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dragonfyre13hey there all03:20
dragonfyre13got a question for you, bit of a "soapbox issue".03:20
dragonfyre13we've got a bug sitting out there for nouveau with unity. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/76247803:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 762478 in unity (Ubuntu) "[nouveau] No icons shown in unity launcher when using experimental mesa drivers" [High,Confirmed]03:21
dragonfyre13unfortunately, seems everything related to missing icons while icons continue to work has been marked duplicate of this bug03:21
dragonfyre13the problem is that this bug has been closed as a nouveau issue, when nearly all of the duplicates are non-related to nouveau.03:22
dragonfyre13I posted something on it, but wanted to make sure I'm not somehow offbase in what I'm looking at03:23
dragonfyre13could someone take a look for me? I've been experiencing the same behavior on intel, ATI, and nvidia cards for nearly 3 months03:23
dragonfyre13unable to fix without a full reboot (killing my uptime :D) and rendering unity unstable enough for continued usage for much longer.03:24
dragonfyre13unity --reset and unity --reset-icons don't do a thing, by the wya03:24
dragonfyre13with relation to this item.03:24
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dragonfyre13sorry, had to reboot, ran into the issue again.03:35
htorque!weekend | dragonfyre1308:09
ubot5dragonfyre13: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.08:09
andyrockhtorque, around?11:07
htorquewhat to pull from where? :P11:07
andyrockhtorque, i'm working on the bug... i almost fixed it11:09
htorqueandyrock: sweet \o/11:09
htorqueif you got anything to test, let me know11:10
andyrockhtorque, i'm going to update my branch...11:35
htorquewill check it out :)11:35
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htorque_on it :)13:18
andyrockhtorque, make sure you get the last revision13:19
andyrockto be sure bzr revno should be 144913:19
htorque_it is13:19
andyrockthis should fix the problem or at least greatly reduces the chance of error13:20
htorque_andyrock: i'm sorry, i see no change13:31
htorque_andyrock: could you test it yourself?13:32
htorque_did it work for you?13:32
andyrockfor me it work...13:32
andyrocki will do other test thx btw :)13:32
htorque_thx for working on it! :)13:33
htorque_btw, i think i misunderstood your instructions when testing this branch for the "one-move-issue": i moved the cursor with my touchpad, but in more than one direction, so it worked with and without the patch13:34
htorque_if i only move it in one direction only the branch version works13:35
andyrockwell the problem is not the direction13:35
andyrockyou can consider a move a "one-move"13:36
htorque_it was like: move, stop - nothing happened, second move -> desaturate and highlight13:36
htorque_(while holding the button)13:36
andyrockwith my branch the sencond move is not needed right?13:37
htorque_right, your branch fixes that13:37
andyrockgood... you problem is something different13:37
andyrockwith a similar solution13:38
htorque_yeah i know, i just realized i tested wrong while testing for my thing13:38
andyrockhtorque_, make sure that you close chrome window13:40
htorque_not using chrome(ium) here13:40
andyrockwhen you minimize it there are a lot of bug13:40
htorque_yeah, compiz and minimize seem kinda problematic right now13:41
htorque_i tested it right after starting a new session13:41
htorque_no other windows opened13:41
andyrockok thx... i have to work more on it13:41
carli2what is this channel about? onyl about the unity desktop?15:27
carli2i was sent here because i had problems with gnome3's classic desktop15:27
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sshtrkhi all. Can qt raster be used in unity 2d?18:14
sshtrkis this unity channel?18:22
MrChrisDruifsshtrk; you *could* read the topic of a channel18:25
sshtrkOk, sorry. I just was not sure. Do you know do qt raster work in unity 2d?18:28
AlanBellI am working on a simpler version of the application lens20:21
AlanBellno suggesting thing from the software centre, no recently used stuff, just applications I have, categorised by their category20:22
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/appmenu.ogv what would be a good use of the filter for this lens?20:23
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htorque_AlanBell: nice! how about keeping the filters for categories and just showing all installed programs when using the filter?20:34
AlanBelldunno, I kind of feel that filters should do something usefully different to categories20:37
AlanBellbut as it is I can now find and launch applications without wanting to stab the screen, so I am happy with it :)20:38
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MrChrisDruifLooks promising AlanBell (similar in a way to gnome3 if I'm not mistaken)21:53
AlanBellit seems like a blindingly obvious thing to do really21:58

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