mindrapethis place is always dead.00:00
urlin2urobotti^_, you want the sdc in the bios firat read00:00
robotti^_urlin2u: what you mean? firat?00:00
urlin2umindrape, change your nic please this is a family friendly channel00:01
dmkaeurlin2u, then wubi cannot be installed on d:\?00:01
mindrapeurlin2u - how is my name offensive?  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mindrape00:01
mindrapeyou can /kb me if you like.00:01
mindrapemy name isn't offensive and if you feel it is you are asinine.00:01
BuMpIcjose33_Spaniard, this is high for me:D i will learn it later00:01
urlin2urobotti^_, first in the bios means sdcat the top of the list.00:01
qmryea, can everyone get over themselves?  I don't care about his name00:02
robotti^_urlin2u: Okay!00:02
urlin2umindrape, if it has to be explained your not worth dealing with.00:02
jose33_SpaniardBuMpIc, you just have to type it, man !!00:02
qmrdoes anyone know how to make nautilus not have so much whitespace between image files?  it's using a HUGE amoutn of whitespace... wasted space00:02
BuMpIcjose33_Spaniard, i typed it00:02
mindrapeurlin2u - then ban away if you must.  What has to be explained is your psychotic need to be overly protective.  The word rape isn't even offensive except in some contexts.  Ever heard the saying "You've been raped of your freedoms?"  Well that is how I am feeling right now... rapist.00:03
jose33_Spaniardand did you see a new directory??00:03
urlin2urobotti^_, that is the least of your problems you are missing the files I posted and having grub in the sdc mbr00:03
BuMpIcjose33_Spaniard, sht:D lokks like i typed the directory name00:04
notlisteningoh it is surprising people come looking for a fight even in a help room :D00:04
KNUBBIGhey, is it possible to allow ssh login only to some users depending on the network they're from, e.g. allow some users to connect only from LAN but others from WAN and LAN?00:04
bluelamprape (v.)   late 14c., "seize prey, take by force,"00:05
jose33_Spaniardyeah, because the directory has been created00:05
urlin2unothingspecial, cognitive problems :)00:05
Danny_JorisHi, I'm using Ubuntu in a Guest VM and I'm trying to get ssh and ftp access from my Host to my Guest. Do I do this using openSSH?00:05
KNUBBIGDanny_Joris: yes00:05
mindrapebluelamp - welcome to the police state of #ubuntu... thinking isn't illegal... YET.00:05
BuMpIcjose33_Spaniard, but this is how we have to run it?00:05
notlisteningKNUBBIG, yes it is very possible00:05
BuMpIcjose33_Spaniard, theres no easier way?00:05
rodhashGuys.. Pls, how can I see the exact amount of memory in use by a specific process? 'ps aux' shows up just the percentage..00:05
KNUBBIGnotlistening: any tutorial or somewhere to look how to achieve that?00:06
jose33_Spaniardni, but it's the first step00:06
bastidrazorrodhash: use 'top'00:06
notlisteningDanny_Joris, best not to use NAT though !!00:06
jose33_Spaniardnow, enter in that directory00:06
Danny_JorisKNUBBIG: thanks. So.. I'm reading https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Do I install open-ssh client or open-ssh server?00:06
Danny_Jorisnotlistening: thanks. I'm using 2 adapters: NAT and Host-Only..00:06
bastidrazorrodhash: you can't convert percentage to an actual number?00:06
KNUBBIGDanny_Joris: on the machine you want to acces openssh-server00:06
urlin2urobotti^_, the #windows channel might be best to fix the windows problem, just a suggestion, if you don't know how. :D00:06
robotti^_urlin2u: I changed it00:06
notlisteningKNUBBIG, are you planning to allow access to the WAN? You should look a RSA certificates for authentication00:07
robotti^_urlin2u: And there is no grub menu00:07
jose33_Spaniardrodhash, what about ps -ef ??00:07
coz_rodhash,  mm  maybe pmap pid    example   pmap 372400:07
KNUBBIGnotlistening: yes the machine shall have WAN access00:07
robotti^_urlin2u: problem is, that there is no grub menu00:07
urlin2urobotti^_, that is the least of your problems you are missing the files I posted and having grub in the sdc mbr00:07
robotti^_urlin2u: should I re-install ubuntu00:07
jpapertowelsok natty live amd64 can't install grub to intel fakeraid? :(00:07
Newbuntu2I'm using the avermedia linux drivers for C038, but when I launch VLC and try to open /dev/video0, nothing happens.... can anyone help?00:07
Danny_JorisKNUBBIG: thanks. So I won't need the client? My host is Vista and I'm planning to use Putty.00:08
KNUBBIGDanny_Joris: no then you won't need the client00:08
BuMpIcbb all00:08
=== travis is now known as Guest96209
rodhashOh I found, it's RSS from 'ps aux'!!! FYI !! \o/00:08
coz_rodhash,  maybe install htop00:08
urlin2urobotti^_, no your problem is missing this in sdc1 /bootmgr /Boot/BCD,  and grub in the sdc master boot record00:08
urlin2urobotti^_, and the boot flag on sdc100:09
bluelampmindrape, why did you choose this term for your nick ?00:09
qmrhttp://i.imgur.com/STVNd.png  wtf is with whitespace?00:09
robotti^_urlin2u: should I re-install windows?00:09
notlisteningKNUBBIG, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys for keys00:09
KNUBBIGnotlistening: thanks00:09
qmrthere is very nearly more whtiespace than images00:09
urlin2urobotti^_, no go to the #windows channel have them help you get those files in, then put grub in the sdc mbr00:10
jose33_Spaniardmindrape, why dont you explain it on a public board?? :)00:10
jpapertowelscute cat qmr00:10
qmrjpapertowels: <300:10
alex--Can I use Ubuntu Tweak or is it dangerous?00:10
urlin2urobotti^_, a reinstall to that sdc1 partition would fix this but not really needed, unless that is easier for you.00:10
bastidrazoralex--: you can use it, yes. it makes configuring certain things easier. it is not official but is effective.00:11
* bluelamp does not find mindrapes nick offensive. 00:11
KNUBBIGnotlistening: if I get it right, this requires that I only log in from the same pc with the same user all the time, aight?00:11
Gentoo64alex--, its not dangerous00:11
robotti^_urlin2u: sdc is my primary drive. it is ssd. there is ubuntu and windows00:11
alex--System janitor was dangerous right?00:11
notlisteningKNUBBIG, this is not ubuntu specific but applies to any ssh enabled machine on the WAN http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Network/SecuringSSH00:11
urlin2ualex--, not generally depends on how you use it.00:11
bluelampmindrape, why did you choose this term for your nick ?00:11
alex--urlin2u: chaning the logo on the login page00:11
bastidrazoralex--: when you don't understand what the janitor wants to remove yes. otherwise no00:11
urlin2ualex--, any app is it is amatter of understanding00:12
KNUBBIGnotlistening: correct, but as the machine I want to log in to is running Ubuntu I thought I might ask here00:12
Free-mani get it, a mind rape is what police do to harrass someone who is not doing anything to earn their abuse.00:12
bluelampwhy does xchat-gnome not have a user list ?00:12
jose33_Spaniardbluelamp, he explained it some minutes ago.00:12
alex--Is there any way I can download all Ubuntu wallpapers of the last years (9.04 - 11.10) ?00:12
urlin2ualex--, in 11.04 I don't thonk the login page is changeable from the tweak I can't get it to work.00:13
bluelampoh, thanks jose33_Spaniard00:13
bastidrazorbluelamp: its a bastardization of xchat. xchat is far better00:13
alex--urlin2u: I meant the logo and the background00:13
jose33_Spaniardhe's not dangerous.00:13
notlisteningKNUBBIG, i was talking about the website link i gave you not your questions, your questions are just fine keep asking away00:13
bluelampoh, thanks basti00:14
KNUBBIGnotlistening: ah okay, thank you :-)00:14
urlin2ujose33_Spaniard, a narcissistic explanation and way of communicating, s the norm with that user.00:14
anth0nyok, so I installed Python 2.7 on my Linux 10.04 system.  Is there a way to make it so that Python2.7 is the default Python used? I'm using an application framework based on Python and it's still using 2.6.  Additionally, it would be cool if typing Python took me to the Python2.7 terminal instead of the 2.6.  Any ideas?00:14
robotti^_urlin2u: I do not understand, what I have done wrong.00:14
robotti^_urlin2u: it is biggest problem00:15
qmranth0ny: alias / symlink00:15
bluelampi did not see it, nor did i see it in scroll back though.00:15
urlin2urobotti^_, you have a windows problem go to #windows post the script and they will help you00:15
jpapertowelscreative sb titanium hd still not supported in ubuntu? :( keep getting ctxfi: Something wrong!! on boot00:15
dmkaethis is dissapointing00:15
dmkaei cant get ubuntu running :(00:15
Free-mananth0ny remove older pythongs installed.00:15
dmkaewith wubi00:15
robotti^_urlin2u: I removed my other windows hdd00:16
bluelampwhat would be the most useful irc client for linux bastidrazor ?00:16
urlin2urobotti^_, sorry ##windows00:16
robotti^_it might be reason00:16
urlin2urobotti^_, yes if it had part of the windows boot that makes sense00:16
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
dmkaei added the wubildr line in boot.ini00:16
dmkaeis that ok?00:16
Gentoo64bluelamp, i like xchat the best00:16
notlisteningseconds Gentoo6400:17
anth0nyFree-man, I've heard that's a bad idea, could break Ubuntu, no?00:17
urlin2udmkae, hardly anybody here uses wubi, you will probably get answers in that thread if you post the boot script.00:17
dmkaehow do i get the boot script, if i cant even get to ubuntu00:17
Free-mananth0ny do it properly; it's called `a clean system' :)00:17
qmrbluelamp: irssi00:18
bastidrazorbluelamp: i like irssi which is cli only. xchat for GUI00:18
robotti^_urlin2u: there was always windows boot manager and two different windows7 installations00:18
robotti^_and I removed that hdd.00:18
urlin2udmkae, it is here, all you have to do is have a live ubuntu cd. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/00:18
robotti^_now I cannot boot it00:18
robotti^_now I understand00:18
anth0nyFree-man, how does one do that properly?  isn't 10.04 dependent on Python 2.6?00:18
ZAHHirssi over here00:19
urlin2urobotti^_, right and it is not a ubuntu problem it is a windows one go to there channel and get it fixed.00:19
Free-mananth0ny do an upgrade instead of just an install00:19
earl2hol23irssi is sexy00:19
Gentoo64its gay00:19
bazhangthats enough00:20
earl2hol23me too00:20
ArseneReiShould ubuntu have an xorg config by default?00:20
bazhangArseneRei, no00:20
Gentoo64ArseneRei, i dont think so00:20
bastidrazorArseneRei: no but if you create one it will use it00:20
=== robotti^_ is now known as robotti^
notlisteningArseneRei, depends on the version00:20
earl2hol23ahhh rape me00:20
urlin2urobotti^_, the best helpers there are dual booting linux, or know it quite well.00:20
bazhangearl2hol23, stop that00:20
bazhang!guidelines > earl2hol2300:21
ubottuearl2hol23, please see my private message00:21
earl2hol23maybe later00:21
ArseneReiWell, I'm trying to resolve a graphics driver issue with my macbook. And in the ubuntu wiki it says to set the driver in xorg.conf to intel, so I was wondering if a macbook install would.00:21
ZAHHplay nice boys.00:21
jose33_Spaniardbye, everyone :)00:21
bazhangZAHH, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
earl2hol23bazhang: dont be a jerk.00:22
happygoluckyArseneRei: I don't think xserver has an xorg.conf anymore but there is definitely an xorg channel00:22
anth0nyFree-man, so, you're talking about upgrading my OS to 11.04 or is this different?  it would just upgrade python?00:22
ArseneReihappygolucky: Alright, thanks.00:23
Free-mananth0ny not necesarily; you can upgrade just a package00:23
bluelampyeah, this is better00:23
notlisteningArseneRei, the location of the files have changes 10.04 upwards you need to different parts of the xorg config in different files now00:23
earl2hol23I just entered one last time to say00:24
earl2hol23Fuck you bazhang00:24
scxwhat is equivalent of gnome-appearance-properties for gtk+3 apps?00:24
earl2hol23thats all00:24
FloodBot1earl2hol23: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
scxhow to change gtk+3 style in GNOME2?00:24
alex--Where is alt + printscreen + k in ubuntu 11.04 ?00:25
urlin2ualex--, what does that do?00:26
ZAHHWell that got ugly.00:26
alex--urlin2u: logs you out00:26
bastidrazorurlin2u: alex-- it restarts X00:27
alex--It's some kind of tool that lets you logout when everyhing is broken00:28
urlin2ubastidrazor, ah thanks.00:28
PerdidonlineHi people!00:28
jpapertowelsdamn well im in a bit of a dilemma, my hardware is too new for ubuntu so i have to go back to windows as usual except i broke the bootloader and have no cd to restore it :|00:29
PerdidonlineMy name is Rafa... I'm from Brazil!!! Go Spiderrrrrr00:29
alex--Perdidonline: where the fack are you talking about?00:29
destiwhat hardware is too new?00:29
PerdidonlineUFC-Rio kkkkk00:29
urlin2ujpapertowels, you have a live ubuntu cd00:29
bazhangPerdidonline, this is ubuntu support; have a support question?00:29
alex--jpapertowels: when did you bought your hardware?00:29
PerdidonlineNo... its my first time on IRC00:30
jpapertowelsalex--: i bought it a month ago maybe...titanium hd soundcard, sli gtx 590 gfx, i7-990x, etc00:30
Perdidonlineand my english is bad....00:30
bazhangPerdidonline, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat NOT here00:30
alex--jpapertowels: And which components don't do work?00:30
alex--Because it can't be that nothing works00:30
scxhow to change style of gtk+3 application in GNOME 2?00:30
PerdidonlineAhhh ok...  sorry00:31
jpapertowelsalex--:  titanium hd mainly, also my intel fakeraid doesnt work with natty though does work with oneiric00:31
destisoundcard is a creative? will never work, creative just suxx00:31
urlin2ujpapertowels, you can put lilo in the mbr it boots windows00:31
jpapertowelsurlin2u: i formatted my usb drive with ubuntu live on it to put winpe on it to restore bootloader but now everything i open on ubuntu live crashes so i cant extract the winpe iso to it xD00:32
alex--Shotwell updates with nested tags, bmp support and more. You can install it by downloading it from the editors site, or add their PPA. Why isn't this new version included in 11.04 software center?00:32
NS_techwhat is the command to remove a directory and its contents?   i have been using sudo rmdir -r (directory)00:33
destirm -Rv00:33
bastidrazorNS_tech: rm -rf directory00:33
alex--illunatic: #ubuntu-offtopic00:33
jpapertowelsdesti: creative soundblaster hardware is great, their drivers suck, but not many soundcard manufacturer creates linux drivers anyway it would have to be the ctxfi linux driver makers that suck no offense if theyre reading this :300:33
bazhangillunatic, dont spam here00:33
alex--NS_tech: sudo rm -R (directory) as far as I know00:34
alex--I can be mistaking, that you have to type r00:34
bastidrazorNS_tech: -r is for recursive -f is for force so that it doesn't ask you to verify every file00:34
illunaticsorry totally the wrong channel00:34
illunatici genuinely did not mean to00:34
kwtmDoes Ubuntu now have the feature where a laptop can be suspended to RAM, and then if not used within a certain amount of time (say half an hour) it then suspends to disk to save battery life?00:34
dmkaeanyone here develop ?00:34
illunatici just /win c some on irssi xD00:34
illunaticalex--: thanks tho00:34
urlin2ukwtm, never heard of one.00:35
alex--kwtm: Suspended to RAM = stand-by00:35
NS_techthanks.  sudo rm -rf (directory) worked00:35
notlisteningillunatic, grow up00:36
illunaticexcuse me?00:36
illunatic#ubuntu-offtopic, sir00:36
bastidrazorNS_tech: you're welcome00:36
jamiewanNS_tech: care is needed with the rm -rf command, its very close to wiping your file system if you make a certain error00:37
destijpapertowels, how should they make drivers, when creative doesn't give them documentation about their chips, also when you buy the card, you pay to creative and so it's their job to make drivers00:37
kwtmalex--: Not sure of your point.  For the record, I agree that suspended to RAM = stand-by.  Does Ubuntu have the feature of hibernation after a certain amount of time in standby?00:37
illunaticwell if you read the whole thing it's actually a bit more baalanced than most things i write00:37
alex--kwtm: This would be a BIOS feature if it exists. As far as I know Ubuntu doesn't haves a feature like this.00:38
illunatici'm from san francisco and definitely familiar with where the gay community is coming from on this00:38
alex--illunatic: what do you mean?00:38
NS_techJamiewan: what do i need to watch out for?00:38
illunaticoh sorry i guess they kicked me from offtopic00:39
* illunatic shrugs00:39
alex--NS_tech: If you type / as directory, it doesn't asks you something like: are you sure?00:39
jamiewanNS_tech: well sudo rm -rf / is not a good idea, kind of completely breaks ya system00:39
kwtmalex--: Really? I have a winXP laptop dualbooting into Kubuntu, and the WinXP is able to suspend from RAM to disk, but Kubuntu 10.04 does not, which is what's preventing me from using Kubuntu for daily use.   It seems more like a OS issue than BIOS --how is the BIOS able to suspend to disk from RAM?00:39
alex--kwtm: how do you do that, suspend from ram to disk?00:40
notlisteningjamiewan, Ubuntu does not allow you to do that :D00:40
illunatici'm not sure why i was banned from offtopic, but w/e00:40
notlisteningjamiemill, you have to be creative00:40
jamiewanNS_tech: nothingspecial it certainly does when i've used it,00:41
notlisteningjamiemill, when did you last try it00:41
notlisteningjamiewan, specifically on ubuntu now00:41
jamiewannotlistening: used it last week to wipe an old box running jaunty00:42
kiko_alguem fala portugue00:42
alex--kiko_: #ubuntu-pe00:42
alex--Shotwell updates with nested tags, bmp support and more. You can install it by downloading it from the editors site, or add their PPA. Why isn't this new version included in 11.04 software center?00:42
bastidrazorillunatic: did you read the topic in #ubuntu-offtopic?00:42
notlisteningjamiewan, well i stand corrected then00:43
coinmasterhi, does someone know how to install libgtk2.0 on lucid ?00:43
coinmasterthe aptitude method dnt work00:44
notlisteningthere was a period where they modifed the rm command to disallow that00:45
jamiewannothingspecial: yeah all that was left was /dev /proc /var00:45
jamiewannotlistening: : yeah all that was left was /dev /proc /var00:45
usr_what command will let me know which devices are attached to the network where I am currently connected?00:46
HeGuruusr_ nmap & nmapfe00:47
BlueEagleusr_: Well that depends on the kind of devices, firewalls and so on. nmap would most likely fit any bill.00:47
jamiewanusr_:  nmap then your ip, but leave the last number off and put a /2400:47
EzeQLhi all00:47
EzeQLim installing ubuntu in the same hd as win700:48
BlueEagle!enter | EzeQL00:48
ubottuEzeQL: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:48
urlin2uEzeQL, cool, are you familiar with partition amount lintations00:48
EzeQLi have 100G free for installating ubuntu00:49
coinmasterezeQL: yes you can do that , ubuntu will repartition your windows7 partition00:49
EzeQLi do not want to use automatic partition00:49
happygoluckyi'm finding out all sorts of useful tid bits about keyboard shortcuts in ubuntu that i never knew existed. for instance i've been use the less command to look at large documents in terminal but I could have just hit shift+page up. Interesting to me00:49
urlin2uEzeQL, how many other partitions do you have as seen from linux00:49
EzeQLtwo ntfs, one fat32 for sharing files between both os00:49
BlueEagleEzeQL: Linux' ntfs-support is now stable.00:50
EzeQLdidnt know that, ty BlueEagle00:50
urlin2uEzeQL, cool if that is correct as 4 primaries is the limit the 100 gig should be a extended type, and the one inside xt4 and a swap00:50
EzeQLhow much percentage of the ext4 size should be used as swap?00:51
blognewbhello.. im trying to install lubuntu.. can i still give it more space later on once i have partitioned my hd to alot 40gb for lubuntu?00:51
bastidrazorEzeQL: it should be equal to your RAM.00:52
robotti^how I can access grub menu?00:52
urlin2uEzeQL, a swap which will be inside of the extended is equal to your ram to have hibernate.00:52
jamiewanEzeQL: same as ya ram mate00:52
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi where does ff save the .flv files from youtube? before they were temporary saved in /tmp and then to .mozilla/firefox/username/cache but now they are neither in the first folder nor in the last one. where can i find them? thank u - ubuntu10.10 - ff3 - gnome00:52
notlistening2x ram size is a good idea00:52
BlueEaglerobotti^: If the grub menu does not show while booting try pressing the escape key.00:52
notlisteningdepends on ram size00:52
urlin2uEzeQL, the extended is a partion to put the ext type and swap in.00:52
bastidrazorrobotti^: during boot? press and hold shift after POST00:52
blognewbonce ive set 40gb of hd for lubuntu, can i still adjust it and expand it later on?00:53
BlueEaglerobotti^: If you want to change the timeouts and such check your grub configuration00:53
bastidrazorBlueEagle: shift key00:53
bastidrazorerr.. it may be ctrl..00:53
urlin2urobotti^, why are you erasing grub?00:53
BlueEagleurlin2u: is he erasing grub?00:54
urlin2urobotti^, sory not erasing, your problem is not in grub.00:54
alex--Shotwell updates with nested tags, bmp support and more. You can install it by downloading it from the editors site, or add their PPA. Why isn't this new version included in 11.04 software center?00:55
urlin2uBlueEagle, no but is searching for fixes that are not applicable, as the ones needed may not be understood.00:55
BlueEaglealex--: Because it has not been sufficiently tested in Ubuntu and signed off as stable?00:55
alex--BlueEagle: so when it's stable it goes to software center?00:55
BlueEagleThe repositories are continously upgraded. Make sure you have the back ports repo active.00:56
notlisteningRight night all00:57
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:57
alex--How long should it take to resize a partition from 141 GB to 110 GB ?00:57
jamiewanalex--ything from 1minute to 5: an00:58
BlueEaglealex--: It depends on the speed of the media, the file system being resized (if any) and the amount of data in the file system.00:58
alex--96 GB used00:58
alex--Ah it's done now :)00:59
BlueEagle...and the speed of the processor and what other processes are running, any other disk activity needs to be taken into account.00:59
jamiewancome on, a couple minutes would be accurate enuf00:59
BlueEaglejamiewan: It would be as pointless as the question imo. :)00:59
alex--What do you recommend for Ubuntu 11.04 install, 20 or 30 GB?00:59
jamiewanBlueEagle: true but he just wants a rough idea i think,01:00
BlueEaglealex--: Again, it would depend on the usage scenario. If you're just starting to get to know it 20GB is plenty. If you run big databases and web sites 30GB may be too little.01:00
=== maknz_ is now known as maknz
alex--starting to know01:01
alex--I used ubuntu before, but I want to use things like shotwell now01:01
BlueEagle20GB should be plenty.01:01
BlueEaglethat is unles you've got more than 20GB of images you intend to use with Shotwell. ;)01:02
alex--It's not possible to create more than 4 primary partitions01:02
kwtmalex--: I'll tell you how I do it; it might help.  I assign 8GB to my Ubuntu partition, but all my data is in a separate partition which at least 100GB in size (my biggest is 1.2TB).   So I'd estimate 8GB + whatever data you need.01:02
alex--I have dual boot in a laptop with 120 gb hdd01:03
kwtmas for resizing, if you have to move a lot of data, it can take a long time.  For example, removing 31 GB from the end of the partition, if it's empty, may be fast.  Removing 31 GB from the front of the partition, and maybe having to shift almost all of the files to make room, may take "overnight".  I've done it before and it took about 5 hours.01:04
Danny_JorisI have an issue restarting openssh. I did: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart, but I get a message that I have to use 'service ssh restart'01:04
Danny_Jorisbut that returns an error as well..01:05
blognewbhi guys... once ive set 40gb of hd for lubuntu, can i still adjust it and expand it later on?01:05
Danny_JorisSo: how do I restart openssh?01:05
alex--Danny_Joris: then do sudo service ssh restart01:05
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
kwtmalex--: If you know how to do it, I suggest Ubuntu itself in a smaller partition of, say, 8-10GB, then another partition of 8-10GB in case you want another OS (like the next higher version of ubuntu) and then the rest is data.01:05
bazhangblognewb, dynamically? no01:05
alex--Danny_Joris: just like it says01:05
kwtmblognewb: Hi!  We were just talking about that in my sentence I typed right after you asked.01:05
bazhangblognewb, with a live cd or gparted live cd, yes01:05
kwtmYou know, I should put that into a macro and then I would save some time. :)01:06
alex--I can't create more than 4 primary partitions. Why?01:06
kwtmalex--: That is the system that has been agreed to for disk partitions.  Nor do you need to create more than 4 partitions.  You only need 2.01:06
bazhang!partition > alex--01:06
ubottualex--, please see my private message01:06
kwtmalex--: Within a parti -- oh01:06
kwtmCan I get to know what the !partition factoid is, too?01:06
blognewbkwtm so yes? coz i still am not sure what i would install in it.. i would for sure have libreoffice, Gimp, filezilla.. lemmp01:06
kwtm!partition > kwtm01:06
ubottukwtm, please see my private message01:06
Danny_Jorisalex--: cool, thanks. So I'm setting up openssh on a VM. Do I need to manually start openssh every time I restart my VM?01:06
urlin2ualex--, that is the law in mbr typed drives a extended will allow a lot more logical though01:06
alex--Danny_Joris: no01:07
alex--Danny_Joris: depends actually01:07
alex--kwtm: Windows partition, boot partition, recovery partition, some other tools partition, and I want to create ubuntu partition01:07
ultrixxis reiserfs a good filesystem or should i use ext4?01:07
silare!partition > silare01:07
ubottusilare, please see my private message01:07
urlin2ualex--, 3 primaries and a extended for ubuntu is what you want01:07
alex--urlin2u: 4 primaries are then01:08
alex--How to add extended?01:08
alex--I resized my first partition01:08
alex--Now I have white space01:08
kwtmblognewb: Technically, yes you can change it.  Practically: it can take hours while your computer is unable to do anything else.  Much better to partition it the right way the first time, with spare partitions as necessary.01:08
zahhDoes anyone know why Domain names wont resolve for non-root users in a chroot'd environment?01:08
EzeQLwhat should i enter on "mount point" ?01:08
zahhI can ping google.ca as root but not as non-root user01:08
zahhthe doman name doesnt resolve01:08
bastidrazorzahh: aren't you toying with android?01:09
blognewbkwtm does ubuntu come flash compatible?01:09
kwtmalex--: As I was going to say when someone jumped in with a factoid that was only directed to one person within this conversation, you only need 2 partitions: if you set the second partition as "extended", then that partition can itself contain as many other partitions as you need.  These would be logical partitions.  But primary means that there are no partitions contained inside.01:09
urlin2ualex--, a extended is done in linux gparted is the easiest, you can only have as much as 3 primaries and one extended which can have a unlimited logical type, which ubuntu wil run in with know problem01:09
alex--kwtm: I'm stuck with 'unallocated' now01:09
alex--I'm in gparted01:09
alex--How can I make extended partition?01:09
kwtmblognewb: Umm... not sure why you are asking me.  I know partitions.  I don't know flash.  In fact, I don't even use Ubuntu.01:09
urlin2ualex--, post a imagebin of a screen shot of gparted01:10
alex--Do I have to make the C:/ partition with windows bigger?01:10
blognewbwhy are you here? kwtm01:10
bazhangblognewb, of course you can install flash01:10
kwtmalex--: So what you want to do is replace all but the first partition (which must be primary) with logical partitions inside an extended partition.01:10
EzeQLwhere can i find gparted?01:10
kwtmblognewb: I am here so that I can tell people to direct their questions to everyone, not just one single person.01:10
bazhangEzeQL, on the live cd, or dl the gparted live cd01:10
Sylarsofthow to use xchat01:10
urlin2ukwtm, windows wont run in a extended01:10
bazhangSylarsoft, what part of xchat01:11
blognewbhow much memory does ubuntu consume on average, idle time01:11
urlin2ualex--, posta screen shot of gparted.01:11
Sylarsofti can't connect to the server01:11
kwtmurlin2u: Are you serious?  Well, I guess that decides which OS will go into the primary partition.  That's kind of unwieldy.  It's been a long time since I've put Windows on a computer...01:11
bazhangblognewb, no one answer for that01:11
alex--urlin2u: http://imagebin.org/16992401:12
dmkaeis there a way to move a wubi install to a dedicated one?01:12
urlin2ukwtm, windows is just that way, tweaks that I doubt any know here can get to run but that is real geek stuff. A shred will run though, just not the bootable OS.01:12
kwtmalex--: Can GParted switch a partition from primary to extended?   If not, then you'll have to convert one partition at a time.  If you can't spare a primary partition to erase and convert into extended, you may be out of luck.01:12
bazhangdmkae, yes there is, check the wubiguide for that01:12
alex--kwtm: I dont know, where can I check this?01:12
bazhang!wubi > dmkae01:13
ubottudmkae, please see my private message01:13
kwtmalex--: You have GParted open right now -- is there an option for "change partition to extended"?  I wonder who used all 4 primaries?  That was not a very wise thing to do.01:13
alex--kwtm: HP Did01:13
urlin2ualex--, your being led astray01:13
alex--led astray?01:14
kwtmurlin2u: I guess in the past I've always had Windows computers on which I installed Linux, so I always ended up having Windows on primary, not knowing that it would mean trouble to have it any other way.01:14
urlin2ualex--, bad advice01:14
alex--So what do I have to do now?01:14
urlin2ualex--, post a screenshot of gparted would be a good start01:14
EzeQLim on the live cd01:14
JoeR1urlin2u, Well all of my attempts to recover my Linux partition have failed and I found out that my ISO of Xubuntu x64 is missing01:14
urlin2uEzeQL, gpared is on the live cd01:14
kwtmalex--: Aaaugh.  My condolences.  I've had bad experiences with their computers.  Anyway ... you may need to get rid of one partition, or consider buying a new hard disk (it might be enough of a bargain).  I wonder if you can store the entirety of one partition on another?  What were your 4 partitions again?01:15
kwtmWait, boot partition?01:15
JoeR1urlin2u, I was too tired to remember what you recommended last night before I went to sleep01:15
bazhangkwtm, thats very poor advice01:15
urlin2uJoeR1,  don't remember exactly what you were doing.01:15
kwtmalex--: You have a boot partition and a separate Windows partition?  Is that necessary?  Last time I did this I was using Win2k.01:15
alex--kwtm: boot is for some bios like thing01:16
kwtmbazhang: I will defer to your expertise.01:16
bazhangkwtm, please dont comment if you have no idea of what you're saying01:16
alex--kwtm: HP did when I bought the laptop01:16
JoeR1urlin2u, I was having trouble with the MBR on my primary partition and many attempts to rebuild it had failed01:16
kwtmbazhang: Alright, I will refrain from commenting.  I didn't realize I had no idea what I'm saying, but apparently one study showed that people who were ignorant were ignorant of their ignorance.01:16
urlin2uJoeR1, post that bootscript you ran.01:17
urlin2ukwtm, yeah I fit right in there at times,:D01:17
EzeQLwell, i do not know where the apps or ocnsole is..01:17
JoeR1urlin2u, I have to see if I can one moment01:17
EzeQLdid windows make me stupid? :)01:17
urlin2uEzeQL, you on the unity desktop applications is a button in the left panel01:18
alex--Anyone who can help me creating a partition for Ubuntu? http://imagebin.org/16992401:18
EzeQLurlin2u, thanks01:20
urlin2ualex--, one partion has to go, if your backed up and have a install disc I would suggest the recovery01:20
urlin2ualex--, the boot partition could go instead but you will probably have to load some files to the C partition to boot01:21
alex--urlin2u: I didn't do both01:21
alex--no backup, no installation disc01:21
whathi can anyone help me with rtl8187 usb network connection problems?01:22
urlin2ualex--, don't do anything though until we fix windows for boot after removing any partition01:22
C3POwn3d_Hello. I'm running 10 and for some reason my hard drive constantly runs. Anyone know what I could do to fix it?01:22
alex--urlin2u: may I give windows his 'space' back?01:22
urlin2ualex--, you have a recovery disc or install disc for windows?01:22
FAalbersHello. I can't seem to open more then one terminal in 11.04. Am I overlooking something ?01:22
alex--make /dev/sda2 bigger (like it was)01:22
alex--urlin2u: no, only a recovery partition01:23
alex--FAalbers: try ctrl alt t01:23
urlin2ualex--, go back to windows, and make a recovery disc01:23
alex--urlin2u: may I give windows his 'space' back? make /dev/sda2 bigger (like it was)01:23
E3D3I just installed the latest Ubuntu Alternate and can't find Opera web-browser. How can I install it ?01:23
urlin2ualex--, sure,01:23
FAalbersalex--, That worked :) How com the icon in the sidebar doesn't do that ?01:24
alex--urlin2u: and windows can boot normally?01:24
urlin2ualex--, to install ubuntu though a partiton must go.01:24
alex--FAalbers: I dont know. In my opinion Unity is still beta01:24
urlin2ualex--, are you using the disk manager in windows to shrink and exspand?01:24
th0rE3D3: opera.com has a deb package for ubuntu01:24
EzeQLshould i enter something on "mount point" ?01:24
alex--urlin2u: gparted on live usb01:24
FAalbersalex--, Is 11.04 called Unity ?01:25
urlin2ualex--, is it W&01:25
FAalbersalex--, Or is that the name of the UI01:25
alex--FAalbers: It's using Unity.01:25
alex--FAalbers: You have GNOME and Unity (They used gnome 2.x in ubuntu 10.04, and Unity in 11.04)01:25
urlin2ualex--, is it W7?01:25
alex--urlin2u: yes01:25
E3D3EzeQL: Thanks01:26
FAalbersI see ! Thanks alex--01:26
urlin2ualex--, only use the disk manager to move the window partition in W701:26
alex--Can I give his partition back now?01:26
alex--Because I rezised it with gparted01:26
alex--I mean: make it like it was01:26
urlin2ualex--, see if windows will boot now and expand the partition and make a recovery disc01:27
urlin2ualex--, you need to make a backup as well to be safe really.01:27
=== daek_ is now known as Daekdroom
alex--urlin2u: see if windows boots first, or first make bigger?01:27
alex--urlin2u: in bigger, like: how it was before I went on ubuntu01:27
alex--So I need to start backups now?01:28
alex--urlin2u: Make partition bigger, boot windows, install backup software, go backup01:28
urlin2ualex--, see if windows will boot. You should only be resizing that C partition in windows with the disk manager not gparted with the disc that full.01:28
alex--So I have to leave it like this right now?01:29
alex--Are you sure?01:29
urlin2ualex--, there are unmovable parts of the W7C that gparted cares nothong about and may make the W7 unbootable, which would need a recovery disc to fix if fixable01:30
EzeQLurlin2u, whats mount point ?01:30
urlin2uEzeQL, /01:30
alex--urlin2u: I resized it with the installer01:30
urlin2uEzeQL, choose /01:30
urlin2ualex are we communicating here?01:31
EzeQLand the anothers ? ntfs drivers?01:31
urlin2uEzeQL, not sure where your at you would not touch those, are you in the something other partitioning area?01:31
alex--urlin2u: yes, but the installer is something else than gparted. I mean: bring it back like how it was before I started with Ubuntu now, or just boot windows?01:31
urlin2ualex--, boot windows01:32
urlin2uEzeQL, you only need to confirm where you want ubuntu and the grub placement in that gui, and the monut for the ext4 partition=/01:32
EzeQLihave created all partitions as you indicated me , i set mount point / on ext4 partition01:32
urlin2uEzeQL, yeah just make sure you have the ext4 as the point of install.01:33
EzeQLok, i dont see any grub option over here..01:33
alex--urlin2u: Windows wants to check the filetype on C:/01:33
alex--dit's checking files now01:33
urlin2uEzeQL, first gui after choosing that are below screen, grub to the mbr only probably sda01:34
EzeQLok, ty01:34
alex--it's *01:34
urlin2uEzeQL, grub is in the first gui on choosing something else below the partition screen01:34
urlin2ualex--, that is normal go ahead.01:35
urlin2ualex--, that s what may happen when you move the windows partition from outside of windows, rather then using it's partitioner01:36
alex--urlin2u: Didnt know win7 had a partitioner01:36
urlin2ualex--, yeah a virtual one in W7 pretty cool stuff.01:36
urlin2ualex--, I wish linux had that capeability.01:37
alex--urlin2u: what's the difference between gparted and win7 one?01:37
urlin2ualex--, a lot of differences, but mainly the W7 one can do it on the system while using gprated can't in this situation.01:38
alex--on the system?01:39
=== younishd_ is now known as younishd
urlin2ualex--, gparted is graet it just does not resize a partition while using it.01:39
urlin2ualex--, also the W7 partitioner will look at your partition and tell you how much you can shrink it safely01:40
qinurlin2u: lvm?01:40
urlin2uqin, ?01:40
alex--urlin2u: so ubuntu can learn from windows one01:40
alex--for the first time :P01:40
alex--windows is ooting now01:40
urlin2ualex--, maybe lol01:40
urlin2ualex--, boot to admina for the disk manager01:41
alex--logged in01:41
alex--admin, erm01:41
urlin2ualex--, how many accounts do you have?01:41
alex--1 i think01:41
alex--can't I better make backups now?01:41
urlin2ualex--, your in admin then in the search type disk man, and you will see the partitioner show.01:42
bsmith093is it normal to not have ubuntu have updates every day, i check several times a day, and there are days in a row, where theres nothing01:42
