564Geuss no one is smart enough for this one...15:29
WoodyOSUcontrast: thanks so much, take care bye15:29
kernelpanickerlolcat: yep, lol... thanks for checking... I had a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on there... oh well15:30
contrastWoodyOSU: np, peace15:30
user_564How can I see what programs are required to run Google Chrome?15:31
contrastuser_564: you still didn't give me the info i asked for which is kinda necessary to troubleshoot your issue15:31
bytesaber_workwhy'd they drop gnome?   to useful?15:31
BluesKajuser_564, why 2 versions of chrome for one thing .and your attitude could use some adjusting ..ppl here are trying help , not to prove how smart they are15:33
lolcatuser_564: apt-get install chromium-browser will tell you15:33
contrastyou read my mind, BluesKaj15:33
bazhangbytesaber_work, they did not drop gnome, you can use classic if you dont like unity15:33
bazhang!classic | bytesaber_work15:33
ubottubytesaber_work: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:33
BluesKajcontrast, shh... he'll think I have the answer :)15:33
user_564I'm not sure what I deleted...I did an update and Ubuntu installed alot of crap so I removed some files....chromium-browser is already the newest version.15:34
user_564Did "apt-get install chromium-browser" but still Google Chrome and Chromium stalls15:35
bytesaber_worki know how to get to gnome.  just wondering why they dropped it as the default.15:35
contrastuser_564: you should never delete files outside of your home directory unless you know 110% what you're doing. just for future reference. ;-)15:35
mbeierlcontrast: np, I am just confused by this and have not figured out what the real culprit is for my memory usage :(15:35
user_564I have Google Chrome and when I did an Ubuntu update it installed Chromium15:36
user_564Contrast: I didn't delete from home directory...I removed programs from Software Centre15:37
contrastuser_564: ahh, ok... well that's good then.15:37
BluesKajuser_564, I'm confused why you need 2 different versions of the same browser ..15:38
=== Mkaysi_ is now known as Mkaysi
contrastuser_564: i would probably just completely remove chromium and chrome in software center, then install them again. that should bring back in whatever dependencies you got rid of.15:38
contrastBluesKaj: he didn't install chromium, it came in as a dependency of something, if i'm understanding correctly15:38
LABcrabHello everyone!  Trying to boot Ubuntu live CD on my Toshiba notebook, but is seems to freeze.15:39
user_564It must be something to do with displaying multiple web results under a site....As I said I have Google Chrome installed and when I did an update Ubuntu installed Chromium. I did remove the packages and installed them again but still the same.15:40
urthmoverWhat is a simple CLI tool that I can run to ping a host and if the time exceeds a threshold then I get an email?15:40
CyLUbuntu is saying that I cannot run synaptic because it failed to escalate my privileges, how do I install software?15:40
luigiurthmover: You should write a script for that.15:40
urthmoverI don't want to build out nagios15:40
* BluesKaj is even more confused ..FF is the default afaik15:40
RoastedHas anybody used FOG to mass image Linux systems?15:40
urthmoveragreed luigi  where do I begin  to do that?15:40
urthmoverluigi: how do I script something that will look at time= and then react?15:40
rumpe1urthmover, use crontab15:41
CyLUbuntu is saying sudo does not allow me tu run Synaptic! How do I install software in Ubuntu 11.04?15:41
luigiurthmover: You can do it in bash easily. Use sed or grep or something to parse the output of "ping" and have it check the latency. You could put the script in your crontab.15:41
luigiurthmover: Ask in #bash if you'd like more help.15:42
contrastCyL: you're trying "sudo synaptic" from the command line?15:42
urthmoverluigi: great  thanks for the pointers  I'll reach out to #bash if I can't figure out sed15:42
CyLcontrast: nope, just choosing synaptic from the menu, but it asks me for the password15:42
contrastCyL: you're the default user on the system?15:42
user_564Can anyone tell me how can I just reload the last Unbuntu update15:42
CyLcontrast: I'm the default user15:43
CyLcontrast: the only user15:43
contrastCyL: can you pastebin the exact error you get after putting in your password?15:43
CyLcontrast: sure, but it would be in my local language15:43
contrastCyL: ahh, nvm then. :)15:44
RoastedWhat's a good way to mass image Ubuntu installs?15:44
maalacRoasted: what do you mean mass image ?15:44
CyLcontrast: but is basically says that I'm not allowed to run synaptic as root acoording to sudo15:44
Roastedmaalac, mass image... as in... take 1 system, snapshot it, and using fog or ghost or something, kick it out to hundreds more systems.15:45
contrastCyL: but you're able to run other programs as root via sudo?15:45
user_564So I'm stuck with Firefox then? Unless I reinstall Ubuntu AGAIN...15:45
CyLcontrast: what the hell, I tried to use apt-get to install the software and sudo says my user is not on the sudoers file!15:46
maalacRoasted: you mean real time? if it's not. you can use norton ghost.15:46
CyLcontrast: what is more impressive is that I had just added my user to a particular group!15:46
luigiCyL: Reboot, boot with the "recovery mode" entry, type usermod -aG sudo <username>15:46
Roastedmaalac, norton ghost is a bad joke. I use FOG for my imaging needs. Problem is I'm trying to figure out how to make FOG work with Linux clients.15:46
Roastedmaalac, however, if I can't find a way to make Linux work with FOG, I'll need something else. I highly doubt Ghost would support Linux systems.15:47
luigiCyL: You probably removed all your old groups from your user by incorrectly using usermod.15:47
contrastuser_564: erm, you (or the user management gui) must have accidentally removed you from the sudo group in the process15:47
CyLluigi: I had just realized that15:47
alex--Can't we make the install process faster, by letting the user type his user account details when the install is busy?15:47
contrastRoasted: have you checked out clonezilla?15:47
CyLluigi: I forgot to pass the apend option to usermod15:47
Roastedcontrast, yeah. Clonezilla LIVE is super nice, but clonezilla server I never got working.15:48
Roastedcontrast, I need something to do this over the network, like 30 systems at a time.15:48
luigialex--: The debian installer is rather bloated these days, as is ubitquity. While that might be possible, who's going to write the code for it?15:48
CyLluigi: so what groups should I be member of? And how do I access the bott selection menu?15:48
luigiRoasted: I can help you with that.15:48
alex--luigi: What do you mean with bloated?15:48
Roastedluigi, you've used FOG?15:48
maalacRoasted: have you tried clonezilla15:49
contrastmaalac: ^15:49
Roastedmaalac, as I said, clonezilla live, yes. clonezilla server, never got it working.15:49
user_564Contrast: No...I removed something that Uubntu installed from the last update...now Google Chrome or Chromium is not working. It's got to be displaying HTML5 results that crashes the program15:49
luigiRoasted: Set up a PXE boot server on your lan that points to an install image of ubuntu or whatever that's set to use the preseed file you've used in your installer.15:49
luigiRoasted: All the clients will install automatically.15:49
Roastedluigi, that's pretty much what FOG does.15:49
luigiNo need to reimage, though.15:49
Roastedluigi, problem is, I'm getting corrupt FS errors when I try toupload the image via fog.15:49
luigiYou shouldn't be reimaging.15:50
luigiYou should be installing with the debian installer.15:50
RoastedI need to upload the image first...15:50
Roastedthen I deploy it to the clients...15:50
luigialex--: Take a look at the source for ubiquity.15:50
luigiRoasted: You don't use an image EVER with what I'm saying.15:50
Roastedthere are customizations I have on these images for our students that a "debian installer" cannot do. So I set it up exactly the way I need.15:50
Roastedluigi, and I'm telling you that's what I need to do.15:50
luigiRoasted: Define these customizations.15:50
RoastedI need to set up a system the way I need. snapshot it. and then deploy it.15:51
alex--luigi: Can't we put this screen when it's installing ubuntu?: For best results; Download updates while installing; Install this third-party software15:51
luigiRoasted: Oh, I know a utility for that. Remastersys15:51
Roastedluigi, shortcuts to network shares on every desktop by setting the default profile, specific printer settings and installation, etc.15:51
Roastedluigi, well that just creates a custom ISO, right?15:51
alex--luigi: Like the timezone screen is15:51
Roastedluigi, I was hoping to bypass that and automate the installation to these systems. After all, we're talking a potential of thousands of systems here.15:51
luigiRoasted: Yes, and that custom ISO is a perfect snapshot of the system you run it on.15:51
Roastedluigi, I'd rather be able to do them in batches of 30 over the network instead of using a custom ISO for each. individual. system. :(15:51
luigiRoasted: The automation happens with a preseed and PXE.15:51
contrasti don't have software center installed atm; does anyone know if it has a history feature like synaptic?15:51
Roastedluigi, oh so I dont just burn the ISO to a CD or whatever?15:52
user_564Can anyone help me pleeeease?15:52
jribuser_564: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)15:52
luigiRoasted: No. You make the remastersys ISO, tweak it with debian-preseed so the installer runs automatically, then set up a PXE server to host that image. Have the clients boot from PXE, install the remastersys env, and you're all set.15:53
Roastedluigi, this is making my head spin. Do you have a guide for something like this?15:53
luigialex--: Write the code for it, then.15:53
Roastedluigi, the only "pxe server" I've set up was FOG, whcih is pretty automated.15:53
alex--luigi: I can't15:53
luigialex--: Then don't act as if it's a simple thing to do.15:53
user_564what Java software is required to run Google Chrome or Chromium?15:54
alex--luigi: for programmers it is15:54
luigialex--: You're not a programmer, are you?15:54
contrastuser_564: do you have "sun-java6-plugin" installed?15:54
alex--luigi: no15:54
luigialex--: Then don't act like one.15:54
user_564How can I check that it the terminal?15:54
alex--I dont act like one15:54
alex--I just want these things in ubuntu15:54
Roastedalex--, you want things in ubuntu that you cannot/will not contribute to building?15:55
contrasti love how people assume programmers are magical wizards that can just whip up any solution with minimal time and effort.15:55
Roastedcontrast, GASP. they're not?!15:55
user_564Yes sun-java6-plugin is installed to latest version15:55
luigiRoasted: These three guides should help. http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/478 (For setting up PXE.) http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html (For making the remastersys image) http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/tmp/en.i386/apb.html (For preseed set up)15:55
Roastedluigi, I wonder if I can set these up in tandem with my FOG server, which is already on Ubuntu 10.04.15:56
alex--Roasted: i can give idea's15:56
alex--Is there btw any way to customize Unity?15:56
Roastedluigi, it'd be nice ifmy image ideas ran in dual mode - FOG + Preseed.15:56
Myrttialex--: this isn't really a place for them, if you want that feedback to be heard then please file it to Launchpad15:56
user_564What else could it be?15:56
ikonia-remotealex--: define customise15:56
alex--ikonia-remote: place it in bottom or hide some bars15:56
luigiRoasted: I would scrap FOG at the moment and follow the guides here that work. :P I have no experience with fog, so I can't really help you there. I do have experience with those other three, however.15:57
alex--or place upper bar in left down corner15:57
luigiRoasted: Honestly though, automated clonezilla installs would work too.15:57
Roastedluigi, eh. I <3 fog. since we're a dual environment I'll still need FOG for windows. it'd just be nice if I could do this from the same server.15:57
contrastuser_564: to see if a package is installed: "apt-cache policy <package>" (that shows the availble versions and which, if any, are installed) or "dpkg --get-selections | grep <package>"15:57
Roastedluigi, via CZ server?15:57
luigiRoasted: I don't know, I've only used CZ manually before.15:57
user_564sun-java6-plugin is installed to latest version!15:58
luigiRoasted: What you're trying to do is similar to deploying an automated install over network. Those guides are how it's typically done. If you want to use FOG for this, go ahead, but don't expect much help. ;)15:58
contrastalex--: i think i saw an article for a unity customization program on http://omgubuntu.co.uk , you might have a look on there15:58
Roastedluigi, well FOG has a "linux" option, but it's just being a brat. FOG is easily the best. thing. ever. for imaging Windows systems. I was just hoping to utilize the same app for it.15:59
Roastedluigi, but if I can do the job with another alternative, I'll do it.15:59
luigiRoasted: Best of luck =D15:59
R-088Hello Ubuntu channels15:59
user_564I get this error: flashplugin-nonfree : Depends: flashplugin-installer but it is not going to be installed.15:59
iamahamGreetings anyone know what would cause lpr -o Options to no longer work, but they work fine under Windows when selecting them? namely punch and staple15:59
Roastedluigi, ultimately, I could PXE boot systems on a local LAN and thereby crash them and have the system plop this custom image/ISO on the systems in question, right?15:59
Roastedluigi, I just want to make sure what you're suggesting will do exactly what I need. :P15:59
luigiRoasted: "crash" them?16:00
