jtaylorhm seem to have figured it out, sound was set to my hdmi graphic card which isn't plugged in, setting it back to internal seems to fix it00:12
jtaylorI wonder why that happens after starting mplayer00:12
penguin42jtaylor: Ah interesting - KDE or Gnome?00:19
penguin42jtaylor: Last few weeks on KDE I've been getting a message during some boots saying something like 'We've switched to HDMI output on ... because it's higher priority in something'00:22
penguin42and then I have to flip it back00:22
yofelI did get that too, but has been stable for a while now00:23
* penguin42 doesn't know how it decides which way it intends to send the sound00:26
jtaylorthe strange thing was that flash did still ahve sound00:26
jtaylorok lost sound again00:28
jtaylorsomething else is still wrong00:28
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billybigrigger_any major update b0rkages in the last day or so?01:35
bazhangbillybigrigger_, no outstanding warnings in the /topic as of yet01:36
billybigrigger_ops are slow to post there sometimes :) easier to ask the crowd01:37
billybigrigger_and quicker respones that way too :P01:37
bazhangtrue; not seen anything in the many hours of scrollback though01:38
billybigrigger_any kde users in the house?01:40
billybigrigger_hmm no updates at all...01:41
yofelme, and no, no recent updates kde wise01:44
DaekdroomI had only 3 updates in the past 24 hours, I think02:31
Daekdroombut I'm using regular Ubuntu02:32
Peddyis anyone else's gnome shell crashing with  "gnome-shell-calendar-server[3019]: Got HUP on stdin - exiting"?02:41
Peddyhey jbicha - i'm just going to repeat my issue in case there is already a bug report. Are there any reports of gnome-shell crashing with "gnome-shell-calendar-server[3019]: Got HUP on stdin - exiting"?02:46
jbichaPeddy: I haven't seen that reported yet, but I've experienced that crash03:12
ruffleSguys.. i'm trying to create a live usb but i'm havin' no luck. unetbootin doesn't work and extracting .iso files into the USB flash drive doesn't work either03:17
jbicharuffleS: did you try USB Creator?03:19
ruffleSjbicha i'm on windows, sorry, forgot to mention03:22
urlin2uruffleS, are experienced with linux?03:22
ruffleSurlin2u yeah i think so03:23
ruffleSi guess so, yeah...03:23
urlin2uruffleS, cool sometimes new users download a development before release.03:23
jbichaPeddy: I wonder if the root cause for bug 816762 is causing some of our instability though, haven't looked at the code to verify03:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816762 in gobject-introspection (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell Alt+F2 can’t run anything" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81676203:23
ruffleSi've been a linux user for a loooooooooooong time... i'm currently on windows now 'cuz i was not happy with previous 2 ubuntu releases03:24
urlin2uruffleS, sometimes those dailies don't boot as well, in those csases I just try the next days, but I know the thumbloader that works for me.03:24
Peddyjbicha, even though I  updated through the ppa in comment #1203:25
ruffleSurlin2u well... i downloaded the daily build .iso file like 2 or 3 weeks ago, tried to make the live usb but it didn't work so i updated it using zsync and cygwin twice and i'm havin' no luck so far. i know for a fact that .iso file is working under virtualbox03:26
urlin2uruffleS, strange unetbootin should work, there is this one as well. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/03:27
jbichaPeddy: oh, I use that PPA too, hmm03:27
jbichaPeddy: I'm annoyed that gnome-shell didn't release a 3.1.5 version, 3.1.4 is a month old now03:28
ruffleSoneiric daily buil images are now hybrid so i figured something might have changed which would stop unetbootin from working03:29
Peddyjbicha, oh, I assumed you were on the Gnome development team for some reason. Do you have a say in the matter?03:31
jbicharuffleS: this may be a bit crazy, but can't you try mounting your USB drive in VirtualBox?03:31
ruffleSit got me so pissed i even tried arch and i couldn't get it installed unless i had to wipe my entire HDD clean so it was unacceptable03:31
jbichaPeddy: no, I'm not really even a programmer, I do help with packaging and some minor bug fixes but this is beyond my skills03:31
ruffleSjbicha what do you mean? i think i could access the usb drive in VB if i tried so... i even tried to make the live usb using dd from within cygwin but i don't think i got it right...03:32
jbicharuffleS: install Ubuntu to VirtualBox and then use that working install to burn the ISO to your USB but that's probably a bit of overkill03:34
jbichaalso are you sure that your computer is set to boot from usb first?03:35
jbichaand you could save time by just burning to a CD if you have one03:35
ruffleSjbicha yep.. i can select it upon boot time by pressing F1203:36
ruffleSjbicha yeah.. i could burn it to a cd for sure.. i was just trying to save the cd for when oneiric is released03:36
urlin2uruffleS, what do you see when the thumb is chosen at the f12 prompt?03:36
ruffleSurlin2u well.. on previous ubuntu versions i could see the USB disk option..03:37
urlin2unone now?03:37
urlin2uno usb opton?03:37
