shanttuhi. anyone interested in tomboy-sync problems?  debug.log http://pastebin.com/Y6n8DbWX Problem on natty and maverick. N900 conboy works fine18:12
greenithi, i have a problem with ubuntu one... it always notifies me that it syncs now, but it doesn't get a connection (however, i am logged in through the client) and retries every few seconds... can any1 help me?19:58
karnigreenit: please do drop by tomorrow, there will be more people to help20:06
duanedesignhello karni21:15
karnihi pal :)21:15
duanedesignkarni: looks like ssl issues are back21:16
karniduanedesign: that is.. ?21:16
duanedesignkarni: client can not log in and retries evey minute or so21:17
karniduanedesign: oh21:17

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