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uvirtbot`New bug: #835766 in dhcp3 (main) "package dhcp3-client 3.1.3-2ubuntu3.3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83576600:22
JoeGazz84Hey, is there a good Web panel to use for ubuntu server 10.04? That doesn't interfere with nginx and that's not webmin?00:57
pmatulisJoeGazz84: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal00:58
JoeGazz84pmatulis: Thanks, I'll look into that one :)00:59
JoeGazz84pmatulis: Any other ones? We're looking to test like 201:00
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pmatulisJoeGazz84: not really01:02
JoeGazz84pmatulis: Ok, thanks :)01:05
JoeGazz84Really appreciate it.01:05
pmatulisJoeGazz84: good call to stay away from webmin, it's a hazard01:32
JoeGazz84I know :)01:46
DoonzHey does ubuntu support infiniband adpapters?02:28
jmarsdenDoonz: It would appear to.  Googling for   ubuntu infiniband   might be a good start.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/scst for instance.02:31
jmarsdenDoonz: apt-cache search infiniband     may also provide you with some packages of interest :)02:32
Doonzyeah it was just on the last few vendors sites debian wasnt mentioned as supported02:32
jonfhi - has anyone had a problem getting login running on a text console on 11.04? (/dev/console /dev/tty0)02:39
jonfhmm, s'ok - I think I have got it - needed to change some settings in /etc/default/grub. Question is why does this not work by default?02:47
pmatulisjonf: why should it?02:54
jonfpmatulis: I just did a text console installation of ubuntu 11.04, and at the end of the install, I have no way to log into the system. That seems wrong to me.02:56
jonfpmatulis: I rebooted into rescue mode, installed ssh (which I probably should have done anyway.. )02:57
jonfpmatulis: no virtual consoles working seems new and odd to me, I guess thats all.02:58
uvirtbot`New bug: #835818 in libvirt (main) "Can't boot qemu w/o kvm (no boot=on param, upstream patch)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83581804:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #835825 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.7.3.dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83582504:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #835829 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.7.3.dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83582904:56
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CluelessPersonHey, I have a question06:59
CluelessPersonif I wanted to make it so someone go to a certain website on my server and remotely restart the server, how would I do that?07:00
AlecTaylorI'm looking for a FOSS Flash or Java project featuring "Click to call" functionality from the browser. Do you know of such a project?08:38
uvirtbot`New bug: #835901 in openssh (main) "ssh-copy-id: fails to sanitize arguments" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83590108:51
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CluelessPersonfor some reason I can't place blocks on my server10:24
CluelessPersonI just switched to world multiverse10:24
CluelessPersonnot sure why it would do that.10:24
CluelessPersonthere are seriously 250 people in this room and there's no answer?10:26
alamarCluelessPerson: you seriously don't have more patience than to wait for 5 minutes?10:32
alamarnot even 5 but start complaining after 2 minutes10:32
alamarand I for one do not even understand what your question is10:33
CluelessPersonI got multiverse working10:34
CluelessPersonalamar  and suddenly I can't place any blocks in any world.10:35
CluelessPersonworldedit works10:35
CluelessPersonbut I can't place blocks directly in world10:35
CluelessPersonpretty much10:36
alamarCluelessPerson: I still do not know what you are speaking of10:36
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MatBoythis is weird... my ubuntu install does not see any disks on a DL160 G511:34
MatBoythis is really new11:36
StevenRMatBoy: can you be a little more specific?11:38
MatBoyStevenR: I think the BIOS is dead11:39
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MatBoyStevenR: BIOS sees disks... OS doesn't ... with ahci and compatible11:39
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MatBoyStevenR: also new to me11:41
StevenRMatBoy: does a live-usb or live-cd see the disks?11:42
StevenRdoes one of those see the controller?11:43
MatBoyStevenR: server CD11:46
StevenRMatBoy: please be more verbose.11:47
