AlanBellmy lens works \o/16:10
nigelbHave you gone crazy yet?16:11
nigelbI'm told vala has that effect.16:11
nigelbI wish there was an easy way to play scrabble online.16:11
* AlanBell likes Unity now16:19
PendulumI'm not sure you should have to need the skills to write your own lens before you like Unity :-/16:21
AlanBellPendulum: I quite agree16:23
AlanBellespecially as I don't really have the skills to write a lens16:23
AlanBellbut now I can launch the applications that I want to run \o/16:24
* AlanBell is pleased by simple things16:24
AlanBellI just need to stop it from conflicting with the original applications lens and it needs a bit of a code tidy16:30
AlanBellI don't know how much of the zeitgeist gubbins is really needed for the package searching16:30
AlanBelllp:~alanbell/+junk/appmenu-lens if people want to point and laugh at my code16:33
akgranerjcastro  you around?18:46
akgranergot a sec?18:47
AlanBelljcastro: see my screencast?19:07
* jcastro needs to wget it first19:13
nigelbczajkowski: Can the LC send email to all locos?20:29
czajkowskinigelb: yes one by one to the teams20:29
nigelbczajkowski: We need to send out a plea for help for developers for LTP.20:30
nigelbReally really short staffed.20:30
czajkowskiwhat's LTP20:30
cjohnstonLoCo Team Portal20:30
nigelbLoco Team Portal20:30
czajkowskiah ok20:30
czajkowskiwell it's not really for that20:30
cjohnstonat some point20:30
czajkowskiwe can use it for approvals and such things20:31
cjohnstonhes talking a seperate email20:31
czajkowskinot sure teams would like us if we mail them about annoucements and calls20:31
czajkowskiin theory that's what we have loco contacts list for20:31
czajkowskias there was a lotta issue surrounding us being able to do that20:31
czajkowskiI dont want to abuse it20:31
AlanBellthe blog would seem more appropriate20:33
nigelbAlanBell: we could blog as well, but we've done so before with not great success.20:33
pleia2is LTP different than LoCo directory?20:34
=== daker__ is now known as daker
cjohnstonpleia2: no.. ld will be ltp20:34
AlanBellwhat needs doing anyway? is this the "loco directory is a planet" scheme20:34
czajkowskiAlanBell: aye there we could, but I'm not sure us mailing teams that way would be best from us, considering the fact some teams A) don't know who the LC are or B) would appreciate us being able to mail them directly20:34
cjohnstonAlanBell: we need alot..20:34
pleia2(but yeah, loco teams would be very annoying to loco teams if they were emailed directly about this)20:34
pleia2err, except with clarity20:34
pleia2my brain is broken20:35
czajkowskipleia2: tis confusing, most of us refer to it as the LD, only the LD Dev refer to it as LTP20:35
pleia2teams would be annoyde :)20:35
pleia2czajkowski: yeah20:35
nigelbwell, it was decided to change it at UDS20:35
cjohnstonAlanBell: there are currently 117 open bugs.. figure maybe a 3rd are feature requests..20:35
nigelband its changed everywhere else20:35
czajkowskinigelb: I do wish decisons like that were more inclusing of people who were not at uds, or a poll after UDS20:35
czajkowskias tbh everyone has gotten used to calling it LD20:35
nigelbWell, really, its a meritocracy.20:36
czajkowskithey are confused when you say LTP and they are not gonna rename it20:36
nigelbWe can't poll for everything20:36
nigelbThere were stakeholders for almost everything in the room, loco council, developers, jono, etc20:36
czajkowskishall agree to disagree nigelb20:36
pleia2nigelb: perhaps send a list to loco contacts asking for help? (I just browsed the archives for the past couple months - nothing)20:37
jonoczajkowski, is the name really that big of a deal?20:37
jonoI think we have more important problems and opportunities to focus on20:37
pleia2jono: it is confusing, people are *just* getting used to "loco directory"20:37
nigelbpleia2: can do :)20:37
jonopleia2, I am not denying that there is confusion, but lets just a make a decision and get on with things20:38
cjohnstonwe havent actually done the rename yet.. but it will be done when it becomes a portal20:38
jonoI remember this being discussed weeks ago20:38
jonolets pick one and move on20:38
pleia2nigelb: x-post it to ubuntu-news-team, I'll put it on fridge20:38
nigelbpleia2: ooh, yes. Let me wake up and I'll do it.20:38
nigelb2 am isn't a great time to write emails :D20:38
czajkowskijono: I'm not making a thing of it, I just said I'd mail the Loco contacts with a list of bugs to see if I can help to get people on board and also let them know there are some bugs they are duplicating reporting20:38
