karniduanedesign: FYI https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-files/+faq/1745 (this will be supported from 1.0.3rc5 onwards)00:45
JamesTaitGood morning, everyone!08:10
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karniHello world!09:24
mandelmorning all!09:28
karnihello mandel !09:29
faganyo mandel09:30
karniyo fagan09:31
mandelkarni, hello :)09:31
mandelfagan, o/09:31
karni\o :)09:31
fagan2nd last day :(09:33
mandelfagan, well, but you can finish your degree then, which is not bad09:35
faganmandel: well done with college already this is just that last bit09:35
faganso have to figure some work somewhere09:36
mandelfagan, then you should be happy, now you get into the real world!09:36
mandelor you try to do a postgrad like I did and stop afte a year ;)09:36
faganyeah but the real world is filled with jobs that require 2-5 years experience min so its kinda hard09:37
mandelfagan, in which areas are you looking at?09:37
faganI dont really want to do postgrad either :/09:37
faganmandel: well im applying for most of the grad jobs but none really are suited to what im best at09:38
faganlike the closest thing ive found is a QA job09:39
faganand as well as that most of the jobs require me moving09:39
mandelfagan, which is? I just want to know in case I know of something :P09:39
mandelwell, moving is a god thing :)09:40
mandelI've done it a copuple of times09:40
faganmandel: well im best with C and I particularly liked data structures in college09:40
faganso id kinda like to go into that kind of area09:40
* mandel thinks there is something wrong with his sysmte... network works but the browser does not reach google09:41
mandelfagan, well, liking data structures does not mean you are good a it, right? also there are very few jobs where they say, you will be creating new alghorithms ...09:41
faganmandel: true09:42
faganActually most of the jobs im seeing are for web developers09:43
faganI can do that but it was barely in my course09:44
faganso its all self thought09:44
* mandel is back!! bloody irc...10:01
mandelfacundobatista, buenos dias!10:12
facundobatistaHola mandel :)10:12
mandelfacundobatista, did you have the mumble with alecu yesterday?10:12
facundobatistamandel, no I didn't... but I showed him these two bugs: #408274 and #41103310:14
mandelfacundobatista, I don't know if you got my last msg... I had some issues with the network10:28
mandelfacundobatista, did you have the mumble with alecu yesteday?10:28
facundobatista<facundobatista> mandel, no I didn't... but I showed him these two bugs: #408274 and #41103310:29
mandelfacundobatista, ok, thx :)10:30
mandelfacundobatista, I think I know how to change our fs events implementation, but it sin C :(10:44
facundobatistamandel, ctypes?10:44
mandelfacundobatista, I'm writing a small example to see if we can get the events the same way we are getting them know10:44
mandelfacundobatista, no, event worse, you can write a driver that hooks to all NTFS internal events, is why norton and other antivirus software do...10:45
mandelis a small quick test, we can later decide to get rid of it no problem10:45
facundobatistamandel, you say, a filesystem notification library?10:46
mandelfacundobatista, well, it is written like a driver: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff548202.aspx10:46
facundobatistaniiiiiice (not)10:47
mandelfacundobatista, that will get all events we need and we can write them in a file or something of the type like inotify does... problem is files are not selectable on windows, but we can think about it later...10:47
mandelfacundobatista, yes, is very scary, that is why I'd call it an experiment10:47
mandelwe can leave it like it is and just listen open and close..10:48
facundobatistamandel, I'd prefer to receive all filesystem events from the same origin10:48
gatoxlisette, are you there?10:49
mandelfacundobatista, yeah, is logical and cleaner... I'm just investigating what we can get with this10:49
mandelgatox, you can use ping with lisette she knows the protocol ;)10:50
lisettegatox: yep10:50
mandelgatox, I've been told she hasn even done some bzr commits...10:50
gatoxmandel, ok :P10:50
lisettemandel: protocol??10:50
gatoxmandel, yes! i know10:50
mandellisette, ping10:50
gatoxlisette, the protocol of "ping"10:50
gatoxand "pong"10:50
lisettemandel, gatox, some of these things are still a mystery to me ;)10:50
gatoxlisette, i was looking at this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/83198510:50
ubot4gatox: Error: Bug #831985 is private.10:51
gatoxlisette, do you mean to change that words in the Are You Sure dialog? or something else?10:51
lisettegatox: yes, let me add a comment with the full text, that will be easier10:51
gatoxlisette, thanks10:52
mandelgatox, how much do you fancy to do c++ reviews ;)10:54
gatoxmandel, shoot!10:54
gatoxmandel, i was working in c++ before this! :P10:54
* gatox start to shake...10:54
mandelgatox, ok, when I'm done I'll ask ou to take a look at some code :)10:54
gatoxlisette, and since you are around... :P can you please add an example or something to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/829358 i'm not quite sure of what that means10:55
ubot4gatox: Error: Bug #829358 is private.10:55
gatoxmandel, ok10:55
lisettegatox: sure, did you see the attached png?10:56
gatoxlisette, yes... but i'm not sure of what i have to do :P... should i use a place holder text (a text in a light gray inside the text box) as an example to show the user what he/she should enter there?? is that what you mean?10:57
mandelralsina, ping10:58
alecumandel, hello!10:59
lisettegatox: no, these labels are confusing because they disappear when the user starts typing in the text field (and they can forget what it was that needs to be filled in). I would like all the text fields to have a label like in the png.10:59
karnilisette: ping11:00
lisettegatox: so all labels above the text field, none inside.11:00
lisettekarni: hi11:00
ralsinamandel: I am taking the kid to school in 3 minutes, so quick pong11:00
