ali1234how do i get bzr to show the current revision of the working dir?00:29
mwhudsonali1234: bzr revno00:29
vadi2I updated to 0.100.0-2ubuntu2, wrote a really big commit log, it asked me whenever to commit with unknowns in the repo - I clicked yes, and the dialog froze. It's not accepting any clicks on yes or no buttons and is just sitting there.00:29
vadi2No errors in the terminal. Has anyone else experienced this?00:30
vadi2The only thing clickable is the X and it does nothing, the dialog doesn't go away.00:30
ali1234ok, given that i tried to bisect between 1363 and 1448, why is the working dir at 1455?00:30
ali1234(i am using bzr-bisect)00:30
mwhudsonah i guess bzr revno gives you the revno of the branch really00:31
mwhudsonif you've used bzr revert or something that's just tree modifying, i don't know how you can find out which version corresponds to the current state00:31
ali1234well the current revision doesn't build so i need to move dorwards or backwards00:31
ali1234but i can't do that if i don't know the current revision00:31
ali1234and bzz bisect move needs an exact revision00:32
ali1234and yeah i gather it does use revert00:32
mwhudsoni've not used bzr-bisect00:32
mwhudsonyou can probably use bzr revert -r $revno to move to a different revno though00:32
ali1234moving isn't the problem00:33
ali1234the problem is i need to move to $current_revno+100:33
ali1234and i don't know $current_revno00:33
ali1234so how do you all usually do bisects?00:35
ali1234by hand?00:36
fullermd'revno --tree' will tell you the base revno of the working tree.00:36
fullermdOf course, if you've flung things around with 'revert', you haven't changed the base revno, so that won't tell you anything.00:37
ali1234yeah, that also say 145500:37
fullermdYeah, I think bisect does that.  Annoying.  It really needs to be updated...00:37
fullermdPresumably the plugin stashes its current state somewhere; if you can dig that up, it should tell you.  You'd expect it to have a command for that too...00:39
ali1234it has bzr bisect log00:44
ali1234but that doesn't really tell you anything useful00:44
ali1234it prints <commiter>-<timestamp>-<hash> but not revno00:45
ali1234and only for the points you've already said yes or no to00:45
fullermdThat's thre revid.00:45
fullermdYou can look up the revno from that.00:46
fullermdFirst way that comes to mind is with log.  Various other probably more direct internally (if less simple/obvious interface-wise).00:46
ali1234but it doesn't tell me the current point anyway00:47
ali1234also "yes" and "no" are undefined00:47
fullermd(it's not really committer-timestamp-hash, it's opaque; just happens to be built that way.  And it's random data, not a hash anyway...)00:47
ali1234and if you get them the wrong way around it jumps to somewhere outside the range00:47
ali1234maybe i should just convert this to a git repository :)00:48
fullermdI've never touched the bisect plugin, so I don't know whether it stores its data in a particularly easy-to-read form.  Or where it is, for that matter.00:49
fullermdProbably either the root of the tree or somewhere under .bzr/.00:50
MvGjam: wrt https://code.launchpad.net/~gagern/bzr/bug483661-pull-bound-testcase/+merge/73147 : you quoted the relevant change yourself: I dropped the possible_transports kwarg. So what "actual changes" are you missing?09:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 73147 in emacs-snapshot (Ubuntu) "Crash starting up under Beryl + Emerald" [Undecided,Invalid]09:31
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antivirtelI'm using bzr-explorer on Ubuntu. How can I add a spell checker language? Which spell checking method is it using?14:51
jelmerantivirtel: hi15:02
jelmerantivirtel: I think it uses the Qt spell support15:02
antivirtelhmm, jelmer has it got a package?15:03
jelmerantivirtel: no idea, sorry. I haven't used it myself.15:04
antivirtelthanks, I google it15:06
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pooliehi all23:40
jelmerg'morning poolie, did you have a good weekend?23:46
pooliegreat thanks23:50
pooliethe superbike school was very fun23:50
pooliehow are you?23:50
jelmerpoolie: cool :) what's super about superbikes vs regular bikes?23:52
pooliei think it's a bit of an anachronistic term23:53
poolieit means sporty production bikes as opposed to grand prix bikes23:53
pooliehowever, most people came on regular road-going bikes, as i did23:53
jelmerah :)23:54
pooliethis stuff http://www.superbikeschool.com/curriculum/the-levels.php23:58

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