LinuxCommandoyour going in the dev credits :D00:00
DaskreechLinuxCommando: compile your program. Does it offer source? Or is it Adobe flash?00:07
tux___hey all00:30
Daskreechhooray for patience00:32
kwtmHi.  Am not using the latest Kubuntu, would like info on it: has Kubuntu undergone any major interface/win manager changes the way standard Ubuntu went to Unity, or is it still the same KDE4 interface as in Kubuntu 10.04?00:36
James147kwtm: only changes to kubuntu's interface are those done upstream by kde :) which havent had any major overhaul since what was in 10.0400:40
James147kwtm: if anything its just more refined and logical :)00:41
James147(also, I think some time after 10.04 the desktop and netbook images where merged, but you can switch between them at will)00:41
melmanback again00:56
kwtmwonderful, James147. Am hoping to eventually switch my work laptop to Kubuntu if they let me (naturally I have to do my own support) but I had been hoping that Kubuntu would be immune to frivolous^Wnon-essential interface changes by devs who have nothing better to do^W^W^W^W^Ware so good at it that they can make lots of changes rapidly.00:56
LinuxCommandohey i need help with arch now. hah00:57
LinuxCommandoi cant get a gui00:57
LinuxCommandohow do i  open it?00:57
yofelwell, usually you would have init start kdm, and then login from there00:58
yofelbut I'm not sure how you set your system up..00:59
ioniteJames147: are u there? KDE can't detect my external HDD when i plug it in00:59
LinuxCommandoi did the defualt00:59
LinuxCommandohow would i get start kdm00:59
ionitewhy can't KDE detect my external HDD when i plugged it in?01:00
yofelionite: does the kernel see it? i.e.: does it show up in the output of 'dmesg' after you plug it in?01:00
LinuxCommandoi love KDE01:00
yofelLinuxCommando: "default" is very vague if you compile things yourself...01:00
LinuxCommandoit download and istalled only binaries01:01
ioniteyofel: i don't know what ure talking about?01:01
yofelionite: open a Konsole and run 'dmesg' after plugging the drive in01:01
yofelthat'll print the kernel log which should show that it registered the drive01:02
bazhangLinuxCommando, arch? or kubuntu01:02
bazhangLinuxCommando, then use the arch channel for support01:02
yofelLinuxCommando: well anyway, arch support is either in the arch support channel or ask in #kubuntu-offtopic01:02
LinuxCommandoi was talking to James147 before and he told me it was a good idea + i always get good help here01:03
ioniteyofel: check this out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676282/01:03
bazhangLinuxCommando, its not the arch support channel, so dont ask for help with arch here  -----> #archlinux01:03
LinuxCommandosorry bout that.01:04
James147LinuxCommando: not really the channel for arch support ^^ i suggest reading the arch wiki... its a very good reference on how to setup just about everything :) or ask on #archlinux01:04
LinuxCommandoi figured it out know thanks anyways01:04
yofelionite: o.O, seems it does register the device itself, but then gets errors and can't read the partition table01:05
yofelcan't say I've seen that yet...01:05
ioniteyofel: so what should i do?01:06
yofelI have no idea, sorry.01:07
yofelsomeone else? ^01:07
James147ionite: does a device file show up in /dev when you plug it in (ie /dev/sdX  where X is a letter)01:07
OerHeksionite, is it a new device ?01:07
yofelJames147: nope, see his kernel log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676282/01:07
ioniteOerHeks: nope i've use this external HDD for many times with my kde and now it can't detect01:08
OerHeksoke, does it work on an other machine ?01:08
ioniteyofel: maybe i'll try restarting my comp.01:08
ioniteOerHeks: yes. i just unplugged from a windows Xp machine but i removed the .Trash1000 folder inside my HDD01:09
ioniteBRB while i restart and see what happens. it's just so weird...01:09
James147ionite: hmm, did you "safely remove" it from windows?01:10
ultrixxhi, is reiserfs a good option or should i use ext4?01:10
* James147 remembers windows doing something funky toa drive once and linux faling to do anything with it if he didnt safly remove it ... but that was along time ago01:10
yofelultrixx: unless you have a reason to use reiserfs I would say use ext401:10
ultrixxyofel: ok01:11
ultrixxyofel: what reasons could that be?01:11
James147ultrixx: btrfs is the new file system :D ... though I wouldnt yet recomend it for general use01:11
James147is reiserfs still maintained?01:12
yofelno idea, I know that reiserfs performance differs depending on the usage. But default is ext4 ans thus the most tested one01:12
ultrixxJames147: it is an option in installation program01:12
ioniteJames147: still can't detect my hdd01:12
yofelbtrfs is still experimental, while usable as long as you have backups01:12
ioniteyofel: still cant detect my hdd01:12
James147ultrixx: i recomend ext4 unless you know what your doing01:13
ultrixxJames147: ok01:13
ionitecould be be because i deleted the .Trash1000 file?01:13
yofelionite: when did it stop working?01:13
ioniteyofel: when i copied some .3ga files and deleted the .Trash1000 folder from my external HDD01:13
ioniteyofel: there are no popups from my device notifier01:14
yofelodd, any kernel update or so?01:14
ultrixxJames147: i have heard that btrfs can cause fragmentation like ntfs. is that true?01:14
yofelionite: right, because the kernel can't even properly read the device, so it doesn't even get to that01:15
yofelultrixx: all filesystems can cause fragmentation...01:15
yofelthey just differ in the amount and how they handle it01:15
ioniteyofel: so what should i do?01:15
James147ultrixx: not sure.. though I dont see why they would design a filesystem these days that was as bad as ntfs01:15
James147for fragmentation01:15
ioniteyofel: replace the .Trash1000 file?01:15
yofelionite: I don't think the file is the problem... try an older kernel maybe? (I'm fishing for ideas here...)01:16
ioniteyofel: what's strange is that it was working fine then now it stopped working.01:16
James147ionite: when you unpluged it from xp did you just yank the cable or did you "safely remove" it?01:16
ioniteJames147: i did a safely remove01:17
yofelionite: well, I don't know what's the problem, from the kernel log I would say it's a problem with the disk, which doesn't make sense if it still works in another system01:17
* James147 is out of ideas and falls asleep :p01:17
yofelultrixx: if you ever heard about btrfs and fragmentation then probably because its supposed to have working defragmentation support on release01:18
yofelwhich most other linux filesystems don't have01:18
bazhangionite, yes01:33
ioniteyofel: i tried XP. it detects my HDD.01:33
ionitebazhang: why do i get permission denied when i type this? /dev/sd*01:35
ioniteyofel: why do i get permission denied when i type this?01:35
ioniteyofel: /dev/sd*01:35
yofelbecause you're trying to execute a device -> won't work01:35
bazhangionite, explain what you are trying to do01:35
yofelyou want something like 'ls -l /dev/sd*'01:35
ionitebazhang: detect my HDD01:36
ioniteyofel: i still get permission denied01:36
yofelionite: what exactly did you run?01:37
ioniteyofel: http://ircanswers.com/kubuntu/730556/why-cannot-detect-external-hdd01:37
ioniteyofel: it's just puzzling why a external HDD is not detected in KDE but is detected in XP01:38
yofelwell, could be udev too, true. I don't get why he's suggesting wine...01:38
ioniteyofel: what's ddev?01:39
ioniteyofel: udev?01:39
yofel!info udev01:39
ubottuudev (source: udev): rule-based device node and kernel event manager. In component main, is required. Version 167-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 355 kB, installed size 1552 kB01:39
yofelnothing you usually need to care about..01:39
yofelbut udev is responsible for creating the files in /dev/ when a device is connected01:40
ioniteyofel: so what should i do now?01:40
yofelionite: well, why are you getting premission denied when you run ls -l /dev/sd* ?01:40
ioniteyofel: yea. puzzling too when i was already at root01:40
ioniteyofel: i keyed sudo -i01:41
yofelwhat does ls -ld /dev say?01:41
ioniteyofel: drwxr-xr-x 18 root root 4080 2011-08-28 09:10 /dev01:41
ioniteyofel: next? how do make Udev create files?01:42
yofeltry ls -l /dev/sd* again01:42
ioniteyofel: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 0 2011-08-28 09:10 /dev/sda brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 1 2011-08-28 09:10 /dev/sda1 brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 2 2011-08-28 09:10 /dev/sda2 brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 5 2011-08-28 09:10 /dev/sda501:42
yofelwell better, but still only shows sda01:42
ioniteyofel: hmm?01:43
yofelionite: well, _usually_ you plug a device in, the kernel recognises it, sends the device information to udev and that creates the device nodes01:43
yofelbut I don't know how to trigger udev by hand (if that's even possible)01:43
ioniteyofel: ... alright...01:44
ioniteyofel: thanks.. now i'm screwed with kde..01:45
yofelyour issue has nothing to do with kde01:45
yofelany other desktop env wouldn't see it either, your issue is a few levels below kde01:46
yofelionite: can you run 'udevadm monitor' as root and then plug the drive in?01:46