Roastedluigi, well, when I use FOG, it over-writes whatever is on the HDD and puts my image over top of it.16:00
CarlFKwhats the device name of a 2nd audio device output?16:00
Roastedluigi, these systems have XP on them currently.16:00
Roastedluigi, when I do this I want XP to be written over with this Ubuntu image I'm setting up16:00
contrastuser_564: now *there* is some useful output. which release of ubuntu are you on?16:00
=== iamaham1 is now known as iamaham
luigiRoasted: You'll PXE boot the systems, and they'll install an exact copy of the remastersys environment by wiping the hard drive first *if* you set that option in the debian installer.16:00
iamahamany tips16:01
user_564Ubuntu 10.1016:01
Roastedluigi, I see. so it sounds like it'll work in a similar fashion. I'll keep reading and use my laptop as a guinea pig for this test setup. thanks a lot bro.16:01
luigiRoasted: Basically, you run the debian installer once with the options you want all the other systems yo use.16:01
luigiRoasted: No problem. Good luck!16:01
R-088If anyone here is familiar with DNS and ubuntu server I have a few questions.16:02
iamahamHere are the printer options16:02
iamahamand here is the command I use to use to print punch:16:02
iamahamlpr -POffice_Sharp -o OutputBin=Output1 -o ARPunch=True -r16:02
usr13user_564: apt-get -f install16:02
contrastuser_564: can you pastebin the output from this command: dpkg --get-selections | grep flash16:02
usr13user_564: sudo apt-get -f install16:02
iamahamOutput1 being the finisher that does the punch/stapling16:03
luigiR-088: I am. Go ahead and ask.16:03
luigiR-088: Though you may want to ask in #ubuntu-server16:03
usr13user_564: Or, you can go to the software-center and install Adobe Flashplayer 1016:03
user_564Did sudo apt-get -f install (No upgrade)16:03
user_564dpkg --get-selections | grep flash (Shows ALL INSTALLED)16:04
kaiyinhow do i disable my notebook keyboard?16:04
R-088Ok so I have a domain name from NoIp.com16:04
contrastuser_564: "ALL" ?16:04
usr13user_564: Then uninstall it and get Adobe Flashplaer 1016:04
R-088when im outside my lan it works fine, i can connect with the domain name.16:05
R-088I wanted to set up a way to use the domain in my lan16:05
R-088as of right on I have to type in my 192... Private address16:05
contrastthe thing is, chrome uses its own version of flashplugin, so it shouldn't be affected by the seperate flashplugin package regardless16:05
bluelampi have a question regarding self resetting permissions .. even logged in as root, i am unable to "have sufficient access" to alter file permissions "16:06
user_564I have Adobe Flashplayer 10 Installed16:06
bluelampwhen i change them, the check-box or what ever will change itself back before i can even clock "ok"16:07
bluelampany takers ?16:07
usr13R-088: Be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for nameservers to get updated info.16:07
luigiR-088: What's the ouput of "nslookup <your domain name>"?16:07
contrastuser_564: have you tried moving your chrome user data folder and seeing how it does with a clean profile? (you should have a folder like ~/.chrome, ~/.google/chrome, ~/.config/chrome or ~/.config/google/chrome - try renaming it to chrome-OLD)16:08
RyanPI'm trying to run the OpenOffice document converter wizard under Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm getting the message 'Sorry, Filesystem Problem', and the script debugger starts. This worked fine yesterday. Any idea what causes this?16:08
yang_hi, is someone who used libcurl?16:08
bluelampfile permissions under root didn't seem like a difficult question.. is it ?16:09
usr13user_564: Restart your browser16:09
dhenson714got a pretty simple issue if anyone's free to help out. i need a bit of advice on wireless connectivity, but i can't find anyone else who's had the same issue16:09
user_564I delete all the data in those folders but still the same...Should I try renaming it still?16:09
yang_Or someone who dumped a lib to source code level based on ubuntu? I need some help.16:09
luigidhenson714: Just go ahead and ask!16:10
dhenson714my internet typically doesnt connect unless my computer charger is plugged in. ever heard about this happening?16:10
contrastuser_564: if you already tried deleting it and got the same problem on a clean chrome profile, then no16:10
jpmhI set up two accounts - the nm-applet shows in one and not the other - why and how do I get it to show in both16:11
contrastdhenson714: not particularly, though i've known of certain bioses switching off the wireless until it's actually called for when running on the battery (to preserve power)16:11
user_564It must be something I deleted...It's works fine only untill I view certain pagegs16:11
dhenson714see, i got a battery power applet that has a bunch of battery usage settings, and i think that might be it. i had to when i upgraded to natty, but i dont care for the applet itself16:12
bluelampdhenson714, sounds like a hardware issue. as in, your hardware has an issue. insufficient power can cause week radio strengths .16:12
contrastdhenson714: you might [very carefully] check in your bios settings to see if there's any way to disable that16:12
dhenson714it's fine when i unplug it though16:12
dhenson714it just has to be plugged in to connect initially16:12
user_564Google Chrome and Chromium stalls at the same pages16:12
yang_I want to dump libcurl from a lib to source code level, to use it. But after that, it could not work.16:12
heloanyone know why there's no /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/crt0.o, only crt1.o?16:13
contrastuser_564: just so people don't misunderstand you (as i did), you may want to start saying "uninstalled" instead of "deleted" ;)16:13
bluelampok, so byting radio issues is easy whole root file permissions is difficult ?16:13
heloi'm compiling this package that is failing to link because of crt0.o16:13
ActionParsnipuser_564: depends on the build you are using16:13
dhenson714i'll check the bios, but i honestly didnt think this was anything more than a weird fluke. thanks for your help, guys!16:13
contrasthelo: have you tried searching for that file with apt-file?16:13
bluelampi have a question regarding permissions .. even logged in as root, i am unable to "have sufficient access" to alter file permissions "16:13
yang_I think that could be the config file's problem. but i don't know which one to use.16:13
helocontrast: yes16:13
jribbluelamp: be more specific16:14
helocontrast: there's no gnueabi version of crt0.o... only crt1.o16:14
ActionParsnipbluelamp: is the partition NTFS based?16:14
javier_hi! someone knows how to automatically download cover art in Banshee 2.0 (ubuntu 11.04)? thanks!16:15
contrasthelo: sounds like the makefile is looking for an outdated version of that library. you *could* try downloading the package for the older version of the library from packages.ubuntu.com and seeing if you're able to install it on your current version, though this could wreck havoc...16:15
contrasthelo: what are you trying to compile?16:16
bluelampok. the file systems that i am having problems with are ntfs and fat32. i keep eveyrthing on these partitions so that should i have to re-install, the main partition does not hold any important files of my own. this is a habbit from using windows ... protecting my files from MS's mandatory system failure feature. (C) MicroSoft Corp. [all rights reserved]16:17
bluelampi have not attemtped changing these settings on the system partition16:17
CitizenwarriorOk I have used all my GoogleFu, the best link I can provide to show a simple example is this h**p://tinyurl.com/3qgyurs from a backtrack-linux.org post.  What I want to know is this, If I create an encrypted install of Ubuntu on a laptop with /boot on a USB drive so that is acts as a "ignition key" for my computer can I then store other items on that same USB drive?16:17
contrastuser_564: sorry, but i'm pretty much at a loss... you might post your issue on the forums (with all relevant details) and see if anyone there can figure out what's wrong16:17
contrastCitizenwarrior: i can't see why not16:18
ActionParsnipblueamp: you cannot change permissions on WIndows partitions, they are too primitive to hold Linux permissions. Instead you set the access when you mount it16:18
user_564No other thing...When I plug in my external USB drive I have to wait around 5min or maybe 30min before it popsup. In Windows it works fine...NTFS partition16:18
bluelampActionParsnip, thanks, what can i do to fix this ?16:19
contrastCitizenwarrior: i would probably make a seperate partition for /boot on there though16:19
ActionParsnipblueamp: when you mount it, set the access you desire16:19
bluelampActionParsnip, when i mount them, i do not see an option for permision granting16:19
user_564It's a HDD16:19
helocontrast: qt3-embedded for arm16:19
bsdfoxI just got a PC setup with 11.04 and the radeon driver has much better full screen performance (looks good..) vs the fglrx driver but the desktop runs really smooth with fglrx16:20
bsdfoxanyone got advice on settings I should check?16:20
Citizenwarriorcontrast does the /boot have to be the first thing installed on that drive or can I use a drive that already has shit on it also on your second point would i have to take any special steps to make a system pick the right partition to boot from16:20
=== addisonj_ is now known as addisonj
bluelampperhaps it is a command line feature not easily obtained by a Graphic file manager16:21
LintActionParsnip, surely you meant the other way16:21
ActionParsnipblueamp: then you will need to use cli or add it in fstab to set the options16:21
ActionParsniplint: what other way?16:21
contrastCitizenwarrior: shouldn't matter about the order, as the boot loader gets installed to the drive's mbr, not a particular partition16:21
maya_so many people here16:22
maya_any chinese?16:22
ikonia-remote!cn | maya_16:22
ubottumaya_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:22
contrastCitizenwarrior: so you would run the grub-install command and when it prompts you, point it to /dev/sdb (or whatever drive it is), not /dev/sdb116:22
contrastCitizenwarrior: of course, you would want to do that *after* creating a new partition where /boot would be stored, ~100MB should be a safe size16:23
bluelampActionParsnip, here is an issue though. i have a installer for CaRMetal . it copy it to an 8gig SD and put the card in my asus eee pc  running xandros linux. the file will not execute. what file system would be good for my 8gig SD card that both versions of linux will find easy to handle ?16:23
bluelampActionParsnip, this way, i can evade the major portion of this permission issue :)16:23
ActionParsnipbluelamp: how is that relasted to Ubuntu?16:24
bluelampubuntu is my main system. the asus eee pc  is a system i use at work in my free time there16:24
contrastgotta go... peace and good luck, everyone16:24
ActionParsnipbluelamp: if you use it in both Ubuntu and Xandros, make it Ext2 based and it will be able to hold Linux file permissions16:25
bluelampActionParsnip, perhaps i should be more clear. what linux file system is good for older and lesser variants of linux.16:25
Citizenwarrior contrast thanks your covering all my questions... ok so I have a 32g pico drive in the mail, I am ramping up for a technology swap/upgrade however I am a few weeks out, if I take the new drive, make a 150mb partition for /boot to live on when I by my new system, then I can start loading the other partition with whatever I want.  Is my thinking right?16:25
ActionParsnipbluelamp: they will all access ext2 and ext3 just fine16:25
bluelampActionParsnip, thanks, you have been helpful . :)16:25
randomseedbluelamp, maybe it needs to be remounted executable or read write16:26
Roastedman gparted has been a brat in 11.0416:26
Roastedsits there and wont complete scanning my disk16:26
Lintext2 is useless, being in permanent corruptrd state16:26
Lintext3 should work16:27
bluelampActionParsnip, am i correct in identifying the number as a version indicator and considering ext3 to be an improvement over ext2 thus choosing the later ?16:27
ActionParsnipbluelamp: ext3 is simply ext2 with a journal16:27
bluelampActionParsnip, thank you16:28
* bluelamp leaves16:28
ActionParsnipbluelamp: the journal gets written to a lot and helps maintain file consistency as well as prevent fragmentation. It will reduce the lifespan of a flash based storage16:28
bluelampActionParsnip, good. ext 2 is the better choice :)16:29
ActionParsnipboth have advantages16:29
hidHi, I've just bought a laptop, what should I know concerning the battery ?16:29
bluelampActionParsnip, the eee pc 900 is 100% flash based16:29
bluelampfor file storage16:29
* bluelamp is gone16:29
randomseedhid, check Google for recalls, especially HP laptop batteries16:30
hidrandomseed: I found different informations who are contradictory16:31
jpmhI have a netbook with an internal mic - for some reason ubuntu is not showing it - or even the mic socket as options for sound input - how do I get them to show up16:32
hidthey say I "should use the battery till it stops16:32
randomseedhid, contradictory?  What in content?16:32
hidand other saying it might deteriorate it16:33
ActionParsnipjpmh: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh16:33
akSeyahello folks.. i have searched everywhere, but couldn't find a solution to my problem.. tftpd-hpa keeps timing out.. it connects OK, but I get time out if I try to get or put a file16:34
randomseedhid, a lot of that info is old. I would be more inclined to trust an official site concerning your particular battery.16:35
akSeyahere is my tftpd-hpa config file http://paste.pocoo.org/show/464407/16:36
randomseedhid, read all the info you got with your laptop.16:37
jpmhActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/8rik6Yrm16:37
JakeyChan_pipe question16:37
JakeyChan_ls gmessage/* 1>&0 | zip gmessage.zip -@16:38