anth0nyhow do you use pip-2.7 in Ubuntu?  I have pip installed but running pip-2.7 yields "pip-2.7: command not found"01:42
alex--urlin2u: what now?01:42
alex--urlin2u: i'm in partition manager01:43
urlin2ualex--, open it and right click the C partition and follow the stuff on exspanding, been awile sisnce I have done this part.01:43
osmosisshould I use evolution or claws for a imap mail client?01:44
alex--expand C:/ ?01:44
alex--urlin2u: ^01:45
urlin2ualex C Is the one you shrunk correct?01:45
Sylarsoftmy settings of xchat http://imagebin.org/16992901:45
alex--urlin2u: yes01:45
urlin2ualex--, look here http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/resize-a-partition-for-free-in-windows-vista/01:45
alex--urlin2u: I did that in ubuntu01:46
alex--Now i have empty space01:46
alex--non allocated01:46
alex--Can I create 'eenvoudig volume' on that space?01:46
urlin2ualex--, so you wanted the C partition back to its original size, but your still in the quandry of having to remove a partition to install Ubuntu unless you just do a wubi install.01:46
alex--Can I use the non allocated part now in windows to make partition for ubuntu?01:47
urlin2ualex--, only if you remove one of the other primaries.01:47
sagacialex--, yeah, should be able to01:47
urlin2usagaci, no he has 4 primaries01:48
sagacican only have 4 primary partitions01:48
sagaciah ok01:48
alex--can i create a secondary partition for ubuntu?01:48
alex--In windows I can click 'simple volume'01:48
sagacinot if you already have 4 primaries01:49
urlin2ualex--, I have explained this many times to you are you not getting the physices of this01:49
OnlyodinWhat about converting the disk to a GPT disk?01:49
urlin2uOnlyodin, not for ubuntu01:49
alex--I have something like this: http://www.extend-partition.com/resource/images/extend-system-partition-windows-7/delete-d-partition.gif01:49
urlin2ustupid idea as well01:49
alex--look at the black unallocated01:49
alex--urlin2u: What are the disadvantages of wubi?01:50
sagacialex--, reduced performance01:50
alex--sagaci: how much?01:51
urlin2ualex--, not designed for long term use, only 30 gigs, and if you let a grub upadte go to the mbr it can be difficult to fix.01:51
alex--urlin2u: What do you suggest then, for long term use?01:51
OnlyodinUbuntu has supported GPT disks since 8.04, what's wrong with using GPT?01:51
urlin2ualex--, removing a primary01:51
sagacialex--, try installing it to a flash drive01:51
alex--sagaci: I messed a 8 gb usb stick up with that01:52
urlin2uor a flash is good01:52
urlin2uOnlyodin, yeah yeah, but we are trying to help someone that can't understand some basic stuff here a gpt;is a gpt rwally a good idea here?01:53
urlin2uOnlyodin, besides gpt was not asked for, and is just your idea.01:54
OnlyodinI would have thought converting the disk to GPT would be the simplest way to go forward, but it's only a suggestion.01:54
OnlyodinGPT would allow the user to create a new primary partition without deleting any of the existing partitions. Isn't that what the user is asking for?01:55
urlin2uOnlyodin, a extended partion would hold a unlimited amout of NTFS shared and any linux now you tell me01:55
OnlyodinYeah it would, but it also requires deleting the partition in order to replace it.01:55
alex--Can I change 1 primary partition in a secondary one?01:55
urlin2uOnlyodin, this channel is not for gpt it is a ubuntu channel I have never seen anybody but you suggest it, and y9our just muddying up a sistuation you have nothing to do with do you know the definition of boundaries.01:56
urlin2ualex--, you can delete one and make a extended. What your suggesting, s an attempt to save dat?01:58
alex--urlin2u: I will start making my backups now01:58
OnlyodinI do, and I also know the definition of simple, a concept that you seem to be ignoring.  Anyway, it was only a suggestion, there's no need to arc up and start flaming me for no good reason.01:59
alex--So I can recover whole disk01:59
alex--When something goes wrong01:59
urlin2ualex--, cool make the recovery disc that is a very needed tool01:59
alex--I dont have cd's01:59
urlin2uOnlyodin, stop arguing you made suggestion, the user is not interested let it go.02:00
alex--Onlyodin: I dont have the experience for the GPT02:00
owen1how to enable middle click on macbook touchpad?02:01
urlin2ualex--, that recovery disc is very important, it will get yo to the recovery area if needed, for example to reinstall the backup.02:01
alex--urlin2u: no, my bios has some kind of boot to go to recovery partition02:01
urlin2ualex--, if your windows is damaged enough you wont get there, you will need  a bootable recovery or install disc02:03
luigiOkay, my ubuntu server running 11.04 is incorrectly getting both an auto ipv6 address and using my static ipv6 I've defined in /etc/network/interfaces. How do I disable stateless ipv6?02:03
alex--urlin2u: windows is on another partition02:03
ar4morehey i just installed linux im new to it02:03
alex--ar4more: ok02:03
urlin2ualex--, this is having the right tools for the job MS says the first thing you should do is make a recovery and a backup.02:04
urlin2urecovery disc02:04
urlin2ualex--, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/backup-and-restore02:05
alex--urlin2u: I have backup software :)02:05
urlin2ualex--, okay do you have a recovery disc I can't explain this any better. For example lets say you want the MS boot back in the mbr, you eed a recovery or install disc for that.02:07
Polahar4more: We can probably answer most questions you may have.02:08
urlin2ualex--, go ahead and disregard this for the cost of a 25 cent cd, and lose the windows, it is possible that this could happen.02:08
alex--urlin2u: 3 dvd's02:08
urlin2ualex--, the backup discs wont boot as the recovery does.02:09
alex--what do you mean?02:09
urlin2ualex--, anyway I see that this is a waste of time trying to help top be honest.02:09
CertHello.. I have issues regarding an Ubuntu install.02:12
CertI get an xconf error, I have already tried changing the permissions for the appropriate folders02:12
CertNo dice. '02:12
CertAny ideas what could be the issue?02:13
webserverhow to use grub4dos direction ubuntu.02:13
archusercan someone help? gdm wont start im getting this error http://pastebin.com/3qadLM8h02:15
usr13archuser: Looks like a failed install?02:16
archuserusr13: so you think reinstall gdm or dbus02:17
usr13archuser: I don't know really...02:18
iluminator101does ubuntu netbook edition support snapdragon processors02:19
urlin2uiluminator101, which version of netbook edition do you mean?02:20
qinarchuser: Did you remove cnosole-kit-daemon?02:21
iluminator101ubuntu 11.10 netboot edition more specially the the hp touchpad02:21
archuserqin: no02:21
Polahiluminator101, 11.01 has no netbook edition. It's also not stable yet.02:21
qinarchuser: Does xinit works?02:22
skim1776how can I resolve problem with ATSC A/52 codec missing?02:22
iluminator101 i mean the general edition 11.10 in development02:23
archuserqin: yes02:24
archuserqin: i can start it with startx02:24
Polahiluminator101: I imagine snapdragon processors are supported through some kernel additions  if not natively02:25
urlin2uiluminator101, you thinking of getting the HP touch pad?02:25
iluminator101urlin2u, i have one02:26
urlin2uiluminator101, ah I think Polah is correct it is a newer processor I think, so the web may be your source of info really.02:27
urlin2uanother source anyway :D iluminator10102:27
rosstaylori am unable to access synaptic package manager, ": dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. ". please help02:29
Polahrosstaylor, have you tried running that command?02:29
rosstaylorpolah: one sec please02:30
rosstaylorpolah: lol i type the wrong thing in02:30
qinarchuser: And startx do not produce errs? Does failsafe booting (or restarting gdm) give any clues, since this looks like gdm cannot start properly, so it looks like dbus.02:30
rosstaylordoes anyone here have experience using lifenet?02:30
urlin2urosstaylor, lifenet health?02:31
urlin2ucrisis line rosstaylor02:32
rosstaylorurlin2u: lifenet for communicating when the network is down02:32
rosstaylorurlin2u: i have recently encountered this due to the fact that the hurricane caused the cell network to be down and such02:33
rosstaylorurlin2u: lifenet appears to be functioning in times of crisis02:33
rosstaylorso i was wondering if anyone has any experience using it02:33
urlin2urosstaylor, you okay though, not really a ubuntu topic, but we would be concerned for you safety.02:34
rosstaylorurlin2u: ok - are there other ways to communicate (ubuntu software?) when the infrastructure is down?02:34
urlin2urosstaylor, not without internet.02:35
RA_drchello, why do my arrow keys in ubuntu work as navigation keys instead of cursor keys02:35
rosstaylorurlin2u: that earthquake was super scary, i couldn't contact anyone, so I was thinking about coming up with a back-up plan02:36
dooglusrecently I've been having to re-type my ssh passphrase every time I log in to a remote host02:36
doogluspreviously I'd type it once, and it would work until I rebooted02:36
urlin2urosstaylor, sound like a good idea, you might check with the people who do that.02:36
doogluswhat have I missed up, and how can I fix it?02:36
photonI just formatted a 3TB drive with mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb ... and it took just 10 seconds in 11.04, while the same command took almost an hour in 10.04. How come? What changed?02:37
Langlythey added furries02:37
urlin2urosstaylor,  we like to communicate on the channel, so we can all contribute. :D02:37
RT1Y45is there any tool to debug programs that start in ubuntu?02:38
kuchikuanyone here part of the  ubuntu development  team ?02:38
qinphoton: Was it a clean hd?02:38
photonqin: what do you mean, clean? it was new...02:38
alex--Who can I contact if I want some changes in Ubuntu02:38
aeon-ltd /j ubuntu-dev02:38
urlin2uphoton, must be a miracle.02:39
photonurlin2u: I'm worried the formatting didn't work correctly.02:39
qinphoton: Propably 11.04 just wrote partition table (since hd was empty tere is nothing to check or overwrite), then 10.04 have seen partiton table and had to "reformat" it.02:40
kuchikui think ubuntu should join forces with android to make a better os02:40
urlin2uphoton, look at the drive with a gui parttioner.02:40
qinkuchiku: Ubuntu is better os.02:41
kuchikuandroid is more user friendly and also google has all the resources to make it better02:43
scxwhich GPU is better choice for Linux:02:43
scxa) Intel GMA HD 3000 GPU02:43
mgjUbuntu is for PC's. Android is for phones. Why the hell are you comparing the two?02:43
scxb) Nvidia GeForce 320M02:43
luigiscx: Intel. Always intel.02:43
scxc) NVIDIA GeForce 9400M?02:43
luigiscx: See previous messages.02:43
scxluigi: why Intel? why not Nvidia?02:43
urlin2ukuchiku, I think ubuntu should make me coffee in the morning, lite my cig, and pay all my bills independently02:44
luigiIntel has superb kernel support. nVidia has proprietary drivers that can be awful with certain cards and can have erratic issues.02:44
urlin2ukuchiku, do yu know how wealthy the main man at Ubuntu is?02:44
kuchikumgj , hehehe , android now on tablet pc02:45
luigiscx: intel supports linux as a real OS. nvidia support linux as a pet project.02:45
luigiscx: ATI supports linux as a joke.02:45
mgjUbuntu is for PC's. Android is for phones/tablets. Why the hell are you comparing the two?02:45
qinluigi: Neat.02:45
scxluigi: what about VIA/S3G or PowerVR?02:46
RA_drchello, why do my arrow keys in ubuntu work as navigation keys instead of cursor keys02:46
qinmgj: Half of my life spending, removing dust and crap from screen, would need to go nuts to use tablet.02:47
urlin2ummmm greasy screen02:48
scxmgj: i think, that GNOME 3/Unity was created for tablets02:48
scxlike Android 302:48
kuchikumgj , android is a tablet pc os and i'm not comparing the two02:48
mgjI think it was made as an experiment to see just how much you can abuse your users before they run away02:48
qinmgj: Haha.02:49
dooglusrecently I've been having to re-type my ssh passphrase every time I log in to a remote host02:49
doogluspreviously I'd type it once, and it would work until I rebooted02:49
doogluswhat have I missed up, and how can I fix it?02:49
luigiscx: VIA is okay, but really intel is the best choice.02:49
luigiscx: Intel is one of the few companies that writes good linux drivers in parallel with other platforms.02:49
mgjkuchiku, you said that ubuntu and android should join forces to create THE ULTIMATE OS. Which, honestly, is retarded02:49
urlin2uRA_drc, there are other options for those key, I doubt any one here cares to be honest.02:50
bazhang!ot mgj kuchiku02:50
ubottubazhang: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:50
bazhangmgj kuchiku #ubuntu-offtopic for this please02:50
Saeidhow can I change my brightness of lcd in lxde ?02:54
Langlymanually dialate your pupils02:55
qindooglus: It sound like keyring, did you change your user password?02:55
kuchikumgj , you might be the most intelligent person in this planet but  idiots in google thought that android might replace the ubuntu you using on your pc02:55
qinkuchiku: Not really true.02:56
mgjYou give me way more credit than i deserve, but lets not take this further02:56
* mgj is scared of the moderators02:56
qinkuchiku: And off-topic02:56
Chris_0076hey, I was wondering why my gnome-panel was taking up 100% cpu, any thoughts? (just upgraded to 11.04 about 2 days ago)02:56
Chris_0076also this last time I logged in 4 process of it were spawned02:57
qinChris_0076: Are you using Classic or unity.02:57
Chris_0076I tried unity but I just cant get used to it02:58
qinChris_0076: First try: gnime-panel --replace02:58
RA_drcurlin2u: thanks for your help02:58
RA_drchello, why do my arrow keys in ubuntu work as navigation keys instead of cursor keys02:58
dooglusqin: sorry for the delay - I was rebooting to see how ssh-agent usually gets started, and what's happening in my case02:58
Saeidhi , How do I adjust my brightness  on my  lcd (lxde) ?02:58
Chris_0076qin, ok, now what?02:58
dooglusqin: it turns out that the xinitrc file is running 'ssh-agent -s' as normal, and it's setting SSH_AGENT_PID and SSH_AUTH_SOCK in my environment, as it could, but by the time I get to run a terminal, the ssh-agent process has died02:59
qinRA_drc: In what application?02:59
qinChris_0076: check in htop what it does now.02:59
dooglusqin: at the moment, for example, I see "SSH_AGENT_PID=1866" in my environment, but there is no process with ID 186602:59
dooglusqin: if I run 'ssh-agent -s', the ssh-agent process dies instantly02:59
Chris_00760% cpu now03:00
Chris_0076well... um that was not a good idea03:01
Chris_0076I closed the terminal that i typed gnome-panel --replace in and now it is all gone >.>03:01
qinChris_0076: Atl-F2 and command03:02
Chris_0076nothing pops up03:02
qindooglus: does it leave anything in logs?#03:02
qinChris_0076: Alt-F2 and gnome-panel --replace03:02
dooglusqin: which logfile should I look at?03:02
Raweedhey im trying to install ubuntu onto an external hdd, i have created 3 partions, of size 30gb(/), 8gb(RAMx1/2) and 160(/Home). they are ext4 types. Does it matter that there is 750gb ntfs type which i want to use for other files from windows? and if not where do i install ubuntu (on /, /home or RAMx1/2) and what do i put as "device for boot loafer installation"? thanks in advance03:03
qindooglus: messages and syslog03:03
qindooglus: just grep ssh03:03
dooglusqin: interesting.  /var/log/auth.log: Aug 27 20:03:16 localhost ssh-agent[2754]: error: setrlimit RLIMIT_CORE: Operation not permitted03:03
dooglusqin: if I run 'ssh-agent -d', it works fine03:04
dooglusqin: but that's no use for automated setup, 'cos I have to copy/paste the SSH_AUTH_SOCK into each terminal03:04
Chris_0076ok, thank you very much qin. ^^03:04
RA_drcqin: firefox03:04
Chris_0076it seems to be ok now03:04
qindooglus: This err is interesting...03:05
dooglusqin: I found this: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=67511103:06
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 675111 in openssh "ssh-agent as user stops working" [Medium,Closed: worksforme]03:06
dooglusqin: they say it's a kernel bug03:06
dooglusqin: could it be my kernel is too old?03:06
dooglusI have Linux vikki-old 2.6.37-12-generic-pae #26-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 5 19:00:12 UTC 2011 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux03:06
dooglusoh, I remember - all 2.6.38 kernels cause this laptop to freeze regularly, so I use the newest 2.6.37 one03:07
qindooglus: Same kernel and bug filled for red hat03:08
Raweedcan ANYONE help?03:08
dooglusqin: thanks for the help!  this is the 3rd time I've tried to get help with the problem and you're the first to point me at looking at the logs :)03:08
qindooglus: update is good idea, but there seems to be no bug for ubuntu, fance filling one?03:09
ruffleShi there guys.. i can't create a live usb of oneiric from windows, i've tried unetbootin and also extracting .iso files into the usb flash disk using winrar but i got no luck. can anyone help me out with this?03:09
qinRaweed: ntfs do not matter, make sure to install grub in external hd not main one, anyway bast to remove (or power off) internal hd for installation03:11
djmasterso im trying to do terminal coding for colors how?03:12
Raweedqin: yes but there are 3 partitions which one do i select, or do i just select the whole thing? kinda of a newbie. and what do i select for boot loader installation, ? and how do i turn of internal hd?03:13
qindjmaster: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/colorizing.html03:13
djmasterqin thx03:13
qinRaweed: Same one where is / and /boot03:13
ruffleScan anyone help me create a (oneiric daily build) live usb from windows? unetbootin ain't working and extracting files into the USB flash drive doesn't work either03:13
Raweedwin: thanks and i select the whole hd for the installation not just a single partition?03:14
hopeUna pregunta..??03:15
wildbatRaweed: when the installer ask you where to install pick manual. there will be a list of partition ~ select the 30GB and pick ext4, format. use as /, the 8GB linux swap, the rest /home ext403:15
ruffleS!es hope03:15
dooglusqin: I've been updating regularly.  I just put a line in the grub config to always boot into the old kernel03:15
qinruffleS: Not sure thisis supported here on in #ubuntu+1, as far as i know you need specific files form working M$ system to create live-usb. but #windows will be better help.03:15
hopeInstale el aMule pero no veo donde descarga los archivos , ni tampoco localizo los temporales ,, alguien me puede audar03:15
dooglusqin: I've booted into the newest kernel now, and ssh-agent is running, so that was the problem03:16
ruffleShope vete a #ubuntu-es03:16
hopeok gracias..!!03:16
RA_drcqin: why do my arrow keys in firefox work as navigation keys instead of cursor keys03:16
james_my flash64 is driving me crazy...it keeps stopping even thought ive just done speedtest and got 4meg..can any1 tell me how to fix it?03:16
qinRaweed: No! manual partitioning03:16
ruffleShope de nada, compadre. suerte!03:16
ruffleSqin thanks03:16
qinRA_drc: Right, not really use firefox.03:16
dooglusqin: now I'll wait and see if this new kernel freezes.  I've not bothered reporting a bug because it would be too vague to be worth doing.  "this laptop freezes after a random amount of time if I use any 2.6.38 kernel" - what's anyone going to do with that?03:16
RA_drcqin: thanks anyways03:17
Raweedwildbat: your here! im saved! but its not asking me where to install each part just giving me a list of partitions etc and one button INSTALL NOW03:17
urlin2uRaweed, check the md5sum of the ISO  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM   and try this loader.  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/03:17
djmasterim running gnome 3 help03:17
bazhangdjmaster, not supported here03:18
bazhang!gnome3 > djmaster03:18
ubottudjmaster, please see my private message03:18
wildbatRaweed: yes, just select the partition and format as i mention accordingly .03:18
djmasterubottu,  ?03:18
bazhang!gnome3 | djmaster03:18
ubottudjmaster: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.03:18
ruffleShope aqui en #ubuntu se habla solamente inglés03:19
djmastergnome 3 help>?03:20
bazhangdjmaster, please dont ask, it's not supported here.03:20
Tech-1i don't think many will lke gnome 3,03:21
Tech-1its still in infancy03:21
djmasteri dont03:21
djmasteri have full03:21
bazhangdjmaster, please stop asking; it's NOT supported here03:22
djmasterbazhang,  NO03:22
Tech-1its gnomes version of kde, they should (like trovalds said) leave gnome 2 alone03:22
qindooglus: Thats creepy to got into such bugs, but still good to report, since there maybe fix (or at least hope). This remind me to propose in launchpad "crash test" tools.03:22
djmasterTech-1, ya i know in  runing joli cloud 1.3 and i went back03:23
dooglusqin: it's been many months since I put that in the grub config.  maybe 2.6.38 kernels work for me now.03:23
slashrootwhere can i find info on installing ydl to a ps3 via usb03:25
bazhangslashroot, on the ydl support forums03:25
bazhang!alis | slashroot03:25
ubottuslashroot: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*03:25
djmasterIS BAZHANG REAL03:26
qindjmaster: casp, mate.03:27
MrWillyso I'm having some trouble installing 10.04 32-bit.  it boots the CD, goes to the nifty loading screen with the blinking dots, and then locks up completely, necessitating a reboot.  is there any way to eliminate that pretty screen so I can see what's actually happening when it locks?03:31
chavoMrWilly: hit F103:31
MrWillychavo, lemme give that a shot03:31
centHOGGMrWilly: also your hw could be elderly03:31
MrWillycentHOGG, I'm quite certain the hardware's supported.  it's had 10.04 on it before03:36
MrWillyso this is most interesting03:36
centHOGGMrWilly: any peripherals hanging you up?03:36
MrWillyafter hitting F1 to see what's going on, it got to the point where it "locks."  what I actually see is some repeated text scrolling past the screen over and over, so quickly that I can't read it03:36
MrWillycentHOGG, only things connected are a keyboard, monitor, USB mouse and the wireless NIC03:37
centHOGGhmm... idk03:37
qinMrWilly: Remove last one03:37
MrWillyyeah, weird03:37
MrWillyqin, pain in the butt, but I can do that03:37
MrWillythe text I'm seeing starts [  72.280012] followed by what looks to be a memory address, but the text after that is unreadable due to the speed of the scrolling03:38
=== satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
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qinMrWilly: btw, did you try ScrLk?03:41
MrWillywell hot damn03:45
MrWillyremoving the wireless NIC did it03:46
MrWillyqin, good call on that.  I should've known better03:46
qinMrWilly: Tease me now. ;)03:46
MrWillyqin, I meant removing the nic was a pain in the butt, not that you were :D03:46
qinMrWilly: Rofl.03:47
MrWillyqin, you're my savior.  I was trying all kinds of crazy stuff that I vaguely remembered from linux installs long past, but I completely missed that one03:47
nickman101anyone wanna do a g+ hangout?03:48
centHOGGnickman101: no homo03:48
qinnickman101: Do they support elinks?03:48
zenmasterSo here is a funny question. I finally got my little development machine going. And I want to do some flash applications. More specifically for my recording studio.03:49
zenmasterSo what is a good Flash Development IDE GUI for linux? From my exhaustive research on google sounds like none.03:49
qinnickman101: Browser03:49
zenmasterSo does this leave me with a virtual box windows install for my flash apps?03:49
nickman101i don't get what you're trying to say, qin03:50
qinzenmaster: Animations: synfig, some claim that blender too, there was rumour of gimp extention.03:50
hatterhow do i install aufs module on natty ?03:50
zenmasterYeah, that is gay. :*(03:50
luitezenmaster: hmm, I think your options are limited, there are actionscript compilers, libraries to generate flash for serveral languages03:50
zenmasterErr annoying excuse me.03:50
nickman101man, i never seen you guys before03:51
luitezenmaster: but no integrated authoring environment like adobe flash03:51
qinnickman101: That if g+ do not support brower i am using, then no honey.03:51
zenmasterluite: That is what I seem to be finding, but nothing really like what I would like to do like when I was in Windows. I guess my video editing machine is going to have to do it.03:51
nickman101o i see what you mean03:51
zenmasterluite: Thank you. :D03:51
nickman101i was just asking if anyone wanted to start a video chat in general03:52
luitezenmaster: flash support in linux isn't terribly great anyway, high cpu usage ,unstable03:52
luiteflash player that is03:52
qinzenmaster: Apparently cs3 get some good feedback in winehq.03:52
nickman101i only got a ffc on my phone, no webcam :(03:52
MagicJi have a parallel printer running on a usb converter.  can open and out put to it well.  configured it for lp, it acceprs jobs but they dont actually print - they just stay in the queue - what am i missing03:52
zenmasterYeah I am framiliar with that.03:52
zenmasterThank you for the support ubuntu.03:52
zenmasterOne more question.03:52
urlin2uzenmaster, what do you mean by that is gay?03:53
zenmasterWhat is the best web based mail sweet easiest to setup for my linux machine.03:53
qinzenmaster: php_mail03:53
luitegmail ;)03:53
zenmasterurlin2u: I thought lame like a raw bundle of sticks. Not treated like precut wood. Incoherrent analogy.03:53
qinzenmaster: Also, you could ditch idea of using abobe and try jquery.03:53
zenmasterWell I used to use squirell mail and qmail.03:53
urlin2uzendeavor, lol03:54
zenmasterqin: That would be a new avenue.03:54
luiteI use roundcube, which works ok, but gmail is much better03:54
zenmasterFew little flash things for a site that I am developing.03:54
zenmasterBut I just got our domain name, and would like to handle our own e-mail.03:54
luitehandling own email is a pain imho03:55
zenmasterLast version of linux I ran was Slakware 4.0 then 7.0 then I went to BSD.03:55
zenmasterluite: Yes it is.03:55
EzeQLis nvdidia 525m usable?03:57
Saeidhow can I change my brightness of lcd in lxde ?03:59
blognewbhi, is it safe to assume that linux is a positive outcome of socialism?04:00
centHOGGlinux = servers04:00
centHOGGlinux != socialism04:00
koruptidrunning 11.10 A3 and ran into a rather interesting issue... after installing a few packages (including lightdm) on login my account no longer loads unity correctly. I reinstalled gdm as default but it did not fix the issue... anyone else run ingo this? (on login all I get it the nautilis file browser menu and that's it.)04:01
qwazplease do not brings politics into this04:02
koruptidalso, where in the hell are the options to set font styles/sizes in 11.10?04:02
jasongriffeecan someone tell me how to remove the ubuntu logo (entirely, not replaced) and the computer name taken off the login window? 11.0404:04
centHOGGinstall windows04:05
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ruler501when I try to login I type in my password and then it asks me for my ssh passphrase. If I type it in correctly it goes to the login page if I type it in incorrectly It says incorrect passphrase please try again. How can I get into my system?04:05
jasongriffeecentHOGG: har har, no really04:05
koruptidugh... why do I have the feeling I'm dead end / reinstall... again.04:06
luigiDoes Ubuntu just ignore /etc/sysctl.conf? Because nothing I set there is recognized.04:08
[deXter]Hi all; fresh install of 11.04; Installed the nvidia drivers and rebooted, now there is not display. I can't even get to the GRUB boot menu (by pressing Shift / Esc). The monitor immediately goes "out of range". I've tried connecting it to the TV (which supports way higher resolutions btw) but even it says "Unsupported signal)04:09
zendeavorchroot into it ftw, change grub config to 800x600x16 video mode04:09
[deXter]zendeavor: Thanks, will try it now04:11
zendeavori can't imagine there's any monitor which doesn't support that04:12
usr_is it possible to make a pc with ubuntu "appear" as an ftp server on a LAN?04:12
EzeQLhow can i install nvidia optimus drivers on ubuntu 11.0404:13
amh345quick question.  im new to cron jobs.   if i have a cron run every minute and echo "hello04:15
amh345where do i see the echo?04:15
XDS2010_where can i get a good weather app for ubu?04:15
amh345sorry for the split lin there.  twitchy finger.04:15
XDS2010_something that can track irene?04:15
qinamh345: you need to either write it to file or send to tty04:16
qinXDS2010_: Web browser04:16
XDS2010_hell im even thinking of changing my hotspots name to IRENE and opening them up :P04:16
urlin2uXDS2010_, weather for Natty?04:17
nehihello. i'm facing this window saying "low disk space". I have a screenshot of this, what can I do to show it here to get some help?04:17
qwazzendeavor: what does chroot do. I looked it up but I still dont understand04:18
qinnehi: In terminal: df -h and paste in paste.ubuntu.com04:18
nehiqin: tnx04:18
urlin2uXDS2010_, her amongst other websites are links to app applets for natty   http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/05/10-useful-application-indicators-for.html04:18
JamezQqwaz: chroot changes what programs think the root of your drive is04:18
XDS2010_COOL thanks urlin2u !04:19
JamezQqwaz: programs and the shell, T04:19
JamezQqwaz: The root of your drive is where everything starts it is the "/"04:19
qinnehi: Also in terminal: sudo du -ls /* (this may take some time to complete)04:19
urlin2uXDS2010_, no problem, wegud8 has some as well04:19
zulaxis htaccess protection enough to drive away search bots and other unauthenticated users?04:19
qinzulax: use robot.txt for it.04:20
centHOGGspossed to be04:20
zulaxok qin04:20
qwazJamezQ: Ah i see thanks. Can you use it in an example now please :P04:20
nehiqin: this is the url for the first one04:20
danielcould anybody recommend a good ubuntu linux book for people who just want to use it for personal use.  Do not want to program in it or host a linux server04:20
nehiqin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676351/04:20
JamezQqwaz: So if I am in, /home/qwaz/Documents/ , and I chroot to where I am at, I am now in "/" . So If I go into a subfolder stuff, I am in /stuff and not /home/qwas/Documents/stuff04:21
qinzulax: *robots.txt (this tell crawles what to do and what not, so less weight from non-malisious bots, for rest htaccess)04:22
nehidaniel: i think ubuntu kung fu is good04:22
JamezQqwaz: Or for a more realistic example, your shell will look for programs in /bin , /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin, among others. If you chroot it will look it, /home/qwas/Documents/bin and such04:22
zulaxqin i put it my webroot with content User-agent: * , Disallow: /04:22
dumptruckmani'm having trouble launching an windows executable through wine.. it says it does not have the executable bit.  If i right-click->properties, permissions tab and check the executable box it immediately unchecks04:22
zendeavorqwaz: it's a way into a system without booting directly into it04:22
JamezQand will use those binaries, it can be like being in a totally different os, just using the same kernel04:23
bullgard6OO.o 3.2 Base in Jaunty is trying to connect to my MySQL database and otains: "Communication  link failure." What does the second field in the Base status bar mean?04:23
qinzulax: Correct04:23
urlin2uzendeavor, if not encrypted a live cd should get you in.04:23
zendeavoryes it should, have fun04:23
JamezQqwaz: Hopefully that is good enough :)04:23
dumptruckmani've also tried doing sudo nautlius and changing it through that... same thing, i can't change the executable checkbox or any of the permissions.  The file is located on a windows partition.04:24
nehiqin: the second commands outcome is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676353/04:24
zulaxqin,  is there a way to test it?04:24
jasongriffeei have 11.04, how would I upgrade to ubuntu 11.10 today?04:24
danielis ubuntu kung fu fairly easy to understand for people are are not very advanced in there computer skills04:25
centHOGGtime machine04:25
qinzulax: try curl or wget against site (with recrusive option)04:25
jasongriffeeisn't there a beta copy out?04:25
nehiqin: i think my root folder is getting too populated. how can i free some space04:25
dumptruckmananyone mind helping me??04:25
qwazJamezQ: yeah thanks for the help man.04:25
urlin2ujasongriffee, as your main OS?04:25
chavojasongriffee: no it's still alpha04:25
JamezQqwaz: No problem04:26
nehiqin: in first place i think i should have made it larger but now i have no way04:26
jasongriffeeisn't it close though?04:26
JamezQdumptruckman: Try using open with, and manually type wine in the custom text-field.04:27
ruler501when I try to login I type in my password and then it asks me for my ssh passphrase. If I type it in correctly it goes to the login page if I type it in incorrectly It says incorrect passphrase please try again. How can I get into my system?04:27
urlin2udanial I learned it from scratch no computer skills whatsoever, no ms bias.04:27
JamezQdumptruckman: That is a workaround, but someone should have another (better) answer04:27
qinnehi: sudo apr-get autoclean and sudo apt-get autoremove04:27
zulaxqin, curl mysite.com actually gives me 401(.htaccess auth), so could i still test my robots.txt?04:27
dumptruckmanjameszq: still have the same issue04:28
nehiqin: thanks buddy04:28
danielit is updated for ubuntu 10.0404:28
dumptruckmanThe file 'blahblah' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.04:28
qinzulax: curl any file (know to you) in subdirectories. or wget -r04:29
danielalso has any used sbackup and would they recommend that or another linux application04:29
qinnehi: How much space did you get?04:29
xanguadumptruckman: right clic-properties-mark it as executable04:30
nehiqin: nothing freed up!04:30
urlin2udumptruckman, have you also tried the #winehq channel?04:30
JamezQxangua: he already tried that04:30
dumptruckmanxangua, when i do that, it immediately unchecks itself04:30
JamezQdumptruckman: Here are some more things to try: dumptruckman:04:30
JamezQdumptruckman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150062704:30
dumptruckmani've tried it with sudo nautilus as well04:30
rodhashGuys, does anyone knows how to increase the height size of conky?04:30
nehiqin: my root is 4gb. and it's too small :(04:30
gokulnathare there any theams available for grub2 in natty04:30
xanguadumptruckman: please don't tell me that you are trying to run a windows app that is on your windows partition04:30
urlin2urodhash, in the conky,rc file04:31
JamezQdumptruckman: yes he is04:31
dumptruckmanit is on an ntfs partition04:31
dumptruckmanbut not on the windows partition04:31
rodhashurlin2u: Yes I'm modified .conkyrc04:31
JamezQdumptruckman: Also, I suggest the one where you use the terminal, type wine then drag the file04:31
qinnehl: Sorry, that is stuff in /usr (your programs), uninstall someting.04:31
xanguadumptruckman: please install the windows app via wine, on Ubuntu04:31
rodhashurlin2u: but with no success04:31
Saeidplease help me ! how can I change my brightness of lcd in lxde desktop-environment ?04:31
nehiqin: got it04:31
dumptruckmanxangua, i can't alter the permissions of an ntfs partition?04:31
zulaxthx qin for ur help, have a good evening04:32
dumptruckmanof the files in an ntfs partition*04:32
=== cgtdk_ is now known as cgtdk
JamezQdumptruckman: you should be able to if you can write to it04:32
EzeQLwhy it says file not found04:32
dumptruckmanand i can, JamezQ04:32
nehiqin: thank you so much for your help. nice time!04:32
EzeQLwhile im tring to execute a .sh file on the same directory?04:32
JamezQdumptruckman: you CAN try coping over the exe to your desktop to try04:32
JamezQdumptruckman: What kind of program is it?04:32
dumptruckmanworld of warcraft :304:33
qinEzeQL: ./file.sh or bash file.sh?04:33
EzeQL1st one04:33
amh345so i made a super simple cron to test.  1 * * * * echo "pewp" 1> /dev/null 2> /tmp/some_job.err   however, i see no output file in /tmp/some_job.err04:33
qinEzeQL: chmod +x file.sh (making executable)04:33
dumptruckmanjamezq, that link you gave me, it talks about a error message when trying to change it... i'm not getting any kind of errors, it just unchecks04:34
JamezQdumptruckman: Well, since that is a rather large program, I suggest installing in on your linux partition, things *can* get hairy04:34
EzeQLqin TY!04:35
urlin2urodhash, with conky I save the original just in case ans tweak the heck out of the one not saved, everytime you hit save it should restart if not use in the terminal  killall conky && conky  to restart04:35
qinEzeQL: Welcome.04:35
dumptruckmani'd still like to understand why i can't change the executable bit of anything on this partition...04:35
JamezQdumptruckman: it calls and loads other programs on that partition, and THOSE may not be executable, and wine may report back that the main one is not, or something weird,04:35
qindumptruckman: you mean ntfs?04:36
rodhashurlin2u: That's what I'm doing... but my question was: How to change the height size... because I couldnt with some options I tried04:36
nehiqin: can i move some staff from root to /home?04:36
danielCould anybody recommend a book on ubutu linux that was written more recently than ubuntu kung fu04:37
chavodumptruckman: you shouldn't have to change any of that, works fine for me04:37
urlin2urodhash, I realize that there can be in any conky a whole set of adjustments that enable or limit your sucess, so you havt o kind of peck around with it.04:37
xangua!manual | daniel04:37
ubottudaniel: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:37
JamezQdumptruckman: Frankly, I just don't know ^ ^.  You can try to  give me the output of "file wow.exe" or whatever04:37
dumptruckmanchavo, i know, i thought it was weird... i've installed ubuntu before and had no issues04:37
