pleia2Cheri703: I should ship you some UW stuffs for OLF (already sent stickers, but I have some post cards and business cards too)22:02
pleia2and just posted: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/08/ubuntu-women-conference-goodies/22:02
AlanBellhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/adalovelace could do with some fleshing out if anyone has a few minutes22:03
nigelbAlanBell: nice work!22:04
AlanBellhypatia would be good at encouraging people to make stuff22:08
Cheri703pleia2: not 100% sure I am going to make it down for OLF :/ since both of us are jobless now, the logistics/finances of getting down there are not likely to work out :/23:06
elkyohno, what happened? :(23:14
Cheri703well, I've been self-employed for a while, and it's super sporadic, husband FINALLY got a temp assignment after a year of unemployment, was supposed to be a long-term/temp-to-hire thing, and friday afternoon they called and said "that department is slowing down, you're no longer needed"23:15
Cheri703so....yay fun23:15
Cheri703I've already been applying and looking for a "real" job, now he's back on the hunt :/23:15
MichelleQCheri703: that sucks. :-(23:17
Cheri703yeah...hoping something comes up for either of us soon. I have a few things in the works for my business, not sure how much I'll net on those, but it's something23:18
Cheri703there are actually more jobs around here that he'd be eligible for than I would...more manufacturing than office23:18

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