randomseedhid, they should warn you about any bad habits16:38
keyboardtalkHow can I force cron jobs to run when there are no users logged on?16:38
Picikeyboardtalk: They should always run no matter who is logged in.16:38
JakeyChan_I want to set stdout redirect to stdin and the let zip command read the stdin for the variable :)16:39
JakeyChan_ls gmessage/* 1>&0 | zip gmessage.zip -@ it is wrong ..16:39
JakeyChan_how to fix it ? :)16:39
ActionParsnipjpmh: http://pastebin.com/vpRFAdtr   should be ok16:39
PiciJakeyChan_: #bash would be a better place to ask this.16:39
keyboardtalkPici: they only seem to run when someone is logged in. I'm using the root crontab16:40
ActionParsnipkeyboardtalk: cron as root and you can use su -c command username16:41
Picikeyboardtalk: Look at /var/log/syslog it should show when cron tasks run.16:41
wesblakeHi there! Could anyone help me with udev rules on 11.04? Or point me in the right direction? I have followed many guides for hours and it seems my rule is ignored still. :(16:42
Picikeyboardtalk: Perhaps your jobs are just failing if no one is logged in. What are they supposed to do?16:42
jpmhActionParsnip: thank you - but why do I need that - clearly I can not test without a reboot16:42
ScatterBrainAnyone have a Latitude E6500 running 11.04?  I can't get the installer to run.  Gets to the point of showing "Ubuntu" on the screen with the flashing dots.  Then just stops.16:43
keyboardtalkPici: backup scripts. Does someone have to be logged in for the script to access home directories?16:43
Picikeyboardtalk: No. Although... do these users have encrypted homes?16:44
RoastedScatterBrain, no, but I'm on an E5500 as we speak.16:44
RoastedScatterBrain, did you check MD5 of the ISO you downloaded? If it's a CD, burned at slowest speed?16:44
hidrandomseed: i dont trust official websites because they dont give good concils. They wanna money so.... I prefer to trust  user experiences16:44
ScatterBrainRoasted: No, but I will now.16:44
hidthank you anyway16:44
ActionParsnipjpmh: not sure, its just one solution I thought of16:44
keyboardtalkPici: I think so16:45
jpmhActionParsnip: LOL & ty - will be right back after a re-boot then16:45
Picikeyboardtalk: I'm not really sure what to do in that case.16:45
Roastedany idea why a flash drive wouldn't mount upon plugging it in?16:46
keyboardtalkPici: should I just make a separate directory on the system for backup stuff?16:46
RoastedI see it in sudo fdisk -l16:46
genii-aroundRoasted: It's possible you have an fstab entry for the drive designation which has the noauto option16:48
ActionParsniproasted: was it gracefully removed last time it was removed16:49
genii-aroundOther reasons thing don't mount: unknown/unspecified filesystem, overdue fsck, user attempting to mount does not have sudo rights16:51
undefffffis natty worth it or 10.10 is ok?16:51
wesblakeHi there! Could anyone help me with udev rules on 11.04? Or point me in the right direction? I have followed many guides for hours and it seems my rule is ignored still. :(16:51
SaEeDIRHAhello guys , i have two network devices with static ip address, but when both devices are active my internet requests goes very very slow , and i have to deactivate one device in order to fix it16:53
RyanPI'm trying to run the OpenOffice document converter wizard under Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm getting the message 'Sorry, Filesystem Problem', and the script debugger starts. This worked fine yesterday. Any idea what causes this? I have thousands of documents to convert, so it would be really nice to have this working.16:53
crazyvash117hi im having a problem with 11.04 its underclocking my processor and idk how to fix it16:53
RanseusI need to install PHP 5.3.6 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS -- the best link found via Google (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11124386) doesn't seem to do the trick. Any other suggestions?16:54
CalinouI accidentally removed the xchat icon in the top right16:54
Calinouhow do I restore it?16:54
Reaperfind it in applications then right click on it and click add to16:55
Calinouno, I speak of the top right16:56
bsdfoxhow can I find out what files a .deb installed?16:56
Calinounow, when I'm logged in to xchat16:56
phillyji'm trying to run the command "$sudo sensors-detect" but i get the error that I need to run the script as root16:56
phillyjwhats going on? it doesn't ask me for my password either16:56
Picibsdfox: dpkg -l packagename16:56
aijuwhat's the default root password after the installer times out?16:56
CalinouI don't see the top right icon, this means if I close the xchat window16:56
Calinou> forced to kill the process16:56
tensorpuddingbsdfox: open the file in the archive manager16:56
ReaperOh, got me on that one lol16:57
tensorpuddingbsdfox: there should be directories in there, showing the paths that files will be installed to16:57
padhuPici: try anacron16:57
tensorpuddingbsdfox: ignore the DEBIAN directory though, that's packaging information16:57
Picipadhu: I'm jot asking a question.16:57
tensorpuddingbsdfox: a .deb file is basically just the compressed files; installing is copying the files to the right places and registering it in the system, running a few tasks to configure it16:59
jpmhActionParsnip: well - rebooted - no better the only audio input device is still: internal audio analog stereo16:59
bsdfoxtensorpudding: I'm trying to figure out where flashplugin-installer put the binary16:59
rypervenche2aiju: There is no root password.17:00
tensorpuddingbsdfox: the actual plugin is put in /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so17:00
jpmha new problem, since last boot, the first account which is supposed to be auto-login - logs in but then tells me that the login keyring needs to be ublocked - what is this - how did I create it and how do I get rid of it17:00
bsdfoxtensorpudding: that directory is empty for me17:00
Calinourebooted, it's still not ther17:00
Calinouand it gives a ugly space17:00
Calinoujpmh: you can't get rid of it17:00
Calinoudeal with it, like I do17:01
tensorpuddingbsdfox: are you sure?17:01
jpmhCalinou: not an acceptable answer - if I created it I can get rif of it17:01
ActionParsnipjpmh: why do you need cron to help sound?17:01
stealzI need some help. I put conky in the startup applications, but it starts too soon, so it will be displayed for half a second on the desktop of the login screen, but not on my actual desktop when I'm logged in17:01
bsdfoxtensorpudding: yeah. let me reinstall it17:01
tensorpuddingbsdfox: try doing a search for the file libflashplayer.so in /usr17:01
cbhljpmh: The password on your keyring should be the same as your account; when you set up auto-login, you bypass entering your password but the keyring still needs your password for unlocking17:02
jpmhActionParsnip: I do not understand you question - why do you believe that I believe that I need cron17:02
bsdfoxtensorpudding: I only see the 11.2 beta I installed manually17:02
Exodusbsdfox, if you're trying to install Flash, go to the software center and install it from there. The package name is 'adobe-flashplugin'17:02
cbhljpmh: There might be a way to change the keyring password to be no password, but then it leaves all your saved passwords unencrypted on your drive (generally a bad idea)17:02
jpmhcbhl:  this was not the case till the last boot - it just logged me in - what changed17:02
tensorpuddingbsdfox: maybe it's not installed then17:02
tensorpuddingbsdfox: installing the beta might have overwrote the old one17:02
Exodusbsdfox, flashplugin-installer just runs a script to download the flashplugin, maybe it failed for you.17:02
cbhljpmh: When you log in using your password, it automatically unlocked the keyring at the same time17:02
cbhljpmh: When you login without your password, it doesn't have your password at login so it can't unlock the keyring17:03
bsdfoxI installed from console and the file is there now17:03
ActionParsnipjpmh: just curious17:03
bsdfoxmy flash performance is still pretty bad though17:03
cbhljpmh: So it prompts instead17:03
roueI'm wondering how hostnames are dynamically defined. I have a virtual host that's coming up with a hostname like "ip-192-168-0-1" and I'd like to modify the logic that's determining that. Anyone know what script it lives in?17:03
jpmhcbhl - I was not entering a password for that auto-account17:03
roue(this is for 11.04)17:03
Exodusbsdfox, try installing graphics acceleration for your video card.17:04
Reaperso one way or another your gonna be putting in a password lol17:04
jpmhActionParsnip: I still don't understand the question - where did your question come from - why do you think cron is involved17:04
cbhljpmh: There should have been one, though? :/17:04
ActionParsniproue: you can set the hostname in /etc/hostname and you will need to set it in /etc/hosts at the same time, or sudo will fail. Open BOTH files then edit17:04
ActionParsnipjpmh: I guss my wires are crossed :-$17:04
jpmhcbhl: no - there should not - there is a non-admin account that is supposed to come up with no need to log in17:04
jpmhActionParsnip: LOL - ty - did you see my messgae then that the sound changes you suggested made things no better17:05
ScatterBrainRoasted: Thanks, it was a bad ISO.  New ISO downloaded, burned, and now installing.17:05
roueActionParsnip - I need to automate this. I'd rather change it where it's being initially set. I want to find the code that's doing that.17:05
CM904Hello guys! quick, and probably easy fix.  When I have my corded mouse plugged into my laptop, how do i completely disable the touchpad. but when its unplugged, the touchpad re-enables17:05
ActionParsniproue: the file is what is used to set the name dude17:05
linxxuis ubuntu 11.04 really worth the upgrade or the 10.10 is better?17:06
CM90410.10 is much17:06
CM904much better17:06
ActionParsniplinxxu: there is no better, each has advantages17:06
fowl11.04 has been flawless for me17:06
CM904if you are used to 10.04 or 10.1017:06
bsdfoxExodus: I installed fglrx and it seems fine. desktop is snappy and I can watch videos just fine in dragon player/vlc17:06
CM904your going to hate 11.04 D:17:06
bsdfoxeven full 1080p was working smoothly17:06
linxxujust heard the user interface is terrible in 11.0417:06
CM904that is what i HATE17:07
linxxuand things arent easy to find17:07
CM904about the user interface17:07
ReaperI dont use the new interface, I like classic better17:07
linxxuso came here to ask :P17:07
CM904no they are not. you have to do it terminal if you wanna be fast with it17:07
fowllinxxu: i thought that was GNOMEs fault17:07
wesblakeYes, Unity is not quite there yet, and slow, but in 11.04, you can still choose the "classic" interface!17:07
CM904its just, an awkward searching system17:07
ActionParsniplinuxxu: you can switch to classic gnome if you want, unity 2d will replace it in oneiric (I assume you mean gnome)17:07
linxxubut its ubuntus17:07
fowloh yeah dont use unity, its the sucks17:07
tetsuo--hello. im upgrading to 11.04, but the upgrade process is spitting out 100ś of warnings17:08
ActionParsniplinuxxu: there are other desktops if you don't like gnome/unity etc17:08
linxxui will probably download the image instead of upgrading17:08
tetsuo--warnings like these: Kon '/var/cache/apt/archives/libgudev-1.0-0_1%3a167-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb' niet installeren17:08
CM904its like going from a phone that will never break flip screen, can drop it in water, and then getting a full touch phone, its just really awkward at first, then you become much faster17:08
jpdslinxxu: Er, why don't you just go and try it for yourself?17:08
CM904I do like how the applications tab on the side though, just try it for yourself I guess17:08
linxxuif there are many negative comments i wont download :D17:09
wesblakeCould anyone help me with udev rules on 11.04? Or point me in the right direction? I have followed many guides for hours and it seems my rule is ignored still. :(17:09
jpdslinxxu: Glad to see you're thinking for yourself.17:09
=== ar0n is now known as ar0nic
ActionParsniplinxxu: so you want strangers to tell you how to think....?17:09
linxxuok then i will give it a try!17:10
damidallah... I have a problem with my Hansol H750 monitor using ubuntu 11.04 and radeon OSS drivers: it always shows "out of range" - the problem isn't there using fglrx...17:11
jpmhto those who said live with the keyring issue, no, see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=162334717:11
CM904ActionParsnip: if alot of people tell you that a restaurant is horrible, would you go? And you can't just leave this restaurant when you take the first bite. You have to 'backup', get out, go back to the same tried, and true resturant that you know and love, and the owner is really good friends with you.17:11
ActionParsnipdamidalla: try the boot option: nomodeset17:11
tetsuo--will the 100ś of warnings during the upgrade cause a problem on next boot?17:12
ActionParsnipcm904: yes it's been the opposite in many cases, especially with restaurants17:12
ActionParsnipcm904: living vicariously is no life at all17:12
checheDoes anyone know of and application to fix JPEG headers/files?17:12
muneebis there any way i can disable ati prop drivers for one boot?17:13
linxxui find another 11.10 or some other version should i download that instead?17:13
ActionParsniplinxxu: its in alpha, there are ISOs you can download but its not stable17:14
CM904actionparsnip: Ah, good advice, I am 21, I should be more open to new things, might be great, some people hate broccoli and some love it I guess, but back on topic :D17:14
chechemuneeb: goin on rescue mode maybe17:14
wesblakeAnybody? andybody?...you know the next part.17:14
muneebcheche, Recovery Mode?17:14
linxxuth3n 11.04 :)17:14
CM904wesblake: next part to what?17:15