ruffleSdefinitely not...03:38
urlin2uthat sounds more like a thumb problem, have you reformatted it for a clean partition?03:38
ruffleSoh yeah buddy.. i did that too...03:39
urlin2ufigured as such have to ask is all.03:39
ruffleSi must be getting old... i used to be so good at this stuff lol03:39
bullgard6My GNOME 3 does not offer TeaTime. What substitute can you recommend?04:45
bullgard6GNOME 3 does not provide Teatime. What substitute can you offer?05:07
gaelfxfeature freeze happens when in beta, correct?06:11
gaelfxI mean, they won't change any of the packages in Oneiric after they release the beta, right?06:16
urlin2uchanges go till the freeze at various stages06:18
gaelfxoh, so the freeze happens per release then?06:19
gaelfxyeah, I was checking that, but it's not loading right now (China), so I decided to be a pest and just ask here06:20
urlin2uthe link is probably clearer, but a change has been known to happen if a mistake is made, not often yhough06:20
urlin2uif you click on the info it will sort of explain, lol anything can happen really.06:21
gaelfxyeah, it finally loaded, after about 15 minutes of waiting, I think I found what I was looking for06:22
gaelfxI'm debating whether or not I should upgrade my Maverick install or just wait for the next LTS release06:23
urlin2umaverick will only upgrade to natty not Oneiric06:25
gaelfxhaha, I shouldn't have said upgrade06:25
gaelfxI have it set up so I can reinstall pretty easily, separate / and /home partitions, but my / is on a USB flash drive, so I'm not sure if I should bother with another reinstall now or not06:26
urlin2uyou mean a fresh install try it out first on a thumb or cd06:26
urlin2udifferent desktop then maverick06:27
gaelfxwell, I don't have a CD and my experience has been that the liveUSB versions don't really do justice to a full install06:27
gaelfxI thought you could still use the Classic style gnome desktop in Oneiric though?06:27
urlin2uno oneiric is unity and gnome3, although I have heard that one can install a classic don't know for sure06:29
gaelfxwell, I know that Gnome 3 has some major changes compared to Gnome 2, but I'm just worried about whether or not I have to use Unity?06:30
Lynourerecentry on HP Pavalion dv6, Kubuntu does detect that the battery is discharging if I unplug the power, but it still thinks it's plugged in.06:30
urlin2uI believe you have a choice of unity or gnome3, like in natty it is classic or unity.06:31
gaelfxok, spiffy, thanks man06:31
urlin2uno problem06:31
gaelfxoh, do you know how to get the Gnome 3desktop running on a LiveUSB? do I need to add an option when booting it?06:32
Lynoureirc just went spookily quiet07:07
Lynourehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/399132 seems to be still/again? on, I better file a new one07:08
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #399132 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/399132). The error has been logged07:08
urlin2udefendguin, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/07:44
urlin2uno problem07:46
defendguini heard the boot times were significantly faster in oneiric07:47
urlin2udefendguin, hard to say really there pretty fast really, depends on your hardware to some extent07:48
urlin2unatty boots fast07:48
defendguini skipped natty07:48
urlin2uUbuntu shutdowns are the fastest for any OS I use07:49
defendguinsomeone practically gave me a mac book pro and i've been giving it a spin  for a while and never updated my old pc07:49
defendguinlion shuts down pretty damn quick07:50
defendguinas long as the hardware is well supported osx and linux are generally a toss up.  the key is imovie for me07:51
defendguinthe multi touch gestures are nice too07:52
yellabs-r2hello there, i have tested ( tried ) Ocelot for the third day in a row, it does not boot into the graphic desktop, and hangs after the first boot logo then turns black and no desktop..08:17
yellabs-r2trying to trace the error , something with xserver i guess08:18
yellabs-r2cant connect to listeners.. IO socket or something like that08:18
yellabs-r2any one here that has an working ocelot ? I tested it on IBM lenovo T60 with intel graphic ( wich is linux friendly ) and Dell GX620 desktops ..08:20
yellabs-r2any tips are more then welcome..08:20
yellabs-r2or is it an known error / bug ?08:20
urlin2uyellabs-r2, try tapping the space key when power on at that first gui hit f6, choose nomodeset, and boot from there.08:25
urlin2ulow graphics boot is what this is08:26
yellabs-r2thanks i will try right now08:26
yellabs-r2be back in a minute08:26
allu2Hello, anyidea why in the hum how to say.. the button in upright corner that is used to logout opens me "empty" menu? is this known bug or just me?08:29
allu2problem occured few days ago and i dist-upgraded today yet it stays, i also tried "rm -rf .gc* .gn*" in my home but after restarting X there was no change08:31
htorqueallu2: why would you do "rm -rf .gc* .gn*"? create a new user account and log into that one. if you also get the empty menu there, then it's a system wide issue.08:33
allu2htorque: is it enough to login as a guest?08:33
htorquei have no experience with the guest session08:34
allu2htorque: and to try reset some settings08:34
