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ali1234this bzr bisect plugin is poop cakes00:25
ali1234it just doesn't work at all00:25
ali1234no matter which way around i specify "yes" and "no" (the docs don't specify what they mean)00:25
ali1234it always wants to compile a revision outside those ranges00:25
ali1234also because it is a plugin there is no way for bzr to understand what it is doing00:26
ali1234and as a result you can't get bzr to give you any useful information about the "current" revision that bisect is on00:27
MartijnVdSGreat, I try to enable App Engine on my Google account.. and it tells me my phone number has already been used07:30
* daubers reboots his vps07:36
daubersHmm... its not come back up....07:42
daubersHow odd... looks like my dns being pants07:45
ali1234bisecting unity is haaaaaard09:18
ali1234it is basically impossible to compile any release except the current one with hacking it to bits09:19
ali1234luckily i converted the repo to git as soon as i realised bzr bisect plugin is totally useless09:21
gordali1234, basically yeah nux went through some changes causing problems, we are abi stable now so future stuff won't be too bad, but that doesn't really help now :)09:23
ali1234yeah nux patches man09:23
ali1234i'm collecting them all up and squashing them into a single commit with git rebase09:24
ali1234and then cherry picking them each time i step back09:24
ali1234i have no idea how you would even do that with bzr09:24
ali1234you probably can't09:24
ali1234that IntrusivePtr stuff09:24
ali1234i'm nearly back to 4.8.0 and beginning to think maybe the fix i am looking for is actually in nux09:25
ali1234i'm back to the point where the unity logo was orange :)09:27
ali1234there was a whole series where there were no icons at all...09:27
ali1234still not repro'd the bug though09:28
MartijnVdS\o/ rain expected in Spa today10:07
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:16
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon10:17
brobostigono/ MartijnVdS10:17
ali1234gord: "whatever i did" is not a helpful commit msg :(10:25
gordits the *most* helpful10:26
gordthat kind of stuff should only be in my branch commit log ;) its generally when i'm moving from the laptop to the desktop and need to make a commit so i can move my work over10:26
gordjust wish there was a way in bzr of doing that without a formal commit10:27
gordstarting to formalize ideas with using my nas for hosting my code but building locally so i don't have this problem, buuut i'm not sure yet, there are issues10:28
ali1234you should switch to git. and by you, i mean all of canonical and ubuntu developers.10:28
gordi like bzr more than git :)10:28
ali1234then we are all doomed10:29
* AlanBell wonders how much of Launchpad would break if git was added as a back end10:31
gordgiven that launchpad is in bzr? ;)10:31
gordit would certainly be nice if you could host git on launchpad though, but you would need some way of communicating between bzr and git so people can use whatever they want, which would be tricky...10:32
ali1234bzr fast-export works, mostly10:33
Laneybzr-git git-bzr10:33
ali1234(just passed 4.8.2)10:34
gordwell no i'm thinking handling it all gracefully on the launchpad side10:34
Laneyjust let people handle it themselves10:35
gordheh no10:35
gordits painful enough maintaining a project with ONE vcs ;)10:35
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* gord notes the list of spies in #u-uk10:41
zleapi have blacklisted wireless drivers for 11.o4 and am still having shutdown issues, can anyone help please10:47
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zleapanyone got more info on how to resolve shutdown issues on 11.04 please10:55
brobostigonmorning zleap10:55
brobostigonwhat does syslog and dmesg say about it?10:55
* zleap got a emachines er 1401 yesterday10:55
zleapwhat am i looking for in dmesg what do i grep for10:56
brobostigonno idea, you havent told us what the issue is, other than a shutdown issue.10:56
zleapits a known 10.10 and 11.04 issues system hangs when i shutdown, i have tried blacklisting wireless drivers10:57
zleapas per this site http://www.harley-jones.co.uk/?p=13510:57
brobostigonwhat is the wireless driver name?10:58
brobostigonand are they internel or external to the kernel?10:58
zleaphang ion i will try and look10:58