yofelwhat does it print?01:46
Shirakawasunayou can also look at the messsages you get when plugging it in - plug it in, wait 10 seconds, and type dmesg01:47
ioniteyofel: how do i run udevadm monitor?01:47
yofelionite: sudo udevadm monitor01:47
yofelionite: when plugging a disk in here I get http://paste.kde.org/11511701:47
yofelShirakawasuna: we already passed that -  dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676282/01:48
ioniteyofel: it doesn't print anything.01:48
ioniteyofel: only this [ 2235.004703] ===>rtl8192se_link_change():ieee->iw_mode is 2 root@david-NX116:~# sudo udevadm monitor monitor will print the received events for: UDEV - the event which udev sends out after rule processing KERNEL - the kernel uevent01:49
yofelthat would mean the kernel doesn't even tell udev that it sees the disk01:49
ioniteyofel: now i'm screwed.01:50
ioniteyofel: thanks for u help gtg01:50
* kaulbach makes more coffee01:50
Shirakawasunaright, lines 904-908 show that it's an issue with recognizing the drive01:51
yofelhe's gone, but my last idea would have been to try another kernel, maybe there was an update01:52
Shirakawasunamy guess would be to check power01:53
Shirakawasunaif it's powered by USB, that particular port might not be properly powered under linux for whatever reason01:53
Shirakawasunajust a guess thoug01:57
yofeltrue, would be good to check too01:57
ssfdre38how can i get cURL with SSL support?03:29
ssfdre38and im using the distro version03:29
SIR_Tacoshould be a setopts for SSL03:31
SIR_Tacossfdre38: indeed there are a bunch of options for SSL03:35
ssfdre38well im trying to get it set up on the server side03:37
SIR_Tacossfdre38: ok... I have it set up on my server for a site I'm running... but I haven't played with the SSL part... what problem are you running into?03:40
ssfdre38i just need cURL with SSL set up on the server side and i do have cURL installed03:41
ssfdre38im trying to install WHMCS on my localhost to edit it for a new server that im going to be setting up soon for my companty03:43
SIR_Tacoso something like: "CURLOPT_SSLCERT :The name of a file containing a PEM formatted certificate" from the link I posted doesn't help you?03:43
ssfdre38no it doesnt say how to do it server side only site side03:44
SIR_Tacoit's for a website?03:45
ssfdre38ok i need the cURL with SSL set up on the localhost side cause the script is asking for it as a requirment03:46
SIR_Tacowhat kind of script?03:46
SIR_Tacowow... ok... not what I was expecting03:47
ssfdre38you thought it was a simple self bulit script?03:48
ssfdre38im waiting for the server host to get cPanel installed so i can get it bulit03:49
SIR_TacoI'm wondering why you're using cURL to pull billing info from a site that you should have access to03:51
ssfdre38its a requirement for protection03:52
SIR_Tacook, if you say so, but that seems odd03:53
ssfdre38this is the the requirements http://pastesite.com/2563603:55
SIR_Tacossfdre38: ok, you can use cURL with PHP...03:57
ssfdre38i have it installed already but its saying its doesnt have SSL with it and i have enable SSL03:57
SIR_Tacousing linux?03:58
SIR_Tacook, just making sure03:58
ssfdre38that is why im on here03:58
SIR_Tacodo you get an error? or just no result?03:59
ssfdre38» CURL .......... You must have CURL installed with SSL Support for WHMCS to function correctly03:59
ssfdre38i have done sudo apt-get install php5-curl03:59
[deXter]Hi all, installed nvidia drivers and reboot the sysetm but now there is no display04:04
[deXter]I can't even get to the grub menu04:04
[deXter]As soon as I see the message "GRUB2 Loading" the monitor goes out of range04:04
[deXter]tried a different monitor and it says "Unsupported signal. Check your device output"04:05
SIR_Taco[deXter]: do you get your BIOS screen at least?04:09
[deXter]SIR_Taco: yep04:09
SIR_Taco[deXter]: is/was your grub menu set to a resolution different than the default?04:10
[deXter]SIR_Taco: No idea, it's a fresh install04:10
SIR_Tacook, and Kubuntu is the only OS?04:11
[deXter]SIR_Taco: yea04:15
SIR_Taco[deXter]: so... when you see your BIOS messages, hold ESC (I do believe) and you should get a Grub menu... you can boot into "safe mode" or whatever it's called and work from there04:18
[deXter]SIR_Taco: Yep I already tried that as I said before.. nothing happens04:18
[deXter]it goes into "out of range" immediately04:19
SIR_Tacodo you know your video card?04:19
[deXter]SIR_Taco: nVidia 7600GT04:20
SIR_Tacook, and what version of Kubuntu did you install?04:20
[deXter]SIR_Taco: 11.0404:21
SIR_Tacohad it been working? or did it go that way after the install?04:22
[deXter]Yep it was working then I installed the nVidia drivers04:22
[deXter]and after that it got messed up04:22
SIR_Tacowell then you probably have Grub 2... which is holding down "shift" and not "ESC".... you can get into the fail-safe mode (which is just command line) and apt-get update && apt-get dist-ugprade04:24
SIR_Tacomay fix it... it's possible something messed up in the update process before04:24
[deXter]Again, holding shift doesn't work..04:25
[deXter]nvm SIR_Taco I'll try to figure this out on my onw04:26
[deXter]thanks for your time04:26
neighborleeanyone know why compiz is so laggy ..resizing windows isn't smooth and kinda jerky....and typing messags here in irc is causing a 1 second lag between 'return' ands eeing it show up in window...04:48
[deXter]well, fixed it04:53
neighborleelate here..tty tomorrow ;0-005:08
xubuntuwhy doesnt buntu make drivers for broadcom wireless cards-one of the most widely used05:32
anuvrathi guys,  I just experienced a weird problem off lately, The fonts changed to monospace on their own and the look and feel of using kubuntu even degraded05:38
anuvratI tried changing the settings from Fonts section of System Settings -> Appearance to no good05:38
anuvratWhat I don't understand is how can the settings change on one fine day without me fiddling with it :( .05:39
anuvratAnd please tell me how I can get the pretty fonts back.05:39
anuvratmost of the html webpages are displayed using the same fonts and it is not at all comfortable to read them.05:41
=== a is now known as Guest59943
OJ_SimpsonCan anyone here use Unity on top of KDM?05:56
pgushay alguien por aca?06:27
bazhang!es | pgus06:27
ubottupgus: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:27
pgusbien, dale gracias06:28
ubuntu_как мога да си инсталирам MAC OS на лаптопа ACER ASPIRE ONE 15007:06
ubuntu_има ли някои да ми помогне07:12
the_phi. i have a problem installing kubuntu the i can't see the full screen it is cropped at the borders such that i can not see the relevent stuff any more.08:05
the_pi already tried to change the settings at the monitor but i can't make the stuff apear.08:06
the_palso the aspect ratio is not the right one.08:06
the_pcan i change the x-server settings of the installer?08:06
blknitehi all08:51
anuvrathurray ... following the instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8251178&postcount=16 I was able to solve the weird fonts problem.09:43
anuvratbut can someone please explain how and why was deleting the ~/.fonts.conf the solution to the problem09:43
ionitewhy can't KDE detects my external HDD?09:50
anuvrationite, what exactly happens?09:51
ioniteanuvrat: i used to be able to detect my external HDD not untill i used it on a windows xp, copied some files and removed some files.09:52
anuvrationite, do you know you can manually mount your external hdd too?09:52
ioniteanuvrat: how do i do that?09:52
anuvratI agree its not an exact answer to your question .. but might get your job done09:52
ioniteanuvrat: please help me step by step09:53
ZeartaHello, quelqu'un si connait bien en histoire de partition etc?09:54
anuvratcreate a folder in /media or /mnt where ever you wish to mount your external hdd then, fire09:54
anuvratmount -vt auto /dev/sdb<x> /media/<your folder>09:54
Zeartaaw ok only enlish people there?09:55
bazhang!fr | Zearta09:55
ubottuZearta: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:55
bazhang!partition | Zearta09:55
ubottuZearta: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:55
anuvrationite, where sdbX indicates the partition you wish to mount09:56
anuvrationite, fire man mount on the konsole for more information09:56
ioniteanuvrat: if i want to mount in media do i type this: mount -vt auto /dev/sdb<x> /media09:57
ioniteanuvrat: media is the default folder right?09:57
anuvrationite, yes you do type that .. but usually a subdirectory is created in /media for mounting external drives09:58
anuvratyou don't type say sdb<x> it has to be /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdb2 ..09:58
anuvrathope you are familiar with the naming scheme for harddrive partitions .. i09:59
ioniteanuvrat: how do i know if tis 1 or 2?09:59
anuvrationite, okay you are not ... lemme find a page which tells you exactly that10:00
ioniteanuvrat: i typed df -h but it doesn't shows my HDD on /dev10:00
anuvrationite, because it probably shows the drives which are mounted10:01
ioniteanuvrat: so what should i type now?10:01
anuvrationite, look into your /dev partition10:01
ioniteanuvrat: u can check out my dmseg paste bin if u want. http://paste.ubuntu.com/676476/10:01