rodhashok, my question is answered lol04:38
dumptruckman10.04 i think04:38
nehidaniel: i think you can find some useful stuff in makeuseof.com04:38
urlin2urodhash, if you want to pastebin your conky I will see if I can figure it out.04:38
qinnehi: No!04:38
nehiqin: oh god so i should think about a new fresh install. hate it!04:40
nehiqin: thank you so much04:40
EzeQLhow can i install nvdiria drivers for gforce 525m ?04:40
qinnehi: try to open synaptic and see what programs take most space and you do not need them.04:40
dumptruckmanwow.. suddenly it works.04:41
nehiqin: ok ok04:41
JamezQdumptruckman: Your welcome.04:41
bullgard6OO.o 3.2 Base in Jaunty is trying to connect to my MySQL database and otains: "Communication  link failure." What does the second field in the Base status bar mean?04:41
mouseHow do I find out the button number of a specific button on my mouse?04:41
JamezQmouse: go into the terminal, type "xev" it should say what keycode it gets04:43
[deXter]Hi all; update to my previous problem: I'm now able to get to the recovery menu and I did an nvidia-xconfig04:45
[deXter]rebooted but still the system doesn't display anything04:45
[deXter]Tried the failsafex mode but that doesn't work either04:45
xubuntumy hp dv6000 laptop with a fresh install of ubuntu 10.04 will not sence my wireless network so that i can get online-help04:46
mouseJamezQ, Thank you.  That's what I was hoping to find.04:47
JamezQmouse: No problem.04:47
xubuntuso far i have done wut seems obvious by entering my ssid and password but no luck04:47
xubuntugotta funniny feeling im screwed04:50
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
guest09230932i have a question does anyone know of a distribution or the current version of ubuntu that uses e17?04:51
mouseI've got a quick question about xev.  Using imwheel I've bound the right arrow to a mouse button.  When that button is pressed will xev detect a right arrow press event?04:51
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest45137
guest09230932i have a question does anyone know of a distribution of the current version of ubuntu that uses e17*04:51
qinguest09230932: Any, after installing it.04:52
guest09230932with the current version of ubuntu that uses e1704:52
bullgard6OO.o 3.2 Base in Jaunty is trying to connect to my MySQL database and otains: "Communication  link failure." What does the second field in the Base status bar mean?04:52
guest09230932that sounds better04:52
guest09230932my grammar is poor lol04:52
guest09230932qin, well i just want e1704:53
qinguest09230932: For latest e17 you need PPA, but there is a bit older version in repos.04:53
mouseguest09230932, If you go to distrowatch.com you can search their database for all distros using e1704:53
bullgard6!enter | guest0923093204:54
ubottuguest09230932: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:54
guest09230932well i was hoping someone would know of one off the radar04:54
mouseguest09230932, Macpup04:54
xanguabullgard upgrade to a supported ubuntu release ;)04:54
guest09230932macpup. doesnt use 11.0404:54
mouseguest09230932, You asked for a distro that uses e17.04:55
artypig78hey guys, I'm hosting some files on my server, and I want my friends to be able to see the directory in their browsers. However, it is not showing up: what do i need to do? is this a problem with my .htaccess?04:55
artypig78(ie. it's not loading)04:55
guest09230932im wanting one thats current04:55
qinguest09230932: e17 do not look very active.04:55
guest09230932i know :( but it looks nice and neat04:56
mousee17 has also been pretty buggy in my experiences.04:56
guest09230932looks like im going to install lubuntu04:56
guest09230932i already have a copy of it04:57
GalindarHello all. Im looking for a better solution than Startup-Manager for 11.04. it does not hold my monitor settings and switches to the 800x600 default almost every other reboot. logging in 2x is getting annoying. any suggestions?04:57
mouseartypig78, You could change it to a ftp server since running the ftp protocol in a browser usually displays the directory.04:57
qinguest09230932: http://packages.enlightenment.org/ubuntu/04:58
mouseGalindar, Are you using a nvidia card?04:59
mouseI've got a quick question about xev.  Using imwheel I've bound the right arrow to a mouse button.  When that button is pressed will xev detect a right arrow press event?05:00
Galindarmouse:  yes.05:00
guest09230932qin, thanks btw05:01
Galindarmouse:  i had no problem with older versions of ubuntu. it just started after i upgraded to 11.04 the monitor kept giving me "out of range" when i booted up pc. so i installed Startup-Manager. but it does not seem to keep the settings i set in it all the time. i end up logging in,logging out, and then logging back in and that corrects the disply resolution. but i would really like something that works everytime.05:02
OogyPoogyAnyone else in NJ?05:02
OogyPoogyGetting a bit freaked about the hurricane.05:02
mouseGalindar, And you've already tried to change the res in nvidia-settings then "save to X configuration file"?05:03
Galindarmouse:  no i havent didnt think of that. i will try it. the Nvidia settings are set to auto. i will change it to the same as startup-manager. thank you.05:04
danielhas anyone here ever used Grsync05:05
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?05:05
JamezQdaniel: I have05:05
danielwould you recommend it05:05
mouseGalindar, You're welcome but if that doesn't work and you're desperate you can edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to automatically set the res to what you want at startup.05:05
JamezQdaniel: Yes, it is very fast. I like it05:06
Galindarmouse: Nvidia settings doesnt list 1024x1080. i will try to edit the xorg.conf. thank you again!05:06
JamezQdaniel: It is a bit complicated if you are a newbie tho,05:07
mouseGalindar, Does your monitor support 1024x1080?05:07
danielare there any backup applications that you would recommend that are not so complicated and preferably graphical05:08
Galindarmouse: yes and higher. used to use 1920x120005:08
bullgard6daniel Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME 3 will provide a simple-to-use backup program.05:10
JamezQdaniel: Are you looking to back up just some files? mint-backup is great, otherwise there is deja dup, and a lot of others, but non I suggest05:10
bullgard6daniel Its name is simply "Backup".05:11
JamezQdaniel: Simply because I have not used them, I just use (g)rsync, and have used mint-backup before, they are both good. Google backup software for ubuntu if no one else can respond.05:11
urlin2uDiamonda is sinister yet beautiful, an amazing keyboard player a s well.05:11
urlin2uopps wrong channel05:11
danielI am looking to have my files and system backed up automatically05:12
mouseGalindar, If you're sure your graphics card is working properly but you're not seeing a res you're sure your monitor supports then you might want to check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any errors related to your monitor's EDID05:12
JamezQdaniel: You can do that with pretty much any backup software, sometimes you may put in a cron job, but that is easy05:12
Galindarmouse: ok i will check that also. thank you again!05:13
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?05:13
mouseGalindar, NP05:14
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
Rafase282Hello, can anyone help me setup a dchp server on m y ubuntu machine or a way to connect my internet with my phone runing debian through usb?05:15
Rafase282it is setup to get an ip using dchp05:15
Rafase282so without it I cant ssh into it05:16
Rafase282which is what i'm trying to do actually05:16
computerxHi there clever people. I want to write to the php.ini and restart apache from a php script. Can I give a specific script elevated privledges through a sticky bit, or should I look at changing the file permissions on php.ini and exec permissions on apache?05:19
new1does anyone here use wine?05:20
centHOGGno i use cheese though05:21
computerxYes new1, what's up?05:21
computerxWhat type of cheese, stilton? Boursin?05:21
Rafase282anyone here familiar with dchp?05:22
villahow can I hide a file or a folder? what cmd can realize this?05:22
lethunew1, go ahead05:22
new1<computerx> i have 1.2.2 on 11.04. i need to install office 2003 all-in-one. i don't know how to even begin.05:22
lethuvilla, by suffixing a dot to its name05:22
computerxvilla: You can either change the priveledges on the folder so it can't be read, or hide it from most programs by naming it ".something"05:22
computerxnew1: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3214 -- should help you get started05:23
lethuvilla, I mean prefixing, not suffixing, sorry05:24
nationstatedogWhat's up with the new Sun Java news? If we won't have normal PPA use, will we just have to find another PPA that's not officially from Sun/Oracle or something?05:26
computerxIcedTea not working out for you?05:26
happygoluckyvilla: can also use truecrypt05:26
villaCombatjuan, Is a folder hidden the same way as a file?05:28
nationstatedogcomputerx: but i heard the whole icedtea/openjdk stuff sucks compared to Sun's stuff05:28
nationstatedogis it true or just FUD?05:28
computerxFUD mostly05:29
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?05:29
happygoluckydaniel: there's different raid levels that do it on the fly and there is also the cloud way via the internet namely dropbox but that is only 2 GB of back-up05:29
computerxnationstatedog: I had trouble running Netbeans in it, found it very slow for that, but if you read enough, you should find it very capable 99% of the time.05:29
villaThanks you all. prefixing a dot works05:30
xubuntuwhy doesnt ubuntu make srivers for broadom wireless cards when they are one of the most widely used05:30
nationstatedogcomputerx: i don't use netbeans (eclipse and IDEAJ) so that's encouraging05:30
nationstatedogI also hear things like Clojure are built off of/with Sun Java in mind vs openjdk05:30
nationstatedogbut i don't use clojure anyways soo05:30
computerxnationstatedog: Read http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=java_vm_performance&num=2 and the next few pages. IcedTea and Oracle Java are about the same on Linux.05:31
nationstatedogRIP Sun05:31
nationstatedogthanks computerx05:31
computerxxubuntu: Because Broadcom don't care to help Linux developers, want to keep their code a secret and no one has had time to hack it yet05:31
computerxxubuntu: Have you looked at the ndis driver package?05:32
urlin2uxubuntu, the question is why does not brpadcom provide for linux, and you can use ubuntu packages to use them.05:32
xubuntuno ndis is unstable05:33
xubuntuand i dont know how to do it05:33
xubuntui sure hope it will at least go online hard wired05:34
computerxxubuntu: I wish you luck, I hate wireless with a passion, so I'm afraid I don't share your pain05:34
xubuntudo i have to go online to try this ndis05:34
computerxNot tried it, I just know about it. The software centre search for ndis should get you somewhere.05:35
crash1hdhmm seems that I am having issues with a basic command running sudo chmod 777 * in a folder full of folders and yet nothing is changing? I have admin rights and the folders are in my users name05:35
computerxcrash1hd: Are you using chmod -R 0777 *05:35
crash1hdnope that might be why it is not working05:35
computerxMight be :)05:35
crash1hdI did not realize that I needed to say -R which is recursive right?05:36
new1how do i use gconf editor to keep 11.04 from keeping a list of recent files/folders?05:36
computerxYes, and octal is always preceeded with a zero05:36
urlin2uxubuntu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:36
psycho_oreosxubuntu, ubuntu isn't responsible for making drivers, they take on the role like every other major linux distribution. To package all the stuff together into one thing rather than focusing on creating custom drivers. Alas broadcom has been very slow to providing proper support to its linux community05:36
xubuntuthey really need to get cozy with broadcom05:37
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?05:37
psycho_oreosxubuntu, no I think that's besides the point05:37
crash1hdcomputerx, thanks :)05:38
luigiDoes stock ubuntu kernel have magic sysrq compiled in?05:38
xubuntuwell if it will go online wired ill behappy i guess but its just really really super freakin stupid its not rocket science05:38
danielwhat about something that backs up all the data on my hard drive to an external hard drive.  And allows me to see all the files I backed up and restore only certain ones05:39
psycho_oreosxubuntu, stupid for what? wireless driver support with broadcom wireless under linux to be supporting your broadcom chipset? if that's the case I challenge you to support b43 devs05:39
new1<computerx> does ubuntu have an option as to whether or not it keeps alist of recent files/folders?05:39
computerxnew1:  I was looking for you, but got interrupted having a question of my own answered, sec05:40
computerxnew1:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9115405:40
new1<computerx> thanks.05:40
xubuntukids hack into govt computers and buntu cant go online with wireless05:42
xubuntusumthin wrong there05:42
computerxIf it bothers you that much, help out! Write the drivers for us!05:42
xubuntuu know05:42
xubuntuif i was like that i would05:42
computerxPlease, because then we get less hassle from angry people coming in complaining no one has done it yet ;)05:42
xubuntucuz a real computer person could05:43
psycho_oreosthen quit whinging just because ubuntu doesn't have support for it, its not ubuntu's fault. If anything its broadcom's fault05:43
new1does that work on unity?05:43
computerxxubuntu: I've been programming for 19 years, I can even do assembler pretty well. I'm not capable of writing the wireless driver you ask for. It's not as simple as you think.05:43
new1<computerx> does that work on unity as well?05:44
computerxThe recent files?05:44
computerx*probably*... It's still basically gnome anyway05:44
new1ok. caveat noted. :)05:45
xubuntuwell its stil a cool computer it runs vista wirelss and the guy im sellin it too will just have to use his cat5 for good ole ubuntu05:45
xubuntusame sheat different day05:46
psycho_oreosthe guy who you sell your `cool' computer to may actually be more diligent and less whinging than you are05:46
xubuntuheck i wont be winin much longer im gonna dump it05:47
new1overall, 11.04 is much better than windows.05:47
new1tho i'm still gonna keep my antique xp system.05:48
xubuntui got tons of xp05:48
centHOGGxp rox05:48
new1i'm curious to see just how long i can keep it going.05:48
xubuntuafter i tweaked this nutty vista thing i got ut runnin good though05:49
computerxCrazy man05:49
new1nutty vista! haha :)05:49
xubuntuyeah 3 min boot time haha05:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:50
xubuntuthats why i dual booted ubuntu05:50
bazhangxubuntu, thats enough05:50
xubuntuenuf wut05:50
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat xubuntu05:51
new1which version of linux is best for dual-booting on an older system?05:51
xubuntuim talkin bout ubuntu05:51
bazhangnew1, try lubuntu05:51
Random832new1: whichever version runs well on the older system at all - dual-booting has been a solved problem for quite some time05:51
bazhang!lubuntu | new105:51
ubottunew1: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.05:51
jiohdinew1 you can use gnome-openbox on old machines too05:52
jiohdior just plain openbox05:52
new1<bazhang> will that work on a laptop running xp pro w/sp3 and a p4m cpu?05:52
bazhangnew1, whats the ram05:52
computerxA male sheep05:53
bazhangcomputerx, not helpful05:53
xubuntuyes ive run lubuntu on a p4 with 512 ram runs good05:53
new1<bazhang> 256mb.05:53
computerxI woke up at 5:30 with crippling tooth ache following a surgical wisdom tooth extraction. If it makes me laugh, it's helpful :p05:53
jiohdiif all else fails, you can always use tinycore and puppy05:53
bazhangcomputerx, not here. take the chit chat elsewhere05:54
xubuntuit will run on 256 ram new105:54
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
new1<xubuntu> ok. thanks.05:54
new1i am rather fond of the old thing.05:55
new1can i use wubi on it?05:55
jiohdiwubi has very bad hazzards05:56
mydearxymhi all05:56
jiohdior at least used to05:56
jiohdiit worked fine until the first update then it crashed and burned and made my system unbootable05:56
new1so i just install lubuntu on a separate partition?05:57
jiohdithat is best05:57
jiohdigrub2 will find the other os05:57
new1ok. it's a 20gb hard drive.05:57
jiohdiplenty of room05:57
xubuntuhow much space is gone from xp new105:58
new1i still have 14gb of free space.05:59
xubuntuo thats plenty05:59
new1i've had it for 10 years, and still haven't gotten anywhere near full.05:59
xubuntuu can make a swap partition of 512mb to give u a lil extra ram06:00
jiohdimy first computer had a 500meg hd and I thought that was huge back then06:00
new1the ram itself is upgradable, if i can find any.06:00
=== gianluca1dv is now known as ghost
ArcademanMay I ask did you guys drop libtcl8.5.so :)06:01
REK_007anyway way to control mouse movement and keyboard keys via a xbox controller ?06:01
REK_007something like Xpadder ?06:01
gaelfxxubuntu: depending on what you're doing, swap is not always the best solution06:01
=== ghost is now known as Guest35064
new1<jiohdi> lol06:01
xubuntutrue but at this point new1 is simply asking if it will run it06:01
=== Guest35064 is now known as gianluca_dv
xubunturam for old laptops is cheep now on ebay....almosr free06:02
zykotick9REK_007, you could try xserver-xorg-input-joystick06:02
REK_007zykotick9:  thanks will try that06:03
=== gianluca_dv is now known as gdv
new1<xubuntu> ok. will go looking.06:03
gaelfxnew1: what pincount and bus speed are you looking for?06:03
apporchello ,everyone . i use network-manager to connnect to my wlan. and just when i am using it , it failed to connect again. i didn't change anything. and log is here:http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/8727006:05
REK_007zykotick9: how do i configure it ?06:06
=== gdv is now known as g_dv
=== g_dv is now known as g1dv
=== g1dv is now known as group
zykotick9REK_007, sorry i don't know - i've gotten it to move the cursor no problem, but buttons where always my issue.  Good luck.06:06
REK_007ok :) no problem :)06:07
apporcwhen i disable wireless networking and reable it . everything goes well now.06:07
=== group is now known as g1dv
nova_hghello every body!06:08
alucardromero-mhiyee ;)06:08
=== g1dv is now known as group
gaelfxapparently you don't want to greet the bots?06:08
=== group is now known as g1dv
new1<gaelfx> IDK pincount/bus speed. But installed RAM is 256MB PC2100S DDR 133 CL2 32MX64 SDRAM, if that helps. Upgradeable to 1GB.06:11
gaelfxoof, DDR 133, that's...fun06:12
new1lol :)06:12
apporchello ,everyone . i use network-manager to connnect to my wlan. and just when i am using it , it failed to connect again. i didn't change anything. and log is here:http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/8727006:13
apporcafter i disable wireless networking and reable it . everything goes well now.06:13
=== Silence is now known as Guest84837
jaybuttswtf I saw Dropped text.txt on my desktop and thought I got hacked for a minute06:14
new1<gaelfx> It's a Gateway 450sx4 that runs a bit hot.06:14
gaelfxnew1: you probably oughta go in with a can of air and clear out all the bunnies, but even so, it'll probably stil be fairly warm in there06:15
new1<gaelfx> I've already done that, and replaced the heatsink/cpu fan, plus a new thermal pad. But it still runs hot. SpeedFan says avg. 60c.06:16
JoeR1I hear that there is a built in method for mounting ISO's in Ubuntu, what would that be?06:18
new1It's a Pentium 4 M 1.40GHz cpu.06:18
gaelfxnew1: well, I'm guessing it probably pulls a lotta power to run on those huge transistors it's got ;)06:18
jaybuttsthermal pad ...theres yer problem, get some thermal paste and get it on there good06:18
bazhang!iso | JoeR106:18
ubottuJoeR1: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:18
jaybuttsgood cpu jizz is REQUIRED its not an option, like artic silver or whatever the kids are callin it these days06:19
new1<jaybutts> The original heatsink had a thermal pad on it.06:19
elljayhi, if I want to capture a log of my terminal while running a .jar file how would I go about it? Way too much information to simply copy and paste.06:19
bazhangnew1, jaybutts ##hardware please06:19
link307does anyone know any twitter & facebook ipv6 hosts?06:20
link307i need some06:20
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serenejoin #rubik06:26
=== ArcadeDawg is now known as Arcademan
mr_e_pandamy ubuntu 10.04 is not playing dvds.06:29
mr_e_pandaalready installed the restricted extras06:30
bazhang!dvd | mr_e_panda06:30
ubottumr_e_panda: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:30
muktiI have two microphones that were detected when I did the sytem testing (System>Administration>System Testing)06:30
bazhangmr_e_panda, get libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org06:30
muktiHowever, I cannot see them in /dev/audio06:30
muktiinfact, /dev/audio does not exist06:30
muktidoes anyone know why this is?06:30
mr_e_pandai've already installed the restricted extras and done the extra step on the terminal06:33
bazhangmr_e_panda, get the package from medibuntu.org as I suggested?06:33
zykotick9mr_e_panda, dvd playback isn't in restricted-extras06:33
mr_e_pandanot yet. i thought it was installed when you installed libdvdread406:34
mr_e_pandaworking on getting it06:34
muktiDoes anyone know why my microphones are not appearing in /dev/audio? Or are they supposed to appear somewhere else?06:35
mr_e_pandai've always done that when installing libdvdread4 with past releases06:35
rhin0mukti - try 'alsamixer' from bash shell if you like -- I recall that has microphone controls on it -- mahybe it will get you up and running06:35
urlin2umr_e_panda, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:35
rhin0its a good sound control utility -- controls all inputs/outputs - well presented06:35
zykotick9mr_e_panda, FYI the libdvdread4 package actually just installs libdvdcss2 from medibuntu06:36
rhin0mukti: at least you can check from that whether your system has microphone configured at all06:36
mr_e_pandaright. i downloaded it and it says it's already installed06:37
Geoffrey2I have an application I recently updated, and it looks like the name of the desktop file changed slightly...how can i check to see which version ubuntu is trying to load?06:37
mr_e_pandalibdvdcss2 actually06:37
zykotick9mr_e_panda, then run the install script06:37
muktiCould i be listed in /proc/asound ?06:37
mr_e_pandaso reinstall it then?06:38
muktiI couldnt see them in alsamixer?06:38
rhin0Geoffrey2: you can right click on the icon and within "properties" you will find what it calls06:38
zykotick9mr_e_panda, after install you have to run a script06:38
mr_e_pandawhat script do i run?06:38
zykotick9mr_e_panda, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs06:38
rhin0mukti sounds like your system may not be configured for the mic06:39
mr_e_pandayes i've already run that script06:39
muktirhin0: I can use the sound recorder, and it will playback what I record06:39
mr_e_pandastill no dice06:39
rhin0sorry ask someone else no expert on  sound - F2 within "alsamixer" giver you the paths to the sound devices etc06:39
muktiI just don't know where to find it in the filesystem06:39
zykotick9mr_e_panda, i know it's not very gnu/linux like - but i've always had to restart my systems to get it to work?06:40
rhin0I just checked alsamixer on my system - its the same ... no idea why you would want microhone control/display06:40
rhin0maybe look for a package mukti06:40
rhin0ubuntu forums may have something on the issue06:40
mr_e_pandayea i hear you.06:40
mr_e_pandai've done that already too06:40
Ramseizeis there a good alternative for bind9, im running a small vps 192mb memory. and it eats a lot of my memory, any ideas?06:41
Geoffrey2rhin0, where would I right click...in the Unity menu I can only launch it, or remove it from the unity menu....and in the Application menu, right clicking on icons does nothing....06:41
rhin0no ... on the icon on the dekstop06:41
rhin0ah - hang on thats unity -- I am talking about "classic desktop" -- no idea on unity sorry - but I know you can log into classic desktop06:41
rhin0unfamiliar with unity sorry Geoffrey206:41
rhin0maybe log i into "classic desktop" select on login and you can see it there06:42
mr_e_pandan e other ideas>? i was thinking of reinstalling, but that's too much for this issue don't u think?06:42
rhin0theres a restricted formats howto mr_e_panda06:43
rhin0v plain06:43
mr_e_pandais it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs06:43
urlin2umr_e_panda, you install the w32 codecs06:43
rhin0yes thats the one06:43
mr_e_pandayes i've f olloed that06:43
zykotick9urlin2u, w32codecs and w64codecs have NOTHING to do with DVD playback06:43
Geoffrey2mr_e_panda, there is also another option for playing dvds in Ubuntu, besides libdvdcss2...it costs money, but it definitely works.....06:44
rhin0mr_e_panda: i've always got further by installing  vlc media player -- seems to play most things06:44
mr_e_pandai'm using amd6406:44
mr_e_pandai got vlc as well06:44
rhin0there are other packages06:44
mr_e_pandawhat is that other option?06:44
mr_e_pandathe paid for one?06:44
rhin0don't do that06:44
rhin0there will be a way06:44
Geoffrey2a company called Fluendo came out with a linux native dvd player.....06:45
urlin2uzykotick9, non native media formats, is it not possible.06:45
snuffthey guys :)06:45
mr_e_pandawhat are the other options?06:46
zykotick9urlin2u, it's just not used for DVDs - for other files, sure06:46
urlin2uzykotick9, any fromat could be on ant dvd chill out bro, it is not if it will break anything.06:46
new1According to Installed SW, I have Configuration Editor. But I can't get it to show on the Applications so I can pin it to the Launcher.06:46
zykotick9mr_e_panda, what error message are you getting?  if you have mplayer installed "mplayer dvd://1"06:47
snuffti'm a ubuntu n00b and am having a little trouble getting my sound working. i've grabbed the linux drivers from the realtek website, but am getting stuck on not having 'alsaconf'. i've read that it's been removed from alsa-utils (which i have installed), but now the best i can find is a mandriva package. does anyone know what I can do now?06:47
Ramseizehello guys, is there a way to limit bind9 memory?06:47
mr_e_pandamplayer is the default installed player right?06:47
Geoffrey2mr_e_panda, Fluendo has a native linux DVD player.....it costs money, and it's closed source, which is probably a turnoff for some...but I've used it for over a year now.....06:47
mr_e_pandalet me bring it up06:47
zykotick9mr_e_panda, media player != mplayer, no they aren't even close to the same, don't worry about mplayer.  What error are you currently getting?06:48
mneumonicHow's everyone doing tonight?06:48
mr_e_pandaFrom the default installed player it says "could not read from source"06:48
urlin2umneumonic, grumpy lol06:49
rhin0keep asking now and again snufft --- sounds a simple problem ... what version ...what soundcard06:49
mneumonicSorry to hear that.06:49
zykotick9mr_e_panda, ya, that's the typical - no dvd support error i'd say.  Sorry I don't have any suggestions other then simply installing libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.  Best of luck.06:49
mr_e_pandayea, i already have that installed06:49
mr_e_pandait works on my other 10.04 machines06:50
mr_e_pandawhich are all amd6406:50
philipballewi think i need to install propitery drivers, can someone help me with that06:50
mr_e_pandashould i try re-installing ubuntu?06:50
gaelfxphilipballew: what do you need proprietary drivers for specifically?06:50
zykotick9philipballew, for what device?  a graphcis card/ wireless?06:50
snufftrhin0: yeah, sounds simple enough :) i'm trying to hunt down more info on the soundcard as we speak :)06:51
rhin0stuff like that if its old will be dealt with -- there is also ubuntu forums for multiple last issues www.ubuntuforums.org I think it was06:51
philipballewgaelfx, zykotick9 well i bought a new monitor and now my desktop's screen is haywire. so i ssh'd into it, installed a driver via jocky-text but i might have installed the worg one as it doesnt work06:51
zykotick9philipballew, what card "lspci | grep -i vga" if you aren't sure.06:52
urlin2umr_e_panda, try more than one dvd, there is also vlc which has a lot and will probably play the dvd's, and I also suggest w32 codecs, as additional stuff to have installed06:52
mr_e_pandavlc does not work either, i've tried round 5 diff dvds06:53
gaelfxphilipballew: yeah, let's see what card you're using06:53
philipballewgaelfx, zykotick9 00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51G [GeForce 6100] (rev a2)06:53
mr_e_pandaw32 are for 32 bits no?06:53
zykotick9mr_e_panda, w64codecs06:53
mr_e_pandahow do i get thos codes?06:53
gaelfxphilipballew: did you restart the machine after installing the driver from Jockey?06:54
zykotick9mr_e_panda, w64codecs is a package from medibuntu06:54
urlin2umr_e_panda, maybe the reader is dirty or broken, have yo installed the other codecs inspite of the claim it is not for dvd's I have a few that wont play with out it06:54
mr_e_pandahmmm... i'm gonna get them from medibuntu right now06:54
mr_e_pandai've also used the default player06:54
mr_e_pandaon ubuntu06:54
mr_e_pandaand vlc06:54
philipballewgaelfx yeah.06:54
mr_e_pandaalso tried to back up some of my dvds, and brasero won't read them06:55
philipballewthere were 3 options to install. i might have installed the wrong one gaelfx06:55
new1How do I open GConf-Editor?06:55
gaelfxphilipballew: lemme take a look at which driver is compatible with that card, sometimes you need to use an older driver for older cards06:55
zykotick9new1, gconf-editor06:56
urlin2umr_e_panda, totem is problematic I use vlc or smplayer, a front end for mplayer06:56
mr_e_pandaok installing them right now06:56
mr_e_pandai just downloaded mplayer as well06:56
philipballewhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/676403/ gaelfx06:57
zykotick9philipballew, seems to be a lot of issues with your Nvidia 6100.  Best of luck.06:57
new1<zykotik9> I can't get it to show on Applications so I can pin it to the Launcher.06:57
zykotick9new1, sorry i have NO idea about Unity issues.06:57
new1ok. can i use command-line terminal to open it?06:58
urlin2umr_e_panda, are you updated otherwise and the universe backports, and multiverse repos open.06:58
zykotick9new1, sure, or alt+f2 (i imagine that still works in Unity?)06:58
mr_e_pandai am updated06:59
new1yes. it works.06:59
philipballewwhat do you think gaelfx06:59
new1what do i type in?07:00
mr_e_pandaummm... how do i check the backports, and multiverse repos open?07:00
urlin2umr_e_panda, open software sorces and look there.07:00
gaelfxphilipballew: one more question, 64-bit or 32-bit Ubuntu?07:00
philipballew32 gaelfx07:00
urlin2umr_e_panda, you running lucid?07:01
mr_e_pandaand yes they are open07:01
urlin2umr_e_panda, cool07:01
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
gaelfxphilipballew: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-280.13-driver.html07:02
mr_e_pandadidn't work with the w64 codecs btw07:02
zykotick9mr_e_panda, it's because they don't have anything to do with dvd playback07:03
philipballewgaelfx, should i uninstall the one i installed?07:03
gaelfxphilipballew: the instructions for how to install that are on the page as well, however, keep in mind that if you install any kernel updates, you'll have to reinstall the driver yourself07:03
mr_e_pandai figured07:03
new1What do I type into the terminal to open config editor?07:03
mr_e_pandamplayer is only cli?07:03
gaelfxphilipballew: disabling it should be enough, but you can uninstall it if you should so desire07:03
zykotick9mr_e_panda, "mplayer" is cli yes - there are front ends -- try "mplayer dvd://1"07:03
philipballewgaelfx, how does this better over trying one of the other 3. also how do i install it07:03
gaelfxphilipballew: you might want to try installing the latest driver in Jockey (it looks like you installed an older driver initially, so try the new one before installing yourself)07:04
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?07:04
urlin2ufunny I have dvd's that need them07:04
mr_e_pandaok it sees it07:04
philipballewgaelfx, do you know how uninstall a driver from jocky-text07:05
mr_e_pandabut it didn't play07:05
new1<zykotick9> ^^07:05
mr_e_pandai get this on mplayer07:05
mr_e_pandalibdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_02_0.VOB (0x0037cf56)07:05
zykotick9new1, "gconf-editor"07:05
bullgard6new1: gconf-editor07:06
gaelfxphilipballew: hang on07:06
philipballewoh. alright :) gaelfx07:06
new1i'm going to find out if it's anything like regedit in xp.07:06
urlin2uzykotick9, mr_e_panda http://www.debianadmin.com/install-libdvdcss-and-w32-video-codecs-in-debian-and-ubuntu.html    http://www.divx.com/en/electronics/categories/dvd-players   It may have not worked in this case .07:07
gaelfxphilipballew: I really think you should try the newer driver that's available in Jockey already07:07
gaelfxphilipballew: it's a much simpler solution, assuming it works07:08
philipballewi am goin to. i was just wondering how i disable the one i installed07:08
philipballewgaelfx, ^07:08
new1bbl. thanks. :)07:09
gaelfxphilipballew: I believe jockey will take care of that for you07:09
gaelfxphilipballew: also, if you do 'man jockey-text' or 'jockey-text --help' it should tell you what kinds of options you can use with jockey-text07:10
philipballewalright. ill let you know how it goes :) gaelfx07:11
gaelfxphilipballew: for example: jockey-text -l will tell you what drivers are available07:12
gaelfxphilipballew: and jockey-text -d [DRIVERNAME] will disable the driver you want to disable07:13
philipballewalright. i disabled the driver i was using and now im installing the new driver gaelfx07:13
gaelfxphilipballew: cool, lemme know if it works07:14
gaelfxwhen the meek get pinched, the bold survive07:16
JoeR1urlin2u, Care to keep trying or have you had enough of this issue?07:21
urlin2uJoeR1, sure07:22
urlin2uJoeR1, you don't have a live cd of the install am I correct?   Also some times things just break and need reinstalled07:23
urlin2uto be*07:24
zelozelosjoin #ubuntu-offtopic07:25
whiz_hey my workspaces aren't acting right -- the contents in them seem to move around to different workspaces when moving to a new/different one07:26
JoeR1urlin2u, Well I am still optimistic because the file system is intact, but yes - I do not have a working live cd, USB booting is non functional and I think i just though of a way to fix this07:26
JoeR1How is 11.10?07:26
whiz_i'm still on 5.0407:26
tricaricHi, I see that my wifi does a scan every 2 minutes, making the bandwidth drop for a few seconds each time. I would like to increase the scan period from 2 minutes to something like 10 minutes or so, but I cannot find how to configure that, any idea? thanks!07:27
zelozelosjust made my 1st theme for glx dock for ubuntu  goto http://gnome-look.org/?xsection=home tell me what u think07:27
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
JoeR1urlin2u, Do you know a way I can check the exact version of the live cd I am using?07:28
zelozelosabout ubuntu07:28
urlin2uJoeR1, I just loaded the super grub 1.3 to a thumb I will reboot to see if it works.07:28
zelozelosor help, about ubuntu07:28
Astrologywhich command can set my ubuntu's system time ?07:31
Astrologyif that command can open a GUI setting, it is better07:32
urlin2uJoeR1, so my thumb loaded using unetbootin did not work, this is why I use a cd, yes I rember you don't have one.07:33
JoeR1urlin2u, I have an alternate idea or two07:33
urlin2uJoeR1, okay.:D07:33
bullgard6Astrology: In GNOME 2, click on the applet Time&Date , then Clock Preferences , then Time Settings.07:34
JoeR1well shall see if I am successful07:34
Astrologybullgard6: very sorry, I am under awesome, that's why I ask for a command to set time.07:34
bullgard6Astrology: Next time you better place a more precise question in this channel.07:35
Astrologybullgard6: ok, my fault.07:35
zykotick9Astrology, installing ntpdate then using "ntpdate NTPSERVER" might be easiest solution07:35
=== Sylarsoft is now known as Sylar
Astrologyzykotick9: Thanks very much07:36
zykotick9Astrology, NTP = Network Time Protocol, this synchronizes your time with a server online07:36
happygoluckyAstrology: also hwclock07:37
=== Sylar is now known as wzhh
Astrologyhappygolucky: good idea.07:41
defendguinis it possible to get a iso for 11.10?  i'd like to give it a spin running form a usb drive07:41
zykotick9defendguin, i'd check the topic of #ubuntu+107:42
zykotick9defendguin, i hear it's a hybrid ISO/USB - so you should be able to just cat/dd it to USB now.07:43
alex_underhello, can someone tell me how do I reset ALSA configs ?07:43
_BadBoy_hello what command i use to see the ipconfig in the terminal?07:43
zykotick9_BadBoy_, ifconfig07:43
alex_underI've tried to install the realtek version of alsa, and now I get Module snd_seq_midi not found and snd_rawmidi not found.07:44
defendguinzykotick9: thanks07:44
jaybuttshow do u show buddy list with this empathy thingamajig07:45
zykotick9jaybutts, my personal recommendation would be to use a real IRC client for IRCing  - xchat is a popular GUI client, while irssi is popular CLI client07:46
jaybuttsserver down need to send message07:46
bullgard6!alsa | alex_under07:46
ubottualex_under: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:46
jaybuttspidgin &07:47
oooaaaooohi guys i have a quick question about the encrypted volume option when i first installed ubuntu; how do i get the passphrase again after the initial first boot reminder?07:48
jaybuttszykotick9: your suggesting I shouldn't use irssi?07:49
alex_underbullgard6: well, the problem is that sound worked, but the mic didn't .... now I have no sound and no mic and I want to reinstall the old alsa as it was.07:49