zleapbrobostigon, i have no idea i  am not that technical10:58
brobostigonzleap: if its internal to the kernel, why not make a kernel build, wihtout those drivers that are causing an issue?10:59
zleapwlan 802.11 b/g/n11:00
brobostigonthat is a protocol definaition, not a driver name.11:00
zleapi just copied what it said on the system spec11:01
brobostigonif you run lsmod, what module name does it say it is using?11:01
zleapnot sure how do i kjnow which is the wirfelss driver and which is the other wired driver11:02
zleaprt2800pci possibly11:03
brobostigonis it a pci wifi adaptor?11:03
zleapi guess11:03
zleapthis is a known bug11:03
brobostigonis it listed with lspci ?11:03
zleapso i blacklist that one i guess11:04
brobostigonyou just said, your wifi adaptor is listed in lspci, therefore it is pci. therefore rt2800pci fitsthe description.11:05
brobostigonhence when you said, you didnt know if it was pci or not, and you didnt know. and i then said, if you seen in it lspci and you said yes.11:06
zleapi mis read what you typed11:07
brobostigonis that correct?11:07
brobostigonhave a look again through lsmod and see if anything else fits the bill?11:07
zleapi had a look at the blacklist file adn found a spelling error so have fixed that11:08
zleapi did fijbnd a site that siad to blakclist a whole load of stuff i just can't find it again11:08
zleapi take it this hasn't been fixed yet otherwise there would be some sort of proper patch for it11:08
brobostigonyou only need to blacklist the driver in practice, that is casuing the issue, hence i said, look through syslog and dmesg, where it would list such issues.11:09
zleapi don't really know how or what to look for11:09
brobostigoni dont know, i am using debian unstable, and i probebly dont have the hw causing this bug.11:09
brobostigonzleap: /var/log is where they are.11:09
zleapok i got loads of filkes in /var/log11:14
brobostigonzleap: yes, because that folder, contains all the system logs.11:15
brobostigonzleap: but syslog and dmesg are the ones you need to look at, including the ones from previous sessions. so you can track down a pattern, at the end of those files.11:17
zleaphmm ok found 1x solution suggesting to use 10.04 as with 11,o4 the grahpiucs are not accellerated either11:29
zleapso same machine e-machines ER140111:29
MartijnVdSF1 \o/11:30
zleapok thanks11:31
zleapchat later11:31
* bigcalm[revo] pokes em14:39
DJonesIs Cat 6 cable much better than Cat 5e over a 15M length, I'm looking to run a cable from my router to the other end of the house, attach a spare router to extend the wireless range (I've tested it with a short patch cable so I know it works), but just wondering about the type of cable.15:41
AzelphurDJones: cat6 is cheap and I have cat6 ran all over my 5 story house15:41
Azelphurit copes quite well15:41
TheOpenSourcererDJones: I doubt there would be much difference over 15m15:41
TheOpenSourcererAre you running GigE or 100Mbps?15:42
DJonesThats what I was thinking, although for a couple of £'s difference, I may as well get the cat 6 to save changing in future15:42
Azelphurmy cables are gig but my brother put a crappy router in thats not for no reason :/15:42
penguin425e will do GigE happily unless you've got really nasty electrical environments15:42
DJonesEverything is either wireless G or 100Mb, so no immediate benefit of getting cat 615:43
TheOpenSourcereryeah penguin42. The CAT specs are for runs of up to 100mtrs (and it works longer than that) so 15 is well within any limits.15:43
suprengruh oh! UbuntuOne's gone back to refusing to sync pgp encypted files [yawn] whilst claiming otherwise15:44
AzelphurDJones: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-Meter-CAT-6-cat6-Ethernet-Network-LAN-Cable-100M-/370357641437?pt=UK_Computing_NetworkingCables_RL&hash=item563b0920dd#ht_795wt_90715:44
AzelphurI just bought one of those did the entire house15:44
Azelphurprobably get it a bit cheaper price comparison shopping, I think I got it for £1515:45
DJonesProbably pick a ready made cable up from maplins tomorrow15:46
DJonesDon't have the tools for making the cable up anyway15:46
TheOpenSourcererNO! Not Maplins! You will pay an arm and a leg15:55
directhextwo arms and a foot afaik15:56
TheOpenSourcerer20m Cat6 patch lead £9.27 from Fruity Cables. http://www.fruitycables.co.uk/networking-cat6-patch-leads-c-140_21.html15:56
