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cjwatsonnative syncs unfortunately don't show up via queuebot (and that seems non-trivial to fix); I've synced hpodder for an FTBFS fix, and hdbc-sqlite3 because that's a build-dependency of hpodder08:13
cjwatsonthey're in unapproved08:13
stgraberjibel: around?21:58
stgraber(nothing urgent, just wondering as I got a bunch of bug notification e-mail from you)21:58
jibelstgraber, pong21:59
stgraberjibel: hey!21:59
stgraberjibel: I'm currently trying to bugfix most of the nasty ubiquity bugs and I noticed you're apparently going through the bugs at the moment.21:59
stgraberjibel: if you are trying to reproduce some of them, you may want to try with ppa:stgraber/experimental turned on22:00
stgraberjibel: it's basically the current ubiquity trunk branch22:00
stgraber(though I'm guessing you'll probably be gone soon, getting pretty late in Europe :))22:02
jibelstgraber, I was just doing some house keeping and cleaning duplicates of bugs ev fixed in
dokoplease accept openjdk-7, currently builders have nothing to do ...22:03
jibelstgraber, I'll test ubiquity once there is an image with 2.7.18 (2.7.19 actually since 2.7.18 fails to build)22:04
stgraberjibel: ok :) I'm hoping ev will fix the tests for 2.7.18 tomorrow morning. I couldn't figure out what's broken with them so for now I'm just building 2.7.18 without running the tests...22:04
stgraber(only spent around an hour poking at them, then gave up and started looking at bugs in the actual code :))22:05
infinitydoko: What's the story with those two readline uploads?22:08
dokoinfinity, making libreadline independent of ncurses22:18
dokothe python interpreter does load ncurses and ncursesw if you import both readline and the curses module22:18
infinitydoko: This doesn't upset any of readline's other rdeps?22:24
dokoinfinity, think about it, we build with ld --no-add-needed22:25
doko... but people may want to kill me if I let them know that the only reason for ld --no-add-needed was the readline issue ;)22:26

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