allu2well i'll create a new user just in case08:34
allu2seems to be system wide issue08:37
allu2htorque: no change with test account08:37
allu2hum by the look of dmesg i have problems with libglib-2.008:40
allu2part of dmesg that doesn't look healthy08:41
Volkodavmactel ppa is down ? can't get it loasded for a while08:45
allu2is there something wrong with libglib package? http://pastebin.com/N9LyJaYv08:46
zniavreim using fallback session (gnome-panel) some icons are missing into systray like nm-applet , bluetooth and weather icons08:54
zniavrethis is a feature or known bug ?08:54
allu2zniavre: perhaps you have gnome-panel from gnome3 and some indicators are not ported yet? or something like that08:56
bau-hi all, I have this problem: if I haven't a monitor connected to the server, when I reboot it, X doen't start correctly, so I can't access to the server via VNC, but only via SSH, why?08:56
zniavreallu2,  that 's right but i got this since alpha1 im wondering if dev are working on gnome-fallback or only unity/gnome-shell ?08:58
zniavrefallback session does not looks as a priority08:59
allu2well i have to kill X in order to logout from unity at the moment.. i hope it would be fixed soon09:00
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zniavremy pc is too old to use unity or gnome-shell so fallback session is a way to keep gnome09:01
zniavrewhat is starnge cause gnome+ compiz work nicely but unity or gnome-shell is a pain to use09:01
allu2zniavre: i heard someone forked gnome2 in order to keep it alive09:01
zniavreyeah i read this too09:02
allu2i quess i should reinstall my ubuntu, it seems to have some weird packages on it :S like libglib seems to use 32bit libs on 64bit installation and segfaults all the time :S09:03
allu2or well indicator segfaults09:03
urlin2uhttps://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=121162 probably this is the fork09:03
defendguinwow i'm really impressed by the performance here09:08
defendguinrunning from a live usb drive09:09
defendguinthe last version i installed was 10.8 and this is much faster09:11
bullgard6[GNOME 3] How can I make that the program man does show the text of the manuals colorful?09:50
Lynoureis the digital clock widget 12h only?10:11
Lynoure(incapable of 24h format times)10:11
LynoureI have not found a way to get it to show 24h time10:11
=== kancerman_ is now known as kancerman
Ian_Cornewe'll see how many US ubuntu users are in this channel :)10:37
BluesKajHiyas all11:11
bullgard6[GNOME 3] What substitute can you recommend for TeaTime?11:15
bullgard6Lynoure: No. My clock is 24 hours. There is a setting tochange the default 12-h to 24-h.11:16
BluesKajbullgard6, I'm looking to do the opposite, change from 24 to 12hr, the clock indicates a 12 hr setting in the date&time date format setting but it shows only 24 hr in the panel11:34
bullgard6BluesKaj: [GNOME 3] Click on the TimeAndDate applet in the middle of the first line. A window will appear. Click on "Settings for Date and Time" | 24-h time off.11:37
penguin42so, I thought this lightdm thing was supposed to have a really slick fancy login screen now - just looks normal to me11:39
BluesKajbullgard6, kde here , I think Isolved it , the time zone was n't set properly, it was still on UTC , so i set it to America/Torornto11:39
Ian_Corneit looks fancy to me11:39
Onlyodinyeah, login looks generic and grey to me too.11:40
Ian_Cornei'll make a picture later11:40
penguin42hmm - I wonder why the differences in behaviour11:47
Ian_Cornecan you see it?11:52
penguin42yeh - that's swish11:53
* penguin42 just gets the old school grey box in the middle11:54
Ian_Cornelightdm.conf        unity-greeter.conf  users.conf11:54
Ian_Corneis your lightdm uptodate?11:54
Ian_Corne  Installed: 0.9.3-0ubuntu811:54
Ian_Corneif you still have gdm, it might block I think11:54
penguin42yeh, same version11:54
penguin42ah, now in my lightdm.conf I have greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter11:55
penguin42I also don't have a unity-greeter.conf11:56
* penguin42 apt-get installs unity-greeter11:56
Ian_Cornemight wanna reconfigure?11:56
penguin42hmm I wonder why it gave a package could not be authenticated for that11:58
Ian_Corne15:04:34  * apw is seeing some packages on gb.archive.ubuntu.com being 403 Forbidden which are readable fine on archive.ubuntu.com, as an example:  http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/b/brltty/brltty-x11_4.2-8ubuntu4_amd64.deb11:58
penguin42right, breakfast11:59
Ian_Corneright, afternoon snack!12:02
jpdsIan_Corne: I fixed that.12:05
theadminA certain factoid says, "up to Oneric, GDM was used as the login manager"... what do you people use now?12:06
jpdstheadmin: lightdm.12:06
theadminWhat on earth *is* that...12:06
Ian_Corneok jpds :)12:07
theadminHm, looks intersting12:07
theadminjpds: Thanks12:07
penguin42oh that's going to be fun12:56
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pr0dHi, I really struggling to fully install my r8168 driver. The install scripts from realtek do not work, although a combination of many workarounds i can insmod the driver but not after a reboot13:50
VolkodavI keep getting the pop up for the password for my wireless for Macbook 7.113:51