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AlecTaylorI'm looking for a FOSS Flash or Java project featuring "Click to call" functionality from the browser. Do you know of such a project?12:32
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cemchi. I suspended my desktop and after resume, /dev/sdb wouldn't start, so I 'scsiadd -r 1 0 0 0' and the 'scsiadd -a 1 0 0 0'. now the drive shows up as sdc. can I rename it back to sdb, and how?15:40
cemcnvr mind15:54
kaushalits on 10.04.116:36
kaushalCan someone please help me understand the figure 71.4g16:36
kaushalhow is it possible ?16:36
maxagazI would like to monitor all the traffic on my server, at least all the SSH traffic (who and where do people conenct from, the amount of data they've downloaded or uploaded, and from where), what tool should I use ?16:40
maxagaz(especially ssh tunnelling traffic)16:41
kaushalAny clue please ?16:42
hggdhkaushal: this is virtual memory you are looking at17:05
hggdhthe whole address space for this process17:05
kaushalhggdh: but the physical memory space is 48 GB17:07
kaushaloh ok17:07
kaushalso means hardisk space ?17:08
hggdhdirectly from the man entry for 'top': The total amount of virtual memory used by the task.  It includes all code, data and shared libraries plus pages that have been swapped out and pages that have been mapped but not used.17:09
hggdhthis is just memory space17:09
kaushalgot it17:09
kaushalalso if i need someone to refer to VIRT under man top17:10
kaushalis there a shortcut key or something ?17:10
jfb_h20lost my webcam /dev/video0 , but can't determine the cause...17:10
kaushallike href in case of html page17:10
kaushali know just do man top and then /VIRT17:10
jfb_h20dmesg shows it registered a new interface driver uvcvideo...17:10
jfb_h20any ideas on what else to check?17:11
kaushalsimpler way to do it ?17:11
hggdhkaushal: no, not really. But. while in 'man' you can search for 'VIRT', or 'o:', and this will put you straight to the explanation17:11
jfb_h20can I delete /dev/video0 and see reboot? maybe it was corrupted?17:11
kaushalyou can search for 'VIRT', or 'o:' ?17:12
kaushalnot sure how do i use o: ?17:12
kaushalhggdh: please help me understand17:14
hggdhkaushal: /o:17:15
hggdhkaushal: the fields shown on 'top' are associated with letters. 'o' is the letter for the VIRT field17:15
kaushali did top -d 117:16
kaushaland then letters ?17:16
hggdhno, you would need to start top, then enter 'o' and the fields you want17:17
hggdh(the fields will be shown)17:18
hggdhI mean, just hit 'o', then select the fields you want17:19
kaushalhggdh: Thanks17:28
kaushalalso what does [flush-8:16]17:29
kaushalhow do i get rid of it17:29
kaushalwhen i do top this process shows up17:29
kaushalhdparm -C /dev/sda17:30
kaushal/dev/sda: drive state is:  unknown17:30
kaushalPlease help me understand17:30
kaushalhggdh: also SWAP is just 4GB17:35
kaushalHow come VIRT is 74 GB17:35
hggdhvirt shows all memory referenced, even these not allocated17:36
kaushalnot sure i understand that17:37
kaushalhggdh: please help me understand17:49
hggdhok, kaushal has left18:12
* hggdh again goes elsewhere as well18:14
Guybrush_Tdont know if this is the right place to ask but i have some problems with bind9: i just configured dhcpd and bind to use dyndns and it seems to work up to one point - named wants to creat journal files corresponding to the zone files but apparmor interferes18:15
Guybrush_T apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/named" name="/etc/bind/db.intranet.local.jnl" pid=19257 comm="named" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=105 ouid=10518:16
Guybrush_Tany ideas?18:16
hggdhGuybrush_T: run 'sudo aa-status' to find the name of the bind9 profile; then run 'aa-complain <the profile name you found>18:22
hggdhthis will put the bind9 profile in complain mode18:22
hggdhthen find out what it is complaining about (all of the complains) and adjust the apparmor bind9 profile as needed; then put it back in enforce mode18:23
hggdhI do not use bind9, so I do not know if this is an expected action from you, or a bug18:23
Guybrush_Till give that a try18:24
Guybrush_Tits probably named18:24
hggdhthen the profile is probably /usr/sbin/named, and will be called usr.sbin.named in the /etc/apparmor.d directory18:27
Guybrush_Tthanks - ill have a look there - hope its not too complicated to change that stuff18:28
Guybrush_Tbtw - even though its in complain mode the error msg didnt really change18:28