ioniteanuvrat: how do i do that?10:02
anuvratshare the output of ls /dev | grep sdb*10:03
anuvrationite, share the output of ls /dev | grep sdb*10:03
ionitedavid@david-NX116:~$ ls /dev | grep sdb* sda sda1 sda2 sda510:04
anuvrationite, see your internal drive is /dev/sda<X>, so the external ones will be sdb sdc ... so on ..10:04
ioniteanuvrat: permission denied10:05
anuvrationite, permission denied for what?10:05
damnoI cant tab complete any file even if am in the right directory and going through the right spelling10:05
damnoin the terminal10:05
ioniteanuvrat: /dev/sda110:05
ioniteanuvrat: /dev/sda1 this i got permission denied even while i am a root10:05
damnoterminal is behaving odd10:06
damnoI cant tab complete any file even if am in the right directory and going through the right spelling10:06
anuvrationite, look for a /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc10:06
ioniteanuvrat: where do i look?10:07
anuvrationite, if you are not able to get grep right ... you can manually even look at the output of ls /dev10:07
anuvratlist the files of /dev10:07
anuvrationite, list the files of /dev10:07
ioniteanuvrat: i typed /dev i got this: root@david-NX116:~# /dev -bash: /dev: Is a directory10:08
anuvratls /dev10:08
anuvrationite, ls /dev10:08
anuvratls is the command for listing the files of a directory10:09
ioniteanuvrat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676482/10:09
anuvrationite, oops the external device is not even getting listed, was it connected?10:11
ioniteanuvrat: yes the light is lighted up on my HDD10:11
anuvrationite, weird :(10:12
anuvrationite, try reconnecting10:12
ioniteanuvrat: what's even more its that XP can detects it but KDE cant10:12
anuvrationite, its not a fault of KDE10:12
ioniteanuvrat: ubuntu?10:13
ioniteanuvrat: i've reconnected it.10:13
anuvrationite, you may say so,10:13
ioniteanuvrat: i've reconnected it. what should i do now?10:13
anuvrationite, see if sdb or something appeares in the listing of /dev10:14
anuvrationite, that is .. fire ls/dev10:14
anuvratoops ls /dev10:14
ioniteanuvrat: no sdb. same list at the last one10:15
anuvrationite, sorry, I have tried what I knew10:15
ioniteanuvrat: do u know who can help?10:19
anuvrationite, hang on .. someone will come to your rescue :)10:19
ioniteanuvrat: are u sure? u mean now?10:21
anuvrationite, there are 234 users logged in the channel ...10:22
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:22
anuvratand besides you can search the the internet looking for somebody who had faced a problem similar to yours.10:22
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:26
bazhangionite, patience10:31
ionitebazhang: how long should i wait?10:35
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:39
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:42
excognachi where is ktorrent application by default? Which directory? cannae find it...10:46
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:51
Shirakawasunaionite: is it usb-powered?10:52
ioniteShirakawasuna: yes it is and i got this error message [sdb]  Result: hostbyte=DID_NO_CONNECT driverbyte=DRIVER_OK10:52
ioniteShirakawasuna: from my dmseg10:52
Shirakawasunaionite: is it possible to also power it via an AC adapter?10:53
ioniteShirakawasuna: nope. it was working fine few days back not until i plugged it into xp to copy and delete some files.10:54
Shirakawasunaionite: so it was working with linux a few days ago, but stopped after using it with xp and copying/deleting some stuff?10:56
ioniteShirakawasuna: exactly.10:56
ioniteShirakawasuna: check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/676505/10:57
Shirakawasunaionite: when you use it with xp, do you use the 'safely remove hardware' option?10:57
ioniteShirakawasuna: yes i did.10:57
ShirakawasunaI know that with things like iPods, it's extremely important to do that to avoid screwing up its firmware/HD in general.10:57
Shirakawasunaand that even when it claims to be safe to unplug it, this is sometimes not the case (have ot wait for the HD to stop spinning instead)10:58
Shirakawasunait might be that this one time, the drive got unplugged too quickly and something got messed up a bit - I would try reformatting (after backin stuff up of course) and if that doesn't work, seeing if you can mess with/restore firmware10:58
ioniteShirakawasuna: so what should i do now?10:58
Torchionite: does it still work in windows?11:00
Torchionite: also, that windows machine you used it on, is that the same machine or a different one?11:00
ioniteTorch: yes it does.11:00
ioniteTorch: it's a different machine11:00
ShirakawasunaI assumed you were dualbooting11:05
ioniteShirakawasuna: sorry ?11:05
Shirakawasunahave you tried other USB ports, preferably one on the other side of the computer?11:05
ioniteShirakawasuna:  i tried. check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/676505/11:06
Shirakawasunaand also checking the BIOS to make sure the USB ports are powered11:06
ioniteShirakawasuna: it's all powered.11:06
Shirakawasunawell basically your issue seems to be spontaneous disconnects11:09
Shirakawasunait's conceivable that this is due to inconsistent powering, something weird on the drive side, aberrant usb settings, or something with the cord/connection itself11:10
Shirakawasunathe fact that things work on the windows computer pretty much rules out it being the drive or cord/connection11:10
Shirakawasunaso look into inconsistent powering/aberrant usb settings. Try a knoppix CD (or similar) and see if it gets recognized.11:10
BluesKajHiyas all11:11
Shirakawasunaalso check for modules - lsmod | grep hcd11:12
Shirakawasunaif there's no results, sudo modprobe ehci_hcd11:12
Shirakawasunathen plug it in11:12
Shirakawasunaif not, sudo rmmod ehci_hcd && sudo modprobe ehci_hcd11:12
Shirakawasunaactually, try it without ehci_hcd as welljust in case11:13
Shirakawasunauhci_hcd or ohci_hcd should be able to handle things11:14
ioniteShirakawasuna: must i keep my externall HDD plugged in to perform all the above?11:18
Shirakawasunaionite: you should, yes11:19
cojackKDE PIM 4.7 still is in experimental?11:19
ioniteShirakawasuna: i solved it.11:23
ioniteShirakawasuna: it was some bad files that made it unable to detect it.11:23
Shirakawasunabad files?11:24
ioniteShirakawasuna: .3ga files11:24
ioniteShirakawasuna: but why would it stop a OS from detecting a HDD? hmm.. i wonders...11:24
harr1994can someone please tell me how i van compile a platform independent npn-gui code?11:26
harr1994edit: sorry for mistype can someone please tell me how i can compile a platform independent non-gui code?11:26
ShirakawasunaI don't know, ionite. That's very, very, very strange11:26
aguiteli am using choqok ,but this client is not sending private message, it say "this method requires authentication" why ?11:27
ioniteShirakawasuna: yes i tried again. i copied the bad files over and now it can't read the HDD11:30
aguiteli am using choqok ,but this client is not sending private message, it say "this method requires authentication" why ?11:39
cojackKDE PIM 4.7 still is in experimental?11:53
BluesKajcojack, no it's official afaik12:02
devil_s_shadow66kolko kifli ima v marmalada12:05
fayazaguitel: you need the latest choqok version(at least 1.1) and reauthenticate with twitter.12:07
aguitelfayaz, i got last version ,how reaunthenticate?12:07
cojackBluesKaj: how... I have still 4.412:09
fayazaguitel: Settings > Configure Choqok... > Accounts > Select you twitter account from the table > Modify > Authenticate with Twitter service12:11
aguitelfayaz, i did but same error remains12:15
riskyafternoon :)12:15
fayazaguitel: oh? try removing that account altogether and readding it?12:15
fayazaguitel: never mind. mine's not working either...12:20
fayazbut i swear it was working a few days back :/12:20
aguitelfayaz, another good client for kde?12:21
fayazaguitel: KDUu(mu/micro)blog is there. haven't used it. and not sure which package you need to install12:25
riskyanyone here use ettercap?12:27
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=== risky is now known as R1SKY
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:44
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u19809hi all, I had a system freeze and now I cannot login using kde-plasma-workspace anymore. kde-plasma-workspace-failsafe does seem to work ... what is the difference ?13:37
xboxownsHey guys I have one question13:59
xboxownsMy laptop have dual processor is there away to get kubuntu to take advantage of this setting?14:00
jetscreamerit should automagically i believe14:02
xboxownsthen why does it act like cpu usage is 200% O_O?14:02
xboxownsand all I have is open firefox and open office14:02
xboxownscpu 1: 20% cpu2: 30% weird14:05
BluesKajxboxowns, seems normal for OO14:05
BluesKajopen office14:06
xboxownsoooh open office is cpu hooger?14:07
BluesKajxboxowns, it's a large app , no worse than windows office suites actually14:09
xboxownsOOh ok.14:09
jcgsHi, I'm having real trouble logging in on my regular account :( The password is fine, but I just get a little X cursor, and then I'm returned to the lgin screen again.  I think it's because I had a session that didn't close down properly. Can anyone help me track down and fix the problem pls? :)14:22