BluesKajpr0d, have you tried wicd ..it works with most realteks13:53
pr0dnever heard of it but i shall google it now13:53
pr0dseems quite over the top for my requirements13:55
BluesKaj!info wicd13:55
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-6 (oneiric), package size 7 kB, installed size 56 kB13:55
pr0dI had this problem with opensuse but the realtek installer work a charm. Seems a shame i cant get the installer to work on oneiric13:58
BluesKajpr0d, what are your requirements ...I assumed you're looking for a wifi connection to work13:58
pr0dno, its a pcie 1Gbe ethernet controller built into my mobo13:59
pr0dI have fixed this problem on other distros but the installer wont work on oneiric14:00
BluesKajok ethernet should work right out of the box14:00
pr0dno, this adapter has never worked with the r8169 driver14:00
Volkodavlooks like they changed the setting in fconf-editor in gnome3 - trying to turn off gnome desktop in xfce along with nautilus - earlier settings just not there ?>14:00
BluesKajinstaller ? adapter ? , you said it's an integrated ethernet , pr0d14:01
=== STiK_ is now known as STiK
BluesKajpr0d, if it's a pcie 1Gbe ethernet controller, then you should make the choice in peripherals in the bios14:08
pr0dI am using "Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)". This controller is known to not work with the default r8169 module. Following other people with this problem led me to use the realtek driver provided on their website. This works in other distro fine but oneiric gives me "FATAL: Module r8168 not found."14:11
pr0dLooking further into this problem led me to make the driver from source but this also fails with "/src/Makefile no such file or directory"14:12
pr0dwith even more workarounds and headscratching i can finally insmod the driver but my linux skills fail and cannot make this change permanent.14:13
BluesKajpr0d, check this : http://forums.thinkbroadband.com/linux/4020894-ubuntu-natty-and-r8168-lan-driver.html14:14
pr0dHis problems are not related to my problems at all14:17
pr0dMy NIC works fine with huge workarounds, the default driver doesnt work at all14:18
BluesKajpr0d, did you see the part about changing the default network card in the bios ?14:19
pr0dthere is no such feature in my bios14:19
pr0dmy NIC that is broken in the onboard NIC14:20
BluesKajsudo modprobe r816814:21
pr0dFATAL: Module r8168 not found.14:23
pr0dthe installer doesnt work on oneiric14:23
pr0dnot sure if it works on other versions of ubuntu14:24
BluesKajpr0d, seems nothing works for you , not even your bios14:25
pr0dthis works fine on opensuse14:25
pr0dmoved to oneiric for xen.14:25
BluesKajpr0d, have you tried lspci , to see if the card is even listed?14:25
Volkodavany idea how to turn off nautilis and gnome desktop in xfce ?14:25
pr0dyes, the hardware is fine. After many workarounds for the installer i can insmod the driver and the NIC springs to life14:26
pr0dbut I cant make the change permanent14:26
BluesKajpr0d, that's due to the hw not being permanent in the bios..there's gotta be a way to change it14:27
BluesKajthat's your problem, all the workarounds in the world won't help if the hw isn't recognized at boot14:28
pr0dOpensuse handled this fine, I didnt change anything in the bios i just installed the driver and it worked fine!14:28
pr0dI can ever PXE off the card! just ubuntu wont install the driver without errorsa14:29
BluesKajgood for open suse , this is ubuntu...dunno if this qulifies as a bug or not14:29
pr0dFATAL: Module r8168 not found.   this is the error i get from installing Realteks provided driver for linux. Is this not a bug?14:31
BluesKajfile it and find out14:32
pr0dmake from source gives error "strip: 'r8168.o': No such file"14:33
topylirealtek is a bug14:41
pr0dthere is a built in bug reporter on oneiric right?14:44
jtayloryes, ubuntu-bug14:46
pr0dE: Unable to locate package ubuntu-bug14:47
jtaylorits in the apport-bug package, should be installed already14:48
jtaylorapport package14:48
charlie-tca$ which ubuntu-bug14:48
pr0donce i have insmod a driver and it works. How can i make this change permanent?14:50
Ian_Corneyou could put it in your rc.local14:52
Ian_Cornebut I guess there's better ways14:52
yofelpr0d: adding it to /etc/modules should load it at boot14:54
pr0dwhere should the driver.ko be located in the system?14:54
yofelah, you built it by hand...14:55
yofelthen rc.local would probably be easiest14:55
pr0dyes, i was forced to as the installer doesnt work on oneiric14:55
yofelthat's run pretty late though...14:55
pr0di need a proper robust solution really, this is going to be my xen lab14:56
BluesKajpr0d,  one solution is to get a differnt controller card , NICs are cheap theses days , and surely you can find one that works on ubuntu,  without much trouble.15:00
Ian_Corneyofel: he could put it in the earlier run levels15:01
pr0dI already have, i am using an intel pcie adapter right now. But this card will be passed through to VMs and need a backbone controller for Dom0. All expansion slots are exhausted with other hardware i need15:01
pr0dI really need this adapter to work correctly or i will need to go back to opensuse and ive been waiting so long for ubuntu to use xen again :S15:04