karnilisette: hello :)11:00
lisettekarni: blajk and me have to install Music on our phones first thing now!11:00
lisettekarni: sorry11:00
karnilisette: remember when we talked about changing the "new storage dialog" to a full screen activity? I'd like to go with that11:00
karnilisette: sure :)11:00
lisettekarni: can you email me the text you intend to put in?11:01
karnilisette: I shall do that when the text is ready :) (I'll take a moment to think of it)11:02
blajkkarni, hello! Is there a link to download the new music app? I don't have it11:02
karniblajk: hello!11:02
lisetteblajk: just forwarded you the mail11:02
karniblajk: 1 sec11:03
karnioh ok :) I guess you have it already now11:03
blajklisette, karni, thx!11:03
mandelok, microsoft is a joke... I'm trying to download the driver development kit and its bloody 650 mg que co?o!11:03
ralsinaok, gone, will be bacjk in one hour or so11:04
karnimandel: maybe it includes examples of 3000 mouse drivers ;)11:05
mandelkarni, yeah... I dont understand11:06
mandelralsina, no problem, we can talk later :)11:06
alecumandel, I'm reading the File System Filter Drivers docs, and it seems *too* low level.11:10
mandelalecu, yeah... I'm doing the same... and I hav enot been able to try the example yet because the libs are 650mb... well the development kit :(11:11
alecumandel, "AcquireForSectionSynchronization"... looks like this is at the virtual memory manager layer.11:11
mandelalecu, that would cetainyl get us the events.. but I dont think it is worth the effort taking into account our current time frame :(11:12
alecumandel, it looks like it would get us the "I'm about to write" "I'm ready writing" events.11:12
alecumandel, but not the "I've closed the file, be happy now" event that we need if we want the nanny to work exactly like in linux.11:13
mandelalecu, it gets nearly every sngle step, ofcourse you just write a callback for those you are interested... the issue also is that it would be for the entire fs11:13
mandelso lots of crap we are not interested...11:13
mandelI just downloaded drop box to do some IRL to see how the deal with it...11:13
alecumandel, "it gets nearly every sngle step" -> where are you reading that?11:13
mandelalecu, let me get you the page. on sec11:14
nessitahello everyone!11:16
facundobatistaHola nessita11:17
gatoxnessita, hi11:18
nessitahi there, gatox, facundobatista!11:18
* mandel hates his bloody internet...11:20
mandelalecu, I'm trying to get the page for you.. waiting for it too load to make sure is the correct one11:21
alecumandel, I'm reading on minifilters too, which seem to be simpler and newer.11:26
alecumandel, but what I understand is that they both (new minifilters and old filters) operate on a very lower layer. And they don't provide a way to receive the "file was closed" event.11:27
alecumandel, the callbacks we may register will get called when writing the files (or perhaps even reading). But not when the filesystem handle is closed.11:27
alecumandel, my impression is that the filesystem handle is a higher level concept that this layer does not understand or care about.11:28
nessitaalecu: good morning! thanks for the review. I have all fixed except the "we can have callback_done and errback_done get the "done" deferred from each generator via functools.partial", which I'm not sure how to implement. Could you give an example of what you had in mind when you proposed that?11:36
nessita(since done will no longer be an instance variable, I'm not sure how to define callback_done in only one place an inject the deferred in every generator)11:37
alecunessita, good morning!11:39
alecunessita, "how to define callback_done in one place"... that11:39
alecunessita, "how to define callback_done in one place"... that's were you'll need partial11:39
alecunessita, you can make callback_done take "done" as a parameter11:40
nessitaright, already done11:40
nessitaand then, I can pass a reply_hanlder:11:40
alecunessita, and use partial on it to pass it to the reply handler11:40
nessitapartial(callback_done, done=done)11:40
aleculet me refresh how to use partial11:40
alecunessita, exactly11:40
nessitasounds weird to my eyes, I may need to get use to it :-)11:41
nessitaI will also improve using this handle_credentials_error11:41
nessitawhich solves the same but using the 'hard way'11:41
mandelalecu, managed to get here :)11:42
mandelalecu, tell me11:42
alecumandel: cool11:42
alecumandel: your last bit on the channel was <mandel> alecu, I'm trying to get the page for you.. waiting for it too load to make sure is the correct one11:42
mandelalecu, I was saying about looking at the FastIO callbacks which have more11:42
mandelalecu, http://www.osronline.com/article.cfm?id=16611:42
alecumandel, and then I wrote:11:42
alecu<alecu> mandel, I'm reading on minifilters too, which seem to be simpler and newer.11:42
alecu mandel, but what I understand is that they both (new minifilters and old filters) operate on a very lower layer. And they don't provide a way to receive the "file was closed" event.11:42
alecu mandel, the callbacks we may register will get called when writing the files (or perhaps even reading). But not when the filesystem handle is closed.11:42
alecu mandel, my impression is that the filesystem handle is a higher level concept that this layer does not understand or care about.11:42
alecuand that's it.11:43
alecumandel, I mean, that's all I wrote.11:43
mandelalecu, ok, hehhe11:43
mandelalecu, so the low level does not know about closing, or the higher level, right?11:44
mandelalecu, so it looks that the event nanny is a more realistic appraoch11:45
nessitagatox: yesterday night I added a commit message for your uninstall branch, so it landed11:54
mandelnessita, I did not do the review due to alecus comment, is that ok with you?11:54
gatoxnessita, thanks!... and sorry to forgot about that11:54
nessitamandel: I'm fixing them, I'll ping you as soon as they are fixed11:54
nessitagatox: is ok!11:55