BluesKajjcgs, how is your grub setup , 0 timeout or do you get a grub menu ?14:23
jcgsNo, grub is fine, the problem is way after that, when I'm trying to log in to KDE14:24
jcgsErm, that means I do get a grub menu14:24
jcgsShould I try and use recovery mode?14:24
jcgsAlso, I should probably say I can log in to a terminal session fine :) just not KDE :(14:25
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: have you tried using the failsafe session?14:27
jcgsphoenix_firebrd what does that mean? is it an option in kdm? I think I may have tried it for it not to work...14:28
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: ya its an option in kdm14:28
DaBigBosspici bruda ola14:28
DaBigBossbazhang bro ola14:28
DaBigBossola bruda14:29
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl14:29
jcgsphoenix_firebrd it failed :(14:29
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: do you get any error message from xserver?14:30
jcgsnot to the screen. Would I be able to find it in a log?14:30
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: ya14:31
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: /var/log/xorg.0.log14:31
BluesKajjcgs, try the recovery mode , and  repair broken packages in the dialog , it may give some hints what's wrong as well.  then try updating/upgrading at the prompt , then rebooting14:31
jcgsThe thing is, I'm logged on at the moment, just on a backup account, so I know it's only a problem with that one account. I was just hoping I could delete/recreate a file, in the home directory somewhere and it would be all right14:34
jcgsthe only error is Xorg.0.log is "couldn't create pixmap for fbcon" no idea what that means14:34
jcgsAlso xorg.0.log doesn't have dated or timed entries, only weird numbers in brackets. what do those mean?14:35
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: the log will contain the latest messages from the current boot14:36
BluesKajno point in reading logs if the're just gibberish to the user14:37
BluesKajI see that all the time m, to most ppl telling them to read the logs is like telling a newb to read the man pages14:38
jcgsI understand the text, I just can't tell when the entries are from, because I can't understand the numbering system , like I don't know when, 2777.609 was14:38
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya he is right14:38
BluesKajthe lates logs from my experience are at the bottom of the log text14:39
jcgsBasically, I think the log is a red herring, because the failure doesn't generate an error message there. I would have spotted it if it was obvious :P14:39
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: does kde follow per user settings?14:40
BluesKajjcgs, have you updated kde or a graphics driver  lately14:40
jcgsnot as far as I know14:41
jcgsbesides, I'm logged on atm, but just with a different account14:41
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, dunno , I have no experience with multiple users14:41
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: have you tried the sessions settings in the kcm14:41
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: there is an option called " start with an empty session"14:42
jcgssomething more interesting is that kdm.log has a entry that says "kdeinit4: communication errror with launcher, exiting!"14:42
jcgserm, what is kcm? and14:42
phoenix_firebrdkde settings14:42
jcgsi don't think so14:42
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: kde settings14:43
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: in the settings, goto startup and shutdown14:43
jcgsI'm there14:43
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: there select "session management" on the left panel14:44
jcgskk, I've found "start with an empty session", and it's applied14:44
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: in the default leave option select "end current session"14:44
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: apply and then now try restarting the system normally14:45
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: kde 4.7?14:45
jcgsI'm going to log out, and try and log in with my normal account, I'll tell you if it works14:45
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: there was kdeinit problems in 11.10, but last update fixed it14:46
mrphiI cannot change my touchpad sensitivity on my laptop (Dell XPS M1530) with the latest kubuntu. I just cannot find the option. Can you help me please?14:47
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, yeah, I had them last week , we did a workaround14:47
BluesKajit was fixed quickly tho14:47
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya14:47
BluesKajmr try installing synaptiks14:48
mrphiI did.14:48
BluesKajmrphi, ^14:48
mrphiIt doe not works. :(14:48
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: you cant find touch pad settings?14:49
mrphiIt does not find my touchpad. And I cannot even change the plugg and play sensitivity.14:49
BluesKajmrphi, that doesn't help ...what did you do that doesn't work14:49
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: did you check for the ubuntu supported hardwares list14:50
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: what is the product name?14:50
mrphiMy touchpad works but the sensitivity is very slow. I am on a XPS M1530 (dell)14:50
phoenix_firebrdmrphi:  so the touch pad settings dialog says it cant find your touch pad?14:51
mrphisynaptiks just cannot find any touchpad, but I should change the basic sensitivity, right? :s14:51
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: i think you have to edit xorg.conf manually to set the sensitivity14:55
mrphiThere is no GUI option for that?14:56
phoenix_firebrdi havent used any touchpad yet, i am not aware of any gui14:57
BluesKajafraid that model isn't in supported hardware list , mrphi , so as phoenix_firebrd says , you'l need to set the xorg.conf file manually if you can figure out what the settings should be14:58
mrphiIt worked on the last kubuntu. :s14:59
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: try this command  synclient -l | grep -E '( MinSpeed| MaxSpeed| AccelFactor)'14:59
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: if that shows the speeds then the general Synaptics Touchpad driver is loaded15:00
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: and you can edit the xorg.conf15:00
mrphi"Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?"15:00
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: so you know as BluesKaj said its not supported yet15:01
mrphiBut it did with the last kubuntu. What does it mean?15:01
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: you have to wait or try and see if there is any driver given by the dell15:01
BluesKajmrphi, check dell's site for an input devices driver15:02
mrphiI am on it.15:03
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: see if this helps you https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallingUbuntuOnADellXPSM153015:03
jcgsIt failed :( back to the backup account15:04
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: are you on kde 4.7?15:05
jcgshow do i tell?15:06
jcgsI'm on what ever comes with the latest staable15:06
phoenix_firebrddolphin->menu->help->about kde15:06
mrphiphoenix_firebrd: do you think this can work on Kubuntu 11.04? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallingUbuntuOnADellXPSM1530#Touchpad_speed_is_lame15:06
jcgsno 4.6.215:07
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phoenix_firebrdmrphi: it should most probably work, but always backup the original files before you try15:09
mrphi"/etc/hal" does not existe. :x15:09
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: then i am wrong15:09
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: try to find a similar solution for 11.0415:10
victor__I have one question.15:11
mrphiThere is nothing about this issue in french and english. :x15:11
victor__How can I disable services of akonadi_* from starting up15:12
jcgsdoes anyone know a reason why an account might not be able to log in to kde? my main account on this computer is having problems, but I can't find any entries in log files about it :(15:12
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: from the kdeinit error message there seems to be a problem with dbus probably, have you checked for ant broken packages?15:15
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: can you paste the output of lsmod here15:16
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: use paste.kde.org15:16
jcgsno broken packages. what does kdm actually do when it starts kde? are there files in my home directory that might be causing it to get confused and then quit15:18
jcgsthe thing is, it starts sessions with the backup account just fine, so dbus works for that one15:18
jcgsI'm sure this problem started when my computer had a funny turn because the heat sink was all blocked up with dust, and it kept turning off mid-bootup or something like that15:19
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: can you wait?15:19
jcgsis there some kind of file I can write in there, or take out?15:19
