sadin__hows everyone doing with the storm?03:11
rmg51morning JonathanD08:32
rmg51you done now?11:05
JonathanDwater in the basement :/11:49
HowdyDoodyJust a little 1/2" covering the floor.  Nuttin' like floyd.  1.5'  6 hours no power pounding rain.13:17
HowdyDoodyThis one was REAL nice to us here.   Heavy rain around midnight and around 3-4 ish.  Light otherwise and pumps caught up just fine.  NO power outages for us.13:18
HowdyDoodyOh, yes, good morning.13:19
sadin__i dont have a basement :D14:26
HowdyDoodyLucky you, sadin__ now no clean up from water soaking in.14:37
TravelerHi guys, seems like good time to re-build a couple systems. [InHisName]22:36
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