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ActionParsniphey guys, is there a way to make apps stay on the lxpanel when they are closed, much like unity / Win7 panel etc??11:56
William1066Hi all, I have a problem with my computer.  I cannot get sound.14:43
William1066So, anyone know there arse from a hole?14:44
William1066Can anyone help me?14:46
bioterrorwith what14:47
bioterroropen termianl14:47
William1066I am having sound issues14:47
bioterrorrun command alsamixer14:47
bioterrorand check your sounds settings14:48
William1066Did that.14:48
bioterrorif you have something muted14:48
William1066ages ago14:48
William1066Think that my sound is getting confused...I just recantly seen that I have five different audio diveces14:48
William1066Sorry, Kind of drunk atm too.14:49
William1066I can pastebin my comp specs14:49
William1066But I need to know the command again.  Inxi?  =F14:49
William1066Been a bad weekend for me.  A person I love died.14:50
William1066I will hold to my "Namesake".14:52
William1066So, as far as my sound issues go.....I am running Linux Mint....LXDE Kernal 10....I belive.14:53
William1066I have five different sound cards...I do not know how to single one of them out.14:54
William1066I was told to come here.  Help me, please or ...well,14:54
William1066Thank you, I will look the page up.14:57
splintercdoI have an affair with Lubuntu15:14
silverarrowhas the channel and freenode been all fine the last two days?16:05
silverarrowI have messed up xChat some how16:05
silverarrowmight have been some updates, or something16:06
silverarrowanyone here?16:06
leszeksilverarrow: yep16:12
silverarrowI'm on this minimal old laptop, and somehow I have manage to make online tv stream16:20

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