yofelIan_Corne: you do know that we're using upstart?15:05
Ian_Corneoh right :p15:09
Ian_Cornebut the rc levels are still used, right?15:09
* Ian_Corne admist he doesn't know much about upstart/init/rc15:11
pr0dis there no driver repo for realtek in ubuntu?15:12
pr0d /cry15:12
pr0dI really dont understand why make fails15:13
pr0di cant even build the driver without errors15:13
pr0dand huge workaround15:13
Ian_Cornepr0d: you said it worked on earlier version?15:13
Ian_Corneof ubuntu15:14
pr0dnot sure if it works on earlier ubuntu, have been using opensuse since i bought this hardware15:14
carli2does the ui freeze also affect the classic desktop?15:14
carli2and is it a bug that a lot of settings managers are missing?15:14
Ian_Cornecarli2: there is no classic desktop.15:14
carli2or are the settings managers also freezed?15:15
pr0dcarli2. are you getting short freezes?15:15
carli2pr0d: no i'm meaning the ubuntu releace policy15:15
pr0doh, sorry :)15:15
charlie-tcacarli2: UI freeze and beta1 freeze affects everything in Ubuntu15:16
pr0dI was getting short freezes in my desktop with opensource nvidia drivers15:16
carli2Ian_Corne: i installed the fallback package because unity has dropped everything that worked before15:16
carli2charlie-tca: there are bugs with gtk and Tabs and scrollbars15:17
charlie-tcaof courese15:17
carli2charlie-tca: and the window property settings are missing15:17
charlie-tcabugs are expected at this point in a development release15:17
carli2charlie-tca: and the gnome-panel of the fallback mode is kinda unflexible; is that bug (fixable) or feature(freezed)?15:18
bullgard6[GNOME 3] What substitute can you recommend for TeaTime?15:18
charlie-tcafallback as you have been told is Unity2d, not gnome15:18
charlie-tcathe panel in unity is not the gnome-panel15:18
charlie-tcabullgard6: as far as I know, there is no substitute15:19
carli2also the nm-applet does not allow me to connect to a network. (i finally edited /etc/network/interfaces)15:19
bullgard6charlie-tca: hm15:19
carli2i chose "Ubuntu Classic (without effects)" in gdm15:19
charlie-tcacarli2: in Oneiric?15:20
charlie-tcawhich now uses lightdm?15:20
carli2charlie-tca: yes, i installed a package15:20
carli2i need the window properties... i need teh window autofocus. why is that feature removed?15:20
carli2i also want to use kmod4 instead of Alt to move windows around15:21
charlie-tcaYou should ask in #ayatana, where those decisions are made15:21
carli2i installed gnome-session-fallback15:21
Ian_Corne!info gnome-session-fallback15:22
ubottugnome-session-fallback (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.5-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 196 kB15:22
carli2these sessions shouldnt be using unity15:22
Ian_CorneThis package contains the required components for the GNOME 3 fallback session, based on the GNOME Panel. It can be started from a display manager such as GDM, and doesn´t have specific hardware requirements.15:22
Ian_Cornethey use gnome3/gnome-shell I think15:23
carli2:o i can choose between gnome3 and unity? thats weird15:23
carli2gnome2 was the most advanced and bug-free desktop supporting multi monitor, a customizable panel and other fancy things15:24
Ian_Cornewhy is that weird?15:24
Ian_Cornecarli2: i think you're really looking to stay with gnome2, there's a fork of ubuntu15:24
Ian_Cornethat will support gnome215:24
Ian_Cornefor the moment, I'd advise staying on 10.0415:24
pr0dThats good to know, im no0t a big fan of unity myself either15:24
Ian_CorneI doubt it'll get good support tho15:25
carli2i once shared ubuntu with everyone, but nowadays, i only recommend LTS.15:25
pr0dI think unity still needs lots of work15:25
Ian_Cornecarli2: I always advise LTS to everyone15:26
carli2unity has a lot of fancy delays that make menus look better but destroy usability for a power user15:26
Ian_Corneunless they *need* cutting edge15:26
carli2well, i myself need cutting edge. (but i can compile kernel 3.1 for LTS for myself, too)15:26
Ian_Cornethere's also ppa's15:27
pr0di must say though unity has improved a lot from the 10.04 netbook release :D15:27
pr0dI cant recall ever swearing as much as when i first installed that on my acer one.15:28
carli2what i'm missing most is the ability to change the settings of some things15:28
pr0dor was it 10.10?15:29
Ian_Cornein 12.04 it will be very nice15:29
carli212.04 LTS??15:29
carli2i need the autofocus back..15:30
carli2i'm always closing the wrong tabs in the wrong programs15:30
carli2what i hate at windows is that i have to click on a window when i want to have keyboard focus. oneiric introduced that feature :S15:32
Ian_Cornecarli2: !15:36
Ian_Corneapt-get install gnome-tweak-tool15:36
Ian_Corneand then go to window15:37
carli2gnome-tweak-tool installs mutter :o15:37
Ian_Corneyou can select it there :)15:37
Ian_Corneyeah don't mind that :p15:37
Ian_Corneit works ;-)15:37
carli2i'm using the same gconf than with 10.04 where autofocus is set on. but 11.10 seems to not take care of this flag15:38
Ian_Cornebecause it's not gnome2 anymore..15:39
Ian_Corneget that in your head please15:39
carli2the dialog of the tweak tool is too small and i cant resize it15:40