zykotick9jaybutts, it's popular with the cli types, not my fav - but you might LOVE it?  I'm not for or against it.07:49
jaybuttsyea thats what im using07:49
jaybuttsIm have empathy for jabber07:50
scottjzykotick9: if you're not for us you're against us :)07:50
jaybuttsbut I can't get the buddy list to show up07:50
alex_underbullgard6: if I try to remove alsa-base it says that it marks ubuntu-desktop, too07:50
jaybuttsI normally use pidgin07:50
urlin2uoooaaaooo, ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase  in the terminal07:50
zykotick9scottj, i'm all for cli, but irssi isn't my thing - i find it very limited compared to xchat, but that's just me ;)07:50
jaybuttswhat do you mean by cli types?07:51
zykotick9jaybutts, CLI = command line interface (ie text)07:51
bullgard6alex_under: What have youdone that you havew no longer sound?07:51
jaybuttsoh ok07:51
oooaaaooourlin2u: thanks. Its asking em for the passphrase...?07:51
alex_underbullgard6: tried to install realtek alsa07:51
urlin2uoooaaaooo, you mean the password.07:51
jaybuttsyes I work with linux for a living so I prefer consoel07:51
oooaaaooorootzilla@minizilla:~$ ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase07:51
urlin2uoooaaaooo, right you use the password that was originally used, generally the user password07:53
oooaaaooourlin2u: did it mean to say su password when it asks for passphrase? Will there be any adverse effects if i put in the wrong password/phrase?07:53
oooaaaooourlin2u: i.e. will i be locked out/07:53
urlin2uoooaaaooo, no use the regular user password07:53
jaybuttsthis fancy xwindows and ubuntu stuff is weird for me usually use windows on desktop but im in a shell 12 hours a day minimum07:53
urlin2uoooaaaooo, this ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase  then your user password07:54
Zaknafein89i need help07:54
oooaaaooourlin2u: yup07:54
zykotick9!ask | Zaknafein8907:54
attjHi, I downloaded ubuntu 11.04 64-bit from ubuntu.com, burned to CD and installed my computer. Ubuntu won't start after all this so i went to recovery mode and typed apt-get update & upgrade & dist-upgrade. But still ubuntu won't start, all it does is flashing the screen with ubuntu logo and those dots.07:54
Zaknafein89can't connect to ircnet from epathy??07:54
Zaknafein89freenode connect's just fine..07:55
ubottuZaknafein89: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:55
gaelfxZaknafein89: that is unfortunately correct07:55
Zaknafein89so.. no fix?07:55
zykotick9attj, you might want to try the nomodeset kernel option, "/msg ubottu nomodeset" to see the factoid07:55
gaelfxZaknafein89: oops, sorry, I misread that, I'm not really sure07:56
jaybuttshow do you show the buddy list for empathy07:56
bullgard6alex_under: I do not know much about realtek specifics. -- You might invoke as a first try '~$ alsamixer' and analyze for wrong settings.07:56
Zaknafein89favorites and ungrouped07:56
ThelmariaCan I specify from ubuntu the next boot device in grub? I duel-boot, and from power-on->grub is a few minutes I have to wait if I don't want to boot into the default option.07:58
alex_underbullgard6: cannot open mixer: no such device07:58
urlin2uattj, you get the nomodeset option figured out?07:58
alex_underbullgard6: isn't a 'magic way' to return to default ? if I can't use the built-in mic, at least the sound :|07:59
bullgard6alex_under: Check with Synaptic if you have installeda package named gnome-alsamixer.08:00
attjurlin2u, not yet :)08:00
alex_underbullgard6: it's installed08:00
attjI have i5 cpu and ati graphic card if that matters08:01
bullgard6alex_under: This is a very general question. The most general way to return to default is to install Ubuntu anew. -- this is hardly what you want.08:01
Moshanatorthe1maria, try "grub-reboot #" where # is number of your grub entry08:01
urlin2uattj, you can use the recovery at the grub menu and choose failsafe in the next gui as well same thing basically08:01
ThelmariaMoshanator: Thanks very much indeed.08:02
zykotick9Moshanator, wow that's neat, thanks08:02
fastaWhich files determine which users are on a system?08:03
fastaThere is /etc/shadow, /etc/shadow- and?08:03
alex_underbullgard6: so that's the only way?08:03
zykotick9fasta, /etc/passwd actually?  /etc/shadow is the encrypted password files08:03
bullgard6alex_under: If alsamixer returns: "cannot open mixer: no such device" then your sound configuration is severly out of order. --  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting08:04
C0oLhi guys08:05
C0oLcan I ask a quick question?08:05
attjthanks, that failsafe helped. Now i can see the desktop :)08:05
zykotick9bullgard6, i'm afraid alex_under attempt to use a 3rd party ALSA may be difficult to correct.  How to uninstall that 3rd party version may be non-trivial.08:05
C0oLis it possible to install a distro upgrade from an iso file on a netbook?08:06
Moshanator!ask > C0ol08:06
ubottuC0ol, please see my private message08:06
attjstill the screen is flashing and it has been split half at wrong place (i can see the right end of screen middle of the screen. and left end of screen also middle of the screen)08:07
rokraHi someone can help me to configure my printer? I m getting some error08:07
GreenCloudhi, i have an extra pc and i would like to try setup an ssh server so i can offer free shell accounf for my friends. what do i need to do?08:07
rokraMy printer seems to be configured but it is not working and localhost:631 show me unable to connect08:08
the_phi. i try to install kubuntu i have a problem with the installer. the x-server settings seem to be wrong i can't see the full screen. it is cropped at the borders such that i can't see the relevant menu any more. Can i change this somehow?08:08
zykotick9GreenCloud, install ubuntu, install openssh-server, forward port 22 on your router to the machine - "should" be about it.08:08
fastazykotick9: what is the point of the /etc/shadow- file?08:09
C0oL is it possible to install a distro upgrade from an iso file on a netbook?08:09
zykotick9fasta, I'm not sure what the shadow- does?08:09
GreenCloudzykotick9: so you mean i also need to configure my router for this?08:10
zykotick9GreenCloud, yes08:10
neokxis help chanel08:11
ThelmariaCan I resize / without using a livecd?08:11
urlin2uThelmaria, linux no windows 7 yes08:11
Thelmariaurlin2u: Thanks08:12
urlin2uThelmaria, the partion your using can't be resized08:12
neokxhow can i get ubuntu08:12
urlin2uThelmaria, others can though08:12
zykotick9neokx, http://www.ubuntu.com/08:12
Thelmariaurlin2u: No fancy way to unmount it while running it? I should have enough ram to hold most of the running things.08:12
urlin2uThelmaria, nah would be nice though08:13
zykotick9Thelmaria, not gonna happen08:13
neokxi have thist problem for more information plaese see the log file:08:13
neokxc:users usuario appdata local temp wubi-9.04-rev211.log08:13
neokxi can not instal08:13
neokxsorry i dont speak good english08:13
zykotick9neokx, what is your native language?08:14
urlin2uneokx, you trying to install 9.04 as a wubi?08:14
zykotick9!es | neokx08:14
ubottuneokx: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:14
neokxim o ready on that chanel08:14
neokxno one answer08:14
Thelmariaurlin2u, zykotick9 - heh, figured. Thanks though :)08:15
neokxi just trying to get in ubuntu08:16
zykotick9neokx, 9.04 is no longer supported, you should download a newer (supported) version of ubuntu.  But Wubi is junk IN MY OPINION ONLY!08:16
urlin2ulol I'm with you08:16
neokxi traing whit 11.04 version08:16
neokxand is the same problem08:16
neokxi tink is because i have windows 708:17
hellhammerIf im running gnome 3 in ubuntu 10.04 is there a way i can revert back to ubuntu 2?08:18
urlin2uneokx, have you looked at the wubi page?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide08:18
zykotick9hellhammer, reinstall ;)08:18
alex_underzykotick9: what happens if I remove ubuntu-desktop08:18
hellhammerIf im running gnome 3 in ubuntu 10.04 is there a way i can revert back to gnome 2?08:18
alex_underzykotick9: and reinstall it again ?08:18
alex_underzykotick9: do I lose personal data ?08:19
zykotick9alex_under, most likely you'll uninstall a LOT of packages08:19
attjNiice :) now ubuntu started, thank you very much :)08:19
zykotick9alex_under, no personal data lose no08:19
alex_underzykotick9: it will restore system to default ?08:19
attjI installed ati-drivers on failsafe graphic mode and it worked out08:19
neokxyes im o ready look on that web08:19
zykotick9alex_under, no08:19
Yakoozawhen trying to boot i get an error "Unable to boot operating system"08:19
YakoozaI think this may be the Win xp setup though, how can I change the active partition in Ubuntu?08:20
neokxis so hard to install08:20
zykotick9alex_under, uninstall/reinstall typically doesn't do much (if anything) on gnu/linux boxes08:20
oooaaaooourlin2u: hey another question. so i have the passphrase for a certain encrypted volume, and i would likt to mount it so that i can access all of the data within it. Would the following be sufficient: "sudo mount -t ecryptfs  XXX.desktop" ?08:20
urlin2uoooaaaooo, I only know how far we have gotten, not trying to mount it.08:21
alex_underzybotick9: so what are my options/08:21
zykotick9!tab > alex_under08:22
ubottualex_under, please see my private message08:22
urlin2uYakooza, ycan you give some back info on the problem, like installation orders and the actual ubuntu your using.08:22
zykotick9alex_under, ? don't know - you could try the (what alsa did you install?) support, if they have any.  But you may need to end up backing up your data a reinstalling I'm afriad (i hope not)08:22
neokxyakooza left08:23
datruthIs there a stress or nessus test for openvpn?08:23
alex_underzykotick9.. now x server stopped working too..08:23
zykotick9alex_under, installing things from outside ubuntu's repos can lead to a lot of problems (just something to think about for next time)08:24
kz3when I put Ubuntu 10.04 disc and boot up...and when I click on "Install Ubuntu" nothing happens...what should I do?08:27
neokxi find ubuntu mexico08:27
StaticPhillykz3: kick it08:27
StaticPhillykz3: sorry, have you tryed another disk~?08:27
neokxbut no one answer hehehe08:27
neokxbad luck08:27
kz3StaticPhilly:  ubuntu 11.04 disc was working fine08:28
StaticPhillykz3: yea but have you tryed burning another 10.04 disk just in case it was a bad burn08:28
zykotick9kz3, you could try to use "Try Ubuntu" and see if the install on the desktop works08:28
kz3 zykotick9: try ubuntu also doesnt work :(08:28
kz3StaticPhilly: I will try another burn08:29
the_phi. is there a possibility to change the x-server settings for the installer during the installation?08:29
zykotick9kz3, md5 check your ISO before burning08:29
urlin2ukz3, tap the shift key when powering on hit f6 at the gui, for try ubuntu, choose nomodeset and boot from there08:29
bullgard6What does the 2nd field of the status bar of OO.o Base designate?08:30
zykotick9bullgard6, have you tried asking in #Openoffice.org08:31
oooaaaoooHI guys i need help mounting an encrytped file system. I have the passphrase , just not sure how to use it to kount the filesystem08:31
StaticPhillyim using nfs4, for some reason why i copy large amounts of files the wireless dies on the client, plus it copys real slow, any ideas?08:31
bullgard6zykotick9: Yes.08:31
kz3urlin2u: tapping shift ask me "load boot graphics (y/n)?" what should I do?08:33
urlin2ukz3, not sure what that is a gui should show choose yes and try the f6 option.08:35
genniiiI am just bumbling around trying to figure out what IRC is.... so hello whoever08:35
genniiiI didnt know ther were f options lol08:36
urlin2ukz3, I think with omeiric any key works08:36
kz3urlin2u: after choosing nomodeset still the things are sma08:36
urlin2uhmm not sure then you have the daily live cd08:37
kz3urlin2u:  I have the live CD08:37
urlin2ukz3, as others suggested checking the ISO is a good idea  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM08:38
urlin2ukz3, sorry I had you mixed up with a user in ubuntu+1, as far as a daily release or oneiric mention08:40
kz3urlin2u: leave it dude, I will download again 10.04 and burn it again08:41
zykotick9kz3, why download it again?  check the iso you already have (if you still have it).08:42
kz3urlin2u: I deleted the ISO after downloading....downloading it again08:48
calwigHi, is there an app where you can have weather updates of i.e. Hurricane Updates, and so on?08:48
calwignot your typical weather update applet but more of an alarm sounding app08:49
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taisahi there, i have a problem with Banshee: i bought some music files from U1 store, activated "Import to music folder" in Banshee and now i end up with many copies of the bought music files in my music folder. Should i uncheck this option and then, how can i listen to Music from U1 store?09:26
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tar-gzSomebody can help me? http://wklej.org/id/585916/09:38
anonissimusIs there a way I can mount my drives on boot based on drive id instead of /dev/sd**09:41
rhin0make an nfs mount?  you can create an nfs mount which mounts a volume of the same machine anonissimus09:43
rhin0so you create what is in effect a symbolic mount point09:43
anonissimuswill performance be the same?09:43
rhin0its just a volume yes it's the same -- I don't think you can reference /dev/sda1 for example you can reference a mapped volume ... yes it is the same09:44
rhin0set up your exports file with localhost or as the machine to export to09:44
oCeananonissimus: you can mount your drives specifying the UUID in /etc/fstab09:44
oCeananonissimus: are you talking about NFS?09:45
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oCeanillogic: don't spam in here09:45
rhin0I suggested he use nfs to create the desired mount points oCean09:45
anonissimusoCean: no regular drives09:45
oCeanrhin0: I don't see why09:45
oCeananonissimus: sure, using the UUID is default way ubuntu identifies drives09:45
anonissimusmounting based on UUID is what I was looking for09:46
rhin0his original question - he wants to give drives his own id09:46
illogicoCean, sorry i thought people in here would be intrested09:46
oCeananonissimus: run   sudo blkid to identify your UUID / drives09:46
oCeanillogic: you can try #ubuntu-offtopic, this is support only09:46
anonissimusoCean: thanks09:46
illogicoCean, can i private message you ?09:47
oCeanillogic: sure09:47
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RB__how to get system properties by using terminal ?09:50
anonissimusoCean: it looks like this will work flawlessly09:50
SlartRB__: what kind of properties?09:51
bullgard6 How can I make that the program man does show the text of the manuals colorful?09:52
RB__properties like "which ubuntu version is it or how much ram is install in this system etc09:53
oCeanRB__: there are several ways. lsb_release -a shows release information, lspci, lsusb, lshw etc give information on your hardware configuration09:54
Slartbullgard6: this page is about slackware.. but it might be useful on ubuntu as well.. give it a try http://humanreadable.nfshost.com/sdeg/colorized_manpages.htm09:54
Pang5heloo all @ how a simple way to change *.tar.bz into *.deb..?09:55
th0rPang5: there is no easy way09:56
Pang5th0r; thanks09:56
SlartPang5: tried checkinstall?09:56
Pang5slart; ok09:57
Slart!checkinstall | Pang509:57
ubottuPang5: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:57
AquixDon't think checkinstall can make deb, just install like it was a deb09:57
SlartAquix: it creates a deb .. not sure if it installs it as well.. but it definately creates the deb-file09:58
th0rSlart: but first you have to undo the tar.bz, configure, and compile. Which, I think, takes it out of the easy category <smile>09:59
Slartth0r: well.. the second you include "compile" in the instructions we're out of easy-land, if you ask me =)10:00
AquixSlart -  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-deb-package-ubuntu-debian.html10:00
SlartPang5: check the link from Aquix above10:01
th0rSlart: right, and Pang5's initial question I suspect he doesn't realize what all is in that tar.bz10:01
damnoterminal is behaving odd10:01
Pang5ok thanks all, i go to the link <smile>10:01
Slartth0r: correct.. might be a binary skype client or something10:02
damnoI cant tab complete any file even if am in the right directory and going through the right spelling10:02
oooaaaoooHi guys need help with mounting an ecryptfs filesystem10:02
RB__i'm using 11.04 but i don't know that current  Ubuntu is 32-bit or 64-bit  because i have install it inside the window10:04
oCeanRB__: uname -m will tell whether you use 32 or 64bit ubuntu10:05
RB__thank u oCean10:07
RB__can i ask something more ?10:07
oCeanRB__: sure10:10
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious or xmms2 instead.10:11
zteamjust tried to install wargus10:13
RB__i have install Ubuntu thorough website directly and i want 32 bit Ubuntu but my current Ubuntu is 64 bit10:14
zteamafter extracting the DATA-files from Warcraft 2 wargus says I need to extract them10:14
RB__it is because there were no option to select 32 or 64 bit user10:15
oCeanRB__: you used this method? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet10:20
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bullgard6Slart: Excellent. --  Thank you very much for your help. It works.10:26
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alex--I was yesterday being told to create a recovery dvd of my windows. How to do this?10:27
nitin__can any1 tell me how to chat here ?10:28
oCeannitin__: you're already talking. Do you have a support question?10:28
zhiweihi, there is no ibus icon on my top panel, I often restart ibus-daemon, and then the ibus icon comes up.10:28
oCeanalex--: I'd say that would be more of a ##windows question10:28
nitin__what is Smuxi all about.. does it have any chat rooms ?10:28
Slartbullgard6: you're welcome10:30
oCeannitin__: this is ubuntu support only. I think there is a smuxi channel, no idea if it's active though.. type  /join #smuxi10:30
mang0Martinp23 what on earth are you on abuot10:36
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xlqI've got a splitting headache.10:39
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vyadhakashould I go with 11.04 or stick with 10.0410:50
oCeanvyadhaka: that's difficult for others to tell. Download a CD, and try the live option10:51
vyadhakai am going to install ubuntu on a laptop with lvm+luks10:51
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev10:52
ionitei got this message: [sdb]  Result: hostbyte=DID_NO_CONNECT driverbyte=DRIVER_OK10:52
YankDownUndervyadhaka, STick with 10.04 or upgrade to 10.10...less hassle...10:52
vyadhakaoCean: i tried the live version, interface is different, that's all I could tell.10:52
th0rionite: if it is sdb then it is already identified in /dev10:52
YankDownUndervyadhaka, More to the picture than meets the eye...10:53
ioniteth0r: but /dev doesnt show10:53
anonissimusionite: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-922372.html10:53
vyadhakaYankDownUnder: thanks, yes thats the word i was looking for less hassle, life's too short to keep fixing stuff10:53
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oCeanvyadhaka: it's still up to you to make the actual choice10:53
th0rionite: what is it you expect /dev to show?10:53
oCeanvyadhaka: using kubuntu 11.04 I have no issues whatsoever10:53
YankDownUndervyadhaka, Just telling you from a "paid and practical" perspective mate. Cheers.10:54
vyadhakaI used 10.04 but not with luks or lvm10:54
ioniteth0r: 320GB external HDD but it only shows my internal HDD not the external one10:54
anonissimusionite: that links has a nice troubleshoot procedure10:54
vyadhakaI have current setup of debian running fine with luks and lvm, there is lot of user configuration to get all the tings working.10:55
Grey_LokiHi, i'm playing with the latest Ubuntu server (within byobu). Every time I create a new window/bash prompt, i'm told that my directory is 'unreachable'. What could be causing this?10:55
ioniteanonissimus: i don't get what u mean? check out this http://paste.ubuntu.com/676482/10:55
Grey_LokiAn example> craig@craigserver:(unreachable)/$10:56
ioniteth0r: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676482/10:56
th0rvyadhaka: why would you want to improve on 'working well'?10:56
ioniteanonissimus: then check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/676505/10:56
ioniteth0r: then check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/676505/10:56
Grey_LokiOh, if I cd ~ , then I get sent directly to my home directory with no issues at all.10:56
vyadhakaYankDownUnder: thanks once again. I did go through that experience with 9.10 I think, thats why I am here asking first10:56
vyadhakath0r: well I have been trying to get Pulse working with bluetooth A2dp  for over two days now. no worth the time.10:57
th0rvyadhaka: from what I have read, bluetooth in any environment is not worth the time10:58
ioniteth0r: any idea what's wrong?10:58
th0rvyadhaka: no, based on what I have read and seen here I have avoided bluetooth...there are other options10:59
ioniteanonissimus: any idea what's wrong?10:59
vyadhakath0r: heard it wrong, I had it working under 10.04 pretty much out of the box, except I couldn't figure out how to simultaneously handle HFP and A2DP like I have it setup under windows (pauses music when I receive a voip call)11:00
ElefantHi. The Beta will be released soon, will it be possible to upgrade from beta to final? :)11:01
vyadhakath0r: that's another reason why I wanted to try 11.0411:01
ionitecan anyone help me? I cannot detect my external HDD on /dev11:01
g3orgeis the new beta of 11.11 out yet?11:01
Elefantnext week11:01
vyadhakaanyone using luks+lvm setup?11:01
jamiewanionite: is it mounted on /media11:02
ionitejamiewan: nope. check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/676505/11:02
g3orgeany tools for IM on the Terminal??11:03
g3orgewhat IM client are you usng?11:03
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ionitejamiewan: any idea?11:04
poisonhi....how do i install firefox 711:06
jamiewanioniteno not really, lsusb, show up there11:06
th0rg3orge: irssi?11:06
jamiewanionite:  not really, lsusb, show up there11:06
g3orgeis it good??11:06
th0rg3orge: I suppose that depends on your definition of good11:07
g3orgeTrue. I guess you prefer it instead of Pidgin11:07
th0rg3orge: I didn't say I use it. You asked if there was an im client for terminal11:08
ionitejamiewan: but what should i do to access my files?11:08
LuckyStarhi threr11:08
g3orgelol. thanks anyway11:08
jamiewanionite: well its a bit hard to access them if you cant even see the drive, is it a usb external see if it shows up in lsusb11:09
poisonpls tell me how to install firefox 711:10
poisonfirefox 6 giving error messages related to bookmarks11:10
bullgard6'sudo mysqldump --all-databases; mysqldump: Got error:1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'. (using password: NO) when trying to connect'. How can I get rid of this error message?11:10
jamiewanpoison:  http://nwlinux.com/install-firefox-7-ubuntu-using-apt-get/11:10
g3orgedownload it from the aurora site adn install it11:10
BluesKajHiyas all11:11
LuckyStar mount -t vboxsf GPS /mnt/data tells me unknown filesystem type, what should I do11:11
theadminpoison: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/11:11
JemtHi. OpenAl (sound) is not working for several of my games on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits. Any suggestions? Upgrading to 11.04 is not an option11:11
psycho_oreosLuckyStar, -> #virtualbox11:11
LuckyStarpsycho_oreos, well, it's ubuntu in the vbox11:12
theadminLuckyStar: I think you want "vboxfs" rather than "vboxsf"11:12
theadminLuckyStar: And make sure the guest addons are installed11:12
LuckyStartheadmin, they are installed, as you see, the host is ntfs11:13
g3orgeth0r: is it also for IRC?? I really don't like anything else??11:13
LuckyStarth0r, heh11:13
g3orgeIRC for the terminal anyone?11:14
theadming3orge: irssi, weechat11:14
StevenRg3orge: I use irssi11:14
th0rg3orge: actually...my bad. irssi is for irc, not im11:14
theadming3orge: As for IM in terminal, you could use Finch11:15
g3orgeThx evryone. Gonna check them out.11:16
alex--I love Ubuntu <311:17
MaxellHey guys! I'm trying to get Ubuntu for my NSLU2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/NSLU2 , but that link isnt working anymore. Should I get http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/natty/main/installer-armel/current/images/versatile/netboot/ ?11:17
ah-bergHow can I setup  Ubuntu to let rtorrent use  one network (eth0) and any other program use (wlan0)?11:18
neokxhow i create the cd iso for install ubuntu11:18
poisonW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B511:18
poisonE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)11:18
poisonE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:18
poisonim getting above error while updating11:19
poisonhelp me11:19
alex--neokx: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download11:19
theadminneokx: Burn it with your favorite burning program. On Windows, I suggest imgburn. On Linux systems, there is cdrecord. On OS X, you have Disk Utility.11:19
theadminpoison: Do a reboot and try again11:19
neokxi have nero burning room11:19
dfrgmscYou should update system as root.11:19
neokxcant you tell how11:19
StevenRpoison: find the process that's using it11:19
alex--    Download and install Infra Recorder, a free and open-source image-burning program.11:20
alex--    Insert a blank CD in the drive and select Do nothing or Cancel if an autorun dialog box pops up.11:20
Maxellpoison: close all other updating tools11:20
alex--    Open Infra Recorder and click the 'Write Image' button in the main screen.11:20
alex--        Alternatively you can select the 'Actions' menu, then 'Burn image'.11:20
alex--    Select the Ubuntu CD image file you want to use, then click 'Open'.11:20
FloodBot1alex--: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
alex--    In the dialog box, click 'OK'.11:20
dfrgmscuse sudo in terminal may help11:20
neokxinfra recorder11:20
theadminneokx: Any program that can burn images will do, really.11:20
Sidewinder1neokx, Don't forget to md5sum the ISO image, after downloading, but before burning.11:24
g3orgeF-word. Weechat needs Java and I have problems installing it.11:24
theadming3orge: Sorry? weechat is not supposed to need Java.11:24
MaxellHey guys! I'm trying to get Ubuntu for my NSLU2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/NSLU2 , but that link isnt working anymore. What installer-armel or di-nslu2.bin should I get?11:24
StevenRg3orge: finch or irssi then.11:24
g3orgeyeah. I'll try something else11:26
ravenlirc - how to verify input-signals?11:28
MInnerGood morning, guys. I have a problem installing ubuntu on my PC: "In APT sources no matching kernel was found" - or something like that. Ubuntu 11.04, hp tablet pc tc1100 . Thanks beforehand.11:31
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alex--linux: what are you saynig?11:35
alex--cse: hi11:35
theadminalex--: That was "good day" in Italian I think11:35
theadmin!it | linux11:35
ubottulinux: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:35
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alex--Can I get your opinion? Thunderbird or Evolution?11:37
oCeanalex--: please don't take polls in this channel11:38
theadminalex--: mutt :P11:38
blackvan magyar?11:38
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ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:39
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alex--Nah, for a browser I use Firefox.11:40
alex--Most people do11:41
alex--Do people use Evolution more, or Thunderbird?11:41
oCeanalex--: stop it now11:41
theadminalex--: Thunderbird possibly has more users (it IS crossplatform), but there's no "better" choice.11:41
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monotoniaI was changing xfce's window style, than it crashed, and I log out whenever I try to log with xfce. How can I fix it through setting files?11:45
tomatto_please, i installed ubuntu in english language and after it, i can't change, czech language is disabled, but i installed it before i want to choose...is there any different tool for choose language for graphical environment?11:46
C0ol_H3retichey guys, does grub4dos fromat a drive if i want to install an iso saved from an external hard drive?11:46
xanguatomatto_: log out and select the language you want on gdm login window11:48
adantewhat unification filesystem do hte ubuntu livecd's use?11:50
C0ol_H3retictomatto_, HOPE Xangua's advise helped11:50
ActionParsnipadante: the files are stored in a squashfs file as far as I know11:51
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
whiz_what's a hacked brain?11:53
theadminadante: squashfs it is11:53
theadminwhiz_: lolwut?11:53
whiz_theadmin, a brain that's been hacked ... whats a hacked brain?11:53
adantetheadmin: hm, but isn't the fs writeable?11:54
theadminadante: I'm not exactly sure *how* squashfs works...11:54
neokxok i have the iso11:54
neokxand now waht11:54
theadminwhiz_: ...I seriously think you have the wrong channel11:54
adantei'm trying to find a unification filesystem for ubuntu11:54
Sidewinder1md5sum | neokx11:54
adanteseeing as aufs has been "superseded"11:54
billyhi - trying to remember a text find & replace command and it is not sed - anyone?11:55
adanteand unionfs-fuse does not seem to do anything i would consider FUSE11:55
Sidewinder1!md5sum | neokx11:55
ubottuneokx: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:55
ActionParsnip!find unionfs11:55
ubottuFound: unionfs-fuse11:55
ActionParsnip!info unionfs-fuse11:55
ubottuunionfs-fuse (source: unionfs-fuse): Fuse implementation of unionfs. In component main, is optional. Version 0.24-2 (natty), package size 25 kB, installed size 112 kB11:55
deltafossmplayer doesnt work on my system11:56
ActionParsnipdeltafoss: can you expand on "doesn't work" please11:56
Sidewinder1neokx, This link should answer all/most of your questions. :-)  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php11:56
deltafossi hope is not too much to paste here: mplayer: relocation error: mplayer: symbol codec_wav_tags, version LIBAVFORMAT_52 not defined in file libavformat.so.52 with link time reference11:57
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orchataHey, what is up guys. I just a got a 3g modem and it is up and running. I need to share it with 3 other computers in my room via wifi. Other computers are Win7, mine is ubuntu 11.04.12:03
damo22orchata: you have a wifi access point i assume hooked up to the 3g modem?12:04
theadminorchata: My idea would be to get a router with support for such a modem (e.g. D-Link DIR-320 (is what I have))12:04
orchataI have a 3g modem connected to my laptop12:05
theadmin!ics | orchata, you might want to take a look12:05
ubottuorchata, you might want to take a look: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:05
damo22orchata: does your 3g modem have a ethernet output?12:05
orchatadamo22: I don't know12:05
damo22orchata: or is it USB only12:06
orchatadamo22: Oh, it is usb12:06
=== mamoun is now known as Guest76488
damo22orchata: problem then..... you need to leave your laptop on all the time for the other pcs to gain access12:06
orchatadamo22:  yes I know, and that is not a problem for me12:06
orchataIt will be always on12:07
damo22orchata: usb sucks12:08
theadminorchata: Check the link I mentioned.12:08
ravenlirc - how to verify input-signals?12:09
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RomeoavaI want to instal a Linux in a Asus eee Pc 4G. Please give me some advices12:11
Romeoavasomeone sad that Linux Puppy12:11
xanguaRomeoava: install ubuntu¿12:11
theadminReikoku: Is "4G" the amount of disk space you have?12:11
theadminxangua: Ubuntu's NOT gonna fit in 4 gigs12:11
bazhangtheadmin, sure it does, I have it on mine12:12
Romeoavasometink that is working12:12
dropmousehey all- I'm loooking for a GUI frontend for sniffing logs... maybe like a snort frontend (for ubuntu) it's been years since I've looked through logs..12:12
theadminbazhang: Well, I doubt it operates properly though12:12
bazhangRomeoava, use unetbootin and a flash usb stick to do it12:12
xanguatheadmin: why would not¿12:12
bazhangtheadmin, it certainly works fine.12:12
RomeoavaI think the Hard disck is 4 GB12:12
dropmousemost importantly i'd like just a general tool to scour common logs and display content12:12
theadminbazhang: And you even have enough space to operate with new packages?12:13
theadmindropmouse: gnome-system-log is the one that's built right into Ubuntu12:13
theadmindropmouse: It works fine12:13
RomeoavaI willuse a usb creator fromubuntu12:13
bazhangtheadmin, yes. it is very well documented. please research this12:13
dropmousetheadmin: thanks12:13
theadminRomeoava: Well, according to what bazhang says here... However, I'd seriously consider using Xubuntu or another more-lightweight distro... Unity is just too much for a graphic card of a EeePC I beleive12:14
bazhangRomeoava, thats fine, or unetbootin; you have to hold down the esc key until the bios boot screen shows, to choose the usb stick to boot, and after selecting it as well.12:14
Romeoava<bazhang> I had have some trubles before12:14
Romeoavaand I sucseed with USB creator12:15
RomeoavaMy question is Which one12:15
theadminRomeoava: I successfully installed Arch with Xfce on a 2GB-eeePC a few months ago, and even had around 200MB free space left xD12:16
theadminRomeoava: However, if you're new to Linux, that's not really an option12:16
Romeoava<theadmin> arch is to complicated, I think12:16
theadminRomeoava: If you're looking for a web-centric OS, might as well try Peppermint12:16
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RomeoavaWhat about <Puppy>12:17
bazhangtheadmin, please stick to ubuntu support here. those are not supported oses12:17
neokxmy file is corret12:17
neokxso now12:17
neokxi check md512:17
theadminRomeoava: As you see, we do not support other distros here. You can go to #ubuntu-offtopic or PM me if you'd like help with that choice12:17
Anon1234Hi, I've a problem - a new ubuntu upgrade (to natty) hangs on shut down. What log should I look at12:18
ActionParsnipRomeoava: if you drop the < > stuff it will make hightlighting work properly12:18
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snuffti'm having a problem sharing folders with Samba and with mounting drives. i've permanently mounted the two drives that the sahred folders are on, using  storage device manager (PySDM?) and the icons for both drives now appear on the desktop when i log into the machine. the only problem is that until i actually double click both drives to open them, samba can't seem to see them.12:21
theadminActionParsnip: I wouldn't worry about that, I get highlighted correctly12:21
* theadmin has to go12:21
Romeoava<theadmin> I'm an Ubuntu fan12:22
snufftthen the other thing is that when i have double clicked these drives and samba can recognise them (so that you can play with permissions through Samba Server Configuration), although windows users can see the folders that I've shared, they can't go into any of them.12:23
E3D3_1Yesterday I installed painless for the first time LVM by using Ubuntu Alternate version. Who can show me good (beginners-) tutorials to explore LVM further ?12:24
bazhang!lvm | E3D3_112:24
ubottuE3D3_1: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:24
snufftin Server settings in samba i've set the security auth mode to share and guest account to nobody, but regardless of whether i set a folder as  access by me and nobody, or Allow Access to everyone, windows users stll can't get into the folders12:25
Kre10s_is there an application that creates a gtk alert box?12:25
Kre10s_something i can use from the command line like gtk_alert_user "something happened"12:26
E3D3_1bazhang: Thanks but that LVM-howto is from 2006-11-27 & not really usefull for me, maybe you know another ??12:26
bazhangE3D3_1, apart from the natty perfect server guide, I am afraid I do not12:29
RomeoavaWhat about 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)12:29
E3D3_1bazhang: This are my best LVM starters-info: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/40702   & http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/3656812:29
E3D3_1Still thank you for trying.12:29
Romeoava<bazhang> What about 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)12:30
bazhangRomeoava, what about it, what is your question12:31
Romeoavathis sis anetbook edition12:32
neokxmy boot disc dosend work12:33
neokxdont work12:33
compdocdisc? cd?12:33
neokxiso image12:33
dropmousehey, i'm looking through my ufw (firewall) logs... I see a bunch of BLOCKED stuff in there... should I be worried, or is it normal for lots of machine to try and connect with me?12:33
compdocneokx, does your dvd drive work?12:34
Sidewinder1neokx, You may need to set your BIOS boot order to boot to the CD/DVD first.12:34
neokxyes but dont lisen12:34
orchataHow do I launch network manager with root privilegies?12:34
neokxi order to boot to the dvd but windows star again12:35
neokxi try one more time i come back12:35
dropmouseorchata? good question- i always have to run my admin programs with sudo from the terminal12:36
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|OUT
orchatadropmouse:  How do I run network manger from terminal?12:36
dropmousewhats thename of the applicvation?12:36
dropmouselets say i want to run zenmap with admin... open terminal and "sudo zenmap"12:37
huldrekallisn't gnome-network-applet?12:37
orchatadropmouse: Network Connections12:38
E3D3_1Sorry, I cant  recognize it in my system monitor nor when right clicking on my network tool.12:41
dropmouseorchata, i'm sorry I don't know which application you're speaking of... if you could find out what command is associated with that application - you can sudo it from the term.12:41
