MarkDudeaaditya: and I were talking about how we are looking forward to your posts from Africa grantbow03:19
grantbowMarkDude, aaditya: cool! thanks guys. the linuxpicnic.org was great. Lots of pics available from the twitter streams http://twitter.com/linuxpicnic03:41
MarkDudeCool deal- I will post mine later03:46
MarkDudegoing to rock the eff out right now03:46
* aaditya checks out the pics.03:47
aadityagrantbow: awesome stuff!03:47
MarkDudeaaditya: 's name is now changed to BADatYA03:47
=== aaditya is now known as dragon
* dragon rawrs.03:47
=== dragon is now known as aaditya
DarkwingDuckHow was the picnic?04:19
bkerensahm is linuxpicnic a geeknic?04:52
* DarkwingDuck rubs eyes04:53
bkerensapleia2: Pretty cool pics you guys took... Nice cookies :D04:56
pleia2bkerensa: thanks :)05:29
bkerensaDid a lot of people attend?05:29
pleia2bkerensa: and no, linuxpicnic isn't a geeknic, geeknic is much more broad and run by different people (geeknic is a freenode thing, linuxpicnic is a silicon valley based group)05:29
pleia2not sure how many but yeah a bunch, lots of ham radio folks, a fedora booth05:30
bkerensa:D cool.... Yeah I saw mark was in a pic at the Fedora booth :P05:30
pleia2yeah he mostly ran that booth05:31
bkerensapleia2: How much did the loco have to pay for the big orange banner and table cloth? I need to get us a kit soon we have two events coming up05:32
pleia2bkerensa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences/ApprovedTeamGift05:32
pleia2it's the gift for becoming an approve team05:32
bkerensaoh cool05:32
pleia2the california banner itself was like $10005:32
pleia2in past years we just used $1 cheap plastic table covers: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157624782020058/05:33
bkerensapleia2: Hmm yeah that might work :)05:34
pleia2you can usually find orange ones at dollar stores, I picked some up at target (2 for $3)05:35
pleia2actually, this was our first event with the new banner and tablecloth :)05:44
bkerensapleia2: Yeah I think I might need to hit up a party supply during OSCON me and MarkDude went to dollar store and they didnt have too many Orange anything :) plenty of Fedora blue though05:44
pleia2target lacked orange baloons, that was sad05:45
bkerensapleia2: Luckily until we get approved I got Memorex to donate us some CD-R's plus I bought two 50 spindles yesterday =o05:45
bkerensaI miss target05:45
pleia2nice :)05:49
philipballewhey! whats a way to kill x server or just boot into the cli mode?05:55
regularjoUsing Brasero to create a data CD, if I do not check the box "Burn the image directly w/o saving to disc' the application successfully writes to the CD, but if I do check the box, at the end I get a corrupted files message and the new CD won't open. I reached this conclusion by trial and error; then I look for help on the issue, but have not found any. Does anyone know why the process doesn't work for me when i burn the image15:02
regularjo directly without saving to disc?15:02
pleia2I probably won't be around tonight for the meeting (MJ is flying east and the airports are a mess, I would have made it previously but the schedule is all changed)16:45
pleia2jdeslip is also unavailable, and it doesn't actually need to be an official leader-person running the meeting16:53
pleia2anyone want to run it? :)16:53
pleia2it's easy, there's nothing on the agenda so we just say "who has announcements?" and people say their things and then we wrap up16:54
jdeslipNobody is awake this early on a Sunday :)16:55
pleia2oh right, I'm just awake because I'm doing hurricane cleanup :)16:55
pleia2I wish my boss would come home so we could go to berkeley lug, but it's not looking hopeful16:56
jdeslipno worries17:17
pleia2oh actually, I will be around for the meeting!17:19
pleia2MJ says we don't need to leave until 8 tonight to drop him off17:19
jdeslipWith any luck, the meeting won't go until 8 :)17:48
* DarkwingDuck really dislikes the wiki23:40
jyoSo grantbow is in Africa right now?23:59

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