micahgDktrKranz: did you mean to subscribe sponsors for bug 835416?  it's in universe now, but also seeded in lubuntu03:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 835416 in gdebi (Ubuntu) "Sync gdebi 0.8.1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83541603:09
DktrKranzmicahg: indeed, I didn't notice it was demoted.07:27
micahgDktrKranz: well, from the look of the bug, requestsync didn't help you at all :)07:27
* DktrKranz hasn't launchpadlib integration yet :P07:28
hakermaniasladen, Good morning, why in armel it failed to build? It seems that it didn't use gcc, otherwise I cannot explain it. Also, notice it says: 'sh: gcc: not found'07:29
hakermaniaIf it fails to build in some architectures, will it be available to the successful ones?07:30
micahghakermania: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/78351164/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-armel.wallch_2.1-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, it seems to be a problem with an arm specific symbol in libav07:31
hakermaniamicahg, thanks, but how do ou know?07:33
micahghakermania: I read the build log, you look right at the end before the packages start to be removed07:33
hakermaniamicahg, Which symbol? I can see an undefined reference inside the libhighgui (opencv) lib...07:38
micahgyep, that would be it07:38
hakermaniamicahg, but that's not problem of my code, it's architecture's or lib's dependend...07:39
micahghakermania: it could be that opencv just needs a rebuild against the latest libav07:41
hakermaniamicahg, any action from my side?07:42
micahghakermania: doesn't look like it07:44
* micahg really needs to upgrade his armel machine to oneiric07:45
micahgunfortunately, I have to take care of something else before bed, maybe I can look later today07:46
* hakermania is grateful07:47
hakermaniablackout :P08:11
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hakermaniasladen, if there's no action required from me, why did you asigned me to the bug?09:32
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sladenhakermania: you can mark it "Won't Fix"/deassign yourself---just thought as it's your package it was the easiest way to alert you to it11:07
sladenhakermania: (if you subscribe to  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wallch/+subscriptions  you should get bugmail automatically)11:08
hakermaniasladen, I've already subscribed wallch team, in which i am a member12:13
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sladenhakermania: okay13:30
hakermaniasladen, will it be available for the architectures in which it successfully built, or?14:15
sladenhakermania: it is14:32
sladenhakermania: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wallch/2.1-0ubuntu214:33
hakermaniasladen, which will be Wallch's icon in USC? I don't want it to have this ugly 'box with tools' icon. Do I submitted somewhere or it will automatically take desktop file's icon for use?15:29
sladenhakermania: it's taken from the .desktop file + icon inside the binary, …when the database is rebuilt16:51
sladenhakermania: which is done sporadically IIRC16:52
hakermaniasladen, what is IIRC :P ?17:00
sladenhakermania: "If I Recall Correctly", but I don't already recall/remember correctly17:19
micahgusually right before milestones17:19
hakermaniamicahg, milestones? Before betta release for example?17:36
hakermaniawow, I had installed in a virtualbox aplha3 oneiric the 0ubuntu1 and it updated to 0ubuntu2 at once :O17:42
hakermaniait's on the repos :D17:47
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hakermaniaOk, I would like to thank this channel very much for all the help I got, but especially tumbleweed, jtaylor, sladen, micahg and surely other ones that I've forgotten since winter... Also the AA and his instant reaction... Thanks you guys, really !18:35
micahghakermania: thank you for contributing to Ubuntu!, do you intend to try to get the package in Debian now?18:36
hakermaniamicahg, Why NOT :D ? I know nothing about Debian BUT, I knew very few about Ubuntu and C++ when I started this project and now it's in! So, yes, I will.18:41
micahghakermania: that's great!, then your program can get even more exposure :)18:44
Laneyyou'll get to have fun making the ubuntu specific features optional19:05
hakermaniaLaney, heh, I don't use to say good things for myself, and if I do i'm ironic, but I was quite clever to associate the Unity options with the start-up ones. If you mean to remove them from the .desktop file for Debian, then it's easy19:14
hakermaniaI mean that Unity options exist because of the start-up ones, also cli communication with the program through DBus is fun!19:14
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hakermaniaAlso, what's going on on revu? will it stay there?19:26
Laneyit's the path of most resistance19:27
jtaylorwtf is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676740/19:28
hakermania!wtf jtaylor19:28
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micahgjtaylor: something not cleaning up after itself?19:29
jtaylorthat can only be gcc/ld then19:31
jtaylorto reproduce: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676746/19:33
hakermaniamicahg, should I port it somehow or upload it manually to http://expo.debian.net/ ?19:40
jtayloranyone have an idea how to solve the ncurses issue?20:16
tumbleweedjtaylor: so, libncurses.so.5 is a symlink to libtermcap.so which is a linker script saying read libncurses.so.5 :)20:21
jtaylorshouldn't that be a major problem for a lot more builds20:23
tumbleweedmost likely20:24
jtaylorI oly found a single failure20:24
tumbleweedit was only uploaded 3 days ago20:24
jtaylorseems no bug reported20:25
tumbleweedaha, 5.9-1ubuntu1 was the culprit20:25
tumbleweedlooks like a trivial fix20:25
jtaylorbug 83624620:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 836246 in ncurses (Ubuntu) "cycle between ncurses/termcap linker scripts" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83624620:28
tumbleweedjtaylor: got a patch?20:35
jtaylorhave no experience with linker scripts20:36
jtaylorzZzZZz how large is this ncurses branch ._.20:45
tumbleweedjtaylor: I've realised I have no idea where /usr/lib/libncurses.so.5 comes from20:46
tumbleweedit isn't there in a clean chroot20:47
tumbleweedright, ldconfig created it when 5.9-1 is installed20:50
tumbleweedbut when it was transitioned to a linker script, it didn't know to clean it up20:50
jtaylorso its an upgrade problem?20:51
tumbleweedyeah, I think a bug in ldconfig20:54
tumbleweedalthough I don't know if ldconfig deletes symlinks, so maybe not20:55
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