E3D3_1i think its called nm-applet12:42
dropmouseoh, orchata, are you talking about the Netwrok Connections in Ubuntu, right at the top?12:42
dropmouseyou're not logged in as an admin?12:42
orchataI mean no12:43
arussel`what tools can I use to create a from a dvd one of this format: ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VOB, WMV, XviD , and which one would be the easiest ?12:45
arussel`I'm trying to see dvd with my synoloyg station12:46
Sidewinder1arussel`, It's not FOSS, but you might have a look at Nero for Linux.12:47
Sidewinder1arussel`, I'm sorry, I have never heard of " synoloyg".12:48
jubeiguys how can I change the default user gnome logs on?12:48
dropmouseorchata: are you talkin about this "Network Connections" window? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager0.712:48
arussel`Sidewinder1: it is just a NAS based on linux that has a upnp server that accept all those formats12:49
icerootSidewinder1: network attached storage12:49
Sidewinder1Like "Cloud"?12:50
icerootSidewinder1: like a pc offering a hdd over nfs/cifs12:50
Sidewinder1WAN or LAN?12:50
duartmanhi guys, i need a big/small help, my audio pitch is not correct! how can i change that :)?12:50
icerootSidewinder1: normally lan12:51
Sidewinder1iceroot, In that case I'll "but-out"; you lost me with nfs/cifs... Not that it's particularly unusual for me to get lost, these days. :-(12:52
icerootSidewinder1: cifs = samba, nfs = the linux-way to share something over lan12:53
icerootSidewinder1: network file system12:53
arussel`handbrake seems to do the job12:54
Kre10s_iceroot, what are the authentication options for nfs? I remeber that being a problem.12:54
icerootKre10s_: nfs (version 3) only support ip-based auth. nfs (version 4) also supporting user-based auth (based on uid)12:55
Sidewinder1iceroot, Many thanks, I don't use samba (at least not knowingly, other than Remote Desktop); that's why I'm unfamiliar with configuration of same.12:55
CyrusJHi everybody, I am new to Ubuntu and I want to install Nvidia Drivers from SH file.. But it requires that i shutdown my X server.I dont know how to do it.. Can u guys help me ?12:56
icerootKre10s_: but the main problem are different uids. e.g. you are sharing /home/fof/bar which belongs to the user foo (uid 1000) and you are mounting that on a machine where the user foo has the uid 1001 nfs dont know its the same user12:56
* arussel` gives a go at ogmrip12:56
iceroot!nvidia | CyrusJ12:57
ubottuCyrusJ: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:57
icerootCyrusJ: to stop the x-server "sudo service gdm stop" but the sh file is normally the wrong way (see link from ubottu )12:57
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juttai have an annozing prblem, I have a german laptop, and therefore I set the german kezboard layout, but ubuntu keeps changing to USA lazout, again and again, even after I have removed the USA lazout12:59
icerootjutta: on gnome/unity or lxde?13:00
juttaanyone could help me solving that?13:00
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juttaiceflatline, I am on gnome13:00
=== eir is now known as KindOne
DuartmaNanyone helps me with my audio setup?13:01
icerootjutta: http://pastebin.com/r5hFUR5G  put that in /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:01
DuartmaNmy audio pitch is not corrct13:01
icerootjutta: maybe change the keyboard-type because i am on a asus eeepc13:01
icerootjutta: i was having the same problem but only with lxde13:01
juttaiceroot, I will try, but do you know why it does not work to remove?13:03
icerootjutta: the problem (on lxde) was that it is trying to aqutodetect the keyboard with udev and udev is telling my system that i have a qwerty keyboard. so i put that into xorg.conf to overwrite the udev-settings13:04
icerootjutta: lxde is not storing the layout i choose. dont know what gnome is doing13:04
juttaiceroot, thanks13:04
icerootjutta: but the problem still exists when using tty1 instead of tty7 (xserver)13:05
deltafosshow do i create a bootable flash drive13:06
deltafossfrom an iso13:06
iceroot!usb | deltafoss13:06
ubottudeltafoss: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:06
bazhangdeltafoss, with unetbootin13:06
ian__i have a lenovo x220 and the webcam stopped working. it doesnt show up on lsinput. not sure whats up.13:06
deltafossbazhang: can i install ubuntu in my flash drive?13:07
icerootdeltafoss: second link from ubottu13:07
neokxim back13:15
neokxfrom my new  so13:15
zayedmay i ask a question about ubuntu desktop here?13:17
Gentoo64zayed, of course13:17
zayedhow to uninstall a printer driver?13:18
zayedi have wrongly choose the driver version when doing installation on ubntu13:18
zayedi have to choose lexmark z25 but i didnt i had choose z2213:19
Gentoo64how did you install it?13:19
Gentoo64try synaptic package manager13:20
Gentoo64and search for it13:20
Gentoo64or apt-get remove13:20
FloodBot1Gentoo64: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:20
zayedim sorry13:22
ActionParsnipzayed: just remove the printer in printer dialogue, is the driver not part of the default OS?13:22
Stoopiti installed ubuntu 11.04 in a virtualbox virtual machine, i installed the guest addons (or whats it called, i use a Dutch virtualbox)13:23
Stoopitbut the resolution ownt change if i resize the window13:23
Stoopitany ideas?13:23
yeatsStoopit: you might ask in #vbox13:24
zayedthanks you both Gentoo64 and actionparsnip13:24
Stoopityeats, nope, its an ubuntu problem13:24
Gentoo64zayed, ok. sorry i wasnt sure if you installed it manually or not13:24
Stoopityeats, i never had this problem before, only with ubuntu 11.0413:24
Gentoo64Stoopit, well ubuntu cant control vbox13:24
zayedhey no need to be sorry it is like that  we learn from each other13:25
StoopitGentoo64, that's like saying a car can't have problems with its parts13:25
Gentoo64i think resizing the window and changing res is vbox specific though13:25
Stoopitthe guest additions provide this feature13:26
Sidewinder1neokx, Congrats! :-)13:26
Stoopit(and yes i rebooted, so x was definitely restarted)13:26
Gentoo64Stoopit, i havent tried vbox in about 2 years but it never was 100% smooth experience13:27
StoopitGentoo64, i use it for years, and never had any problems, as long as the guest additions were installed13:28
Stoopitguess i should be used by now to ubuntu breaking more and more crap in each release :(13:28
Gentoo64well.. i wouldnt go that far13:28
Gentoo64you are running it in a vm after all13:28
Gentoo64which sucks13:28
Stoopitno its quite common13:29
Gentoo64i know13:29
Stoopiti have multiboot too13:29
Stoopitbut i use a vm for some stuff so i dont need to reboot13:29
Stoopitmore practical13:29
Stoopiti use windows fairly much for photoshop and some messing with UDK (game engine)13:29
Gentoo64why ubuntu in vm then?13:30
zayedcan i use a a windows xp driver on ubuntu ?13:30
zayedi mean: for my printer driver lexmark z2513:30
Gentoo64def not13:31
janisozaurhello, what do you use as a preferred hex editor?13:31
Gentoo64janisozaur, i think theres some in the software centre13:32
E3D3_1Stoopit: misschienmoejemintproberen13:33
StoopitE3D3_1, nah13:34
HaiI'm trying to install ubuntu on Asus em35013:34
Haii created a usb boot13:35
Haibut it gets stuck on a flashing cursor13:35
Haii downloaded the newest version, 64 bit13:35
Gentoo64Hai, is your comp 64 bit?13:35
HaiI checked and the processor claims to be 6413:36
Haithe netbook came with xp13:36
Skummelwhat cpu you actually got in it?13:36
Gentoo64what is it, asus, acer, or emachines?13:36
Gentoo64google dont find asus13:36
Haiintel atom13:36
yeatsHai: did you md5sum the .iso file?13:36
Haii did not13:37
yeatsHai: you might do that first, to verify that the image didn't get corrupted in the download13:37
HaiI'm trying the 32 bit version now13:37
Gentoo64its rare the md5 fails but worth a try13:37
Haiah right will do13:37
pistohi. I want to install the latest version of the ATI proprietary from the website, but it asks to uninstall the previous version first. I don't have any uninstaller in /usr/share/ati. Shall I force the new installation?13:37
Gentoo64i heard people before getting that flashing cursor, maybe try a different usb making tool?13:38
Haii tried two already13:38
Haibtw i made the usb on a diff machine, with windows13:38
Gentoo64pisto, cant you do it from ubuntu driver manager?13:38
Dave888Hai install the 32bit version for a netbook13:38
Dave888Don't be a redneck13:38
yeatsHai: can you get to the installer menu? or does it go straight to the black screen/blinking cursor?13:38
Haiblank screen with blinkinb _13:39
willclay8having issues running dual monitors.  Running 11.04. Using an Acer apire one (d257-13450) and the second monitor is an Acer S231HL.13:39
Haiit did say Syslinux something for a split second13:39
Haino menu13:39
pistoGentoo64, I didn't know I could do it from there, I thought that I couldn't because I didn't install them in the first place from the driver manager, but manually vfrom the website. so, am I safe to unistall them from the manager?13:39
Gentoo64pisto, yea13:39
Gentoo64pisto, but install them from the driver manager rather from website13:40
yeatsHai: someone reported the same issue yesterday... we werent' able to help in the end - hopefully 32-bit will work :-/13:40
Gentoo64pisto, otherwise its a mess and it cant be tracked easily13:40
=== ajf|offline is now known as ajf
pistoGentoo64, I see. so, right now, I don't need to upgrade because the upgrades manager doesn't tell me anything?13:40
Gentoo64pisto, thats right13:40
Gentoo64pisto, the website might have newer ones but i doubt theyll change anything13:41
HaiI will try and let you guys know ;)13:41
pistothanks for clarity.13:41
kaellanhow to deactivate tuchpad on laptops wen using ubuntu ?13:41
Stoopitdid anyone else install buuntu 11.04 as a virtualbox guest?13:42
willclay8dual monitors issue...13:42
BluesKajkaellan, install synaptiks13:42
kaellanBluesKaj, thx alot :D13:42
Skummelwillclay8 what kind of gpu you got?13:43
willclay8i think it is intel13:44
willclay8im using an aspire one d257-1345013:45
HaiGuys, thank you so much!13:45
HaiThe 32 bit worked ;)13:45
Kingsy_can I install wol on ubuntu rather than wakeonlan ?13:45
HaiThanks a lot!13:45
yeatsHai: great!13:45
jackoriperhi, new laptop sony vaio ( vpceh16en) installed with ubuntu 10.10,  onboard sound still coming out  even though head/ear phones are used ? pls assist, tried for intel 82801aa ac'97 drivers ,but could not find them for ubuntu  ?13:47
pr0dHi all, im trying to get my r8168 ethernet, but every single guide i have followed fails. I can insmod the driver once i have done a make and dumped the driver in /src but all install scripts fail. Any help would be hugely appreciated13:48
compdocthe r8169 is supported. you would think others would be too13:49
pr0dIve had this problem on opensuse, but the installer worked a charm.13:50
compdocwhat verson of Ubuntu?13:50
pr0dI am on oneiric but +1 is quiet today :S13:51
StoopitE3D3_1, apt-get install dkms solved it13:51
debaimboHello everyone. Today my Ubuntu 10.04 doesnt work, and I am sure I havent done anything strange yesterday. When I get to the grub screen, If I select any of the Ubuntu entries it just waits... and waits... and then spits out a list of errors, like it can't read sda and stuff. But if I select the windows entry that OS works fine. Right now I am using the Ubuntu live-cd and from here I can see all the files in my hard disk13:51
yeatsdebaimbo: I would boot into a live CD and run fsck on the Ubuntu partition13:54
Skummeldebaimbo: sounds like an error in the file system. check it for errors.13:55
yeatsdebaimbo: which you can do in the System -> Administration -> Disk Utility if you like a GUI13:55
debaimbook, I am running the livecd right now13:55
ravenhow to deactivate the keyring question?13:56
zayedthis device can not be remove until the virtual machine is off. i cannot remove my printer somebody help?13:56
fission_debaimbo,can you mount the parition in the livecd system13:56
debaimboI see all the files13:57
zayedthis virtual machine is powered off*****13:57
debaimbofor example, I can backup all the files from here13:57
debaimboI just can`t start the system13:58
kalimannhi there, I have an issue with my audio. it simply wont play anything as I have explained a bit deeper in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1834537. No one has answered me so far though, so I'd love if someone could help me out now13:58
=== raven is now known as Guest74528
zayedsomeone help me please im a nove13:58
debaimboubuntu@ubuntu:~$ fsck14:00
debaimbofsck 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009)14:00
Stoopiti go to preferences -> apprearance, i lcikc another theme, change a color14:00
voxcroixzayed: yes14:01
Stoopitand ubuntu doesnt change the color14:01
Stoopitwhat should i do?14:01
Stoopitis this another new "feature" ?14:01
zayedi can not remove my printer from ubuntu14:01
fission_debaimbo, do you change the grub.cfg file, or can your grub find the system root partition?14:01
zayeddesktop on virtual machine14:01
debaimboI dont know14:02
jackoriperHi, my laptop still plays sound out  in even headphones are being plugged in ? this is distrubing ppl around me, i want soung only in headphones14:02
zayedit keep saying*** this device can not be remover until the virtual machine is powered off14:02
willclay8thanks  skummel.. I am reading over your link now. I have not tried classic gnome. ill read over your link some first..14:02
=== Guest74528 is now known as _raven
yeatsdebaimbo: try going to System -> Administration -> Disk Utility14:03
debaimboyeats, I am running an old livecd14:04
debaimboi dont have that disk utility14:04
debaimboalthough i have gparted14:04
yeatsdebaimbo: okay - then do you know which partition Ubuntu is on? (do sudo fdisk -l to see all partitions)14:04
Stoopitwhat do i do to change the default theme colors?!?14:05
Stoopitthis is driving me crazy14:05
Stoopitand why is it broken?14:05
soreauStoopit: What DE?14:05
Stoopitsoreau, gnome14:06
soreauStoopit: unity? gnome2? 3?14:06
Stoopitsoreau, the same gnome that i9've been using for years now14:06
Stoopitbefore ubuntu started to make unity default14:06
Stoopit(worst decision ever btw)14:06
=== iPhone is now known as Guest68804
Skummelgnome2 then :p14:07
Stoopityeah i think so14:07
Stoopitdidnt even know there was a 314:07
debaimboyeats , the output of that command is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676575/14:07
bastidrazorStoopit: and all the times you've been using it, you've never went and look at Appereances in the Preferences ?14:07
soreauStoopit: You should be able to change the gtk theme in gnome-appearance-properties14:07
Stoopitbastidrazor, of course i did, ubuntu does not save it anymore....14:07
kalimannseriouly, no one with any expertise who can help me with my missing audio problem? its the only thing keeping me from getting on with linux14:07
Stoopitbastidrazor, please don't respond to me anymore you arrogant bastard14:08
yeatsdebaimbo: try this: 'sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sda1'14:08
soreauStoopit: Perhaps a permissions issue14:08
fission_debaimbo, you should address the program first, maybe it is the grub.cfg file.you can search the key word "grub" for more14:08
yeats!attitude | Stoopit14:08
ubottuStoopit: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:08
Stoopityeats, ah so the volunteers can abuse me?14:08
Skummelkalimann what kind of soundcard you got?14:08
jamesanslowI have installed Ubutu server but cannot ssh into it remotely (I can ssh in locally). I have sshd_config configured to log to AUTH with loglevel DEBUG but I dont get any log entries from ssh in /var/log. Can anyone assist or offer advice?14:09
kalimannskummel, its intel i think14:09
Stoopitsoreau, when i came in i said the new color didn't get saved, sorry you must have not read that, i should have repeated it14:09
Stoopitwas some time ago14:10
EgyParadoxjamesanslow: Check your firewall configuration14:10
kalimannskummel, its an acer aspire 3830t14:10
jackoriperSkummel:  Hi, my laptop still plays sound out  in even headphones are being plugged in ? this is distrubing ppl around me, i want soung only in headphones14:10
jamesanslowEgyParadox I can see the ssh service remote with nmap and get asked for a password. But denied when I enter my password with 'permission denied' error.14:10
popplerhello there14:11
soreaukalimann: Use 'lspci' command to find the exact model of your audio chipset14:11
mrdebhi popple, welcome to ubuntu14:11
Stoopitsince i cannot even change the theme then this was the very last time i used ubuntu :( it's not half as nice anymore as it was 2-3 years ago :( i've never been more disappointed in my life14:11
soreaujackoriper: Did you check settings in alsamixer?14:11
debaimboyeats , it says `WARNING!!!  Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause14:12
debaimboSEVERE filesystem damage.`14:12
popplerdoes the ubuntu desktop DVD support installation on pre-existing LVM partitions? Or do I compulsory need the alternate CD ?14:12
Skummeldebaimbo unmount the filesystem14:12
yeatsdebaimbo: do 'sudo mount' and paste the output please14:12
soreaupoppler: IIRC, you want the alt iso for lvm14:12
soreau! lvm | poppler14:12
ubottupoppler: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:12
yeatsdebaimbo: paste*bin* the output that is ;-)14:13
voitaSomeone who knows how to boot a netbook from usb? Bios does not find the USB and I do not have access to grub on computer. Please!14:13
popplersoreau: I see... but there is no alternate DVD, only alt CD? right?14:13
kalimannsoreau, can i send you the text feed? cant see excactly where the name is14:13
soreau! pastebin | kalimann14:13
ubottukalimann: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:13
debaimboyeats , I unmounted that hard drive14:14
yeatsdebaimbo: ah - okay - then try e2fsck again14:14
soreaukalimann: You could try to narrow it down with something like 'lspci|grep -i audio'14:14
kalimannsoreau, Intel Corporation 6 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller14:15
EgyParadoxjamesanslow: Are logging on with root?14:15
debaimboyeats, it says `Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes` and waits14:15
voitaSomeone who knows how to boot a netbook from usb? Bios does not find the USB and I do not have access to grub on computer. Please!14:15
jamesanslowEgyParadox: I have solved the issue - it was to do with my BIND setup14:15
__sorin__Hi! What comes with most Linux distributions by default, xclip or xsel? Is xclip part of X.org?14:16
yeatsdebaimbo: good - let it work - may take a while...14:16
E3D3_1poppler: I installed this Ubuntu yesterday with the alternate cd, you have to update/install manually after it. Do you have some beginners-advice/sites where I can learn more (besides tldp.org/LVM-HowTO) ?14:16
debaimboyeats , it says `Error reading block 6029317 (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while getting next inode from scan.  Ignore error<y>? `14:17
popplerE3D3_1: I don't E3D3_1, I learnt lvm the hard way with the command line, a long time ago14:17
deltafossany workarround to apt-get remove packages from a squashed file system? need to reduce the FS size.14:18
deltafossfrom a chrooted zone14:18
popplerE3D3_1: anyway lvm commands are pretty simple, the lvm howtos should do the trick14:18
E3D3_1poppler: Because the lach of info on the internet am I afraid that its worthless concept but you suggest its okay ? I will also read every command in the terminal. Thanks14:18
voitais it possible to configure a bootable usb (xubuntu lucid) in order for bios to find it?14:18
yeatsdebaimbo: try answering 'y' or 'yes'14:18
popplerE3D3_1: yes, I've been using lvm for 2 years now, never had a problem and it's pretty handy14:19
debaimboyeats , now it says `Force rewrite<y>? `14:19
popplerE3D3_1: you just need to understand the basic commands like pvcreate lvcreate lvchange14:20
yeatsdebaimbo: 'y' or 'yes'14:20
kalimannsoreau, you findin out anything?14:20
popplerE3D3_1: and it's not completely true that you don't find documentation on the internet, look for the redhat (yeah I know) documentation on lvm14:20
E3D3_1poppler:  I installed LVM with the alternate Ubuntu CD, do you know if I can use pvmove ?14:21
popplerE3D3_1: yes, I suppose you can use all the commands lvm understands14:21
E3D3_1poppler: That is 2 page with less inof than wikipedia ?14:21
popplermmh what?14:22
soreau!intelhda | kalimann14:22
ubottukalimann: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto14:22
hypnin Hello, I would like to know if there's a possibility to work on a graduation thesis with Ubuntu/Canonical for a student14:23
popplerE3D3_1: the tldp howto seems pretty comprehensive http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/14:23
Skummelhypnin I think this is the wrong place to ask.14:23
debaimboyeats, it found another 4 errors  and I kept pressing `y`, now it waits, i guess its checking something14:24
jackoripersoreau: i had checked with alsamixer, but it is not much of help, im getting sound both out of laptop and in headphones14:24
jamesanslowWhen I have bind enabled on my server and I try to ssh into it using its hostname my password gets rejected.  If I uninstall bind and try I get in fine. If I ssh in locally using the hostname it's fine. Any ideas?14:24
azmhi, is there graphical utility to manage fstab please ?14:24
E3D3_1poppler: But those 2 pages are okay. I think that indead the help from terminal is most usefull.. The tldp looks big but its easy to read all. Didn't help me but maybe there is not so much to say about LVM. I will just try to play with it (after I removed my Normal hd/OS). Thanks14:25
yeatsdebaimbo: clearly these are the errors causing the problem...  before you keep going, have you backed up your important files from your computer (both Ubuntu & Windows - remember you said you're dual booting)?14:25
popplerE3D3_1: sure, lvm is easy for basic funcionality. The only things which come more difficult are probably mirorring and striping, but I'm not sure you need them14:26
popplerby guys14:26
E3D3_1Good luck all & bye14:26
debaimboyeats , no I still havent backed up, but to do it I think I will have to mount the damaged partition again14:26
popplerthanks for your help14:26
hypninSkummel: I've searched around and didn't find really where to ask. I'm interested in contributing to Ubuntu as part of a graduation thesis. I'm interested specifically in Security (Networking and OS internals too). All I need practically is someone from Ubuntu/Canonical who would be a supervisor, help define the roadmap/objectives and answer any queries about work done from school if needed14:28
debaimboyeats , so should I close that terminal window? it`s still running14:28
yeatsdebaimbo: no - I wouldn't interrupt it14:28
voitaSomeone who knows how to boot a netbook from usb? Bios does not find the USB and I do not have access to grub on computer. Please!14:28
=== fr0sted-bnc is now known as fr0sted
debaimboyeats, ok14:28
aguitelvoita, try plopmanager14:29
yeatsdebaimbo: sounds like a filesystem-level problem and not a hardware issue (so far)14:29
voitathnx I will try14:29
Skummelhypnin problem is that this is a community driven irc channel. you might try to contact canonical http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/contact14:30
aguitelvoita, http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html14:30
debaimboyeats: I am glad of it, it`s still running14:30
kalimannsoreau, i am making changes to the alsa-base.conf file right now, how do i save the changes while working in terminal?14:32
=== Mud is now known as Guest20603
Skummelkalimann in nano?14:33
kalimannskummel, yes14:33
Skummelkalimann ctrl + O if I remember correctly14:34
yeatsdebaimbo: great - hopefully this will just clear up the problem14:34
kalimannskummel, how do i know its saved? it doesnt say anything14:34
E3D3_1How do I close Banshee, Ctrl-W only hide the window ?14:35
Skummelkalimann: it should prompt for a filename.14:36
bastidrazorE3D3_1: alt-F414:37
aubreyjaHi - I'm wondering if there is a public api or webservice for remote queries to packages.ubuntu.com14:38
froqanyone know how to fix the whole dropbox problem in 11.04 and no icon in the top left?14:38
Skummelkalimann: it's ctrl + o(I wrote it in uppercase, if you thought it was 0, it was an 'o')14:38
E3D3_1bastidrazor: Now its window is gone so Alt-F4 is not that practical, but thanks14:39
SkummelE3D3_1 you can allways just kill it using the terminal14:39
Dexter77I need help please. all permissions denied? root can't even look at his own home folder? numerous other problems accompany this observation14:40
Dexter77Cannnot update ICEauthority file14:40
E3D3_1Skummel: I'm using the alternate Ubuntu version but think about using the terminal for everything, its a buggie mess here.14:40
Dexter77cannnot use terminal14:40
Ramseizehello everyone, is there a good way to limit bind9 memory, im running a small vps with 192 memory. and this eats a lot, is there a way to limit it, or you have a good alernative for bind9?14:41
Dexter77".bashrc permission denied14:41
kalimannokay, now i got some changes saved in the .conf file, but it still wont work14:41
E3D3_1Skummel: Even Alt-F4 don't work :-(14:42
bastidrazorE3D3_1: that would 'close' it. what action were you looking for?14:42
E3D3_1bastidrazor: Closing/Terminating/Killing/etc14:42
bastidrazorE3D3_1: alt-f4 does that.14:43
debaimboyeats: `Pass 2: Checking directory structure14:44
debaimboEntry 'acpi_available' in /sbin (1507329) has deleted/unused inode 1507442.  Clear<y>?`14:44
kalimannisn't there please something you can do? is there some specific information i can give you about my computer that will maybe uncover something?14:45
E3D3_1bastidrazor: Now banshee don't start from the volume control on the desktop-toolbar anymore. Started it with the terminal & could only stop it by killing the terminal14:45
yeatsdebaimbo: 'y' or 'yes'14:47
smatailHi All . Apologies for the lack of control characters in the text attached http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/676597/plain/ . Does anyone have any ideas of things that I can try to make my ubuntu boot up without a CD in the drive?14:49
jpmhI have s text printer connected to /dev/usb/lp0 - I can send text files to it and they print, I tried to set it up with SYSTEM/ADMIN/PRINTERS - all seems ok - it accepts jobs, queues them, etc, but they never move out of tge queue to the printer , what am I missing here?14:49
E3D3_1Sorry people but the alternate Ubuntu is great for installing LVM but beside that its not my type. Can I change it easily to another Ubuntu version than this 11 ?14:49
jribE3D3_1: what do you want exactly?14:49
debaimboyeats: ok, it`s done14:50
yeatsdebaimbo: great - try rebooting into ubuntu14:51
E3D3_1jrib: Im used to a Gnome desktop, beside feeling/lookiing silly is it very buggie & unpractical for me. I mostly work with Emacs & Conkeror web-browser.14:51
jrib!classic | E3D3_114:51
ubottuE3D3_1: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".14:51
debaimboyeats: ok, but before let me tell you you were really helpful14:51
debaimboyeats: if it doesnt work, i will be here in ten minutes14:52
E3D3_1jrib: No, is it that easy, so this is unity !. I got it confused with Unite. Al those names, Thank you very much.14:53
E3D3_1Bad thing about Ubuntu is that I hardly learn al that computer-blahblah. I just work & still enjoy gaining productivity instead of becoming a master-programmer that hopes one day the pc will obey. Thanks all Ubuntu-folks for changing my life positivily (more than 10 years ago).14:55
mrdebok e3, good luck14:55
=== siestacatPC is now known as siesta
smatailHi, can anyone suggest where I can post a newbie question?14:58
mrdebgo ahead14:58
smatailANy ideas on the following problem http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/676606/plain/14:58
=== siesta is now known as siestacat
=== Logan_ is now known as Guest16383
debaimboyeats: bad news, it seemed to boot but it stopped, saying "failed to spawn ureadahead main process: unable to execute: no such file or directory"15:04
SpiderFredhi is it possible to connect to my computer without public ip via ssh thru another ssh server me > server > my computer without public ip15:04
mgjSpiderFred, sure? ssh to the server, and then ssh to your computer?15:05
mgjassuming that the server has a public IP, and your computer is on the same network as the server15:06
SpiderFredmgj, oh I wasnt clear enough I cant ssh into my computer I can only ssh from my computer to server is it possible to make it listen there on something like that15:06
eraggoHow i can use 2 displays? them are connected to dirrerent video cards (one to integrated and 1 to the pci-e card)15:06
SIFTUSpiderFred: you mean reverse ssh?15:07
SpiderFredSIFTU, I guess I want my computer to listen on that server15:08
SIFTUSpiderFred: yep, thats reverse ssh15:08
SIFTUSpiderFred: I use it all the time.. lots or tutorials on it.. the key is the ssh -R switch on and to set the gatwayport=yes on the server15:09
SpiderFredSIFTU, yeah I see a lot of it now on google I just didnt know what I should look for, thx15:11
MrCollinsI have a toshiba laptop, Vista installed, trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 from a burned dvd iso, 500GB disk, when I get to the partition resizing section it seems to hang forever... I selected the install beside Vista option in installation, I am currently in 'live' mode on the same box.... How can I resize the partition(s) NTFS and ext4 for Ubuntu installation...15:11
BaramanHi every one. Im new here and i'm trying to install ubuntu on my machine and i get this error message when booting from cd: (initramfs= Can nnot mount15:12
mgjSIFTU, wow is that really possible? Computer | *internet/firewall that blocks all, except outgoing* | Server . You then ssh to the server, and then you are able to ssh back to 'Computer' ?15:12
MrCollinsI have run chkdsk /f option in winblowz and just finished a defrag....15:12
Baramando i have any hope?15:13
SIFTUmgj: yes15:13
SkummelMrCollins: resizing a partition takes forever, I did it last night. Took me 6 hours. Remember to backup your files before starting tho.15:13
PhylockMrCollins - i had the same problem once, fixed it by doing the resize from windows before i installed ubuntu.15:13
JlaoShimy friend just got a thinkpad e125.  a lot of hardware is not detected by ubuntu15:14
JlaoShiis this normal?15:14
Grey_LokiBaraman: in situations like that, in the past i've found that checking the CD for defects before trying to boot from it can be quite useful.15:14
Baramanok, thanks a lot, may be my image had something wrong15:14
MrCollinsSkummel, Phylock: ok Will do. I let the resize run over night. Is there some feature of NTFS version that Vista uses that causes the Ubuntu partition program to hang?15:14
JlaoShithe screen resolution is incorrect (1024x768)15:15
SIFTUSpiderFred: this is what my script looks like http://dl.dropbox.com/u/906920/screenshots/screenshot-20110828081429.jpeg15:15
Baramani'll download a new one. Thanks Grey_loki!15:15
SkummelMrCollins normally it checks for filesystem errors before and after, thats what takes time.15:15
SIFTUoops sorry,. was meant to be a PM15:15
JlaoShithe synaptics pad fails some test, so ubuntu treats it as a mouse (no multi-touch or edge scrolling)15:16
MrCollinsSkummel, ok thanks for your input as well Phylock15:16
SpiderFredSIFTU, wow looks great15:16
JlaoShiand the video hardware acceleration does not seem to be working at all15:16
kurisuhi guys, I'm trying to do a fresh install of 11.04 on one of my laptops... after I login on the initial boot the desktop doesn't load... It juust cycles between the desktyop image ang the login dialog, I've looked on google but cannot seem to find much. Has anyone come across this issue before?15:16
WindowsMojaveAnyone here looking for free web hosting?15:16
MrCollinsso at this point I will reboot this machine, try the Vista partition resizer, make room for ext415:17
mgjWindowsMojave, FREE STUFF! GIMME GIMME15:17
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines15:17
WindowsMojavemgj http://hostingpad.tk15:18
WindowsMojaveI run a free web hosting service :)15:18
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:18
MrCollinsWindowsMojave where is your domain parked15:18
WindowsMojaveDoes it matter? :P15:18
MrCollinsI wouldnt have asked if it didnt... ;)15:18
WindowsMojaveOur server is in the FDCServer Datacenter in Chicago, IL15:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!15:19
JoeGazz84EgyParadox: Do you need something?15:20
mgjWindowsMojave, im having trouble finding much information on the link you gave. What technologies can you host? php? asp? .net? java? What about databases?15:20
JoeGazz84i'm not an op but I know the ops don't like using that trigger15:20
WindowsMojaveNo Java, no asp.net, Our server runs CentOS 5.6 and we have the Kloxo Control panel15:20
IdleOneWindowsMojave: Please don't advertise in here.15:21
WindowsMojaveah, sorry15:21
WindowsMojaveI know the Linux community loves free stuff so I couldn't resist xD15:21
kurisuis a 1.5ghz centrino w/ 512mb good enough for 11.0415:22
WindowsMojaveIf you want more info, Just PM mer15:22
poison_please guide me in installing firefox aurora....i have downloaded firefox-8.0a2.en-US.linux-i686 (1).tar.bz2 file ....please suggest me the next step15:22
thauriswulfakurisu: maybe, but only for doing basic stuff15:22
kurisuit says it is in the wiki but not having much luck on mine15:22
thauriswulfakurisu:add another 512 mb15:22
kurisubasics all I need for now15:23
MrCollinsbetter yet max out that ram15:23
kurisubut I cant even get to tyhe desktop15:23
thauriswulfakurisu: why not use lighter one like xubuntu,elementary15:23
=== allen_ is now known as Guest50305
kurisuI thought I'd just  to do a fresh install of 11.04 on one of my laptops... after I login on the initial boot the desktop doesn't load... It juust cycles between the desktyop image ang the login dialog, I've looked on google but cannot seem to find much15:24
TJSmithkurisu: memory is bare minimum - suggest more. cpu speed is fine, but centrino is old, and typically laptop based - you may have some issues with the other hardware in the system.15:24
anaithnidI am having a problem with JACK on my iMac. Sound works fine without it, but any audio program using jack has odd output issues. Any help here or is there another channel for help with JACK?15:24
kurisuI will upgrade ram, when I find where I put it, but not sure about this desktop issue15:25
thauriswulfakurisu: what kind of desktop issue?15:25
* [0xDEAD] is back (gone 14:15:34)15:25
kurisuit just doesn't load properly... fresh install, after initial login it just cycles between the desktop image and the login dialog15:26
thauriswulfakurisu:it shall work after ram upgrade15:26
smatailI can't get ubuntu to start automaticallt without either the install disk or GRUB 1.9815:27
kurisuoh right15:27
kurisuI'll try to find my stockpile15:27
* kurisu Wishes he didn't hoard so much crap15:27
oCean[0xDEAD]: please disable your away/back announcement15:29
=== Guest16383 is now known as Logan_
thauriswulfasmatail: re-install grub15:29
anaithnidI am having trouble with bad output from JACK on my iMac using Ubuntu 11.04. Ardour is scratchy and zynaddsubfx outputs a constant horrible buzzing15:33
LABcrabHello everyone!  What is better: to have a dedicated Blu-Ray player, or to install a Blu-Ray player in a computer?  Would it work with Ubuntu or XP?15:33
EgyParadox!offtopic | LABcrab15:34
ubottuLABcrab: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:34
mjr4189sup everyone, trying to reinstall grub, how can i go about doing so with the 11.04 live CD?15:35
LABcrab!bluray EgyParadox: What about Blu-ray support for Ubuntu?15:35
ubottuLABcrab: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:35
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:35
EgyParadoxI dont know15:35
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
EgyParadoxLABcrab: you are asking about a blueray device?15:37
EgyParadoxdedicated device*15:38
imaginoisIs there anyone who uses netbeans?15:41
anaithnidI am having trouble with bad output from JACK on my iMac using Ubuntu 11.04. Ardour is scratchy and zynaddsubfx outputs a constant horrible buzzing15:41
=== jack is now known as Guest88621
mjr4189anyone know how i can install grub from the 11.04 live cd15:42
Guest88621What is netbeans?15:42
imaginoisits IDE15:42
bullgard6What timer program can you recomend? It should be graphical but no applet.15:42
arkaniI used netbeans. not much15:43
Guest88621Some know something about the prey project?15:43
bullgard6mjr4189: The 11.04 live cd will install Grub automatically.15:43
mjr4189bullgard6: i have 11.04 and windows 7 on my HDD already15:43
daavishey! reason like program for linux ubuntu. any suggestions?15:43
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
Guest88621Some know something about the prey project?15:44
oCeanGuest88621: that has nothing to do with ubuntu.15:44
mjr4189bullgard6: i just need grub back on the HDD so i can actually get into my 11.04 partitionm windows is being mean15:44
bullgard6mjr4189: If you installed 11.04 properly, you will have Grub on your machine too.15:44
Guest88621Yes! I want to know if some install the prey project in Ubuntu 11.04?15:45
EgyParadoxmrjr4189: sudo grub-install <device>15:45
=== mang0|OUT is now known as mang0
mjr4189bullgard6: i was reformatting my machine and copied the ubuntu partition so i wouldnt have to reinstall it15:45
mjr4189no the partition is back in place i just need to manually put grub15:45
bullgard6mjr4189: I do not understand what you have done with your computer. Please use more precise Englisch wording. Have you got a running Ubuntu 11.04 on your computer, or not?15:47
mjr4189I copied my ubuntu partition with easeus partition manager. Then wiped the HDD and installed 7. Then i put the ubuntu partition back on the drive, and now i need grub.15:48