directhexreimaged my touchpad with a 2G ext3 partition for debian chroot15:56
penguin42directhex: Oh, you're *the* guy who got the cheap one?15:57
TheOpenSourcererMaplins have a 0.5m Cat5e patch lead for £5.49. Fruity have the same for... £0.3615:57
directhexpenguin42, of course! the universe *owed* me one15:58
* StevenR wanted a cheap one :(16:00
* TheOpenSourcerer did too.16:00
penguin42I suggest we all just sit back and feel pissed at directhex16:01
* StevenR glares at directhex 16:01
* TheOpenSourcerer will be feeling pissed later ;-)16:01
directhexpenguin42, how else would i test touch-to-share with my pre3?16:01
TheOpenSourcererBat & Ball evening - Music and socialising with humans.16:01
suprengrTheOpenSourcerer, Bat & Ball in which county?16:04
directhex                          2.0G     67.1M      1.9G   3% /media/ext3fs16:07
directhexMartijnVdS, new partition for chrooting16:08
TheOpenSourcerersuprengr: Surrey: http://www.thebatandball.co.uk/main/16:08
suprengrTheOpenSourcerer, doh! ... that's not where they keep the humans!16:09
* suprengr apologises to anyone in Farnham of course :)16:11
directhexinstalling debian...16:16
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: cheaper would be good, but I suspect fruitycables don't have a local shop I can collect from tomorrow so I can do the work tomorrow while I'm off work16:19
TheOpenSourcererDJones: Not sure where they are but they post pretty quick. Order now you'd get it on Wed...16:27
kaushalhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/676648/ is on 10.04.1 Can someone please help me understand the figure 71.4g Any clue please ?16:42
* zleap is just backing up PC 16:42
zleapkaushal, disk size maybe16:43
zleap71.4 giga bytes16:43
zleapat a guess how / where is that figure displayed16:43
kaushalzleap: not sure i understand your question ?16:44
kaushali see it on top16:44
zleapon top of what,  i was asking where that figure is displayed16:45
kaushal4401 mysql     20   0 71.4g  14g 3896 S  117 29.7   2379:51 mysqld16:46
zleapok that could suggest you have 14g (diskspace left) and are using 71.4 gb i really don't know16:47
kaushalzleap: its about memory16:47
kaushalnot disk space16:47
zleapsorry just realised what you meant by top16:47
kaushalAny clue please ?16:47
zleapyou should have a bar telling you what each column is16:48
zleaplook at the top of all the colums,16:49
directhexhttp://twitpic.com/6cp9uj/full :p17:30
zleaphi directhex17:30
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: That is just rubbing salt into the wounds of those who failed to grab a cheap Touchpad. Hope you brick it ;-p17:33
directhexTheOpenSourcerer: i'm gonna try & get banshee running now ;p17:34
zleapi just got a emachines 1401 runs 11.04 nicely now i have disabled the wireless driver17:34
TheOpenSourcererI'm going to the pub.17:34
zleapi am just backing up my old PC so i can re-install that with 11.04 (classic)17:35
dwatkinskaushal: it's the amount of memory used by the process in total, including files mapped and libraries shared by other processes17:45
suprengrif anyone is bored... I 'd be grateful for a quick proof read of a quick 'n' small text only wiki page [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/suprengr ] pretty please18:08
suprengrdaubers,  lo 2 u 218:09
AlanBellsuprengr: add a testimonials section18:16
suprengrAlanBell, I thought you were swearing till I read that again ;)  ...thanks18:20
log69hi all! anybody interested in testing my security related software? this is a 1-click auto MAC configuration solution. every suggestion or opinion is welcome! my site: http://log69.com/tomld_en.html18:49
HazRPGali1234: any joy with the bisect?18:50
HazRPGali1234: (just been reading the bug feed)18:51
* daubers plays silly games for half an hour and will then try and get mosquitto to replicate19:00
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu One Developer Evening In Manchester On Thursday - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/08/28/ubuntu-one-developer-evening-in-manchester-on-thursday/19:07
dauberskazade: Confused by your gnome3/unity tweet?19:12
EarthlingI love uk. Good job I live here19:12
ballI love the UK too, but I have to live elsewhere.19:12
EarthlingUnity is lame19:13
EarthlingUnity is a shame!19:13
ballI think I read somewhere that "Unity is a work in progress"19:15
