charlie-tcaor, "Can you tell me how to do that? I can find nothing that explains it so it will allow it"00:00
lukinforeyep. bad english is bad)00:00
lukinforek, i'l try to expand explanation, thanks00:01
charlie-tcayou are welcome. I think that is the issue there.00:02
lukinforeI'm just not sure am I understand "bug" cleanly00:03
lukinforeif there is workaround - then it becomes not a bug?00:03
lukinforesay alsa fail - use oss00:04
lukinforealsaplugin fails -use another interface00:05
charlie-tcaIf there is a workaround, it is still a bug, but becomes low importance00:05
charlie-tcatoo many bugs do not have a workaround00:05
lukinforeso what does incomplete status means?00:06
charlie-tcaIncomplete means there is not enough information to determine how to fix the bug.00:06
charlie-tcaIf alsa fails, and something else will work, that is a workaround, then the bug is still a bug.00:07
lukinforeafter expire date would bug be deleted?00:07
charlie-tcaIf alsa fails, and pulseaudio fails, that is a very high importance bug, and needs to get worked first00:08
lukinforethere was something about 60 days00:08
charlie-tcano, never deleted00:08
charlie-tcaIt just stays there and waits to see if someone can find how to fix it when they have time00:08
lukinforeok, thanks again00:08
charlie-tcaNo problem.00:11
charlie-tcaIf you need more help with that, just come ask me.00:11
_nsAhoy folks, anyone have experience getting xubuntu (or anything else, for that matter) running on PPC architecture?01:52
charlie-tcaUsed to have a ppc port, but we had to discontinue it01:53
charlie-tcaThose with the most knowledge of it will be in #ubuntu-powerpc01:54
_nsah lovely thanks for the heads-up01:58
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JoeR1I need help configuring scripts in conky - I know this is NOT the conky room but the conky room is dead and I was hoping someone could lend me a hand08:03
Sysihas it been dead for longer than 15 minutes?08:05
JoeR1THis room?08:05
JoeR1oh, the conky room, Yes08:06
SysiI don't know anything about conky but you can try popping a question08:06
JoeR1wel the CPU 1 and CPU 2 load outputs are mirrored, I suspect off of the load of CPU 1, and I would like those to be accurate08:07
JoeR1Sysi _ I have found a modicum of help but thank you for your consideration08:10
jarnosEven playing sound makes Xorg hog 40-80% of CPU. How to fix it?09:42
well_laid_lawnhow do you know it is Xorg using the cpu when playing a sound?09:46
Sysiwhat graphics card/driver? what are you playing it with09:47
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, top/htop command (or task manager) shows it. CPU usage drops, if I pause playback. No visualization in use. Same with different media/music players.10:01
well_laid_lawnstrange that...10:02
* jarnos uses "xterm -maximized -r -e htop" to monitor processes.10:02
gourin a few days i'm going to install ubuntu on my friend's netbook (1300x760 res). she is (ex.) windows user and i'd like to introduice her to linux. someone told me about KDE as the simplest OS for windows user. personally i use xfce (now on fbsd or archlinux), but wonder what is the difference if installing xfce-desktop from ubuntu vs xubuntu?10:04
well_laid_lawnwith xubuntu you don't get the gnome apps10:05
SaaMmYif you want it you can10:05
gourall other ubuntu-specific system stuff are there?10:05
SaaMmYxfce support kde and gnome but is optional10:05
SaaMmYnot default10:05
ablomengour, if you install the xubuntu-desktop package on a ubuntu installation you basicly get the same as installing xubuntu itself, though with a lot of gnome apps in there10:06
gourdoes xubuntu use network-manager? her connection is wifi10:06
ablomengour, and you can install any package you want on there, xubuntu and ubuntu use the same repositories and (almost?) all gnome applications work fine in xfce10:07
gourgood...then it makes sense to install xubuntu..another thing...graphic in netbook is ati hd6310 and here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver it says: "These cards should work with Ubuntu Natty/11.04, however you will need a more recent version of Mesa (7.11.x) than Natty's default (7.10.x) to get 3D acceleration. " what does it mean?10:08
jarnosSysi, Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 06), I tried ogg and flac files. Video playback is also slower than it was in the beginning of session.10:08
jarnosSysi, I have NVidia graphics card.10:09
well_laid_lawngour: it means to get 3d acceleration you'll need to do some work10:10
Sysijarnos: how much uptime, propietary nvidia driver?10:11
gourwell_laid_lawn: xubuntu desktop doed not need it? she would do surfing, emailing, watching movies...do you recommend prop. driver for movies?10:12
well_laid_lawngour: I don't use ati so I couldn't say10:12
well_laid_lawnafaik the free ati driver is fine for 2d10:12
jarnosSysi, 2:50, no propiatory; I tried the free 3D driver, too, but IRRC similar problem with it.10:14
gourwell_laid_lawn: for me, free ati driver is fine with fbsd/archlinux, but was not sure about ubuntu desktop10:15
Sysijarnos: should work with propietary one10:15
well_laid_lawnit'll be fine with the xfce desktop gour10:15
gourwell_laid_lawn: thanks10:15
well_laid_lawnnp :)10:15
jarnosSysi, I did not try that10:15
jarnosSysi, "Additional drivers" does not offer a propiatory driver.10:17
goursee you in few days, hopefully ;)10:17
jarnosSysi, well_laid_lawn, now I realized why it takes so much CPU: Drawing the meter bar in pavucontrol is so hard for CPU (in Output devices and Playback tab).10:23
well_laid_lawnI thought Xorg had to be working to draw something to use the cpu10:25
ichatare there xfce-4.8 packages for  10.4 ?10:27
Sysinot official, I think some ppa:s exist10:28
