* nlsthzn gets into SuMmArY mode... 04:38
* nlsthzn is again in summay mode...07:51
nlsthzn*summary mode >.<07:51
philipballewneed help?07:53
nlsthznphilipballew: Sure... there is a lot of articles still in need of attention :)07:56
* nlsthzn just did one on Ubuntu Youth written by a certain philipballew ;)07:56
* philipballew wonders who that is :)07:59
pleia2so, openhatch has created this for us: http://events.openhatch.org/venues/517:04
pleia2but we'll need to import our ical to http://events.openhatch.org/sources/new to make it update17:04
pleia2each time an update is made17:04
* pleia2 can't really commit to this17:04
pleia2and this is the wrong channel17:07
* pleia2 headdesk17:07
* pleia2 talks about this in the classroom channel now17:08
pleia2I've copied over completed sections, we still need summaries for: Press, Blogosphere and Other News18:39
akgranerpleia2, migraine since yesterday bit it finally broke - I'll grab a shower and then jump on what ever needs finishing19:20
pleia2thanks akgraner :)19:20
pleia2still need all summaries from Press, Blogosphere and Other News22:44
holsteintheres one in 'in other news' that says "w/ Ubucon"23:56
holsteinim not sure what that means23:56
holsteinotherwise, i just knocked the rest of them out :)23:56
holsteinpleia2: ^^23:56

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