mrphiI can :p15:20
phoenix_firebrdjcgs: i cant figure what your problem is15:22
jcgsoh well :( not to worry, i just trawl some forums and stuff15:22
jcgshave a nice day15:22
BluesKajjcgs, are you getting a D-Bus error ?15:24
jcgsBluesKaj: maybe15:25
jcgsthere's an entry in kdm.log that says "communication error with launcher, exiting!"15:25
BluesKajat login does a small dialo ask if you want to switch to qbus ?15:25
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: your problem was already reported as bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/793601. you have to wait untill it is resolved.15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 793601 in linux (Ubuntu) "Touchpad not configurable on Dell XPS M1530 (1st gen)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:26
mrphiThanks. I will follow this post.15:27
jcgsBluesKaj: at login, all that happens is standard X.org cursor comes up (the spiky-x one) and then I get taken straight back to the login box. No error message, no nothing :(15:27
mrphiHave a nice day. :)15:28
phoenix_firebrdmrphi: you too15:28
jcgsBluesKaj: I just found i file in my home directory called "xsession-errors" which contains the text "must be connected to a terminal" could that have something to do with it?15:32
BluesKajjcgs, what file is that ?15:35
jcgsthere's 2, ~/.xsession-errors and ~/.xsession-errors-:115:36
jcgsthey're dated 15:28 amd 15:59 today15:37
BluesKajjcgs, ok, does ~/.dbus show any error logs ?15:41
BluesKajjcgs, could you paste bin the the .~/.xsession errors , latest ?15:42
jcgsBluesKaj: all it says is "Must be connected to a terminal." with a newline at the end15:44
BluesKajwonder if it's a user dependent kdm error...why it would be is a mystery . jcgs15:47
BluesKajto me at least15:47
jcgsBluesKaj: that's my general feeling15:47
jcgsBluesKaj, do you know who could tell me what kdm actually does when it tries to log someone on? then I could try and solve this problem systematically15:48
James147jcgs: try moving ~/.kde ^^15:49
jcgsJames147: I just found some dangling symlinks in there which I take to be a bad sign. Have moved .kde and will try and log in again. See you guys in a sec! :)15:52
jcgsFailure :( did the same thing, .xsession-errors has had its date changed, but same contents15:57
James147jcgs: and other uesers work fine?15:58
jcgsMy .Xauthority was blank :( I think that migh have something to do with it16:01
jcgshow do i fix that?16:01
James147jcgs: you could try stopping kdm and running startx from a virtual terminal16:01
James147jcgs: just rename it16:01
jcgsI've deleted it now :) startx says .Xauthority is missing16:02
jcgssorry, startx says "user not authorized to run the X server"16:03
jcgssudo startx says Xserver already running, which it is, because I'm logged in as another user16:07
jcgsI'm going to log out and try again, see you in a sec :)16:07
jcgsHi :) sudo startx sort of worked, on the kde menu I'm listed as root, some things are right but others are not16:11
jcgsam I supposed to be able to run startx as a normal user?16:11
James147jcgs: you are16:12
James147you shouldnt really run it as root ^616:12
jcgsubuntu forums won't let me look at posts without being logged in :( what's going on?16:12
jcgsJames147: Well, afaik, on ubuntu it's always been this way, whenever i've tried to start x manually, i always get "not authorized" can i fix it?16:14
James147jcgs: do you stop kdm fist?16:14
jcgsi chose "console login" from the drop down menu, that stops it i think16:15
jcgsSorry, I did a very n00bish thing of trying to get my terminal back by pressing ctrl-c and logged out. obviously16:17
jcgskdm is still running16:17
James147jcgs: dont pick console login... log out press alt+ctrl+f1 then log in there and run "sudo service kdm stop"  ... try startx and when you want to start kdm again type "sudo service kdm start"16:18
jcgskk will stop kdm first and report what i find16:18
LinkmasterI've got a pretty nasty partitioning setup issue going on. there was 4 primary partitions, and I deleted the swap and resized the last partition to create an extended partition. I then made three logical partitions inside the extended, and using  dd  , I copied the primaries to the logical, in the same order. I then installed windows in the new free space in front of the extended partition, and kubuntu in the remaining space in the last16:21
Linkmasterlogical in the extended. I cannot access the other ones16:21
LinkmasterHow can I find a way to regain access to the other three partitions in the extended partition16:21
BluesKajLinkmaster, does sudo fdisk -l show the partitions16:24
jcgsJames147:  startx still says I'm not authorized, running X as root messed up a whole lot of things, like making root own ~/.kde etc16:25
James147jcgs: whats the exact error?16:26
jcgshaving done a recursive chown, when I try and log in, it draws a grey box on the background and then quits and sends me back to the logon16:26
jcgsit said things like ".kde/config not writable"16:26
jcgsbut that was before i did the change owner, and now i don't get an error16:27
jcgsI'll paste the contents of .xsession-errors which has changed a bit :)16:27
LinkmasterBluesKaj: let me boot up the linux real fast16:28
jcgsSorry, I've got to go now, I'm going to church.16:31
LinkmasterBluesKaj: yes, they show up16:32
jcgsI'll try and have another crack at this startx business when I get back, and worry about kdm later16:32
jcgsbye guys :)16:32
BluesKajLinkmaster, did you flag the extended linux partition(s) , or one of them as boot ? if so then make sure grub is still installed there16:43
LinkmasterBluesKaj: yep, I made sure to flag the partition that orginally had the 'boot' flag when I was using gparted16:44
BluesKajLinkmaster, the inaccessable partitions contain data or / ?16:45
=== eeanm is now known as eean
LinkmasterBluesKaj: the partitions are accessible through a file manager, and show up in  fdisk -l  , as well , one of the partitions does have a boot flag, and I checked, and it has grub in it16:45
LinkmasterIt looks...different though. I'm not sure exactly what Im looking at16:46
James147Linkmaster: whats your partition lay look like?16:47
James147layout ^^16:47
BluesKajLinkmaster, sorry , I'm confused  ...which paritions are inaccessable ?16:48
LinkmasterJames147: sda1 is windows, sda2 is extended, sda5 is Linux[won't show up in boot menu] sda6 is supposed to be linked with sda5 and sda7, sda7 is supposed to be linked with sda5 and sda6. sda8 is kubuntu, and sda8 is my swap16:49
James147linked with? what do you mean by that?16:50
LinkmasterI'm not exactly sure[I'm doing slightly sketchy work on a personal computer that my school imaged]. All I know is, they worked when left alone, and now they won't show up in boot, but they are accessible through a file manager16:50
LinkmasterHow can I make /dev/sda5[which has a boot flag] show up in grub?16:51
BluesKajLinkmaster, with rw privileges16:51
James147Linkmaster: if you can access them then try adding an entry in grub manually16:52
LinkmasterThats what I was hoping could be done, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it now16:52
James147Linkmaster: try http://kagashe.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-make-manual-entry-in-grub2-on.html16:52
LinkmasterI think someone needs to make a website with a list of hundreds of useful links to useful things for linux xD16:53
James147Linkmaster: there is, its called google16:53
LinkmasterI'm aware of that one xD16:53
phoenix_firebrdJames147: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/GRUB2+Bootloader+Editor?content=13964316:53
James147^^ or that :)16:54
phoenix_firebrdJames147: what is Linkmaster problem?>16:55
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: I've got it mostly figured out, uhmm...I'm following the 'add custom menuentry' part, but I don't know if the entry is (hdo,8) or not16:56
James147phoenix_firebrd: os not showing up in grub after doing something funky with the partitions :)16:56
James147hd0 no o16:56
phoenix_firebrdJames147: did he update grub after that16:56
James147hd<hd number>, <partition number>16:56
Linkmasterah, okay. geek counting too16:57
James147may or may not differ from the sdXY numbers :S16:57
robWhere would I find a book on good book to help get me started16:57
Linkmasterhahah, it will in my case16:57
James147rob: to get started with what exactly?16:57
phoenix_firebrdJames147: did windows overwrite grub?16:57
Linkmasterits a good grub with a fresh kubuntu installation16:58
robJames147: with linux16:58
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster:  what does grub update tell you?16:58
James147rob: any spicific part ;) there are quire a few books on ubuntu, as well as lots on command line16:58
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: it shows the opensuse partition, as well as the 'sudo os-prober'. I should restart first, before adding an entry, just to make sure?16:58
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster:  ya16:59
robJames147: this is my 1st time using linux so about anything would work.. Not sire where to get start at16:59
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: it doesn't show up16:59
