AlecTaylorI'm looking for a FOSS Flash or Java project featuring "Click to call" functionality from the browser. Do you know of such a project?08:41
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AlecTaylorem is going crazy12:30
AlecTayloremma: Fix your network already! :P12:30
AlecTaylorI'm looking for a FOSS Flash or Java project featuring "Click to call" functionality from the browser. Do you know of such a project?12:32
paulproteusI'm adding the upcoming events to http://events.openhatch.org/16:58
paulproteushttp://events.openhatch.org/venues/5 is the events for this venue (IRC channel). Is the Amanda Brock talk the only upcoming one, and is my description accurate?16:58
pleia2paulproteus: we've also got https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek coming up next week16:58
paulproteusThe site needs help dealing with time zones; we're working on that for now.16:58
paulproteusOh, neat!16:59
pleia2(not on the schedule yet because the schedule isn't finalized)16:59
paulproteusThis is kind of exciting.16:59
paulproteusOkay, cool.16:59
pleia2yes :)16:59
paulproteusWill there be an e.g. gcal feel feed for this?16:59
pleia2yeah, it'll be added to the same cal as in the topic16:59
paulproteuspleia2, also, can I interest you in adding those to that big calendar? If I didn't explain before, we're looking to have info on all events that teach free software contribution events.17:00
paulproteusOkay, great -- then maybe once those go live, ping me here, and I'll see if we can auto-add from your iCal or something.17:00
pleia2paulproteus: unfortunately I barely have time to add them to our own calendar, so it would be hard17:00
paulproteusThe app supports auto-import to avoid lots of time-wasting. Once you publish the schedule, I will see what makes sense.17:01
paulproteusMaybe I can get you to visit http://events.openhatch.org/sources/new and paste in the iCal feed. We'll see how swamped you are!17:01
pleia2does it re-read the feed, or do you have to reimport each time you make a change?17:02
paulproteusI think sadly it doesn't re-read the feed, from what it looks.17:02
pleia2(changes happen often during week events)17:02
paulproteusOh, interesting.17:02
paulproteusI'm fairly new to it, and haven't read the code carefully yet, but from using the UI it feels like you have to notify it of changes.17:02
paulproteusIt's free software (in Rails), and that sort of thing could likely be added.17:03
* pleia2 nods17:03
pleia2I'll nudge the team in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage and maybe we can get a volunteer to maintain it :)17:03
paulproteusOoh, nice.17:03
paulproteusI'm happy to talk more about the calendar, too, and why I think it's a good thing (-:17:04
paulproteus(is that a private channel?)17:04
pleia2completely open :) you're welcome to join17:04
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