mandelnessita, cool :)11:55
mandelalecu, ?12:01
alecumandel, yes?12:02
alecumandel, I'm doing some tests with file locking with LockFileEx12:03
mandelalecu, oh, ok, I'l doing some IRL with dropbox to see what the other guys are doing...12:04
mandelalecu, I just wanted to know if you got my messagess, irc + dodgy connection == not knowing if things got read :P12:04
alecumandel, your last comment was "the event nanny is a more realistic approach"12:05
alecumandel, but I'm still not sure we can have a working nanny on windows if we can't get the real "file close" event.12:05
mandelalecu, well, we can let the download nanny to try and step on file and deal with the case in which there was an exception12:07
alecumandel, I'm not sure I'm following12:07
mandelalecu, the download nanny is the one that will be dealing with the fact that there are opened files, we can tell if to instead commit the download file and deal with the possible exception if the file is locked12:09
mandelalecu, if the file is locked, we tell it to try later and check if the stat is the expected one.. but I dont know how easy is that to be done12:10
alecumandel, "if the file is locked, we tell it to try later" is possible12:11
alecumandel, what do you mean by "check the stat is the expected one"?12:11
mandelalecu, we try to move the file, is locked, user edits it, then we have a diff file and we should not step on it. If it is the same, that is opened just for read, we step on it12:12
alecumandel, also: you say "step on a file, and deal with the case in which there is an exception". But from a quick test, if the other application is not using file locks, then we can open the file with no problems.12:12
mandelalecu, yes, so we step on it and when the application saves it, it will override it12:13
mandelalecu, is there an issue with that?12:13
ralsinaI am back!12:13
alecumandel, the two bugs attached to this merge: https://code.launchpad.net/~facundo/ubuntuone-client/support-open-files/+merge/1093012:14
alecumandel, "Replaces documents *as I work on them*"12:14
alecumandel, that's what the nanny avoids, and that's why we would like to know that the file is not being used any longer by other applications.12:15
alecumandel, so that's why I'm not keen on the idea of letting the nanny "step on it"12:16
mandelalecu, let me play with dropbox and we talk about later...12:16
mandelalecu, I need to go for lunch now, talk to you later :)12:17
alecumandel, cool, I'll have breakfast then :-)12:17
* mandel lunch12:19
nessitaalecu: all changes/fixes pushed!12:28
ryemandel, test12:43
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ralsinaalecu, mandel, fagan, gatox, nessita, dobey: standup in 8'12:52
gatoxralsina, ack12:52
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nessitamandel, alecu, ralsina, dobey, fagan?13:02
nessitamandel: you around?13:03
nessitaDONE: proposed branches for bug #831043, bug #818190 (waiting for reviews). Proposed a branch for bug #826791 (partial fix), also waiting for reviews.13:03
nessitaTODO: skip some tests in u1client to have cleaner runs, keep working on bug #81307313:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:03
nessitaNEXT: gatox13:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 831043 in ubuntuone-client (and 1 other project) "Provide a linux implementation for login_email_password (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83104313:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 818190 in ubuntuone-client "The Qt implementation is not filtering by appname correctly (affects: 1) (heat: 26)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81819013:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 826791 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Multiple IPC connections to syncdaemon (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82679113:03
ubot4nessita: Bug 813073 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/813073 is private13:03
gatoxBug #829652, Bug #83198513:03
gatoxBug #829365, Reset Password Page, Bug #82935813:03
ubot4gatox: Bug 829652 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/829652 is private13:03
gatoxalecu, go13:03
ubot4gatox: Bug 831985 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/831985 is private13:03
ubot4gatox: Bug 829365 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/829365 is private13:03
ubot4gatox: Bug 829358 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/829358 is private13:03
alecuDONE: worked with mandel on fs events for the event nanny, with the help of facundo. Found some serious issues. Now testing a solution based on locks13:04
alecuTODO: work on the locks based solution13:04
alecuBLOCKED: no13:04
alecuNEXT: dobey13:04
dobeyλ DONE: bug #828195, bug #833231, release/upload of installer13:04
dobeyλ TODO: get package list for joshuahoover,13:04
dobeyλ BLCK: Potential blockage coming from the sea in form of Hurricane Irene.13:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 828195 in ubuntuone-installer (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Wrong graphical content in installer (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82819513:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 833231 in ubuntuone-installer (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "No icon (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83323113:04
ralsinaDONE: mgmt stuff (re: hiring one more dev), worked on the xdg stuff, on the stderr stuff, reviews, calls, checked what the full test suite does on u1-client TODO: finish stderr, work on u1cp's "browse", make another release? reviews, calls BLOCKED: no13:04
nessitano comments13:05
ralsinaeom then13:06
dobeyralsina: why are all the 'design' bugs private?13:07
mandel_nessita, ralsina me :P13:07
alecumandel, mandel_: go!13:07
mandel_I'm a I too late?13:07
alecunot too!13:07
nessitamandel_: go!13:09
mandel_DONE: Started later so that I can have more hours with alecu. Look at possible implementation of gettng the open events on windows, my brain hurts.13:09
