ScottLwe had a bad thunderstorm come through and lost power for several hours02:31
holsteinScottL: :/02:33
scott-workastraljava: did you get all your changes made and luke update the metas?14:35
scott-worki ask because there was _one_ package that i realized i wanted to add yesterday and wasn't able to last night because of power outages due to weather14:36
falktxubuntu is entering beta16:11
falktxI saw some package changes to reflect it (string changes)16:11
wisevoyagerU means beta 11.10?16:15
astraljavascott-work: cjwatson uploaded the seeds, but they missed yesteday's images. Should be in today's, but I haven't had time to check up on them yet. I'll do that in an hour or so.19:29
astraljavaImages failed to build due to some weird debootstrap error. Asked on -release, hopefully someone can explain what's it about.19:59
astraljavaAs suspected, archive inconsistencies. Should work on tomorrow's build.20:34
Kokitohowdy my US friends21:39
astraljavascott-work: What was that package that you mentioned? I made some changes to desktop, but can include others since we have plenty of time to get the seeds uploaded before the next image spin.21:58
scott-workastraljava: let me find the exact package name22:00
scott-workastraljava: it's zita-at122:00
scott-workit should go into the audio-plugins seeds22:01
scott-workit will be okay if we dont' get it in but it would be really nice ship22:01
Kokitohey scott-work 22:02
scott-workhi Kokito :)22:02
scott-workhow are you doing?22:02
astraljavascott-work: Done.22:02
scott-workastraljava: capital!  :)22:02
Kokitostill adapting, but doing well scott-work , and you?22:03
scott-workKokito: i suppose okay, work is getting busy, but there's been some changes in ubuntu studio22:15
scott-workfor the good i should add22:15
scott-workKokito:  an event happened that pushed several of us to greatly articulate what we feel the audience and goals should be for ubuntu studio22:15
scott-workwhich had actaully been lacking22:15
Kokitothat's cool/ is that some kind of focus shift? or just an articulation?22:16
scott-worki would say a little of both22:19
scott-worki think some thought we served a different audience22:19
scott-workalso, no one had clearly articulated it before22:19
scott-workwe have now22:19
scott-worki hope to do so on the mailing list as well this weekend22:19
scott-workrolling out and heading home22:29
astraljavaDon't think I'm seeing the same results on a local germinate run when compared to buildd. So, just gotta keep experimenting later on. But meanwhile, TheMuso, could you please upload our seeds again for Friday's (26th) images? Thanks!23:49

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