blast_hardcheeseSo, what's the deal with ubuntuforums requiring registration?00:41
jdongblast_hardcheese: only the forum archive and attachments require registration02:42
jdongthe reason the archive requires registration was meant to be to hide it from  Google and other search engines02:42
jdongthough it seems to be a royal pain in the ass to convince them to stop believing they have those pages indexed now02:42
jdongwe were asked by the Kernel Team, along with other teams, to do this, because Google kept on turning up out of date and inaccurate HOWTO's for common search terms02:43
blast_hardcheesejdong: blarg. That makes sense, but should probably be explained on the "ACCESS DENIED" page so it doesn't just make you guys look like jerks03:19
jdongblast_hardcheese: yeah, we didn't expect that many users to hit it. We thought it'd be a transient thing03:22
jdongwe trusted Google's magic-ness :)03:22
jdongand ugh, that "access denied" page is stupid. But it's vBulletin default. I'll see if any of our web templates people want to update the wording03:22
blast_hardcheeseMuch appreciated :)03:25
NonConformistI'm trying to do a frugal install on my pc and right when it starts copying files the installer crashes... help me please ^^05:57
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BHSPitMo1keyIs this thread broken for anyone else? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12524.html21:29
jdongworks for me21:38
AquixBHSPitMo1key-  because it's archived?  click show full version21:57
BHSPitMo1keyAquix: no, I literally see a blank white page21:57
Aquixhmmmm. works here 21:57
BHSPitMo1keylike you might expect to see in the case of a php error21:57
AquixI'm sure your logged in 21:58
BHSPitMo1keyAquix: yes21:59
BHSPitMo1keyyes, though I also tried epiphany22:00
BHSPitMo1keyand now chrome, same issue22:00
BHSPitMo1key(mind you, I'm not logged in under either of those browsers)22:01
Aquixtry empty the browser cache22:01
Aquixand restart firefox22:01
BHSPitMo1keyAquix: well as I said, I'm producing the same problem in three very different browsers on this machine...22:04
BHSPitMo1keyyet other threads I've tried work22:04
AquixBHSPitMo1key- Here you go     http://ubuntuone.com/p/1CtN/22:21

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