Linkmasterrob: what are you wanting to do? Cause its really really easy to use :D17:00
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: what do you want to be added in grub?17:00
Linkmasterone of the three partitions that were formated to work with each other =P I'm not sure which one is the right one, though I'm going off the assumption of the one with the original boot flag17:00
robJames147: I got the idea of it but seem pointless to use if I dont understan most of what does17:01
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: what do you mean by work with each other?17:02
James147rob: generally its useful to play around if you want to learn things :) I found the more I broke the more i learnt... though https://www.amazon.co.uk/Linux-Command-Shell-Scripting-Bible/dp/1118004426/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314550862&sr=8-1  was an intresting read if you want to learn how the command line works17:02
Linkmasterthey were originally primary partitions, and I dd'd them into logical parititions. When the computer boots, it uses at least one, but since it is a school image, its made to not allow us to do what we want with them. long story short, I'm trying to get the school image to show up in grub17:03
LinkmasterI'm going to use the one that shows up in 'os-prober' which is /dev/sda6 in the /sda2 extended17:03
James147rob: other things you can do if you feel like a channelge is try to install arch linux or gentoo... they both give you some basic tools (with lot of documentation) and guide you into guilding your own system... very good for learning the inns and outs of linux though can be fustrating to get working :)17:04
* Linkmaster can attest to that17:04
robJames147: That looks like a good idea for me I learn better my doing..  Thank you17:06
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: if the os is installed properly, the grub update should read all the os installation properly and and and it to boot list. If it is not showing in the list then something is wrong with the installation17:06
James147rob: even just reading through te arch linux (unoffical) beginners guide will show you allot :) they go into quite abit of detail about parts fo the system17:06
Linkmasterwell....how should I add an entry to the 40_custom anyways? I want to try just to make sure17:07
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: have you tried super grub or Rescatux17:09
robJames147: Ok good to know.. Yea that book look like a good idea but Im poor tryin to find a job here it a joke17:09
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: no17:09
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: Rescatux is best with a gui to repair, install grub17:10
Linkmasterwhat is rescatux?17:10
LinkmasterIs it like gparted?17:10
BluesKajrob,  be warned, gentoo is a pretty steep learning curve for new linux user... I would familiarize myself first with easier to use distros like kubuntu17:10
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/17:10
LinkmasterI personally suggest against stuff like gentoo until you are pretty good with Linux. I botched my first and second time doing it17:11
robBluesKaj: kubuntu is what Im using right now on my laptop17:11
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: supergrub is a versatile bootloader17:11
James147rob: that book is intresting but not required :) you will pick up most things by just useing linux... though ti does show you some intresting ways of doing things they should be easaly picked up by jsut reading around the web and generally using linux17:12
BluesKajright rob, well there's plenty to learn if you're new to kubuntu as well17:12
James147BluesKaj: rob: gentoo is a steep learning curve... but if you are trule dedicated to learn it (and read around the topic) both gentoo and arch rpovide greate documentation which explains quite allot... so if you read it (and ask when you dont understand) then you shouldnt have much trouble17:13
James147though I will admit :) the first time it can by fustrating when things dont work...17:14
phoenix_firebrdJames147: +117:15
James147(but feels so much better when you finaily to get it to :D )17:15
phoenix_firebrdnow its frustrating for me to work in windows17:16
BluesKajyeah , like when you stop wearing a hair shirt :)17:16
robDo you happen to know any tip to help me rember the Commands17:16
James147phoenix_firebrd: same :) mostl because you cant fix it... just work around its problems...17:17
BluesKajanyway that's my opinion and experience with gentoo ..17:17
phoenix_firebrdJames147:  he he17:17
James147rob: use... you pick them up prity fast when you start useing them17:17
James147rob: though remember "man command" will give you detailed info about 'command'17:18
James147rob: as well as "command --help" :)17:18
robyes them are the few that i rember17:18
James147rob: and remember..17:19
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:19
Linkmasterhow to you build something as a Linux Kernal Module?17:20
phoenix_firebrdthis was the one info i was not told at first, i later figured out myself17:21
Linkmaster*loadable kernel module17:21
TorchLinkmaster: what are you thinking of?17:21
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: i think its .so17:21
LinkmasterBCM1312 STA wireless driver17:21
TorchLinkmaster: and you've got the sources?17:21
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: got the source?17:21
Torchphoenix_firebrd: .so is a generic extension for shared objects17:22
Torchphoenix_firebrd: kernel modules end in .ko17:22
LinkmasterI just want to know how to build it as one17:22
Linkmastersection 'BUILD INSTRUCTIONS'17:22
TorchLinkmaster: do the sources not come with a readme file?17:22
phoenix_firebrdTorch: sorry, i forgot17:22
rob_tab that come in handy17:22
LinkmasterThis is the README file17:22
TorchLinkmaster: so what's the question? ;-)17:23
phoenix_firebrdTorch: may be .ko17:23
LinkmasterIt just says 'build the driver as a Linux loadable kernel module'17:23
rob_I keep using dos commands that I rember from when I was a kid17:23
TorchLinkmaster: it says "make"17:23
TorchLinkmaster: that's all17:23
TorchLinkmaster: just run that command inside the sources directory and it should build17:24
LinkmasterHmm...I thought it was supposed to be something special or something17:24
TorchLinkmaster: no, kernel modules come with an ordinary makefile17:24
Linkmasterah, okay. I learned something new17:25
James147rob: :) yeah, i keep using linux commands on windows :p17:25
* Linkmaster does as well17:25
phoenix_firebrdTorch: i am right its .ko17:25
James147(then get fustrated when the windows commands dont work like they should)17:25
Torchcygwin helps17:26
phoenix_firebrdJames147: i get frustrated because of lack of features17:26
James147Torch: yeah, but I try not to touch windows enough to warrent setting that up :)17:26
=== bobweaver is now known as b08z80
James147phoenix_firebrd: that waht I mean by work like they should :)17:27
LinkmasterI just tried to use a .deb file to install build-essentials, and its complaining about libc6-dev|libc-dev17:27
Linkmasterwhat do I need for that?17:27
rob_Im geting frustrated with all that linxu have to offer.. After the pass few day I feel llike kid with his 1st computer17:28
James147Linkmaster: any reason your not using the repos?17:28
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: they are certain things that you need to have for compiling a source17:28
LinkmasterI have no ethernet, else I would. I hate installing things from source17:28
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James147then you need to get the debs for libc6-dev and libc-dev17:29
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: it should be available in repos17:29
LinkmasterI don't have access to the repos D:17:29
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: why?17:30
Linkmasterno ethernet17:30
Linkmasteron the computer I'm fixing that is17:30
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: have you tried the latest muon package manager?17:30
* Linkmaster facepalms17:30
LinkmasterI have no ethernet on the computer I'm trying to fix17:30
LinkmasterMy computer is fine, and yes, I use muon17:30
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: it doesnt need to be17:31
LinkmasterBut the computer beside me is borked17:31
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: the new package manager allows downloading of packages from another computer and install it in the computer which doesnt have internet17:32
LinkmasterI might as well just link my two computers, if I know how...it'd be easier then installing and transfering17:32
Linkmasterreally? tell me how. I was just thinking of trying to do something like that17:32
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: when compiling from source there might a lot of requiremnt of packages to be installed , so with the situation like yours you probably have to be very patience17:33
James147Linkmaster: any reason you dont just swap the connection over while you fix it?17:33
LinkmasterI'm confused now...17:34
* Torch assumes the reason for not ethernet is no wirless driver...17:34
James147(or you woking off wireless?)17:34