gatoxnessita, ralsina i need two reviews from you pleaseeeeee :P13:09
gatoxralsina already approved this one (small review): https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/line-edit/+merge/7277213:09
gatoxralsina, nessita this one is new (and quite big, because i moved all the test of setup_account to a new file: test_setup_account to follow the convention and I've added more tests... also fix all the issues in SetupAccountPage): https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-form/+merge/7288413:09
* nessita adds to her TODO: reviews!!!13:10
gatoxnessita, nice......13:10
nessitagatox: looking, also looking the one fro, yesteday13:10
ralsinagatox: looking at the big one. [give stern look at mandel and dobey so they stay quiet]13:11
ryemandel_, bip is set up13:12
dobeyralsina: appropriately, 'Strut' by KMFDM is currently playing on my computer13:12
gatoxnessita, ralsina, i have to leave for a while..... i have to do a really important errands... the kind "i'm not going to be able yo get paid if i don't have this" errand :P13:13
nessitagatox: go!13:13
gatoxi'll be back in a while13:13
ralsinagatox: SO DON"T!13:13
ralsinagatox: just kidding, go13:13
nessitaalecu: ping13:31
alecunessita,  pong13:31
nessitaalecu: do we have any master bug for the eq_inotify failing tests?13:31
alecunessita, let me check13:32
nessitaalecu: ralsina and me decided to skip those tests in order to have a "clean" test run while you guys work on that, so I wanted to mention the bug number in the skip clause13:32
alecunessita, +113:32
nessitaI can file one if there isn't any, I just wanted to avoid a dup13:32
nessitaalecu: there is! bug #82059813:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 820598 in ubuntuone-client "Windows: test_eq_inotify are failing due to missing/out of order events (affects: 1) (heat: 28)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82059813:34
alecunessita, great13:35
fagansorry was showing my room there during standup13:35
* fagan writes notes13:35
fagan* Some CV pimping13:37
fagan* what ever anyone needs13:37
fagan* No13:37
faganTomorrow is my last day :(13:37
ryemandel, ping13:38
alecumandel, ping13:40
alecumandel, I need you to run an experiment13:40
alecumandel, please download this: http://ubuntuone.com/p/1CnN/13:40
alecumandel, and run the "locko.py" script there on windows13:40
karnifagan: :O how dare you ping your CV on company time ;D hahah (j/k!)13:40
karni/s/ping/pimp hah13:40
fagankarni: haha13:41
karnipinging your CV doesn't make sense at all lol13:41
alecumandel, but before locko.py is running, create a huge word document named "Document.doc"13:41
fagankarni: my CV was good already but I made it a lot better13:41
alecumandel, and try saving many times while locko is running, till it breaks.13:42
nessitafagan: to whom?13:45
fagannessita: I meant pimping as in making it better13:46
nessitafagan: I was asking re "was showing my room there during standup"13:46
fagannessita: oh just some girl who wanted to have a look at the room13:47
faganI dont know her personally13:47
faganmy landlord brought her13:47
alecuping mandel13:55
mandel_ralsina, mumble?14:07
mandel_or am I late?14:07
ralsinaI can't talk right now14:07
nessitaralsina: have any ETA?14:08
mandel_ralsina, ein? as in with me, about it, or that it has been posponed?14:08
ralsinaI am pretending I am a lawyer so I can still work in the office while my wife meets customers... maybe 45 minutes?14:08
ralsinaJust kidding about the pretending to be a lawyer part :-)14:08
mandel_ralsina, sure, I have np, had I known that I would hav enot driven as fast hehehe14:08
mandel_ralsina, yeah, no one would have believe it :P14:09
nessitamandel_: alecu was looking for you14:09
mandel_nessita, did you make the changes in your branch?14:09
mandel_alecu, ping14:09
nessitamandel_: yes14:09
nessitamandel_: can you please re-review?14:09
mandel_nessita, yes, that is why I was asking :)14:09
ralsinamandel_: let me introduce you to Albino "Joe" Stefanuolo, lawyer to rockstars: http://lomejordelosmedios.blogspot.com/2011/03/el-dr-stefanuolo-con-olmedo-en-apaga-la.html14:10
mandel_ralsina, does he do unix development too?14:15
mandel_'cause he has gone 99% already :P14:15
ralsinamandel_: with hat beard, I bet he could14:15
mandel_ralsina, if not him, the beard could do it ;)14:15
nessitaralsina, Chipaca: did you got my review request last night?14:22
Chipacanessita: I didn't, no14:22
nessitaChipaca: subject "Pedido de review (otro!) :-)"14:22
ralsinanessita: got it, I was waiting for the fixes alecu asked before re-reviewing14:22
Chipacanessita: email?14:22
ralsinanessita: it's the next in my list after diego's14:22
nessitaralsina: what fixes? :-)14:23
* nessita reloads14:23
ralsinaI thought he asked you to change something about callbacks here earlier? Or was that another branch?14:23
nessitaralsina: there is no review from alecu, maybe you mized up with another branch14:23
nessitaralsina: right, the one with the callbacks is another one, which mandel and alecu are reviewing14:24
nessitaChipaca: yeap14:24
ralsinaok then, mixed them up, will start review in about 15'14:24
dobeyreview as in tests?14:25
ralsinadobey: review her branch?14:26
dobeyralsina: no, i thought nessita was asking you/chipaca about the email re: tests :)14:27
ralsinadobey: no, another mail :-)14:27
nessitadobey: no, I guess we can talk about that when we're with less hurry (both you and the porting team)14:28
Chipacanessita: +1 :)14:28
dobeyit is slightly amusing that the 'linux' team is smaller than the windows team now :P14:28
nessitaChipaca: that was *fast*, thanks!14:29
dobeyamsuing in the sadomasochistic sense14:29
nessitadobey: I prefer the term "porting" team14:29
dobeynessita: there are multiple 'porting' teams then :)14:29
mandel_dobey, I gladly join the linux team :P14:30
dobeymandel_: haha, i'm sure ralsina would *love* it if you and i were 'the linux team' :)14:31