mjr4189i didnt reinstall ubuntu from the disk because i liked my configuration and all the programs i had already15:49
arusselis there a way to find automatically (maybe from a DB somewhere), the title of songs of a CD I just ripped ?15:49
theadminmjr4189: Boot a LiveCD, and run: sudo grub-install /dev/sda15:49
theadminmjr4189: Or something similar.15:50
glebihanmjr4189, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub15:50
theadminmjr4189: Make sure the partition that contains your /boot is mounted15:50
accelis there something like vmware fusion that works with ubuntu rather than indows?15:51
accelis there something like vmware fusion that works with ubuntu rather than indows? [hsot is osx]15:51
theadminaccel: Virtualbox15:51
TheEvilPhoenix!repeat | accel:  FYI:15:52
ubottuaccel:  FYI:: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:52
sabrionTwo problems: Problem A) Mouse is acting strange when click, drag drop doesn't hold all the time, single clicks become multiple and sometimes don't click at all. Settings have not fixed a thing.15:52
TheEvilPhoenixsabrion:  hardware issue?15:52
sabrionProblem B) Cannot find a way to edit grub to choose windows as default.15:52
theadminsabrion: Sounds like a hardware problem15:52
TheEvilPhoenixs/issue?/issue, perhaps./15:53
mjr4189cannot stat aufs?15:53
sabrionWell the mouse functions fine otherwise (in windows and such)15:53
theadminsabrion: See /etc/default/grub15:53
mjr4189should i just give up and reinstall, i feel like grub sucks when you dont want it and sucks more when you do.....15:53
sacarlsonsabrion: sounds like hardware to me,  get another or at least try another 200 baht mouse15:53
theadminmjr4189: You've been given instructions by two people now, dude15:54
=== aaasd is now known as aaas
mjr4189i know, and im trying, not my fault im not as experienced15:54
mjr4189i wont use the support irc anymore either then, lol15:54
graingertwhere is the ubuntu+1 channel15:54
theadminmjr4189: Ah, well, you should follow the link... it'll probably have detailed instructions15:54
theadmingraingert: You'd be surprised. It's #ubuntu+1 :P15:55
graingertI forgot the name and empathy is a sucky irc client15:55
graingertthat makes sense15:55
kaushalHow do i calculate disk usage of hidden files ?15:56
sabrionOkay, grub will have to be tested past this point. However, the mouse itself works fantastic on *everything* else I've ever tried. Would it still be hardware if this only happens in ubuntu?15:57
theadminkaushal: Hidden files mostly reside in your home folder, so just check those :D15:57
theadminsabrion: No, not at all15:57
kaushaltheadmin: i know it15:57
theadminkaushal: Well, uh, what's the problem then? du -h ~/.*15:58
sabrionI've had this problem (or at least a similar one) before on another laptop with a different version of ubuntu and a different mouse... It has seemingly plagued me for a while.15:59
userwill ubuntu install on Atom15:59
antivirtelI'm migrating from SVN to Bazaar; I want to delete all ".svn" dirs recursively. if I use `rm -r SVNDIR/*/.svn` it removes only from the 1st subdir. I want to delete all .svn from all subdirs. Is there a command?15:59
=== andrea is now known as Guest16615
sabrionCurrently I'm running ubuntu 11.04 on an acer aspire 7741-4643, dual booting with windows 7 ult. The mouse is a usb logitech generic 2 button with scroll wheel optical.16:00
kurisuhmmm, upgraded the ram to 1gb... but the desktop still doesn't load!16:00
yaksteranyone here know hoe to setup an external laptop monitor as default with nvidia, on a laptop?16:00
glebihanantivirtel, find .svn -delete16:00
sacarlsonsabrion: that is a surprise to me, so maybe those mouse I gave up on are still good.  if they write good debounce software for a bad click botton I guess that would put more life into a mouse16:01
userwill ubuntu install on Atom processor laptop ??16:01
tomodachiuser: yes16:01
antivirteloh yeah glebihan, but recursively?16:02
usertomodachi: how sure16:02
tomodachiuser: 100%16:02
yaksteratom link16:02
sabrionsacarlson: makes me wonder if I wired in some sort of inductor coil would it debounce it enough to work?16:02
userversion 10.1016:02
tomodachiuser: intel atom is x86, ubuntu supports x8616:02
glebihanantivirtel, find works recursively16:02
usertomodachi: OK thanks16:02
fr0stedi cant get ubuntu to install the drivers for my wifi adaptor, it simply doesnt see it, any help ?16:02
sacarlsonsabrion: if you want to try hardware try replace or swap the left and right switch16:02
sshtrkhi guys. anyone know unity 2d irc chanel?16:02
fr0stedits a seimens gigaset 54 adapter16:03
raffaeleciao a tutti16:03
yaksterfrosted: can u see it in lspci?16:03
theadminsshtrk: None really, you should ask here16:03
theadminsshtrk: Unity is a Ubuntu-specific project16:03
fr0stedyakster erm im not sure ?16:03
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:03
sabrionsacarlson: wouldn't really help if I swapped 'em... Both buttons do it.16:03
antivirtelglebihan here not: find: "./.svn" cannot delete: The dir is not empty16:03
yakstergo to terminal16:03
theadminraffaele: You want /list16:03
yaksterand type in lspci16:03
sshtrkcan I use qr raster in unity 2d?16:03
yaksteryou shold see it there16:04
theadminantivirtel: find yourfolder -exec rm -rf '{}' \;16:04
sacarlsonsabrion: oh then it's not in the hardware switch part that normaly fail for me then16:04
sabrionsacarlson, single/double click/drag drop... Actually, now that you mention it, it does sound like switch bouncing...16:04
fr0stedyakster oh thanks very much, ill get right on with it ~:)16:04
poisoni have downloaded "firefox-8.0a2.en-US.linux-i686 (1).tar.bz2" file....please tell me the further steps to install firefox 716:04
antivirtelok, I try theadmin16:04
poisonfirefox-8.0a2.en-US.linux-i686 .tar.bz2------>downloaded16:04
poisonnext steps plz16:04
poisoni want to install firefox 716:05
sacarlsonsabrion: my mouse normaly only last about 6 months to 1 year with heavy usage.  to I just get a new one about that time interval16:05
glebihanpoison, then why did you download firefox 8 ?16:05
YakoozaHello, I installed 11.04 with a USB, but its still booting in my windows partition. how can I change that?16:05
yeats!firefox | poison16:06
ubottupoison: firefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins16:06
poisonis that 8?16:06
glebihanpoison, to install firefox 7, you should use the firefox-next ppa16:06
sacarlsonsabrion: maybe if I got the 400 baht one it would last 2 years?16:06
theadminFirefox 8?... Wow, Mozilla sure is moving *too* fast16:06
glebihanpoison, well that's the version number that appears in the filename...16:06
poisonactually firefox is not working on my system16:06
yakstercan anyone here leo me setup Xorg so that the laptop external display is default?16:06
poisoni had upgraded my 5 to 6 and it stopped working16:06
poisonso i deleted it16:06
silverarrowanything up with freenode or xchat lately?16:06
YakoozaHow can I change the default bootable partition on a livecd?16:06
poisonwhen ever i open firefox the whole system is freezing16:07
sabrionsacarlson: my mice will work for a long time for me. I just keep getting the feeling that his problem is something software with ubuntu.... because the mouse still works perfect in win7.16:07
poisonthts the reason i have downloaded a new version16:07
sabrion*this problem.16:07
poisonno issues16:07
poisonpls guide me throgh the process to install 816:07
poisoni desperately need firefox16:07
silverarrowpoison, should be no problem?16:08
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luigipoison: sudo apt-get purge firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox16:08
glebihanpoison, if you want a working firefox I would definitely not recommend version 8 (it's in alpha stage, very unstable)16:08
o0splitpaw0opoison,  sudo apt-get install firefox or applications >ubuntu software center > firefox16:08
yeatsYakooza: this may help - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:08
poisonsilverarrow,  i didnt get you16:08
luigipoison: The "purge" step should get rid of any configs that are causing crashes.16:09
silverarrowpoison, I mean, firefox should come easily16:09
luigiDoes anyone know what shadowing/hashing mechanism for PAM ubuntu uses?16:09
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poisono0splitpaw0o, i have installed using above process...after installing the firefox if i open it the system is freezing16:09
luigipoison: Did you run the purge step?16:09
attjhi, I cannot scrol web pages by pressing mouse 3 and moving up and down. I'm using google chromiun.16:10
sacarlsonpoison: I've compiled custom firefox to use with firewatir but normaly the ubuntu build is fine16:10
poisonyes im running it now16:10
poisonits on the way16:10
Phylockpoison - if the "purge" doesn't work, try run a clean profile?16:10
luigiattj: That's a standard issue in X.16:10
attjin X?16:10
poisonits going on16:10
poison15 minutes remaining16:10
yeatspoison: I had the same problem this morning, btw - system freezes caused by Firefox (with Adobe Flash installed) - installing the Flashblock extension seems to have helped (so far)16:10
luigiattj: X is the window system behind almost all linux systems.16:10
imaginoisattj check your compiz settings, maybe there is already assigned something else to button 316:11
sabrionI'm going to attempt disabling the track pad on the laptop, see if that doesn't clear up anything.16:11
luigiattj: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/occjjkgifpmdgodlplnacmkejpdionan16:11
poisonyeats, can you please tell me the exact file name of the extension?16:11
yeatspoison: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashblock/16:11
poisonwhat if i want to watch a youtube video?16:12
yeatspoison: in my case, the plugin-container process was the culprit - I'm still not convinced it's fixed - monitoring closely16:12
yeatspoison: it will show you that there is flash content, but won't automatically load it - if you click, you can view16:13
sabrionOkay, how does one disable a device?16:13
poisonhow do i get my unity feature back?16:13
poisonthen, its fine16:13
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dandamanhey, i'm on 11.04 and for some reason, after a while my wireless connection disconnects and the icon for networking from my top bar goes missing. It doesnt reconnect to the wireless network, but I can plug in my phone and tether or use ethernet and the internet works16:14
dandamanhow can i get the icon back without having to restart every time?16:14
YakoozaWhat is this "Error loading operating system"? bad install or?16:15
theadmindandaman: Seems like a networkmanager crash, can you connect with the terminal?16:15
phillyjcan someone tell me if i can make my terminal transparent such that i can see any window that is behind it?16:15
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dandamantheadmin: do you know the command offhand?16:15
ActionParsnipphillyj: which terminal?16:16
theadmindandaman: It depends on your network encryption type16:16
phillyjActionParsnip: the command terminal16:16
ActionParsnipphillyj: gnome-terminal? konsole? xterm?16:16
ActionParsnipphillyj: lxterm?16:17
poisonyeats, i have downloaded flahblock16:17
asher^hi, anyone know where mysql_config is usually located on ubuntu?16:17
poisonnow what should i do16:17
glebihanphillyj, if it's the default gnome terminal, you can change this by right-clicking the terminal, and profile->profile preferences16:17
luigiYakooza: Sounds like an install error with the bootloader.16:17
poisonyeats: i have downloaded the flashblock16:17
poisonyeats: next step please16:17
deciohay, I have ubuntu 11.04 but, I would like to test OpenSuse but, does it come with the Wi-Fi servers by default? Because another distros like debian and fedora don't come with it....16:17
phillyjActionParsnip: gnome terminal16:18
o0splitpaw0opoison,  then try this. Remove it, then follow directions here: http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-firefox-4.0-deb-package-on-ubuntu-10.1016:18
yeatspoison: I don't really have a next step...16:18
theadmindandaman: Oookay... First do "sudo -i", and then: ifconfig wlan0 up ; wpa_passphrase your_essid "your_passphrase" >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf ; echo "ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=admin" ; wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf16:18
ActionParsnipdecio: ask in the suse channel16:18
dandamanthank you kind sir16:18
ActionParsnipdecio: I think you mean drivers, not server16:18
phillyjglebihan: i tried but it only shows my background16:18
decioIt isn't up, I can't connect to rthe server...16:18
poisonThank you16:18
poisonanyone having any idea, how to get my unity back16:18
o0splitpaw0opoison,  welcome.16:18
phillyjglebihan: its not a true transparency16:19
linxehis there a good CLI tool for ripping DVDs to isos? (I want to get my library of dvds onto my NAS so I can put the DVDs in the loft)16:19
glebihanphillyj, are you using compiz or metacity ?16:19
ActionParsnipdecio: /join #suse16:19
phillyjglebihan: i dont think so. what are those?16:19
ActionParsniplinxeh: dd possibly16:20
theadmindandaman: No problem. And yes, I know this is complicated as heck :D16:20
dandamanhaha yeah im a little confused on the command already16:20
theadmindandaman: There are tools which make configuring network via CLI easier, such as wicd-cli and netcfg16:20
glebihanphillyj, you're probably using one of those (my question was which one), they are window managers16:20
ActionParsnipdandaman: copy the command and paste it where you just typed16:20
ActionParsnipdandaman: its as simple as that, try not to overthink it16:21
dandamanuhh i'm pretty sure i need to change your_essid and your_passphrase....16:21
poisonhow do i get rid of the following error16:21
theadmindandaman: That's true :)16:21
poisonW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B516:21
poisonW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B516:21
FloodBot1poison: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:21
ActionParsnipdandaman: sorry mixed wired in my brain16:21
linxehActionParsnip: what about something that can decss them? or is that not something to ask in here ?16:22
glebihanpoison, sudo gpg --kerserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B516:22
ActionParsnippoison: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B516:22
dandamanhmmm, i'm not quite sure how to find out my network's essid16:22
decioActionParship, anybody at #suse16:22
ActionParsnippoison: if you add the ppa with commad line, rather than adding to sources.list it will add the key for you16:22
theadmindandaman: Try "iwlist wlan0 scan"16:22
volga629 nvidia driver can't install on dell e6400 NVIDIA-Linux-x86-177.80-pkg1.run16:23
ActionParsnipdecio: 200 users-ish16:23
dandamanoh essid is just the name16:23
volga629any help welcome and thank you16:23
volga629I was googling for solution for last few days non of solutions didn't work :-(16:23
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-173 | volga62916:23
theadmindandaman: lol16:23
theadmin!who | dandaman16:23
ubottuvolga629: nvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.30-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 10751 kB, installed size 33380 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)16:23
ubottudandaman: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:24
volga629this error http://pastebin.com/THFKzNGt16:24
sabrionOkay, thanks for the help guys. I found a few utilities that might help with the mouse problem. Good luck!16:24
volga629that what I have installed http://pastebin.com/RY7JJPJP16:25
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theadmindandaman: If the CLI works out, you probably should consider getting rid of NetworkManager and using Wicd (the graphical version) instead16:25
dandamantheadmin: well all the commands ran without a hitch, should i try removing my tethered phone to see if the connection works?16:26
volga629E: Unable to locate package nvidia-graphics-drivers-17316:26
glebihanvolga629, it's "nvidia-173"16:26
automataI have installed ubuntu 10.04 to an SSD (Solid state disk).  I am trying to figure out how to make the system immune to problems relating to removing the power plug when the system is ON16:26
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, looks like was attempting to install a new kernel16:27
ActionParsnipvolga629: try the driver installer application16:27
theadmindandaman: ...You should've done that first off :D16:27
ActionParsnipautomata: get a UPS16:27
phillyjis there a terminal that is easy to get true transparency? I just realized there was more than one terminal16:27
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theadmindandaman: It's not a problem. Linux can hold multiple connections up16:28
theadmindandaman: But it's just better for the sake of sanity...16:28
theadmindandaman: Oh btw16:28
glebihanphillyj, gnome-terminal can do that if you run compiz, that's why I asked earlier16:28
theadmindandaman: If you're using DHCP, you *might* also want to run "dhcpcd wlan0" after you're done with all that16:28
volga629I tried install from repository didn't work nad right now I downloaded this NVIDIA-Linux-x86-177.80-pkg1.run16:28
theadmindandaman: Otherwise you're not getting any IP :D16:28
automataThis is a headless machine controller and will be subject to random power cycling..16:28
phillyjglebihan: i don't know anything abt compiz16:29
ActionParsnipautomata: a UPS will give battery backup when the power dies, keeping the system up16:29
phillyji typed it in the terminal and my desktop froze, oops16:29
ThomasB2kWhen I restart X in tty1 (Ctrl Alt F1), should I do sudo restart gdm or just restart gdm?16:29
volga629Trying to run installation, but complain about determine version source16:30
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glebihanphillyj, in terminal type "ps -ef | grep compiz" and use pastebin to show me the output16:30
dandamanno luck wit hthe dhcp16:31
volga629o0splitpaw0o: that was a mistake install new kernel :-(16:31
dandamantheadmin: how can i just restart the network manager?16:31
theadmindandaman: Well, meh then... That's the most I could do... To restart the network manager you want something like "sudo service networkmanager restart"16:31
theadmindandaman: Also, I really, *really* suggest wicd16:31
theadmindandaman: NetworkManager is *weird*16:31
automata<ActionParsnip> : I understand that a ups will be helpful. But this machine does not have an interface with monitor and keyboard and the only way to turn it off is power cycling16:31
dandamantheadmin: will i be able to have a system icon for wicd? i like that convenience16:32
volga629glebihan: driver nvidida 173 not working with dell e6400 that nvidia card quatro m16016:32
automataI have even configured the BIOS to power up on application of power and not to wait for the power button to be pressed16:32
theadmindandaman: Yes, wicd has that16:32
MrPhiHi, I am back. :x16:32
ActionParsnipautomata: then install openssh-server16:33
theadmindandaman: I can get a screenshot of how it all looks if you'd like16:33
phillyjglebihan: http://pastebin.com/DSDXktcB16:33
dandamantheadmin: interesting, no wireless networks found, im going to screenshot it now16:33
ActionParsnipautomata: you can run:  sudo shutdown -h now     and it will turn off16:33
o0splitpaw0ovolga629,  well possibly no, might of been an update that is all16:33
theadmindandaman: In wicd?16:33
jimijixdows ubuntu recognize hfs+?16:33
dandamantheadmin: correct16:33
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE16:33
sabrionsacarlson: BTNX will debounce.16:34
theadmindandaman: Eeh... This happens. Open up the settings, find "wireless interface", put "wlan0" there16:34
jimijixthanks ActionParsnip16:34
theadmindandaman: It doesn't autodetect that16:34
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dandamantheadmin: it is wlan016:34
theadmindandaman: Oh... Interesting16:34
volga629o0splitpaw0o: yes the problem my laptop down for 2 second day and I don't see solution16:34
theadmindandaman: Do you by chance have networkmanager *and* wicd running?16:34
utkarsh_Hello, I have installled Ubuntu 11.04 Gnome. I am trying to Setup Bluetooth. But I have been unable to. I have tried both : Service Bluetooth Restart and killall bluetoothd, bluetoothd... I tried and searched internet for other methods but have not been able to find one. Can anybody please suggest some other workaround.16:34
theadmindandaman: That'd be a problem16:34
sacarlsonsabrion: so that was a solution btnx?16:35
lucidguy_Anyone recommend a simple light weight website monitor tool?  Looking for something to simply check if a website responds, and if not shoot out an email.16:35
glebihanphillyj, ok so you're not running compiz and that's probably why you're not getting "true" transparency (I don't think it will work with any terminal app without compiz)16:35
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, I'd run sudo apt-get -f install. anything damaged or misisng will be pulled, but from those massaged, accessing ca.ubuntu.com timing out  I assume a network side issue. not on your side, but to that url whereever it's trying to pull that update from16:35
glebihanphillyj, if you want to try it, run "compiz --replace"16:35
theadminlucidguy_: Um, ping + mailx?16:35
sabrionsacarlson, Testing it now... config for mouse, but it has settings for repeat delay that the tooltip says will basically debounce mouse clicks.16:35
ActionParsniplucidguy_: try telnetting to port 80 on the site, if it connects then it's up16:35
jimijixcan i tripple boot osx, ubuntu and windows on a macbook?16:36
lucidguy_ActionParsnip: I need an automated check.16:36
ActionParsnipjimijix: yes16:36
lucidguy_theadmin: hmm, sounds like some scripting is in order.16:36
ActionParsniplucidguy_: sure, you can cron the job to run every 10 minutes or as you need16:36
dandamantheadmin: sorry, http://i.imgur.com/qE58A.png and i dont quite know how to find out if network manager is on16:36
SIFTUlucidguy_: nagios too much?16:36
ActionParsniplucidguy_: so yes, it will be automated16:36
theadmindandaman: Just stop it16:36
jimijixActionParsnip: How do i do this? bootcamp only supports windows?16:37
theadmindandaman: sudo service networkmanager stop16:37
lucidguy_theadmin: and ping only give me the host, not if apache responds16:37
dandamantheadmin: you can check out that ps aux command, it doesnt seem to be listed there16:37
theadmindandaman: Oh, okay16:37
theadminlucidguy_: Oh16:37
lucidguy_SIFTU: yes nagios is overkill16:37
phillyjglebihan: is it cpu intensive to get transparent terminal?16:37
sacarlsonsabrion: oh I've played with the settings in the past with some of my bad mouse bottons but with no success.  it was like a delay before the click started and later stuck16:37
theadminlucidguy_: You should do the telnet thing then16:37
dandamantheadmin: that command just gave me a networkmanager: unrecognized service16:37
ActionParsniplucidguy_: you can write scripts to wget the web page too, then check if it was ok16:37
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, I would connect it via a network cable to the network and run that to repair it. if you have no connection, then check if network is connecting by typing in sudo ifconfig eth016:37
SIFTUlucidguy_: well you will want to check the http response codes at least16:37
theadmindandaman: Ah, it may also be "network-manager" or "NetworkManager", I don't quite remember how Ubuntu calls things16:37
lucidguy_ActionParsnip: I thought of wget...  havent looked into it yet.16:37
sabrionsacarlson, WORKING!16:37
volga629o0splitpaw0o: the question right now how to restore the nvidia driver16:38
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, should show you an ip there.16:38
ActionParsniplucidguy_: if the page is bad, it won't download16:38
sacarlsonsabrion: cool16:38
MrPhiI try to set up a dual boot vista+kubuntu. But the ext3 drivers for windows only works with a file system with an inode size equal at 128 bytes. So I am reformating my /home (on sda6) with the right inode size (using a gparted liveCD), then I copy all home file on the new home. But Kubuntu cannot find the /home folder.16:38
theadminlucidguy_: wget could work16:38
dandamantheadmin: correct, it was the caps16:38
JemtHi. I've created a .desktop to launch a shell script, which in turn starts a game. But it doesn't work. The command in Exec= works fine when executed from a terminal. I have tried Terminal=true and false, but no luck either way. Any suggestions ?16:38
dandamanwait what...no16:38
sacarlsonsabrion: so that's another driver or just different settings?16:38
glebihanphillyj, not really but once you enable compiz you'll have to configure it a little bit in order to disable some plugins if you don't want it to use too much resources16:38
sabrionsacarlson, It's a config program of some sort.16:38
ActionParsniplucidguy_: wget --timeout=0.1 --tries=1 http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/using-wget-to-test-if-a-website-is-up-676231/16:38
ActionParsniplucidguy_: etc16:39
sabrionunder synaptics as BTNX with a config program.16:39
automataI want to try to setup a read only root file system with unionfs or aufs and mount various partitions readonly16:39
phillyjglebihan: ok, i'll check it out, thx16:39
glebihanphillyj, you're welcome16:39
theadmindancek: Oh... silly Ubuntu... caps are evil :/16:39
sacarlsonsabrion: excelent before I buy a new mouse I'll give it a try16:39
automatavarious directories read only16:39
volga629o0splitpaw0o: is no internet connection problem I am be able go to internet, and network up and running16:39
ActionParsniplucidguy_: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2717303/checking-wgets-return-value-if16:39
lucidguy_ActionParsnip: I think that might be the simplest solution.16:39
sabrionsacarlson: btnx and btnx-config16:39
automatathis way a power cycle does not corrupt the harddisk16:39
ActionParsniplucidguy_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141051316:40
dandamanok, well i stopped network manager, wicd still couldnt find anything so i plugged in my phone again to start it up again, theadmin16:40
MrPhiDoes anyone have an idea about how to use my new home with Kubuntu?16:40
dandamani just want the icon back :(16:40
sabrionsacarlson, You have to register all your buttons, but it's really easy to use. And at the very least, fixed my problem.16:40
dandamanback in 10.10 i could just remove the system icon and put it back and it would work16:40
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, you can do this. reboot it. at the prompt select "ubuntu recovery mode" > Then select load default driver> This will load a basic vga driver for you. at the login prompt> select "ubuntu classic" (or it will just tell you it has to load into classic mode by default)> Then once in goto System>Administration> Additional Drivers> Select the Recommended Nvidia Driver and apply changes> Then reboot16:40
dandamanbut nooooo i cant do that in 11.04 so easilyt16:40
sabrionsacarlson, I set the two main buttons for a 15 ms delay. Seems to work perfect for right now.16:40
theadmindandaman: I think I can't help anymore then, sorry16:40
MrPhi"kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 3. Check."16:41
ActionParsniplucidguy_: then just cron the script ;)16:41
utkarsh_Hello, I have installled Ubuntu 11.04 Gnome. I am trying to Setup Bluetooth. But I have been unable to. I have tried both : Service Bluetooth Restart and killall bluetoothd, bluetoothd... I tried and searched internet for other methods but have not been able to find one. Can anybody please suggest some other workaround.16:41
glebihandandaman, did you try relaunching "nm-applet" ? (no sure it's still this one that is used in 11.04 but might be worth the try)16:41
volga629o0splitpaw0o: that like a solution let me try thank you16:41
dandamantheadmin: do you know where i can edit the icons that show up in the top right(IE. time, sound, etc...)16:41
o0splitpaw0ovolga629, Then it's just a bad repository it's trying to access right now. run sudo apt-get --autoremove and it will remove conflicting packages and get you stable16:42
ActionParsniputkarsh_: if you run:  bluetooth-applet    is it ok?16:42
theadmindandaman: No, sorry16:42
theadmindandaman: It was obvious earlier, but now they messed it up16:42
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: I have tried bluetooth-applet....16:43
utkarsh_But the Bluetooth appears greyed out16:43
utkarsh_Nothing happens even with restarting the app16:43
volga629o0splitpaw0o: let me try reocevery mode16:44
dandamananyone know if they're going to make the ui any better for 11.10?16:44
ActionParsniputkarsh_: if you run:  dmesg | grep -i blu     does it show a bluetooth adapter being picked up?16:44
ActionParsnipdandaman: unity is default for both 3D and 2D desktop16:44
ActionParsnipdandaman: Ubuntu Classic is replaced by Unity-2D16:45
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: I have tried it once... I showed bluetooth adapter. Next time when it was not working... I did not see that...using the same command16:45
volga629o0splitpaw0o: sudo apt-get -f install nvidia-173-kernel-source  ----> this is solution16:45
enavhello people i have a 9800 gtx+ video card, i can configure certain settings with no problem using nvdivia-settings manager but for some reason when i restart the computer the option sync to blank is always disabled... i want to force Vertical sync some how16:46
ActionParsnipdandaman: there is a fork of the original style gnome reported on omgubuntu16:46
volga629and driver come up properly16:46
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utkarsh_ActionParsnip: Is there a way to turn on the bluetooth directly from the BIOS. As the Bug Report page sayed that the bluetooth works out of the box if it is already on.....16:47
ActionParsniputkarsh_: depends on the BIOS, go have a look :)16:47
ActionParsniputkarsh_: is there a switch on the keyboard or otherwise to turn bluetooth off and on?16:48
ActionParsniputkarsh_: if you run:   lsmod | grep btusb     do you get any output?16:48
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: Yes there is. For Wireless and Bluetooth. I have tried that as well. It does not work...16:48
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: I am currently using Windows. I use bluetooth to use internet. So I would have to bboot into ubuntu and run and see. I have not run that commmand16:49
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: So I would note downn the Commmand. I would shut down and boot into Ubuntu run and come back here and tell you the output.... Can you suggest me what to do in both the cases of failure and success?16:50
ActionParsniputkarsh_: i suggest you use another connection to get updated, may help16:50
volga629o0splitpaw0o; thank you very much for directions and help16:50
ActionParsniputkarsh-could also try oneiric in liveCD to test16:51
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: Ok.. So you are suggesting me to use another source for internet and come online here again...Right?16:51
ActionParsniputkarsh_: yes an ethernet connection will probably just work, then you can get updated16:52
=== fr0sted is now known as fr0sted-away
jrib!away > fr0sted-away16:52
ubottufr0sted-away, please see my private message16:52
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: I did update ubuntu from the Update Manager when I had the ethernet. Is there another source for Bluetooth module?16:53
antonio_ciao a tt16:54
ActionParsniputkarsh_: its part of the kernel stuffs, you may find you just need the bluetooth module loading16:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:54
laughzillahttp://wp.me/p1N6Si-cH - Microsoft vs. Open Source editorial cartoon :)16:55
MrPhiI had too reformat my sda6 (with /home) but I copyed my files with cp -R and not cp -Ra. My new home does not have any hide files and Kubuntu cannot start.16:55
MrPhiAny solution please? :x16:55
glaucousI'm trying to install packages in my home folder using dpkg, without root permissions. 'dpkg --force-all --instdir=root2 --install *.deb', however this results in 'operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area'. What are my options here? I can obviously just use --extract as well, but that'll become bothersome.16:55
jribglaucous: why are you doing this?16:56
theadminantonio_: Please stop this.16:56
glebihanglaucous, you can't install without root permissions16:56
utkarsh_ActionParsnip: Ok... I would do that... Thanks for the time you gace... Thank you..16:57
glaucousglebihan: shouldn't be a problem as long as it's just in my home folder. Just extracting the deb files works, but I'll need to keep track of them as well (when uninstalling etc)16:57
glebihanglaucous, that is precisely what dpkg tries to do when you get the error about the status area, and that's why you won't be able to "install" without root privileges16:59
glebihanglaucous, but as jrib asked, why are you trying to do this ?16:59
glaucousglebihan: Yes I do understand that, the --root options should be able to help me here, but no luck there either17:00
glaucoussimple, I don't have any root permissions17:00
ActionParsnipglaucous: so you aren't in the admin group?17:00
glebihanglaucous, no the --root option only allows to install in the different location than the default one, it does not change where the dpkg status files are located17:00
theadminglaucous: Well, you can't modify the APT/DPKG databases without those17:00
jribglaucous: simple solution is to just ask the admin to install the packages you want17:01
glaucousThought I'd be able to have a separate DB, but I guess not17:02
glaucousActionParsnip: No I'm not17:03
ActionParsnipglaucous: unlucky17:03
glaucousyup.. but I got some applications working by editing LD_LIBRARY_PATH at least17:04
fr0sted-awayjrib ok man sorry17:06
kzmanare there any kind of template to create new users?17:07
Satisfiedis there ever a circumstance in nature where a chunk of ice can sink in water?17:07
theadminSatisfied: Totally wrong channel17:07
ActionParsnip!adduser | kzman17:08
ubottukzman: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo17:08
mielsI'm having trouble setting up a service - I'm following these directions here (http://howtonode.org/deploying-node-upstart-monit) but after putting an upstart conf in /etc/init I can't execute 'start service'… am I doing something wrong?17:09
kzmanActionParsnip, no, I ask for a template what I could change, and modify the default settings for new users17:10
ActionParsnipkzman: /etc/skel has the default stuffs afaik17:10
dandamantheadmin: found a solution online, running nm-applet &17:12
kzmanActionParsnip, thank you, that is the idea, but to change the default key config, what are in gconf17:13
coraxxActionParsnip: Hi :-) its me again ... do you have a minute ?17:13
ActionParsnipkzman: hmm, not sure there maybe others can help17:13
ActionParsnipcoraxx: sup?17:13
coraxxActionParsnip: Now I'm trying to work with ... BIND9 .... that I'm trying to configure with Samba4 ... I can't seem to get BIND9 to work at all ...remote machines just reports 'server failed' when I do a manual dns-lookup ...what am I missing ?17:15
ActionParsnipcoraxx: not use bind917:16
coraxxActionParsnip: ok ...which one should I use instead ?17:17
ActionParsnipcoraxx: bind9 sounds like what you want, maybe others can help17:18
coraxxActionParsnip: you don't know of any other Ubuntu DNS Server software ?17:18
sshtrkcan qt raster work on unity 2d?17:20
ActionParsnipcoraxx: dnsmasq17:21
wolfrichow can i make separate workspaces per monitor?17:21
themonkeymixerdamn it i cannot get xchat to connect to any other server17:21
coraxxActionParsnip: ok..thanx :-)17:21
ActionParsnipthemonkeymixer: try:  /server irc.servname.something17:22
PupenoIs there a user friendly way to access android 3.0 (MTP) from Ubuntu? to copy files.17:24
znfHello. I have installed a PPA that has a newer version of a package I'm interested in (deluge 1.3.3) than the repo one, but apt-get / aptitude keeps installing the distro version (1.2.2) - what can I do to force it to get the PPA version?!17:25
theadminPupeno: Internal storage? No real way... SD card?... Stick the SD card in the Ubuntu machine, or connect via USB.17:25
glebihanznf, did you run "sudo apt-get update" ?17:25
znfglebihan, yes, ofcourse17:25
glebihanznf, what does "apt-cache policy deluge" show ?17:26
Pupenotheadmin: intel? what are you talking about? it's an MTP device, there's no SD card.17:26
=== bobweaver is now known as b08z80
znfglebihan, candidate 1.2.2-2, doesn't show anything from the PPA17:26
glebihanznf, weird, how did you add the ppa ?17:27
theadminPupeno: Sorry, I don't quite comprehend those... thingies, what do you call them... Those overgrown phones17:27
Pupenotheadmin: tablets?17:27
znfglebihan, add-apt-repository ppa:gwibber-daily/ppa - it created the file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d, it updates from it, but... :-/17:27
WarOpDoes anyone know how to change the Close,Maximize,Minimize buttons on the Metacity to the Right instead of Left17:27
glebihanznf, what release of ubuntu are you running ?17:28
znfglebihan, 10.04 LTS17:28
ActionParsnipglebihan: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install deluge17:28
theadminPupeno: Yeah, those17:29
glebihanznf, are you sure of ppa name ? if has nothing to do with deluge ?17:29
=== b08z80 is now known as bobweaver
derpYes hello.17:29
znfglebihan, oh, holy f*, you're right, I just mindlessly copied the instructions *facepalm*17:29
glebihanznf, the correct one would be the one ActionParsnip just mentioned17:29
ActionParsnipglebihan: the command I gave will give 1.3.317:29
ActionParsnipglebihan: fyi, I don't use delue. I just websearched17:30
glebihanActionParsnip, neither do I17:30
[THC]AcidRainhow do i play encrypted dvds in ubuntu?17:30
ActionParsnipglebihan: then why ask?17:30
ActionParsnip!dvd | [THC]AcidRain17:30
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:30
glebihanActionParsnip, I didn't ask, I was helping znf17:31
