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penguin42c/join #python-gtk17:42
penguin42bah foo17:42
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penguin42anyone have any idea why a window would show up on xwininfo with apparently sensible geometry but not be visible ?18:37
penguin42ooh - it's not mapped....18:40
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RovanionWhat package provides gbm.h?20:40
RovanionIn fedora it's libgbm-devel I believe. What would be the corresponding package in Ubuntu?20:42
RovanionNo such package captain, sorry infinity. Or am I missing some repo?20:44
infinityRovanion: It's only in oneiric.20:45
infinity(I assume it's reasonably new...)20:45
RovanionOuch that introduces a whole new level of pain into my ventures. I can add the oneric repo to my apt-sources and only pull one package right?20:46
infinityIn that case, probably not.  I'm guessing it's tied fairly closely to various mesa/drm deps.20:47
infinityBut maybe not.20:47
infinityActually, you might be in luck.20:48
RovanionI'm pulling mesa from git to try and bulid wayland. It's wierd that I passed right trough autogen.sh but my compilation failed missing gbm.h20:48
infinitylibgbm-dev and libgbm1 might install on some older releases without much pain.20:48
infinityIf you're building mesa git, you should probably be building libgbm from mesa...20:48
infinity(That's where it's from, after all, it builds from our mesa source packages)20:49
RovanionDo you know in which git repo holds libgbm infinity? My googling only finds changelogs for different distro packages.20:52
infinityI would assume it's from mesa itself, given that it lands in the mesa dist tarballs, but I'm not much of an X/mesa guy, so not sure.20:53
RovanionHow odd that I error out when trying to bulid mesa then..20:54
infinityLooks like it ships with mesa 7.11 and up.20:55
infinityBut maybe it's a git submodule or something and maintainer seperately upstream.20:55
RovanionIs there any special ubuntu channel for mesa/xorg that I can turn to?21:21
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micahgRovanion: #ubuntu-x21:23
micahgis it ok to mix pkg-config and cmake?21:32
RAOFmicahg: They're different things?  You can use pkg-config with cmake; compiz & unity do.22:53
micahgRAOF: yes indeed, but I didn't know if there was some type of cmake gateway, I'll take a look a compiz, thanks22:54

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