* Chipaca pulls mandel_ back by the eyebrows14:31
mandel_dobey, why? would there be anyhting wrong ;)14:32
* ralsina considers putting both on OSX14:33
dobeyralsina: does that mean you're going to buy me a new mac?14:33
mandel_sweet! unix but no unix... now that jobs is not there we could fix a number of things :P14:33
ralsinadobey: no, you would work remotely over VNC an a collocated mac mini14:34
ralsinadobey: runnin OSX server14:34
ralsinadobey: in ukrainian14:34
dobeyat least ukraine has fast internet14:34
mandel_nessita, I'm confused why the decoratro maybe_emit_error is defined inside FakedProxy?14:34
dobeymuch better than argentina :)14:35
ralsinanessita: +1 on only-one-tool14:35
nessitamandel_: is a helper to have a fakedproxy emitting different stuff depending on the state. So, if no error_dict, success signals will be sent. If not, error signal will be trigerred14:35
nessitaralsina: thanks!!!14:36
ralsinadobey: no no no, it would be located in argentina, but configured i ukrainian14:36
mandel_nessita, ok14:36
nessitamandel_: need more specifics? (I can)14:36
mandel_nessita, no, I got it as soon as you mentioned it :)14:38
mandel_nessita, done the code review, running tests on windows & linux now14:46
gatoxi'm back!14:58
nessitagatox: all good?15:01
gatoxnessita, yes... everything seems to be ok :P15:02
nessitagatox: I added NF to both branches, let me know if you have questions15:02
gatoxnessita, now i'm going to start with one of my many bugs :P15:02
gatoxnessita, ok15:02
gatoxnessita, i've read the NF.... i'll apply the changes right now!15:05
tntcany progress on the freaky couch_Db server?15:11
ralsinanessita: could I get a rereview for this one? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-client/log-betterer/+merge/7274715:22
duanedesignhello tntc15:22
nessitaralsina: yes!15:22
ralsinanessita: thanks!15:22
ralsinaalecu, mandel: If I could get another review for https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-client/log-betterer/+merge/72747 please?15:23
mandel_ralsina, got it! let me finisht with nessitas first..15:25
ralsinamandel_: cool, thx15:25
mandel_ralsina, there is a needs fixing, have you fixed it?15:25
ralsinamandel_: yes15:25
duanedesigntntc: I think we might now something more definitive the first or second week in September.15:26
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:30
gatoxnessita, done: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/line-edit/+merge/7277215:34
nessitagatox: looking!15:34
nessitaChipaca, ralsina: are we having mumble before .ar lunch?15:37
ralsinaif it's not too late for mandel, could it be after?15:38
ralsinai still have some noise problems15:38
tntcduanedesign: ok cool, thanks15:40
mandel_ralsina, after can be good15:41
mandel_what time?15:41
ralsinain 80 minutes?15:41
nessitaralsina: isn't too late for Chipaca? (maybe you can send report afterwards if yes)15:41
Chipacano, 80 minutes is fine15:42
ralsinaOk then15:42
nessitais a date! (?)15:42
nessitaralsina: approving logebetterererer15:43
ralsinanessita: thanks15:43
Chipacanessita: com.ubuntu.sso.CredentialsManagement.register can only fire one of AuthorizationDenied, CredentialsFound, and CredentialsError ?15:43
ralsinaI had a log-betterest but I thought it was too much ;-)15:43
nessitaChipaca: yes (if not, is a bug)15:43
mandel_nessita,  ins your branch which tests are meant to pass?15:44
mandel_on windows I mean15:44
nessitamandel_: all credentials related15:45
nessitait tests\platform\test_credentials and the platform specific version. But please run the whole suite! ;-)15:45
nessitamandel_: only tests failing should be tests_fsm, test_qe_inotify and eventsnanny15:45
nessitamandel_: I'm proposing a branch to skip those until you and alecu fix them (by fixing the FS notificactions)15:46
nessitabut in trunk they still fai;15:46
mandel_just double checking :)15:46
gatoxnessita, lint issue fixed https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/line-edit/+merge/7277215:53
* mandel_ has a mental block... goes for a coffee15:56
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
=== gatox_ is now known as gatox
* mandel_ back and considering to jump of a bridge... bloody windows16:07
dpmhey Ubuntu One people, I'm organizing Ubuntu App Developer Week (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek) and it'd be great to have some content on the Ubuntu One APIs. I'd normally bug aquarius for that, but he's on holiday. Who would be up for an IRC session giving an overview of the Ubuntu One APIs and how application developers can use them?16:08
dpm(don't raise all your hands at once)16:11
mandel_dpm, pido no, pregunta a nessita  :P16:12
dpmmandel_, cobarde :P16:12
nessitadpm: so, since aquarius is in holiday, I would advice asking Chipaca about this16:13
nessitaand yes, I'm a coward too :-D16:13
nessitadpm: nah, is just that we're so behind in our current task that is complicated to allocate time for this any time soon16:14
mandel_dpm, what did you expect from a guy from Mallorca, :P16:14
Chipacadpm: when is the week?16:15
dpmmandel_, yeah, and after I heard where you're moving to, I can only expect less! ;)16:15
dpmChipaca, 5th to 9th Sept -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable16:15
Chipacadpm: aq comes back next week, but that week both him and i are sprinting. We can probably spare an hour for you though :)16:16
dpmnessita, mandel_, anyway thanks for delegating and directing me to the right person :-)16:16
mandel_dpm, hehe16:17
dpmChipaca, that'd be awesome, thanks! For scheduling purposes, which of the free slots ^^ would work best for you?16:18
Chipacadpm: preliminarily, i'd say the wednesday at 18z16:19
Chipacadpm: i'm assuming i can change this next week if necessary :)16:19
dpmChipaca, yeah, if the schedule is full you might need to negotiate with other session leaders, but I can assist in that or swap my session's slot if that works better16:20
Chipacadpm: ok16:21