LinkmasterI have no ethernet ports nearby. the closest one is all the way across campus17:34
LinkmasterMy personal computer connects wirelessly. The broadcom chip, being propreitary, won't work out of the box. I need to get the wireless driver to install things, but I need to install things to get the wireless driver. Catch 22 in my case17:35
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James147Linkmaster: yeah, any reason you dont download the .deb for your driver?17:36
James147(rather then downloading the source + build-essentials?)17:36
avihayyou can browse the repositories manually, download the debs needed and transfer them17:36
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phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2011/08/17:36
LinkmasterI didn't think about that17:36
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: the site is blocked17:37
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Linkmasterlet me see if there is a .deb for the driver17:38
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: one sec17:38
=== bobweaver is now known as b08z80
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: does both the computer contain the same kernel?17:38
Linkmastermine is *.38-11, his is *.38-817:39
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: ok17:39
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phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: did you google for any .deb of the driver for that kernel?17:41
LinkmasterI'm doing that now, but I'm not finding anything downloadable17:41
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: can you give me the detail of the driver17:41
Linkmasterit has no link17:41
TorchLinkmaster: apt-cache search bcm wireless looks promising17:42
LinkmasterI have no internet on the computer that needs it17:42
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/b/broadcom-sta/broadcom-sta-source_5.60.48.36-2_all.deb17:43
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: i am doubtfull if that if may work17:43
James147phoenix_firebrd:  why the source deb?17:44
James147Linkmaster: you probally want the other two in that direectory ^^17:44
phoenix_firebrdJames147: i think its not a source deb17:44
phoenix_firebrdJames147: naming error17:45
James147broadcom-sta-source_5.60.48.36-2_all.deb  ^^ sounds like one to me17:45
James147phoenix_firebrd: could be ^^17:46
phoenix_firebrdJames147:  i dont know he wanted me to find the download link that webpage , so i did17:46
Torchunlikely. more probably ubuntu don't ship a compiled deb for some patent/government regulations/whatever reason17:46
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: dependency is not satisfiable: debhelper (>=7)17:46
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: without internet it is very hard to get certain this done17:47
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: without internet it is very hard to get certain things done17:48
James147namly fixing the internet :D17:48
James147Linkmaster: what you need to do is follow the dependencies and downlaod them al :D17:48
James147Linkmaster: anoying but thats why apt-get was written :P17:48
LinkmasterI knowww17:49
phoenix_firebrdi cant imagine how it be like to compile vlc without the internet, bad17:49
TorchLinkmaster: you can, on another machine, apt-get build-dep -d <package>17:50
Linkmasterbut how would that help me?17:50
TorchLinkmaster: then grab the stuff it downloaded from /var/cache/apt/archibes17:50
TorchLinkmaster: and move the debs to the target machine17:50
Linkmasterthey are identical computers17:50
LinkmasterI never thought of that17:50
James147Torch: intresting :)17:50
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James147^^ might want to run apt-get clean first17:51
LinkmasterI tried, but nothing happened17:51
phoenix_firebrdthe new muon package manager has made this more easy17:51
Linkmasterhow do I use muon to do that?17:53
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: i will find a installable one for you17:53
LinkmasterSorry to make you do all this17:55
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: https://launchpad.net/~echidnaman/+archive/qapt/+packages17:55
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: from this link download muon 1.2.0 and qapt 1.2.0 and install them in both the computers17:56
Linkmasterphoenix_firebrd: I have muon installed on my computer already17:56
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: that must be an older one17:57
LinkmasterIts completely updated17:57
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: whats the version17:57
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: it should be 1.2.0 or higher17:58
BetaJunkieMight anyone know where amarok stores it's list of podcast subscriptions? Not where the podcasts are themselves, but some kind of list of the RSS feeds?17:58
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: install the new one17:59
James147BluesKaj: ~/.kde/share/  then either config/amarokrc  or apps/amarok/...17:59
LinkmasterOkay...can I do that using muon or something?18:00
James147BetaJunkie: ^^ even18:00
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: try sudo apt-get remove muon18:01
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: also sudo apt-get remove qapt18:01
Linkmasterdoing that right now18:02
Linkmasterwell, according to the konsole, qapt doesn't exist18:03
BarkingFishEvening guys :)   If anyone sees a user called TommyMann turn up in the next little while or so, could you do me a favor and ping me please? I forgot how to request a NOTIFY on xchat :)18:05
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: the supported devices in the readme doesnt mention your wiless model  number, so the driver wont work for you , if i am right18:05
LinkmasterIt has the BCM4312 in there18:06
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: you said 1312 earlier18:07
* Linkmaster frowns18:07
Linkmasterdid I ...?18:07
LinkmasterI'm sorry man18:07
LinkmasterIts 431218:07
LinkmasterI'm tired..I've had like, 12 hours of sleep the past 5 days18:07
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: then there must a precompiled one in ppa18:08
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster:  wait i will search18:08
BarkingFishLinkmaster, i might be able to help you alongside phoenix_firebrd - what make and model of wireless are you trying to fire up?18:08
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: thank you18:09
James147BarkingFish: its more an issue of downloading the drivers without a direct internet connection18:09
LinkmasterBCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY18:09
LinkmasterBroadcom Corp.18:09
BarkingFishis it a built in or an external stick?18:10
James147Linkmaster: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/bcmwl-kernel-source  ^^ download it and tis dependecies18:11
James147(assuming natty, if not pick the release first :)  )18:12
phoenix_firebrdJames147: cool, you  found it18:13
Linkmasterits built in18:13
LinkmasterI can't download anything...18:14
phoenix_firebrdJames147: its source18:14
James147Linkmaster: ^^ not even on the other computer?18:15
LinkmasterWait, no, I found it18:15
BarkingFishJames147, When you say he hasn't got a "direct" internet connection, how's he getting on here? :)18:16
James147BarkingFish: the computer that needs the drivers has no connection, a second one does18:16
BarkingFishah. gotcha18:16
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BarkingFishSorry, I'm almost on the same level Linkmaster is - very little sleep in a rather long period of time.18:17
BarkingFishAbout 18 hours in the last 6 days.18:17
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: good work18:17
BarkingFishphoenix_firebrd, Being a prison officer living 150 metres from the front gate of the prison you work in has its downsides :P18:17
LinkmasterHeh, we both have it pretty bad18:17
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: seriously ?18:18
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: is this your hobby?18:18
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: helping in irc18:19
BarkingFishMostly, yeah.18:19
BarkingFishAs and when I can get on.18:19
phoenix_firebrdBarkingFish: thanks for the contributions18:19
phoenix_firebrdJames147:  the source contains some patchs , i dont know if it is already applied to the driver, i will be surprised if Linkmaster successfully compiled the source18:21
James147I have a feeling that package will build the driver18:22
phoenix_firebrdJames147: with the patch or without the patch?18:23
BarkingFishdang. I'm having grief with kdenlive at the moment. I just tried rendering a video in MP4 2pass, and the rendering crashed.  All the crashes for some reason seem to be originaling from MLT18:23
James147phoenix_firebrd: if it contains it then why wouldnt it?18:23
phoenix_firebrdJames147: i dont know , i am doubtful, i guess you guys can takecare of him18:24
phoenix_firebrdLinkmaster: all the best18:24
phoenix_firebrdfeeling sleepy, got to go, good night all18:25
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=== b08z80-|-Z is now known as bobweaver