ActionParsnipcm904: I'm 31 now, trying new is fun. It's how you got into Ubuntu right...I'm sure you used Windows for so long, just like the usual restaurant ;)17:15
chechemuneeb: when start there is a singlemode/recoverymode that let you start on graphics safe mode17:15
linxxui also used windows but ubuntu shipped a cd to me and i tried it :D17:15
wesblakenext part is Beuler. Anyways, anyone able to point me in the right direction on my udev rules quesiton?17:15
linxxufeels better than windows17:16
muneebcheche, okay.. but i guess that mode disable all modules.. i just want prop drivers when i want to play games..17:16
CM904actionparsnip: Great analogy/metaphor. haha.17:16
xibalbahey all, anyone familiar with postfix? i'm trying to just use it as a localhost for email submission from a ticketing system running in apache. i'm then trying to relay that to a smart host which is my exchange srerver but i keep getting "recipient address rejected'17:17
chechemuneeb: i think that is more to fix problems.17:17
CM904uhh how do you type commands in this chat like /help17:17
chechemuneeb: there is another way. disable propietary drivers and restart the system17:17
CM904D: oh sorry guys im spamming the chat, ma bad.17:18
muneebcheche, yeah.. idk but something like rmmod but i don't know how..17:18
chechemuneeb: well there is another one.17:18
chechemuneeb: xorg.conf has defin the module to use.17:19
linxxuso this is for intel processors? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.04/release/ubuntu-11.04-dvd-i386.iso17:19
chechemuneeb: you can have 2 xorg.conf files. one with propietary driver and other without17:19
muneebcheche, any pointers as to how can i go about it?17:19
tetsuo--guys im scared, how do i make sure ubuntu boots after this mostly failed upgrade finbishes?17:19
ActionParsniplinxxu: 32bit or 64bit?17:20
linxxuits an atom processor17:20
ActionParsniplinxxu: start with 32bit, it'll be easier17:21
chechemuneeb: /etc/X11/xorg.conf  Section "Device" Driver  "nvidia"17:21
muneebcheche, thanks i'll see to it :)17:22
dev777hi all17:22
BluesKajlinxxu, uname -a in the terminal will tell you whether it's 32 or 64 bit17:22
linxxuBluesKaj: i am about to download a new release, the one that i have now is 10.10 x8617:23
stealzmy conky shows my processor as 2.0 GHz instead of the 2.4 GHz it actually has. Now I'm wondering if ubuntu runs the CPU at full capacity or only uses 2 GHz instead of the 2.4. Is there any way to find out and maybe change this?17:23
stealzsystem monitor shows 2.5 ghz, but I am still not sure17:24
usr13linxxu: pastebinit /proc/cpuinfo   #Send resulting URL17:25
dev777is there any command in ubuntu which is kind of opposite to sudo, allowing a program to force it run in unprivileged user mode?17:25
BluesKajstealz, yes I believe the 'ondemand" state is default for cpu usage , which means it increase it's rate only when required17:25
stealzBluesKaj, thanks. Just ran a high demanding software, and then conky shows the full 2.5 GHz.17:26
=== Guest71681 is now known as L1T
usr13dev777: Apps are run according to their needs.  If it needs root or if it needs to run only in user space is up to the application and it's developers.17:26
Danny_Joris_Hi all - I'm an unix noob and I did something stupid in my Ubuntu VM. I did 'rm -r *' , not knowing it would remove everything from scratch. I thought it would only remove everything in my current folder... SO... that was stupid, but I only confirmed to remove  write-protected directory 'LOGPATH' ... I don't know what damage I've caused and how to revert it...17:26
Danny_Joris_I might have removed much more that didn't need confirmation...?17:27
miktorHow do i reset the gnome display manager settings?17:27
PiciDanny_Joris_: It will only remove things from your current path. Where did you run that?17:27
usr13dev777: If you can give us specific information about a particular application, we might be able to give you spedific advise17:27
Danny_Joris_Pici: desktop/websites/example17:28
Danny_Joris_but it asked to remove some fedoragsearch.log file which can't be in that folder17:28
stealzdev777, if you are not logged in as root, all software runs in user mode by default, no need for an extra command17:28
dev777yes, but suppose i am the root and for some reason, i need to run a program with limited privilege from root.17:29
dev777isn't that possible?17:30
usr13dev777: su - user ./application17:30
PiciDanny_Joris_: Well, that looks like something that you've downlaoded, its possible that there were other files in there.17:30
usr13dev777: su -c user ./application17:30
Danny_Joris_Pici: I'm not sure if it did only remove files from the current path17:30
usr13dev777: man su17:30
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Just wanted to say a quick HI,. :-)17:31
PiciDanny_Joris_: rm -r shouldn't go up the directory structure.17:31
usr13dev777: su -c user ./application  Was a typo.  I meant:  su -c user ./application  #Where user is actual user name.17:31
Danny_Joris_rm: descend into write-protected directory `LOGPATH'? y17:31
Danny_Joris_rm: remove write-protected regular file `LOGPATH/fedoragsearch.log'? ^C17:31
dev777usr13, thanks a lot17:31
BluesKajhey Sidewinder1  :)17:32
Danny_Joris_Pici: I did rm -r * though17:32
usr13dev777: Actually that is not right.17:32
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, ;)17:32
PiciDanny_Joris_: I mean it shouldnt go deleting other things in desktop/websites/  if you said rm -r desktop/websites/example17:32
usr13dev777:  su -c   is to run command as root  the next argument is for the app17:33
Danny_Joris_Pici: I didn't specify a path. Just *17:33
Danny_Joris_not 'just' i guess17:33
usr13dev777: If you can tell us specifically what you are trying to do, we could give you specific advise.17:33
Danny_Joris_for completeness:17:33
Danny_Joris_quickstart@qs091:~/Desktop/websites/bamboo$ rm -r *17:33
Danny_Joris_rm: descend into write-protected directory `LOGPATH'? y17:33
dev777another question, how do i set my default login session?17:33
Danny_Joris_rm: remove write-protected regular file `LOGPATH/fedoragsearch.log'? ^C17:33
PiciDanny_Joris_: My example was bad. if you were inside desktop/websites/example and you ran rm -r *, it will not go to desktop/ and start deleting things, it will only decend into directories already there.17:33
usr13dev777: What about it do you want to set?17:34
PiciDanny_Joris_: Does that make sense?17:34
Danny_Joris_Pici: ah. I see now that there is a LOGPATH directory17:34
Danny_Joris_Pici: thanks17:34
Danny_Joris_Pici: that's a relief :)17:34
maalacneed help here. why can't i access windows share? i have internet and connected via ethernet inside HP network17:34
PiciDanny_Joris_: np17:34
Danny_Joris_Pici: i didn't ut it htere17:35
damidallaI feel like a n00b... now I entered the grub menu, but I cannot edit the line... "e" key doesn't work... nor "c"17:35
Abhijitdamidalla, oepn it with gedit not with vi17:35
silverarrowwhy is Ubuntu so sloppy with VLC?17:35
damidallaAbhijit, I am at boot time17:36
dev777usr13, when i start the x server, i want to login to a specific window manager, say KDE17:36
usr13dev777: If you want to run an application as user, and you are root, I think you'll have to su to user and then run it.  i.e.  su - user   and then run the application.17:36
damidallaI cannot access my system17:36
theadmindev777: Use the proper command, e.g. "startxfce4", "startkde" and such17:36
usr13dev777: Those options are on the login screen.  Set it before you login.17:36
maalacneed help here. why can't i access windows share? i have internet and connected via ethernet inside HP network17:37
miktorI have broken my setup with a second monitor, and now the display of the second monitor flickers and doesn't work whenever i plug it in. Any way to fix this, or reset the config?17:37
loculinuxce faceti ma17:37
BluesKajdamidalla, what on grub are you trying to edit ..you can also edit from the command prompt with sudo nano /etc/default/grub17:37
maalacneed help here. why can't i access windows share? i have internet and connected via ethernet inside HP network17:37
usr13dev777: Unless, as theadmin points out, you use startked or startx or startxfce4  etc.17:37
khrmsilverarrow use smplayer or cmdline mplayer.17:37
theadmin!repeat | maalac17:37
ubottumaalac: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:37
userIs BleachBit safe to use?17:38
CertHello; got an issue with a gconf sanity check on a fresh install of ubuntu 11.04 x64.17:38
theadminuser: Yes.17:38
usr13dev777: But if you want to do it via GUI interface, just look there on the login screen and you will see options for different desktops17:38
shbkhello, does anybody here have experience with writing of  modules for kernel?17:38
silverarrowkhrm, are they a real replacement for vlc?17:38
theadminshbk: You might be better off checking #ubuntu-devel17:38
khrmYes. Smplayer is.17:38
BASHn00bkernel can get pretty deep17:39
BluesKajsilverarrow, what's the problem with VLC ?17:39
usr13silverarrow: There are other video players:  mplayer xine totem etc.17:39
CertDoes anyone have any ideas why gconf sanity check would "bug out" other than permission issues?17:39
khrmSmplayer too use ffmpeg17:39
dev777usr13, yes, that is ok. but i want to login to CLI first then want to start display server with my desired desktop environment.17:39
theadmindev777: Well, for KDE, use the "startkde" command. For XFCE, it's "startxfce4"17:40
theadmindev777: I'm not sure what it is for gnome17:40
loculinuxvreºun roman pe aici?17:40
dev777theadmin, thanks. so, every WM has its own command?17:40
theadmindev777: For E17 it's start-e if I recall right17:40
BASHn00bCert, whats it doing exactly any errors? freezing up?17:40
usertheadmin: I'm going to use BleachBit....If it delete my files I'll need your home address LOL17:40
theadmindev777: Basically so17:40
usr13dev777: Then do as theadmin said17:40
dev777theadmin, anything for awesome?17:40
theadmindev777: Oh, that won't work, awesome is not a de, it's just a wm17:41
dev777oh right17:41
theadmindev777: Run "xinit", and from the terminal which appears, already run "awesome"17:41
CertBASHn00b: On a fresh install I am prompted with an error "there is a problem with the configuration server [filepath] exited with status 256"17:41
AnonMacProhay, what do you guys have to say about Steve Jobs?17:41
usr13dev777: startlxde startubuntu startx  etc.17:41
theadminuser: It only touches temporary files.17:41
Pici!ot | AnonMacPro17:41
ubottuAnonMacPro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:41
Cyrax5Desura seems to be a steam like store where which you can buy and download games. It's also going to be for Linux distro's. My question is. In some of the screenshots it shows games like 'crysis' which aren't available for linux. Will Desura using wine to play these games?17:42
usr13dev777: But you would first need to dissable the login-manager17:42
silverarrowusr13, BluesKaj, I have totem, need vlc for youtube and some downloads.  VLC doesn't work any more, only audio, no picture.17:42
Cyrax5AnonMacPro: One down. One more to go.17:42
dev777usr13, how do i do that?17:43
CertBASHn00b: When click ok to get passed the error, there is an install error on the login screen stating "the config defaults for gnome power management..."17:43
PiciCyrax5: Please ask Desura that, its not an Ubuntu question.17:43
theadminCyrax5: Most likely they just won't be available (judging from the Steam+Mac experience)17:43
CertBASHn00b: When I ignore it an login in anyway, I find myself at the first error, and go back to the login screen17:43
BASHn00bI'm going to assume from your previous statement you have checked the perms and are SU17:43
BluesKaj silverarrow , sudo apt-get install --reinstall vlc17:44
usr13dev777: Example: If you are using gdm, you would do   sudo chmod -x  /dev/init.d/gdm17:44
BASHn00bif it's causing things to default its some shit in the etc/gconf  xml file17:44
CyLHi, there is a trange glitch with my ubuntu where sometimes it won't load the ubuntu gnome theme, or it loads it and than fallback to the default gnome theme after startup has been done. It happens every time, but I cannot track it down to something I might be doing that is triggering this17:44
ikonia-remoteBASHn00b: control the language please.17:44
h00k!language | BASHn00b17:44
ubottuBASHn00b: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:44
BASHn00bwow, srry17:44
RyanPI'm trying to run the OpenOffice document converter wizard under Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm getting the message 'Sorry, Filesystem Problem', and the script debugger starts. This worked fine yesterday. Any idea what causes this? I have thousands of documents to convert, so it would be really nice to have this working.17:45
theadminusr13: A more "universal" approach: sudo chmod -x /etc/init/*dm17:45
codename09hey guys how to mount extended partition ?17:45
dev777usr13, ok17:45
CertBASHn00b: Im new to linux, but i made sure perms are 777 for /tmp and /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.*17:45
usr13dev777: As theadmin points out "A more "universal" approach: sudo chmod -x /etc/init/*dm"17:46
codename09i dont know i might ruined my hardisk and there were important data that i need critically17:46
theadminusr13: Err, rather, *dm.conf17:46
theadminusr13: Actually... That ain't gonna work17:46
BASHn00bmake sure the whole folder tree is 755 or 77717:46
pduanhi i have a problem, i'm dualbooting ubuntu 11.04 with windows 7 on a thinkpad t420. the problem i'm running into is that everytime i reboot, ubuntu does not remember several settings that I've put down. For example, I'll set .html files to open up in text editor but upon restart, they open up in chrome again. another example is i'll check the box to let me login without password but it's reset the next time i login.17:46