* cjohnston slaps nigelb with a trout.. WAKE UP20:38
czajkowskiI am actually trying to help jono, but both myself AlanBell and pleia2 were all confused with the name20:39
czajkowskijono: sorry I opened my gob.20:39
pleia2nigelb: nah take your time, no need to rush, don't need to do it today, I was just making suggestions to get the word out :)20:39
jonoczajkowski, I know you are trying to help, I am just suggesting that there has been enough discussion on this and just pick something and move on :-)20:39
jonoits a name :-)20:39
nigelbpleia2: We need more help with Ubuntu Webdev in general. I've been planning a blog post for some time but just ending up with not enough time :)20:40
czajkowskijono: souded like you were were kinda giving out tbh to me :/20:40
jonoczajkowski, that was not my intent, I just saw more discussion of what I feel is a fairly minimal issue20:40
AlanBellI think it will be called the portal when it grows a planet on every microsite right?20:41
czajkowskijono: ok , I am just trying to get more contacts involved in some way20:41
jonoczajkowski, sounds good20:41
czajkowskiand all of them related to it being the LD20:41
nigelbAlanBell: for practical reasons, we didn't change the "name" but changed the display name instead.20:42
nigelbwait. I thought it wwas changed!20:43
nigelbcjohnston: ^20:43
AlanBell"LoCo Team Directory"20:43
cjohnstonit isnt changed yet20:43
cjohnstonit will be changed when it becomes more of a portal20:43
cjohnstonthe code is done..20:43
cjohnstonfor the blog thing20:43
cjohnstoni need to get that live20:43
nigelbAlanBell: Really, we'd love to have emore help from you :)20:43
AlanBellis it testable?20:43
cjohnstonjono: speaking of which.. i still need an email with the blogs you want on it20:43
cjohnstonAlanBell: no20:43
jonocjohnston, oops20:43
cjohnstonon your local machine20:43
jonogood point20:43
jonowe did put together a wiki page, let me dig it out20:44
jonocjohnston, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoPortalFeeds20:44
czajkowski21:35 < ubot4> Launchpad bug 711649 in loco-directory "When logging in for the first time, username doesn't show in Meeting Chair list (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71164920:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 711649 in loco-directory "When logging in for the first time, username doesn't show in Meeting Chair list" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71164920:46
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 711649 in loco-directory "When logging in for the first time, username doesn't show in Meeting Chair list" [High,Triaged]20:46
czajkowskistupid laptop20:46
AlanBellerr, so it doesn't take multiple feeds per LoCo?20:47
nigelbAlanBell: not yet.20:47
jonocjohnston, what is the latest on the portal - are we about ready to roll?20:47
nigelbThe first step is to have X number of feeds on there.20:47
jonoI *really* want to have it in place for the UGJ20:47
nigelbin 5 days?20:48
cjohnstonjono... well.. see pm... ; lol20:48
cjohnstonif we can get the dump. and get mhall119 time to see what he can fix... the code is all ready to go... but we cant go till we get the db fixced20:48
jcastroAlanBell: whoa20:48
jcastrothat's pretty awesome20:48
jcastroAlanBell: I suspect many people will like it20:48
AlanBellso I was expecting to put the feeds from here http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org/ onto the loco directory/portal thingie20:48
jonocjohnston, ok, I am on it20:49
cjohnstonAlanBell: no.. its a hand picked list20:49
jcastrothough personally I wouldn't do the customization bit since that's in the settings, that way more normal apps can fit on it20:49
cjohnstonthanks jono20:49
AlanBelljcastro: I think the applications lens as it is puts a lot of people off unity altogether20:49
jonocjohnston, hmm, the RT says mhall got the backups20:49
jcastroAlanBell: it's my least favorite part, I don't even use it20:49
jonocjohnston, Matthias Arnason gave him them on IRC on the 19th20:50
jonomhall119, ^20:50
cjohnstonim looking20:50
AlanBellthe zeitgeist stuff is unpredictable and I don't like that, and I really find the suggested items obnoxious when it hasn't shown me all the stuff I have installed20:50
cjohnstonjono: https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=1778320:51
jcastroAlanBell: yeah and it has a knack to recommend the worst apps20:51