Guybrush_Tjust tried to open /usr/sbin/named .... doesnt look right ^^18:30
Guybrush_Tah sorry got that mixed up18:30
hggdhand I should have told you from the beginning the profile name... it is shown in the messages18:31
Guybrush_Tah ^^18:31
Guybrush_Tok i opened it18:31
Guybrush_Tok i notice one thing - theres a comment that says /etc/bind should be read only18:32
Guybrush_Tfor bind18:32
hggdhthis is not an error if you put the profile in complain mode18:32
hggdhyes. this is why apparmour complained on a create operation18:33
Guybrush_Tbut it seems to be ok that it complains18:34
hggdhalso, if you 'grep audit /var/log/syslog' you will see all apparmour messages, then it is just adjusting the profile18:34
Guybrush_Tcant be a  bug if theres even a comment to explain it18:34
hggdhif it is in complain mode, then named is running, and you should be able to check NS resolution18:34
hggdhGuybrush_T: I did not *think* it was a real error, since it seems you created some zones; but I am not sure (again, I do not use bind9)18:35
Guybrush_Toh - its not that named is not starting18:35
Guybrush_Tits running fine18:35
Guybrush_Tbut WHEN a client requests dhcp dhcp contacts named to write a new dns entry18:36
Guybrush_Tthats when named/bin tries to creates / append to a jnl file in /etc/bind18:36
hggdhand you might get another audit message stating what operation would be blocked -- and you again adjust the profile, and reload it18:37
Guybrush_Tso i should comment the following line? /etc/bind/** r,18:37
hggdhof course, you _can_, but you are weakening the protection18:38
Guybrush_Tright - thought so too ^^ - then i didnt understand what you wanted me to do18:38
Guybrush_T"adjust the profile"18:38
hggdhnamed is trying to work on your zone files, but the default profile inhibits it. So you adjust the profile in order to be able to go back to enforce mode18:41
hggdhkeeping with your error line, db.intranet.local.jnl is being created, but the usr.sbin.named profile does not authorise it. So you can add a line saying this file can be created (and written to, also)18:44
Guybrush_Ti just found an interesting conversation about using symlinks18:46
Guybrush_Tthere seems to be a directory wher bind can/ should write those jnl files to18:46
Guybrush_Tok, i just founda  forum post that explains how its supposed to be done: bind shouldnt be allowed to write anything to /etc/bind - thats why the zone files should be linked to from /var/cache/bind/18:51
Guybrush_Twhen named finds them there it will create the jnl files there and not try to create them in /etc/bind/18:51
Guybrush_Tso ill try that18:51
Guybrush_Ti can tell you how it went if you are still interested18:52
log69hi all! anybody interested in testing my security related software? to harden servers too? this is a 1-click auto MAC configuration solution. every suggestion or opinion is welcome! my site: http://log69.com/tomld_en.html18:52
hggdhGuybrush_T: sounds plausible, and yes, I would be interested (since one day I am going back to bind9 ;-))18:53
Guybrush_Twhat are you using now anyway?18:53
hggdhan external NS (google)18:55
Guybrush_Tah k18:55
* alamar favors powerdns18:55
Guybrush_Tman id like to try them all but im so nooby i have to go slow about it18:56
Guybrush_Ti want so muchb and can do so little ^^18:56
Guybrush_Talso im SO CLOSE to getting it to work (i think)18:57
Guybrush_Tthe link i probably need is  simply ln -s right?19:00
Guybrush_Tcoz it still wants to write in /etc/bind...19:01
hggdhGuybrush_T: IDK now, sorry19:07
Guybrush_Thggdh: its ok - thanks for helping19:07
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Guybrush_Thah! it works19:38
Guybrush_Tproblem was that the zone descripton in named.conf.local was still pointing to the /etc/bind/ files and not the symlinks ^^19:39
Guybrush_Thggdh: bump19:40
rickjaruizhow do i force close a screen? i used screen ./start.sh19:44
guntbertrickjaruiz: screen as in screen (the program)?19:46
rickjaruizits stuck19:46
rickjaruiztrying to start19:46
rickjaruizi need to force close19:47
TheEvilPhoenixwhy did you do screen ./start.sh?19:47
TheEvilPhoenixcurious :P19:47
rickjaruizit starts a server19:47
guntbertrickjaruiz: try ctrl+c, ctrl+d19:47
rickjaruiznvm, i did ctrl+a then +d, then screen -X quit19:48
rickjaruizis there a "free -m" that auto refreshes?19:50
guntbertrickjaruiz: watch free -m19:52
rickjaruiznice thanks19:52
guntbertyou're welcome :-)19:53