Escherialdoes anyone else happen to find window management in unity somewhat a chore?17:46
BASHn00bcert make sure the whole folder tree is 755 or 77717:46
chechecodename09: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery17:46
theadmindev777: sudo mv /etc/init/your-login-manager.conf /etc/init/your-login-manager.DISABLED17:46
Gentoo64Escherial, everyone hates it17:46
usr13dev777: Never mind...  theadmin is crawfishing  :)17:46
theadminusr13: I'm just more used to SystemD than Upstart17:47
BASHn00bif you have one file that is not 777 or 755 i.e. ect can be the proper perm, but gconf.xml can not17:47
Escherialthere are a lot of things i like about unity (increased vertical space with the unified menu bar, the expose-type view, etc.), but many things that i don't17:47
EscherialGentoo64: ah, heh, nice to know that i'm not just lazy/crazy17:47
CertBASHn00b: Ill try that now, 1 sec17:47
=== nobody is now known as oneils
Gentoo64Escherial, you are crazy17:47
boernhow can i go into the german chat?17:47
h00kboern: /join #ubuntu-de17:47
EscherialGentoo64: yeah, i guess unity being difficult and me being crazy aren't mutually exclusive, heh...17:47
theadminboern: Schreiben sie "/join #ubuntu-de" ein.17:48
Escherialit's good to know either way17:48
BASHn00bcert, running sudo chmod 755 /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.* should do it17:48
dev777theadmin, usr13 , but if gnome and kde are DEs and awesome is WM, then why they all are in the list of "session" during login?17:48
Gentoo64Escherial, maybe try the classic mode17:48
theadmindev777: I can't be sure of that.17:48
Gentoo64dev777, de wm same thing basically17:48
BASHn00bI never recommend 77717:48
silverarrowvlc used to be trouble free in Ubuntu, for years17:48
Escherialyeah, standard gnome would be easier to handle, but i do like some of the things they've introduced in unity...it'd be nice if they could find some way to improve it17:48
theadmindev777: I just know that, for instance, Openbox has no way to start without X running already17:48
ActionParsnipcert: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674680/17:49
theadminEscherial: Classic mode isn't even "standard gnome" anymore, since that'd be gnome317:49
Gentoo64silverarrow, have you tried vlc --reset-config17:49
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: I wouldn't say that personally17:49
dev777usr13, theadmin, so the question comes to: how do i open a wm from command line?17:50
BluesKajsilverarrow, VLC here runs like a charm and I'm on Oneiric alpha 317:50
BASHn00bso 420irc is not working17:50
theadmindev777: wmname &disown17:50
theadmindev777: But, that assumes you have X running (did "xinit")17:50
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: make sure you have 1.1.1117:50
dev777what is &disown?17:50
Gentoo64dev777, what are you trying to run?17:50
theadmindev777: Detaches it from the terminal (so if the terminal closes the app doesn't exit)17:50
dev777Gentoo64, awesome17:51
silverarrowgentoo64, with no change17:51
Gentoo64silverarrow, no idea17:51
BluesKajsilverarrow, updated / upgraded / dist-upgraded ?17:51
damidallauhffff, problems with my little brother, sorry :(17:52
tetsuo--so my computer no longer boots, wat can i do now17:52
dev777theadmin, won't & only do that?17:52
silverarrowactionparsnip VLC media player 1.2.0-git Twoflower17:52
Gentoo64tetsuo--, where does it get up to?17:52
ActionParsnipsilverfarrow: then it's not supported here17:52
damidallaso, now I am trying to boot my system, I have to add "option:nomodeset" at boot, but when I press "e" in the grub window it does not do anything...17:52
theadmindev777: I'm not sure what's the difference between & and &disown tbh17:53
tetsuo--usb 1-8 new high speed usb devce17:53
tetsuo--gentoo64 ^^^17:53
silverarrowactionparsnip, I actually upgraded because of this trouble, but it didn't work17:53
Gentoo64then what? kernel panic?17:53
tetsuo--it just stays there17:54
BluesKajsilverarrow, git isn'r always nthe best choice for multimedia appsm despite what bleeding edgers claim17:54
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: we can only support the apps in the official repos here17:54
Gentoo64silverarrow, will mplayer do what you want it to? i always found vlc no good as well17:54
silverarrowActoinParsnip, maybe I shall go back to the original then17:54
dev777theadmin, usr13 , is it possible to run two different DEs at the same time, maybe in different ttys or something? coz i have to logoff to check what theadmin suggested.17:55
Gentoo64dev777, not in different ttys17:55
theadmindev777: Not that I know17:55
Gentoo64itll say x is already running17:55
silverarrowgentoo64, mplayer handles everything except downlaoded youtube videos17:55
theadminI gotta reboot17:55
Gentoo64silverarrow, i use mplayer2 not sure if it works on that17:55
Gentoo64silverarrow, but im sure it would..17:56
BluesKajGentoo64, VLC works well when setup properly . it takes alittle attention but the rewards are significant17:56
Gentoo64nah i hate it17:56
* dev777 will come back17:56
tetsuo--gentoo64 how do i make it show what its hanging on?17:56
Gentoo64tetsuo--, what does it do? hang or panic?17:57
tetsuo--gentoo64 flashing _17:57
Gentoo64what did you do before this hapened?17:57
tetsuo--failed upgrade from 10.10 to 11.0417:57
usr13silverarrow: mplayer plays downloaded youtube videos too.17:58
usr13tetsuo--: Check your internet connection / try again.17:58
tetsuo--usr13 the network is fine17:59
usr13tetsuo--: What seems to be the problem?17:59
usr13tetsuo--: sudo apt-get upgrade18:00
tetsuo--since 10.10 upgrade to 11.04 failed and failed to revert the computer won't boot past detecting the usb ports18:00
usr13tetsuo--: Probably need to just do fresh install from 11.04 CD18:01
silverarrowusr13, it doesn't here ? weird18:01
usr13tetsuo--: If you backed up the /home dir, it should be easy.18:01
tetsuo--so without he cd I'm lost?18:02
usr13silverarrow: You must be missing codecs18:02
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
silverarrowusr13, and I though I had them all18:03
usr13!codecs | silverarrow18:03
ubottusilverarrow: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:03
silverarrowobviously not18:03
mbrigdanUbuntu suddenly seems to be ignoring module blacklists. update-initramfs is adding blacklisted modules, and other blacklisted modules (eg: pcspkr) are being loaded. Anyone know what could be causing this?18:03
usr13silverarrow: Did you install mplayer from synaptic ?18:04
jpmhI have a system with multiple accounts one of them does not show the nm-applet - as far as I know I set it up exactly the same way - how do I get that applet to show on the account that does not have it18:04
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Guest98191hi every118:06
silverarrowusr13, I have  mplayer for Unix-like systems, in lubuntu, and all the restricted packages18:06
Guest98191im facing a problem, cant video chat on skype18:07
Guest98191webcam doesnt get detected on skype.. can some1 help18:08
th0rGuest98191: does it work with cheese?18:08
Guest98191yes it does18:08
usr13silverarrow: apt-get install --reinstall mplayer18:08
th0rGuest98191: see if this script helps....http://pastebin.com/4xjSgcLL18:09
Guest98191<th0r> im trying ur link18:09
maalacquestion: what type of LDAP shall i use on ubuntu4hp?18:09
japanhi i have 512 ram ddr1 2,6ghz cpu and my ubuntu runs so slow, can i download some earlier version, will that be faster? ?18:09
japanhi i have 512 ram ddr1 2,6ghz cpu and my ubuntu runs so slow, can i download some earlier version, will that be faster? ?18:10
bindijapan: please don't repeat18:10
bindi!lubuntu | japan18:10
ubottujapan: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.18:10
bindi"light ubuntu"18:10
japanbut on lxde i dont have features what i need18:10
th0rjapan: well, you can have pretty, or you can have fast.....take your pick18:11
japani asked something18:11
japanwill be faster to download some earlier version ?18:11
japani asked that, nobody answer me18:11
th0rjapan: earlier versions are no longer supported. But the short answer is probably not, if you stick with gnome you will have to pay the price18:12
apnjapan, xfce might have all the features you need.18:12
Guest98191<th0r> still not working :(18:12
th0rGuest98191: well, worth a shot. that fixed it for me so I figured I would try18:12
japanok i will try xfce18:12
Guest98191<th0r> thanks... any other way?18:13
th0rGuest98191: I saw other solutions when I was searching the web, but didn't pay much attention to them once they failed for me18:14
Guest98191<th0r> ok.. will google.. thnx :)18:14
ubuntu_Grüse an alle machts gut biss dann18:15
damidallaok, now I solved the problem with the "out of range" right after the boot... but it still shows up as "out of range" as gdm shows up... but at least the terminals work, with nomodeset18:15
tynsitesting, does this message go through?18:15
damidallaI think it's an edid problem18:15
th0rtynsi: no18:16
damidallayes, tynsi18:16
tynsiokay thank you18:16
damidallamaybe, tynsi18:16
tynsiis there a way to outright delete options from the GNU grub loader on a dual boot configuration?18:16
tynsii have an old failed corrupted ubuntu install that's still coming up18:17
tynsialso i want to move windows XP to the top of the list18:17
silverarrowusr13, reinstall completed, yet it doesn't play. VLC will play the video but audio only, no picture18:17
chechetynsi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 maybe this helps18:18
tynsilooking now, google did not turn that up before, thank you18:19
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agentgasmaskHi all! :) I want to connect a USB scanner from across the room wih a 20 foot usb extention cable. Is the cable enough, or do I need a "booster" of some kind?18:19
th0ragentgasmask: you will find data transfer rates fall as the cable gets longer, and if I remember correctly the max for usb2.0 is 16', but not sure on that18:20
th0ragentgasmask: at a minimum, I would run the cable to a usb hub attached to the computer, and make sure the usb hub has its own power supply18:21
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checheany pointers for  software to repair corrupt jpg?18:23
mrcreativitywhy does ubuntu run hotter than windows18:24
mrcreativitythe fan is always running with ubuntu...with temps of 72C, with windows the temp hovers around 58 and the fan runs only under load18:25
ActionParsnipmrcreativity: our systems acpi is catered for in windows but not so much in Linux, are there bugs reported?18:25
mrcreativitybugs...not sure18:26
mrcreativityhow would i know if there are bugs?18:26
GatorAlliWhat is the file system of the bios_grub partition in ubuntu 11.04?18:26
chmacCan anyone recommend a package from the repos to help browse / graph / visualise ~100k rows of data?18:26
agentgasmaskth0r: Ah, thanks. Will it just run slow, or will it "drop" information?18:27
ActionParsnipchmac: gnumeric maybe18:27
chmacActionParsnip: Great, I'm trying it now, thanks18:29
prashant_123456how to extract audio from mp4 file18:29
GatorAlliis the bios_grub  partition unformatted?18:29
prashant_123456how to extract audio from mp4 file18:31
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Danny_Joris_is there an online unix manual that is not painful for the eyes?18:31
Danny_Joris_like this for git: well explained , nice examples, not painful for the eyes : http://gitimmersion.com/18:32
mrcreativityany advice on the fan issue18:32
=== Guest43271 is now known as bluemoon
Danny_Joris_or like this for jquery: http://api.jquery.com/visual/18:32
Danny_Joris_anything like that for unix?18:33
oCeanDanny_Joris_: I don't see how that is an #ubuntu issue?18:34
Danny_Joris_oCean: true that.18:34
oCeanDanny_Joris_: well, you're in #ubuntu, so please stay on topic. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for chat18:34
ActionParsnip!manual | danny_joris_18:35
ubottudanny_joris_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:35
L1TWhats the easiest way to add a program to run on boot :D18:35
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto18:36
alex--How can I add webmail notifications to ubuntu?18:36
=== dub54_ is now known as dub54
ActionParsnipalex--: for which provider?18:36
japando anybody wants brazzers account for free ?18:36
alex--ActionParsnip: my own18:37
L1Tjapan: lol me18:37
BlueEagle!ot | japan18:37
ubottujapan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:37
alex--ActionParsnip: I dont want to receive email, only the notification so I can check out my webmail client18:37
mgjlol japan wtf? why would you even.... in an ubuntu channel....18:38
ActionParsnipalex--: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/popper-email-notifier.html18:38
prashant_123456how to extract audio from mp4 file ???????18:39
L1TWhats the easiest way to add a program to run on boot18:40
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: ffmpeg -i source_video.mp4 -vn -ar 44100 -ac 2 -ab 192 -f mp3 sound.mp318:40
ActionParsniplit: does it need to run after login, or before the login screen shows? which account does it need to run as?18:41
alex--Thx ActionParsnip18:41
alex--ActionParsnip: something else about it: how does it behaves with multiple pc's attached to 1 account?18:41
ActionParsnipalex--: no worries, all I did was websearch18:41
ActionParsnipalex--: not sure, it simply checks the number of mails and shows whom they are from18:42
L1TActionParsnip: It can run after I logon. I want to to run on root. Also easiest way from the command line i ment.18:43
cutiyarhow to do with this ? http://pastebin.com/7GNSZiW9 while updating terminla18:43
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, encoder not found any solution ??18:43
ActionParsnipprasant_123456: install libmp3lame018:44
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, it says already installed18:44
