bazhang<earl2hol23> ahhh rape me00:23
bazhangalso, thought mindrape was banned00:23
alex--Why is illunatic banned?00:44
elkybazhang, he was but someone probably inadvertently let him back in00:48
bazhangkwtm seems to be offering very suspect advice01:14
bazhangelky, thanks01:15
bazhangpartitioning advice: buy a new HDD01:17
bazhanggnome3 and jolicloud and wants support.03:24
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bazhangPM me so I can help you install ARCH, basically12:19
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AnastasiusHello, ladies and gentlemen.14:43
AnastasiusPerhaps one of you can refresh my memory as to why I'm banned in #ubuntu-offtopic.  I'm sure I've asked before but I forgot.14:44
AnastasiusIs this thing on?14:46
IdleOneit is.14:46
IdleOnegive me a minute14:46
AnastasiusOh, hiya IdleOne!  Wanna scrabble later?14:46
IdleOnemaybe 514:46
IdleOneheh, let me look into this first14:46
IdleOnelooks like you used some inappropriate language14:48
IdleOneyou really should know better14:49
AnastasiusI know, I just get really bored sometimes. :(14:49
IdleOneyeah, boredom isn't an excuse for doing stupid stuff14:50
AnastasiusI get really bored sometimes, though.  :)14:50
AnastasiusAnywho, if you want to scrabble later /msg me or contact me via The Reservation.  I suppose there's no chance of getting that ban overturned anytime soon.14:51
IdleOneI can't remove the ban. might want to try coming back later when a -ot op is active14:52
AnastasiusOh, well notify me when that happens too then.14:52
* IdleOne isn't a messenger service :P14:53
AnastasiusThis communication thing is too complicated.14:54
AnastasiusOkay, I'll leave now.  Join us in ##c-u though!14:54
ubottuEgyParadox called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:19
EgyParadoxits jsut spam\15:20
EgyParadoxI didnt know tht its only emergency siutaiton15:20
EgyParadoxjust abuse15:21
EgyParadoxI apologize15:21
IdleOneEgyParadox: no worries15:22
EgyParadoxWindowsMojave: mgj http://hostingpad.tk15:25
oCeanEgyParadox: if there is nothing else we can do for you, please leave this channel15:42
EgyParadoxno there is nothing15:43
topylianastasius is not interested in being unbanned, wasting our time is more relevant to them16:43
ubottuIn #xubuntu-devel, charlie-tca said: !no, !themes is #xubuntu Find your themes at http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://xfce-look.org- Also see !changethemes16:43
charlie-tcaWould like that for both #xubuntu and #xubuntu-devel, please16:44
oCeanofftopic ops around?17:54
oCeanoh wait17:54
ubottublissi called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:43
ubottublissi called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:01
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()20:03
Corey13:02:43 [freenode] [~blissi(~blissi@ )] fag20:03
CoreyThat was.. constructive.20:03
ubottublissi called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()20:03
AnastasiusI'll behave, I promise.20:40
FlannelHowdy Anastasius20:40
AnastasiusWait, I need another drink.  brb.20:41
AnastasiusOkay, I'm back.  What were we talking about again?20:42
FlannelAnastasius: So, I think you're well aware of why you were banned from #ubuntu-offtopic.20:43
AnastasiusI'm not really sure.  Can you elaborate a bit to refresh my memory?20:44
FlannelAnastasius: I think you're well aware.  Playing coy isn't going to get you anywhere either.20:45
AnastasiusNo, I'm seriously not sure.  Let me review my logs here.20:45
FlannelBut if we must, you weren't behaving like a decent, normal person in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:46
AnastasiusWell I never behave like a decent normal person, whatever that means.  I'm still grepping, btw.  It would be good to tackle the specifics.20:48
FlannelAnastasius: I guess that does bring us to the next question, regardless of whether we'll revisit this one.  What makes you think you'll behave differently this time around?20:49
FlannelOr is unbanning you simply going to mean I have to ban you again in 24 hours?20:49
FlannelHi skmpy, how can we help you?20:49
AnastasiusFlannel:  I'm basically a good guy.  You know that.20:50
FlannelAnastasius: Regardless of what you are, it's how you behave in IRC that forces my hand.20:50
AnastasiusSo no, if unbanned I won't do anything to be banned again within 24 hours.  Maybe a week or so.20:50
FlannelAnastasius: No, the goal is not to see how long it takes to get you banned.  If you feel that it's inevitable that you'll get yourself banned in such a small timeframe, there really is no point in going through these motions.20:51