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hggdhGuybrush_T: ack, thank you20:43
Guybrush_Tis there a way to make bind flush all dyndns entries?21:49
photonGuybrush_T: #bind21:51
StevenRGuybrush_T: restart it22:03
Guybrush_Tnah doesnt work22:03
StevenRhow do you know it doesn't work? What tests are you doing to verify this?22:04
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Guybrush_Ti restarted it22:06
Guybrush_Tand when i do nslookup its still there22:06
Guybrush_Tor what did you mean22:07
StevenRI meant that, but much more precise. Could you pastebin the terminal output for your testing?22:07
Guybrush_Tdo you want me restart dhcpd too?22:10
StevenRI'm not sure that would help. Could you expand on your problem and setup. It might help to explain what you expect/want to occur22:11
Guybrush_Tok 1 sec ill post to pastebin first22:12
Guybrush_Tso my setup is: dhcpd-server with 1 subnet and ddns - and 1 bind/named-server with 1 forward and 1 reverse zone22:14
Guybrush_Tthey share a key for allow-update22:14
Guybrush_Tmy forward zone works perfectly well22:14
Guybrush_Tbut the reverse zone doesn't22:15
Guybrush_Tat one point i had the following error msg: adding an RR at '' PTR22:15
StevenRbe more precise (I also recommend learning how to use the "dig" command, because it's much clearer to see what's happening I find)22:15
Guybrush_Twell no error22:15
Guybrush_Tbut it ads some bugus stuff22:16
Guybrush_Tthe ip is far too long22:16
StevenRcan you be more precises about "doesn't work"22:16
Guybrush_Tyes dig is supposed to be good22:16
Guybrush_Twell in the syslog it prints lines like the one above where the ip adress is fucked up and when i do nslookup IPADR it says: server can't find NXDOMAIN22:17
StevenRlooking at that message, either the DHCP server isn't right, or the zone definition or zone file isn't right22:17
Guybrush_Ti think so too22:17
StevenRtry dig @dnsserverIP PTR22:17
Guybrush_Tproblem is i cant test my changes to the files because they "ignore" me because im already in the tables22:17
Guybrush_Tpastebin or private msg22:18
StevenRpastebin please, then anyone playing along can see it22:19
StevenRget rid of the text "IP" from the command and try again22:19
Guybrush_Tah ok22:20
StevenRdig @ PTR22:20
Guybrush_Tah i just noticed i can edit pastes22:22
Guybrush_Ti can paste my dhcpd and named files as well if you want22:22
StevenRyes, do that.22:24
Guybrush_Tthats cat named.conf named.cong.options named.cong.locals22:26
StevenRok. can you paste the zone file for the reverse zone too please22:30
Guybrush_Tthe forward one works fine - so ill post the reverse22:30
StevenRboth the named and dhcpd confs look fine22:30
Guybrush_Tif you look into the dhcpd.conf - there's ddns-rev-domainname : im not sure with that one22:32
Guybrush_Talso im not sure if to add a dot22:32
StevenRthe internet suggests ddns-rev-domainname "in-addr.arpa";22:34
Guybrush_Ti tried that one too22:35
StevenRand you want   ddns-domainname "intranet.local.";22:35
Guybrush_Tbut it works22:35
StevenRhmm.. or maybe not22:35
Guybrush_Tu sure?22:35
StevenRhang on22:35
Guybrush_Talso then it would be in-addr.arpa. right?22:36
StevenRhmmm.... no22:36
Guybrush_Tadding an RR at '' PTR --> from this message i take that i have something wrong with the zones22:36
Guybrush_Tit took the zone name and used it as "last ip number"22:37
StevenRthe zone file is missing something22:38
StevenReverything else looks fine22:38
Guybrush_Tso i think dhcpd posts over as the last number - and bind puts it in front of its own X.0.168.19222:38
Guybrush_Thow do you know its missing something? also the zone file is not really involved in the dyndns part i thought22:39
StevenRput this below the $TTL line in the reverse zone file22:39
StevenR$ORIGIN 0.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA.22:39
StevenRthen, stop bind, remove the journal files, start bind again, and see22:40
StevenRGuybrush_T: the zone file is where those PTR records are written (well, actually to the journal, and periodically committed to the zone file)22:41
Guybrush_Tok i removed the jnl22:42
Guybrush_Tjust another short question: i stopped bind - removed the jnl and started bind again: why can i still nslookup my client? shouldnt this information begone?22:43
StevenRcan you be more specific?22:44
StevenRpastebin the command and output22:45
TheEvilPhoenixyour system may be caching the lookups.  or nslookup is using other servers22:45
Guybrush_Tok - so now: i had another dhcp request etc but since he already knew my laptop he didnt map anything - there are no jnl fils created22:45