ergZayhow do i create a fifo out of an existing file? I'm downloading a file and i want to pull pieces off the file to pipe it somewhere else and I want them to be deleted as I go?18:45
ergZayremoving the "?" on the end18:45
ActionParsnipprasant123456: not sure then, there will be the encoder on the repos you need, just need to work out which one, if you install handbrake it may install it too, why not have a sniff around on the web to see what is needed18:45
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, ok18:46
ActionParsniplit: you can add the command to the sudoers file, it can run without password and you can add it to your normal startup commands prefixed with gksudo18:47
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, not finding the solution18:47
lectrickIs there a launchd for linux, or did everyone just go to Upstart?18:47
BlueEaglelectrick: wikipedia: The Ubuntu Linux distribution considered using launchd in 2006. However, launchd was rejected as an option because it was released under the Apple Public Source License18:49
cutiyarhow to do with this ? http://pastebin.com/7GNSZiW9 while updating terminla18:49
ForSparePartsHey, guys. I've got a black screen problem -- read the wiki page and i'm still a bit lost...18:49
lectrickBlueEagle: The licensing was changed to Apache 2.0 if you read on though, that very year18:49
lectrickMaybe it was too little too late?18:50
ForSparePartsHappened after I unplugged the dvi cable while running -- stupid, I guess, but I assumed it Ubuntu would deal with it as well as windows does...18:50
BlueEaglelectrick: Well, if it hailed from Apple to begin with I really don't care. I don't eat apples.18:50
lectrickWell, Apple is probably trying to clutch its work too tightly to its chest still in general. If you haven't adopted the "sure, take my ass however you want" philosophy of open source, it can be a hurdle, especially for a corporation18:51
krewakhow to check pc temperature on natty 11.0418:51
L1TActionParsnip: I don't understand what you said. Cant I just add my bashscript to some file so it starts on startup?18:51
ForSparePartsCan anybody help, please? I'm not sure what to do, and I don't want to do something drastic (i.e. reinstall Ubuntu) if I don't have to...18:52
BlueEaglelectrick: This should probably move to !ot18:52
lectrickBlueEagle: I eat apples but appreciate open source. Regarding that, I suppose.18:52
mbrigdanUbuntu suddenly seems to be ignoring module blacklists. update-initramfs is adding blacklisted modules, and other blacklisted modules (eg: pcspkr) are being loaded. Anyone know what could be causing this?18:52
ActionParsniplit: you can reference it in your startup apps, prefixed with gksudo, you will be asked for password each boot. If that's ok then go for it18:53
zabomber_hey guys. my icons for my current theme worked before i install dockbarx and now they dont. i have tried to remove dockbarx but my icon pack is still not working. i have tried rebooting. any idea?18:54
lectrickWhat's the best package manager these days?18:54
ActionParsniplectrick: there is no single best anything18:54
coz_lectrick,  I prefer synatpic18:54
ActionParsniplectrick: apt-fast is what I use18:54
xevillectrick: I like aptitude...18:55
lectrickdo you have to marry one? (i.e., do they collide?)18:55
lectrickmutual exclusivity?18:55
ActionParsniplectrick: no, you can switch as you please18:55
coz_lectrick,  only one package manager can run at any given time18:55
ActionParsniplecktrick: only one can be accessing the packages at one time18:55
lectrickso synaptic, aptitude and apt-fast.18:55
krewakhow to check pc temperature on natty 11.0418:55
ActionParsniplecktrick: apt-get and software-centre also exist18:56
ActionParsnip!sensors | krewak18:56
ubottukrewak: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.18:56
krewaktq ubottu18:56
zabomber_hey guys. my icons for my current theme worked before i install dockbarx and now they dont. i have tried to remove  dockbarx but my icon pack is still not working. i have tried rebooting. any idea?18:57
ForSparePartsHey, guys. Can anybody help with a black screen problem on Natty?18:57
Slart_I'm trying to make a small script which scans a number of pages from a scanner and creates a pdf and I'm running into all kinds of problems just because some utilities only support tiff's with a certain compression mode and then the tiff to pdf converter can't use the same compression the tiff converter can use18:58
coz_zabomber_,  which icon theme is not working?18:58
zabomber_coz_ i've tried a few... currently its the Awoken one...18:58
Slart_Are there any good tif to pdf creation tools out there? tiff2pdf seems a bit.. dated18:58
coz_zabomber_,   I am trying to think why dockbarx would even interfer with an icon theme18:58
lectricktiff is not exactly a new format tho18:59
wildc4rdevenin all!18:59
coz_zabomber_,  out of curiosity  ,, did you restart x  or reboot  ?18:59
zabomber_coz_, me too.. my theme works fine... just the icons don't work18:59
Slart_shesh.. dual irssi's running.. sorry18:59
ActionParsnipslart_: does it work though?18:59
SlartActionParsnip: yes, it works.. but the results are bigger than I want18:59
coz_zabomber_,  did you install anything else  or were there updates  at the same time?19:00
zabomber_coz_, reboot19:00
ActionParsnipslart: if you put the file in a file in libreoffice, then export to PDF, is it better?19:00
zabomber_coz_ quite a few updates.... apt-get update and apt-get upgrade... :(19:00
SlartActionParsnip: as a comparison.. gscan2pdf produces a pdf which is ~1 Mb.. my script creates a pdf which is 15 Mb19:00
codename09I m using foremost Data recovery tool .. but i need to make an image of the partition, but i m not able to mount it :( so is there anyway to do that ?19:00
ergZayhow do i create a fifo out of an existing file? I'm downloading a file and i want to pull pieces off the file to pipe it somewhere else and I want them to be deleted as I go.19:01
ActionParsnipcodename09: use dd_rescue to make an image19:01
SlartActionParsnip: ngh.. I haven't really tried19:01
ActionParsnipslart: not sleek, but could work19:01
codename09thanks !19:01
coz_zabomber_,  I have doubts that it was dockbarx,, I have used that with no difficulties,,  try   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    to see if newer versions of anything n eed to be  upgraded19:01
Bibib0ycoucou :hap:19:01
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SlartActionParsnip: the whole idea is to have a small, automated script.. I'd rather not involve libreoffice in that19:01
zabomber_coz_, trying...19:02
ActionParsnipslart: I'll dig around, gimme a sec19:02
SlartActionParsnip: I'm just surprised tiff2pdf doesn't handle pdf versions other than 1.0... no 1.4 with all the new compressions and stuff19:02
ForSparePartscan anybody help with a black screen problem on Natty?19:02
zabomber_no updates.. :(19:02
zabomber_coz_ no updates :919:03
SlartActionParsnip: I'm thinking of doing it in python.. I think there are some decent pdf creation routines in there19:03
KSHawkEyeDoes anyone know of a way to play chess on Ubuntu against someone on a Windows machine?19:03
dantixhi all, I've installed neatx on my box and worked fine untill synaptics required me to reboot. After that neatx-server did not start and I not know what is the command tio start it. Search at /etc/init.d with no luck. Any ideas?19:03
coz_zabomber_,  mm,,  t his is odd  for s ure,,  as I said I cant see dockbarx having any connection with the icon theme... are you using dockbarx  as an actual dock or just in the upper panel?19:03
ergZayhow do i create a fifo out of an existing file? I'm downloading a file and i want to pull pieces off the file to pipe it somewhere else and I want them to be deleted as I go.19:04
SlartKSHawkEye: there are a couple of online-chess-apps in the repository.. can't say which ones have a windows client though19:04
Slart!info xboard | KSHawkEye19:04
ubottuKSHawkEye: xboard (source: xboard): An X Window System Chess Board. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.4-1 (natty), package size 621 kB, installed size 3832 kB19:04
PDunny!info chroot19:05
ubottuPackage chroot does not exist in natty19:05
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KSHawkEyeSlart: Isnt that only for linux based systems?19:05
SlartKSHawkEye: they say they have a windows client... http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/xboard/19:05
Combatjuanhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/devel/linux-headers-2.6.35-30-server lists "linux-headers-2.6.25-30" as a dependency but says it is unavailable.  But I can't install the server package without it.  So why is it unavailable?19:05
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SlartKSHawkEye: it seems it can connect to larger online communities as well.. I assume those use some kind of standardized protocol19:07
KSHawkEyeSlart: Interesting... WinBoard seems to be the Windows version of it. I wonder if xboard and winboard can connect over network19:08
KSHawkEyeSlart: Anyway, I'll have to do some reading and testing but thanks for the help19:08
SlartKSHawkEye: xboard (and eboard) connects to http://www.freechess.org/ .. they support a lot of different clients.. for all kinds of operating systems19:09
SlartKSHawkEye: they have a nice download page where you can choose your client19:09
SlartKSHawkEye: you're welcome19:09
KSHawkEyeSlart: Awesome, thanks for that site too19:09
daedrahello, I would like to set my iPod up for use with gtkpod. How do you do this?19:10
daedraI have an iPod shuffle 2nd generation19:10
GlenKhi there.  anyone here familiar with distrowatch?  if so can you pm me (just trying to stay on topic in channel is all)?19:10
daedraand it /used/ to work with gtkpod. However, now it only charges by USB and does not show up in /dev19:10
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CombatjuanIs the linux-headers some magic package that you /have to/ create from source?19:12
SlartCombatjuan: it's just a dummy package that depends on the latest linux-headers-blablabla package19:12
SlartCombatjuan: not sure what you mean by "have to create from source" though19:13
Slart!info linux-headers19:13
ubottuPackage linux-headers does not exist in natty19:13
L1Thow do I ignore channel joins and leaves in irssi?19:14
iceroot_L1T: /help ignore19:14
iceroot_L1T: there is an example for that19:14
bastiisomehow ubuntu is messing with grub2... the szenario is, that on boot grub starts into its menu and does not display any time, so that a button ahs to be pressed to boot an OS.. when i change he config file, nothing changes, after update-grub... (changing the resolution, etc des change).. when i now purge all related grub packets and reinstall them, i can reboot and everything is finde... (grub is not displayed) .. but when i reboot, after ubuntu did boot up, the 19:14
Slart!info linux-headers-generic19:15
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)19:15
CombatjuanSlart: I was just hypothesizing.  I downloaded linux-headers-2.6.35-30-server_2.6.35-30.56~lucid1_amd64.deb (from linked page) and when I install it (dpkg -i), it says "linux-headers-blahblahblah depends on linux-headers-2.6.35-30 howere (the aformentioned) is not installed"19:15
Slartsorry.. forgot it has to have some kind of architecture to it19:15
mbrigdanHey, does modprobe -l list every module, or just every active module?19:15
ubuntuguyWHy is my ubuntu acting up? I can't double click to open folders and can't switch songs without right clicking and pressing play in banshee19:15
SlartCombatjuan: hmm.. where did you download the deb from? packages.ubuntu.org? somewhere else?19:16
L1Ticeroot: thanks19:16
crassanyone know how to contact the guys who do the builds for ubuntu-virt ppa? (maybe Serge Hallyn?)19:16
SlartCombatjuan: do you have the exact error message? can you pastebin it?19:16
CombatjuanSlart: Yeah, packages.ubuntu.org.  The link for the specific package page is in a post above.19:16
Renegade15good evening19:16
Slartcrass: isn't there an email-address in the package info page at packages.ubuntu.org?19:17
rumpe1mbrigdan, every19:17
Renegade15for some godforsaken reason, package php5 is marked for removal, is there any way I can unmark it?19:17
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VCooliombrigdan: lsmod for active modules19:17
CombatjuanSlart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674744/19:18
crassSlart: hmm, good point, was hoping someone would be on irc, but I'll look intot hat19:18
Combatjuanubuntuguy: Maybe a meta-key is held down?  (Left or right ctrl/alt/"windows")19:19
ubuntuguyI don't think that's the issue. I restarted my computer 3 times19:19
SlartCombatjuan: hmm.. have you tried downloading the package linux-headers-2.6.35-30 ? ie the same package you've already got but without the -server at the end? perhaps the headers are the same for -generic, -server or -virtual kernels and they all just point to the same base package?19:20
CombatjuanSlart: Good idea.  I'll give that a try.19:21
Slart!info linux-headers-2.6.38-11-server19:21
ubottuPackage linux-headers-2.6.38-11-server does not exist in natty19:21
ActionParsnipubuntuguy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163196119:22
ubuntuguyThat's not my problem actionpar.snip19:22
CombatjuanSlart: Same error with the linux-headers-2.6.35-30-generic.  They both depend on "linux-headers-2.6.35-30'.  But that package doesn't exist.19:22
tokamHi I have problems with pulseaudio19:23
tokamafter using it a while my sound, sounds electronic & unnatural.19:23
distant_voicehow can I start a program from the terminal and immediately have it back? I know there's a simple parameter for this19:23
tokamOnly restart helps, but all devices ofcourse (and sadly) get disconnected19:23