dpmChipaca, I'll put your name down and let you sort out with Stuart if he wants to do the talk instead, or co-present or whatever. Does that sound ok?16:22
Chipacadpm: that sounds fine16:23
dpmChipaca, excellent, thanks!16:23
* nessita -> lunch16:26
nessitaChipaca, ralsina, mandel, alecu, gatox: is it mumble time, isn't it?17:00
alecuseems like it17:00
ralsinamandel, I am talking to you ;-)17:02
mandel_ralsina, sorry one sec17:04
ralsinadobey: could you send beuno your tarmac config so we can have something on canonistack before Irene arrives?17:16
mandel_ralsina, nessita, alecu, gatox : here you have it in pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/674658/17:24
mandel_will share in u1 in a sec17:24
mandel_ralsina, nessita, alecu, gatox : better this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674660/17:25
gatoxralsina, nessita please another quick review: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/cancel-prompt/+merge/7292917:33
dobeyhrmm, need to do some more releases for oneiric i guess17:43
mandel_nessita, lets wait for alecu to sort it out17:45
mandel_nessita, in the mean time, did you get the script?17:45
nessitamandel_: I got it, did not run it17:46
ralsinagatox: checking17:46
mandel_nessita, ok, but use the second one, the access flag should not be there.. I added it during a test and does not work...17:46
nessitaalecu: tomorrow 9am ART works for you?17:46
mandel_nessita, should be the second link I gave you17:46
alecunessita, sounds reasonable17:46
nessitamandel_: does that work for you?17:47
nessitafacundobatista: ping17:47
mandel_alecu, nessita so, how do we doit, alecu you take the sso or should i?17:48
alecumandel_, I'll work on the sso after you eod17:49
alecumandel_, well, I'm about to have lunch anyway :-)17:49
mandel_ralsina, you did see that is approved: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-client/log-betterer/+merge/7274717:49
nessitamandel_: alecu said he's taking that since you'll eod pretty soon. You both should analyze a bit further the failing tests, leaving the 'download nany' aside17:49
ralsinamandel_: merged already17:49
nessitamandel_, alecu: did you guys finished my review?17:50
alecumandel_, and I'll start early tomorrow as well, so we can analize a bit the other stuff that won't work besides the download nanny17:50
mandel_nessita, ok, I'll take care of analyzing the tests and well get back with that to everyone tom, sounds that ok?17:50
alecunessita, no, I did not.17:50
mandel_nessita, yes, I was about to check the results of the tests :)17:50
alecumandel_ you can also work on the special project17:50
mandel_I left them running17:50
nessitamandel_: thanks!17:50
mandel_alecu, nessita I'll do both... I'll be writting docs.. how boring :(17:50
mandel_nessita, I need to go of 30 min to walk the dog or he will die17:53
mandel_will be back17:53
ralsinagatox: +1 on cancel-prompt18:06
gatoxralsina, nice18:06
gatoxralsina, totally not related to anything....... but....... do you have qt assistant installed?18:09
ralsinagatox: I don't know18:09
ralsinagatox: yes I do!18:09
ralsinagatox: but it has no docs18:09
gatoxralsina, ohhhhh jeje ok, don't worry18:10
dobeyoi, why am i so tired?18:15
gatoxralsina, nessita changes applied: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-form/+merge/7288418:20
ralsinadobey: old age.18:22
ralsinagatox: looking18:23
dobeyralsina: probably :(18:25
ralsinadobey: the good news are: everyone *else* is getting old at the same rate18:25
ralsinaSo basically, everyone around us is the same age all the time. Relatively speaking.18:26
ralsinagatox: +1 on ui-form18:32
gatoxralsina, yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy18:32
nessitagatox: could you please unify all the imports from ubuntuone_installer.gui.qt in ubuntuone_installer/gui/qt/tests/test_gui.py?18:43
nessitabah, is not sctrictly needed18:44
nessitagatox: no need, only if there is anything else to change (I'll let you know)18:44
nessitaralsina: look! a branch that makes all the test pass (or being skipped) in windows! https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/clean-test-run/+merge/7293818:46
gatoxnessita, ok...... let me know...... no problem18:46
ralsinanessita: testing!18:46
nessitagatox: seems like the +    is_fake = True attr from FakeController is not used?18:51
nessitacan you remove if so, please?18:51
gatoxnessita, ok...... and unify imports :P18:52
nessitaplease :-D18:53
gatoxnessita, done18:57
ralsinanessita: almost there: FAILED (skips=88, failures=2, errors=28, successes=2118)18:57
ralsinanessita: checking out what failed18:57
nessitaralsina: wow, please send me the output18:58
nessitaor paste18:58
ralsina nessita: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674733/18:59
ralsinaa bunch are a missing logging.conf18:59
nessitaralsina: right, you need that in place19:01
nessitaunder data/19:01
nessitamake would do19:01
nessitaor copy it from linux19:01
ralsinayep, re-running now19:01
ralsinaI added a logging.conf to windows/ so we have one handy19:02
nessitathere are some weird errors related to quota_exceeded...19:05
nessitalet me know when the new run finishes19:05
ralsinanessita: better: FAILED (skips=88, failures=2, errors=19, successes=2128) output at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674739/19:08
nessitathanks, I'll look as soon as I finish gatox's branch19:09
ralsinanessita: cool, I am leaving to pick up the kid19:10
ralsinawill be back in 30 or so19:10
nessitagatox: 2 more needs fixing, please note the 3rd entry in the comment is an FYI (no need to change it)19:17
nessitaalecu: ping19:18
alecunessita, pong19:22
nessitaalecu: hi there! I'm trying to debug some weirdness (really weird errors) on a run that ralsina made of u1client tests in windows. I get no error nor failure, and he gets plenty. Most of the error are related to status_listener/aggregator, so it sounds odd. Can you please make a full run of lp:~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/clean-test-run?19:23