StevenRGuybrush_T: it already had a lease for you22:47
StevenRso dhcpd didn't need to do anything22:47
Guybrush_Tthen i need to flush the leases22:48
StevenRit'll be somewhere like /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases .... you need to stop dhcpd, remove the file, start dhcpd. It's a BAD PLAN to do it if you have multiple dhcp clients active, as you *might* get IP conflicts22:49
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Guybrush_TStevenR: !!!! it works22:55
StevenR*jazz hands*22:55
Guybrush_Ti think the ddns-rev thing did the trick22:56
Guybrush_Tthanks man!22:56
StevenRdid you add both the ddns-rev thing and the origin thing?22:56
Guybrush_Tim working on this for 8 hours22:56
Guybrush_Tah yes22:56
Guybrush_Tthat too22:56
Guybrush_Tmaybe thats it too22:56
Guybrush_Ti dont know22:56
StevenRit was the origin thing then22:56
Guybrush_Tcan you explain the problem?22:57
StevenRthe zone file lacked a reference point22:57
StevenRso dhcpd expected to be doing one thing, but because of the lack of reference point, ended up doing something else22:58
Guybrush_Tok - well i cant thank you enough for your time22:58
Guybrush_Ti would've never found that22:59
StevenRno problem :)22:59
Guybrush_Tshould there be this origin in the forward zone field too?23:00
Guybrush_Ti mean it works but i want it to be proper23:00
StevenRcan you pastebin the forward zone file ?23:01
Guybrush_Ti just read that usually the origin is by default the same as the zone name defined in the named.conf23:04
Guybrush_Tand it worked for the forward zone probably23:04
Guybrush_Tmaybe i should've put just in-addr.arpa instead of 0.168.192.in-addr.arpa in the named.cong23:07
StevenRyes, that's probably true. Doesn't hurt to be specific23:07
StevenRI'd just be specific in the zone file. Then the filename doesn't actually matter23:07
Guybrush_Twell im dead beat23:08
Guybrush_Tgotta go to bed now23:08
StevenRsee that zytrax link for an example forward zone23:08
StevenR$ORIGIN example.com.23:08
StevenR(note the trailing .)23:08
Guybrush_Tyeah i have the trailing dot for my forward zone anyway23:09
Guybrush_Tin named.cong23:09
Guybrush_Talso - is it possible to use a subdomain of my real domain for my home network? like home.mydomain.com23:09
Guybrush_Tand then server.home.mydomain.com23:10
TheEvilPhoenixa subdomain of a subdomain?23:13
StevenRGuybrush_T: yes, technically it is.... you'll need to do a little thinking up front as to how you expect it to work23:14
Guybrush_TTheEvilPhoenix: sounds cool right ^^23:15
TheEvilPhoenixnot really23:15
Guybrush_Tthinking is for the morrow23:15
TheEvilPhoenixStevenR is right, you need to decide how you want it structured ahead of time23:16
TheEvilPhoenixfor example, my home net has a domain, homenet162.domain.us23:16
TheEvilPhoenixno that's not the real domain23:17
TheEvilPhoenixeach system inside that has its own hostname: machinename.homenet162.domain.us23:17
TheEvilPhoenixrouting to that is processed through a system i own23:17
TheEvilPhoenixcrazy difficult to keep running23:17
TheEvilPhoenixsince i now have 15 systems on said network23:17
TheEvilPhoenix(granted i'm not going to explain my configuration, as i havent had to modify it in EVER)23:18
TheEvilPhoenixbut he's right, in order to define that subdomainofasubdomain23:18
TheEvilPhoenixyou really need to consider the structuring of everything ahead of time23:18
TheEvilPhoenixbefore setting it all up23:18
Guybrush_Ti thought so23:21
Guybrush_Tbut it sounds nice anyway23:21
Guybrush_Tthanks again - and ill be going now23:22
Guybrush_Ttomorrow will be iptables turn23:22
Guybrush_TILL BE BACK23:22
Guybrush_TStevenR: btw - i just commented out the origin thing with ;23:23
Guybrush_Tand still worked23:23
StevenRin which file?23:23
Guybrush_Ti think it was the ddns-rev-domainname23:23
Guybrush_Tthe reverse zone23:23
StevenRso what does the ddns-rev-domainname say now? And what does the conf say for the zone name?23:24
Guybrush_Tnamed.cong zone name: "0.168.192.in-addr.arpa"23:24
Guybrush_Tdhcpd.cong ddns-rev-domainname "in-addr.arpa";23:25
StevenRwell, I suppose that's technically correct23:25
Guybrush_Ti suppose23:26
StevenRit'd be better to specify the origin tbh23:26
Guybrush_Tyeah thats why i just commented it out - i plan to put it back in - just wanted to try it23:26
Guybrush_Twell - good night23:26

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