LinkmasterI have a problem...I tried installing the gcc compilier, and it says it needs the gcc compiler to install it. I have a problem18:28
balu_how to do with kmail18:29
James147Linkmaster: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/gcc  ?18:29
James147(o, that looks like a meta package that depends on the actual compiler ^^ :)18:30
supermetroid83i have a problem when ubuntu starts the grub show me 3 diferents linux cores  in normal mode18:32
KimLarouxLinkmaster, try installing build-essential from the repos18:32
KimLarouxsupermetroid83, how's that a problem?18:33
James147KimLaroux: thats kinda hard with out a direct internet connection:)18:33
supermetroid83why the grub show me 3 linux cores18:33
KimLarouxdid Linkmaster say he didn't have internet?18:34
James147KimLaroux: yes18:34
KimLarouxI missed it18:34
LinkmasterI'm just going to go across campus...I'm way to tired to think18:34
James147KimLaroux: (part of a bigger problem of trying to install drivers to connect to the internet ^^18:34
James147Linkmaster:  )18:35
KimLarouxmaybe build-essential can be found on a install disk...18:35
Torchsupermetroid83: because old kernels don't get uninstalled when updated ones get installed as a safety net18:36
supermetroid83so how inistall the old kernels ?18:38
riffhow do you make wireless connections when they don't automaticaly connect?18:40
riffhow do you connect to a wireless network?18:56
James147riff: click on the network in the netwrok widget and type in the details ^^18:59
riffthanks i get that im a bit of a noob19:00
riffhow do i see what is started up when i log in?19:01
James147riff: make sure "automatically connect" is checked19:03
riffis the widget the same between all enviroments?19:06
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K350How do I check what sound device my machine is using?19:24
raindogWhat is the best way to install 11.10?  A clean install, upgrade?19:45
Snowhograindog: Because 11.10 is in DEVELOPMENT, it would be wise to obtain the latest Daily Build and do a clean install.19:56
raindogSnowhog: That's what I was thinking as well.  Thank you for the input.19:56
markithi, if for dependencies issues part of my kde is removed, is there a metapackage I can install that brings me back the basic stuff? kde 4.7 (ppa) in natty19:58
markiti.e. systemloadviewer plasmoid is not longer installed, but I've no idea in what package it is19:59
markitand don't want to go with try and error until I've restored all the missing packages19:59
markitor reinstall from scratch20:00
SubCoolcan someone help me force unmount and format a USB Drive..20:14
James147SubCool: why cant you unmount it?20:15
SubCoolJames147, idk20:15
SubCoolim doing something wrong,20:15
SubCoolsudo umount -f /20:16
James147SubCool: umm... / ??? why are you trying to unmount your root?20:16
SubCoolim not- but which file do i unmount? /media/ or /dev?20:16
James147SubCool: umount understands both device files or the mount point...20:17
SubCoolits not working..20:17
James147SubCool: so if /dev/sdb1 is mounted to /media/disk then umount /dev/sdb1 or umoung /media/disk  should work20:17
James147SubCool: what error are you getting?20:18
SubCoolmarie@Marie:/media$ sudo umount -f /media/P?20:18
SubCoolumount2: Invalid argument20:18
SubCoolumount: /media/P20:18
James147SubCool: dont use -f ^^20:19
SubCoolumount: /media/P20:19
SubCool                : not mounted20:19
James147^^ then there is nothing mounted there20:19
SubCoolthe device is P? not P20:19
SubCoolyet... there is..20:20
James147SubCool: ahh, "/media/P?"  is the exact path?20:20
SubCoolya. when its working. It supposed to be a liveUSB- but... it keeps crapping out.20:20
James147SubCool: try "/media/P\?"20:21
SubCoolhow do i just format the hell out of it? whne i unmount it, it says it not unmounted, but at the same time it does say its unmounted..20:22
James147SubCool: Ib think the problem is the ? ... its interperted by bash to mean any character20:23
SubCooli thought so too20:23
James147SubCool: does sudo umount /dev/sdXX work? (where sdXX is the device)20:23
SubCoolya, it kinda works, but i need to format it to hell so that i can make a liveusb out of it..20:25
SubCooli've been at this for days..20:25
James147what do you mean kinda?20:25
SubCoolit just unmounted the device..20:25
James147SubCool: ok... then format it20:26
SubCoolbut for unetbootin to work, i have to have it mounted. but when i mount it i attempt to use the unetbootin, and it says it cant format it or smetoing20:26
SubCooli have, i have formatted it like 5 times..20:26
SubCoolor tried20:26
SubCooli've deleted the parittion20:26
SubCoolrepartitioned it20:26
James147SubCool: try usb-creator (if your on *ubuntu) ^^ i find it works better then unetbootin20:27
James147(at elast for *ubuntu isos)20:27
SubCoolim having the most issues with usb-creator20:28
SubCoolit wont format the usb20:28
SubCoolorg.freedesktop.UDisks.Error.Failed: Error unmounting: umount exited with exit code 1: umount: /media/P: not found20:29
SubCooli just randomly pressed start on unetbootin- and it started working..20:33
SubCoolok, anyone wanna help me with my flash? i did an update... and flash is gone..20:39
SubCooli ahve uninstalled flash..., re-installed it... rebooted between. flash-aid for firefox...20:39
BluesKajSubCool, what install/reinstall method ?20:41
SubCoolBluesKaj, i dont have a link.. do u know a way that works/20:42
BluesKajSubCool, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer , from the rpeositories , or your package manager20:44
SubCoolyes... i use the software manager..20:45
markitsolved my issue, probably kubuntu-desktop is the metapackage to restore all default programs20:52
BluesKajapt-get install --reinstall usually does the trick20:53
SubCoolBluesKaj, i have uninstalled/reinstalled them like 3 times..20:54
SubCoolwith a reboot in between. ima bout to reboot now. once my unetbootin finishes..20:54
BluesKajSubCool, apt-get install --reinstall  will install updated packages  and files/dependencies . if any exist21:05
sshtrkhi guys. can unity 2d be installed in kubuntu so I can have all cool apps and unity all qt?21:28
sshtrkits kubuntu 11.0421:29
sshtrkfell free to tell me if its stupid idea :D21:31
OerHeks well .. it is an idea .. wich will not work.21:32
sshtrkok, I was one click away :)21:35
sshtrkdo you maby now is qt raster suported in unity 2d? my comp is really slow on other graphics system. I have sis mirage 3 graphic card21:38
riffhow do you set up compiz to work in kde?21:39
DaemonFCriff: That would be painful21:43
DaemonFCit's best to not do it21:43
DaemonFCit's supposed to be possible, but I've never had Compiz work right on KDE and it is a pain to fix after you do it21:43
DaemonFCI would suggest simply using kwin for compositing, which has been designed around KDE in the first place21:44
riffif i try to use that will it screw with compiz in the gnome enviroment?21:45
DaemonFCI wouldn't know21:46
DaemonFCCompiz hasn't really been designed around any particular environment21:46
DaemonFCUnity is the first desktop environment where Compiz has any kind of official status21:46
riffis kwin easy to use?21:47
DaemonFCkwin is the default window manager of kde21:47
DaemonFCit has two compositing modes, and one non-compositing mode21:48
DaemonFCit can be set up using Desktop Effects in the system settings menu21:48
DaemonFCit's fairly simple to configure, I think21:49
riffwill have to poke a bit21:50
SubCoolso it appears creating a liveUSB drive, and then UPDATING it is a bad bad idea.22:48
jcgsHi does anyone know what's going on with firefox and flash? firefox tells me it's disabled my outdated version of flash, but i'm running the latest version! I just updated today!22:53
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SubCoolim getting issues with update/upgrade. Appears some of my updates didnt get properly installed, how to i clear them or whatever?23:23
SubCoolerror were encountered while processing: (list of 10 installs). E: Sub-process /user/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)23:24
dineyestou começando linux agora, como faço para instalar programas e atualizações tipo adobe23:35
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.23:35
[deXter]HI all, unable to mount my external USB hard drive23:38
[deXter]Says according to mtab, /dev/sdc1 is already mounted on /23:39
[deXter]it's weird that it should think my external is sdc because sdc is actually my main drive23:39
_deXter_Hi all, unable to mount my external USB hard drive.  It says "according to mtab, /dev/sdc1 is already mounted on /" It's weird that it should think my external is sdc because sdc is actually my main drive23:40
_deXter_The external drive is being assigned to /dev/sdb23:41
SubCoolim getting issues with update/upgrade. Appears some of my updates didnt get properly installed, how to i clear them or whatever?23:53
_deXter_SubCool, Look up purge or clean or something like that23:53
_deXter_apt-get purge or apt-get clean something of that sort23:54
_deXter_man apt-get for more info23:54
SubCooli looked- nothings clearing it23:54
SubCoolpretty much get the same errors..23:54
SubCoolclean says it completes- but i still get an error23:55
SubCoolupgrade errors23:56

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