xubuntu916ciao...volevo installare xubuntu in un eeepc 4gb ma mi richiede 4.4 gb di spazio e mi blocca l'install qualcuno mi sa dare qualche soluzione?grazie11:38
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:39
dusfhello, my monitor keeps turning off every 15 minutes when i am watching a full screen flash video, even though settings > power manager > is set to turn off the monitor never and put it to sleep never14:35
dusfhow can i remedy this?14:35
Aeeuse caffenie14:37
Aeeuse caffeine14:38
Aeedisable screensaver14:39
dusfAee: thanks, it's installing. how come it would turn off every 15 minutes though on flash? i just leave the computer untouched not playing flash, or even playing a video in vlc it will turn the monitor off at the time i set15:03
Aeerun caffeine15:04
Sysiyou need to run some dpms commands I'll check if I can find what were they15:04
Aeesee in bar click Disable screensaver15:04
Aeesee a cup in panel15:06
Sysitry 'xset dpms 0 0 0'15:07
Aeewhat dpms?15:09
Sysithat commands screen powersaving15:09
Sysisee 'man xset'15:12
Aeesee settings > Power Manager ?15:13
Sysiworks for me, if it fails you try something else, xset should work15:15
AeeI see15:17
dusfSysi: Aee thanks guys15:34
pandeiroanyone running xubuntu as a virtualbox guest? i can't get fullscreen to work with it. just wondering if this is a known issue. thanks16:24
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GridCubepandeiro, installed the guest addons?16:28
pandeiroGridCube: yep16:29
GridCubeit works whit the stretching option16:29
pandeiroi get a message saying that linux headers were not found when compiling the kernel modules from the guest addons, but i have several other distros running as guests and they stretch to full screen fine...16:30
Sysiinstall build-essential16:31
pandeiroSysi: the host is not a debian-based distro but since I have other virtual machines (Ubuntu, Mint, others) that are able to go fullscreen, I am doubting it is the host...16:33
Sysithat's why you need build-essential(s) on guest to get kernel modules compile16:33
pandeiroSysi: ahh, on the guest16:34
pandeirogotcha, thanks i will try that16:34
pandeirolet me ask one more question: is there a keyboard shortcut to get a terminal window with xfce?16:39
Sysiyou can set one yourself in keyboard settings16:40
pandeiroSysi: thanks... btw 'build-essential' was already installed on my xubuntu guest, but I still get the message 'headers for the current running kernel were not found' when I try to compile the guest addons modules... and no fullscreen :(16:43
Sysiyou need some linux-headers or kernel-headers package then16:45
pandeiroit seems it is a xubuntu/xfce issue as i just tested with a new guest ubuntu system and fullscreen works fine upon installing guest additions...16:46
pandeiroi installed linux headers already16:46
pandeiroany idea what other packages i might need?16:46
efremovjust installed 11.04 and I want to check does kernel use two cpus?18:31
efremovis there anyway to undestand that boch cores are in use?18:31
GridCubepandeiro, apparently guest additions and xorg doesnt like each other in the latest versions of both18:33
Sysithere shouldn't be any way it wouldn't use them18:34
Sysisee lscpu and 'cat /proc/cpuinfo'18:34
efremovwell I hope but task manager shows only one, should it show both usage?18:35
SysiI don't use xfce taskmanager but my panel applet shows united usage18:35
efremovi see18:35
efremovyou command show18:36
efremovCPU(s) : 218:36
Sysiyou can also check 'top' in terminal18:36
efremovso i guess im fine?18:36
efremovin gnome resource manager shows it by processor so i expected here the same way18:41
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kiichirois there anyway to trick xubuntu to think it has microsoft firefox?20:48
Sysiuser agent switcher addon20:48
kiichironow how would I get that?20:49
Sysifirefox → tools → add-ons20:49
kiichirothank you, I need silverlight to access online classes, so thanks so much just saved me a lot of trouble20:49
Sysimoonlight and user agent switching *might* work20:50
Sysibut you maybe will be to run (virtual) windows20:51
Sysicomplain to school/goverment20:51
kiichirowell it's for my computer training. and yeah virtual windows hates me so much, might need to do a full switch over to my xp, which is saddening since linux runs a lot better most of the time20:52
Sysidualbooting works..20:52
kiichiroyeah might need to do so, 40GB though, got to work with that20:52
Sysi60GB ssd, mac os, win7 virtual, 12gb music and 5h HD video and I'd have room left for linux20:53
kiichirowow, I might need to do the dual boot,20:54
Sysi(similar disk on linux desktop, I don't bother with broadcom wifi and ndiswrapper now when my studies are starting and I need that laptop)20:55
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kiichirothe only problem is switching back to xp is the entire fact I have a built on nic and would need to find the driver for it which is a pain in my rear21:00
kiichiroeven dual booting will be a pain21:00
n2diyanybody ever play with gnome-voice, the speech recognition program?23:00
n2diyanybody ever play with gnome-voice, the speech recognition program, I installed it with synaptic, but its not in the menus, and I can't find any files using find or locate?23:10
TheSheepn2diy: dpkg -L gnome-voice23:34
n2diydpkg -L gnome-voice23:34
TheSheepn2diy: will list all files from that package23:34
n2diymy box is afu, the tab key is acting like the enter key!?23:35
n2diyTheSheep, ok, package not installed! But now I have other issues with the tab key. Thanks.23:36
n2diyrestart time, brb23:37
n2diyok, still have tab key issues.23:42
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