SlartCombatjuan: hmm.. then I don't really know why it's doing this... all the different headers/image packages can be quite confusing at times19:23
Slartdistant_voice: & at the end19:24
distant_voicethx Slart19:24
CombatjuanSlart: Indeed.  I've been trying to compile from source but if I do it the "new ubuntu way" then it creates packages that /also/ require that missing package.  If I do it the "old debian way", I can create kernel packages that install but don't boot!19:24
SlartCombatjuan: you're a braver man than I am.. I'm happy my computer works with all the punishment I put it through. =)19:25
CombatjuanSlart: Nah, it's not bravery.  I'm doing it because my computer /doesn't work/.  ~4 times a day at random with the present kernel, something happens with the clock and it freezes for 5 minutes.  Anyway, thanks for the attempt.  I appreciate your time.19:26
SlartCombatjuan: ouch.. is there a bug reported? that sounds like a nasty problem19:27
CombatjuanSlart: I haven't been able to find a bug.  But it's only a problem (apparently) in the early Jaunty kernels (2.6.28-10-~20?).  Jaunty isn't supported anymore.  It seems like it's somehow a problem with newer intel chips turbo boost and the way the system clock is handled in those 2008 era kernels.19:28
Neo31Hello, can somebody tell me please if I can upgrade from Ubuntu Server 8.04 to 12.04 or I have to upgrade to 10.04 first? thank you19:29
SlartCombatjuan: reinstall with a newer version isn't an option?19:29
daedrahello, I would like to set my iPod up for use with gtkpod. How do you do this?19:29
daedraI have a 2nd gen shuffle, and it /used/ to work with gtkpod. However, now it only charges by USB and does not show up in /dev19:29
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CombatjuanSlart: Unfortunately, no.  Working on getting there, but as of now, there are many servers around the US that depend on legacy (Jaunty-era) python, and postgres bits.  Anyway, I suspect this patch -> http://git.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=8ff3e8e85fa6c312051134b3953e397feb639f51 perhaps would fix my problem.19:31
CombatjuanBut I'm not smart enough to build a kernel that: 1.) compiles, 2.) boots 3.) has network support.  Sometimes I can get 1 and 2...  I don't know.  I'm flailing in the dark.19:32
CombatjuanI can build a working kernel from the 2.6.28-10 source, but unforunately, that's older than the installed version.  It's a mess.19:32
yubahaqi have a problem with vice city game19:32
SlartCombatjuan: hmm.. I wish I at least knew where to send you.. have you tried the ubuntu forums?19:32
yubahaqi have installed wine19:32
yubahaqand try to start vice city19:33
yubahaqbut the screen stay black19:33
oCeanyubahaq: #winehq for application help with wine19:33
CombatjuanSlart: I haven't tried posting.  It might be worth signing up.  The thing is, Jaunty is unsupported now--and apparently for good reason.19:33
yubahaqi heard voices when i press up and down19:33
yubahaqbut the sreen stay black19:34
SlartCombatjuan: well.. unsupported or not.. perhaps someone can at least give you some pointers when it comes to compiling a kernel19:34
GlenKso can someone briefly explain what unity is to me.  is it something like Fedora's gnome 3?19:35
coleixHey guys is there a way to install a windows printer driver with wine?19:36
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Slart!unity | GlenK19:37
ubottuGlenK: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to the classic GNOME desktop; see !classic.19:37
SlartGlenK: I'm not really sure what "shell for GNOME" means.. but I think it uses at least some parts of gnome19:38
[THC]AcidRaincoleix, what version of linux do you have? and what year printer?19:38
bsdfoxdoes huludesktop x64 segfault in libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.2400.419:38
CombatjuanGlenK: Yeah, basically a new UI created by Canonical (the Ubuntu folks) that builds on the technology used to build gnome (the gtk library).19:39
bsdfoxfor anyone else? 11.0419:39
coleix[THC]AcidRain: is a sharp AL-1655CS and i cant find the ubuntu drivers19:39
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Kingdongit is possible to dump UFW ruleset in iptables format ?19:42
vinnyp6056Hey all19:42
guntbertKingdong: sudo iptables -L    will do it19:43
guntberthi vinnyp6056  Do you have an ubuntu support question?19:43
Kingdongfantastic !19:43
vinnyp6056I'm getting the following error: Wind/U Error (193): X-Resource: DefaultGUIFontSpec (-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal-*-14-*) does not fully specify a font set for this locale19:43
vinnyp6056and would like to install helvetica font19:43
vinnyp6056however I am uncertain where to get it and how to install it19:44
BlueEagleKingdong: Doesn't UFW create iptables rules?19:44
DasEi!fonts | vinnyp605619:44
ubottuvinnyp6056: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/19:44
BlueEagleKingdong: Never mind. I see guntbert got you covered.19:44
guntbertBlueEagle: it does :)19:44
biggnouhi all19:45
BlueEagleguntbert: I was about to teach the man to fish instead of just handing it to him. ;)19:45
Kingdonggood god ufw generate ugly ruleset19:45
Kingdongis there any good iptables template to build a ruleset from scratch19:45
DasEiKingdong: are you on natty ?19:47
BlueEagleKingdong: I use shorewall. Perhaps that would be more for your liking?19:47
Kingdongthink so19:47
Kingdongi just want something a little bit more sophisticated than UFW19:47
Kingdongneed to have some allowed_host = [array] and stuff like that19:48
DasEiKingdong: for lucid there is guarddog19:48
lwizardlis there a way to install a 32bit application on a 64bit os version of ubuntu ?19:48
DasEiKingdong: besides iptables, there are also /etc/hosts.allow btw deny19:48
Kingdongguarddog is ... 2007 !19:48
KingdongYes but it need to be a little more sophisticated than a simple allow/deny ;)19:49
PolahDoes anybody know if the Broadcom BCM94318MPG wireless adapter is compatible with 11.04?19:49
Kingdongservices management etc etc19:49
lwizardlI have a deb that is designed for i386 arcitecture and refuses to install on my version of ubuntu19:49
kyanHello. Both apt-get and aptitude will not let me install a package because there are unrelated broken dependencies on my system (they aren't really broken, it's intentional), so I can't install anything now.19:49
kyanlwizardl: have you tried dpkg --force-all?19:50
DasEilwizardl: you can, but can cause you trouble , search the net for getlibs, own risk19:50
DasEilwizardl: dpkg -S shows dependencies19:51
vinnyp6056Hi all where can I download the helvetica font19:51
lwizardlDasEi, & kyan  thanks19:51
mgjvinnyp6056, i think you need the MS font package..... think its called 'mstt-core-font' or something like that19:52
kyanvinnyp6056: sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts19:53
vinnyp6056I just installed it via the package manager19:53
vinnyp6056but it is not present19:53
kyanvinnyp6056: have you looked in /usr/share/fonts/truetype?19:53
user_388Can someone tell me why it takes 5min to copy 1GB to an external HDD?19:53
delacI'm doing some image trimming with imagemagick. Is there any way to re-include few pixels width of the original background to the trimmed image, to gain some "border"?19:53
NonConformistSo I'm trying to install ubuntu using the frugal install method with version 11.04. As soon as it gets to "copying files" the installer shows an error saying it has crashed. If it helps at all I've also tried with 10.04 and it tells me ubiquity has crashed a few seconds after I press the install button.19:54
kyanuser_388: that doesn't seem abnormal to me. are you using usb?19:54
vinnyp6056I did a find -name "*hel*"19:54
vinnyp6056and the helvetica font is not installed19:54
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user_388Yes, USB2.019:55
delacuser_388: well, if the 1GB is mostly small files of few kilos or so, then it is quite normal19:55
kyanvinnyp6056: what is the output of the command: ls /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts19:55
Guest57556any spanish here???'19:55
guntbertNonConformist: the most frequent explanation: the image you downloaded was corrupted, did you check?19:55
Guest57556JUA JUA TATA JUA!!!19:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:56
vinnyp6056kyan: its not there19:56
Guest57556gracias ubottu19:56
user_388Sometimes it takes longer...I mean in Windows transfer rate is about 10/per second. In Ubuntu it's 1 to 2 mb per second19:56
jackoriperhi, newly using sony vaio vpceh16en , installed ubuntu 10.10, there are no hardware volume buttons, how to  mute speakers and use head phones only19:57
NonConformistIf that's the case I have HORRIBLE luck because as i said prviously.... I downloaded 11.04 and 10.04. How do I check to see if it's corrupt? Is there a hash file somewhere or do I need to download it again?19:57
user_388Could it be that my external is NTFS?19:57
kyanvinnyp6056: helvetica does not appear to be listed in the core fonts http://sourceforge.net/projects/corefonts/files/the%20fonts/final/19:57
BarkingFishjackoriper: Normally when you plug headphones in, the builtin speakers should cut off and sound divert to your headphones. Is that not happening for you?19:58
vinnyp6056then how would I get it?19:58
dv310p3rI'm having a problem with my swap. I've noticed that when my swap starts getting used, it really slows down my entire system. I've got four GB of ram so I've got swapiness low. Also, when it starts getting slow, if I sudo swapoff -a, after it clears out the swap I'm ok. Any ideas?19:59
jackoriperBarkingFish: no im getting sound from spk and head phone, when i watch movies im unable to stop disturbing others, spk are sound out19:59
dv310p3rSorry, I'm on ubuntu 10.0419:59
user_388Is it normal for Ubuntu to take 5 seconds to open "Home" folder20:00
kyanvinnyp6056: query20:00
user_388This is a new installation with all ubdates20:00
resetnow_user_388, no20:00
beamhello there. Since i upgrade ubuntu to the lastest version, ive been having problems with any video material. When i watch a movie, it freezes somewhere along the way. Any ideas?20:00
resetnow_isn't normal20:00
NonConformistIs there a hash file of some type to see if my ISO is corrupt or do i just need to download the ISO again?20:00
osmosistrying to install ubuntu on my samsung netbook, booting from USB, stops a ISOLINUX cli screen. Doesnt continue. Any suggestions on how I can get the install to proceed?20:00
user_388resetnow: How can I fix this? This is a new drive plus new installation20:01
NonConformisthash file*20:01
Pici!hashes | NonConformist20:01
ubottuNonConformist: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.20:01
BarkingFishjackoriper, Hm. I can't say what might be wrong then, may be worth checking the Ubuntu launchpad and see if there's any bugs associated with your machine.20:01
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/20:01
CombatjuanNonConformist: It should have a hash listed on the page you downloaded it.  It's probably md5.  You should be able to run md5sum on the file you download (or whatever your OS's equivalent is).20:01
resetnow_user_338: how old is your computer? what filesystem?20:02
kyanvinnyp6056: did you get that?20:02
jackoriperBarkingFish: its same on sony vaio team , not put volumne button laptops20:02
jackoriperits shame20:02
resetnow_user_338: this may happen because of low RAM20:02
vinnyp6056kyan: I got it but is that for ubunty?20:03
Combatjuanuser_388: Is it whenever you open your home folder or only the first time?  Maybe it has to do some drive mounting or something?  Or perhaps you have lots of files it needs to preview there?20:03
osmosistrying to install ubuntu on my samsung netbook, booting from USB, stops a ISOLINUX cli screen. Doesnt continue. Any suggestions on how I can get the install to proceed?20:06
beamCombatjuan:hello there. Since i upgraded ubuntu to the lastest version, ive been having problems with any video material. When i watch a movie, it freezes somewhere along the way. Any solutions?20:06
kyanHow can I override the broken packages check by apt-get or aptitude?20:06
Combatjuanbeam: I'm probably not the guy to ask.  What software are you using to watch?  Are you on oneiric or natty?20:07
WillowMousehey can any of you guys help me out? I'm having some trouble with my video card drivers.20:08
dv310p3rUbuntu 10.04. I'm having a problem with my swap. When my swap starts getting used, it really slows down my entire system. I've got 4 GB of ram so I've got my swapiness at 10. Also, when it starts getting slow, if I sudo swapoff -a, after it clears out the swap I'm ok. Any ideas?20:08
philipp__is "it puzzles me" a english phrase?20:08
beamCombatjuan:Im on natty. I usually used VLC. Ive never had such problems with the previous version. I am forced to shut down my computer manually because im not able to move the mouse.20:09
Combatjuanphilipp__: Yes.20:09
CombatjuanWillowMouse: We'll try.  Can you be more specific?20:10
devishis it possible to use two wi-fi at same time from the laptop?20:10
guntbertphilipp__: please be aware that this channel is for ubuntu support only20:10
devishi am usin ubuntu 11.420:10
devishwhen i connect one other gets diconnected20:10
philipp__gunbert plz be aware ur mom is ugly -.-20:10
terr_I'll looking to buy an IBM netbook/notebook with a braodcom 802.11 chipset.  Does Ubuntu support it?  I believe its a model S10 whatever that means20:11
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Combatjuandv310p3r: You just means that whenever your computer happens to start using swap, (i.e. for cache rather than as active memory)?20:12
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
Combatjuandv310p3r: What I mean is, if when it gets slow, if you look at top, does it indicate that swap is used, free, or cached?  If any significant amount is being used, it will be slow.20:13