AlanBellyeah, I filed a bug about them being irrelevant, if you filter by category it shows you some of what you have in that category and suggests random stuff from all over the place20:51
jcastroAlanBell: do you want to submit your lens to extras.ubuntu.com? That would be great20:52
jonocjohnston, ok, so it looks like mhall119 needs to respond to Darren about the /media/ weekly exports20:52
AlanBelljcastro: sure, what is the procedure for that?20:53
AlanBellit needs a cleanup first though20:53
cjohnstonmhall119: ^20:53
jcastroAlanBell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviews20:54
AlanBelljcastro: hmm, ok I have no idea how to do packaging or get it to work under /opt but I have no idea how to code in Vala either and that didn't stop me :)20:57
jcastroAlanBell: you can probably just rip off the packaging from the gwibber lens20:57
jcastroit was also rewritten in vala by someone who didn't know it20:57
AlanBellit is python21:07
jonojcastro, mailing the managers now re. reviewing UDS sponsorships21:09
AlanBellhowever I can probably rip off the packaging, and I might recode the whole thing in a semicolon-free environment21:09
AlanBelland I might create some other lenses if I can do it in python21:10
jonojcastro, I also asked the ue-leads too, the tech leads21:12
jonojcastro, I asked them to reach out to you if they need access to summit21:12
jcastrothough everyone has the right access last I checked21:12
jcastroalso, I don't grant then access, the tech board does as they need to be in the right lp group21:13
AlanBellcjohnston: so with the LTP thing, I could put the aggregated LoCo feed in for our page at http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org/atom.xml that would work wouldn't it?21:14
cjohnstoni dunno if it currently has an rss out21:15
AlanBellno, as an RSS input21:15
AlanBellI thought it was going to replace planet.ubuntu-uk.org21:16
cjohnstonit is going to put a hand picked group of feeds onto the front page of the LoCo Directory21:16
AlanBelloh, that is totally not what I expected21:17
AlanBellI thought it was going to put a UK planet on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk21:17
AlanBelland same for every other team21:18
AlanBellnot sure stuff on the front page will make the microsites tabworthy21:20
AlanBellbut heh, not complaining, I wasn't involved in all the discussions, or doing the work, I just missunderstood the objectives21:22
cjohnstonmicrosites being loco directory?21:22
AlanBellbeing each team area21:22
cjohnstonno.. its on the front page21:23
cjohnstonalthough putting the teams blogrolls on each teams page may not be a bad idea... jono ?21:24
AlanBellpersonally I never see the front page, I have a bookmark to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk21:25
czajkowskicjohnston: I always thought that was a future feature tbh21:26
cjohnstonI don't think so?21:27
jonocjohnston, that would be awesome21:27
jonoAlanBell, part of the goal is to make the front page tabble so you can the work of all teams21:27
jonobut I think team specific blog rolls could be awesome21:27
czajkowskicjohnston: aye I thought it was posts tagged were gonna go to main page21:27
czajkowskibut teams could add their planet to their page on the LD21:28
cjohnstonI think thats just pics21:28
czajkowskimaybe am confused21:28
czajkowskikinda make more of a reason to go to their team page21:28
czajkowskisee blogs21:28
AlanBelljono: not many people have the use-case of working all the teams21:28
czajkowskisee events21:28
czajkowskisee pics21:28
cjohnstonAlanBell: mind making a feature request and marking it confirmed / wishlist?21:28
AlanBellcjohnston: sure21:28
cjohnstonand then bzr branch lp:loco-directory21:29
cjohnstoncode code code21:29
jonoAlanBell, no, but the goal of this work is to show off the wider work of the community to inspire teams21:29
cjohnstonbzr commit -m "Adds cool stuff" --fixes lp:XXXXXX && bzr push lp:~alanbell/loco-directory/alan-bell-rox21:29
jonothe ethos behind the work is that what really encourages folks to participate in Open Source is the kudos from fellow community members21:30
jonobut in the loco world there is not really a good way to show off the work of all the teams21:30
* AlanBell has commits in LD already21:30
jcastroI personally feed on the ridicule! :)21:30
cjohnstonyou need new commits21:30
jonothe blogroll on l.u.c is designed to rectify that21:30
jonobut I think team-specific blog rolls would make sense too21:30
czajkowskijcastro: and we love you for that21:30
jonojcastro, lol21:31
nigelbjcastro: hehe21:31