carli2i have to guess what is written on the buttons15:40
carli2and the tweak-tool's changes dont have any effect on my running system15:41
Ian_Corneit works for me15:41
Ian_Cornebut maybe that's because you're in the "fallback" session15:41
Ian_Cornewhich i have no clue what it is15:41
carli2i'll try to run mutter instead of metacity15:42
carli2aaah :) works15:42
carli2and now the missing settings managers...15:44
Ian_Corneis your best bet15:47
carli2not that. gnome-window-properties was the old name15:47
carli2and the settings window is moved to a place where i dont want it after returning back to the main settings menu15:48
carli2ccsm dosent start. i'm working with gconf-editor15:49
carli2oh, the start of ccsm was delayed15:49
carli2and the ccsm window closed when i wanted to disable "composite"15:50
Ian_Cornei'm gonna stop helping you now, you obviously don't want ANY change, and if you don't want that, just stay on 10.04 or move to another distro.15:55
graingertwhy does installing zsnes on ubuntu 11.10 remove ubuntu-desktop and vlc?15:56
Ian_Cornegraingert: 64 bit?15:56
graingertIan_Corne: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/676630/ yep15:57
graingertit seems a bit dangerous15:57
Ian_CorneI think it has to do with the multiarch problems15:57
Ian_Cornedon't do it.15:57
carli2Ian_Corne: the problem is not that sth is different but that the fastest way to use XYZ on the older system was much faster than on the new system. plus it's unfinished and i'm giving hints where the priority is. are you a developer?15:57
graingertyeah can this package be disabled for newbs?15:57
Ian_Cornewell, not for ubuntu15:57
graingertas they might just mash y a lot15:57
Ian_Cornegraingert: i think the problems should not be there anymore when 11.10 releases15:58
graingertIan_Corne: you hope15:58
graingertubuntu 11.10 seems to have either upgraded my wireless card to 5ghz or hacked into my router and set the 5ghz channel to 2.415:59
graingertI can't decide what is more likely15:59
Ian_Cornewell, maybe the new module in the 3.0 kernel enabled that?15:59
graingertas I am currently chatting to you one something that shouldn't be working15:59
carli2ah, another question: where can i set the number of virtual desktops in unity?15:59
carli2the user interface for the settings needs a lot more work. i remember 11.04 had nearly nothing customizable16:02
graingertcarli2: it's not supposed to be customizable16:04
graingertotherwise you will ruin the ubuntu look16:04
graingertwhat happned to the gear/power combined button16:04
graingertit seems to be a power button with a gear hanging from it16:05
carli2:o when i want to have a system with a cool look that is not customizable, i buy a mac.16:05
graingertcarli2: k16:05
Ian_Corneexcept you can still change stuff, just not when you're using unity16:12
Ian_Corneapt-get install any other wm/de and you're good to go16:13
Ian_Corneso stop ragin on unity, you've got options.16:13
carli2hey, that's my feedback.16:13
carli2i could have been changed to lxde like linus, but i want to help improving the std. desktop of ubuntu, because that's what users see first16:14
Ian_Corneyou're giving feedback on descisions already made16:14
carli2to remove some features instead of hiding them?16:14
Ian_Cornethere's nothing remove16:16
Ian_Cornethe settings stuff was never there in unity16:16
Ian_Corneit's not added16:16
Ian_Cornenothing is removed16:16
carli2it's a lot of unimplemented or unfinished stuff16:16
Ian_Cornei'm sorry, i'm not gonna discuss further with you16:17
carli2youre not a developer, so you cant change anything anyways. the only thing you can do here is to defend the "unfinished" status of the project with "it has to be so". that's weak16:18
Ian_CorneI'm worried about the state udev is in, and has been in since a while now...16:24
penguin42Ian_Corne: I'm not aware of having udev problems recently - what are you seeing?16:27
Ian_Cornepenguin42: can you try starting jockey16:29
penguin42dbus errors on both machines16:30
Ian_CorneI get dbus errors when I start my machine too16:31
Ian_Cornealtho i don't now, or at least don't see them..16:31
penguin42ooh actually looking at the boot log I'm seeing abunch of udev warnings in 45-libnjb5-rules - they're warnings though16:31
penguin42but they're minor warnings about a pending deprecation16:32
Ian_Corneis that in /var/log/boot.log?16:33
Ian_Cornei have 6 lines in there..16:33
Ian_Corneno errors16:33
Ian_Corneit seems very little..16:33
Ian_Cornemaybe i should remove the quiet parameter?16:33
* penguin42 wouldn't unless you have a nasty problem16:34
Ian_Cornewhat does that do, except not surpess the log msgs?16:34
Ian_Cornewell, i would like to try the fglrx but I want to install it via jockey :)16:35
Ian_Corneso dbus has to be fixed16:35
Ian_Cornebut i don't see what could be wrong16:35
penguin42Ian_Corne: dbus is just a transport, the jockey error might be dbus itself or something that should be but isn't listening on it16:35
* penguin42 could do with learning more about how to debug python gtk apps16:42
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graingertanyone know where to get the adwaita theme?17:08
jbichagraingert: gnome-themes-standard17:09
