[02:59] Just banged in another 500 strings. The batch 50 is awesome thanks for the js, only took 30 mins for the 500. [03:02] jaddi27, can you extend it to include packages hosted by launchpad [03:58] meh scrub that, it works for chromium-browser, must have noticed it when I didn't have the script integrated [04:02] sorry for not replying earlier [04:03] I think the script is set to work on all launchpad addresses - you can set which urls it works on in the script preferences I think === gorilla is now known as Guest59123 === Guest59123 is now known as gorilla [06:30] sagaci: I'd like to work out how I can make it auto go to the 300 on the list of packages to translate [06:42] jaddi27, sorry, it wasn't on launchpad addresses, I was thinking about all translated, etc [06:42] head_victim, yeah, I was thinking that too [06:43] head_victim, I'm going to set up an oneiric release party for sydney [10:05] any have any idea how to apply a diff patch? I'm affected by this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/festival/+bug/778619 and a patch is supplied but I've no idea how to test it [10:05] Launchpad bug 778619 in festival (Ubuntu) "Festival TTS starts 'paused' for blocks of text" [Undecided,New] [11:53] head_victim, for now, it'd be just easier to bookmark the batch=300 page, if you use bookmarks === gorilla is now known as Guest10865