czajkowskijcastro: http://blip.tv/episode/5492176  and cypher.skynet.ie/oggcamp21:31
nigelbjcastro: Are you driving down to UDS in november?21:32
* jcastro bookmarks21:32
jcastroI am, stereotypically watching "8 mile"21:32
czajkowskilove  8 mile21:32
czajkowskiadore the soundtrack21:32
cjohnstonnigelb: thats up for him21:32
AlanBell8 mile is an awesome film21:32
czajkowskiactually folks ye;ll all love or hate the film the guard with brendan gleeson21:32
jcastroI always just ffwd to the end21:33
jcastroto the rap battle21:33
AlanBelljcastro: best ragequit evar21:33
AlanBellwhat is that feed of feeds thing called?21:35
AlanBellnvm, OPML21:35
AlanBellcjohnston: bug 836281 I can't wishlist it21:37
ubot2`Launchpad bug 836281 in loco-directory "add a team blogroll or planet to the team pages" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83628121:37
jono8 mile is a ricket film21:37
jonowicked film21:37
jonoErica and watched The Tourist last night21:37
jonothat was a fun ride :-)21:37
nigelbThe tourist is awesome :)21:38
cjohnstonAlanBell: I guess you need to do more work so you can get bug control access :-P21:39
nigelbcjohnston: we should rope in AlanBell for reviews :D21:39
cjohnstonno.. code.. reviews are easier21:40
cjohnstonspecially with these stupid tests21:41
* nigelb kicks cjohnston repeatedly.21:41
nigelbjono: oh, heh. I have a /hilight for summit. Finally it triggered for something relating for why I turned it on!21:41
nigelbsponsorships are closed right?21:43
AlanBellhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/sponsorship/ yup21:49
nigelbOh good. I can now reveal that there used to a bug (fixed now), that wwould allow you to ensure you got accepted for sponsorship. :P21:50
AlanBellwhich is now surounded by an if(name==nigelb){} block21:51
jcastroother than my inhuman ability to track everything.21:51
nigelbAlanBell: haha21:52
jcastroI would have foiled your plan to sponsor eminem21:52
nigelbI didn't even apply this time21:52
AlanBellneither did I21:52
nigelbjcastro: I was thinking of getting some trolls sponsored :P21:53
czajkowskineither did I21:53
nigelbAlanBell: I'm going to play with a node.js frontend for summit when I have some time. Will be able to help at some point?21:54
AlanBellwhat is it for?21:57
nigelbwell, the idea I have is to use web sockets to push notification when the schedule changes21:58
nigelbso one does not need to keep refreshing21:58
AlanBelloh, for the scary calendar21:58
jcastroI think he just wants to play with node.js21:58
nigelbjcastro: that too :D21:58
nigelbjcastro: man, you know me too well!21:59
jcastroeveryone is all of a sudden "oh we need to rewrite this in node.js"21:59
nigelbbecause node.js is actually pretty good!21:59
nigelband also scaleable21:59
akgranerDang it  - anyone know how to send encrypted messages using gmail in chromium?21:59
akgranerFound an add-on for Firefox22:00
nigelbakgraner: use the commandline to generate an encrypted file, copy & paste.22:00
nigelbthe add-on is no longer maintained22:00
akgranernigelb :-( comand line, command line command line..it all comes back to the command line....22:00
nigelbakgraner: well, or use a real email client :)22:01
akgranerthe add-on enigmail add-on is not compatible with my version of Thunderbird :-(22:02
nigelbEvolution has gpg support inbuilt ^-^22:02
akgranerand I don't even want to use evolution22:02
jcastroanyone else notice that the new software center icon looks like pop rocks blowing up inside a shopping bag?22:02
nigelbcommandline it is then22:03
akgranerI guess...22:03
nigelbjcastro: pic?22:03
* nigelb doesnt run bleeding edge.22:03
jcastroit's on omg's front page22:03
jcastroon that header thing22:04
akgranerok nigelb I installed engimail by using the command line :-)  now I'll see how this works :-)  setting it up now...22:12
nigelbakgraner: \o/22:13
AlanBellwe should set up a world series http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-1470302222:13
mhall119enigmail from the commandline?22:37
mhall119akgraner: gmail web interface == no encrypted email :(22:38
mhall119use gmail+IMAP with a desktop client22:38
mhall119though I just saw something about an AES + RSA implementation in javascript, so maybe soon for webmail22:39
mhall119cjohnston: czajkowski: AlanBell: adding a per-team blogroll shouldn't be hard, and that was part of my long-term plans22:40
mhall119but for phase 1 it'll just be hand-picked blogs on the frontpage22:40

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