nessitaI would like to see what kind of results your have19:24
gatoxso..... EOD for me..... i'll have a branch with serveral changes in setup account to gain more space ready for tomorrow morning.......19:27
nessitaralsina: the common denominator for those failures is that they are tests that use mock 'heavily'. Any chance that lib is busted?19:27
nessitagatox: ok! shall I re-review?19:27
gatoxnessita, the last one?? yes..... it's ready19:27
gatoxnessita, i'll be connected, so let me know if you find something please!!! i can fix that while i do some other thing19:28
nessitagatox: I added more NFś19:28
nessitagatox: I mentioned that a little ago19:28
gatoxnessita, oh let me check19:28
nessita"(04:17:06 PM) nessita: gatox: 2 more needs fixing, please note the 3rd entry in the comment is an FYI (no need to change it)"19:28
gatoxnessita, ok....... i'll fix that now..... and let you know19:30
ralsinanessita: it would surprise me that mock is broken here, but I can reinstall and retry19:36
nessitaralsina: wait, I'm uploadng a fix19:36
nessitawhich is mostly a guess19:37
ralsinanessita: ack19:37
gatoxnessita, now is ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-form/+merge/7288419:38
nessitaralsina: seems like all the issues you have in the test run come from the status_listener. So, for test_main, I'm patching the thing to do not create it (since is irrelevant for the suite)19:38
nessitaralsina: can you please try revno 1118?19:38
gatoxnessita, please let me know if you find something else19:38
nessitagatox: ack!19:38
ralsinanessita: makes sense. Trying it!19:38
nessitagatox: ubuntuone_installer/gui/qt/tests/test_setup_account.py:19:40
nessita    60:  [C0111, FakeValidationDict] Missing docstring19:40
nessita    83:  [C0111, FakeValidationDict.wrapper.inner] Missing docstring19:40
gatoxnessita, my bad19:40
nessita    627:  [E0102, FakeWizard] class already defined line 612 (this is a weird one?)19:40
gatoxnessita, what??19:41
nessitagatox: FakeWizard is defined twice in test_gui.py19:41
nessitanot a change from you, apparently19:41
gatoxnessita, i'll remove the other one19:42
nessitaand is not needed19:42
nessitacan you please removed both?19:42
nessitain test_gui.py none is used19:42
nessita(now that you moved the code)19:42
nessitagatox: and I guess that should be all!19:42
gatoxnessita, ok!19:43
gatoxnessita, done19:45
nessitagatox: approved! great work!19:49
ralsinanessita: almost there! FAILED (skips=88, failures=2, errors=6, successes=2142) -- http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674761/19:49
gatoxnessita, thanks!!19:49
* gatox is happy19:49
nessitaalecu: how did the test run go?19:55
nessitaralsina: can you please run the tests.syncdaemon.test_status_listener.QuotaExceededStatusTestCase.test_root_quota_exceeded in isolation and confirm it fails every time?19:55
ralsinanessita: sure19:55
alecunessita, uh, I forgot to set TRIAL_TEMP_DIR. I'm running it again.19:56
nessitano prob!19:56
ralsinanessita: running isolated, works every time19:57
nessitagah gah gah19:57
nessitaralsina: can you please run this suite? tests.syncdaemon.test_status_listener19:58
ralsinanessita: sure19:58
ralsinanessita: 24 successes 0 failures19:58
nessitathis one? tests.status.test_aggregator19:59
ralsina116 successes19:59
nessitathe whole tests.syncdaemon?19:59
ralsinagot errors on that one20:00
nessitacan you paste please?20:00
ralsinanessita: capturing output now20:00
ralsinanessita: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674775/20:04
ralsinanessita: it's not the whole thing because it seems to have hung fr some reason. re-running it20:05
ralsinahangs in that test when I redirect to a file for some reason. But anyway that includes an error and an OK that has an error deleting files in it20:08
facundobatistanessita, pong20:08
nessitaralsina: grm, I wonder what different setup is there in your env20:08
nessitafacundobatista: is there any chance you attend to a meeting in mumble with alecu, mandel and me tomorrow 9am ART?20:09
facundobatistanessita, yes, there is20:09
ralsinanessita: I wonder too20:09
nessitafacundobatista: is a date!20:10
facundobatistanessita, is a timestamp!20:10
facundobatistanessita, is a plane!20:10
facundobatistanessita, no, is superman!20:10
facundobatistanessita, the subject will be...?20:13
ralsinanessita: I say land that, and I know I have to check the few that fail for me20:13
nessitafacundobatista: FS events: how important are they to us?20:13
ralsinaat least it's 20 and not 80 now, so it's an improvement20:13
facundobatistanessita, ah, that is easy20:13
nessitaralsina: I have one more fix to test, another educated guess20:13
* facundobatista doesn't have to study for tomorrow20:13
ralsinanessita: ok, a tu disposición20:13
nessitamy educated guess broke terribly, trying a second one20:17
nessitaralsina: revno 1119, last try to today at least20:21
ralsinanessita: trying!20:21
alecunessita, FAILED (skips=88, failures=4, errors=17, successes=2119) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674786/20:24
alecunessita, should I try the latest revno too?20:25
nessitaalecu: yes, and please confirm you're running my branch, since it specifically fixes the test_create_shares_link_existing which was failing "truthfully"20:26
nessitaalecu: and in your run that test is failing, which is odd given the fix I applied20:26
nessitaalecu: also, test_guess_metadata_version_4 should be skipped, and is not in your run, which also smells20:27
nessitaah no, sorry20:27
nessitaalecu: that test is not skipped20:27
nessitaalecu: at least you're having similar errors than ralsina! :-) which is good20:28
alecunessita, I've ran the "clean-test-run" branch; the only thing that might have happened is that the merge was not right, and what ended up being tested was trunk.20:28
alecunessita, I'm setting up the review branch again, and will run the tests again.20:29
nessitaalecu: hum, the skipped tests are from my branch, so maybe the test failure is legit20:29
