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dcordesrsalveti: I just found your lp bug with the fix for thumb2 crash on webm content11:48
dcordesrsalveti: been looking for a solution to this for a while11:48
dcordesrsalveti: I am wondering if we can make it available in the natty updates11:48
dcordesrsalveti: I know many ppl who run natty on ARM tablets etc. and it would be nice to get webm on all these images floating around on the net11:49
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bkerensaGrueMaster: Hi18:26
jo-erlendI'm downloading 10.04 Netbook live image since it says it's for OMAP3 devices and I have an IGEPv2 OMAP3. But how do I use it? Can I just dd it onto the memory card and boot?19:14
jo-erlendand if so... Is there an image for oneiric as well?19:15
GrueMasterjo-erlend: You would be better off with the 11.04 image as the omap3 kernel there covers more hw.  The 10.04 was a tech preview only for Beagle.19:15
jo-erlendoh, ok... I think I remember that, now that you mention it.19:16
jo-erlendI'd really prefer oneiric, if there is an image for it?19:16
GrueMasterAnd yes, dd is how you write to an SD.  Instructions are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM19:16
jo-erlendI can't find an image for 11.04 either. That's why I started to download 10.04.19:17
GrueMasterThe last released image for Oneiric was Alpha 3, but Beta 1 release testing begins tomorrow with release on Thursday.19:17
jo-erlendthere's no daily image?19:18
GrueMasterIt is now under http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled.  It more closely matches the x86 desktop, so we dropped the netbook name.19:18
jo-erlendI suppose upgrading from a3 to b1 will take quite some time on an OMAP3?19:19
GrueMasterPossibly.  But if you grab the daily-preinstalled/current, it won't be as bad.19:20
jo-erlendwhere can I find that?19:20
jo-erlendah.. :)19:20
jo-erlendI found it. :)19:21
jo-erlendwill I still have to compile a kernel, etc, or should it just work?19:21
GrueMasterI have to run.  It's my day off, so massive yard work is commencing.  Need to get a load of gravel before they close.19:21
GrueMasterI don't know how much support for iegp2 you can expect.19:21
jo-erlendoh... Have fun and thanks for helping :)19:21
jo-erlendGrueMaster, I'll let you know then :)19:22
GrueMasterGood luck.19:22
jo-erlendthanks. :)19:22
jo-erlendnow I remember. The IGEPv2 doesn't boot from boot.scr. I think it uses some kind of ini-file.20:16
infinityjo-erlend: Assuming our uBoot and xLoader work on igepv2, you might just be able to cp boot.scr boot.ini and be done.20:19
infinityjo-erlend: If not, you might been the uBoot and xLoader from here, and have to re-create the boot image: http://labs.igep.es/index.php/How_to_get_the_Ubuntu_distribution20:20
jo-erlendinfinity, it's only for 10.10 though.20:23
infinityThose old bootloaders would still work with our newer kernels.  But, there's a fair chance our current bootloaders might Just Work anyway, if you rename boot.scr.20:24
infinityI can't say for sure, since I've never had a chance to play with an IGEPv2 board.20:24
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jo-erlendinfinity, I had a brief look at the boot.scr file from the Ubuntu image. It seems to be configured for a resolution my monitor doesn't support. How do I change it?20:28
infinityjo-erlend: Is it using omapfb.mode=dvi:?? notation?20:33
jo-erlendinfinity, I think so. I don't really know what that means.20:34
jo-erlendthat's what it looks like in the boot.scr file.20:34
infinityIf so, something like omapfb.mode=dvi:1024x768MR-16@60 might work on your older monitor.20:34
jo-erlendyes, but how do I make that into a valid boot.ini file?20:34
infinityJust copy boot.scr to boot.ini, and edit the command line.20:35
jo-erlendwhat command line? I have no screen.20:35
infinityboot.ini is the same format as boot.scr, just a different filename to be difficult. :P20:35
infinityErr.  I mean, edit the kernel command line in boot.ini.20:35
infinitySurely, you're doing this on another computer.20:35
infinityOne with a monitor. :)20:36
jo-erlendyes. But is it just a text file?20:36
infinityWell, ish.  Some implementations have a whacky hex header.20:36
infinityBut if you edit in something like vim, it will happily just leave that alone.20:36
jo-erlendit can't be opened in gedit.20:36
jo-erlendoh, ok.20:37
* infinity wanders off to have a Sunday.20:38
infinityGood luck. :)20:38
jo-erlenddoesn't seem to want to boot.20:40
jo-erlendperhaps I'll just have to use 10.10 and then upgrade and upgrade and upgrade :)20:40
jo-erlendI don't understand why they don't just make an image and make it available.20:42
jo-erlendthe last time I wanted to boot that thing, I spent a week getting it to start.20:42
jo-erlendis it normal for these kinds of ARM boards to require so much labor in order to boot?20:46
jo-erlendheh.. I mean.. Installing Ubuntu on my laptop takes about 15 minutes. Installing it on ARM takes about 15 days. :)20:46
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