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ollyibeardslee: ok, i'll try to grab you at some point01:32
ibeardsleeat the afternoon tea break .. walk around mooing loudly, I'll listen for the noise01:49
ibeardsleedon't go baa .. it might confuse any australians at the venue01:50
ibeardsleethe talk I'm in about twisted (track 2) has finished early02:04
ibeardsleehow was the holiday?20:10
ajmitchgreat to come back into the office to a dead computer20:30
ibeardsleedoes that mean you get an upgrade20:31
ajmitchno, this was simply the one doing NAT to the network upstairs, & to the internet20:32
thumperI am looking forward to next year :)21:32
ibeardsleeshould be good and interesting21:32
Atamiragrief. im just looking forward to making it through xmas21:33
Atamiraleft alone another year21:33
ajmitchibeardslee: we expect to see you down here :)21:33
ibeardsleeshould be doable .. as long as you promise no norovirus21:36
ajmitchdon't you want the full Dunedin Experience?21:37
ibeardsleeI missed out at last Dunedin conference .. it's a tradition I'd like to stick with21:39
ajmitchI missed out as well, must have been something to do with living in town & not at unicol21:39
hadsI stayed at the uni and didn't get sick.21:47
ajmitchaha, I remembered my github password :)21:47
ajmitchI knew I had an account there, so the free beer wasn't wasted :)21:48
snailibeardslee: cruising was not as relaxing as expected. too much on board entertainment. also it rained, quite a bit.21:58
snailnice http://data.govt.nz/dataset/show/228722:15

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