graingertit's not available in the apperance dialogue17:09
graingertI only have ambience and radience17:10
jbicharight, you'll need gnome-tweak-tool or dconf-editor to change to adwaita17:10
graingertthat sucks a bit jbicha17:14
graingertactually that's really neat17:15
carli2awesome with some tweaks is the best wm for oneiric imho17:36
PunkoffJust installed & updated Oneiric, and can't find keyboard layout settings anywhere. Googling Ubuntu forums suggest that it has been moved to Language Support window, but it's not there.17:58
PunkoffOnly "Keyboard input method system" switch.17:58
carli2its part of the oneiric look&feel that you dont have the settings ;)18:01
carli2and the serious version: oneiric uses a new gnome version and it dosent have all the settings widgets implemented yet18:01
Punkoffcarli2, can I fix the layout via gconf/dconf editor?18:04
carli2Punkoff: some things can be tweaked because they are there but have no interface; other things dont work because the new gnome is kinda written from ground up18:05
PunkoffGnome3 has been released already so I suppose it DOES contain keyboard preferences (:18:06
carli2but things like kbd layout are managed by x afaik.18:06
PunkoffI can fix it with setxkbmap, but would prefer the gnome way18:06
carli2there is no gnome way yet.18:06
carli2the settings manager is now one big app instead of lots of small managers18:07
carli2that needs a rewrite of all dialogs18:07
jbichaPunkoff: bug 83452318:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 834523 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Can't change the keyboard layout from a default install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83452318:10
jbichacarli2: there is a GNOME way, Ubuntu uses a different locale tool though18:10
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jo-erlendhow do I create a launcher in oneiric?18:38
jo-erlenddo I have to write the desktop files manually now?18:38
jbichajo-erlend: you can try copying the /usr/share/applications/*.desktop to your Desktop or wherever you need it18:39
jo-erlendjbicha, I'm trying to create one, not copy one.18:40
jo-erlendbut I take it I now need to write them by hand?18:40
jbichajo-erlend: you could try alacarte if it still works18:41
jo-erlendit doesn't.18:41
jo-erlendwell, it runs, but it crashes if I try to create an entry.18:41
jbichathen yes... :-(18:41
jbichaalacarte wasn't updated for the gnome-menus update18:42
jo-erlendI don't understand why that had to be removed.18:42
jbichajo-erlend: it had to be removed because we don't ship gnome-panel anymore18:46
jo-erlendso we've come full circle then. This is why I waited so long about switching to gnome. :)18:46
jo-erlendjbicha, hmm? Nautilus used to have an entry to create launcher.18:46
jbichainstall gnome-panel, copy any .desktop to your Desktop, then run gnome-desktop-item-edit name.desktop18:47
jbichajo-erlend: right, but gnome-desktop-item-edit is shipped in gnome-panel so it wouldn't work without that18:47
jo-erlendoh, ok.18:56
mongywhat exactly is the online accounts for.18:59
mongyI have enabled it, and all the options are enabled but what exactly does it do and where does it do it :18:59
urlin2umongy, the cloud?19:00
urlin2uubuntu one19:01
mongyno, the option in oneiric19:01
mongyin system settings19:01
mongyI have added my google account (the only choice there is)19:01
urlin2uI don't have oneiric installed right now19:02
jo-erlendmongy, I think it's to setup IM, calendar, contacts and email automatically.19:05
jo-erlendyou'll just enter your Google username and password, and everything is configured for you. You can choose which services to use.19:05
mongyvery snazzy19:05
jbichathe calendar part at least requires evolution19:06
jo-erlend... presently.19:07
bullgard6What do the 4 fields of the Base status bar mean?19:07
jbichait's still in early beta so only Google is available, but Twitter & Facebook support will be added later (not sure if they'll be enabled for Oneiric though)19:07
jbichabullgard6: what base?19:08
bullgard6jbicha: There is only one Base program.19:08
jo-erlendnever heard of it, I think.19:08
jbichabullgard6: ok, do you mean LibreOffice Base?19:09
bullgard6jbicha: Yes.19:09
jbichasorry, I don't really use that app, you could try Help though19:09
Ian_CorneI wonder the same about online accounts19:10
Ian_Corneit doesn't do anything that I found so far19:10
Ian_Cornethunderbird doesn't have an email account19:10
Ian_Cornemy calander isn't syncer19:10
Ian_Corneneither are my contacts19:10
Ian_Cornei already had gtalk setup so...19:11
mongyautocomplete in terminal dont work19:12
mongywell, for things like sudo apt-get ins(tab) ubuntu-restr(tab)   etc...19:12
Ian_Corneit does for me19:13
mongydont for me :(  it works for files and app names but completing syntax like sudo apt-(tab show me something)19:26
mongybut not*19:26
mongyhow do I turn off the grid thing19:29
mongythat thing that blinds me with its golden effects19:29
Ian_Corneccsm i guess19:30
mongyim in it now, cant see anything19:30
mongyugh, I am blind.  found it19:32
Ian_Cornethat's because pf the grid19:32
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bullgard6jbicha: Thank you very much for your help.19:38