AnastasiusFlannel: I see.  So this is all basically because I said "tits"?20:51
Myrttiskmpy: hi!20:52
AnastasiusMyrtti: Hi, how you doin'?20:52
skmpyMyrtti: hey mang20:53
Myrttiskmpy: how can we help you?20:53
AnastasiusMyrtti: You should join us in ##club-ubuntu sometime, em has missed you.20:53
FlannelAnastasius: that statement contributed.  Look 34 minutes before that for another episode, and 21hours and 45 minutes ahead of that for yet another.20:53
FlannelAnastasius: in this particular case, those three things (how many warnings do you really need?) played a part in your ban.20:54
AnastasiusFlannel: Jeez, dude, I didn't know that humour was verboten.  Excuse me.20:54
FlannelAnastasius: If that's your definition of humor, then yes, it might help you to consider humor forbidden.20:54
AnastasiusHow droll.20:54
FlannelAnastasius: IRC doesn't exist to entertain you, there may be some channels you find utterly boring.  You may choose not to participate in them.20:55
AnastasiusWell at this point I'm not really expecting to get unbanned, nor do I care anyway.  But you people might take a long hard look at what you think is forbidden.  Just a tip.20:55
FlannelAnastasius: We'll take that under advisement.  Thanks.20:56
FlannelAnastasius: Is there anything else we can help you with?20:56
AnastasiusWell, yes.20:56
AnastasiusI was sort of wondering why you call ##club-ubuntu the voldemort channel.20:57
AnastasiusOr is that just an elky thing?  Because #voldemort now redirects to ##club-ubuntu.20:57
FlannelAnastasius: I don't believe I have evers done so.  So I can't really comment on that.20:57
rwwAnastasius: actually, ##voldemort, and that channel is owned by emma.20:58
AnastasiusFlannel: No hard feelings between us, I hope.  I realize you're just doing your "duty", whatever that means.20:58
Anastasiusrww: Hi!20:58
rwwAnastasius: hihi20:58
Anastasiusrww: Thanks for the correction.20:59
rwwSo yes, unless I'm now living in a hilarious alternate universe where emma is secretly elky... :)20:59
AnastasiusThat would be both twisted and appropriate.20:59
FlannelI think that rounds out that question.  Anastasius, if there's nothing else, kindly part this channel to keep it open for others.  Thanks.21:00
AnastasiusFlannel: But there's nobody here.21:01
MyrttiAnastasius: skmpy seems to have something to discuss21:01
FlannelAnastasius: Well, skmpy seems to need something, and I'm sure we'll get more as the day progresses.21:01
Anastasiusskmpy: Would you like to talk?  I'm here to help.21:01
FlannelAnastasius: Please part.  We try to keep it spectator free.  You know that logs are available if you'd like to keep an ear to the wall.21:02
AnastasiusOh, sorry!21:04
skmpyyeah that's right, i need some privacy for my extremely urgent and improtant issue21:04
Flannelskmpy: How can we help you?21:04
Myrttiskmpy: ok, great, let's hear it! :-)21:04
skmpywho is phone?21:04
Myrttithere doesn't seem to be anyone with that nick online at the moment...?21:05
skmpywell then, I shall depart.21:05
* Myrtti sweeps the popcorn from underneath the seats21:06
topylinext time anastasius comes in, we should remind them that it's not a good idea to get banned from this channel21:57
topyli(although they probably read logs and will notice this)21:58
rwwHI FINLAND21:59
topylimost of finland's connections are throught sweden, and their police is well known for eavesdropping21:59
topyliwe can basically communicate securely with estonia and russia22:00
topyli(which probably have their own problems)22:00
rwwtopyli doesn't use SSL, Sweden knows his nickserv password ;(22:00
topyliirc is not secure, i have accepted this from the start22:00
topyliit's by design :)22:01
topyliit's a bit like demanding freedom of speech on #ubuntu-offtopic22:02
rwwcould mandate SSL for the whole network. It wouldn't be the first.22:02
topylii'm thinking about a blog post about "freedom of speech on irc"22:02
topylirww: yeah it's not so hard to use ssl, i probably should22:02
Flanneltopyli: tonyyarusso already wrote one22:14
topyliFlannel: i have read it, but i still have stuff to say :)22:17
topylibanned tiox, they made the effort to pm me. they said they'll just "wait for their ban to expire"22:30
topyli(in -ot)22:30
topylii explained that the ban will be removed when they convince me or another op that they can behave in the future. we've been babysitting tiox for months, and they just won't learn22:31
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Hasham said: ubottu,  why cononical is pushing so hard towards unity23:52

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