ActionParsnipglebihan: i see, i apologize :(17:31
glebihanActionParsnip, no problem17:31
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akshathaHi friends , i am trying to install 'zathura' pdf reader .. but its not able to install via apt-get .. i remember this working previosly .. is there anything i have to add to apt list ? any help please ...thanks17:35
ActionParsnipakshatha: why not just use evince? it's in a default install17:35
=== bobweaver is now known as b08z80
=== b08z80 is now known as b08z80-|-Z
akshathaActionParsnip, i am more familiar to zathura since it is vimlike ... so i want that ..17:37
zykotick9akshatha, what ubuntu version are you using?  according to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zathura it seems to be in maverick and natty17:37
=== b08z80-|-Z is now known as bobweaver
akshathazykotick9, i am using 10.04 .. i also did apt-get install update .. is this enough ?17:38
=== bobweaver is now known as b08z80
gentoo-intelakshatha, does it have to be cli?17:38
zykotick9akshatha, check for a PPA for 10.04 would be my recommendation.  Good luck.17:38
Night-hacksim in 10.04, can i install fresh 11.04 and chroot to that ?17:39
akshathagentoo-intel, nope .. i can try installvia synaptec also .. i ll try17:39
lukinforeHi. Should gksudo start gui (non-root) apps fine? I mean without using sux, or xhost?17:39
=== b08z80 is now known as bobweaver
lukinforeIt prints no error, just silently quit17:40
akshathazykotick9, what is PPA .. sorry i couldn't figure out ... any pointers ..?17:40
StayInSkoolhey there folks17:40
gentoo-intelakshatha, maybe you typed the name wrong idk. id use evince though as its built in already. its not hard to use17:40
zykotick9!ppa | akshatha17:40
ubottuakshatha: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa17:40
StayInSkoolare there any alternative synaptics drivers out there?17:40
themonkeymixerthanks to whomever provided the info :) worked great17:40
StayInSkoolthis one's been driving me nuts. cursor jumping around, tapping only works when the cursor comes to a complete stop etc17:40
ActionParsnipakshatha: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pomeo/zathura ; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install zathura17:40
akshathaActionParsnip, thanks very much dude .. it worked .. it was in ppa ..17:42
ActionParsnipakshatha: simple websearching dude17:42
akshathaActionParsnip, sorry .. i am a newbie .. i couldn't figure out ..17:42
ActionParsnipakshatha: but not new to websearching...?17:43
=== Guest4208 is now known as epzil0n
akshathaActionParsnip, yep .. newly started to use computer .. ;-)17:43
gentoo-inteland you use vim?17:44
drooli'm wondering if linux is actually a good beginner's OS17:45
whiz_all men use vim17:45
gentoo-intelubuntu package manager is for babies17:45
StayInSkoolgrr, the cursor keeps moving a lot more than i'm moving it17:45
whiz_drool, that's a silly question17:45
gentoo-intelofc its easy17:45
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, maybe its accel?17:45
StayInSkoolI don't think it's anywhere close to easy considering how many things can go wrong heh17:45
whiz_what's wrong with dropping out of hs?17:45
droolthat said,17:45
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, only because it works different and new users dont know the commands17:45
gentoo-inteleveryone knows windows stuff17:46
o0splitpaw0oload ~/ircspeak.pl17:46
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: I don't think users are supposed to 'know commands'17:46
droolatleast you can't get stuff life Bonzi Buddy and Comet Cursor or linux. :P17:46
ActionParsnipdrool: linux is fine for all levels17:46
StayInSkoolthis really isn't the place to ask this question anyway. try your grandma17:46
ActionParsnipdrool: hahaha17:47
StayInSkool"grandma, here's an ipad, an android tablet, a mac, a windows machine and a ubuntu machine. try to figure out how to check your email and I'll be back in an hour17:47
drooliPad is probably the most convenient, there.17:47
droolBig. Shiny. Buttons.17:47
ActionParsnipalthough slowest17:47
StayInSkoolActionParsnip: the grandma cares.. how?17:47
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, i think my grandma would find ubuntu easier than windows tiny little mess of a  ui17:48
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: android needs you to log in with your email address, so its already configured at startup17:48
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: you're probably right. with unity on17:48
gentoo-intelor plain gnome17:48
gentoo-inteltheyre both big17:48
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: technically zero config17:49
StayInSkoolActionParsnip: I think you've just pointed out why ubuntu isn't the easiest OS for newbies :D17:50
* epzil0n thinks a Mac is way easier to use for n00bs17:50
StayInSkoolalso yeah, mouse acceleration is on17:50
orchataHi guys, I cannot change the date of my computer ubuntu 11.04.   When I press "Unlock to change these settings" a window appears and disappears immediately, without any promt for password. How can I investigate the problem?17:50
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: its easier than a tonne of other distros, thunderbid has a nice gmail wizard built in ;)17:51
StayInSkoolit is definitely the easiest17:51
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: i dunno, xpud is fairly simple too if you ask me17:51
StayInSkooljust not the easiest to pick up among other OSs17:51
StayInSkoolnothing wrong with that. it's getting there17:51
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, thats because your used to Windows. just stay with it17:51
gentoo-intelthe cli puts everyone off17:52
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: nice assumptions there17:52
ActionParsnipgentoo-intel: +1 dude17:52
fshallo, i bought laptop with Ubuntu and if i want to install some programs or change something... everytime have to write password, which i dont know17:52
fsis it possible to see somewhere this password ??17:52
ActionParsnipfs: its the same password as youo log in with17:52
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: I haven't used a windows machine for more than an hour in a few years now17:52
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, mac then?17:52
StayInSkooland linux yeah17:53
oCeanStayInSkool, gentoo-intel: please take the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic if you wish to continue17:53
StayInSkooland I've dealt with a large number of newbie users as part of various usability stuies17:53
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, ok well macs are built with failsafe hardware and are made to just work, so not much can go wrong lol17:53
StayInSkooloCean: cool. i'm not feeling like taking this much further anyhow :P17:53
* epzil0n agrees with oCean 17:53
ActionParsnipfs: you can reset the password in root recovery mode17:54
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, try xset m 0 0 see if the mosue feels better17:54
StayInSkoolalso, it keeps skipping keyboard keys but I think it might be this laptop..17:54
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: thanks, let me try17:54
gentoo-intelStayInSkool, it will be slower17:54
StayInSkoolhmm. if i put my finger on but do not move it the cursor moves a bit on its own17:55
gentoo-intelI have no exp with touchpads at all17:56
BetaJunkieMight anyone know where amarok stores it's list of podcast subscriptions? Not where the podcasts are themselves, but some kind of list of the RSS feeds?17:56
gentoo-intelMaybe it's just more sensitive than other os because of different driver17:56
StayInSkoolgentoo-intel: it's odd, I think it's fine on the macbook which is using the same synaptics driver AFAIK17:57
StayInSkoolit's definitely fine under win 717:57
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: what model laptop (please be a sony)17:58
StayInSkoolit isn't17:58
ezeqlohow can i install nvdiria drivers for gforce 525m ?17:58
StayInSkoola monsterous Asus G73.. something17:58
StayInSkoolG73m? or something17:58
aeon-ltd!nvidia > ezeqlo17:58
ubottuezeqlo, please see my private message17:58
ActionParsnipezeqlo: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current17:58
StayInSkoolspeaking of that! the nvidia driver keeps flashing a frame of black now and then, due to the PowerMizer apparently17:59
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: if you run:  lsmod | grep mouse     do you see psmouse?17:59
StayInSkoolso many issues with this thing heh17:59
ezeqloi already have latest version17:59
MrWillyhaving yet another problem installing 10.04 32-bit.  I can successfully create the necessary ext4 partition using gparted, but when I try to allow the installation process to do it, it completely fails.  any knows issues in this regard?17:59
ezeqlobut doesnt work ok18:00
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: try:   options psmouse proto=imps    or     options psmouse proto=bare     in /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf18:00
StayInSkoolwill do ActionParsnip. thanks!18:00
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: or: options psmouse proto=exps18:00
StayInSkoolwill restarting gdm do the trick or I need to do a full reboot?18:01
DrDamnitWhat's the syntax for the find command to find all files of type *.avi in the current directory and below?18:01
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: just unload then reload the reload the module, it will apply the options18:01
MrWillyDrDamnit, find . -type f -name "*.avi"18:02
zykotick9DrDamnit, "find ./ -name *.avi" would also probably work18:02
MrWillyzykotick9, yeah, my -type f is quite unnecessary, but it's habitual18:02
SIFTUI prefer -iname but anyway18:03
ActionParsnip+1 for iname18:03
DrDamnitThanks guys... I wasn't quoting the *.avi, so it wasn't working. I knew it had to be user error!18:03
zykotick9MrWilly, i was impressed - very accurate response ;)18:03
stowodahi, how can I scroll up in terminal without using the mouse?18:03
MrWillyzykotick9, it's my job :)18:03
ActionParsnipDrDamnit: the quotes allow for spaces in the filename18:03
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dylan13So i think i might need a little guidance, i messed up a ubuntu install on my brand new computer18:04
MrWillyzykotick9, now, might you have any insight into my drive partitioning and formatting issue?18:04
ActionParsnipdylan13: details please18:05
zykotick9MrWilly, why are you using parted?  Can't you just use the installer's partitioner?18:05
=== fr0sted-away is now known as fr0sted
MrWillyzykotick9, that's the problem.  the installer's partitioner fails entirely, roughly four or five minutes in18:05
ActionParsnipfr0sted: please don't away like that18:05
StayInSkoolActionParsnip: all those psmouse modes make the cursor move in a very choppy manner18:05
wildc4rdevenin all18:05
Night-hacksarm-linux-gcc is not available for  10.04 where can i find ppa or source code for compile ?18:05
dylan13I tried to install Ubuntu along side windows 7, i created 2 basically equal partitions using the tools in windows18:05
fr0stedActionParsnip away like what sorry ?18:05
zykotick9MrWilly, sorry, i have no suggestions then - good luck.18:05
StayInSkoolalso it seems to accelerate vertically a lot more than horizontally18:05
ActionParsnip(19:05:20) fr0sted-away is now known as fr0sted18:06
ActionParsnipStayInSkool: you'll need to find the module option, you could blacklist the module, see if it loads something else on boot18:06
dylan13i loaded up the install disk and it seemed that there was no space on the hard drive so i deleted the partition i created that had nothing saved to it18:06
dylan13and installed according to http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/22/how-to-dual-boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-11-04/18:07
ActionParsnipfr0sted: thanks :)18:07
dylan13and now neither windows 7 or ubuntu will start up18:07
witeds_hello i was wondering is there a way to say mount a file in the home directory18:07
zykotick9witeds_, "mount a file" what are you trying to do?18:08
witeds_im trying to make a program portable and i need to mount files form the external device to the home directory18:08
SIFTUwiteds_: you could symlink18:08
=== linuxuser is now known as linuxuser55
linuxuser55hi everyone18:08
jribwiteds_: block devices are mounted, not files18:08
linuxuser55can someone help me18:08
linuxuser55does anyone have time to help18:09
witeds_ok what would be the cli for simlyinking18:09
zykotick9witeds_, it's quite possible to mount external devices into a directory in your home folder?!18:09
SIFTUln -s <source> <dest>18:09
jribwiteds_: ln -s TARGET NAME, but I think you should better explain what it is you are trying to accomplish18:09
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: ask and see18:09
SIFTUyeah or you could mount the drive.. which isnt a file, but rather a filesystem18:09
zykotick9witeds_, ln isn't going to help, if the device is not mounted18:09
linuxuser55Smokin' Guns/smokinguns.x86: error while loading shared libraries: libXxf86dga.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:09
linuxuser55 18:09
linuxuser55can someone help with that18:10
FloodBot1linuxuser55: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:10
linuxuser55oh sry18:10
ActionParsnip!find libXxf86dga.so.118:10
ubottuFile libXxf86dga.so.1 found in libxxf86dga1, libxxf86dga1-dbg18:10
linuxuser55so what command i should put in the terminal18:10
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: sudo  apt-get install libxxf86dga118:10
linuxuser55ok i try it18:10
witeds_ok im trying to make a simple launcher script that can take a simple java program and put its configureation files ont the computer for the time i run it so18:11
linuxuser55libxxf86dga1 on jo uusin versio. <-- means that i got already the latest version of it18:11
witeds_that the program can be portable and i dont have to manualy copy the configs back onto the usb18:11
alex88hi guys, /q18:11
alex88sry :)18:11
linuxuser55so what i should do because it is already installed and i still cant just start the game18:11
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: ok, run:  sudo find / -iname "libXxf86dga*"    what is output? Use a pastebin to hold the outpur18:12
witeds_in windows it was done by set appdata=%cd%\18:12
linuxuser55okey wait18:12
jribwiteds_: this is a programming question18:12
StayInSkoolgrrr. the mouse is now moving on its own entirely and the keyboard skips even more keys18:12
StayInSkoolthings are ok if I'm using an external keyboard and/or mouse but what's the point of a laptop then :D18:13
witeds_yea it is18:13
linuxuser55so thats the output18:13
linuxuser55what next?18:13
StayInSkoolalthough this thing is large enough that if I lay a keyboard on top of it it looks like a ghetto iMac18:13
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: what command are you trying to run exactly? The file is there...18:14
linuxuser55does version of my ubuntu mean anything? i use 10.04.0318:14
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: you are running lucid18:14
linuxuser55'/home/lol/Smokin'\'' Guns/smokinguns.x86' <-- thats the command what i try to run18:14
linuxuser55then i get the error18:14
=== alex--_ is now known as alex--
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: ok and what is the output of:  uname -a18:14
linuxuser55Linux lol-laptop 2.6.32-33-generic #70-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 7 21:13:52 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:15
=== administrator is now known as Guest79442
linuxuser55thats output of uname -a18:15
zykotick9ActionParsnip, good guess, amd6418:15
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: thought so, you are running a 64bit OS but are trying to run a 32bit app18:15
ActionParsnipzykotick9: boom18:15
linuxuser55i got 64 bit18:15
linuxuser55and i think there is no 64 bit version of this game18:16
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: so you need to grab the 32bit deb of the lib, extract it and put the libXxf86dga.so.1 32bit file in /usr/lib3218:16
linuxuser55how i can do it :D18:16
zykotick9linuxuser55, smokinguns.x86 is 32bit18:16
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: this sortof thing is why 32bit is recommended18:16
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: I already told you!18:16
linuxuser55yea but this zip doesnt include the x86_64 file18:16
ActionParsniplinuxuser55: use packages.ubuntu.com18:16
ActionParsnipnice gratitude too :(18:17
ActionParsnipoh well18:17
=== \l is now known as luigi
dylan13so im going to have to buy a windows 7 install disk aren't i?18:18
Hashamhi...is 11.10going to use unity again..??18:18
ActionParsnipdylan13: you can install grub from the livecD18:18
zykotick9Hasham, of course18:18
OsmodivsDid Ubuntu change something in the GRUB? Why doi have this ugly DEBIAN theme in here when I did NOT even set it up for such thing...¿¿??18:19
SIFTUdylan13: no you probably just blew away the bootloader18:19
Hashamhi...is 11.10going to use unity again..??18:19
zykotick9Hasham, of course - from now on18:19
=== irenicus19 is now known as irenicus09
=== irenicus09 is now known as Guest79302
=== luigi is now known as \r\n
ActionParsnipOsmodivs: sure you didn't install debian?18:20
zykotick9Osmodivs, did you install from mini?18:20
ActionParsnipHasham: yes, and replace Ubuntu Classic with Unity@d18:20
unguestI can't seem to set up my Kinect under Ubuntu18:20
=== \r\n is now known as Guest28721
unguestand that's crucial18:20
=== Guest28721 is now known as \l
dylan13i believe i installed grub on the /boot partition when i did the install. also any hints on how to repair the bootloader18:20
ActionParsnipunguest: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/multi-touch-in-ubuntu-using-kinect-video-ppa/18:20
SIFTUdylan13: bootloader go on the disk, not partition18:21
OsmodivsActionParsnip, Of course not, I have Ubuntu 11.04, this happened when the kernel updated to
unguestSIFTU: does your nick have an alternate spelling?18:21
jribwiteds_: so ask in the channel for your programming language18:21
zykotick9Osmodivs, it's the plymouth theme you are using18:21
ActionParsnipOsmodivs: just change the plymouth theme then18:22
unguestI can't seem to graps this acronym18:22
unguestpeople tell me to STFU18:22
unguestnot sure what they mean18:22
mielsI'm having trouble setting up a service - I'm following these directions here (http://howtonode.org/deploying-node-upstart-monit) but after putting an upstart conf in /etc/init I can't execute 'start service'… am I doing something wrong?18:23
unguestis that an encourangement?18:23
IdleOneunguest: Please don't use that acronym in here and I suggest you google it to know what it means18:23
ActionParsnipunguest: does the link I gave help?18:23
KrenairI have my hard drive partitioned with one partition being Windows 7 home premium and another Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit desktop18:24
unguestIdleone: he was the first one using it, I'm just refering to an example18:24
KrenairUsually I run ubuntu18:24
dylan13Thanks for being so patient but i still don't understand what i need to do. I'm great at working in ubuntu but haven't had to install it many times, let alone dual boot"18:24
unguestsee I got this Dell which came with Ubuntu18:24
zaksoldierHi all18:24
KrenairBut on the occasion that I finish using windows 7 and restart back to ubuntu, something odd occurs18:24
unguestnow I can't install MS Word18:24
zaksoldierHow register18:24
KrenairWhen I log in, ubuntu doesn't seem to be able to establish a network connection18:24
kjeldorI want to install windows after ubunto, so I searched google, and said I have to save my MBR, i want to save my MBR, so I searched google again and came up with this command: dd if=/dev/sda of=/mbr.bin bs=446 count=1  When I run it, it says permision denied.. what should I do?18:25
ActionParsnipunguest: does the link I gave help with the connect18:25
zykotick9!register > zaksoldier18:25
ubottuzaksoldier, please see my private message18:25
SIFTUunguest: no18:25
ActionParsnipunguest: use libreoffice instead, its in a default install18:25
unguestMS Word is very important to me, I write urgent emails18:25
jribkjeldor: just install windows then reinstall grub18:25
jrib!grub | kjeldor18:25
ubottukjeldor: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:25
KrenairIt takes a couple of reboots and messing with my ethernet cable and power cable to fix this.18:25
KrenairWhat do?18:25
kjeldorOK thanks18:26
unguestby the way, You are hereby declared an heir to King Taub The Third18:26
unguestwould be so kind as to transfer a token amount to my legitimate account in Leeds, UK?18:26
Tixosubuntu encryption, is it possible to encrypt the whole filesystem ?18:26
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wasutton3does anyone have any experience with hp wireless printers?18:27
ActionParsnipunguest: how do you mean?18:27
=== b08z80-|-Z is now known as bobweaver
ActionParsnipunguest: no, what do you mean. How is that relevant to your issues>18:27
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yeats!encrypt | Tixos18:27
ubottuTixos: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory18:27
Tixossorry, i didnt say encrypted directories18:28
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unguestActionParsnip: see, there's a transaction fee. In order for you to receive your rightful $3mln, please send me something of value, I don't much care what. a Dell would do.18:28
Hashamis there anyway i can migrate to gnome 318:28
ActionParsnipunguest: take it elsewhere, this is support18:28
zykotick9!gnome3 | Hasham18:28
ubottuHasham: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.18:28
yeatsTixos: not sure of the reason you're asking, but I would imagine it would neither be necessary nor desirable18:28
unguestbut I'm trying to get support!18:28
unguestas in financial support18:29
Tixosyeats: the reason is security18:29
Tixosand many people do it18:29
oCeanunguest: please stop the offtopic talk18:29
Tixosi hear its even a feature on the alternate CD i am asking this question18:29
ActionParsnipunguest: again, this is Ubuntu support only18:29
yeatsTixos: I'm not aware of that, so I'll let others answer if they know18:29
SonarpulseHello everbody. I have a question about using qemu with a real boot partition18:29
unguestwhat would be the appropriate channel for my future business transactions?18:29
oCeanunguest: please stop it now18:30
zykotick9Sonarpulse, what's the question?18:30
Sonarpulsefound some instructions there18:30
unguestthis whole freenode is boring.18:30
ungueston another note18:30
Sogorukuhn1Hi @ all18:31
Sonarpulsebasically it says to use software raid + a loopbacked mbr to fake a 1 partition disk for qemu18:31
Tixos so, anybody else have input on my question ?18:31
Sonarpulseuse mdadm to append a small mbr-sized loopback to the front of your partition18:32
Sonarpulseand uses fdisk to make a new mbr on the loopback18:32
Sonarpulsehowever it looks like you are just supposed to hop that fdisk only writes to your loopback18:32
Sogorukuhn1I need some help. The sound is gone. The cardes are normally detected, mixer is ok, alsa and pulse seems to be ok. aplay works fine, like everything is ok. But still no sound18:33
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Sonarpulsei think I will try the qemu irc this is pretty specialized18:34
watchedmanhey all, I'm dealing with an interesting issue with a multi-hard drive setup...18:34
Tixosguys is there any support or information on 11.04 encrypted filesystems ?  this is a bit old i guess  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsViaUbiquity18:35
watchedmani have a tower with 4 hard drives totaling around 2tb that i want to use for audio recording (ubuntu studio)18:35
watchedmani want a dedicated disk for audio recording, the others for system and storage etc18:35
watchedman3 are sata, 1 is sharing an ide with a dvd drive18:36
E3D3_1How can I place the window-top-buttons (close-min-max) from left to the right upper corner ?18:36
WebETGUser151hey guys18:36
watchedmanwhat would be an ideal partitioning scheme?18:36
watchedmani'm wondering if there'd be benefits to having /swap or /home on a different drive than /18:36
SIFTUwatchedman: I would software Raid + LVM personally18:36
WebETGUser151how hard is it to build a beowolf cluster using ubuntu?18:37
watchedmanSIFTU, I am worried that there will be problems with recording big audio streams (multitrack 96khz/24bit) with that setup...18:37
Sonarpulsewatchedman: open your DAW or whatever18:37
Sonarpulsefigure out were things are put by default18:37
Sonarpulseand mount your harddrives to those directorys18:38
watchedmani would do that if i already had the OS installed but I don't18:38
SIFTUwatchedman: so you want performance or redundancy?18:38
watchedmanboth, of course! ;>18:38
ezeqli just cant get nvdia propietary drivers working :(18:39
SIFTUwatchedman: lol then raid 1+018:39
glebihanE3D3_1, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/put-closemaximizeminimize-buttons-on-the-left-in-ubuntu/18:39
Sonarpulse@SIFTU you see my question? also about disk related stuff18:39
secspycan i upgrade to maverick using apt-get dist-upgrade? currently on lucid18:39
watchedmani basically want to have one drive dedicated just to be the destination for live audio recording, and then have the other three shared among /, /home, /swap, and storage space18:40
SIFTUget rid of the IDE drive.. or use it for backups.. get another SATA and make RAID 1+0, put LVM on top of it so you can expand your partitons at will18:40
SIFTUwatchedman: there is no redundancy there18:40
SIFTUwatchedman: and you performance is limited to what a single drive can put out18:40
watchedmanwell i would have an external e-sata drive with rsync backups of the storage18:41
E3D3_1glebihan: Thanks, I read the same but just could not believe that this is the default way.18:41
watchedmani basically don't want to take the raid plunge18:41
SIFTUSonarpulse: I have not done that sorry18:41
watchedmanin terms of buying more hardware18:41
glebihanE3D3_1, it is18:41
yeatssecspy: you have to go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources and select that you want "normal releases"18:41
SIFTUwatchedman: well you can have a 3 disk RAID518:41
muktiWhat do you all use for desktop backups18:41
blissiUnity sucks18:41
watchedmanbut i don't need, like, excessive performance18:41
mielsanyone have experience with upstart? I can't get it to recognize my service.18:41
SIFTUwatchedman: you said you wanted redundancy.. thats RAID18:42
muktiblissi: I agree18:42
watchedmani'm not going to be recording more than 8 tracks simultaneously18:42
SonarpulseIf you have a solid state drive I would use that for swaps18:42
famgodim having trouble with wolfenstein enemy territory it works fine except I get o sound /dev/dsp: Input/output error * Could not mmap /dev/dsp here is a pastebin of my full error http://pastebin.com/wQbuZcpD18:42
watchedmanSIFTU i didn't mean it so narrowly18:42
watchedmani just mean i want backups18:42
secspyguys i need an answer as i want to go through to natty18:42
SIFTUwatchedman: ok so you dont care if a drive dies and you have to rebuild that data18:42
yeatssecspy: did you see my response?18:42
zykotick9Sonarpulse, generally people don't want SWAP on SSD drives as it may shorten their lives18:42
blissimukti, I'm having to run Gnome but as it's not default on the OS I'm not happy... suggestions?18:42
muktidoes anyone do regular backups of their computer?18:43
blissimukti, I like to keep inline with default settings18:43
secspyyeats: nop, let me scroll bacl18:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!18:43
SIFTUwatchedman: use bonnie++ on each drive and find the fastest.. use that for your sound or whatever18:43
Sonarpulsewell i'm probably out of my legue here18:43
muktiblissi: you could run it in ubuntu classic mode when you log in18:43
watchedmani'm figuring i'll just put swap as the first partition on one of the storage drives, separate from the root drive.18:43
Flannelblissi: yes?18:43
Sonarpulsejust sudgestted that because it would be fastest18:43
mielsanyone have experience with UPSTART?18:43
blissiFlannel, when are you going to get rid of Unity?18:43
secspymeaning apt-get wont get me going?18:43
secspyi have no gui18:44
IdleOneYou used the the !ops call for that?18:44
Flannelblissi: Please help keep this channel ontopic.  If you'd like to discuss how you like/dislike something, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.18:44
yeatssecspy: ah - let me check something then.18:44
watchedmanso i guess my real question is, is there any performance benefit to having /home on a different physical drive than /18:45
SaeidHow can I adjust my lcd brighness in lxde desktop ?18:45
zykotick9watchedman, performance, no.18:45
yeatssecspy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades#Upgrade%20from%2010.04%20LTS%20to%2010.10 (see under "Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Servers"_18:45
Sogorukuhn1Does someone have experience with solving of soundproblems?18:45
polifasiowatchedman: yes.18:46
secspythanks, i'ma check it out18:46
watchedmanok, zyko if not performance any other benefits? and polifasio, why?18:46
yeats!sound | Sogorukuhn118:46
ubottuSogorukuhn1: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:46
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zykotick9watchedman, tab fail.  Having a separate /home would make fresh installing easier - that's about it...18:47
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Klossorwatchedman: not performance, but it will be handy come time for a major change to the system18:47
polifasiowatchedman: in plain old mechanical drives, being at the beginning is always faster than being at the end.18:47
polifasiowatchedman: in SSDs, this does not apply18:48
Sogorukuhn1@yeats: The sound cards are detected normaly, aplay looks like everything is ok but still no sound, mixer configuration is ok18:48
Sogorukuhn1@yeats: http://pastebin.com/HBykkKDE18:48
zykotick9polifasio, i'm not sure your statement re: HDs is even accurate18:49
polifasiowatchedman: historically, all linux distributions separate /home from the rest of the system. It was only until Lindows (later Linspire), and later Ubuntu, that it is placed all in one.18:49
secspythanks for the site yeats18:49
watchedmanok i'm starting to understand this. so if i want to not deal with LVM or RAID, but have a 'poor man' logical separation between good performing hard drive space and performance-unimportant storage space on a bunch of HDD's, i can just partition each one and put what i want to perform well as the first partition of each?18:49
yeatssecspy: no problem ;-)18:49
blissi!ops - There are too many typos in this channel. It's getting annoying.18:49
ubottublissi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
polifasiozykotick9: this is something that happens with magnetic driven disks since the dawn of time18:50
oCeanblissi: stop that18:50
jigalhello i am trying to connect to my local apache server. I have created a virtual host and enabled it in my sites-enabled but when i browse my site i get www.site.com can not be found. No error in my apache log. what should i do?18:50
blissijigal, pastebin the vhost18:50
E3D3_1polifasio: I just set up a LVM with the alternate Ubuntu but it/I put /home inside the root, Is it easy to separate it again. I like to experimentate with a shared /home between multiple OS's ?18:51
zykotick9watchedman, personally i don't think Software Raid and/or LVM will be much benefit, and will certainly add a significant level of complexity to your setup.  Good luck, whatever you choose.18:52
watchedmanE3D3_1 I read that sharing /home among OS's is risky because many system settings are stored in /home18:52
kermithow do i set the block size on a device  when it lies (4k drive saying its 512)18:52
watchedmanthanks zyko18:52
jigalblissi, http://pastebin.com/J15XcU5v18:52
zykotick9E3D3_1, from personally experience i can say sharing /home can lead to unexpected issues18:53
zykotick9watchedman, watch your TAB completion "z yko" might not like being thanked :)18:53
polifasioE3D3_1: yes and no. It is comparatively easy to separate it. However, using one /home with different versions and different distributions would be troublesome, unless you stuck to the bare basics.18:54
blissijigal, does your index.php work ?18:54
zykotick9watchedman, oh there isn't a zyko - you're just not using TAB, I'm on the trolley now18:54
greenithi, does any1 have a nvidia graphics card?18:54
polifasioE3D3_1: and when I mean bare basics, I mean no graphical interface18:54
jigalblink, it doesn't even get to my index.php18:54
watchedmanzykotick9: thanks for teaching me an IRC feature =)18:54
E3D3_1watchedman: zykotick9: polifasio: Thanks all for sharing.18:55
jigalblissi, it doesn't even get there18:55
Sogorukuhn1Here my AlsaInfo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/676725/18:55
blissijigal, have you tried accessing it without any modifications to Apache?18:55
greenithelp plz! i have a nivida graphics card and the windows are lagging when i move them....18:56
greenitis there a way to get rid of this?18:56
zykotick9greenit, have you installed the nvidia proprietary driver for you card?18:57
jigalblissi, nope but i can't navigate to it18:57
polifasiogreenit: kid, you need to give up more info. Hardware, Ubuntu version, drivers installed, other things you have tried...18:57
greenitzykotick9, yeah, it is installed by default....18:57
zykotick9greenit, not be default no18:57
E3D3_1polifasio: You mean a whole OS without GUI or just the installation/move-procedures ?18:57
polifasioE3D3_1: for /home to work between different distros? nowadays you would need to stick pretty much to the command line. Most graphical environments have customizations for distros.18:59
[THC]AcidRainwhat channel do i ask for hardware support?18:59
greenitzykotick9, when i click on additional drivers, there is "accelerated graphics driver (current version)" and on the bottom: "This driver is activated, but not used."18:59
oCean[THC]AcidRain: channel ##hardware18:59
zykotick9greenit, that's just a bug - if it's working, ignore it.18:59
[THC]AcidRainok. is there a ubuntu command to get my mobo type?19:00
[THC]AcidRainthe only markings on it is AM2++19:00
polifasioE3D3_1: for moving it to another partition? it is just a matter of having the new partition ready, and moving the info (THIS CANNOT BE DONE WHILE LOGGED IN).19:00
zykotick9[THC]AcidRain, i don't think so, the chipsets used probably, but the mobo itself - don't think so19:00
greenitzykotick9, thats the problem... it works, but the windows are lagging when i move them...19:00
greenitmy hardware is: nvidia gtx 57019:01
greenitubuntu: 64-bit system19:01
zykotick9greenit, well, when you run glxgears do you get a reasonable FPS19:01
polifasioE3D3_1: ...you might need to fiddle with some mapping, but moving it would be little trouble. But as I said above, using it between *multiple* distros, that will lead to headaches these days.19:02
greenitzykotick9, do i have to install them first?19:02
mielsanyone with upstart experience? it's not recognizing anything19:02
zykotick9greenit, the mesa-utils package includes glxgears/glxinfo19:02
E3D3_1polifasio: Funny that part of the LVM is much more simple than it looks & part is full of exceptions. I will play with it on my USB-hard-disc. Thanks for the warnings & kind help.19:03
greenitzykotick9, erm... do i see the fps anywhere?19:03
greenitah, in the terminal, forget it^^19:03
zykotick9greenit, start glxgears from a terminal19:03
greenitzykotick9, i use guake, so i dont see the terminal normally ;)19:04
greenitzykotick9, i get 60 fps19:04
zykotick9greenit, your nvidia-drivers aren't working/install correctly then!19:04
devishis there something on how to host website on ubuntu ?19:04
SIFTUgreenit: you have vsync enabled19:04
zykotick9SIFTU, i'd think it would still be WAY above 6019:05
goerHi all. Anyone tried this (E17) with Mint? url= http://maketecheasier.com/run-enlightenment-e17-on-ubuntu-karmic/2010/01/1419:05
SIFTUgreenit: try "vblank_mode=0 glxgears"19:05
SIFTUzykotick9: not when it's syncing with the refresh rate19:05
goerMint+E17 would HAVE to be the ultimate combination?19:06
greenitstill 60 fps...19:06
zykotick9SIFTU, my FPS are in the thousands with vsync enabled?19:07
goerSorry, I meant Ubuntu (not Mint)19:07
greenitzykotick9, how do i install the driver correctly19:07
SIFTUzykotick9: mine stay at 60, unless i set the env variable to vblank_mod=019:07
zykotick9SIFTU, using that here just increases my FPS by a thousand or so19:08
mielsis this the right upstart script? http://pastebin.com/vkYurQGD19:08
SIFTUzykotick9: it shouldnt have :)19:08
SIFTUzykotick9: compiz also kills those figures19:08
zykotick9SIFTU, running compiz here, not sure if it's vsync is currently enabled though19:09
greenitdo i have to install the nvidia driver new when the gears have constantly 60 fps?19:09
ActionParsnipgreenit: does nvidia-settings kick up an error when it runs?19:09
bashelinai get permission denied when i try to write to my external disk19:10
zykotick9ActionParsnip, not is use thing19:10
bashelina/dev/sdf1  /media/seagate  ext4 user,rw 0 019:10
ActionParsnipgreenit: glxgears is a poor 3D performance test19:10
zykotick9bashelina, change the permissions on the mount point19:10
jpmhI have a printer on /dev/usb/lp0 - I can print to it directly, text only - I tried to set up a lp setting, text only tc - all seems fine - it accepts te jobs etc.   They get queued but they never start to print, what's the issue19:10
SIFTUActionParsnip: yes but it is clearly showing a problem here19:10
greenitActionParsnip, nope, it says nothing19:10
ActionParsnipSIFTU: possibly19:10
bashelinazykotick9,  how ?19:10
ActionParsnipgreenit: wht nvidia chip is it?19:11
zykotick9bashelina, do you want anyone to be able to write to it?19:11