mongyflashplugin-installer isnt happening...19:49
mongyflashplugin-installer : Depends: flashplugin-downloader but it is not installable19:49
jtaylorhave you enabled multiarch?19:50
mongysay what19:50
bullgard6How can one use (at least parts of) a OO.o 3.2.0 form for a LibreOffice 3.4.2 form?19:50
jtaylorsee the mail on ubuntu-devel-announce19:52
mongyjtaylor, to enable flash?19:55
mongynevermind, just enabled the flash64 ppa19:56
bjsnideryou don't need it20:00
bjsnideryou can use the i386 flash plugin within an amd64 system without nspluginwrapper20:00
bjsniderall you should need to do is run sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer:i38620:01
jtayloronly if you have a 32bit comsumer too20:02
jtaylorelse you need the wrapper20:02
mongyok, flash just became complicated again20:03
Ian_Cornemongy: there's a ppa for the 64 bit20:04
Ian_Cornewhich makes it easy again20:04
mongyI know, I just installed it20:04
penguin42mongy: I'm sure it's just temporary until it gets fixed20:05
bjsnideri don't think the 64-bit plugin is necessarily as stable as the 32-bit version20:05
jtaylorit is fixed if you reinstall20:06
jtaylormultiarch is enabled by default now20:06
mongyI need to reinstall for that?20:07
penguin42ah, is there an explanation of how to get it to the same state as a current 11.10 dist-upgrade/install ?20:07
mongyugh, I'll do it next weekend.20:07
yofeljust add 'foreign-architecture i386' to /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg and multiarch is on20:08
jtayloryou should add it to dpkg.cfg.d/...20:13
penguin42hmm - well that's let nspluginwrapper install but removed flash and picasa20:17
mongywoah, thats a lot of extra stuff to install just for flash i38620:17
jtaylorits less than before20:18
penguin42ah, but now if I do apt-get install flash-plugin-installer it goes and grabs a load of i386 stuff which is promising20:18
papertigersanyone having problems with the theme and icons disappearing?20:26
penguin42not seen that20:30
papertigersalso gnome-settings-daemon keeps crashing, maybe I should install from the iso rather then update-manger -d20:31
BUGabundoevening heartlings20:42
penguin42Hey BUGabundo20:44
BUGabundoso, tell me something. what have I lost in this two days offline (and even at 4000m high)?20:48
penguin42probably not much - 4km high? Where are you? Jo'burg?20:49
robin0800BUGabundo: about 400 updates20:50
penguin42BUGabundo: I see you're accurate to within 6ft20:51
BUGabundoCurrent status: 41 updates [+5], 34564 new [-12].20:54
BUGabundomost libre office20:54
BUGabundopenguin42: over 10000 feet actually20:54
BUGabundoI lost my stomach somewhere20:54
penguin42BUGabundo: I hear it's the last few ft that's important20:56
charlie-tcafor two days, that's not too bad on updates20:56
BUGabundoit was fun20:56
charlie-tcaI don't think I can ever convince myself jumping out of airplanes that ain't broke is fun20:56
robin0800BUGabundo: yes those are only todays perhaps you had the 400 before you went away?20:57
BUGabundo1st time21:00
BUGabundooh look.21:00
BUGabundopidign notifications work again21:00
BUGabundonow if I could get Gnome Classic with Animations to wook too21:00
BUGabundorobin0800: no idea21:00
BUGabundoI update when ever I'm on the laptop21:00
BUGabundoanyone got chromium desktop notifications to work ???21:02
BluesKajBUGabundo, nope ..gave up on trying to configure anything google related with this OS til they run out of excuses for not co-operating with the linux environment21:08
BluesKajunfortunately I do prefer the chromium browser too21:09
BluesKajgoogle earth 64 bit is a hoax21:09
urlin2uanybody trying the daily for install today?21:16
urlin2useems unable to to install, no biggie21:19
urlin2unever met a ubuntu member that didn't skirt the COC as well, seems like a norm.;)21:23
charlie-tcaurlin2u: desktop image, do not check "Install third-party software"; there is a bug that kills ubiquity with that checked21:23
urlin2ucharlie-tca, thanks21:27
charlie-tcaAt least, that has been working for me21:28
NateWI've been trying to install 11.10 onto an Asus eeePC for the past couple days, but the live usb fails to boot21:31
charlie-tcaThat's a different bug, I don't how to get around it21:31
NateWcharlie-tca: is that directed to me?21:32
charlie-tcayes, NateW21:32
NateWis there a bug report? I tried looking, but was unable to find it21:33
charlie-tcaOh, sorry, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.21:33
NateWno actually not.21:33
charlie-tcaThe usb issue is a bug, that should be fixed for beta121:33
NateWahh.. so a livecd would work then21:33
urlin2utodays daily bots, but is a ubiquity crash as you suggest charlie-tca21:33
charlie-tcaYou get the crash right away?21:34
urlin2uat the install after the name password.21:34
urlin2uI will try the no update option and report if you like21:35
urlin2uactually it loaded the files as well21:35
charlie-tcayeah, after I got the crash, I restarted, and it prefilled the things. I just unchecked them and the install ran21:36
urlin2uone more try just for prosperity. :D21:37
Gredeuare there oncelot server kernels in mainline ppa ?23:42

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