daubersI tend to prefer Unity over standard gnome these days (2 or 3). Still need to retry working with KDE again at some point19:17
ballI prefer Xfce to Unity.19:18
ballI think my users will find it less confusing19:18
daubersBeen a while since I used xfce, does it cope well with small screens?19:19
balldaubers: I don't think I've tried it on a netbook.19:20
daubersHmmm... I've got unity 2d on a little eee 701 but wondered if xfce would be happier19:21
hamitronstop caring about the feelings of xfce, and think about the user19:21
EarthlingBall :-) hello again19:21
hamitronEarthling :)19:22
gorddaubers, single panel, but non of the nice additions ubuntu has worked on over the years for small screens, like the maximised mode and stuff19:22
EarthlingTroll lol19:22
hamitronEarthling: meh, was joking :/19:22
ballhamitron: ?19:23
EarthlingHam im with you dont worry19:23
EarthlingEverything else smells funny19:23
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hamitroncan the xfce panel be made to appear at the side?19:24
daubersgord: I was surprised unity actually ran on the 701 (i.e. non-2d) didn't think it had a good enough gfx chip in it19:24
EarthlingProbably with a little tweak19:24
gorddaubers, heh neat :)19:25
daubersgord: It was a touch.... jittery and slow, but given patience it was ok. 2D seems much happier on it19:25
EarthlingHamitron I like meat19:25
daubersgord: Am having some weird issues in Oneiric (well one...). Sometimes chrome will not become the active window. So it has focus but won't come to the foreground, so no menu in the global menu and the window on top is in the way19:26
daubersbut it happens irregularly and I can't reproduce it every time19:27
gorddaubers, thats weird, i thought i noticed something like that once a few weeks ago with another app, will have to keep an eye out19:29
daubersgord: if it happens again I'll try and yell19:29
daubers(with it playing up)19:29
diploevening all19:46
daubersczajkowski: o/19:47
daubersczajkowski: How is ireland?19:47
czajkowskivery wet n windy19:48
czajkowskidaubers: hows you?19:49
daubersczajkowski: I'm good \o/ Having a baking/preserving spree tomorrow19:50
czajkowskidaubers: are the videos all done ?19:50
* mgdm tinkers with Fedora and GNOME319:50
daubersczajkowski: Got about 3 to upload, then the live show19:50
mgdmthis might not end well :P19:50
czajkowskidaubers: sweet19:50
AlanBellhttp://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/OggCampVideos loadsa videos19:50
czajkowskidaubers: that's very fast19:50
czajkowskiAlanBell: ello19:51
AlanBellhttp://blip.tv/show/772977 <- the blip channel19:51
AlanBellello czajkowski19:51
daubersczajkowski: It's..... ok. I think I've got a process for next year, but need to play with gstreamer to see if I can do something with it19:51
AlanBellmissing the UK yet?19:51
czajkowskiAlanBell: some things :)19:52
daubersAhh... mosquitto python bindinds don't yet support user/password auth19:57
czajkowskidaubers: hopefully by next year I'll speak slower...19:59
czajkowskithough a week back home I'm back to normal speeds :D19:59
daubersczajkowski: We'll have to try and make sure there's plenty of opportunity for you to practice19:59
* daubers orders a new soldering iron tip20:07
* suprengr passes Darael 20:12
* suprengr passes daubers a virtual [but veryt used] soldering iron tip 20:13
dauberssuprengr: Mine been over used :) Much too oxidised to be safeuly used now :( Need to get a new one and some tinning stuff20:15
* suprengr smells virtual flux wafting through IRC20:16
MartijnVdSso THAT's what flux capacitors are for!20:34
daubersMartijnVdS: No silly, flux capacitors are for sending you to the land of the dinosaurs20:37
MartijnVdSdaubers: ok, but that's how they work then.20:38
daubersMartijnVdS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2FLdPqlnsQ20:38
MartijnVdSdaubers: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sean_reiser/2332137040/20:38
daubersMartijnVdS: Oh dear20:42
suprengrso... the LHC has disproved the SuperSymmetry theory.  thank all the gods for that... my mirror could have told them that yonks ago [every time that ugly so'n'so stares back at me in the morning]!20:43
dauberssuprengr: It's not completley disproved it, it's just more unlikely than it was before20:48
dauberssuprengr: It's really quite an interesting result, as it asks an awful lot more questions20:48
* daubers loves things that result in the need for new physics20:48