BarkingFishdevish, Are they both internal wifi? I'm able to connect 2 different networks from my laptop with no problem, but I have one internal and one external (USB Stick) wifi20:13
JoeA1hi, I am allowed to deliver an ubuntu VM where my proprietary software is installed on to customers?20:14
dv310p3rCombatjuan, right, but my whole system gets really laggy. And it's not a significant amount at all, less than 200 or 300 mbs20:14
devishBarkingFish: both are wifi networks from two different routers20:15
delacis it possible to just get the "geometry" values of the trimmed image from Imagemagick?20:15
Combatjuandv310p3r: So it's not like you're running out of system memory and it has to use your cache.  Is your swap driver a different physical drive that your other drives?20:15
=== DjMadness_ is now known as DjMadness
Combatjuandv310p3r: s/has to use your cache/has to use your swap20:15
BarkingFishdevish, How many wifi adapters do you have in your laptop?20:15
beamBarkingFish:hello there. Since i upgraded ubuntu to the lastest version, ive been having problems with any video material. When i watch a movie, it freezes somewhere along the way. Any solutions? Im on natty. I usually used VLC. Ive never had such problems with the previous version. I am forced to shut down my computer manually because im not able to move the mouse.20:15
devishBarkingFish: i ahve access two both but can use 1 at a time20:15
dv310p3rCombatjuan, no, it's the same drive as I'm on a laptop. (Core i5, 4gb ram).20:16
devishBarkingFish: how to probe that20:16
Picidelac: You could use identify to get that.20:16
helocan anyone explain this to me: file /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/libc.so gives "/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/libc.so:                 ASCII C program text"20:17
BarkingFishdevish, - I've no idea on that one, I normally use iwconfig to get the data on the wifi adapters.20:17
BarkingFishIf they're both internal, it may be they're interfering with each other - they could be trying to operate on the same frequency20:17
delacPici: ah, yes, of course.20:17
Combatjuandv310p3r: No ideas jump out to me.  Have you tried running iostat while it is going slow?20:18
rekoildoes anyone know if there are plans to switch back to GNOME officially?20:19
rekoiljust read that 11.10 will be a unity release as well20:20
rekoilfor that matter, do you guys like unity?20:20
lindomarOLÁ, TUDO BEM.20:20
Putrare there any plans on getting this FREAKING loginblock  for reading removed from ubuntuforums?20:20
devishBarkingFish: if theere is some way to try and verify then it will be better20:20
Loshkihelo: 'file' sometimes guesses wrong about the contents of files....20:21
guntbertPutr: there is #ubuntuforums  :)20:22
PutrIs it just me... or does banshee not work with large music libraries20:23
dv310p3rCombatjuan, No, I had never heard of iostat, so i will now. thanks.20:23
Moshanatorrekoil:no, unity is the personal baby of Mr. Shuttleworth, it's not going anywhere.20:23
rekoildidn't know that20:23
Combatjuandv310p3r: It's in the systats package.  Get that then run something like "iostat -cdk 5" (cpu and disk stats in kilobytes every 5 seconds).  I've found it helpful when tracking performance problems.20:24
rekoilthat's very disappointing20:24
Moshanatorrekoil, they're trying to make it better though20:24
rekoilthey better be, 11.04 was awful20:24
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Moshanatorrekoil, and you'll still be able to install both gnome 2 and 3 on oneiric20:24
dv310p3rCombatjuan, thanks again.20:24
rekoilyeah but it's not the same20:24
ThreadDotRunWhat is package name for iostat - just tries sudo apt-get install iostat and came up bupkiss.20:25
rekoilthey are obviously low priorities20:25
rekoil but i guess something is better than nothing20:25
Moshanatorgnome 3 is not low priority, they have tons of people working on it20:25
rekoiloh goodie20:25
Moshanatorbecause many developers liked gnome better20:25
Moshanatorpeople from fedora, suse20:26
rekoilplanet earth20:26
osmosisFor the first time in years Im forced to run windows instead of Ubuntu. Too many bugs on samsung laptops. Ironic too, since samsung is making the chromebooks now.20:26
ThreadDotRunYep, that was it.20:26
heloLoshki: the file doesn't look like an ELF shared object, it really is ASCII C text20:26
CombatjuanMicheal`: ?20:26
rekoilhonestly though, unity is good on small screens, but it's the same deal with unity vs gnome as it is with os x 10.7 vs 10.620:26
devishBarkingFish: what about this http://slackwiki.org/PPPoE_-_Multiple_Connections20:27
rekoilit's too simplified20:27
zendeavorso, networkmanager doesn't supply me the option to choose tkip encryption type with wpa2. mschapv2 handshake. google turns up results that tkip support has been spotty in ubuntu since about 10.10, but nothing much more relevant than that? anyone got links or suggestions? maybe i can drop a line in a config file manually or something?20:27
Micheal`Combatjuan, ignore me i am slow to reply today not enough caffeine or bacon20:27
rekoilto the point of actually confusing regular computer users in it's quest to become easy to use for the less computer-literate20:27
CombatjuanMicheal`: Roger that.  Eat more bacon.20:27
rekoilanyway, thanks Moshanator20:28
BarkingFishdevish: I'm not entirely sure what else you can do at the moment.  Maybe someone here has a bit more clue than me :)20:28
Putrso i maneged to crash Exaile player after 5s. It froze after i clicked Options20:29
zendeavorany ideas guys? trying to connect to the secured network at school.20:32
helozendeavor: don't give up!20:33
joskcan you tell me the command to install flash player in ubuntu, getting it of the net20:33
zendeavoreh, just trying to do a friend a favor.20:33
guntbert!flash | josk20:33
ubottujosk: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash20:33
kingofswordsis there something like xpadder for wine /ubuntu?20:34
joskok, restricted formats, thanks ubottu20:34
Picikingofswords: What does xpadder do?20:35
Combatjuanzendeavor: Sorry, I've never had much luck with networkmanager outside of the gui.20:35
kingofswordslets xbox controllers work in windows/pc20:35
zendeavori'm not a gui guy myself.20:35
zendeavorbut i am just mostly curious if i'm barking up the wrong tree entirely here, since my searches have turned up results that make mention ubuntu has had spotty success with tkip for the past year.20:36
kingofswordsxbcd doesnt install in wine20:36
devishhow to probe NIC20:36
devishor how to get all hardware info20:36
tomodachidevish:  lspci from the terminal20:36
guntbertdevish: or sudo lshw20:37
zendeavorif you use lshw, pipe it to less imo20:37
guntbertzendeavor: good advice :)20:38
Combatjuanguntbert: Thanks for that.  Much nicer output than lspci20:38
pc15el zendeavor se la come20:38
CombatjuanThough a bit less greppable20:38
guntbertCombatjuan: both have their value20:38
zendeavoroutput it to a file and grep that.20:38
* Langly greps zendeavor20:38
MR_Chickhabithi guys, i somehow disabled my harddrives. i used pysdm to alter TOW settings on both of my hardrive, across several partitions and now my computer wont boot up. i am on the Live CD now. Can anybody help me restore my beloved ubuntu?20:39
* zendeavor groks Langly20:39
Picikingofswords: Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xbox360Controller - Be sure to note that you should not need to compile anything for your kernel if you are using anything newer than Hardy.20:39
MR_ChickhabitTOW = TWO20:39
zendeavorMR_Chickhabit: ...check fstab?20:40
trionsI am installing eGalaxTouch controller driver. Which interfacecontroller do you use? RS232 / PS/2 /USB. How can I find which one to choose?20:40
kingofswordsPici, thx ill take a look...its old xbox controllerthou20:40
Picikingofswords: thats fine.20:40
guntbertzendeavor: why do you suggest an extra file?20:40
zendeavorlshw creates a file?20:41
=== himcesjf2 is now known as himcesjf
Picikingofswords: It should JustWork™ take a lookat jscalibrator to ensure that its calibrated, basically look at the Troubleshooting section there.20:41
zendeavori thought it simply outputs to terminal, so redirecting the output to a file makes it just as easily greppable as anything else yeah?20:41
kingofswordsPici, cool ty20:42
zendeavorthough the search function of less is perfectly viable.20:42
MR_Chickhabitnobody is familiar with pysdm?20:42
guntbertzendeavor: in that case I'd use sudo lshw | grep .....| less20:42
IanWizardWay to get a list of directories within a path?   I know that it's easy, I just don't know what to use.  find?  du?  (possibly some grep?)20:43
IanWizardNM, I'll use find, and grep ^d20:43
MR_ChickhabitIanWizard,  i like "dir"20:44
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:44
CombatjuanIanWizard: FYI: find -type d20:44
IanWizardCombatjuan, oh, that'd work.20:44
p3rsistBest way to add a startup script? update-rc.d foo defaults or add to a cron job @ startup?20:45
kiichirois there anyway to trick xubuntu firefox to think it has microsoft silverlight?20:45
IanWizardp3rsist, rc.local is what I usually use20:45
p3rsistIanWizard, This only runs at startup right?20:46
ionosphreI just installed OpenSUSE on a separate partition and it overwrote my grub settings and now I cant boot into ubuntu whats the best way to fix this?20:46
IanWizardp3rsist, unless it gets run by hand, yes.20:46
p3rsistIanWizard, Thanks20:46
bognogis sftp better than vsftp20:47
guntbert!better | bognog20:47
ubottubognog: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:47
blinkwhat is a good application to convert avi to wav?20:49
Picibognog: sftp is a protocl. vsftp is a ftp daemon.20:49
zendeavorwhy pipe grep to less when you can just search.20:49
bognogthanks pici20:49
hausdoes anyone know of an equivalent to repomanage (from yum-utils) for dpkg and debs?20:50
bognogI have never used this before, woops20:50
zendeavorp3rsist: runs once at startup as root20:50
guntbertzendeavor: I only gave an alternative to *your* suggestion to use an extra file :-))  - using just less in this case is certainly fine20:50
hausspecifically, the ability to list all of the old debs (compared to the other debs of the same package) in a directory20:50
LanglyWhen even I try and load kubuntu on my MSI wind ae1900 it freezes at this point http://i.imgur.com/ZmNyS.jpg any ideas?20:51
zendeavorwell, output lshw to a file, apt-get remove lshw :)20:51
Combatjuanionosphre: Something like backup your ubuntu menu.lst, add in the entries from your opensuse menu.lst and then use install grub from your ubuntu.20:51
tanathwhy does samba make things so bloody difficult?20:51
zendeavortry nfs20:52
guntbert!who | zendeavor20:53
ubottuzendeavor: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)20:53
tanathhow can i share a folder that keeps giving access denied, even though permissions are set to allow?20:53
tanath(and doesn't show in share)20:53
zendeavori'm just here to leech help about the tkip problem with networkmanager, don't patronize me guntbert !!20:54
ionosphreCombatjuan: Install from my live cd or from my terminal20:54
Combatjuanionosphre: I don't follow.  And it's hard to be specific without knowing your drive setups and OSes plus I'm always also dealing with weird windows dual boots and when I attempt similar, I break my MBR.  But the gist is, OpenSuse probably didn't look for other OSes when it made its menu.lst.20:55
tanathi have a functioning share, and i made a link in it to another folder i want to access and made sure the permissions allow it, but i still get access denied20:55
Combatjuanionosphre: Assuming that's the case, if you boot into opensuse (which I gather you can do?), you can mount your ubuntu partition, and pull the ubuntu entries out of its menu.lst and put them in the opensuse menu.lst.  It doesn't matter who ends up with them.20:56
Combatjuanionosphre: But whichever file ends up with them, that's the one you want to install to the MBR of your boot drive.20:57
ionosphreAhh sorry basically just cut and paste from one file to the other. Was trying to make things more complex than needed to be.20:58
tanathhow can i make the folder accessible?20:58
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Combatjuantanath: You have set up users, set up your /etc/samba/smb.conf, and set correct permissions on those folders?21:00
skormmy xmodmap settings from .Xmodmap are forgotten by the system frequently. I did not find out yet when this happens. Does anyone have the same problem?21:01
tanathCombatjuan, i used system-config-samba. everything works, except accessing that folder21:02
KroffY'a-t-il des Français?21:02
guntbert!fr | Kroff21:02
ubottuKroff: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:02
Sargalushow do I get identd working on ubuntu 11.0421:03
guntbertis there any "tutorial" on "how to do things in unity" ?21:04
tanathCombatjuan, i checked permissions on the shortcut, and on the folder and the folder above and set them all to be readable by others21:04
Combatjuantanath: The folder must also be executable.21:04
tanathCombatjuan, (folder above in actual path that is. can already access the share)21:04
remingtonUbuntu wont give me options for above stereo duplex with my onboard sound, I know my onboard sound is capable of 8 channels. Any ideas? (11.04 x64)21:05
tanathCombatjuan, mm. will double-check that21:05
tanathCombatjuan, still access denied21:05
tanathCombatjuan, and doesn't show in share21:06
Combatjuantanath: To be clear, this is not something I'm good at.  I deal with it when I have to.  I recommend http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i-set-permissions-to-samba-shares.html.  Maybe check your directory_mask in the smb.conf?  Make sure the user you're using to access is a member of the proper group and/or owns the folder?21:06