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Fly-Man-I recently gotten a request to have over 2 branches to a dev group11:22
Fly-Man-but i can't seem to find the right button to transfer them11:22
Fly-Man-Where should I look ?11:22
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bernieis there a way to build binaries for multiple distros without uploading the sources multiple times with a different version number each time?17:13
berniei tried copying the packages with the option to rebuild them, but it complains that binaries with the same version already exist in the archive (how could it possibly be otherwise??)17:14
TheEvilPhoenixdo you absolutely need to rebuild the binaries for each distro?17:15
TheEvilPhoenixi mean, depending on what you're packaging...17:15
TheEvilPhoenixsometimes  you dont need to rebuild for each distro17:16
jo-erlendhow do I change my password on launchpad?17:43
jo-erlendand will that automatically be used for login.ubuntu.com as well?17:43
jo-erlendwow... I found a link at the bottom of https://launchpad.net/~joerlend.schinstad/+edit, pointing to  https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/51, which tells me that I can change it on http://login.launchpad.net... That's not user friendly :)17:47
cheaterhi guys18:18
cheateranyone here use launchpad? :)18:19
cheateri am looking around at what you can do with it..18:19
cheateri was wondering, does launchpad have any sort of "social features" either in place or planned in the future?18:19
TheEvilPhoenixeveryone here uses launchpad :P18:20
TheEvilPhoenixits not designed to be a social gathering place18:20
TheEvilPhoenixits designed for project management of opensource projects for Ubuntu and other things.18:20
TheEvilPhoenixnote i'm not lp staff, so i can't accurately answer your question18:21
cheaterwhat i mean is easy branching, merging, and interacting with other developers18:21
TheEvilPhoenixbut i do doubt social features will exist18:21
TheEvilPhoenixbranching and merging are done with BZR18:21
cheaterstuff like what eg bitbucket supports18:21
TheEvilPhoenixwhich is pretty straightforward if you read its docs18:21
TheEvilPhoenixwth is bitbucket?18:21
cheaterit's something like launchpad or github but for hg18:21
cheateri don't mean things like say posting on people's walls or poking etc :)18:22
cheateror friends lists :)18:22
cheaterhey guys20:54
cheatercan i make my branch private somehow?20:54
cheateror do i need to ask an admin?20:54
nigelbyou need to have a commercial subscription20:54
cheaterand then ask an admin? right?20:56
TheEvilPhoenixnigelb:  out of curiosity, whats a commercial subscription to launchpad?20:56
nigelbTheEvilPhoenix: https://launchpad.net/+tour/join-launchpad#commercial20:57
cheaterhmm, i tried using launchpad for what i wanted but i was fairly disappointed. i have written down my user story in an article. is there any place i could submit it for the team to parse and hopefully improve on some of the points?22:04
nigelbAt this point, the real Launchpad developers haven't probably started their day yet. You could always send a mail to launchpad-dev team's mailing list.22:06
nigelbOr, you could wait for some time and talk to someone from the team.22:07
jelmercheater: hi22:13
jelmercheater: sending an email to the launchpad-dev or launchpad-users list is indeed probably the best way to submit it22:13
cheatercool, thanks a lot for the info22:18
cheaterlet me try the mailing list22:18
cheateri was mostly thinking of switching over from bitbucket but decided to stay because of numerous issues... to the team some may be more important than others22:19
jelmercheater: it should be interesting to hear what you liked and didn't like22:19
cheaterit was a bit of a rocky ride for me22:27
cheaterhere is the write-up jelmer http://cheater.posterous.com/launchpad-not-an-alternative-for-bitbucket22:28
cheaterthere's probably some (a lot of) confusion in there but it's supposed to serve as a visualization of my first contact with lp22:29
cheaternot as a fully weighed out description of what is possible with launchpad22:29
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lifelesscheater: thanks22:54
cheaterlifeless, thanks for reading23:00
cheaterbtw how do i post to the launchpad-dev mailing list? do i join the launchpad-dev team and then post to the email address displayed or do i need to do anything else?23:01
TheEvilPhoenixcant ya just email the list?23:07
wgrantTheEvilPhoenix, cheater: Any registered Launchpad user can email the list, but the first post will often be moderated.23:08
lifelesscheater: join the team and lp will prompt you if yo uwant to be subscribed or not (launchpad.net/~/+editemail will let you edit your subscriptions)23:09
cheatergreat! thanks!23:09
TheEvilPhoenixanyone here super-experienced with bzr who can answer a quesiton?23:54
TheEvilPhoenixgot a question about updating a local copy of a bzr repo23:54
jelmerTheEvilPhoenix: ask away, perhaps somebody can help23:58
RAOFTheEvilPhoenix: I'd suggest just asking the question and waiting; if anyone can answer, they probably will :)23:58
TheEvilPhoenixalready got the answer23:58
TheEvilPhoenixlooked in the bzr manpage23:58
RAOFAh, documentation!23:58

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