SIFTUActionParsnip: the fps is synced with the screen refresh rate.. there is no way a GT 570 would get 60fps at full speed19:11
bashelinazykotick9,  but the directories in /media should be owned by root19:11
=== konsumer is now known as konbon
greenitActionParsnip, do you mean the name of my graphics card?19:11
zykotick9bashelina, "sudo chmod 777 /media/seagate" would work (give everyone write access)19:11
ActionParsnipgreenit: just the video chip please19:11
greenitActionParsnip, where do i see it?19:12
zykotick9greenit, "lspci | grep -i vga"19:12
ActionParsnipgreenit: as zykotick9 says19:12
greenitActionParsnip, gf11019:12
bashelinazykotick9,  ah ok,,, thougt all dirs where 755 .... thx19:12
bashelinazykotick9,  ah ok,,, thougt all dirs where 755 .... thx19:13
ActionParsnipgreenit: ok and can you pastebin the output of:  lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia      Thanks19:13
konboncan i get some hard drive mounting help please. This is the error i get when i try to use Disk Utility to mount the drive. http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/1226/screenshotaqu.png19:13
devishany one19:13
devishthere got to be something on web hosting /19:14
jake_can anyone help me with installing flash on joli os?19:14
zykotick9devish, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP19:14
konbonIt says that "according to mtab none is already mounted to none"19:14
Slartjake_: joli os?19:14
greenitActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/Z9rfPgC319:15
ActionParsnipkonbon: its a partition, not a drive. You are mounting /dev/sda1   sda is the drive, sda1 is the partition19:15
jigalhello i am trying to connect to my local apache server. I have created a virtual host and enabled it in my sites-enabled but when i browse my site i get www.site.com can not be found. No error in my apache log. what should i do?19:15
konbonso, how can i mount it ?19:15
zykotick9Slart, jolios is an ubuntu derivative for netbooks19:15
jake_yeah, i was looking at better os than windows and it said joli os was good for netbooks19:15
Slartzykotick9: ah.. thanks.. didn't know that19:15
bashelinazykotick9,  Hey i found another way to solve it19:15
TyrantWhen creating a shared library using ld, how do I also link it to another static or shared library, such as libusb?19:15
beaker__ubuntu 11.04 is also good for netbooks if you stick with unity19:15
zykotick9bashelina, which is?19:16
dylan13I repaired the bootloader but it still won't start up in windows19:16
jake_everytime i try to install flash it said it fails19:16
bashelinazykotick9,  chaning the ownership of the mount point to   root:users19:16
nkh1hi, how should I config my remaster to remove "install Release" icon from desktop after installing?? I put it to /etc/skel/Desktop to appear in live mode but I DO NOT want it to appear after install on desktop! :|19:16
beaker__@dylan13 when you try to start windows does it return to the loader?19:16
bashelinazykotick9,  all regular users are in group users so they access19:16
dylan13@beaker_: yeah it just loops over and over19:17
jerry_Hi I'm looking fr Ubuntu / Pinguy Help19:17
ezeqlhow can i solve "ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before19:17
ezeql         installing.  For further details, please see the section INSTALLING19:17
ezeql         THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver19:17
ezeql         download page at www.nvidia.com.19:17
ezeql" ?19:17
FloodBot1ezeql: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:17
jake_how would i unistall joli os? i have it dual booted19:17
ActionParsnipgreenit: add this ppa to get the 280  driver. may help https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates?field.series_filter=natty19:17
zykotick9ezeql, installing the driver from nvidia.com isn't recommended/supported here - you should consider using the drivers provided by Ubuntu19:18
Slartjake_: I think you'll be better off trying some of the support options that Jolicloud offers.. http://www.jolicloud.com/support seems to list some19:18
konbonActionParsnip, do you know how i can change the settings to force it to mount on sda1?19:18
jerry_Does anyne have time for a Update manager question?19:18
Slartjake_: you might also want to check this http://help.jolicloud.com/home19:18
zykotick9konbon, /dev/sda1 is a device not a mount point, and devices are managed by udev/kernel19:18
jigali get this error when entering my host name in chrome : Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.19:19
bashelinazykotick9,  i mean the mount p19:19
jake_slart: thats's where i looked at everything19:19
konbonis there a GUI app that can make it easier? lol19:19
jigalany ideas19:19
bashelinazykotick9,  i mean the mount point direcroty in /media19:19
konbonim not too familiar with Ubuntu19:19
EzeQL2zykotick9,  but i cannot get the default installed nvdia drivers working :(19:19
greenitActionParsnip, erm... btw, i have a problem with ubuntu one.... it always notifies me that it syncs, but it doesnt, it gets no connection19:19
zykotick9EzeQL2, ahhh, well best of luck then.19:20
Slartjake_: try the getsatisfaction support page.. we can only help you with ubuntu in this channel19:20
EzeQL2"The driver is activated but not in use" under Addiotal Drivers..19:20
jake_oh, sorry19:20
zykotick9bashelina, is this an NTFS partition?19:20
jerry_I have a question19:21
zykotick9!ask > jerry_19:21
ubottujerry_, please see my private message19:21
SIFTUgreenit: I found how to reproduce you problem on my system19:21
jerry_new here ... don't know how to get private msg19:21
greenitSIFTU, which problem? the nvidia prob or the ubuntu one prob?^^19:21
zykotick9jerry_, sorry - just ask your question19:21
K350How do I see what sound-divece I've under /dev/blaha?19:21
nkh1Any Ideas on my question with remastersys? >> I want to remove "Install Release" icon from desktop after installing, automatically19:22
SIFTUgreenit: nvidia19:22
Slartjerry_: it should show up somewhere in your irc-program.. a new tab or some other thing.. it can differ a lot between different irc programs19:22
jerry_Ok please bear with me a sec ... I need to gather info...19:22
greenitSIFTU, k19:22
greenitSIFTU, did u solve it? :)19:22
SIFTUgreenit: yeah.. load up nvidia-settings19:22
greenitSIFTU, how, where?19:22
SIFTUgreenit: you could just type it in a terminal to test19:23
jerry_I have a problem that is affecting the Update manager, Synaptic, and the Ubuntu Software center .... error msg to follow19:23
jerry_E:Malformed line 59 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse), E:Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apticons.list (dist parse)19:23
bashelinazykotick9,  nah it didnt work19:23
bashelinazykotick9,  no just an external usb harddisk19:23
greenitSIFTU, ok, but how do i upload these settings?19:23
SIFTUgreenit: do you see sync to vblank on like this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/906920/screenshots/screenshot-20110828122044.jpeg19:23
zykotick9bashelina, what format is it?  extX or FAT/NTFS?19:24
greenitSIFTU, yes19:24
jerry_How do I repair/fix the source error?19:24
EzeQL2why is all too dificult :( ?19:24
SIFTUgreenit: turn it off19:24
SIFTUgreenit: run glxgears again.. tell me the fps19:24
bashelinazykotick9, ext419:25
zykotick9jerry_, the particular file with the issue is /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apticons.list and it's on line 1 -19:25
zykotick9bashelina, are you saying my chmod on the mount point isn't working, or your attempt to change the owner isn't working?19:25
jerry_Zykotick ... yes... I loked at it but nothing appeared out of normal.... I don't know what to do t fix it.19:26
bashelinachmod 777 does work19:26
bashelinazykotick9, 777 does work19:26
zykotick9bashelina, right - so what's the problem?19:26
bashelinazykotick9,   ive used all directories 755 within /media   in the past19:26
zykotick9bashelina, ? well 755 doesn't give write access to group and other - so i'm not sure how.  Good luck man.19:27
cjaewasnt there a logitech keyboard tool called mx5000tools or something19:28
cjaegot a 5500mx want to try to get some more keys workings19:28
bashelinazykotick9,   ok thx19:28
greenitSIFTU, it killed my computer... and now i have 18170 fps^^19:29
rodhashHello guys.. Pls, I want to update xserver-xorg-video-intel from 2:2.13 to 2:2.14.. but I found only to naty and I'm running maverick... Is there any problem to download and upgrade it?19:29
SIFTUGrey_Loki: killed it?19:29
jerry_ZYKOTICK  .. Thanks ... I know where the problem lies ... I just don't know how to fix it.  It is preventing me me from downloading any software or updating packages.19:29
dylan13So can anyone point me in the right direction? I repaired the bootloader and it still won't boot into windows.19:30
SIFTUgreenit: killed it?19:30
zykotick9rodhash, just guessing, but you'd probably need to update all of xorg to use that driver - probably NOT what you want.19:30
greenitSIFTU, yeah, probably because the 270 driver was inscribed, but i replaced it by the 280 driver19:30
SIFTUgreenit: ah ok.. so is it all working now?19:30
MerlinuxI'm having problems with my wlan..19:30
Moshanatorjerry_, any reason for wanting that specific version?19:31
greenitSIFTU, yes, but not fluently, the computer is lagging when i run them19:31
jerry_Nope.... I just want to get it fixed... if you refer to the error msg there are three parts.  Here it is again ...19:31
jerry_E:Malformed line 59 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse), E:Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apticons.list (dist parse)19:31
Moshanatoroh, i meant rodhash19:32
SIFTUgreenit: hmm.. is your cpu getting stressed during it?19:32
urlin2ujerry_, pastebin the apt sourecs list19:32
rodhashMoshanator: To fix this error --> get vblank counter failed: Invalid argument19:32
bashelinarodhash,  yea i had problem with intel xserver video driver with natty.. it worked fine with maverick19:32
K350Is there anyone here who uses mp3blaster?19:33
greenitSIFTU, i dont know, but i dont want to run it again^^19:33
rodhashbashelina: Sorry? You fixed it upgrading the driver? To this versin I mentioned?19:33
jerry_URLIN2U  I don't understand pastebin the apt sourecs list???19:33
zykotick9!paste | jerry_19:33
ubottujerry_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:33
SIFTUgreenit: it works on the fly on my system with no problems.. just run system monitor or something and see what your cpu usage is like now19:34
bashelinarodhash,  no im stuck with maverick , cant upgrade to natty :(19:34
jerry_So if I go to paste.ubuntu.com the text will appear here?19:34
greenitSIFTU, only 2 of the cores are on 100%19:34
rodhashbashelina: Oh, I got it.. In my case I'm not upgrading to natty... I'm just upgrading the vide driver, used in natty19:35
SIFTUgreenit: lol thats bad19:35
Flanneljerry_: You paste stuff into that page, then it'll give you a url, which you give to people here19:35
SIFTUgreenit: run top in a terminal as see whats using it all19:35
jerry_ahhhh thanks ... got it :)19:35
urlin2ujerry_, if you run in the terminal cat /etc/apt/sources.list  you will see the list in the terminal, if you run sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list you will get a read and write pastebin ethier. http://paste.ubuntu.com/ you also a have a /etc/apt/sources.list.d  you can look at for the other error19:35
bashelinarodhash,  but does to regular natty intel driver work any good ?19:35
rodhashbashelina: I found something saying yes.. on bug reports19:36
ActionParsnipbashelina: its pretty good here19:36
greenitSIFTU, 100% glxgears, 49% Xorg, 46% compiz19:37
SIFTUgreenit: I thought you were not running glxgears19:38
jerry_Ok  the error text is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/676752/19:38
greenitSIFTU, it is only lagging like hell when i run them... without it only lags a bit when i move the windows19:39
urlin2ujerry_, run the cat, ir gedit command and post thise outputs.19:39
slinzexHi all, I'm using wifi usb device CT-WN4322Z. On the off site the link to download driver is not available for linux now. I always thinked that it was zydas chipset, but now I saw the cover... How to obtain the latest and best driver for ubuntu?19:39
SIFTUgreenit: makes sense thats its lagging with CPU being hit like that19:39
greenitSIFTU, and without them compiz uses 17%19:39
rodhashGuys.. Does anyone know if I can use packages from natty or oneiric on maverick ??19:39
SIFTUgreenit: something is wrong there with the driver or something19:39
greenitSIFTU, and thats the highest usage19:39
jerry_URLIN2U  I need a little hand holding with terminal commands19:40
glebihanrodhash, you shouldn't19:40
jerry_so I type in cat, ir gedit?19:40
ActionParsniprodhash: its not advised and may break your OS but technically you can. You may make a mess of your packages, requiring a lot of work or reinstall19:40
urlin2ujerry_, no problem,  run sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  copy and paste the whole file, and be careful you're in read write mode with it open19:41
jerry_Thanks URLIN ... From the error there are two separate files.  Do I run the command for each and post the results?19:42
SIFTUgreenit: did you ever manually install the nvidia drivers?19:42
urlin2ujerry_, lets start with the regular sources.list19:42
SIFTUgreenit: i.e. download them from nvidia site and install them?19:43
renancoelhohello, I am at the flash shockwave website on ubuntu. how do I download the update and update it? Thanks for any help.19:43
cjaeIs this relevant anymore? http://download.gna.org/mx5000tools/19:43
greenitSIFTU, i tested it in linux mint, but they did work like the ones installed from the repos19:44
urlin2urenancoelho, post a link to that site19:45
ActionParsniprenancoelho: shockwave don't own flash anymore, it is Adobe's  property now19:46
SIFTUgreenit: I'm just saying as manual versions leave old files behind causing that type of behaviour19:46
renancoelhoat the adobe website... http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/19:46
ActionParsniprenancoelho: if you want flash then install flashplugin-nonfree   and you will have flash plugin for your browsers19:46
greenitSIFTU, oh, i didnt install drivers manually since i installed ubuntu19:46
ActionParsniprenancoelho: you don't need the website19:46
urlin2urenancoelho, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave19:47
renancoelhoi have flash on firefox. I just want to update it to the latest version...19:47
SIFTUgreenit: are you running 64bit?19:47
greenitSIFTU, yes19:47
jerry_URLIN2  Here is the source list text .... the first three lines are the error message that I get in the Update Manager.  Here it is... http://paste.ubuntu.com/676759/19:47
urlin2urenancoelho, install the firefox addon flash aid choose the beta in the wizard19:48
SIFTUgreenit: can you 'find /usr/lib64 -iname "libgl*"'19:49
greenitSIFTU, nope19:49
zeleftikamneed help: installed 11.04 server on an HP DL580 rackmount server, at first boot it goes trough BIOS find and seems to boot into Ubuntu, but my monitor loses the signal and says Analog Not Optimum Mode and there is no picture. Any ideas on how to get the display to work?19:49
greenitSIFTU, no output19:49
ActionParsnipdistinct lack of thankyous tonight :(19:50
slinzexHi all, I'm using wifi usb device CT-WN4322Z. On the off site the link to download driver is not available for linux now. I always thinked that it was zydas chipset, but now I saw the cover... How to obtain the latest and best driver for ubuntu?19:50
SIFTUgreenit: ah ok19:50
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: what video chip does it use?19:50
SIFTUlet me see19:50
zeleftikamActionParsnip, ATI Rage XL19:50
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: try the boot option: nomodeset19:50
zykotick9jerry_, mixing repositories of Ubuntu/Mint/Others is a terrible idea!19:50
zeleftikamActionParsnip, how do i do that19:50
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | zeleftikam19:51
ubottuzeleftikam: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:51
nailoxhi all. Im on ubu 10.4 when i try crontab -e i get: command not found. i run it as root. any ideas ?19:51
jerry_URLIN Thanks for the help BTW  I am getting ready to deploy t the Hurricane zone and I need to get my computer straightened out.19:51
zeleftikamActionParsnip, will do. thanks very much!19:51
SIFTUgreenit: can you 'find /usr/lib -iname "libgl*"'19:51
SciurusDoomusHow is the hurricane zone? Everything's perfectly fine in MA even though everyone's overreacting.19:51
urlin2ujerry_, the line 59 404's put a # in front of it in the open list and save19:52
jerry_ZYKOTICK ... I have had to jump back and fourth between the two a few times to get a distro to work on my computer ... any mixing is unintentional19:52
greenitSIFTU, yes19:52
SIFTUgreenit: pastebinit19:52
nailoxcan anyone help me with cron ? "crontab -e" says command not found19:52
jerry_URLIN Thanks ... regardind the other error on Line 1 ... do I do the same?19:52
SciurusDoomus@nailox are all the packages installed?19:53
greenitSIFTU, http://pastebin.com/ks1vQDZX19:53
nailoxSciurusDoomus i can find cron.d in /etc .. not sure if that means its installed19:53
urlin2ujerry_, you also have a strange mixture of sources in that file including mint.19:53
zykotick9urlin2u, you're wasting your time trying to fix jerry_'s issue i'm afraid - did you see the repos in there paste?  That's a disaster.19:54
greenitany1 else has a problem with ubuntu one? it always tells me that i syncs, but it doesnt get a connection to sync... however, i am logged in through it19:54
jerry_Is there a way I can clean the mint material?19:54
SciurusDoomusI dunno if I can help you, then... what package is contrab listed under?19:54
urlin2uzykotick9, I know I was hoping somebody else would notice, thanks.;)19:54
nailoxSciurusDoomus how do i check that ?19:55
jerry_Urlin2u Thats why they pay you guys the big bucks :)19:55
guntbertgreenit: ask in #ubuntuone please19:55
zeleftikamActionParsnip, no good. holding/pressing SHIFT at startup as described by the directions does not give me the GRUB menu. It says Booting from (C:), GRUB Loading, then the monitor shuts off19:55
greenitguntbert, k, thx :)19:55
valberghi - i'm having problems getting my wine (running on ubuntu 11.04) to detect my dvd drive (i'm trying to burn a iso file using imgburn which is a win program)19:55
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
valbergsomehow ubuntu just got too fancy and i can't just write /media/cdrom for the drive location19:55
valbergany ideas?19:55
zykotick9valberg, /media/cdrom is a mount point NOT a device!!!19:56
SciurusDoomus@Nailox do you have Cron installed? As I understand it Crontab is just tables for Cron.19:56
ActionParsnipvalberg: why bother, there are plenty of native burners19:56
guntbertvalberg: why don't you use a native burner?19:56
guntberthmph ... :)19:56
ActionParsnip!burner | valberg19:56
ubottuvalberg: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto19:56
valbergActionParsnip: it doesnt work19:56
valbergi've tried with brasero twice19:56
guntbert!work | valberg19:57
ubottuvalberg: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.19:57
nailoxSciurusDoomus yes it wasnt installed. got it now. thx19:57
ActionParsnipvalberg: and how aboutwith xfburn?19:57
zeleftikamActionParsnip, any ideas on where i should go from here?19:57
SciurusDoomusnailox No problem. Best of luck.19:57
valbergohh you're just a big bunch of jolly peeps :)19:57
zykotick9guntbert, "... Is it on IRC all the time?..." is why that's one of my favourite factoids on freenode19:57
valbergActionParsnip: haven't tried - don't have unlimited supplies of dvd's :) - but will give it a try19:57
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?19:57
VoitaCould someone please help me with my wireless card. Seems it no longer can find my router.19:58
zeleftikamActionParsnip, no19:58
zeleftikami just got it from the Ubuntu site19:58
ActionParsnipvalberg: use one of the other burners, there are more than brasero.19:58
ActionParsnipvalberg: personally I have had zero luck with brasero, xfburn kicks ass19:58
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: irrelevant, the data may have been damaged in transit19:58
zeleftikamActionParsnip, Mac OS X checked the disc image before burning it19:58
BjorklundHello, I'm doing a full backup of my files to DVDs. I want to use an archive with them, but tar.gz seems to be unsuited for archives over 2 GB. What archive should I use?19:59
zeleftikamidk if that's good enough or what19:59
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: if you didn't provide the MD5 hash, how do you know it checked it ok?19:59
zeleftikami don't know, i don't know anything about how MD5 checks work19:59
VoitaI just installet 11.04 and my wireless is not working any more?19:59
valbergActionParsnip: sounds great :)19:59
zykotick9Bjorklund, actually your ISO DVD is the cause of the 2GB limitation, i think you could use UDF to get over that.19:59
ActionParsnip!md5 | zeleftikam19:59
ubottuzeleftikam: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:59
zeleftikamActionParsnip, I don't have Windows20:00
Bjorklundzykotick9, could you explain what the differences are?20:00
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: read te page fully20:00
zeleftikami did20:00
zeleftikamthe word "Mac" does not appear on the page20:01
BjorklundI'm switching back to Windows, Ubuntu has failed me for the last time.20:01
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: it has an MD5 test method for Mac, so you clearly didn't20:01
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!20:01
blissisomeone is switching back to Windows!!!!!20:01
Coreyblissi: Yess?20:01
BjorklundThat's not an emergency. It's personal preference.20:01
blissiCorey, see above message20:01
zykotick9Bjorklund, i've only had to use UDF once - to get a big file onto a DVD.  But regular ISO style DVDs will be limited to the 2GB (or less) per file.  Personally archiving your backups might not be a great idea (saves space, but if anything is corrupt you loose it all)20:01
Coreyblissi: Stop abusing the ops trigger.20:01
Voitasomeone who has knowledge about wireless cards and network who can please help me out?20:02
BjorklundAh, alright zykotick9.20:02
zeleftikamActionParsnip, http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:02
ActionParsnip!details | Voita20:02
ubottuVoita: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:02
blissiplease stop abusing your chan ops status!20:02
CoreyFlannel: With a quickness.  Beat me to it. :-)20:02
zeleftikamwhere does it explain what to do on Mac OS X?20:02
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM   look on the right hand side20:02
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: i made ubottu give you  that link, so you can use it20:02
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: why are you looking at other pages when I already did the work for you?????20:03
Voitasorry! just installed ubuntu 11.04 in my eeepc and I can not find my wireless anymore. Wire still works20:03
ActionParsnipVoita: which eeepc?20:03
ActionParsnipVoita: ALL eepcs are by asus ;)20:03
MerlinuxIs Ubuntu Init Script something that needs to be installed? :s20:04
Younderwhat is gnome-typing-monitor?20:04
flametai1Anyone experienced with booting Windows 7 with grub???20:04
BjorklundAlright, I suppose a few pictures being corrupt is better than EVERYTHING.20:05
Voitacould it be it not finding the driver? i do get online with wire?20:05
urlin2uflametai1, some do is it after a ubunru install?20:05
zeleftikamActionParsnip, i can make Disk Utility give me a CRC32 checksum for the ISO, but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes which is linked from what you sent me to has no CRC32 hashes listed20:05
ActionParsnipVoita: if you run: sudo lshw -C network    you will see a product line, you can websearch that to find a guide. Is there a shortcut button to turn the wifi off and on?20:05
zeleftikamDisk Utility on Mac OS X won't give me an MD5 checksum20:05
urlin2uflametai1, try sudo update-grub in ubuntu20:06
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.20:06
Voitano shortcut button i networkmanager that i can find20:06
jerry_URLIN2U   I added the # in Gedit but it didn't help.  Is there anyway I can just get a clean file to replace this Frankenstein Monster?20:06
ActionParsnipVoita: its on the actual keyboard itself20:06
zeleftikamActionParsnip, give me a while i'm going to work on this and get back to you if i have problems :) thanks so far20:06
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: the guide shows how to MD5 and the hashes page has the correct hashes of the images20:06
urlin2ujerry_, you have a very borked setup we can't really help to be honest.20:06
zykotick9jerry_, replacing the sources.list file isn't goint to help if you've installed stuff from the other repos20:07
zeleftikamActionParsnip, got it, the hash is identical to what Ubuntu lists20:07
Voitayes there is a button on the keyboard :) but it doesnt seem to be the issue20:07
[0xDEAD]anyone know how I get the indicator-mutliload to show up in the top panel in unity?  I've added the ppa and installed it using apt-get but I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to show up.20:07
ActionParsnipVoita: Fn+F2 enable/disables the wireless, does pressing it make it work?20:07
jerry_Gee whiz   Do you have any suggestions how I can put it right?  I am getting ready to deply to the hurricane zone and I need to get my computer working right.20:07
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: good, remember to check the image BEFORE using it, so you know you aren't working with damaged data20:08
zeleftikamgood tip20:08
Voitano sorry it doesnt... i will try to google what you told me before and get back if i dont solve it.. thanx so far :)20:08
flametai1urlin2u, I installed linux awhile ago, just no put Windows 7 as a duel boot, updated grub and it worked for about a night, came down this morning and Windows 7 was frozen so I had to do a manual shutdown, now when ever I select Windows 7 it just restarts the computer, I even tried using the repair disk.20:08
ActionParsnipVoita: then use the lshw outpupt to find guides :)20:09
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: don't worry, loads don't20:09
zeleftikamActionParsnip, loads don't?20:09
urlin2uflametai1, run this script and pastebin the RESULTS.text file  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/20:09
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: could always try the minimal ISO I guess. The server OS installs in text mode so it's a bit weird how it is screwing up20:10
LABcrabHello!  How do i write a fraction that says one-tenth in Ubuntu?  Here: ¼ ½ ¾20:10
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: could try forcing safe vga as a boot option20:10
jerry_ZYKOTICK  I think the problem might be in a back up I have.  If I do a backup and omit my APT folder.  Then do a clean install of Pinguy will that prevent the crappy source list from copying?20:10
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: loads of people don't md5 test20:11
ShimotsukeiI was wondering if anyone would be able to assist me with recovering of a hdd, a friend told me to run a live cd but didnt explain much in the way of programs for recovering it20:11
LABcrabActionParsnip: It should be automatic!20:11
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: try mounting it in liveCD, it may just be readable. tell your 'friend' to get a backup and they won't have an issue20:11
zeleftikamActionParsnip, i don't think i've ever had a problem caused by "scrambled data" in a disk image download that burned and installed just fine but didn't work in some small way later. that doesn't make much sense but i guess it's possible20:12
moegreendoes anybody else have an issue with a wireless keyboard not being able to f3 into a tty?20:12
zykotick9jerry_, sorry, I have no idea what Pinguy is.  Your best bet would be to backup your files and do a fresh install - and next time DON'T mix distro or version repositories!20:12
ActionParsnipLABcrab: it is if you use unetbootin to download the ISO and create live USB. Torrents also autocheck stuff too20:12
zeleftikamActionParsnip, i think from here i have a couple options, i could clean reinstall, this time installing ssh so i can connect to it and change the setting, or install 10.04 and live with that20:12
vltActionParsnip: LOL 'friend'20:12
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: I can give you examples of people having bad data if you want20:12
ActionParsnipvlt: ;)20:12
LABcrabHello!  How do i write a fraction that says one-tenth in Ubuntu?  Here: ¼ ½ ¾20:12
vltShimotsukei: When the hard disk has phaysical errors, I'd advise making a clone copy of it first before mounting anything.20:13
Shimotsukeiim havin the issue, my friend's the one who told me to use the live cd....It's displaying the whole drive as unallocated20:13
jerry_Zykotick  Thanks  That is what I will do.  I don't know where all the mint stuff comes from.  PINGUY is a Ubuntu based Distro20:13
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: if you are installing server then lucid server is supported longer20:13
zeleftikamLABcrab, check if such a character exists in the UTF-8 character set20:13
zeleftikamActionParsnip, yeah. i am doing a clean install to sell this machine, anyway20:13
zeleftikamit just needs to turn on properly to be sold :)20:13
LABcrabzeleftikam: Where is that?20:14
zeleftikamLABcrab, http://www.utf8-chartable.de/20:14
LABcrabzeleftikam: i get a nice box with four characters instead of my 1/10.20:14
ActionParsnipzeleftikam: that's fine, if you use lucid then the server will be supported longer than if you use natty server20:14
vltShimotsukei: I'd do the following: Boot a live CD (ubuntu or even better: something like grml.org), run ddrescue to another device (external hd, for example), then try to mount any file systems on the image or run tools like testdisk to recover some files ...20:15
zeleftikamLABcrab, hmm yeah, my Mac OS X machine won't display that character either20:15
Shimotsukeitestdisk didnt detect it.20:16
zeleftikam1/3, 2/3 etc works fine, but U+2150 through 52 are boxes20:16
vltShimotsukei: Detect what?20:16
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: could just use foremost on the damaged drive to possibly recover data20:16
jerry_Thanks for the Help guys .. I think I am going to do a backup without the bad files and then do a clean install20:16
flametai1urlin2u, http://pastebin.com/7V0b1XaU20:16
greenitSIFTU, well, same as with the other xorg.conf20:16
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: does:   sudo fdisk -l     show the device?20:16
zeleftikamLABcrab, i would guess that it's not a very widely supported character, can you avoid using it?20:16
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: yes,foremost20:16
zeleftikamLABcrab, maybe try some different fonts?20:16
tjiggi_foLABcrab, do you have a Compose Key set?20:17
LABcrabzeleftikam: Maybe.20:17
Shimotsukeiyes it lists the drive20:17
flametai1urlin2u, Seems like everything is normal????20:17
zeleftikamLABcrab, i've never seen the 1/10 character on a computer screen in my life20:17
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: then use foremost20:18
Shimotsukeibut it doesnt display any of the partition20:18
guntbertShimotsukei: there is also a program called photorec to recover files from bad partitions20:18
LABcrabzeleftikam: What about ¹/₁₀?20:18
tjiggi_fozeleftikam, ¹/₁₀20:18
zeleftikamtjiggi_fo, is that one character?20:18
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
LABcrabzeleftikam: Not it's three.20:18
LABcrabOr four.20:18
zeleftikamthat's what i thought20:19
tjiggi_fozeleftikam, no, it's using the compose key20:19
zeleftikamActionParsnip, thanks for all the info and guidance. downloading 10.04 LTS now, that will probably be fine, the display worked fine with it before20:19
zeleftikamtjiggi_fo, ah20:19
MetallicMonk_Anyone here?20:19
urlin2uflametai1, that is the strangest script I have seen, is it a wubi, or did you post all of the text.20:19
zeleftikamActionParsnip, good time to be getting rid of this HP if native support for the GPU is screwed up in new releases ;)20:20
flametai1urlin2u, posted all of the text, and no Wubi installer. It is an install from a LiveCD20:20
MetallicMonk_Anyone in the mood to help a noob? Lol20:20
zeleftikamMetallicMonk_, we'll try, ask your question20:21
urlin2uflametai1, I stumped on this one.20:21
Shimotsukeium do you have a link for foremost? or would photorec work better?20:21
flametai1I am too urlin2u, it makes no sense, it was working fine last night.20:21
MetallicMonk_Having issues with emerald, won't impliment a theme. I tried the "emerald --replace &" command that i found on forums, but it came to no avail.20:21
flametai1I suppose back to the drawing board.20:21
zykotick9!emerald | MetallicMonk_ just for your info BUT20:22
ubottuMetallicMonk_ just for your info BUT: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.20:22
beilbyUbuntu 11.04, have installed  Miro this has taken the default application for .torrent files, Transmission is no longer in the list, I would like to make Transmission the default application for opening .torrent files. How do I do this please?20:22
MetallicMonk_Oh, okay. Any good alternatives?20:22
zykotick9MetallicMonk_, "...There are no known, supported alternatives."20:23
zeleftikambeilby, try this20:23
MetallicMonk_Well, i mean, theme wise. Any other way to put themes onto kubuntu?20:23
zeleftikambeilby, this may also be helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/files-open.html20:23
ActionParsnipbeilby: right click a torrent file, select 'open with' then select transmission and click to remember the association20:23
beilbyyes, Transmission is not in the list unfortunately and I cannot determine where to find it in the file system20:25
zeleftikambeilby, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling Transmission from the package manager thing20:25
Glycan__I'm fixing a box for a freind of mine, his wifi doesn't work20:25
Shimotsukeii don't quite see how to install foremost >.<20:26
ActionParsnipShimotsukei: same as any other app you can name20:26
CitizenwarriorI have file.txt, I want to chmos it to read only for everyone, right now it is -rwxrwxrwx therefore I have tried sudo chmod 444 file.txt and nothing changes... What am I over looking?20:27
MetallicMonk_I'll take that as a no, thanks though!20:27
ActionParsnipCitizenwarrior: who is the owner?20:27
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: well done you waited 4 minutes before giving up20:27
beilbyOK, have done this, it is still not in the list20:28
MetallicMonk_Haha, well, you guys seem busy, and i have google.20:28
Glycan__I need to fix wifi for my freind20:28
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: try waiting a little longer, or ask later20:28
CitizenwarriorActionParsnip I created it and moved it and I am trying to chmod it all from the same session, nothing has changed20:28
Shimotsukeihmm...failed to install20:28
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: emerald is not maintained anymore. It is not suggested to be used at all20:28
zykotick9Citizenwarrior, is the file on a FAT/NTFS partition?20:28
[0xDEAD]anyone know how I get the indicator-mutliload to show up in the top panel in unity?  I've added the ppa and installed it using apt-get but I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to show up.20:28
ActionParsnipCitizenwarrior: doesn't answer my question20:28
zykotick9Citizenwarrior, that's why you can't change permission then20:29
ActionParsnipzykotick9: nice catch20:29
guntberturlin2u: about that boot info script: line 1888 contains a reference to the embedded menu, might be there was an error in creating that20:29
MetallicMonk_I've established that, question is, is there any way to put themes onto kubuntu then?20:29
zykotick9ActionParsnip, boom ;)20:29
Citizenwarriorzykotick9 ok if i move it to a ext3 can i change it then20:29
zykotick9Citizenwarrior, of course20:29
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: there are theme sites around, you can apply them using the theme manager. Its about 3 years dead now20:29
Citizenwarriorzykotick9  and then move it back20:29
zykotick9Citizenwarrior, move it back = lose all permission20:30
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: probably has some nasty bugs and securityholes20:30
rwwCitizenwarrior: no. NTFS does not deal with UNIX permissions.20:30
MetallicMonk_Lol, so should i just say forget kubuntu, and go to ubuntu?20:30
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Citizenwarriorzykotick9 rww thanks for your time20:30
urlin2uguntbert, could be I saw that.20:31
ActionParsnipMetallicMonk_: whichever you like, could try it. Both are fine, depends which apps you use more20:31
beilbyUbuntu 11.04, have installed Miro this has taken the default application for .torrent files, Transmission is no longer in the list, I would like to make Transmission the default application for opening .torrent files. How do I do this please? have tried removing app & installing again to no avail. Not sure where to point to in file sytem when choosing other...20:32
ActionParsnipbeilby: did my suggestion work?20:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:33
Shimotsukeiso i tried stuff with testdisk but it20:33
=== z3r0c0d3_ is now known as z3r0c0d3
urlin2uguntbert, so much is missing from the script, I would not know where to start, usualy it is a single partition error.20:33
Shimotsukei's not detecting my hdd at all20:34
beilbyactionparsnip transmission is not in the list20:34
ActionParsnipbeilby: itshould list ALL apps, like in the menus and you can navigate, or you can type: /usr/bin/transmission  as the command20:35
zykotick9beilby, use the "add" button to add transmission20:35
vltShimotsukei: Again, the device is shown by "fdisk -l"?20:35
Shimotsukeiyeah actually i just got it to show up20:35