suprengrdaubers, "not completely"? not if you'd seen *my* mirror in the morning!20:49
dauberssuprengr: That's not supersymmetry, that's just plain old fashioned reflection20:49
hamitronhehe suprengr20:50
suprengrdaubers, nope! thats just plain old fashoioned ugly so'n'so looking in the mirror20:50
hamitronthat or maybe we got a faulty batch? where you buy yours from?20:51
dauberssuprengr: tbh I'm more interested in QFT as _that_ is an amazingly beautiful piece of physics20:51
suprengrQFT/ as in "Quich Fix Thickies"?20:51
daubersQuantum Field Theory, supersymmetry was postulated as a metho of solving some of the problems in QFT20:52
hamitronso it wasn't "quick f*ing theory" made on a Friday afternoon? :-o20:53
suprengroh - that other QFT... now you're talking proper science20:53
suprengr*that* QFT exists [&20:54
suprengr[&don't forget - I come from another planet - and can prove it]20:54
ali1234supersymmetry was never "real physics" anyway20:55
dauberssuprengr: Supersymmetry was an interesting postulate. Mathematically very nice. Nature's generally not so nice20:55
* suprengr agrees20:55
hamitronwell, all above my head tbh :/20:55
* hamitron agrees20:56
ali1234well you don't need to worry about that now, because it was wrong anyway20:56
ali1234so one thing less to worry about20:56
suprengrhamitron, above your head is a) the heat from your brain ...& [light years beyond that] my planet ;)20:57
* daubers heads to bed20:57
suprengrnitie nite daubers20:57
hamitronyou tired him out20:58
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suprengrto those who work at LHC, a quick word in your ear... *look to your left now*21:06
suprengr...too late - missed it21:07
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] The Box - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/08/28/the-box/21:07
freakyclowni should check my Cern account still works21:12
andres-kainhello all, thanks for the help yesterday.(changing login splash screen) I ended up simply doing sudo gimp and saving the image I wanted with the same name.21:13
andres-kaindid the same for the plymouth image.21:13
andres-kainSeems to work ok.21:14
andres-kainbut now I have a new question: I need to compile windows dll in linux.21:14
andres-kaini am told i need a cross compiler.21:15
andres-kainany recomendations?21:15
hamitronI've never done it, but think you need to look at mingw3221:17
hamitronhopefully someone else will know more21:18
andres-kainyep heard ming mentioned in http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/Compiling_Wine_dlls_for_Windows#Linux:_Cross_compiling_using_MinGW21:22
andres-kainThanks hamitron !21:22
andres-kainI´ll wait a bit see if someone else has any suggestions.21:22
hamitronnp, not really much help ;)21:22
czajkowskibug 80661121:25
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 806611 could not be found21:25
andres-kaininstalling gcc-ming32 this compiler buisness is so new to me.21:29
suprengr... & then goes for much needed zzzz's nitie nite all o/21:44
penguin42anyone happen to know how much space is needed for a KDE build?23:12
Azelphuranyone know what i can do to diagnose an X freeze?23:27
Azelphurthe display isnt updating, but i can move my mouse around23:27
AzelphurX is using 100% cpu23:27
Azelphuri also cant switch to a tty but ssh works23:28
Azelphurread the x freeze documentation and it says if x is 100% cpuing or the freeze ends at some point its probably not an x freeze23:31
Azelphurmy freezes usually end after a while and x is 100%ing right now23:32
Azelphursays it would be a client application but doesnt mention anything further :(23:32
penguin42Azelphur: anything in dmesg?23:34
penguin42Azelphur: also any errors at the bottom of /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?23:34
Azelphuroooo, yes there is23:35
Azelphurrelevant stuff too :D23:35
Azelphurthats mentioned on the wiki about freezes too23:38
Azelphuralthough it doesnt say much for me, just that its common on nouveau (im on proprietary)23:38
penguin42huh motion event stuff - there was a problem on the Intel drivers somewhere in that which got fixed post natty release23:40
Azelphuryea im on nvidia23:40
penguin42have you got natty-updates in ?23:41
Azelphuri do normal updates23:42
Azelphurdont think i have any of the new stuff enabled23:42

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