falktxbug report about controls failed to build00:16
falktxseems like a simple s/2.6/2.7/ will do the trick00:18
craigs63hi all02:14
falktxhey there02:14
craigs63I'm reading some of the mailing list archive, getting up to speed.02:16
holsteinhey craigs63 02:28
holsteinwelcome back02:28
craigs63thanks!  The meeting is 14 1/2 hours from now, right?02:28
* holstein looking02:28
craigs63Reading the workflow wiki, where was this 4 years ago  :-)02:29
holsteincraigs63: nah... its on the 4th02:29
craigs63oh yeah! oops02:29
holsteincraigs63: where ever you were reading should say 'first sunday'02:29
holsteinwhat says the 2nd sunday?02:30
holsteina wiki?02:30
craigs63can't blame the time zone difference for that02:30
craigs63the wiki used to before I changed it02:30
holsteincraigs63: THANKS!02:30
holsteinthose wikis are a challene to keep up with02:30
craigs63It looks like historically they were on the 2nd, then started going to the 1st Sunday.02:30
holsteini think i might have instigated that when we moved to the *-meeting channel02:31
holsteini forget02:31
craigs63Yeah, it seems like the docs need some help. A lot of references to old releases too02:31
holsteincraigs63: what TZ are you in?02:31
holsteincraigs63: the ubuntu global jam weekend? i plan on wiki'ing as much as possible02:33
holsteinim making the local LUG meeting on the jam02:33
holsteini have 3 folks dedicated to the jam so far02:33
craigs63I hadn't heard about that?02:33
holsteinim busy that weekend though02:33
holsteinits this weekend coming up02:34
holsteinthe 2nd throught the 4th02:34
holsteinim sure im supposed to have added it to that wiki ;)02:35
craigs63I just googled it02:35
craigs63Are regular people reading docs supposed to know Natty and Oneiric and all that?02:39
craigs63oops, ranting...02:39
holsteincraigs63: well, i think it could say both ideally02:40
craigs63dumb question, what's a seed?05:11

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