nessitawhich puzzles me, but I should debug if you confirm is still there20:29
ralsinanessita: skips=88, failures=2, errors=9, successes=2139 -- http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674789/20:29
nessitaworse than before :-/20:30
alecunessita, btw: for each test run I usually set a different TRIAL_TEMP_DIR20:30
ralsinanessita: slightly20:30
ralsinanessita: the difference is more "reactor unclean" errors20:31
nessitaevidently there are some test interaction that are messing up the env20:31
ralsinanessita: which may be a timing issue hiding them from you20:31
nessitaok, I'll try to review the test from tests/syncdaemon tomorrow, eye balling and see if anything comes up20:32
ralsinanessita: cool20:32
jo-erlendIn the u1 control panel... Where do those pages/tabs come from? I really like them. Is that a qt-thing?20:33
nessitajo-erlend: in ubuntu you mean?20:34
jo-erlendnessita, yes.20:34
nessitajo-erlend: is GTK. We're using a regular gtk.Notebook and we're applying some styling using rc styles20:34
nessitajo-erlend: the style is located in the ubuntuone.rc file20:35
jo-erlendgreat. Thanks :)20:35
nessitayou're welcomed!20:35
ralsinaI am taking a break now, will do a release late tonight. Alecu, if you make progress in the connection thing let me know, ok?20:38
alecuralsina, sure.20:39
dobeynessita: it is NOT a notebook. the tabs are buttons. the notebook tabs are actually hidden :)20:41
nessitadobey: you're right! I forgot about that20:42
nessitajo-erlend: I forgot that we were hidding the notebook's tab, and using buttons instead ^20:42
nessitabut the style does come from the rc I pointed out20:42
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeyhave a good evening all!20:59
alecunessita, FAILED (skips=88, failures=4, errors=2, successes=2134) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/674815/21:02
* alecu brbs21:03
jo-erlendhmm. I have an Ubuntu One account and I have 5GB of space. File sync works perfectly. But the U1 webpage, on My Accounts, tell me that I'm not subscribed to Ubuntu One Free. Why is that?21:05
nessitajo-erlend: hum, when did you create this user?21:06
jo-erlendnessita, a couple of years ago, I think.21:06
nessitabeuno: does that ring any bell? ^21:06
nessitabeuno: lisette had this as well, but I thought it was a bug in our windows end21:07
nessitajo-erlend: have you recently added a new device to your U1 account?21:07
jo-erlendnessita, not very recently. I don't think I've added any new devices since the up to 5GB.21:08
nessitajo-erlend: thanks for the accuracy in the answer. Let's see if beuno had som input in this21:08
nessitajoshuahoover: have you got any report like jo-erlend's above?21:09
jo-erlendStart Date:    03rd October 200921:09
nessitajo-erlend: under https://one.ubuntu.com/account/, in the Devices section, what's the newest device registered there?21:10
jo-erlendUbuntu One @ jedesktop (linked on 30 Jul 2011)21:10
jo-erlendI don't understand that. I've been using that for a long time.21:10
jo-erlendit is possible that I've changed the hostname for it though. I don't remember when I did that.21:11
nessitajo-erlend: so, the account and the devices tokens are 2 separated things... you sure you did not "login" using the controlpanel, for example, on that date, in that device?21:11
jo-erlendnessita, I'm not sure about that at all.21:13
nessitajo-erlend: so, every time you login into Ubuntu One in a device (for example you installed a new version of ubuntu and started fresh) a new device is registered to Ubuntu One21:14
joshuahoovernessita: i'm looking...21:15
nessitaok, I gotta go21:16
joshuahooverjo-erlend: when you go to https://one.ubuntu.com/account/ it shows you're not subscribed, correct?21:16
nhainesnessita: I've noticed the same thing on my account, ever since the upgrade from 2GB to 5GB.  Although I am an U1M subscriber so I have 25GB.21:17
joshuahoovernhaines: are you able to sync files?21:17
nessitanhaines: thanks for the information!21:17
nhainesjoshuahoover: everything works beautifully.21:17
nessitajoshuahoover: could you please follow up if beuno has any ideas about this? sounds like a bug when upgrading some accounts21:18
nessitasince I see myself subscribed, for example21:18
nessitaI rally gotta go!21:18
nessitabye all!21:18
nhainesBetween U1F and U1M on my phone and testing oneiric at work and on my laptop, I readd devices constantly.  :)21:18
nhainesnessita: take care!  :)21:18
joshuahoovernhaines: right, ok, this is related to a (private) bug that is assigned to our web team...it's private because it includes information for troubleshooting that needs to remain private (specific user account info)21:18
jo-erlendunder Services > Ubuntu One Free, it says: «You are not subscribed yet». Further down the page, under «Your storage», it says: «Your current storage is composed of: «5GB with Ubuntu One Free»21:19
nhainesjoshuahoover: I'm not super concerned about it, I thought it was either an implementation detail or a cosmetic bug.  It's on my list of things to file in LP.21:19
joshuahoovernhaines, jo-erlend: the bug is where you have a free subscription but it shows "You are not subscribed" when you go to https://one.ubuntu.com/account21:19
nhainesjoshuahoover: so if I can do anything to help, just let me know.  :)21:20
joshuahoovernhaines: cool, thanks, and sorry for the confusion21:20
nhainesjoshuahoover: I started out with U1 way back in beta... so it's all good.21:20
nhainesYay, my account's subcription status display is fixed.  \o/21:32
jo-erlendnhaines, what did you do? :)21:40
jo-erlendis it possible that there is a correlation between this bug and the couch bug?21:40
nhainesjo-erlend: I think joshuahoover poked it.  Maybe.  :)21:53
nhainesjo-erlend: I didn't do anything to change the display.21:54
nhainesI doubt this and the couch bug are related though.21:54
jo-erlendok. It was just a thought.22:09
jo-erlendbrb -- reboot22:09
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita

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